Hawaii Five-0 s01e19 Episode Script

Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio (Heroes and Villains)

Mom? Mom? Mom? I can do a cannonball.
You wanna see? - Of course I do.
- Okay, watch.
Good job, sweetie.
MAN: Honey, don't splash.
Dill? Dillan? Dillan? Dillan? LIFEGUARD: What's wrong? - My son.
I can't find him.
He went underwater.
I found a quarter at the bottom of the pool.
Don't ever disappear like that again.
Do you understand me? - I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- No problem.
Didn't you hear me calling you? You scared me half to death.
Come on.
Let's go.
Dillan, try to be more care [ALL GASPING.]
McGARRETT: Do you stop for malasadas this morning? No.
What is it, evidence from a case or something? No.
You know, just stop.
What's in the bag? What's in the bag? - It's my lunch, genius.
- Your lunch? Okay, what'd you bring? You've gotta know every last minute detail of my life? What's it to you what my lunch is? Because you don't want to tell me.
What, you think I'm gonna steal it? You fly in some deep-fried sandwich from New Jersey I'm not allowed to know about? It's a salad.
Okay? Salad.
That's it.
Nothing else in here.
Just a salad.
Grace has been taking a nutrition class and she's concerned about my cholesterol so I promised her that I would eat better.
Okay? Happy? That's actually incredibly sweet.
I appreciate that.
The whole modern eating thing is just ridiculous to me.
When I was a kid we ate whatever we wanted.
- You know what I mean? - No more, buddy.
Hold up.
Who's that? I don't know.
- Can I help you? - Jenna Kaye, Central Intelligence Agency.
Special Agent Kaye, what can I do for you? I believe I have something that belongs to you.
MAN: I can't continue this investigation into the police department from the inside.
I don't trust the people I work with.
That's my father's voice recorder.
How'd you get that? How'd you lose it? - It was stolen by a local yakuza boss.
- Hiro Noshimuri.
You can stop asking questions you know the answers to.
I have one more.
Would you kindly gather all of the case files related to your investigation and your father's private files? - Why? - The agency has taken an interest in your investigation of Noshimuri and the yakuza.
- That's all I can say.
- That's all you can say.
Well, I'm gonna say something, then.
The yakuza was targeting my father and is responsible for my mother's murder.
I'm sorry, but this matter has been classified above your pay grade.
Why don't you unclassify it, and I won't even ask for a raise? Would you like me to have the director call the governor to compel you to hand over your files? Are you threatening me? I wanna know if you're gonna make this hard on yourself or are we gonna get along? Hey, uh, we got something.
Sorry to interrupt.
- I'll be right there.
- Okay.
You'll have my files by the end of the day.
Okay? - Now give me my father's recorder.
- You'll get it when I get the files.
Why did you not just give her your files right then and there? What is your play? Please? Must you know every detail in my life? Hey, this is the CIA you are dealing with here.
Okay? They wrote the book on advanced interrogation techniques, which I am absolutely positive, you have sitting on your bedside table right now.
Okay? Just so you know, I understand.
Okay? I wouldn't mind a little one-on-one session with Kaye.
The thought does stimulate my imagination too.
Legally, the CIA can only interrogate foreign nationals.
Why you do that? I had a little fantasy worked out.
I mean, you're like a devourer of dreams.
You know what I mean? Like, you eat them.
You're like a little Pac-Man in cargo pants.
Let me guess.
This guy thought he could fly.
A common misconception.
Although Captain Fallout dons a cape, he's not capable of actual flight.
Merely superhuman leaping abilities.
Max, who's Captain Fallout? The fearless leader of the Wondrous Seven.
He acquired his powers when he was attacked by one of Hitler's radioactive German shepherds during the Battle of the Bulge.
Really? Wow.
You guys need to brush up on your classics.
We don't need to brush up on anything.
You need to bring us all back to reality, here on Earth, and answer the obvious question: Why this guy took a dive wearing tights.
Well Spectacucon is in town this weekend.
So I assume our victim was going to attend.
