Hawaii Five-0 s01e16 Episode Script

E Malama (To Protect)

Julie, the H.
escort's here.
Stay here.
Wait until I come for you.
I really wanna thank you, Frank.
I know how long you've been away from your family looking after me.
It's the job.
But I appreciate that.
It's the running.
I can't do it anymore.
After you testify today the running stops.
You're gonna get a fresh start, Julie.
I'll be right back.
- Frank Moore, U.
- It's good to meet you.
I'm Officer Tim Callahan.
This is my partner, Officer Joe Lee.
We're here to escort you and the witness to the courthouse.
FRANK: She rides with me in the unmarked.
You guys are out front.
- You got a radio for me? - Yeah, of course.
TIM: Man, when you guys say remote location, you're not kidding.
I'll go get her.
JONES: Hey, she's in here.
- Chin Ho Kelly? - Yo.
That is without a doubt the greatest thing I've ever tasted in my life.
It should be illegal, it's so good.
What the hell is it? Coco puffs.
Liliha Bakery sells like 7,000 of these a day.
It's genius.
It's amazing.
What is it? Butter, cream, chocolate, little more butter? I always thought that I wanted my last meal to be my mother's lasagna, but that is out.
It's out.
No more, I want this.
No dessert, no appetizer, just a big box of these.
CHIN HO: Ha, ha.
Wasn't that the mother of your child? You know what the greatest invention of all time is? - What? DANNY: It's the ignore button.
You know, I have a theory.
Whoever invented the modern cellular phone also had an ex-wife.
I thought you guys were doing better though? Yeah, but she's still married to another guy.
You know what I mean? It's a lot easier being angry at one person.
Rachel and I, we have our own language, it's an understanding.
She ducks my call, I leave a message with a question, she calls me back, I duck that call, she leaves an answer.
We don't have to argue in front of Grace.
- It all works out.
- Yeah.
Kono? Let's go, guys.
We got something.
KONO: What's up? H.
assigned two officers to escort a federal marshal and a high-value witness named Julie Masters.
The federal marshal's been watching her at a safe house in Kahuku, and she's the key witness in a murder trial against this guy.
Aaron Brenner.
He's a major distributor for the Baja drug cartel.
The prosecution cannot make a case without Julie, and without a witness, the judge is gonna be forced to release Brenner on bail at 5 p.
So the cartel's gonna do everything they can to keep this girl out of court.
We've been trying to lock this monster up for ten years.
And Julie's testimony can do it.
All right.
Where do we come in? H.
's lost contact with the two SWAT guys they sent in to pick her up.
I mean, there's no coms on the radio.
There's no cell service that deep in Kahuku.
- What about the marshal? - There's no coms on his satphone.
Okay, so, what are we, her escort or a rescue mission? Right now, we're both, okay? We need to find her, we need to secure her, then we need to transport her to the courthouse.
All right.
: This is Detective Danny Williams.
Leave a message.
Detective Williams, this is your ex-wife.
I need you to pick up Grace at 8 instead of 9 on Saturday because Stan and I are going to an event.
Oh, my God.
Stay there, sweetheart.
MAN: Get out of the car.
- I'm not leaving my daughter.
MAN: Get out of the car now.
- Grace, get over the seat.
Grace, climb over the seat now.
MAN: Get back.
Get back.
Are you okay? RACHEL [ON RECORDING.]
: Detective Williams, this is your ex-wife.
I need you to pick up Grace at 8 instead of 9 on Saturday because Stan and I are going to an event.
Oh, my God.
RACHEL: Stay there, sweetheart.
McGARRETT: Danny, what's up? MAN: Get out.
RACHEL: I'm not leaving my daughter.
MAN: Get out of the car.
: Danny? - Where's Grace? Um, she's okay.
We were carjacked.
They had guns.
We're at the police station.
Don't move, don't move.
I'll be there in five minutes.
Hey, what? What? Grace and Rachel got carjacked.
- Are they okay? - I don't know.
Now, listen, if you need anything, you call, all right? - Anything.
- I gotta go.
Go, go, go.
All right, uh, let's go.
Secure the perimeter, we're going in.
Chin, cover me.
- I got a body.
- I got you.
