Hawaii Five-0 s01e07 Episode Script

Ho'apono (Accept)

ED: Welcome, early risers.
The first tour of the day is always the best.
Before we get started, can anyone tell me about the battleship we're standing on? - Hey.
- The Missouri was where the Japanese surrendered to Allied Powers - to end World War II.
- Very good.
ED: Mighty Mo served in battles all over the world.
Since 1992 however, those guns, like the Missouri herself, have been decommissioned.
And now she enjoys peaceful retirement here in Pearl Harbor.
Now let's get haze gray and underway.
Which is ship talk for "we're on the move.
" COP 1: Freeze.
Don't move.
Hands up.
Hands in the air.
GRAHAM: All right, all right.
I'm sorry.
COP 1: Down.
COP 2: Drop your weapon.
- I didn't do it.
COP 2: Drop your weapon now.
I didn't kill my wife.
Commander McGarrett.
Detective Williams.
Wish we were meeting under better circumstances.
Laura Hills.
I took over as Governor Jameson's new public safety liaison.
- What have we got? - Suspect on board is Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Graham Wilson, SEAL Team 5.
- Hang on.
He's a SEAL? LAURA: Heavily decorated.
He's holed himself up inside with an unknown number of hostages.
Any contact with him since he's boarded yet? He told our negotiators he would start killing hostages if we move in on him.
- Did he make any demands? - Just one: Find his wife's killer.
That's interesting.
When did that happen? This morning.
Her name was Noreen Wilson.
Graham's given us four hours to find her killer.
It would be too much to hope that he mentioned who did it.
Any suspects? Yes.
found Graham at the crime scene holding the murder weapon.
When they confronted him, he ran.
And he wants us to find the killer? I don't suppose telling him he did it would suffice, huh? My only concern is getting those hostages off that ship.
Now, usually SWAT would handle something like this.
But the governor seems to think that with your background as a SEAL, that you'd be better equipped to handle the situation.
Him? And me, I'm here for what? The entertainment or what? Well, you can tell SWAT to sit tight.
I'll go in alone.
- Okay, that's just stupid.
LAURA: Excuse me? Graham's a SEAL.
He's been trained in close-quarter combat.
Right now he has the high ground.
You send SWAT in blind, they're gonna take heavy losses and more than likely get multiple hostages killed.
If this guy didn't kill his wife, he deserves at least a conversation before we go in guns blazing.
If he did, and he's gonna kill again, I'll take him out myself.
But if you want my help today, you get it my way.
I'm going alone.
Okay, let's say I am you and you are the bad guy here, okay? I would know that all the ways onto the ship are visible somehow.
So how would you outsmart yourself and get yourself onto that ship without yourself seeing yourself? Okay.
Was that an actual attempt at a question or are you just kind of throwing words at each other, hoping they make sense? How will you get on the ship without Graham seeing? Graham is expecting a threat from land, not from the water.
- I'm just gonna go for a swim.
- Go for a swim? You're serious? Now you're shirtless.
That's great.
- I've done this before.
- You've done this before? You've snuck onto a floating museum to rescue a bunch of tourists who are being held captive by a man who is accused of killing his wife? Well, I didn't mean this literally, but Look, I can't see any other way of stopping this thing from escalating.
We only have four hours.
I believe it.
All right, what's your plan? Hold SWAT in position so Graham thinks we're still negotiating.
In the meantime, I'll board, try to make contact while you investigate this murder.
I gain his trust, get him to see that we're working on his behalf.
So maybe I can get these people out safe, Graham included.
But only if he feels like I actually understand him.
That's great.
What happens when I investigate and I find out he killed his wife, which he most certainly did? Then what? We'll know what we're dealing with.
says neighbors reported hearing screams coming from Graham's house.
Cops arrived, found him with a knife in his hand.
When they tried to arrest him, he fled.
They also found his 7-year-old daughter hiding under a couch.
Hasn't talked since Child Welfare took her into custody.
Maybe she saw something that freaked her out.
I'll go see the kid, see if she knows anything.
I'm the woman on the team.
You'd probably ask me to do it anyway.
It's not because you're a woman.
