Hawaii Five-0 s01e06 Episode Script

Ko'olauloa (North Shore of O'ahu)

BASS: Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back to the Coral Prince Surfing Championship here at the world famous Pipeline.
How about a big hand for all of our competitors? On the water are some of our finest champions both past and present.
We got Ty Samson, Rex Richardson and Kono Kalakaua.
IAN: I miss this, Kono.
Being out here with the people who mean the most to me.
This is where I want to be.
I think your fans couldn't agree more.
BASS: And now ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to introduce the man behind the brand.
It's lan Adams.
- Let's give them a show.
KONO: Whoo! Whoo! Go, lan.
Go, go, go.
BASS: Ladies and gentlemen, please give the lifeguards some room.
He's been shot.
He's dead.
I want this entire beach on lockdown.
Nobody leaves until we give the order, okay? Thank you.
This place is crazy.
All these people, you'd think it's the Super Bowl.
That's Hawaii.
The Coral Prince Championship is our Super Bowl.
Grace keeps asking me for surfing lessons.
I told her no chance.
You got something against surfing now? I don't have anything against surfing.
I have something against sharks, skin cancer anything involving my daughter wearing a bikini.
Hey, it's confirmed.
Victim's lan Adams.
He's the CEO of Coral Prince, the biggest surf brand in the world.
He was riding a wave and took a shot to the chest.
So far nobody has seen or heard where the shot came from.
Well, that's easy.
It's a nationally televised event.
Right? We gotta have cameras on.
Something panning the crowd? No, all the cameras are pointing to the water for the competition.
We're interviewing the other surfers in case lan wasn't the target.
Did you catch the surf report this morning? Can I ask what that has to do with anything? McGARRETT: Just wait.
- Yeah.
Five to eight swells from the west.
Light trades.
All right, that would put the peak about 50 yards out, right? - Yeah.
- Moving target hit center mass.
Come on, that's no lucky shot.
- Trained sharpshooter? McGARRETT: Maybe.
But whoever did the shooting, lan was definitely the mark.
This is gonna be hard on Kono.
Why is that? She know the vic? Yeah.
lan signed Kono to a Coral Prince Contract when she was about 15.
He was really like a second father to her.
She was actually riding for the team when she blew out her knee.
But instead of dumping her after that lan covered everything.
Surgery, rehab, all of it.
Even though he knew she was never gonna compete again.
- You okay? KONO: Yeah.
I wanna go to the Coral Prince House talk to the team, get statements.
- We can cover it for you.
- No, I want this one.
I hate it when rich people get killed.
Why? They got something that everybody wants.
Yeah, money.
Which means plenty of suspects.
Next time try flip-flops, bro.
I'm gonna pretend you just didn't say that.
McGARRETT: Hey, Chin, see if you can find out who's in charge.
We need to start building a profile, get some background information.
First rule in homicide investigations.
Follow the money.
Copy that.
So break it down.
I don't understand.
Do these kids live here or what? Coral Prince Team and their coaches live here October to January.
- Sorry, you said coaches? - Yeah.
What do they say? Don't fall off the foam toy or what? Very funny.
Bro, where'd you eat it? I'm sorry, what? Excuse me.
The cane, bro? I'm sorry, are you speaking English? No need for get agro.
He caught it on land, bro.
Danno don't surf.
I dare you tell me what he just said.
I'm done.
Excuse me.
I'm investigator Chin Ho Kelly.
Linda Leon.
I was lan's Executive Assistant.
Would you happen to have his schedule from last week? Any phone logs, e-mails financial transactions? I can get all that for you, no problem.
What about anything out of the ordinary recently? - Stalkers, threats? - No, nothing like that.
All lan talked about lately was this event and getting back on his board.
Did he seem nervous about today? Give you any hint that something was wrong? No.
As a matter of fact he was happier than he'd been in a long time.
It meant a lot to him that you came out today, Kono.
He wanted the entire Coral Prince Team there.