Okay, it's a comic-book convention.
Do we have an ID on the vic yet? Afraid not.
But due to the nature of the injuries I would estimate that he fell at least ten stories.
DANNY: Maybe he's a jumper, Max.
MAX: No.
This was definitely a homicide.
Facial lacerations imbedded with glass fragments indicates our victim was mostly likely thrown out of a window, perhaps a sliding glass door.
The residues on both wrists are consistent with duct tape.
- He was bound? - Yes.
And the defensive bruising also suggests That he struggled with his attacker.
A message from Psycho Kitty.
"Be careful, he's looking for you.
" Too bad our vic didn't get this warning in time.
Keep us posted.
That was Kono.
She's got an ID off the vic's cell.
So, what is, uh, Captain Fallout's secret identity? His name is Alex Baker.
He's an insurance adjustor from Atlanta.
He flew in two days ago for this convention.
Chin and Kono are checking out his hotel right now.
What's up, dog? - Funny, right? - That is funny.
Psycho Kitty's gotta be here somewhere.
- This may take a while.
- More good news.
Holy air conditioning.
It's a meat freezer in here.
Tourists, they come to Hawaii for the sun.
They spend all their time in freezing hotel rooms.
No signs of forced entry.
Or a struggle.
Trajectory lines up.
It's a clear drop to the pool below.
You know, Max said that Alex Baker had facial lacerations from broken glass.
They're obviously not from these windows.
I don't think this is our crime scene.
Well, our vic had to be thrown off the building from someplace.
It's broken glass.
It's gotta be from the suite directly above.
Room 1703 is registered to Jonathan Demille from Port Allen, Louisiana.
Manager says it has the exact same layout as Room 1603, Alex Baker's room, just directly one floor above.
Look, there's a card still in the lock.
That's weird.
Way weird.
Try the one the hotel manager gave you.
This is our crime scene.
McGARRETT: She goes by the name Psycho Kitty.
- You sure you haven't seen her? - Uh-uh.
McGARRETT: You're supposed to be looking for Psycho Kitty.
Did you see her? I may have been too judgmental about this, - because she's cute - Can you focus? Sure.
Look at this.
Captain Kirk, we would just like to ask you a couple of questions.
- Commander Sisko.
- Commander Sisko? Of DS9? Ah, you ever seen any brothers on the Enterprise? - Well there's the one.
- Uhura.
- Uhura.
- She was a sister and she answered the phone.
- I'm a commander.
- Okay, we have that in common.
Listen, my partner and I are looking for this person.
- Have you seen her? - Sure, that's Psycho Kitty.
I'd like to beam her up to my quarters.
Hangs with the plushies at the Furry Fandom exhibit.
Plushies at the? Do you know what Psycho Kitty's real name is? - Gail Woodson? - Yes? Alex and I met on an online message board.
And we started talking on the phone and, um You know, we like the same stuff: Monty Python, Neil Gaiman, keyboard cat videos.
Got real serious, real fast.
But you guys never actually met face to face? Not until today.
And I was pretty nervous.
But then, once I saw him, I don't know, I can't explain it.
It was like Like I've known him my whole life.
- But then - Then what? Then my ex-husband Trevor showed up.
He must have hacked my e-mail or something because he knew we were gonna meet up here.
He flipped out.
- And he caused a big scene.
- Did he get violent? Trevor said that I couldn't see Alex anymore.
And that if I did he would find Alex.
And when he found him, he would kill him.
DANNY: Trevor Wright, a.
Psycho Kitty's ex.
Jacksonville sheriff just sent down his jacket.
This guy has a stupid, stupid amount of assault charges.
A temper, huh? He's violated probation by being here at all, which is two years mandatory.
Detective Danny Williams.
All right, good.
Thank you.
Put an APB on Trevor's rental car.
They just found it parked at Kailua Beach.
Trevor Wright, Five-0.
Hey, Five-0.
Hey, you need a lift? I guess that's a "no.
You're under arrest for the murder of Alex Baker.
