Hawaii Five-0 s01e15 Episode Script

Kai e'e (Tidal Wave)

One, two, three.
Okay, great.
- All right, don't do that.
- Don't do what? Once you get up, don't look down at your feet.
How am I supposed to know where my feet are if I can't look at them? Do it again.
Come on.
Okay, I feel like a goof.
Okay, I mean, am I gonna actually surf at any point during the surfing lesson, or no? - You gotta master the basics.
- I don't care about the basics.
I'm doing this because Grace wants to learn to surf.
I figured it'd be a nice thing to do with her.
I'm positive that this is not what she had in mind.
- Okay, you think you're ready? - Of course I'm ready.
Come on.
Okay, let's go catch a wave, bro.
Maybe we could just work on the basics this much more, okay? And then And then we'll go.
- What the hell is that? - It's a tsunami warning.
It's a tsunami? Are you kidding me? We have to evacuate the area, now.
Come on.
LIFEGUARD 1: Okay, let's go.
KONO: Danny, come on.
Let's get out of here.
LIFEGUARD 2: Come on, move it, move it, fast.
: Attention, this is a mandatory evacuation.
Move away from the beach.
Attention, this is a mandatory evacuation.
Move away from the beach.
- Governor? - Sir? - Where's the point of origin? - What's the ETA of the first wave? Tsunami warning buoys picked up the wave about a hundred miles northeast of Wake Island.
They think it was triggered by a landslide.
ETA on the first set of waves is like three hours.
Sir, I can be there in ten.
- Yes, governor, I'll be there in five.
- Ha, ha.
- Competitive much? - It's a curse.
Command's called all personnel back to base.
We're gonna take the fleet out to deep waters and ride it out.
Must be nice.
The rest of us who don't have a seat on an aircraft carrier, we'll just have to get our snorkels out.
- Be careful today, okay? - Yeah, you too.
Let's go, move it.
Come on.
DANNY: Excuse me.
Hey, everything is gonna be okay, monkey, I promise you that.
It's good news.
You get a day off of school, that's all.
Well, my friend Tommy said the waves can get as tall as buildings and can go as fast as race cars.
Oh, he did, huh? Tommy also told you that he killed a tiger shark with a boogie board.
Okay, Tommy is what I like to call a pathological liar.
From now on, we are gonna put the closed sign on our ears when Tommy talks, okay? Tommy.
Tommy's a goof, babe.
What's up? Hey, I need you to meet me at the Tsunami Warning Center at Ewa Beach, all right? DANNY [OVER PHONE.]
: What, now? - Yeah, now.
The head of the center, Dr.
Norman Russell, has gone missing.
Hey, you there? Yeah, it's just I got Grace, and Stan and Rachel are out of town.
You got anybody to watch her? No, I don't.
Why, you got anything in mind? Yeah.
MAN: Let's go, line it up.
How is it, brother? I hear you got a high-priority assignment for me.
That's right, yeah.
Are you sure this is a good idea? - He looked after my sister.
- I know, and your sister ran away.
Hey, that's bulai, bro.
She tricked me.
Playing on my emotional vulnerabilities.
- That part's true.
- Shut up.
And besides, I'm great with keikis.
I got this.
Baby, you remember Kamekona from Christmas? Yeah? What do you say? I mean, word on the street is he's a lot of fun.
- You wanna go hang out with him? - But I wanna stay with you.
That's understandable.
But listen, you're gonna go play at his house for a little while because it's really far away from the water, okay? That's what I want you to do.
Hmm? The second we get this thing figured out, which will be very soon, I can assure you that, I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna get you, I promise.
- Is that okay? - Okay.
You like shaved ice, Grace? Killer, I've been working on some new flavors.
I need a taste tester.
You down with helping me out? - Yeah.
- Awesome, I'll take care of her.
DANNY: All right, I love you.
- I love you too, Danno.
- You got seatbelts in that? McGARRETT: Danny.
No worry, no worry.
Trust me, brother.
I got your back.
You guys know that.
DANNY: Oy vey.
All right, tell me something.