Why wasn't Ben there? You'd have to ask him that.
Because my son no longer talks to me.
I tried last year at his mother's funeral, but he refused.
I think lan tried to reach out to him too, but nothing ever came of it? When was the last time you saw Ben? I don't know.
It's been years.
McGARRETT: Hey, Kono.
This is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams.
Carlton Bass.
Carlton and lan grew up surfing together.
Ian was selling board shorts out of his van, I was flipping condos in Waialua.
A couple of beach bums, really.
We never dreamed our businesses would take off.
What's a real estate company doing involved in a surfing contest? Carlton owns about 30 shopping malls that house Coral Prince Stores.
BASS: It's been a lucrative partnership.
MAN: Sir? Sorry to interrupt, but the press would like a statement? Thanks, Randall.
You'll excuse me.
Oh, one more thing before you go.
Since you and lan go back, do you have any idea why someone would want to kill him? Look, he marketed the North Shore surfing lifestyle to the masses, and he profited wildly.
Lot of people resented that.
But only one pulled the trigger.
CHIN HO: This is the view from the cameraman down on the sand.
That's the angle which the spectators from the beach were watching Look at the way he falls.
Back and to the left.
McGARRETT: There's no way that shot came from the beach.
The bullet came from above.
DANNY: One of the houses maybe? CHIN HO: Maybe.
The M.
said the angle of entry was about 30 degrees.
Coz, I didn't see you there.
Hey, Kono, listen, why don't you sit this one out.
- Just take the day.
- No, I'm fine.
Coz, take the day.
You know I can't do that.
You know, part of doing this job is knowing when you're not the one to do the job.
- She's good.
- All right.
All right.
So if the angle of entry is roughly 30 degrees, that puts the bullet's trajectory up there.
So the shot was fired from the Pupukea ridgeline above the houses.
The only problem is there are no roads going in or out of there.
We don't need roads.
What are you doing here? The boss told you to beat it.
Huh? Look, I really don't want to see that face he makes when we don't do what he tells us to do.
I call it his constipated look.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, you cannot blame yourself, okay? Okay.
- I just felt helpless out there.
- I know.
Cops, we're supposed to come in and save the day.
But sometimes we just can't.
Did you ever have a teacher that turned you around? Someone that made you look at everything in a whole new way? Yeah, actually, Mrs.
Stojack, my sixth grade history teacher.
Till I met her I thought the Cold War was fought in Alaska.
Well, lan was my Mrs.
And surfing was more than just a sport to him.
It was earth and the sun and the sky and the water and the heart.
It was everything and he passed that onto his surfers and it made us better people.
I need to pay him back for that and I can't do that sitting here.
I understand.
What do you think? This shot took some skill.
You know guys who grew up hunting boar around here - could make that shot.
- Yeah.
Also factor in all the qualified military personnel on the island.
And we're looking at a suspect pool of, oh, only a couple thousand guys.
All right, so the bullet's trajectory puts our shooter somewhere along this ridgeline.
Hopefully he left something behind.
I'll start at the northern edge of the trajectory zone - and work my way towards you.
- Good.
KONO: Excuse me.
The guy at Giovanni's said Ben Bass was down here.
- Have you seen him? - I don't know.
Have you? - Ben? - Kono.
- Where's your hair? - Where's your retainer? Fair enough.
Look at you, Mr.
You work for the Ocean Protectors? Yeah.
How have you been, Kono? Well, I'm a cop.
- Of course, family business.
- Mm-hm.
So you here as a cop? And as a friend.
I want to talk to you about lan.
I'm sorry.
Look, you and lan were close.
Do you know of anyone that would have wanted to hurt him? We were close a long time ago before the money.
Once he became the same greedy beast as my father, well, we didn't have much in common.
You sound pretty angry with him.
Were there a lot of people disappointed in him? Yeah.
But whether that got him killed, I don't know.
I couldn't stand to be around him anymore.
Is that why you weren't at the Coral Prince House today? That's not my scene anymore, Kono.