Who the hell is Alex Baker? Alex Baker is the guy that you threatened in front of your ex-wife and a couple hundred other witnesses.
Didn't get his name before you threw him? What, super dork? He's dead? Let me put this together for you, all right.
This morning you threatened to kill Alex.
Two hours later he's dead.
You see the connection there? There's a connection.
You got that? No way.
Look, I just wanted to scare him.
But after he ran away, Gail unloaded on me.
Made it clear we were never gonna be together again.
So I was upset.
I left the convention, came out here.
Took one of those dolphin watching cruises.
- Shirt pocket, check it.
"Dolphin excursions, 11 a.
" There's at least a dozen people who can put me on that boat today.
Dolphins? CHIN HO: Yeah, okay.
Got it.
That was McGarrett.
Their suspect checks out.
Alibi's rock solid.
- What'd you get? - Jonathan Demille, the name this room is booked under, dead for nearly a year.
But a credit card was opened up with his name and social a few months ago.
It's called ghosting.
You take the identity of someone recently deceased and then you rack up charges until the credit-card company wises up.
And here I am paying Well here's a $30,000 watch.
Maybe you can use this to pay off your debts.
Ripe for the taking, which means this wasn't a robbery.
Someone tossed this room looking for something specific.
It still doesn't explain how our vic ended up in this room.
I had the manager run the key card we found in the lock this morning.
It was programmed for Room 1603.
Okay, so then why would our friend Alex Baker use his room key to try and get in here? Okay, well, get this.
The hotel records show he signed for drinks at the bar this morning.
I had Max run his blood alcohol.
It was three times the legal limit.
The guy was blasted.
So he leaves the convention and hits the bar to drown his sorrows.
He rides the elevator and gets off on the wrong floor.
And in these hotels all the corridors look exactly the same.
And he's too wasted to notice his mistake.
Meanwhile someone's ransacking this room, then hear Baker at the door trying to get in with his key.
They pull him inside and tie him up because, as far as they know, he's their man.
Kono, we need to find whoever booked this room.
They're our only lead to catching our killer.
Where did you find this? It was recovered in the course of an active homicide investigation.
Homicide? I don't understand.
What does this have to do with us? A man was murdered this morning and that watch was at the crime scene.
When I ran the serial number, it came back registered to your husband.
Davis, may I speak with him, please? Richard's out of town on business.
He's expected back tonight.
Wait, you don't think he had something to do with this, do you? - His watch was at the scene.
- Richard couldn't have been involved.
This watch was stolen from our house three days ago.
- Did you file a police report? - Of course.
Well, they gave me a copy.
I'll go get it.
Look, it's right here.
Looking at what was taken, it could have been a lot worse.
That's quite a collection.
Do you think the person that robbed us killed somebody? At this point, we don't know.
But just consider yourselves lucky you weren't home when they hit.
Stephen McGarrett? As requested.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
- You, what's your name? - Wo Fat.
KAYE: Yeah? Housekeeping.
KAYE: No, no, thank you.
I'm good.
There should There should be a sign on the door.
We need to talk.
How'd you find me here? It's above your pay grade.
- We need to talk.
- There's nothing I can share with you.
I'm gonna do something that your agency has a problem with, and that's be honest with you.
You got two options, the way I see it right now.
The first one is that I walk out of here.
The second one is that you tell me what's going on.
Because that's the only way you get to know what I know.
You understand? Okay.
- I really wish you would have knocked.
- I did, twice.
What, are you moving in here? Nobody unpacks in a hotel.
Habits of a clean freak.
Really? How long have you been tracking the yakuza? KAYE: Longer than you.
You read the State Department report outlining how they launder money? I'm listed in the footnotes as a source.
So you're a subject matter expert.
That's why they brought you in? I know as much as the next gal.
You know what? We got off on the wrong foot.
And I think it's my fault.
I shouldn't be kicking your door in.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna cooperate with the agency in any way I can.
In fact, I'm gonna call Director Hadley right now and I'm gonna officially offer my services to your task force because that's the kind of freedom the Five-0 has.
