Hawaii Five-0 s01e05 Episode Script

Nalowale (Forgotten/Missing)

: The Limu Lipoa is actually a type of seaweed.
In fact the waters of Waikiki feature over 200 species of marine plants.
The black stuff on the ocean floor is coral.
And the white stuff well That's sand.
Coming up on the port side you'll see MOM: Just make sure you CC Legal on that memo.
No, I said CC Legal.
Mom, look.
The rocks are so fuzzy.
I'm going to have to call you back.
I'm on a submarine.
Mom, it's Nemo.
That fish looks like Nemo.
One sec.
A mermaid.
A mermaid.
WOMAN: Oh, my God.
MAN: Coast Guard, Coast Guard.
This is the submarine Atlantis.
We've got the body of a female victim on the port side.
Good morning, lieutenant.
Good morning, commander.
You know I think I owe you dinner.
Yeah, somehow we just never quite make it to dinner.
We had dinner in Coronado.
We had reservations.
You know, we both have the day off today.
We could have breakfast on the beach.
I think I'm vibrating.
No, I think I'm actually vibrating.
CATHERINE: There goes your day off.
DANNY: Something different about you today.
You get a new haircut? McGARRETT: No.
New cargo pants? - What was that? - What? I believe you just smiled.
You almost appear to be happy.
- You don't think I'm a happy person? - I'm sure you have your moments.
Like when Guns and Ammo puts out its holiday gift guide.
Or a Rambo retrospective comes on TV.
When the governor calls us down to the M.
's office on a Saturday I ask you.
What is it you could be so happy about? - You had Grace this weekend? - Yeah.
I just dropped her back off at Rachel's.
Just to recap.
I've got a broken knee.
I got a daughter I barely get to see.
Now I work on Saturdays.
So life's grand, you know what I mean? - Gentlemen, thank you for coming.
McGARRETT: Governor.
An 18-year-old girl's body was found off Waikiki this morning.
That's H.
's jurisdiction.
Not this time.
Oh, that's right.
You haven't met Dr.
Bergman yet.
Max is a tactile thinker.
Playing music is part of his process.
Some people say he's a savant.
I think he's a genius.
Max? Trust me.
Edematous airways.
McGARRETT: What did he say? Nice to meet you too.
MAX: The victim exhibited pulmonary edema petechial hemorrhaging and froth in the airways.
Cause of death is definitely drowning.
Does that mean we're not dealing with a homicide? No, it doesn't mean we're not dealing with a homicide.
That was a double negative.
It means it still could be a homicide.
See these linear contusions on her wrists? - They're ante-mortem.
- Ligature marks.
- She was restrained.
MAX: That's right.
She has defensive wounds as well.
So she put up a fight.
Also hello.
I am Max Bergman.
Hello, Max.
Yeah, hi, Max.
Governor, do we have an ID of the victim? Her name is Amanda Reeves.
Her father is Michael Reeves, the US ambassador to the Philippines and a very old friend.
Which is why I promised I'd put my best people on it.
Uh What are they doing in Hawaii? They vacation here every year.
WOMAN: Governor? - Thanks.
The girls went to a movie last night, but they never made it home.
I'm sorry.
You said girls? As in more than one? Oh.
Amanda's sister, Robin, is still missing.
Coast Guard sent out divers this morning, but there's no sign of her.
So Robin Reeves may still be alive.
I always wanted Amanda and Robin to have a normal upbringing.
But it hasn't been easy.
So they were stationed with you at the embassy in Manila? Yeah, for the last two years.
Before that it was Budapest.
Keeping the family together has always been important to us.
Of course growing up in foreign countries with a security detail shadowing your every move is not exactly an ideal childhood.
Did they by chance have a detail with them when they went out last night? In Philippines it's one thing, but we've been coming to Hawaii since the girls were little.
- I just didn't think it was necessary.
- They were just going to the movies.
Don't blame yourself.
We're going to find Robin.
We are.
We are.
I promise.
That's quite a bit of fire power.
It's a Kimber 1911.
I prefer something with a little more kick.
Not exactly diplomatic security standard issue.
Which would make you? Russel Ellison, security consultant.
I specialize in VIP and corporate protection.
In light of what happened, ambassador Reeves called me to bolster his detail.
So when did you get into town? This morning.
And if you don't mind I have a lot of work to do.
Possible your daughters were targeted because of your ambassadorship.
Did you make any enemies during your time abroad? I'm a representative of United States in an unstable region of the world.
It comes with the territory.
How about in the Philippines itself? The U.
gives a lot of aid to that country.
Most of the population is grateful for our assistance.