Besides my dad was there and that's Well, I don't know.
When I heard about lan I wanted to remember him in my own way, so I came out here.
Whoever killed lan Adams definitely came prepared.
I got indentations from the shooter's body.
Powder burns and scorched marks on the grass from the muzzle flash - and I just bagged this seven mil.
- Nice.
- You get anything? - Yeah, something you should see.
This whole area is a hunting ground.
It's crawling with wild boar.
By the looks of things somebody bled one out here pretty recently.
Whoever it was decided to tag his turf.
This is a Kapu hunting area.
DANNY: So who are the Kapu? Part lifeguard, part unofficial security force for the North Shore.
Like protectors for the island.
Protecting the island from who? Oh.
I get it.
Protection from the haoles.
They look after the North Shore and the Hawaiian way of life.
What's that mean? They're there giving speeding tickets for surfing too fast? Huh? They're making sure the radio stations play Don Ho records? You make them sound like they're Hawaiian boy scouts.
Yeah, boy scouts that'll beat you to a pulp if you disrespect their land.
So we're looking at every member of the Kapu.
You got them all committed to memory? It's a pretty exclusive club.
They're all very proud.
No one hides affiliation.
In the '70s and '80s the Kapu were into cocaine sales and trafficking, but once surfing became big business and they went legit.
Started helping brands like Coral Prince establish a footing on the North Shore.
Narrow these guys to the ones who have criminal records and see if any of them have any ties to lan Adams.
Hello, Levi Parker and Diego Stone.
Multiple weapons charges, felony, B and E.
They just graduated from Halawa Correctional on an assault charge.
Look at this.
During the trial, the prosecution's key witness, lan Adams.
Which means they got motive.
Levi and Diego, you're going back to jail.
DANNY: Can I ask what we're doing here? McGARRETT: I swear to God, Danny, if you ask me that again I'm gonna shoot you.
Then shoot me.
Seriously just shoot me.
I'm not taking another step until you explain to me again.
I've explained it three times.
Which is an indication on how ridiculous this detour is? It's not a detour, it's a strategic op.
A strategic op? You know what I like most is how you were able to say that with a straight face.
So, what's the problem? The problem is Levi Parker and Diego Stone, they are the problem.
Yet we are going to the Tropics Bar at the Hilton Hawaiian Village to talk to the president of the Surf Club.
- Danny.
- What? On this island there's an easy way to do things and a hard way.
With the Kapu talking to Kawika before we go after Levi and Diego is the easy way.
So, what's throwing somebody in the shark tank? And then hanging another guy off a roof? Those guys were from out of town.
You're a sick person, you know that? In the best possible way though, right? DANNY: No, no, not in the best possible way, in a very terrible way.
It's not a compliment, you understand? KAWIKA: We loved lan.
Half of the club is employed by Coral Prince as store clerks, team managers, warehouse guys.
What is that? It's called a Blue Hawaii.
- You got a problem with that? - No, no, no.
I'd like one actually.
I just gotta have no alcohol because we're on duty.
- You call that a virgin.
- I call it not getting fired.
Excuse me, two more.
Thank you.
Kawika, listen, we I need your help.
The shot that took out lan came from Pupukea.
That's Kapu turf.
Two of your boys are suspects.
Levi and Diego.
Levi and Diego are no longer Kapu.
Why is that? They became too violent, they were let go.
Do you know where we can find them? Of course.
Feel free to share that information with us anytime.
Give me one good reason why I should cooperate with you, haole? Okay.
You said you loved lan.
And here's an opportunity for you to help us catch his killers.
Okay, maybe you just liked him a little bit, I don't know.
Watch yourself, haole.
There's the H word.
You know it's Detective Williams or Danny.
I got other words, but they all mean, "don't tell me what to do on my island.
" This is my island too, Kawika.
- Is that right? McGARRETT: That's right.
My father and my mother are both buried here.
My grandfather died on December the 7th 1941 defending the same land you want to protect.