- Stop.
Stop it.
Stop! - Hang on a second.
You obviously already know I'm not on official assignment.
You're not even a field agent.
You're a low level analyst.
And that suit you wore this morning playing grown-ups with me in my office probably cost you two weeks' salary, I bet.
I bet you've never even left your desk before.
You need to leave.
I think you've gone rogue to hunt down a man named Wo Fat.
Couple months ago, I met him on the 18th hole.
He was playing a round of golf with the man that killed my mother.
And if he's working with him, you need to tell me right now.
There's something I need to show you.
Not here.
KONO: I ID'd our missing thief, Jonathan Demille.
And I pulled a statement from his credit card.
All right, well, for the very least, he's stimulating the local economy.
He got a $1,000 in the skate shop, another few hundred at a video-game store.
The last couple of weeks, he spent almost 20 grand at a strip club.
Place called "Femme Nu.
" You cannot spend that kind of money without attracting some attention.
Someone's gotta be able to point us towards this guy.
And maybe he can point us towards our killer.
BARTENDER: How you doing? What can I get you? We're actually looking for a customer of yours.
- His name is Jonathan Demille.
- Oh, you mean Johnny D.
Yeah, sure, I know him.
You guys aren't the only ones looking for him.
- Why? What do you mean? - There's this big guy in a track suit, buzzed hair, goatee.
You can just tell he's bad news.
Well, that guy just dropped an innocent man off a balcony thinking he was Johnny D.
I didn't tell him where he could find Johnny D.
Couldn't have if I wanted to.
Now you don't find Johnny D.
Johnny D finds you.
That's very spooky.
Uh, when is the last time that Johnny D found you? Tuesday, when his girl Tiffany was working.
- Tiffany? Is she here now? BARTENDER: No, she's off today.
All right, so the girl's name is Tiffany Martin.
I just pulled her phone records.
All right, these are text messages.
I'm gonna run a key word search for Johnny's name.
And here you go.
It looks like they've been going back and forth for a few weeks.
See if you can't find his real name or an address off the account.
No, it's a prepaid cell.
It's untraceable.
You don't find Johnny, he finds you.
You're gonna quote this schmuck now? I can spoof Tiffany's cell and make it look like she's sending him a text.
Lure him here.
I like it.
But move over, please, because I'm gonna do this because it should be very filthy and you're a young lady.
It's set up.
Whatever you send is gonna look like it's from Tiffany's cell.
Got it.
- "Hey, stud.
" - Ha.
That's not your lead in, is it? What? I'm trying to sound like a stripper.
- Try harder.
- Okay.
- "If you are available" What? - You're so bad.
Get out of here.
- Go ahead.
- I'm embarrassed for you now.
Really, I am.
It's sent.
That's, uh That's effective, I guess.
It worked.
- Wow.
All right.
- Girl's got game.
- Damn! - Ha.
KAYE: Wo Fat was one of the good guys.
He started his career as an intelligence agent for the Chinese MSS.
Quickly became one of their best.
I got the highlights in your investigation file.
He worked counter-intelligence at the 6th Bureau.
He reached the rank of colonel, then he suddenly disappeared, right? Disappeared for years.
Whatever he was doing, he must've realized that government work doesn't pay well.
Because when he resurfaced, he was already a major player in the criminal underworld.
- Sorry, what did you just do? - I'm sorry, what? - That.
What is that? - What happened? Oh, you mean my gum? Yeah, with your gum.
This is a computer.
It's not your high school desk.
Thank you.
How many bodies have you put on Wo Fat? Twenty-three that we know of.
CIA's been tracking his movements for nearly a decade.
But every time we think we're close, he vanishes.
It's like he's playing with us.
But a few months ago, I tracked him to Hawaii.
He paid a visit to someone you know.
Victor Hesse.
That's the man who killed my father.
Wait a minute.
I didn't know Victor Hesse worked with Wo Fat.
He doesn't work with Wo Fat.
He works for Wo Fat.
Same with the yakuza.