- Who is it? - The marshal, he's gone.
Kono, go.
All right, we're looking for two guys, both big, size 11.
There's no forced entry, which means the marshal left the door open.
He didn't think they were a threat.
It's because they were wearing H.
Check the car.
Boot prints from the two assailants and Julie Masters' heels.
KONO: What do you got? - Looks like our witness was a fighter.
- I think she hurt one of them.
- Good for her.
Nine mil.
, three casings.
And this is her print.
So she burns a shooter and dives through the window.
I really hope she's alive, because I wanna meet her.
Looks like she cut herself pretty good.
Chin? Hey, Steve, I'm back by the blue and whites.
You need to see this.
McGARRETT: What do you got? You kill a federal marshal and two officers, only question is, how are you gonna get put down? So she's out there somewhere, alone.
And being hunted by professional assassins.
So we have to find her before they do and make sure she testifies today.
Where do we start? All right, water, MREs, GPS, satphones, okay? Everything we need to track them in this terrain.
's en route with search dogs.
Hey, just got word that air support's lifting off from Honolulu in ten minutes.
They can't find a place to land a chopper around here.
Nearest LZ is three miles away.
McGARRETT: That's fine.
In this dense foliage and canopy, our best shot at finding her is tracking anyway.
- Make sure these are good to go.
- Copy that.
- Kono, contact the U.
- Yeah.
Find out everything you can about this defendant Aaron Brenner and check with the DEA.
I wanna know who the Baja cartel contracts its hits to.
We need to know what we're up against.
All right, you got it.
Guys, come on in.
We need you guys to lock down the crime scene in case the witness or the killers double back.
If the witness comes back, you get her straight to the courthouse.
If the shooters come back, you put them down.
And you make sure they stay down.
KONO: Can I get a ride with you back into town? Grace.
GRACE: Daddy.
Come here.
RACHEL: By the time I saw him, he'd opened the door.
They had guns.
I heard everything.
Are you okay? Mrs.
Edwards, we have recovered your Mercedes.
Purse is intact, money and credit cards all there.
Nothing seems to be stolen.
That's a relief.
Thank you.
Mercedes? You were driving Stan's car? Yeah, he's in Thailand on business.
Sometimes we switch cars.
Let me talk to you for a second.
Hey, I'm gonna be right there talking to your mom, okay? You can see us.
I want you to get all this guy's information, see what he's doing, okay? POLICEMAN: Okay, here we go.
What if they had taken Grace? They didn't.
You did a good job, you protected her, okay? What's going on? [SIGHS.]
Um Armed carjacking is a ten-year sentence, okay, Rachel? Anybody willing to do that, wiling to take that risk, they're not gonna just dump the car an hour later.
Okay? You jack a car for money.
Your $100,000 Mercedes, it gets put on a boat to China and somebody gets a fast 20,000.
They don't return the car.
They don't leave your purse.
They don't leave your cash.
So why? I mean, there's no profit motive.
Why would someone do this? Mm, I don't know.
What are you saying? Anything at all strange going on with Stan at home? - Anything? - No.
- You sure? RACHEL: Yes.
Okay, because I think that there's a very high possibility that someone is sending a message.
A threat telling Stan that they can get to you and they can get to Grace.
Stan is my husband, he's Grace's stepfather and he is a businessman.
He's not involved in anything illegal.
I would like to take Grace home.
Okay, I'll drive you.
KONO: Prosecuting Attorney Roberts? ROBERTS: Officer Kalakaua.
Got your message.
Can I help you? I need a list of people who knew about the witness transfer today.
It's a short list.
My people and a few high-level DEA agents.
I'll have my office send it to you right away.
I'm also gonna need full access to your computer system.
Of course.
I'll get you anything you need.
You've got three dead.
How do you know Julie's still alive? We don't.
But she got out of the house against all odds.
And if she's out there, we'll find her.
This is what happened to the last three people who were scheduled to testify against the cartel.
How does someone like Julie Masters get involved with the Baja cartel? She was an accountant at an import company in Honolulu.
She didn't know it was a front for Aaron Brenner's drug operation.
One night, a dock worker is loading crates into a container ship.
Discovers what they're really shipping.