We may go at it a different ways, but we've got the same end game, bro.
So help us.
Otherwise we'll just find these guys ourselves and then I'll come back here and I'll arrest your ass for obstruction of justice.
I came here today out of respect, Kawika.
If you want to do things a different way, I'm game.
Your grandfather died in Pearl Harbor? Went down with the Arizona, he's still entombed there.
Well, consider this a favor for him for his sacrifice.
I'll bring Levi and Diego to you.
You got my word.
DANNY: Okay.
Thank you very much.
You want me to pay? Haole, you took eight islands from us.
The least you could do is pick up the tab every now and then.
The least you could do.
KONO: When's the last time you talked to lan? He stopped by here a couple nights ago.
Really? Why? I asked him the same thing.
He said he wanted us to be friends again.
- That he had changed.
- What did you say? I told him to put his money where his mouth was.
- Then I'd believe him.
BO Y: Ben's got a girlfriend.
How is it? So you live here? On the beach? Over a year now.
I drive by this place so many times I never stopped.
People speed past it.
They think we're a bunch of homeless meth addicts.
Couldn't be further from the truth.
I made this for you.
Thank you, Kaila.
You know I love these bracelets right? But since friend Kono is visiting maybe you can give this one to her.
KAILA: Sure.
Mahalo, Kaila.
- You have pretty hair.
KONO: So do you.
Kaila's mom runs a clothing store in Waikiki.
That guy works at the Bank of Hawaii.
Most of these people got jobs and cars and families.
But it costs millions of dollars to buy a house here.
So instead of moving off the land of their ancestors, they choose to live this way.
So who owns this land, the state? Neighbors are trying to get rid of us.
I can't imagine they love a tent city in the middle of Mansionville.
There's been a lot of threats.
Some damage.
- It's getting worse.
- What can we do about it? We? I like that.
My tongue is the same color as my shirt.
- You didn't have to drink it.
- Oh, I didn't? I apologize if I'm not If I'm unfamiliar with the rules of "strategic ops".
Okay, I mean, I thought that sitting around drinking a 24-ounce cocktail was standard operating procedure.
Well, it worked.
The Kapus said they'd get us Levi and Diego, didn't they? I don't know.
All I know is I'm standing here while two murder suspects could be on a plane right now - flying back to the mainland - Relax and just trust me, okay? Kapu said they'd deliver them.
They'll deliver.
They were supposed to be here an hour ago.
I'm just curious.
Where are they? - Huh? - Island time.
Right on schedule.
How you guys doing? You all right? Couple years back you two got pinched on an assault charge.
Ian's testimony is what put you away.
I was thinking about when you were locked up in the State Penitentiary, you had time to think about things, plot revenge.
What the hell you talking about? We found your hangout up on Pupukea Ridge.
It's crazy because there's a clear view of the Pipeline from there.
- Nah, bro.
- You don't cross Kawika - and get away with it.
- lan was protected by the Kapu.
So where were you during the Coral Prince Championship? - With our PO.
DANNY: Really? - Call him.
- I'm going to call him right here.
And you're gonna sit there and watch me.
If your parole officer doesn't vouch for you We're gonna become a lot less friendly.
He will, I'm always cordial.
Manny, this is Detective Danny Williams.
Uh You'll tell Kawika we're cool, right? We never do nothing? DANNY: Yeah, we're just having a conversation with your boys Levi and Diego.
You want to vouch for these guys? Thank you very much.
- They're good.
- All right, get out of here.
Back to square one with no suspects.
: He-he-hey Your lipstick stains On the front lobe Of my left side brains I knew I wouldn't KONO: You've come a long way from your condo at Diamond Head, all the Coral Prince swag.
Yeah, well, the only thing I miss from that time is Mom.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to come to the service, but I heard it was for family only.
Yeah, that was my dad's idea.
What happened between you two? We were on a boat trip, surfing Bali.
Coral Prince owns a factory down there.