It's because you're a rookie, which is way worse.
I'll have my phone on me, but don't call me, I'll call you, okay? Bet you used that line before.
I'll initiate contact once I'm in a secure location.
- That one too.
- Good luck, Aquaman.
- What the? - Whoa, whoa.
Easy, easy, easy.
Okay? I'm here to help.
Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.
It's about time some backup arrived.
Boatswain's Mate 1 st Class Ed McKay, U.
- You're running a tour? - Yeah.
I heard shots fired, then it was chaos, people running everywhere.
I was able to evac most of my group, but a few fell behind and that lunatic took them hostage.
- How many? - Seven.
He took them that way towards the wardroom.
Good work, Boats.
Listen, getting off the ship right now is too dangerous.
- Is there a safe place you can lay low? - I'm not hiding anywhere.
And you put those blueprints away, because I'm coming with you.
Those are my people that he's got.
I walk this ship front to back five times a day.
There's not a person alive who knows it better than I do.
Certainly not some map.
But I say "Jump," you say "How high?" - You hear me, sailor? - Yes, sir.
- Stay out of sight, no matter what I do.
- You got it.
KONO: Who's gonna take care of Lily? Graham's sister is flying in from Oklahoma.
Arrives tonight.
What about on the mother's side? Is no one listed locally? We haven't found anyone yet.
Has she said anything about her mother's murder? CLARK: Hasn't said a word.
- Thanks.
Hi, Lily.
My name is Kono.
I bet you've been asked a lot of questions today, huh? Well, no more questions for now, because I'm hungry and I'm gonna get some shave ice if you wanna come with me.
So you think this guy killed his wife? He's gone to a lot of trouble to say he didn't.
WOMAN: Please.
GRAHAM: Hey, I'm talking here.
COP 1: Team 1, hold your position.
COP 2: Come on, let's go.
- I'm sorry, but, sir? - No talking.
STEPHANIE: Please, I'm hypoglycemic.
My husband went to get me a snack when Look, if I don't eat something soon, I'm gonna pass out.
Does anyone have any food for her? Slow.
- They're peanuts.
It's protein.
- Thank you.
Everyone keeps completely quiet.
Got it? Disobey that order and I will hurt you.
That's a promise.
Broken furniture, blood spatter on the walls.
- This is a hell of a struggle.
- It makes a lot of sense.
Graham's a Navy SEAL and his wife weighs a buck-oh-five, if that.
That's what I'm saying.
Should have been an easy kill.
Why is it so sloppy? DANNY: Love and hate, right? Two sides of the same coin.
Why they call it a crime of passion.
You know, marital spat escalates, just like that, he snaps.
He goes from heads to tails.
First, he just wants to make her suffer a little bit.
The wife ends up dead.
- How long were you married again? - It's just a theory.
Wong Lee.
That's the best dim sum on the island.
- You read Chinese? - Enough to order.
That's good to know for the future.
This is catching on something.
Give me a hand.
DANNY: Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
No chance you also read Russian, right? - No.
Why? - Well, this is in Russian.
How do you know? See the V's and backwards R's? I had this case back in Jersey.
Russians trying to muscle in on this crew from North Bergen.
The press called it the "borscht bust.
" Got my picture in the paper.
Your parents must have been very proud.
Yeah, they misspelled my name.
Husband's file didn't say anything about language training.
Well, maybe it belonged to the victim.
Let's get it translated.
What's this? - "397.
" - That's a safe-deposit box key.
All right.
Let's get both of these checked out.
Hey, you with Graham yet? McGARRETT [WHISPERING.]
: Yeah, I got him.
I got eyes on him.
He's armed.
He's holding seven hostages.
Behavior's pretty erratic.
You mean, as opposed to most hostage-takers that are calm and composed? No, with his training, this scenario shouldn't bother him, but he's paranoid.
He's unstable.
You know what? Check if he's been treated psychiatrically.
I'm in the house right now.
Chin, go see if this guy's on any meds.
Hey, while I got you, we found something.
It's a manuscript stashed away.
It's in Russian.
And a safe-deposit key.
So if it's local, I can subpoena the contents.
Sounds like you're making progress.