Why is that we're not helping thousands of people evacuate? Instead, we're looking for one missing person.
Because, Danny, that one person is responsible for making sure those thousands of people are safe.
All right, fair enough.
Define "missing.
" "Missing" as in hasn't been seen or heard from since last night.
Chin and Kono are checking his house right now.
MAN 1: Two hundred.
Look, Sheldon, there's a big difference between evacuating at a level one and a level three.
- You need to make the call.
- I need more time.
Russell's usually the one who defines the inundation zone.
Well, Dr.
Russell isn't here.
- So today, it's your job.
- Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I'm Lt.
Commander McGarrett from Five-0.
This is Detective Williams.
We're investigating the disappearance of Dr.
Sheldon Tunney, deputy director.
Commander Sam Hale, Coast Guard.
You'll have to excuse me, but we need to move now.
So if you're not gonna make the call, I will.
Better to be safe than sorry.
I'm declaring it a level three.
MAN 2: Level three.
Level three.
Sorry about that.
A lot of confusion around here without Dr.
Okay, look, I see a room full of scientists.
What is so important about Dr.
Russell? Just curious.
Let's talk in my office.
Look, normally, there are a number of us who can interpret the data we're receiving from the warning buoys.
But the stuff we're getting now is riddled with anomalies.
Ano? What kind of anomalies? Wave height, water pressure, barometric shift, they all affect the calculations as to the size and magnitude of the wave, and they're all over the map.
Okay, I'm a visual learner.
Okay, uh, here, look.
This is a simulation based on our most recent data.
In the previous set of data, the wave is about half the size.
But before that, it was off the charts.
Ever since the buoy triggered at 5 a.
, there's been no discernable pattern.
The data keeps changing.
What about the other warning centers? Are you consulting with them? We're the main center for the Pacific Rim.
We checked with our satellite center in Alaska, but they're receiving conflicting data as well.
So, what you're telling me is all you people, you have no idea what's coming at us, right? I can make an educated guess based on the most recent data.
But we're talking about a wave that could be the size of a three-story building and traveling at the speed of a jet plane.
I don't wanna guess.
So Tommy was telling the truth for once.
- Who's Tommy? - He's an 8-year-old boy.
Okay, so, what you're saying is Dr.
Russell can make sense of all this? If anyone could, it's him.
He practically developed this technology.
He knows these waters better than anyone.
When's the last time you spoke to him? Last night at about 5 when we were leaving the office.
And then at 6 a.
, I get a page that the first buoy had indicated a tsunami.
And protocol demands that I consult with Dr.
Russell before initiating any of these emergency procedures, but he never contacted me and I couldn't get a hold of him.
Guys, he lives for this stuff.
He'd be the first person at this office the minute his pager went off.
- Chin, what do you got? CHIN HO: Looks like foul play.
Forced entry.
Signs of a struggle.
Well, the neighbors have been evacuated, but no disturbances have been reported to H.
DANNY: So Hawaii's top tsunami expert comes up missing on the one day that we need him? You know what they say about coincidences.
DANNY: I don't.
- They usually take a lot of planning.
- Okay, what do you think? - This happened fast.
They definitely came in from there.
I think he was sitting there.
Got up, there was a struggle, he came this way.
He hit the wall and he hit the deck.
Blood trail goes that way.
Looks like a lot of blood.
Could be a gunshot wound.
Gunshot wound? What happened? Where's my dad? DANNY: When was the last time you spoke to your father? Last night around 8.
- What were you talking about? COURTNEY: My physics final.
I had a question about free particles and I was totally lost and he helped me.
What? I would just really hate it if the last time I talked to my father was about physics.
Do you remember anything else he said? It doesn't matter how trivial it seemed.
Uh, we talked about going for a hike this weekend.
That's it.
Um, he seemed totally, you know, fine.
But when the sirens went off this morning and I didn't hear from him, I started to get worried.
Who would wanna hurt him? I promise that we're doing everything we can to find your father.
- But right now you have to evacuate.
- I'm staying here.
I got it, go ahead.