So one day I go with dad and lan to check it out.
And the thing is pouring pollution into the water and it's built on wetlands, which is crucial to the eco-structure.
I mean, it should be protected land.
When I said that to lan you know what he said to me, Kono? What? That's the cost of doing big business and my father agreed.
So protect Hawaii, but screw the rest of the world? Exactly.
I know it hurts you to hear this, Kono.
But that's what lan was.
He and my father had it all planned.
They were gonna rule the world together.
I didn't want any part of it.
Lived in Bali for a year.
Then one day I got a call that Mom was sick and I came back.
And you stayed.
This place, Kamaaina.
It's my home now.
Come on, I want to show you something.
Come on.
Hey, you recognize those two kids? KONO: That was the day you won the championship.
And you blew out your knee.
After that everything changed.
But this moment, man, life was good.
You got all the girls back then.
Except for the one I really wanted.
KONO: Kaila, watch out.
Get down.
Get down.
- Hey, you okay? KONO: Yeah, I'm fine.
I got a partial plate off one of the bikes.
Nice work.
Listen, I'm gonna get H.
to sit on that beach village until we find out who attacked it.
What's the point of burning that down? Those people haven't done anything.
Got nothing to do with people, it's about the land.
Hey, I just got off the phone with a diving buddy of mine over at the Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands.
She told me the lobbying got pretty heavy recently to take that land private and zone it for commercial use.
There are a number of bidders on the table.
The typical players popping up.
There's one holding company on the fast track.
Have money in escrow.
Shortfin International.
Guess who owns it? - Ian Adams.
- Okay, so wait a minute.
So what if Ben Bass found out that lan Adams was trying to buy the land - he was trying to protect? - If I'm Ben Bass I'm not happy.
What is it, coz? Ben has a rifle.
He used it to scare off the men who attacked the camp - but there is no way he could have - Okay.
Wait a minute.
He's got motive and means, he's a person of interest.
Danny and I will go talk to Ben and run that rifle through ballistics.
Let me.
Ben is a suspect.
I need to be the one to tell him.
All right.
Chin look into this land deal, okay? See if you can find out who else knew about it.
And you can start with lan Adams' executive assistant.
So Coral Prince put a multimillion dollar bid on a piece of land that is right where the beach village is.
And you don't think that's relevant to lan's murder? I didn't know about it.
lan kept things very close to the vest.
Here's all of his expenditures for the past six months.
Land projects, donations, payroll.
Who are the Gillie Brothers? I have no idea.
I've never heard of them.
Ian paid them twice in the two weeks before he died.
Gillie Brothers is a law firm.
They aren't one of Coral Prince's law firms.
I'd know about them.
Check his personal e-mail.
See if he corresponded.
LINDA: There.
They were his personal estate planning attorneys.
He was changing his will.
- Kono.
: Yeah.
CHIN HO: lan Adams changed his will just before he died.
- Why? - To make Ben Bass his beneficiary.
What? Why would he do that? I don't know.
But I'm gonna go speak with the attorneys and see if I can get a copy of that new will.
Kono, Ben stood to inherit everything.
That's even more motive.
I'll call you back.
This is where you work? Tough girl? When I have to be.
So, what's going on? I got the message you wanted to talk? Did you know that lan recently changed his will? To name you as his estate's primary beneficiary? No.
He was also in the final stages of purchasing the land - the beach village is on.
- What? Are you saying you didn't know? Am I saying I didn't know? No.
I didn't know.
Ian came around the village the last couple of weeks saying he was a changed man.
I didn't buy it.
You have to give me more than that.
Like what? If lan was buying the land to develop it and evict all of you, you had a motive to kill him.
Kono, you don't honestly think I'd kill Ben, I have to ask the question.
It's my job.
You brought me here because I'm a suspect? No one can confirm your alibi because you were alone on the beach - collecting water samples.
- That's right.
I was.
You have a hunting license.
So do most of the guys who grew up on this island, Kono.
We hunt.