- You miss me, don't you? - Oh, yeah.
Wish you were here, but you don't swim, do you? I don't swim? I swim very well, actually.
I just chose not to.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You talking to your wife? - I'm talking to my partner.
Oh, Graham's medicine cabinet is full-on stacked.
I got sleeping pills, lithium and clonazepam.
Wait a minute.
That's an antipsychotic.
Sometimes used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.
All the prescriptions are from Dr.
Bottles are three weeks old, but they're practically full.
Okay, this is a really stupid question: What happens if Graham stops taking his medicine? GRAHAM: Shut up! You don't wanna make me angry! I think we just found out.
I'm also thinking the longer this goes on, the worse it's gonna get.
GRAHAM: Who's out there? ED: McGarrett, I'm sorry.
Go back to the office, okay? Lock the door.
Stay in there.
ED: What are you gonna do? - I'm gonna cover you.
GRAHAM: I swear if you come in here, I'll kill all of these people.
- Hands up! McGARRETT: Hey.
Don't shoot, man.
I was I got lost.
I was looking for the bathroom.
I don't understand.
What's happening? All right.
Hat off.
Hands behind your head.
Please, don't shoot me.
Turn around.
On your knees.
Get down there.
Keep your mouth shut.
Hey, you okay? - You don't look too good.
No talking here.
I don't think she's well.
I think she's sick, man.
Take a look at her.
- She's fine.
- I'm okay.
Can we get some water at least? What part of "no talking" do you not follow? DANNY: Dr.
Klesko, we've got three hours to figure this out.
Tell us why you were treating Graham.
KLESKO: His team walked into an ambush in Ba'qubah, Iraq.
In the crossfire were a group of children and none of them survived.
The trauma took a huge psychological toll.
Mood swings, violent outbursts.
It escalated to the point the MPs were called to his house for a domestic disturbance.
You diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder? Yes, and we were making progress.
Graham was showing real signs of improvement.
And then he had a setback.
DANNY: What kind of setback? He became convinced that the drugs were clouding his judgment, so he started skipping doses.
And that only made his paranoia worse.
It got to the point that he started experiencing blackouts.
DANNY: He started passing out? KLESKO: No.
PTSD patients can slip into a disassociative fugue state.
It happens when they get agitated or perceive a threat.
They can become enraged, sometimes violent.
And when it's over, they have no recollection of what happened.
So it's possible Graham killed his wife without even realizing it? I'd say it's more than possible.
Don't do it.
Who are you? You're not a tourist.
- I said, who are you? - My name is Steve McGarrett.
I'm Five-0.
But before that, I was a SEAL just like you.
BUD/S Class 203.
- They send you in here to get me? - No.
I came in by myself.
I don't want anyone else involved until we get a chance to talk straight.
Okay? You can tell me what really happened.
For your service, I thought you deserved at least that much.
- I didn't kill my wife.
- Okay.
I believe you, man.
We're trying to get to the bottom of that right now.
Where is it? Where's the knife? Where's the knife? Wait.
Graham, listen.
Nobody one took your knife.
All right? Maybe you lost it.
But you have a gun.
You have a gun.
That's right.
You're in control.
Everybody here knows that.
We all know who's in control here.
But you gotta listen to me.
If you're telling me the truth, my team is gonna find that out.
They're working the case as we speak.
But you're not making it easy on us, Graham, holding all these people here.
You gotta do the right thing for yourself, for your daughter.
- Where's Lily? - My team has her.
She's safe.
I promise you.
You have my word.
Let's just let a couple of folks go.
Come on.
You're a SEAL and your best tactical advice is for me to let go of my only leverage? What are you talking about? You got me.
- Take me instead.
- I have you too.
Come on, Graham.
You gotta give me something, man.
You gotta show me a little goodwill.
At least let me check on this guy before he bleeds out.
Clean him up.
- Empty your pockets and your purses.
- Don't do anything.
I gotta stop the bleeding here.
I got no supplies.
I need some nail glue, a sewing kit, anything.
That's it.
Empty them.
Don't try anything.
McGARRETT: Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Let me take a look.
All right, you messed him up pretty good, Graham.