- Cocaine.
ROBERTS: Exactly.
Aaron Brenner executed the man in cold blood and Julie witnessed the murder.
He tried to kill her.
She ran.
She's been running ever since.
If Julie's not in that courtroom by 5 p.
today, Brenner's a free man.
CHIN HO: How do you know they went this way? Tracking humans in terrain like this is about one thing.
Seeing what's out of context in nature and knowing what caused it.
Like that flat overturned rock back up there.
It would have taken a 200-pound man running downhill to do that.
That rock also indicates they're about an hour ahead of us.
Really? The rock told you that? Hey, see that leaf on the ground? - Yeah.
- It's still green.
It was just broken off.
Cover me.
McGARRETT: Walk towards me.
I will not fire a warning shot.
Julie? Julie, put down the weapon, okay? Put down the weapon and walk towards me.
We're cops.
So were the last two.
This might sting.
There's no way Aaron Brenner's going to get away with this.
You get me to that courtroom and I'll testify.
Chin will get you there.
Listen, don't use your gun unless you have to, okay? You don't wanna draw attention to yourself.
Julie, let me have your shoes.
Take them off.
Give me your shoes.
Follow the ridge line, okay? Head to Makai.
It'll lead you back to the road and it'll give me a better vantage point when they pick up your trail.
- Copy.
- Why aren't you coming with us? I'm gonna hunt down the guys that have been trying to hurt you.
Some guys, they're just born without a fear gene.
Aaron Brenner? Oh, you must be my conjugal visit.
You ordered the murders of two H.
officers and a federal marshal.
- And you can prove that? - Julie Masters can.
And she'll be here soon.
My partners will make sure of it.
Get away from my client.
I can't wait to see the look in your eyes when she walks into that courtroom.
If she testifies.
Sheriffs, take Mr.
Brenner out of here and put him in the holding area now.
I'm lodging a complaint against you for harassment with the judge.
You know, some people have trouble with my name, so let me help you out.
It's Kono Kalakaua.
I don't suppose you left that door open? No.
: 911, what is your emergency? This is Detective Danny Williams.
My badge number is 7576.
I need two squad cars at 4347 Summer Street, Kuliouou.
Got a possible burglary in progress.
Roger that.
They're on their way.
Thank you.
Okay, listen to me, want you to drive around the block.
- I'll call you when it's safe, okay? - Okay.
You, you're gonna go for a little ride with your mom, okay? Be out in five minutes.
Back faster than you can say "I love you, Danno.
DANNY: Just like the car, it seems like nothing of value was taken.
And Stan's office looks like a tornado hit it.
Why don't you go inside and pack a bag for you and Grace? What? Where would? I want you to go to a hotel for a couple of days until I figure out what is going on here.
Stan will be home in an hour and we'll figure out what we're going to do.
Okay, Stan does not get to make decisions regarding the safety of my daughter.
So she can go to the Hilton with you or she can come on what is affectionately known as a ride-along with her father.
Okay? I'll pack.
But I don't want her to see the house.
It will only make her more scared than she already is.
Whatever is going on here, I am telling you that Stan is in the middle of it, okay? [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
Are Grace and Rachel okay? Yeah, they are safe, but I am sick.
I'm in the middle of a panic attack, okay? This little incident just shaved five years off of my life.
What's up with the witness? You find her? Yeah, but don't worry about that.
You stay with your family.
Don't come here.
Okay, I'm not.
I'm actually on my way to the airport.
What are you talking about, airport? Why, are you going someplace? Well, Stan Stan comes home and I'm gonna offer him a lift home.
- Danny, what are you doing? - I'm not doing anything.
Listen, okay? I may not be able to see you, okay? But I can hear you.
And you have a tone.
I don't have a tone.
I don't have a tone.
Okay, you say I have a face.
You, my friend, you have a tone, okay? And it's a tone that says I'm gonna hit somebody.
- Now, what's going on? - Okay, I think that Stan In fact, I know that Stan has something to do with what happened with Rachel and Grace.
Is that based in anything other than the fact that you hate the man? Yes, it is, okay? They stole his car.
They got his car, not hers, okay? And they returned it in an hour and they didn't take anything.