Courtney, your father would want you to be safe, I know that.
I'm gonna have an officer take you inland and the second I hear anything, you will be the first to know.
You have my word.
Okay? Okay.
DANNY: All right? - Thank you.
DANNY: This is Mark, he's a very good guy.
He's gonna take care of you.
Okay, so, what do we got? KONO: Skid marks and white paint chips.
It looks like someone pulled out of the driveway fast and clipped Russell's car, could be our kidnappers.
There's only 100,000 white cars on the island.
Good shape.
What else? Empty sandbag.
Could be garbage, but one man's garbage is another man's evidence.
Let's grab it.
CHIN HO: So I've accessed the TWC security log to digitally retrace Russell's last steps.
Looks like he logged in this morning at 5:32 a.
That's about a half an hour before the first buoy indicated a tsunami.
Maybe he had an early indication of the landslide.
Any idea of what he saw? No, he didn't log in from this computer, so I can't see what he was accessing.
Wait a minute.
If he didn't log in from this computer then maybe he'd be taken already.
Can we trace the IP address from where he did log in? No, the security log doesn't record IP addresses.
But what it does record are failed login attempts.
Now, when he logged in, he entered an incorrect password twice before entering the correct one.
Wait, don't you mean somebody else was trying to guess his password? That's what I thought at first too.
But the incorrect password that was entered was the same both times.
Okay, I mean, if somebody was trying to log in, they would've been trying out different passwords.
The other thing is, the incorrect password was made up of four numbers: The real password is "COURTNEYROSE," his daughter's name.
Right, they're nothing alike.
I think he entered the wrong password on purpose.
He was trying to send a message.
Which means at 5:30, when he sent that message, he was still alive.
Okay, so at what point are we gonna follow the sane people and just get to high ground? As soon as we figure out what message Dr.
Russell was sending.
Okay, we can't do that, uh, I don't know, up on a mountain, Ferris wheel, building, something high? [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
Mamo, what's up? Bro, you gotta get these cops off my back.
They want me to board up and get off the beach.
Just do as they say, Mamo, okay? There's a tsunami coming.
It's not safe to be on the beach.
Steve, I was here in '60, '64 and '75.
I seen them all.
I know the water.
There's no tsunami in her today.
Okay, listen, I hear you, but you gotta get out of there just in case.
Okay, bro, but I'm telling you, somebody's blowing smoke up somebody's okole'.
STEVE: Just be safe, Mamo.
That's good.
So Mamo doesn't think that there's a tsunami.
I guess not, but who knows the water better than him? Scientists, Stephen.
Scientists that study this type of thing.
Okay? They told us a tsunami's coming in one hour and 27 minutes.
These watermen, they've been reading the waves for hundreds of years.
I commend them for their commitment, I really do.
If Mamo wants to help, why doesn't he use his insights and tell us where Dr.
Russell is? That would be insightful.
This whole thing, it doesn't add up.
McGARRETT: Why would anyone kidnap Dr.
Russell? It's not like he has classified government secrets or anything.
Who benefits? Anybody selling bottled water or gasoline.
- That was a joke, Stephen.
- Wait, wait.
No, no.
This isn't someone starting a fire to empty a crowded theater.
This is a natural disaster.
You cannot create a tsunami.
That's right, unless you can.
Where are you going? Back to the Tsunami Warning Center.
Did you pick up Auntie Emelie? Okay, good.
All right, be safe, coz.
You didn't get called in, did you? All right, how much more of the hospital do you have to evacuate? Just be safe.
- Was that Malia? - Yeah.
- How's Auntie Emelie? - Fine.
Have you seen Malia since we ran into her at the hospital? You guys aren't getting back together again, are you? Easy, coz, I'm just checking on the hospital's evacuation.
We have to get somewhere on the failed password and the paint chip.
Everyone's already evacuated.
We may have to join.
KONO: Okay.
McGARRETT: How are the projections? Same as before, all over the map.
We're preparing for the worst.
- What's the latest on Dr.
Russell? - We think we got a lead.