None of them makes a move without his approval.
Are you trying to tell me that Wo Fat ordered my father's murder? I believe so.
No, no, that doesn't make sense.
Victor Hesse killed my father because I wouldn't release his brother.
Victor Hesse arrived in Hawaii before you captured his brother.
How could he have anticipated that? I believe that Wo Fat sent him here to do a job.
- To murder my father? - I'm sorry.
You know what else doesn't make sense to me? Why would you break away from the agency to hunt Wo Fat alone? Why not work through the channels? You got the CIA behind you.
What's going on? Three years ago, I was working the Central Asia desk at Langley when I uncovered a series of illegal arms deals being brokered out of China.
My team ended up tracing them back to Wo Fat.
Somebody who wasn't even on the agency's radar yet.
I was the first one to put a name to the face.
But I got too wrapped up in the hunt.
I tracked him to an arms deal in Macau.
An agency grab team was dispatched based on my intel.
But it was a set up.
They walked right into a trap.
There were no survivors.
My fiancé was on that team.
And, uh, as standard protocol, the agency removed you from the case.
Conflict of interest.
But you can't let it go.
After three years of dead ends, I finally picked up a solid lead, discovered that Wo Fat was here in Hawaii.
So I took leave from the CIA to track him down.
Let me ask you a question.
What are you gonna do when you find him? Same thing you would do.
Wait here.
This was stolen from my father's tool box by Hiro's men.
It's part of the evidence in the case he was working on before he was killed.
A week ago, this package was left on my doorstep.
These postcards were inside.
Somebody's obviously trying to send you a message.
Maybe there's something on the postcards that you overlooked.
- Yeah? DANNY: Steve, it's Danny.
We got a lead on Johnny D.
Meet us at Femme Nu.
All right, I'm on my way.
You've become acquainted with my office.
Feel free to use it for as long as you need it.
You're an analyst.
Analyze these.
You sure about this? I plan to find Wo Fat.
And if he's as elusive as you're saying that he is, I'm gonna need all the help I can get.
You and I, we'll meet tomorrow Onofun Noodle House.
It's on Lewers.
8 p.
- I'll be there.
- Be there.
- Oh, and Kaye.
- Yeah? We're gonna get along just fine.
All right, hold up.
This might be him.
Here's Johnny.
Oh, jeez.
Did he really just do that? [CHUCKLES.]
- Oh, put him out of his misery.
- Right.
Is there a problem officer? DANNY: Johnny D, you've been racking up bar tabs, and keeping the strippers in Honolulu in self-tanner and tattoos.
Well, what can I say? I like to give back to the community.
You like to take from the community too.
Come on.
The people I steal from are insured.
This guy is such a jerk.
Aside from obvious intellectual impairments you have managed to rip a lot of people off.
But there is something very tragic here.
You know what it is? That I won't be seeing Tiffany for a very long time? No, incorrect.
It's that an innocent man is dead because of you.
What are you talking about? That's Alex Baker.
He was booked in at the Lonopuha.
Somebody thought he was you.
Threw him off a balcony.
Man, that's horrible.
Does he have a family? He had a woman who loved him.
Look, I got word some guy was asking around about me.
I spotted the dude the next day.
Big guy in a track suit? Buzzed hair, with lines shaved into his eyebrows.
Outweighs me by a hundred pounds.
I took off before he could jump me.
That's why I was laying low at the hotel.
Who is this guy? Somebody you ripped off? I doubt it.
The people I had, had money.
Money buys class.
This guy was a thug.
Money also buys hired muscle.
The question is, what did you steal that's worth killing for? VoilĂ .
Why don't you make this easy on us and just direct us towards the stuff that is from your last boost? Mavis, can you bring me the reports from last week's robberies? Sorry my secretary must have stepped out.
Smart ass.
Do you pack the garage from back to front? - Yes, like a dishwasher.
We start here.
See if we can find what the killer was looking for, - maybe we find him.
All right? - Get out of the way, please.
Officer, if he moves, you can shoot him.