All right? The house was broken into, ransacked, and just like the car, they took nothing, okay? Does that sound normal to you? All right, my daughter sleeps in that house, okay? And if Stan has anything to do with that, I'm going to encourage him to tell me what he knows.
Okay, listen to me, all right? I get that you're pissed, all right? I can hear that.
But whatever you do, do not touch him, okay? - Do not touch him.
- Yeah, I understand.
But you gotta understand that I'm a father, all right? And this is my daughter we're talking about.
Yeah, you're also a cop with a gun, okay? And when those worlds cross, it gets messy, Danny.
Yeah, well, I'm not the one who crossed them.
Just don't worry about me, please.
I will handle it.
- Just get your witness to court, okay? - No.
No, hey, hey, hey, Danny? Danny? JULIE: You must think I'm an awful person for running back to the mainland when the first trial started.
I don't know anything about you.
I have no idea why you left, but I'm sure you have your reasons.
It's my sister.
She's five years younger than me.
She's my best friend.
CHIN HO: All right, so you wanted to see your sister.
You knew if you testified, they'd put you in witness protection, I get it.
When they first diagnosed Lisa on the spectrum, I was too young to know what it all meant.
She has autism.
JULIE: My mom's been taking care of her, but it's getting too hard for her.
I came here to finish school, and then I was supposed to take care of her.
Well, why would you come back? I didn't think Lisa understood any of this.
And then one night, it was late, it was after 11, she usually goes to bed at 9.
She just looked at me and she said that I had to go back to Hawaii and make sure that the bad man didn't hurt anyone else.
You're a brave woman.
Three more people are dead and I may never see my sister.
I have to get back to that courthouse.
All right, let's go.
Okay, we're more than halfway now.
You're doing great.
CHIN HO: Get down.
Hold on, hold on.
I'm gonna pull you up on three, okay? One, two, three.
Keep going straight ahead.
I'll be right behind you.
It's okay, it's okay, it's me.
Now, I've pointed him in another direction, but he's gonna figure it out soon enough.
We just gotta keep moving, okay? Straight ahead.
Let's go.
You're up.
Wanted to ask you a couple questions.
How many of you were sent to Hawaii? Seriously, you're gonna make me ask you twice right now? Three of us were sent here.
Where'd you fly in from? San Jose, Costa Rica.
See how easy that was? Please, I told you what you wanna know.
I'm not gonna torture you, okay? I'm gonna save your life.
You have a collapsed lung.
I need to cut a hole in your chest and re-inflate your lung or you're gonna die.
All right? You may wanna chew on that.
Don't make any noise.
- Kono.
- Did you hear from Chin Ho? No.
Why, you don't have eyes on him? No, we split up and he has the witness.
Don't worry, he'll be fine.
What do you got? [OVER PHONE.]
I still have no ID on the hit squad.
Any luck on your end? Yeah, I disabled one of the attackers.
He confessed to being part of the team that flew from Costa Rica yesterday.
Okay, I'm checking flight manifests from Costa Rica.
He said there were three assassins, okay? We're looking for four people, three shooters and a cleaner.
Cleaner? What's a cleaner? It's another assassin.
My SEAL team used to hunt squads like this.
The shooters don't know the cleaner, so if they get captured, there's still another shooter in place to pull the trigger.
All right, there was one flight in from Costa Rica to Honolulu yesterday.
And three of the passengers paid in cash.
Okay, can you pull them up on the security cam? KONO: I got them.
You know what? I'm not seeing the 4th guy who could be the cleaner.
Run facial recognition and go through the records.
Look for any clues that might lead to the cleaner.
In the meantime, have EMS send a medevac, tell them to insert and then proceed on foot.
Two coordinates, - Will do.
- All right.
STAN: Hey there.
Hilton Hawaiian Village, Room 713.
Thank God you and Grace are okay, baby.
All right, listen, I'm on the way.
I'll be there soon.
- Danny? Yeah, I gotta talk to you.
I'm not asking you.
Come on.
Come on.
DANNY: You know, Stan, when I had a daughter, I knew that there were certain things I was gonna have to deal with.
Texting, an obscene clothing budget.
A stroke-inducing cell phone bill regardless of the plan that I chose.