We need to know, how does the early warning system work? How do you get your information? Well, it's really not that complicated.
Hop up.
Okay, ahem, look, these markers indicate the location of the tsunami warning buoys.
The buoys record information about the wave and send that data to the GOES-11 satellite.
And the GOES-11 transmits the data to us.
- Got it.
- Okay, could you, uh? Maybe just simplify, What, like, the field-trip version? - I don't know what that means.
- All right.
Buoys in the water get info, send it to the satellite, satellite sends it here.
- That's all, was that so difficult? - No.
Question, is there a relay station that the signal passes through, or any place that could compromise the signal? No, it's a clean feed from GOES-11 to us.
You'll have to excuse me.
McGARRETT: Thank you.
You've been helpful.
How was that helpful? Be quiet for a second, okay? So the adults can think.
Think? Thinking? Is that what that face means? McGARRETT [OVER PHONE.]
: It's me.
- What do you need? Can't I be calling to say hello? Theoretically, it's possible, sure.
But you never have before and it seems like a really odd time to start.
That is a fair point.
I need to know if there's a second signal being transmitted on the same frequency as the GOES-11 satellite.
- What's going on? - I don't know yet.
McGARRETT: What? What are you talking about, a second signal? McGARRETT: This DANNY: I understand.
There's a buoy, it goes to a satellite, the satellite goes here, I understand.
But, Mr.
Wizard, I'm curious, why do we care? Tunney was saying the data kept changing.
What if it's changing because a false signal is overriding the actual signal from space, this space? So the buoys and the satellite thingies, they're not Dr.
Russell, Danny! Dr.
Russell! Why are you yelling at me? - [OVER PHONE.]
Steve? - Hey.
Okay, you were right.
There is a second signal and it's not coming from space.
It's coming from a boat in the Ala Wai Harbor.
Okay, I need to know if anybody's on the boat.
Can you get me thermals? Hey, are you trying to get me court-martialed? I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important.
Although having you on land more often would have its benefits.
Okay, thermals are up.
You got at least one live body onboard.
- Can you text me the coordinates? - I can do you one better.
It's the Avery Claire, Slip 21.
You're the best.
Thank you.
Steve, please tell me that you're not even thinking of going out there? Okay, this is right in the path of the wave.
It's okay, I got an hour.
There's plenty of time.
I'll call you later.
Your theory: Dr.
Russell was kidnapped to create a fake signal.
Huh? - What, no gold star? - Let's go get the boat, okay? DANNY: Wait, what if you're wrong? This is good, this is genius.
We're driving towards the water.
This is your plan? If I'm gonna die on this island I never should've come to in the first place, your face is not the last face I wanna see.
You understand that? Respectfully, of course.
McGARRETT: McGarrett, Five-0.
- Okay.
I know you like it here.
I like here? I like Incorrect.
You are incorrect, my friend.
Then why the board? Huh? I mean, did hell freeze over? Did I actually miss out on seeing you trying to get up on that thing? No comment, all right? Let's stick to a more pressing theory as to why you think Dr.
Russell is in this boat.
Because this is where the second signal is coming from.
- The second signal? - Yeah.
Okay, well, I hope you're right.
Because if you are not, we are gonna be sleeping with the fishes, literally, in 45 minutes.
Chin, go ahead.
CHIN HO: We've got a problem.
- What is that? The wave picked up speed.
It's coming faster.
McGARRETT: How much faster? - It's coming in right now.
All right, come on, Steve, what are we doing? Let's go, come on.
It's not coming.
It's not coming.
The water's not receding.
If the wave was coming, the water would be receding.
Nobody else, nobody else finds that significant enough to call this thing off.
There's nobody else here.
There's no one around.
And nobody else knows about the second signal.
Just a wild guess, that's not Dr.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Okay, my work's done.
Can we go now, please? Come on.
- Where's Dr.
Russell? - Look, could we do this on land? Potentially maybe in one of these tall buildings, 10th floor? - Please - The tsunami's not real, is it? Maybe it's late.
What if it's late? The warning center's been picking up her signal, not the actual feed from the satellite.
