Hawaii Five-0 s01e14 Episode Script

He Kane Hewa'ole (An Innocent Man)

Back in the day this used to be my beat.
District 5.
Every good cop knows his neighborhood.
I used to spend And most of it was getting to know the people.
Earn their trust, right? If people trust you then they'll open up when the time comes.
Makes a cop's job a lot easier.
You ever wish you chose another line of work? Every day.
: All units suspect pursuit west on Kamehameha Highway passing Makalapa Road.
That's a couple blocks from here.
Can we go? Well, you've got the badge and the wheel.
This is Kelly and Kalakaua, Five-0, we're on it.
COMPUTER: Point 7 miles to exit 15.
You did pass the H.
test for pursuit driving, yeah? There's a test? COMPUTER: Point 5 miles to exit 15.
Point 2 miles to exit 15.
Traffic ahead.
Oh! Put your hands where I can see them.
COMPUTER: If possible, please make a U-turn.
Where's your hands? OFFICER: Look at the other side.
COMPUTER: Redirecting, if possible please make a U-turn.
- Chin, I got blood.
OFFICER: Okay, other side.
- What is it? - Oh, my God.
- Yo.
- Yo.
What happened to the courtesy knock? Oh, uh, I think it got played out with the high-five and the bro-hug.
I can You want me to do it now? Happy? - What's in the box? - I got you a present.
- You got me a present? - I wanna put a smile on your face.
- Really? - No.
UPS left it for you.
You know anybody in Bettendorf, Iowa? Yeah.
So, uh, what is this? I've been looking for a master cylinder for my dad's car.
- That piece of junk in the garage? - Hey.
All right, that piece of junk in the garage is my dad's pride and joy and he bought it for us to fix up together.
- We never got around to it.
- Okay.
You think about getting it started again? Yeah, I'm doing okay too.
I found this place in Iowa that do parts for Mercury Marquis.
So you know.
You know, I am not a gear head but that does not look like a master cylinder to me.
Yeah, that's because it's a clutch plate.
Do me a favor, am I crazy? Or does that say "1974 master cylinder for a Mercury Marquis"? - You bought it online? - Yeah, I bought - Why? - What are you, a schmuck? You don't order anything off the internet.
It's the 21 st century.
Tell that to the guy with no master cylinder.
All right, you got a point.
Yes, we're on our way.
MAN 1: You need help? MAN 2: Yeah.
Bad wreck.
Reminds me of CHiPs.
- You remember CHiPs? - Of course I remember CHiPs.
I always thought that would be the sweetest gig.
You get to ride a motorcycle all day.
Solving crimes.
- You go on chases.
- No, no, no.
The mortality rates of motor cops is five times higher than regular people.
Hey, Danny, it's a TV cop fantasy.
Why do you gotta ruin it over statistics? Fine.
It's a TV cop fantasy.
In my TV cop fantasy, I am Erik Estrada, you're the other guy.
I don't think so, baby.
What do we got? H.
says it started as a routine traffic stop.
Then the kid gunned it and took off.
- Is he alive? - Barely.
EMS took a while to stabilize him.
They're working on getting him out.
DANNY: You got an ID? - Not yet.
But, uh, we ran the plates and found out the car's a rental.
Kono's reaching out to the car rental company to get the info.
Oh, wait a second.
The call said this is a crime scene.
Looks like a traffic accident.
We're here because it's about to get interesting.
We got a John Doe.
Actually, scratch that.
We got part of a John Doe.
What it is, Max? Oh, whoa.
- Something you don't see every day.
- White male approximately 30.
Cloudiness of the cornea, puts TOD at about six to eight hours ago.
There's not a lot of blood in the box.
Minimal capillary hemorrhaging indicates post mortem dismemberment.
You'll notice the irregular marks alongside the posterior surface of the C3 vertebrae.
- Really, Steve? - Most likely caused by a saw.
You ever seen anything like this before? Yeah, murder mutilation.
As an isolated incident, no.
- It's a serial-killer thing.
- The head could be a trophy.
We just pulled the driver out, but EMS doesn't think he's gonna make it.
Hey, guys.
What's your name? Look we found the head, okay? Why did you kill him? Who is he? Just give me a name.