The good news is you didn't kill him.
I know.
If I wanted him dead, he'd be dead.
Hey, pretty ladies.
Two biggies on the house.
KONO: Thank you.
- No problem.
- Anything else, just holler.
KONO: Okay.
That's yours.
This one's mine.
Is it good? My favorite is grape.
You know why? Makes my tongue purple.
See? You don't like the lemon? Daddy eats that part.
So this one night at BUD/S, me and a couple of the guys were sneaking back onto the base, right? And we hear this real mean, crusty: [IN THROATY VOICE.]
"Hey, you ladies ready to get wet and sandy?" Master Chief White? Yes, sir.
Bet he wasn't too happy, huh? You kidding me? He was thrilled to catch us.
He gave us five extra hours of cold-water conditioning.
We didn't get out of the water until dawn.
That's tough love for you.
So, Graham, tell me about Noreen.
Where did you guys meet? Germany, six and a half years ago.
I was traveling through Europe on leave.
She was working at an all-ranks club in Ramstein.
She had just immigrated there with her daughter.
Three months later, we were married.
From Russia, right? How did you know? I told you, my people are investigating.
She changed her name just before we moved to the States.
She didn't like the name Irina anyway.
She just wanted to put her past behind her, you know, start a new life.
And her daughter, Lily, she was from a previous marriage? Yeah, Lily's father died just before she was born.
I can't imagine what she's going through.
Graham, what happened this morning? We fought.
We argued.
I don't even know what it was about.
I know I haven't been easy to live with.
Ever since I've been back, you know, it's been difficult.
Noreen says sometimes that she's scared of me.
That I'm not even the same guy that she was married to.
But I was dealing with it.
I was getting better.
You know, the shrink says, you know, "When you get worked up, just take two laps around the block, you know, clear your head.
" - And that's what I did.
- Right.
So you left the house? And when I came back, there she was in the middle of the living room.
And I tried to resuscitate her.
That's when the cops, they show up.
After all Noreen and I had been through, I figured they'd think I'd hurt her.
I was scared.
I ran.
I'd never hurt Noreen.
It means everything for Lily to know that I didn't do this to her mother.
- I get it, Graham.
- Whoa.
What are you doing? What? Back.
You don't think I know what you're doing? I'm not doing anything.
We're done.
Let's go.
You're done playing nurse.
Graham, this guy needs a CAT scan.
He needs to get off the ship.
Keep me, keep all these other people, but let this guy go.
Prove to me, Graham.
Prove to me that you're a good man.
All right.
Hey, you're free to go.
Get out of here.
All right.
Everybody else, we're moving out.
Except you.
You're going in there.
I'm not interested in playing any more of your head games.
Get in.
Close the door.
Get back! Terrific.
- Where are you? McGARRETT: The head.
Graham barricaded me in here.
In a bathroom? I could have gotten locked into a bathroom.
- It's a long story.
- Okay.
I'm calling SWAT.
No, you won't call SWAT.
I'll find a way out of here.
Just tell me, what have you got? Okay.
Graham's psychiatrist said that he's been experiencing blackouts, which means that he may have killed his wife without even realizing it.
No, it doesn't make sense.
How does that not make sense? How does that not make sense to you? I mean, the guy fled the crime scene with the murder weapon in his hand.
I mean, I am no detective Wait a minute.
Where am I? Oh, I'm a detective.
He is still our prime suspect.
Graham identified me a threat and didn't do anything.
- He could've killed me, but didn't.
- All right, listen.
I know this guy is a SEAL, all right? And brothers in arms, the whole thing, I get that.
But that does not mean he didn't kill his wife.
You're right.
You're right.
But I promised him that we'd investigate this murder.
What do you think I'm doing? I am investigating.
Unfortunately, he's our only suspect.
In my experience, when you only have one suspect, he's usually the one that you put in jail.
Okay? You want me to broaden the search, fine, but you're gonna have to give me something else.
As a matter of fact, I actually might have a new lead.
Graham said that Noreen was a Russian citizen.
They moved here six years ago.
That would explain why she has no record prior to '04.
And she changed her identity before they came here.
Her first name is Irina.
So dig deeper.