She's been transmitting false data since this thing started.
Okay, naughty, naughty, naughty hacker.
If that is true, understand you are in a lot of trouble.
So who are you and who are you working for? Hey, we're still dry.
Yeah, sorry, it was a false alarm.
Right after you hung up, the buoy's warning sensors updated and pushed the wave's arrival time back to 11 a.
That's still not a lot of time for you to get out of there.
It's okay, I don't believe the tsunami's real.
Russell wasn't on the boat, but we found the source of the fake signal.
- It's a hoax.
- A hoax? That's a hell of a practical joke.
How can you be sure? [OVER SPEAKERPHONE.]
We can't, which is why we stick to the plan.
You remember what I told you about coincidences? - They take a lot of planning.
- The false alarm hit at 10:15.
Ten-fifteen? As in 1015? That's Dr.
Russell's failed password.
He knew.
He was trying to tip us off by manipulating the data.
That's what I think too.
But what I don't get is why take Russell then have him fake a tsunami? To create a distraction.
Any potential witnesses have cleared out.
Police are busy with the evacuation.
The perfect time to pull off something big.
You guys see if you can figure out what they're after.
We're gonna work on trying to find Dr.
Got it.
DANNY: This is what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna ask you one more time and then I'm gonna potentially get angry.
So please tell me, where is Dr.
Russell? Look, you're just transmitting information.
Russell is sending it to you from someplace else, isn't he, against his will? Somebody's forcing him to do this.
This is the part where you answer his question.
You see, you put us both in a bad position.
Now he's gonna go do something stupid.
Hey, any luck with the paint you found outside Russell's place? Yeah, turns out it's unique.
Only issued to government vehicles.
Government? I'm thinking our abductors stole one so they could hide in plain sight.
Town's crawling with them.
I just haven't heard back from H.
I think they're a little bit busy right now.
What are all these? All government-issued vehicles are equipped with GPS.
So these are the live locations of the all the evac trucks sent out by Department of Emergency Management, the Coast Guard, the National Guard.
Any one of them could've been at Russell's.
Yeah, hard to get eyes on them all.
How many of these are in or around the evac zone? - Twenty-four.
- Ugh.
All of them with the same white paint we're looking for.
McGarrett thinks all of this is a distraction from some bigger crime.
What we should do is narrow down a list of high-value targets within the evacuation zone.
Consulates, locations of visiting dignitaries, ambassadors.
- Bigger distraction, bigger target.
- Yeah.
All right, let me get some answers here.
Cute kid.
Look at you.
All cleaned up, nice, combed, fancy, little side part going on.
Obviously a long time ago.
That's your little girl.
You don't see her that often, do you? I think kids are the best.
The best thing ever.
You know, the thing is about them, at that age, they have the worst memories.
You know, my daughter, when she was 3 years old, she hadn't see her uncle in five, six months, and then we comes around, goes to pick her up, and she goes bananas.
I mean, she loses her mind, like she's never seen the guy in her life.
Starts screaming bloody murder, I take her back.
Anyway, they grow up fast is what I'm saying.
You know what else? When you get locked up for kidnapping Dr.
Russell, I mean, it could be five, it could be ten years before you see her again.
No, you can't do that.
Okay, it speaks.
Look, I don't know any Dr.
Russell, okay? Okay, so tell us what you do know.
Every eight minutes I get an e-mail with new data from somewhere.
They're giving me 25K to transmit it over the tsunami warning frequency.
Who is? Who's paying you? I don't know, it's all anonymous.
They found me online.
They sent me the money in cash, and a pager.
The pager went off this morning so I started broadcasting.
How long is this supposed to go on for? - I don't know, until noon? - And then what? It's over, I guess.
I need to know who's sending these e-mails.
- How am I supposed to know that? - You're a hacker, hack.
Come on.
- How's it? - Yo, Fridge, what's good? How's my baby girl? Oh, she's easy kind, bro.
Right now, my family teaching her about King Kamehameha and the unification of the Hawaiian Islands.