- Who is the guy? - Ming-Hua.
- What did he say? - "Ming-Hua.
" It's a name in Mandarin.
- Ming-Hua.
- Ming-Hua? Is that your name? Is that you? Is it the dead guy? Who's Ming-Hua? - Tell me who is Ming-Hua? Is it you? - Unh.
DANNY: Great.
Now we got two John Does.
And no answers.
I spoke to the rental car company.
Turns out the renter's a local.
His name is Spenser Owens.
Okay, it doesn't look like Spenser's our driver or our victim.
KONO: No, he's alive and well.
No priors.
Not even a speeding ticket in the system.
said he reported the car stolen.
I have officers bringing him over for a statement.
Let's just assume the driver's the murderer, okay? He put a head in a box.
He went for a cruise in a stolen car.
Where was he going? The GPS was damaged during the accident.
Maybe I can pull something off it, the point of origin, destination.
Hey, all right, so I ran the prints on our driver, ones found on the box, through AVIS, TSA, and Immigration, I still came up with nothing.
Driver spoke Mandarin, right? Maybe he was illegal.
That would explain why he's not in the system.
Okay, what about our John Doe number 2? You mean Jack? - You got an ID? - No, Jack His head was in a box.
That just ain't right, bro.
- Too soon? McGARRETT: A little bit.
Okay, what do you know about him? Besides the fact that his eyes are blue? Nothing.
Max said he's done posting the body and the head, so we should head over.
We need to ID these guys.
Figure out what's going on.
Chin, you take the car.
Kono, talk to this Spenser guy who rented the car.
We'll go talk to Max.
- Jack? - You have zero sense of humor.
That's not true.
- You have no - Zero.
It's bad, man.
KONO: Spenser, you're local.
- What are you doing renting a car? - Mine was in the shop.
I've been working nights on a loft conversion off Farrington.
So I didn't realize the car was gone till I left work this morning.
- I see you filed a police report.
- Yes.
That's the first thing I did.
The report says that you left the keys in the car.
I'm an idiot.
I lose everything, I left them under the visor.
Did you also happen to leave a box in the car before it was stolen? Box? No, I didn't leave anything in the car.
- Did you use the GPS? - No, I did not use the GPS.
Look, can you please tell me what's going on? Yeah.
We found your car.
- Did you get the guy who stole it? - Something like that.
Do you recognize this man? - No.
- What about him? Wow.
No, ma'am.
How about a name Ming-Hua? Sorry.
- I wish I could be of more help.
- Great.
Thank you.
I ran your driver's dental records, cross referenced with the name Ming-Hua.
Nothing showed up in the system.
I also talked to my colleagues on the other islands and they report nothing in terms of similar MO.
Maybe it was his first kill.
Either that or he did a good job of covering his tracks so far.
Doesn't the H.
have a tattoo database they use to ID suspects? Why? You don't think that says "Mom" in Chinese? McGARRETT: Not exactly.
It's Triad.
This guy was in a gang.
Max, what else you got? I noticed traces of grease and motor oil under his fingernails.
A lot of wear and tear on his hands for a guy his age.
Signs of manual labor.
Like hacking a guy's head off with a saw? Obviously for our smaller victim, uh, there were no fingerprints to be had or identified.
No hits to the dental, but I did run blood and tissue samples through tox as well as a reference samples to DNA.
I will let you know when I have those results.
I just got off the phone with McGarrett.
Still no ID's on our two John Does.
And I ran faces through missing persons, nothing there.
All right, what about the guy who rented the car? Just your average victim of an auto theft.
- Didn't give us anything useful.
- Have faith, coz.
The case is hardly cold.
KONO: What are you doing with the GPS? CHIN HO: Just watch.
It's alive.
All right.
Let's see if we can get any data off of it.
Looks like there was one address inputted.
It's an office building, couple dozen businesses, multiple employees.
Here's a list.
And based on the time the address was entered, I'd say Keawe Street was our driver's final destination.
No pun intended.
Max, go ahead.
You're on speaker.
In analyzing the isotope ratios of oxygen and hydrogen in the driver's hair, I've linked him to drinking water supply in the Waipahu area.
Wait, Spenser said his car was stolen off Farrington.