I'm gonna need your rifle.
Do I need a lawyer? Yes.
is holding Ben Bass for probable cause.
Unless we can charge him with lan's murder, he's going to walk in 48 hours.
Ballistics give us anything? Test on Ben's rifle was inconclusive.
What about the satellite maps? There's nothing showing the spot Ben said he was at the time of the murder.
- That doesn't mean he did it.
- Doesn't mean he didn't.
DANNY: I'm sorry, Kono.
Traced the partial plate that Kono caught back to a tour operation called Katonk Jeep and Bike Rentals.
- Guess who works there? - Who? Oh, look at that, my buddies Levi and Diego.
Wait a minute.
Don't you guys think it's a little coincidental these guys were trying to destroy the same land that lan was trying to buy? I think it warrants another conversation at the very least.
Come on.
Okay, I got a daughter.
Trust me.
I know this road.
This is not a road.
A road has asphalt, two lanes.
This is dirt on a cliff.
Okay, it's a long way down.
- You scared? - No, I'm not scared.
I'm rationally concerned.
- Bro, we never do nothing.
- You didn't? McGARRETT: Where'd you get the donut? My girlfriend got a little rough last night.
That wasn't your girlfriend, that was our partner.
Lucky you made it out of that village with only a mark.
You cops, you can't do nothing.
We're not scared of you.
Now, how do you think that makes me feel? I mean, here I am a duly sworn officer of the law and you are showing me zero respect.
I mean it's hurtful, really.
Who's that? That is someone you are scared of.
Kawika, we never do nothing.
Thanks for coming all this way, Kawika.
Tell the haole cop everything he wants to know.
Who paid you to burn that village? - Randall.
- Randall? Randall who? Last name.
That's guy that drives Carlton Bass around.
McGARRETT: How do you know him? - Met him at Coco Head shooting.
You met Randall at the rifle range? Yeah, where else you gonna shoot then at Coco Head? Yes, sir, Mr.
What else can you tell us about Randall? We took him to Pupukea.
Said he wanted a clear shot of Pipeline.
McGARRETT: Chin, we got Randall heading east on Halwalla Boulevard.
Let's box him in from the west.
Consider him armed and dangerous.
Randall Barrett, get out of the car.
- Out.
On your knees.
- Get down.
Cross your legs.
DANNY: Steve? - What? DANNY: Just a wild guess, murder weapon.
It's not that black and white.
Ben? What's going on? Why did you call me? Son? Don't you ever call me that again.
- Ben.
- He knows.
- What are you talking about? - He knows you had lan killed.
BASS: That's insane.
- Carlton Bass, you're under arrest for the contact murder of lan Adams.
- Are you kidding me? DANNY: No, he's actually not kidding.
We have Randall and your two goons, Levi and Diego, in our custody now.
CHIN HO: You hired them to torch the beach village.
Set them up for murder knowing they had a beef with lan.
You're probably not gonna walk away from this one.
So it's my word against that of my driver and two ex-cons? I'll take my chances.
I, lan Adams, hereby bequeath my ownership stake in the Coral Prince Corporation to my only living relative, my son, Bennett Bass.
When did you find out lan was Ben's father? Ben said that lan had been coming around trying to get back in his life.
Did Ben's mom confess to lan? Did she tell you? You had plans to build a resort on that beach village land, but lan got there first.
He was gonna give the land to Ben, but you had him killed before he could finalize the deal.
Boss, if you wouldn't mind I'd like to do the honors.
Book him.
Thank you.
- I heard that.
- Good.
You know when I say, "Book him, Danno," it's a term of endearment.
Okay, do it every day, I like it.
I should have known better than to suspect you.
You were only doing your job.
Your forgiveness means a lot, Ben.
Thank you.
It's up to you now.
Manage the team and run Coral Prince.
You can do it the way you always wanted to and that's what lan wanted.
He should be here, you know.
Yeah, I know.
He loved you and he's home now and that's all that matters.

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