But I'll tell you, there is one thing that did not make the list, okay? Carjacking.
Carjacking did not make the list of things that I thought that I would encounter with my 8-year-old daughter.
So I'm gonna ask you one time.
What kind of trouble are you in? Doesn't have anything to do with me.
I'm as shocked as you are.
Shut up.
Shut up, okay? I want you to know something.
Normally, I'd just pull over and give you the worst beating you ever had until you told me the truth.
But I am working, I am working on my anger-management issues, and I am learning conflict resolution.
You understand? And I recognize something.
I recognize, although you are trying to hide it, you are very scared right now, as you should be, but I am gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and I'm gonna remind you that because of you, people put guns near my daughter.
I went to the housing commissioner, Bruce Hoffman, for permits for my new property.
The guy hands me a menu like we're at Cipriani's in New York.
Everything's got a price.
Every time I agreed to a number, he jacked it up to a higher one.
So I taped the conversation and told him I'd have him indicted.
So that's what they're looking for, the tapes? - Danny, I swear to God, I never - Why didn't you just come to me? - Are you kidding? - No, I'm not.
Look, things haven't been great with Rachel and me lately.
But I love her, Danny.
And I love Grace.
This deal could make a lot of things right for us.
Okay, listen, Grace and Rachel are gonna be staying at the Hilton - You really think? - Hey.
They jacked your car.
They broke into your house.
That is my daughter, so, yes, Stan, I think.
- Here you go.
Keep the rest.
SERVER: Thanks a lot.
DANNY: You're the housing commissioner? Bruce Hoffman.
MAN: Hey.
I'm gonna need this room.
Come on.
Hey, come on, come on, come on.
Go ahead.
Come on, out, out.
I'm Detective Danny Williams.
I'm also the father of that little girl that was in the Mercedes that you had carjacked this morning, sending a message to Stan Edwards.
I have the tapes now.
He doesn't have them anymore.
I'm gonna ask you a question.
What do you think would happen if those tapes got out, huh? Look, look, I I don't know anything about what you're talking about, detective.
You can get my badge number off your forehead.
I have those tapes and I will expose you.
And if you ever, ever put a gun in the same zip code as my daughter, I swear to God, I will kill you.
You understand? - Yeah? Good.
- Yes.
Stay close.
Damn it.
Hold on.
Can't you just call for a helicopter? I would, but my phone went down the cliff with my gun.
We've only got an hour left.
This bike will get us there.
Is he one of them? No.
Stay down.
Chin, it's him.
It's the other guy.
He's coming around.
Don't move.
Don't move.
CHIN HO: Get down.
Get to the bike.
CHIN HO: Get in.
This is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.
The witness, Julie Masters, is secure and we're bringing her in.
All right, I want an armed perimeter guarding the courthouse.
There's still a potential assassin who has not been apprehended and we're coming in by truck.
You'll know which truck, trust me.
Uh, I have an extra pair of shoes and a sweater in my car.
We gotta go.
Thank you.
For everything.
No more running.
I see that you finally produced your witness.
She's ready to testify.
My client would like to talk about a deal.
He pleads guilty and gives up the names of his suppliers and his co-conspirators in the murders of the two cops and the federal marshal, in exchange for life in prison with no death penalty.
He dies in prison instead of being executed.
And in exchange, we get to put ten more Aaron Brenners away for life, Julie.
Where's your co-counsel? He has to sign off on this.
He's waiting in the conference room.
: Hey.
- The cleaner is Brenner's co-counsel.
She's a blond woman, 5'7", and she's in the courthouse right now.
- Where is he? - He'll be right in.
You know, there might be a few other things I could teach you.
But I think you got the whole ass-kicking thing down.
- Is everything all right? - Yeah, it is now.
Thanks to Danny.
Yeah, it was just, uh A misunderstanding.
Stan just got caught in the middle of it.
It wasn't his fault.
It's over now.
- Thanks again, Danny.
- Yeah.
- See you later, okay? - Okay.
- Love you, Danno.
DANNY: I love you too.
STAN: Come on, kiddo.
Thanks again.
Your Honor, prosecution calls Julie Masters.
BAILIFF: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? I do.

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