Farrington goes straight through Waipahu.
That makes sense.
Some Chinese immigrants live there.
- Great work, Max.
MAX: Thank you.
How's your Mandarin? [SPEAKS IN MANDARIN.]
DANNY: He recognize our vic? - Yes.
He says the kid comes in here all the time.
He works at a salvage yard couple blocks up the street.
Hey, you don't see many of those on the island.
What's this, a '57? [IN MANDARIN.]
Hey, speak English? - Yes.
- Gonna ask you some questions.
My grandson, Ming-Hua.
Hey, Ming-Hua, you like action figures, huh? Me too.
Me too, buddy.
Wait a minute.
I had one just like this.
My dad got me one just like this when I was about your age.
Let's see if I can fix him up here.
- Done.
- Good as new.
Here you go.
Sir, do you know where the boy's father is? DANNY: Is this him? What's happened? Where's my son? [CRYING.]
Chi, when you're ready we'd like to ask you some questions.
Chi, we found your son in a stolen car.
Victim's head in a box.
It's not possible.
Han could never do these things.
What did Han do for work? He work for me on cars.
When was the last time you saw your son? Yesterday morning.
He was very excited.
He said, man gave him a thousand-dollar job.
What man? Did he give you a name? No.
He said that man said you make delivery, that's all.
He good man.
He take good care of Ming-Hua.
If he was such a good man, why was he running from the police? [SPEAKING IN MANDARIN.]
- What's going on? - They're here illegally.
Seven years ago, we come here to find new home, to find new life.
Han work very hard for his family.
He would never kill any person.
If that's true, we'll prove it.
DANNY: So I want to know something.
I mean, what is it that makes you turn into a softie? - What is that supposed to mean? - What? You're gonna make sure his son is proven innocent.
I'm just curious what happens when you are wrong.
The last words out of Han Chi's mouth were his son's name, okay? Ming-Hua.
I mean, does that sound like a person that goes around cutting people's heads off? Son of Sam liked dogs.
- Norman Bates loved his mother.
- That's a movie, Danny.
I can give you more non-cinematic references if you'd like.
I'm just saying I don't think Han's our guy.
Oh, well, good.
Then it's a wrap.
Hey, you know, let's go get a plate lunch and call it a day.
There's nothing in Han Chi's autopsy that ties him to the murder, okay? Which means there is no hard evidence, which you like to say, right? As far as we know, Han Chi never even met the victim.
The guy's driving around with a head in his car, Steven.
Okay? Just a head, a grande cabeza.
The cops go to pull him over and he runs.
The guy's in the country illegally.
He's gonna get deported if he stops.
He's got a kid here.
What are you talking about? See, stop.
You're done because now I see what's going on.
Why is that every time somebody's father is involved, you get all goofy? I'm not getting goofy.
It's got nothing to do with my father.
I'm telling you, every situation like this, you lose objectivity.
- It's got nothing to do with - It's called transference.
I didn't know I was traveling in a car with Dr.
Sigmund Freud.
You don't have to save everybody You don't.
That's all, okay? - You done? - If you've learned something.
I'll take a yes there if it'll shut you up.
Somebody offered Han a thousand dollars to deliver a package.
He took the job and delivered the package so he could put food on the table and feed his family.
But he was just a messenger, Danny.
The guy who hired Han to deliver the package, that's the killer.
That's the person we're looking for.
CHIN HO: We got tox results back on our severed head.
Lab found elevated levels of lead in his blood.
Oh, which could mean our official COD is a gunshot wound.
Also found traces of iodine 131.
- Iodine? - Yeah, it's radioactive.
Our John Doe was being treated for thyroid cancer, based on these levels, most likely dosed within a week.
All right, so, what's our next move? I don't know.
What would you do, rook? Uh, I'd start canvassing our local hospitals and oncology wards.
- See if anyone recognized our vic.
- Okay.
Oh, you know, Hawaii Medical Center West has the best oncology ward on the island.
Yeah, they do, don't they? Hey, look, I can, uh I can handle it if you want? - I mean, if you're not comfortable.
- No, no, I'll go with.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'll be fine, kid.
WOMAN: That's great.
: Dr.
Polomitzu - Hey.
- Any luck? - Waiting for the hospital administrator.