You know what? Maybe that manuscript you found can help.
Well, I already sent that to your friend Catherine in Intelligence.
We'll have a translation back in an hour.
Oh, and the key, I got a match to a safe-deposit box at First Hawaiian Bank.
They're sending the contents over right now.
What was that? What the hell was that? I'll call you back.
I'll call you back.
I figured you'd want your things back.
How did you get past Graham without him seeing you? Well, I know things about this ship that aren't on your map.
- I thought I told you to stay put.
- Hm? I'm an old man.
I don't always hear so good.
Hm? - Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
COP: Get your hands up.
- I'm a hostage.
He let me go.
COP: Walk towards the unit, sir.
- Keep waking.
BUDDY: I need help.
GRAHAM: You get him.
I keep the SEAL.
Nobody else is leaving until you find out who killed Noreen.
- Let me speak with McGarrett.
- All you need to know is he's still alive.
Look, I'm watching you.
You got less than two hours.
If you pull another stunt like that, the next hostage comes out in a body bag.
You had that fellow's knife and you were standing right next to him and you didn't take him out? There's a way to do this where nobody has to die.
Besides, this is evidence.
Look at the dried blood on this knife.
There's a fingerprint in there.
I think it was put there at the time of the murder.
- Hm.
- Watch this.
This could be what clears him.
You really think he's innocent, don't you? My team's motto is "leave no man behind.
" Now we just need to find him.
Where do you think he took the hostages? He'll need another place with a good view of the gangway.
The best place would be the pilot house.
Well, I know a shortcut.
Lead the way.
Took me a while, but I swore that I knew the name Steve McGarrett.
Your grandfather was in the Navy, wasn't he? Yes, sir.
Stationed here at Pearl.
- Yeah.
I remember.
- Wait a minute.
Tough son of a gun.
You served with my grandfather? On the Arizona.
- Were you one of the lucky ones? - It wasn't luck.
I wasn't on board that day.
I lied about my age to enlist.
I was 16 at the time.
They found out, but the officers liked me and they kept me around as a runner.
So that's what I was doing December 7th, 1941.
Running messages to the Army at Fort Shafter across the harbor.
I could see those explosions, those men I admired so greatly.
They gave their lives for all of us.
And I couldn't do a damned thing for them.
I walk past the Arizona Memorial every day and I am reminded of their sacrifice.
The man that you are named after was a real hero.
You should be very proud.
I am proud.
Come on, let's go.
What are you drawing? LILY: Me, Mommy and Daddy.
What are you drawing? This is me surfing this morning.
Can you draw what you were doing this morning? Okay.
What is that? That's my hiding place when there's too much yelling.
KONO: You hide under the couch? - Sometimes.
- Are those Daddy's shoes? - No.
Whose shoes are they? Hey, you don't have to be afraid.
Nothing is gonna happen to you.
You can tell me.
That's the man that yelled at Mommy.
Was Daddy there when they were yelling? Hey, Lily, this is really important.
Who was that man? And what was he saying to Mommy? I can't talk funny like he and Mommy did.
But they yelled a lot.
Then Mommy got hurt.
Hey, do you wanna see where I work? Lily, who is that? Who's that man? Excuse me.
Sir? Excuse me.
Sir? Sir.
Lily? Lily! No! Stop! [SIREN WAILING.]
Look, I only took my eyes off Lily for a second.
They were targeting her.
We didn't know that.
You couldn't have prevented it.
So I got an APB out on the vehicle.
's setting up checkpoints.
We got no plates, but Kono got eyes on the abductors.
- Is she okay? - No, I don't think so.
Get any hits on those fingerprints I sent? Yeah.
I got a second set on the knife.
They definitely don't belong to Graham.
They definitely don't belong to Noreen either.
But they're not showing up in any H.
database, so I'm expanding the search nationally.
So we've got abductors.
Got a witness that puts another man in the house at the time of the murder.
We got somebody else's prints on the blade.
- This is really starting to look like - Graham didn't do it.
I know.
- But it's not over yet.
- Find a match on that print, Danny.
You need to end this hostage situation.
And whatever you do, please, under no circumstance tell this guy about his daughter.