DANNY: Anything? - Yeah, I got some antique silverware.
Got about a hundred K in jewelery here.
I got nothing an insurance claim wouldn't cover.
- What about you? - Got it.
We're all good.
- Season four, Cheers.
- Funny show.
Hey, D, check this out.
Hey you, why would you steal this? I always wanted to go to Paris.
You know what? It's a beautiful city.
If you ever make it, you should get a snow globe because this is Seattle.
That's the Space Needle, not the Eiffel Tower, you schmuck.
What is this? - Memory card for a digital camera? - I know.
It was in the snow globe.
Where did you steal the snow globe? At the risk of me incriminating myself any further I've hit so many places it's impossible to say.
You think that that's what the guy is looking for? There's only one way to find out.
Do me a favor.
- Take him to the station.
OFFICER: Let's go.
The memory card you found is password protected.
It looks like 64-bit encryption.
Okay, can you crack it? Yeah, give me a couple minutes.
Check this out.
It looks like Johnny D's stalker.
I had a sketch artist work up a composite based on his description.
showed it around the hotel.
Three employees reported seeing him around the time Baker went over the balcony.
McGARRETT: It's our killer.
But I haven't been able to match the face to the name.
All right, I got it.
It looks like one file on the card and it's a video.
DANNY: Hold on.
- Okay, it's time stamped, July 2008.
Wait a minute.
Go closer on that.
I've seen her before.
That's Lindsey Roberts.
She's a local girl from Aiea.
She disappeared in the summer of 2008.
But there we no signs of foul play so the case went cold, until they found her body at Mokuleia National Forest Reserve.
This was ten weeks after they reported her missing.
Killer was never found.
Okay, if this video was made right before Lindsey's disappearance then the mystery man in the video could be her killer.
That's why Alex Baker was thrown off the balcony.
That's why Johnny D's room was searched.
This guy is trying to get back the evidence that could link him to Lindsey's murder.
WOMAN: Lindsey had this way about her.
She just made everyone around her happier.
Listen, I can't imagine what you guys have been through.
And I know even now it must be really difficult to talk about.
But we do have to ask you a question.
At the time of her disappearance, was Lindsey involved in a relationship with anyone? Lindsey was in her first year at UH Law.
I mean between school and her internship, there wasn't any time for boyfriends.
Are you positive? We said all this to the police when they took our statements the first time.
Why are you asking about this now? There's something that we need to show you.
These photographs popped up in an unrelated investigation.
We know this was recorded four days before Lindsey was reported missing.
Either of you guys recognize this guy.
- Oh, my God.
- That's Davis.
That's Richard Davis.
He was Lindsey's boss.
MAX: COD was blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
Left parietal bone in Lindsey's skull fractured causing intracranial hemorrhaging.
Were you able to determine the murder weapon? - No.
- No? But During the autopsy, we recovered a wood fiber imbedded in the skull.
The chief medical examiner dismissed it as inconsequential.
He explained that the body was found in a forest so it stood to reason that the wood could enter the wound.
- But you disagreed? - I was an assistant ME at that time.
Only two months into the job.
It wasn't my place to challenge my superior.
Gold made the ruling and I respected it.
But the question always nagged at me.
CHIN HO: You kept it? Took me six months to save up enough money for the testing.
Spectroscopic analysis identified the wood as northern white ash, - approximately 60 years old.
- That does not sound native to Hawaii.
It could be found in the Northeast.
In fact, this particular genus was grown exclusively by a New York lumber supplier that provided wood for a variety of commercial products in the '40s and '50s: rifle stock, golf clubs and, uh, picture frames.
But the top account at that time was Schuster & Mills, an athletic company whose top seller was Wait a minute.
Are you saying we're looking for a baseball bat from the '50s? Possibly, yes.
- Come on.
You're a genius, Max.
- Thank you.
- What is this? - Search warrant.
KONO: Richard Davis.
- What's going on? - Hands behind your back, please.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to speak to an attorney CHIN HO: This bat must have cost a fortune.