Nurses won't release any information without approval or warrant, patient confidentiality and all.
- Did you touch base with McGarrett? - Yeah.
He thinks the driver was a messenger, not the killer.
Other than that, they got nothing.
You having second thoughts about coming? - I told you I'm fine.
- Really? Because that's the third time you hit the elevator button.
The second.
How's this? I'll go wait at the nurse's station.
- I'll meet you at the lobby.
- Hey.
I'm a cop, remember? Sometimes you gotta go places and see people you're not necessarily comfortable with.
- It's just part of the job.
- Okay, whatever you say, coz.
I'll go see what's taking so long.
I'll be right back.
Chin? Malia.
Uh It's great to see you.
- Um, yeah.
- It's great to see you too.
So, what are you doing here? Kono and I are working on a John Doe case.
Well, Kono's here? I'd love to see her.
Oh, yeah, well, I'm sure she'd love to see you too.
- Oh, look - Look, I You first.
Well, I just I think this is the first time we've seen each other since It is.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
You're wearing it.
Well, you told me to keep it, so I did.
Listen, I hope you know that everything I did was to protect you.
I didn't want your protection, Chin.
I When it ended between us, everyone thought I was the one that left you.
That really hurt.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, Malia.
- Kono.
- How are you? - Great.
: Dr.
Kwan, call extension 2724.
So, uh, what are you doing here? Well, actually, um, maybe you can help us.
We're trying to identify a homicide victim.
Might have been a cancer patient here.
Oh, my God, it's Henry.
Chin? His name was Henry Duncan, He was a high-school physics teacher.
Emergency contact listed in his file was his wife, Nicole.
Kono put in a call to the house but all she got was a busy signal.
Nobody has a busy signal anymore.
It means something's wrong.
- Chin, give us the address.
- I'll text it.
Nicole? Nicole Duncan? Clear in here.
Nicole's gone, but come check this out.
We got, uh, blood splatter on the walls.
And a broken heel.
Could have come off in a struggle.
Blood's high velocity.
Consistent of a gunshot wound.
Could be where Henry Duncan was murdered.
- Or his wife.
- Yeah.
All right.
Thank you.
Okay, uh, according to her boss, Nicole Duncan did not show up for work today.
I got alerts out.
McGARRETT: We've got credit cards, cash, phone.
All right, all signs are pointing to Nicole joining her husband in the victim category.
All right, if we can't find her, at least we can find out who they spoke to last.
WOMAN: You've reached Hawaiian Airlines flight information.
- Airline computer.
- Okay, hang up.
Uh What is it, star-69? Dial star-69 and see about the last incoming call.
MAN: Hello? - Hey, Jimmy.
MAN: I think you have the wrong number.
- Who's this? - Robert Rovin, who's this? - Oh, wrong number, sorry.
- Hello? Hold on.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- What do you got? - Robert Rovin.
I knew that name sounded familiar.
"Robert Rovin," it's one of the guys on Chin's list.
GPS destination.
Okay, he's got an investment firm on the 10th floor of that building on Keawe.
- Where Han Chi was going.
- Yeah, with Duncan's head.
DANNY: Are you sure? - Okay, yeah, we're on our way now.
- What is it? Chin ran a background on Robert Rovin, okay? And it turns out that he's related to our head in the box.
He's Henry Duncan's father-in-law.
- Nicole's father? - Yeah.
Never filed a missing person's report.
That means one of two things.
Either he knows what's going on, or we are on our way to make a death notification.
Henry was murdered? Do you know who did it? That's what we're working on right now.
- My daughter, what about Nicole? - I'm afraid she's missing.
Missing? What do you mean she's missing? We haven't found her yet but I have my task force and every available police officer looking for her.
Look, um, we know this is difficult for you.
But please if you can, can you just tell us when the last time - you spoke to your daughter? - I I, uh I called her a few days ago.
Okay, by any chance, did she mention a trip she was planning? No, no, that's impossible.
Henry was sick.
He was fighting cancer.
He spent most of his time at the hospital.
Could she had gone someplace by herself? No, she wouldn't have left him alone during chemo.
When was the last time you spoke to Henry? Monday, we We, uh We met for dinner.