: Aah! - Okay, hold on, what is that sound? Please do me a favor.
Don't do the part where the king throws his enemies off the cliff.
Oh, that's the best part.
- Can I just speak to her, please? - Keiki, Danno for you.
- Hello.
- Baby, how you doing? Can I go home now? No, you gotta hang in there a little bit longer for me.
- I'm gonna be there as soon as I can.
- Okay.
- I love you, monkey.
- Love you too.
Is there anything else you wanna do, Grace? Um, me and Daddy like to play cards.
Shoot, you're looking at the king of "Go Fish.
" Mm, how about five-card draw? Oh.
McGARRETT: Hey, everything okay? Is it okay? Yeah, it's perfect.
My daughter's spending the day with an ex-criminal informant.
Everything is just peachy.
I blame you.
- Excuse me, I blame you.
- How are we doing on the location? I have a floating IP buried under layers of firewalls and encryption.
Rome didn't burn in a day.
I don't I'm pretty sure that's not [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
- All right, is that him? TANYA: It's an e-mail from your friend.
It's been eight minutes.
I have to refresh the data.
No, just trace the e-mail and find out where it's coming from.
Wait, we need her to keep transmitting until noon like she agreed.
Otherwise, the kidnappers are gonna know their cover's blown and Russell is as good as dead.
Okay, so we'll just keep thousands of people in the dark and maintain panic in the streets, I like it.
The governor is not gonna cancel the alert until we know from Dr.
Russell that there is no threat.
There's our man.
Chin, what do you got? CHIN HO: The address checks out.
It's an old storage warehouse down on the docks.
Okay, we're on our way.
You got any hits on the paint we collected at the crime scene? KONO: I ran a list of high-value targets within the evac zone and I crossed them against the GPS locations of the government vehicles within the area.
Six targets have government vehicles within a couple blocks.
Okay, they only wanted Tanya to keep up the signal until noon.
Whatever's going down is going down right now.
We don't have time to cover targets and find Russell.
Fine, guys, grab the op gear and meet us at the docks.
All right, this is the place.
They came in here.
- The gate's bolted from the inside.
- How do you wanna get in? McGARRETT: Right over there.
There's no sight lines.
SPIKE: Just a few more hours and you'll get to see your daughter.
I've got eyes on Dr.
SPIKE: Time for your next transmission.
Get to work.
SPIKE: Stay put.
Five-0, drop your weapon.
You couldn't have walked him down the steps? What's in his hand, Danny? He drew his gun on me, okay? [CAMERA CLICKS.]
You know, this guy looks familiar.
If he's in the system, we'll get his name.
- I got it.
- Okay.
They said I needed to keep sending in new data until noon.
If I didn't give them new numbers every eight minutes, they were gonna kill my daughter.
She's okay.
We had an officer take her someplace safe.
- Thank you.
- All right, you said "they.
" I heard them on the phone.
They needed a sector of the city evacuated.
Which sector? Did you hear? RUSSELL: No, but they needed me to fabricate data that would force an evacuation deep inland.
- Any idea what they were after? RUSSELL: No.
- Hey, I got a hit on the print.
- All right, hey.
DANNY: His name is Harrison Dunphy, dishonorably discharged from the Coast Guard eight years ago doing conduct unbecoming.
CHIN HO: Coast Guard.
DANNY: Yeah.
Kono, bring up every Coast Guard vehicle with white paint and get a live location.
We need to see if these guys are in front of any potential targets.
All right, you got it.
CHIN HO: This guy Dunphy, he ever serve with the 14th District? Yeah, how'd you know that? Eight years ago, H.
worked a joint NARCO case with the guard.
We raided a shipment coming in off a freighter.
Impounded 700 kilos of cocaine along with millions of dollars in cash.
Twenty-eight million? Twenty-eight million that ended up in the H.
asset forfeiture locker.
Which is right in the center of the evacuation zone.
I'm already on it.
Pulling up the forfeiture locker.
- There's a white truck parked in front.
- That's it.
They're going for what they think is $28 million.