Yeah, but not everyone appreciates the help.
I mean there's always radical elements who resent our presence.
Michael, did any of them ever threaten you? Our office receives dozens of threats.
Security Bureau keeps all of that on file.
Reeves, you were a founding partner in Sowersby Financial.
Is it true that you recently sold your stake in that company? Yes, but how is that relevant? Well, because, ma'am, you cashed out of Sowersby for over 12 million dollars.
If we have that information it's safe to assume that other people do too.
What? Are you saying Amanda's dead because I have money? I'm sorry.
Ma'am, these high profile cases are usually about money.
Then how come there hasn't been a ransom demand? I don't know.
- Hi.
- Yeah.
Um, Steve had to leave for work and he told me I should let myself out so - You must be? Yeah.
- The sister.
I'm Mary.
I'm just visiting from L.
- Big night last night.
- Hmm? Old house.
Thin walls.
- Oh, God.
- Yeah, you said that a lot.
- That's embarrassing.
- Don't sweat it.
I just broke up with my boyfriend so I plan on having a lot of guys over soon.
So it'll be a fair fight.
- Checked with State.
No credible threats against the ambassador in last three months.
This doesn't add up.
Why kill one girl and keep the other one alive? If it's a ransom attempt it could be to show they mean business.
has a unit at house.
Still no ransom calls.
So we got no motive? Okay.
So we focus on how the girls were abducted.
out by people the victims already knew.
We ran a background check on the ambassador's staff.
Everyone seems clean.
What about the new guy? The security consultant, Russell Ellison? KONO: His story checks out.
Ambassador just flew him in from the mainland.
And his plane touched down after the girls were abducted.
On our way.
Let's go, big guy.
MAX: Just got back the toxicology report.
The victim had a benzodiazepine in her blood.
You may be more familiar with its street name.
That's a date-rape drug.
It's not that often a girl gets a roofied at the movies.
You could have told us this on the phone.
I don't trust phones.
Kono said that the daughters had a reputation for being party girls.
Do you have a black light? Oh, it's called an ALS Wand.
And I don't like people touching my equipment.
Can I just have the wand, please? Fine.
McGARRETT: Zephyr Lounge.
It's a nightclub.
Just sent us a link to remotely access their closed circuit feeds.
That's very good.
It's impressive.
Did you learn that in Seal school? Yeah, it's called using the internet.
People have been doing it since early 90's.
I wouldn't know I was still playing Ms.
Pac man.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
- Ever make it to double pretzel level? - Triple banana, bitch.
- You're a liar.
- No, I'm not.
Give me last night's front door.
Start at midnight and roll backwards.
Right there, right there.
Ho, ho.
Now roll forward.
There you go.
Zoom right here.
Huh? What's that look like to you? Like two blond victims and a creepy guy.
Got him.
BOUNCER: There you go.
You boys on the list? Yeah.
McGARRETT: You know this guy? BOUNCER: Yup.
He's inside.
Two Longboards.
DANNY: What are you doing? Breaking for beers? Huh? McGARRETT: This guy's abducted two girls.
His radar is going to be up.
If he sees us before we see him he's going to bolt.
So let's have a couple of beers.
Get eyes on the place and relax.
Looks like this place has got eyes on you.
Just focus, please.
Just once, focus.
Wait a minute.
Let me ask you a question.
- Go ahead.
- Two very attractive ladies are eye-humping you, respectfully.
And what? Nothing? Nothing? I mean should I check for a pulse? Are you alive? Hello.
What is that? What is that smile? - What smile? - That stupid smile.
What is it with you today? Huh? - You're imagining things.
- Oh, I'm imagining things.
That's right.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Some detective I am.
You got into some Barry White last night didn't you? Huh? Am I right or am I right? - You're very perceptive.
- Thank you.
McGARRETT: Take a look at Casanova over there at 6:00.
DANNY: That's our boy.
Let me tell you what, if that was my daughter I would bust every single one of his fingers one at a time.
- Oh.
- Oh, God, thank you for the excuse.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Put the drink down.
It's time for you to go to bathroom.
Dude, who do you think you are? What's that? Who do I think I am? I think I might be a guy who saw another guy put something in a lady's drink.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't put anything in the drink.
You didn't put anything in? Then drink it.
- What? - Drink it.
Come here.
Listen to me.
Drink that drink or I'll bust your teeth and pour it down your throat.
I would drink it.
Come on.
One sip.
Down the hatch.
There you go.
Big swallow, big swallow.
Good job.
Okay, let's go, lover-boy.
Robin Reeves.
What'd you do with her? - What? - Great.