Anything strange about that night? Other than the fact that his disease was sucking the life out of him, no.
I can't lose my little girl.
She's all I have left.
We're gonna get to the bottom of this.
Do either of you have any children? Yeah, I do.
I have a daughter.
Then you'll understand the lengths you'll go to as a parent to protect your children.
Gentlemen, I've been expecting this call.
So please, if you'll excuse me.
Listen, we're gonna let you know as soon as we hear something.
Just really quickly, one quick question for you.
You ever seen this man before? No, I haven't.
Why? We have reason to believe that he was on his way here last night.
Well, if he was, I had no idea.
So please.
Uh Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, of course.
That was interesting.
See how panicked he got when he got that call? See how he was talking about his daughter.
The lengths you'd go to protect your children.
That cat knows something.
He did a bad job of hiding it.
I'm gonna call Kono.
- Sit on Rovin, see what he's up to.
- All right.
Hey, hey, hey.
How fast can she get here? Oh, not so close, Wilcox.
You know what? Relax.
Okay, don't tell me how to tail a suspect.
By the way, if this was CHiPs, I'd be Estrada, you'd be Wilcox.
- All right? - I don't think so.
What's he up to? Hey, check it out.
Looks like he's got company.
It's a money drop.
Gun, gun.
Come on, come on.
Hold on.
Spenser Owens.
He rented the Mustang that Chi was driving.
Hey, hey, listen to me.
Hey, where's Nicole? You need to tell us where Nicole is.
Can you hear me? Listen to me.
- Where's Nicole? - He can't die.
If anything goes wrong, they'll kill my daughter.
I I just sent Owen's gun off to ballistics in case we find Duncan's body.
Hopefully, we can match it up to a slug.
All right, I want deep background on Owens, associates, addresses, the whole thing.
- You've never seen this guy before? - I never saw him before.
The only contact I had with this guy was over the phone.
He said he and his associates had Nicole.
He said, uh, Henry tried to escape so they killed him.
But Nicole was still alive.
And if I ever wanted to see her again I had to give him $5 million.
- You never thought to call the police? - He told me I'd He'd kill her if I told anyone.
So he told me to prove that he was serious, he was gonna send me a package, but I never got anything.
I had him.
I had him and I let him go.
He wasn't even a suspect.
You did your job.
- Hey.
- No.
You're not psychic.
- You can't read people's minds.
- I should have known he was lying.
That comes with time and experience, Kono.
We all make mistakes.
You've gotta learn to live with that because that's part of the job.
Is she all right? - She will be.
DANNY: Hey, guys.
Come here.
What do you got? What is it? Blow flies.
Usually find them around dead bodies.
- Nicole? - Here we go.
DANNY: Looks like we found the rest of Henry Duncan.
All right, uh, male, gunshot wound to the chest.
- What? OFFICER: No, no, no.
He doesn't need to see.
You've got to find my daughter.
You've got to find her, my daughter.
Oh, God.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
When Spenser does not return with that money, whoever he's working with is gonna know this went bad.
And Nicole's dead.
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
Living room's clear.
Bedroom's clear.
- Nicole.
AGENT: Kitchen's clear.
DANNY: Nicole Duncan? AGENT: All clear.
She's not here.
He must have stashed her someplace else.
Call H.
Tell them Nicole might be being held at a secondary location.
Get that saw over to the crime lab, okay? I wanna make sure that blood doesn't belong to Nicole.
AGENT: Yes, sir.
- Looks like our boy was taking a trip.
He was planning a vacation once he got that ransom money.
Hey, Chin, listen.
Find out if Spenser Owens purchased any overseas airline trips recently.
Hey, tell him to call Hawaiian Airlines, cross reference any itineraries with female passengers or traveling companion.
- Did you get that? - I'm on it.
What do you think? I am thinking that Nicole is definitely involved.
Right? I don't think she's traveling under her own name.
She's a little too smart for that.
Smart enough to stage her own kidnapping? Yeah, I think so.
A little help from Spenser.
Let's think about it.
The guy never committed a crime in his life.
And this beautiful place, this is where you bring a hostage? - That's pretty slim.
- No, I'll tell you what's not slim.
What's not slim is that he's got his bags packed.
She made a call from her house to Hawaiian Airlines, and we have champagne.