It was made to kill pitches, not pretty young women.
What are you talking about? Lindsey Roberts died from a blow to the head with a blunt object.
There was a wood fragment embedded in her skull.
I'm betting the tests are gonna prove that that fragment came from this bat.
This is absurd.
Lindsey Roberts was an intern at my firm for maybe a couple months before she disappeared.
Now, what happened to her is tragic, but I had nothing to do with it.
- You weren't having an affair with her? - No.
McGARRETT: This is you and Lindsey.
How do you explain this? Why don't you explain this? I didn't kill her.
Are you really still trying to deny this? I swear, I didn't kill her.
I couldn't have.
I loved her.
We were in a relationship.
Yeah, I admit it.
The bat is in my trophy case.
The photo, where did you get that photo? They're stills from the little home video you made.
Let me ask you something.
Did Lindsey even know that you were recording her? No.
I didn't.
That's me, yes.
It's my office.
But I never made a video.
I wouldn't do that to her.
Something you guys gotta see.
One week after Lindsey disappears five calls from Davis' direct line at work to her cell phone.
Why would he be calling her if he knew she was dead? Exactly.
So we did a little more digging.
Davis' wife Anne used to be a public school teacher, which means she had to undergo a background check.
I ran her fingerprints against the ones we lifted off the SD card.
It's a match.
Did a little digging in Anne Davis' financials.
She writes a check to her personal trainer for $500 every single month.
A couple days ago he gets a bonus check, $10,000.
That's right? So we did background on this guy.
Paolo Bell, 37.
He's got a record.
Aggravated robbery and multiple weapons charges, battery.
That's a familiar face.
That's because he matches the sketch that you had mocked up of our suspect based on Johnny D's description.
We just found Anne's hired muscle.
McGARRETT: Five-0.
Hey! MAN: Hands where we can see them.
McGARRETT: You're under arrest for the murder of Alex Baker.
When did you learn of your husband's affair with Lindsey? I'm not answering any more of your questions until my attorney's here.
Excuse me.
Davis has decided to exercise her right to remain silent.
Unfortunately for Mrs.
Davis, we just picked up her friend Mr.
Bell, and he was in a much chattier mood.
It's his word but he said that you gave him $10,000, to retrieve some stolen property.
In particular a snow globe that you said had great sentimental value.
You know the guy wasn't even aware that it had evidence of a murder on it? So for all intents and purposes, Alex Baker, an innocent man, was thrown off of a balcony for a snow globe.
CHIN HO: Anne, what really happened? When I first suspected Richard was having an affair I needed to know the truth.
So I set up a hidden camera in his office.
Did you confront your husband with the proof? No, I never told him I knew.
That night I e-mailed Lindsey from his computer.
Asked her to come over.
I just wanted to talk.
But then she admitted that she was in love with him.
And that he was gonna leave me so they could be together.
I don't know what happened.
I just saw the bat and I I didn't mean to kill her.
I didn't mean to kill her.
Book her, Danno.
ANCHORMAN: We now take you to the conference already in progress at the home of Lindsey Roberts' parents.
On behalf of Lindsey and our entire family, we'd just like to thank the Five-0 task force and the Honolulu Police Department.
Because of their hard work, we can now move forward knowing justice will be served.
What makes you think I won't kill you right here in this restaurant? "The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out.
" Old Chinese proverb.
"Say hello to my little friend.
Old American proverb.
Do you honestly believe I'd come here without some assurance of my safety? Where's Agent Kaye? Heading east on Kapiolani Boulevard.
Driving a silver Malibu.
But who can really say? In any case, I'm sure she'll make it here without incident.
What do you want? To know the man who is trying to know me.
Well, what I know is that Hiro and Hesse both answer to you, which means at the very least, you're an accomplice to my parents' murder.
And at the most, you're directly responsible.
Interesting theory.
If that theory pans out, I promise you I will find you and next time it will be on my terms.
A little friendly advice.
I wouldn't dig too deeply into your family's past.
You might not like what you find.
Dinner's on me.

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