Now he's deaf.
Where is she? Where is Robin Reeves? Here's your rap sheet here.
You got credit card fraud.
Corruption of a minor.
Statutory rape.
And now you graduated to murder.
- Congratulations.
JORDAN: Murder? - Yeah.
- What are you talking about? We found Amanda Reeves' body this morning.
I didn't kill that girl.
No? Well, you better know who did then.
I did slip those girls a roofie last night.
McGARRETT: Why those girls? Why'd you pick them? JORDAN: I was just doing what I was told.
But they were alive when I handed them off to Kang.
Who's Kang? The one who set me up with the job.
Said he'd give me five grand for every girl I brought him.
What does he do with the girls? I get paid to supply the girls, not to ask questions.
So how do we find Kang? I don't know.
Honestly he never even told me his last name.
- I don't even know his phone number.
- How do you deliver the girls to Kang? How does that happen? He leaves a van parked in one of the lots.
Go on.
I put the girls in the back.
Take the van to Ala Wai and park it by the canal.
The next day it's back in the parking lot with five grand in the glove box and instructions for the next drop-off.
That girl you were gonna drug tonight, was she your next delivery? - Yeah.
DANNY: Hmm? I was supposed to get her there by 1:00.
Less than an hour.
Hang tight, Kono.
We'll be right behind you.
Bravo Team.
Target's turning southeast on Kuhio.
: Copy that.
- Kuhio Ave.
Red light district at night.
Sex trade.
Kidnapped girls.
Gotta be forced prostitution.
- Yeah.
- Teenagers like Amanda and Robin are prime targets.
: You know Tamara, the Hawaii chair wasn't designed just for home.
I mean after all for some of us at least 40 hours of our week is spent sitting behind a desk at the office.
So to see what office workers think of the Hawaii chair we sent Erin Lee to work.
- Hi I'm Erin Lee with MARY: Seriously? Sitting? That's a workout? ERIN: Let's get some first-time reactions.
WOMAN 1: Oh, my gosh, this is amazing.
MAN 1: It's great on my abs.
WOMAN 1: I can really feel this working.
Oh, my God, make it stop.
WOMAN 2: Using the computer, balancing books or filing paper work.
You can hardly call this work.
With the Hawaii chair, it takes the work out of your work day.
: If you can sit, you can get fit The Hawaii chair Come on, you don't have batteries? How do you power your night vision goggles? [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
It's not the best time, Mar.
Why are there pictures of burned corpses in the study? What are you talking about? I found this tool kit and it has all this weird stuff in it.
Like a tape recorder, crime scene photos and some post cards from Japan? Put the box back okay? It's evidence.
Evidence of what? Something dad was investigating.
A case he was working on - he wanted me to find it.
- Why? Mary, please.
Do me a favor and just put the box back for now, okay? Okay, okay, I will.
- Tell me you're putting the box back.
- Relax.
I will.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Everything okay? - Probably not.
What happened to the music? Party's inside.
Let's go.
Come on.
Use your legs.
Kono, try and get a 20 on Robin.
MAN: Got some fresh meat here.
Close quarters with an unknown number of hostiles.
Robin Reeves is not the only girl in there so watch your crossfire, okay? McGARRETT: We also have a UC in there.
Black top, black hot pants.
She's one of ours.
So look sharp.
MAN: Ms.
Excellent skin.
Bone structure's very good.
Strong too.
You will be good earner.
: All right.
I've heard enough.
Hold tight we're coming in.
Fire! Show me your hands.
On the ground before I put you there.
On the ground.
COP 1: Come on.
Freeze right there! CHIN HO: All right, everyone, hand up, please.
COP 2: It's okay, it's okay.
On the ground.
- Building's secure.
- Where's Robin? She's not here.
COP 3: Let's see your hand.
Give me your other hand.
That's it.
McGARRETT: Robin Reeves, where is she? I never see that girl.
Well, seeing as you're not even bothering to look, maybe you'll remember that she was with her sister, Amanda.
Maybe you'll want to know that she's dead now.
I want you read my Miranda right now.
Preferably in Chinese.
My English not so good.
What you doing? What you doing? What you doing? - Sit down.
LIAO: Give me.
Shut up.
Give us a minute.
She ordered the kidnapping of Reeves sisters.
It wasn't for prostitution ring.
- Tell you where Robin is? KONO: She doesn't know.
According to her the Reeves girls never even passed through here.
A private buyer paid her 50,000 to abduct them and hand them over.
She said the kidnapping was a freelance job.
It had nothing to do with sex trade.
Someone was targeting them specifically.