- He should know.
- No, no.
He shouldn't know.
Trust me, as a father, the last thing you wanna hear is something happened to your kid.
You add that to his irrational state of mind, things are only gonna get worse.
Copy that.
Don't get soft on this guy, partner, all right? Not until we have absolute proof that he didn't kill his wife.
And if he did and it comes down to it, are you gonna be able to take this guy out? It's not gonna come to that.
Graham, it's McGarrett.
We need to talk.
I should have figured you'd get out.
I said I believe you.
I don't think you killed your wife.
Okay? With a little more time, my team is gonna be able to prove that, Graham.
How? Let's free those people so we can talk.
I need my pack.
This has gone on way too long.
It ends now.
CHIN HO: We found Noreen's passport in her safe-deposit box.
She was born Irina Tarasova in St.
Petersburg, Russia, 1979.
Catherine just sent over the translation.
The manuscript you found at the house, it was Noreen's journal.
Most of it's about her life in Russia.
She was married to a banker and sounded like it was pretty brutal.
Multiple counts of domestic violence.
We got an ID on him too.
Yegor Chubais.
Vice president of Donvaya Bank in Switzerland.
He filed a report saying his wife and newborn child went missing - on a trip abroad.
- That's him.
- That's who? - That's the guy that kidnapped Lily.
Chubais came into Hawaii three days ago.
He's chartered a plane to Moscow.
It leaves in an hour.
- He's trying to flee with Lily.
- That's why he comes to Hawaii.
She starts a new life to get away from him.
- Somehow he finds out where she is.
- Noreen wouldn't come with him.
Son of a bitch kills the mother of his daughter.
We can't let them get on that plane.
Come on.
ED: Okay, come on, everybody.
Let's get moving.
Come on.
GRAHAM: Don't you move.
- McGarrett's not answering.
- So try him again.
Don't answer.
This could be news that proves your innocence.
Graham, let me take the call.
Put it on speaker.
No tricks.
There you are.
Go ahead.
Danny, we're on speaker with Graham.
- Tell me you got the guy who did this.
- Not exactly.
But we got a name and location.
We're on our way right now.
- Who is it? - Name is Yegor Chubais.
Lily's father.
That's impossible.
He's dead.
We ID'd him coming out of Honolulu Airport three days ago.
Yegor is dead.
Noreen told me that he had died of cancer.
- Why would she lie to me? - I don't know, Graham.
I don't know.
Maybe she was trying to protect you from a past that she's ashamed of.
But if my team says that this is the guy, this is the guy.
You're lying.
McGarrett? Steve? On your knees.
- Graham.
- Get on your knees.
Hands behind your head.
REPORTER: Please, I have just a few questions.
: This is McGarrett.
- Deploy your men.
- Yes, ma'am.
- That's them.
- All right, hold on.
DANNY: Hands up.
Get down.
Down on the ground.
Arms out.
Make a T.
Get down.
CHIN HO: On the ground, face down.
On the ground.
Palms up.
Cross your legs.
KONO: Hey.
DANNY: Go ahead.
You're safe now, okay? Let me take you in.
Graham, we can still work this out.
We argued and I went for a walk.
Two laps around the block.
We got the guy, Graham.
You heard him.
It was Yegor.
What if I didn't take that walk at all? [GROANS.]
- What if I really killed Noreen? - You didn't kill her, Graham.
Yegor did it.
Yegor killed her.
This is over.
You hear me? This is over, Graham.
ED: McGarrett.
McGARRETT: Look out.
Get back.
COP: Freeze! Put your weapon down slowly and get on the ground.
Now, Graham.
Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon now! [GUNSHOTS.]
Cease fire! Cease fire! [GRUNTS.]
- You okay? - Getting shot hurts.
What were you thinking? Well, leave no man behind.
Is that right? Well, you're crazier than I thought.
Come on.
Hey, hold up.
Give him a minute with his daughter, will you? No cuffs.
Go ahead.
Look who that is.
Daddy, can we go home now? Not yet, baby.
All right? Auntie Susan is gonna watch you for a little while, okay? Daddy's just a little bit sick.
He has to get better, okay?
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