What they think is 28 million Not until you borrowed We didn't have a choice.
McGARRETT: Look, if we didn't meet Hesse's demand of $ 10 million he would have killed you.
It doesn't matter.
They're hitting the locker now.
- She's right.
- Hold on for one second.
Let's just think.
Think about what this means.
I know what this means, Danny.
We go bust these guys, H.
does an inventory on that money, they are gonna see that $10 million is missing.
Well, it doesn't necessarily trace back to us.
We asked the governor to borrow $10 million and she turned us down.
As soon as the H.
tell her exactly how much is missing, she's gonna put it all together.
- Well, what's the alternative? - We can let them go.
We get a clean slate.
All right, and I never look at my daughter in the face again.
- Let's go.
- I'll drive.
We're doing the right thing.
I know.
We knew the risks when we took the money.
I know.
We should call H.
, get backup.
That's an excellent idea.
Just invite more cops to arrest us.
You know what? I know what you're thinking.
- That this is all my fault.
That's fine.
- I was there too.
My eyes were wide open and I would do it again.
It was worth it for Chin.
But you have to admit we have been crossing the line a little too easily lately.
And now it looks like we are going to pay for it.
: H.
Yeah, this is Five-0.
We need assistance at the main station.
Five-0, be advised, closest responding unit is ten away.
What are you talking about? You should be there.
All units are tied up by evac line at Lunalino Street.
Who ordered them that far back? Orders came down from the Warning Center from Commander Hale.
Hale, from the Coast Guard? Affirmative.
- Thank you, dispatch.
- It was him.
He knew the warning system, the evacuation protocol.
And he had access to Russell.
What do you think the odds are he was with the 14th when that bust went down? Okay, he was playing us this morning.
Captain America off to protect the coastlines.
- I don't like being played.
- Call the Coast Guard.
Tell them they're gonna take down one of their own today.
That's him right there.
- Hey, hands, hands, hands.
- What the hell are you doing? You're supposed to be out of the evac zone.
DANNY: Shut up.
Got a scratch, right on the money.
All right, hands on the truck, right now.
Hands on the truck, right now.
Your buddy Dunphy tell you about his hit and run? What's going on here? We have to clear this area now.
- That's what I've been telling them.
McGARRETT: This game's over, Hale.
We know there's no tsunami and we know what you're after.
Guy walks out the front door of H.
With millions in confiscated drug money.
That's ridiculous.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You won't mind us taking a look in your truck? You're making a big mistake, Commander McGarrett.
Are we done here now? If it's okay with you, I'd like to get back to my job evacuating the city.
After which I look forward to having a nice long chat with the governor about this incident.
Recognize this? We found one just like it outside of Dr.
Russell's house.
LUKELA: It's a sandbag.
- There's thousands everywhere.
McGARRETT: Yes, there are.
That's smart.
Wait till the disaster's been averted, everybody's relieved, the clean-up's underway, and then you come back and you collect.
Coast Guard tracked that drug deal for six months.
It was supposed to be our takedown, but then H.
swooped in, took the credit.
Now I'm being pushed out before my 20, no pension, no benefits.
My country owes me.
Hey, let's clear one thing up right now.
You swore to support and defend this country no matter what the cost.
She doesn't owe you anything, okay? This, uh, could be your last chance to say it, go on.
Book him, Danno.
- Hey, boys.
- How much money is this? It's 28 million.
DANNY: Here you go, boys.
Lost again.
DANNY: Hey, babe.
GRACE: Daddy.
DANNY: What are you doing? Taking everybody's dough? Yeah? Good girl.
Thank you, brother.
What are you looking at? We're all in this together.
Lieutenant commander, she's ready for you.
The governor only wants McGarrett.
McGARRETT: Thank you.
Listen, whatever happens, none of us would have done anything different, all right? Yeah.
She wanted to thank us.
Actually, she wanted to, uh, congratulate us on another job well done.
I'm sorry, what? All right, what about the money? Twenty-eight million.
It's all present and accounted for.
- Hmm? - What? Whoa.
I don't understand.
The money's all there.

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