You get a name on a buyer? All she had was the phone number to communicate with the guy.
Said she was paid by wire.
- This will help.
- How'd you get her to talk? Told her that her dog would be put down when she went to lockup.
I promised I'd find him a home, if she cooperated.
What? It's not like it's the dog's fault.
CHIN HO: I ran the phone on our private buyer.
Turns out calls are made from a disposable cell phone.
- Which is untraceable.
CHIN HO: That's right.
But I was able to pull the call logs.
And get this.
Since the Reeves sisters went missing three calls were placed from that cell to ambassador's private number.
So you think he's involved in his own daughters' disappearance? No.
This is a kidnap and ransom.
They're calling the ambassador to make demands.
That's why he brought Ellison in after the girls went missing.
"Security consultant.
" I will bet you not a security consultant.
- The guy's a K and R specialist.
- What's K and R? ALL EXCEPT KONO: Kidnap and ransom.
It's a type of insurance.
Look, if a policyholder gets abducted, the company comes in, they pay the ransom and they supervise the exchange with the kidnappers.
And these guys have got tendency to obstruct police investigations.
So if Ellison is handling the drop, that explains why the ambassador lied to us.
Is your husband home? We need to have a word.
He had to step out for a meeting.
With Mr.
Ellison? - I don't know.
- What's going on? Mrs.
Reeves, we know that the kidnappers have been in communication with your husband.
He hired Russell Ellison to broker the deal.
Isn't that right? Sarah.
If you know something you have to tell them.
I'm so sorry I lied to you.
The last call came an hour ago.
The man on the other end said that if we pay money we'd get Robin back.
So your husband and Ellison have gone to pay the ransom? Please.
I just want my daughter back.
SARAH: So as soon as the kidnappers made contact Michael called Mr.
He flew in with money and he monitored all calls.
He told Michael exactly what to do and say.
Did your husband say where transaction was taking place? No, no.
Ellison wouldn't let him give me any details.
Did Ellison ask you to lie? He said involving the police would only put Robin in more danger.
Excuse me.
I traced the money trail for that private buyer who paid for the abduction of the Reeves sisters.
Payment was wired from a bank in the Philippines.
The account belongs to a Carlos Bagoyo.
Known member of the National Liberation Front.
Operational in rural Luzon.
They bombed the military base there in '08.
Lately they've taken to targeting U.
troops within the country.
Of course they have.
Because we support the democratically elected government - that keeps them out of power.
- Doesn't sound like - they'd be interested in ransom.
McGARRETT: They're not.
They didn't kidnap for money.
This is political.
If they're targeting ambassador, he must have something they want.
And he just dropped his security detail to go meet with them.
All the cars in the DSP motor pool have vehicle transponders.
Okay? I need a location on the car - the ambassador left in.
- All right.
Government plates.
It's him.
Tires are still warm.
Couldn't have gone too far.
Ellison probably sent the ambassador in solo to make the swap.
He'll be nearby monitoring with an attack team to make sure it doesn't go bad.
You know what? I may have a way to figure out where he's running surveillance from.
Yeah, I figured you would.
You'll like this.
I was wondering when you were going to call.
Get in late last night? I actually haven't been home yet.
No, no, it's not what it sounds like.
I caught a high priority case.
Why am I getting the feeling that you're about to ask me for a favor? I'll make it up to you, all right? We'll finally get that dinner you'll get to taste the best steak on island.
Who are you talking to? All right, you got yourself a deal.
What do you need? PACOM has a satellite dedicated to Honolulu harbor.
Can you use it to run a scan on radio traffic? Yeah.
What am I looking for? Spread spectrum signal in the 400 megahertz range.
Type used by high-end surveillance gear.
- All right, one sec.
- Thanks, Cath.
Oh, Catherine.
That's who you were getting right with last night.
That's stunning detective work.
Well done.
You know it's amazing.
She catches bad guys for you and she sleeps with you, does she cook too? Yes, she does.
She's a great cook.
: Roger that, we've got eyes on approach.
What's your status? CATHERINE: I think I got a hit on your frequency.
I'm tying you in.
ELLISON: Over-watch on Reeves is good.
- We're standing by.
- That's our boy.
Can you get a vector on the signal source? CATHERINE: All right.
The west end of the dock.
It's coming from a shipping container.
Show me your hands.
Lower your gun! Right now! Lower you gun! - You're gonna get this girl killed.
- We're gonna get this girl killed? Hey, you obstructed our investigation.
Unless your men are ready to shoot couple of cops, tell them to holster their weapons now.
Right now, buddy.
Drop them.
Where's the ambassador? - He's in position for the drop.