- Champagne? - Yeah.
- Champagne with bubbles.
- Poured recently.
- Look at you.
- Yeah.
Why is he drinking champagne if he hasn't gotten the money yet? [PHONE RINGING.]
I wonder what shade Nicole wears.
- Chin, go ahead.
- Yeah, you're right.
Looks like Spenser purchased two first-class tickets to Paris.
Paris, France.
France has no extradition treaty with the U.
He's traveling with a female companion by the name of Erin Barrett, I can't find any information on her.
Oh, you won't.
It's an alias.
How'd you get to be so smart? MAN [ON INTERCOM.]
: This is a final boarding call for flight 1182 bound for Paris.
Spenser, where are you? I've been leaving messages.
Baby, I'm worried.
The plane's about to leave.
McGARRETT: You know, if statistics are anything to go by, flying is actually the safest mode of transportation.
- Excuse me? - Well, you seem nervous, that's all.
I'm waiting for somebody.
- I don't want to miss my plane.
- Oh.
The thing is, uh Nicole, we know everything.
Or should I say Erin? [GROANS.]
Oh, um, I don't think Spenser's gonna make it.
Actually, I'm positive he's not gonna make it.
The slug we pulled out of your husband's body is a match to the gun that Spenser had on him.
And the thing is, it wasn't just Spenser's prints that we found on the gun.
Yours were there too, Nicole.
DANNY: I'm just curious about one thing.
Um, how long were you having an affair with Spenser before you decided to kill your husband? And why'd you fake your own kidnapping? I mean, your husband was already dying of cancer.
I couldn't get 5 million out of my father if he died that way.
That's That's cold.
So, what about Han Chi? Where does he fit in all of this? - Who? - Who? What are you, an owl? Han Chi, the guy you paid to bring the head of your ex-husband to your father.
I don't know, just some day laborer Spenser hired.
He used to cut his lawn.
You just figured you'd use him again.
Spenser wanted somebody who didn't ask any questions.
And this guy needed the work.
Spenser rented him a car.
Plugged the address into the GPS.
All he had to do was drop off the box.
Right, when he didn't, Spenser reported the car stolen.
And then you figured that we'd think that Han was the killer.
If that guy hadn't messed up, we'd be on our way to Paris right now.
And he'd have some money in his pocket.
He'd also be an accomplice to a murder.
But Han Chi is dead now because of you.
And you know what else? A little boy lost a father today because you wanted to take the easy way out.
I really, really hope that you spend the rest of your life rotting in a jail cell thinking about that.
Are you done? Am I done? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm done.
- Hey, Danny? - Yeah.
You need to get this woman away from me.
- Uh You coming? - No.
You go.
I'll catch up.
I'm glad we could prove that Han Chi was innocent.
Thank you For everything you have done for my son.
There's one last thing.
What is it? It's a letter signed by the governor of Hawaii.
It states that she's personally expediting your citizenship papers.
You're gonna be a U.
citizen, you and your family.
I have something for you.
- What is this? - Open it.
Master cylinder '74 Mercury Marquis.
You need help putting in, you call me.
No, thank you.
DANNY: Estrada was a bad bitch, man.
Yeah, that's why there's no way.
Ha, wait a minute.
Why can't I be Estrada? In a world where I didn't exist, you could be whatever you want.
- That world sounds lovely.
- It's logistics anyway, Danny.
I mean, it's Estrada's got dark hair.
Wilcox is the blond.
I know, I know.
But ladies loved Estrada.
- Case in point, bro.
- Please.
Please stop.
You're making a fool of yourself.
- I'm just saying.
- Just stop.
Just listen to what I'm saying, man.
I have more in common with Estrada.
Like what? What do you have in common? Like a nickname? I didn't know you had a nickname.
- I have a nickname and so did Ponch.
- That's ridiculous.
What, just because I call you Danno doesn't make you Ponch.
Can we just both be Estrada? - That's fine.
- Thank you.
KONO: What are you guys watching? - CHiPs marathon.
- I never heard of it.
- I used to watch this show as a kid.
Got me interested in riding bikes.
That guy's pretty hot.
- The dark one, right? - No, the blonde.
- That's me.
- That's me.

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