- Pull him out now.
With all due respect, my team specializes in these situations.
We want to get Robin home to her family.
Of course you do because if you don't your firm is on the hook for 6 million, right? The men who kidnapped the ambassador's daughters are part of a Filipino terrorist group.
Sir, they just arrived.
This is not about cash, gentlemen.
They lured him in.
McGARRETT: Look at that, Robin is not with them.
Patch me in to the ambassador.
All right, listen, they're here.
I want you to be calm and do exactly as we already discussed.
You know who I am.
Carlos Bagoyo.
You're an operative of the NLF.
Responsible for the Zamboanga bombings that killed 78 people.
CARLOS: I see you read your security briefs.
REEVES: Where is she? - Where's my daughter? - She's nearby.
When we get what we want, we will release her.
You didn't come all this way for my money, did you? I'm afraid not, ambassador.
We came for you.
What do you want? Your country sends military aid to the Philippine regime.
You put guns in the hands of soldiers who kill our sons and brothers.
- I don't understand.
- There's a U.
shipment of M-4 machine guns on route to Manila.
You're going to tell me where they are right now.
We're gonna use those to take our country back.
I don't have that kind of information.
As ambassador you coordinate military aid with the State Department, which means you have access to their classified server.
Now if you ever want to see your daughter alive again, log in.
McGARRETT: Find out where that shipment is, he can send in a team to hijack.
We can't let him get to those weapons.
- Tell the perimeter team to gear up.
- What are you doing? - We gotta move in.
- We don't need to do anything.
You need to pull your men out so my partner and I can clean up your mess.
Move out now.
I'm not going to tell you again.
Come on.
Your wife already lost one daughter.
Are you prepared to tell her your other child died because you wouldn't do what was asked? Ambassador, this is Commander McGarrett.
Stay calm and listen.
Tell them that you're willing to cooperate, but first you need to see your daughter.
We cannot move in until we know where she is.
CARLOS: Fingerprint and password now, ambassador.
I'm not going to tell you again.
Do as I ask you.
Tell Carlos you're willing to cooperate, but first you need to see Robin.
Ambassador, do it, please.
You're asking me to commit treason against my country.
And I will do as you ask.
But not until I know she's safe.
I want to see Robin.
She's on her way.
All right.
They're bringing Robin.
We need to get a visual.
- You're kidding me.
- No, I'm not.
This one controls the camera feed.
The joystick is for pan and zoom.
It's just like Ms.
It's very easy.
They're holding the ambassador on Dry Dock number 7.
- And the daughter? - She's not on sight.
But Bagoyo just agreed to provide proof of life.
We think he's holding her at a nearby location.
As soon as we get eyes on Robin, we can move.
Okay, we got a boat coming in.
KONO: Got her.
- That's us.
We're going.
We're going, Danny.
I'll just be here in the penalty box.
- Still clear? DANNY: Yeah, all good.
- Daddy.
- Oh, my God.
Okay, hold up, hold up.
You got two at the south entrance.
One of them is making the rounds coming your way right now.
He's coming up right behind you.
He'll be on you in about ten seconds.
Wait for it.
Oh! CARLOS: That's enough.
No, no, no, please.
Ambassador, you've seen your daughter.
Now log in.
My patience is wearing thin, ambassador.
Do it or she dies.
REEVES: Robin? - It's okay.
- You guys okay? REEVES: Yeah.
You're right.
Listen, I'm man enough to know when I'm wrong.
Thank you.
You both have great instincts.
And if you ever consider coming down to the private sector, you should give me a call.
Men with your skill-sets deserve to be compensated.
Well, thank you very much.
I totally agree.
- Oh, what are you doing? - I'm getting compensation.
You obstructed a criminal investigation.
That is an arrestable offense.
You and I both know the charges will never stick.
Yeah, maybe not.
But it's gonna take your firm at least 24 hours to get a lawyer here from Los Angeles.
I'm gonna make sure you spend that time in jail.
Book him, Danno.
I got to be honest, actually, I didn't mind that one.
McGARRETT: Really? - Yeah.
You saved a girl's life today.
Just doing the job you hired me for.
Maybe so.
But I made a promise to a friend, and you let me keep it.
Thank you.
- Hey, you okay? - Yeah.
Okay, to, uh Let me see.
Well, how about this? - To finally getting around to dinner.
- Yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I don't know about the food.
But the view here is amazing.
- How do you like your steak? - Bloody.
That's my kind of girl.
Think they'll be ready in a minute.
- You know what? - What? Make it medium.
- Oh, oh.
Hold on a second.
- Yeah.

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