Hawaii Five-0 s01e20 Episode Script

Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)

DANNY: This is not a hike, Stephen.
Your dad used to bring you up here when you were a kid? - Every year.
- Yeah, well, that would explain a lot.
You can bring Gracie up here when she gets a bit older.
Grace wants to go get a manicure and a pedicure, okay? She's not interested in going to look at old graffiti on rocks, okay? This is basically child abuse.
They're called petroglyphs, Danny.
They're called petroglyphs.
That is a fancy name for graffiti etched in rocks, okay? You know what? I remember the first time I beat my father to the summit.
Like it was yesterday.
All due respect, what's wrong with an old-fashioned baseball game? I've never been to a professional baseball game.
That doesn't surprise me at all.
I mean, how? Forget about it.
You know what, to each his own.
We have the Yankees, you and your old man had, uh, I don't know, deep-sea demolition classes or something, ha, ha.
Stop talking for a second.
Look at this view.
This view This has not changed one bit since I was a kid.
Everything else has changed, but not this.
You know what? I found another envelope on my doorstep yesterday morning.
It had an old matchbook in it that used to be in my father's toolbox.
- You think it's from Wo Fat? - I don't know.
What does Kaye think? Kaye thinks Wo Fat's playing a game with me.
What kind of game? Like he's trying to get you to believe that your father was a dirty cop? Let me tell you, my father was such a good man and a great cop.
Whatever case he was working on before he was killed, I'm gonna find out what that was.
That still doesn't explain why someone is sending that evidence back to you.
Maybe someone's trying to lead me to Wo Fat.
Maybe Wo Fat's trying to lure you.
Come on.
McGARRETT: All right, this is it.
The ancient Hawaiians called this ki'i pohaku.
- That means "images in the stone.
" - Ah.
This one right here, this is honu.
That's a turtle.
- That is a turtle.
- Yeah.
DANNY: What about this guy here? What's this? McGARRETT: Symbols of the hunt.
- Uh-huh.
It's pretty cool, huh? Better than a Yankees game? It's not even close to as good as a Yankees game, but it's nice.
Danny, Danny.
There's someone down here.
Hey, yo.
Hey! I'm going down there.
He could still be alive.
DANNY: Is he all right? He's dead.
He's got a gunshot wound through and through - and there's very little blood.
- There's no action up here, no signs of struggle.
Somebody dumped him.
He's gotta be from a plane or helicopter.
Now get out of the way, let me take a picture.
All right, come on.
Let's go.
We'll go for a little hike, call the crime scene unit.
Come on.
I need you to take up the slack as I climb, all right? All right, take that slack, Danny.
DANNY: Go easy, take your time.
Oh! Steve! Hey, Steve! Steve.
Hey, Steve.
Hey, Steve, don't move, all right? Just stay where you are.
You all right? I'm good.
I'm good.
Danny, I think I've broken my arm.
Send the rope down, okay? DANNY: It's snagged on a branch.
- Look, I'm gonna go call for help.
- There's no cell service here.
But there is at the summit.
You need to climb up and call in a medevac team.
Don't move, all right? Hey, Danny, throw my pack down before you go.
All right, I got it, I got it.
Hey, listen to me.
Do not move.
Be careful up there, it's really steep.
All right.
Uh Gunshot wound, small caliber.
Through and through.
There's fish scales in the exit wound.
How long? I can't promise, but I'll try.
Hey, I'm gonna order some loko moko from Ono Lau Lau.
Are you in? It's Auntie Mele.
They've called in hospice.
Her kidney's shutting down.
She's asking to see everyone tonight.
I don't know if it's a good idea for me to go by there now.
Look, if you're worried about what Uncle Keako will think, don't.
He's the one who called.
He did? He made me promise to bring you by the house tonight.
You forget he's a cop.
He knows you've been seeing her when he's not there.
: Thought you were on a hike.
- Steve fell, he's hurt.
- Whoa.
What? How bad? I don't know how bad, I'm not a doctor, but I think he broke his arm.
Where are you? You know what, forget it.
Triangulating your coordinates off the cell signal.
All right, listen, we need a rescue team as soon as possible.
CHIN HO: I'll contact Army evac.
Stand by.
- I need your phone.
- Okay.
All right, I've got your location.
We need a crime scene unit too, as soon as possible.
We found a body.
Wait, I thought you said this was a rescue mission.
What's a body doing way up there? I don't know.
The guy doesn't look like a hiker.
Mid-fifties, work clothes.
I'm gonna send you a picture, hold on.
KONO: All right, I got him.
I'll run it through the system and see if I get an ID.
Evac chopper's on its way.
All right, I'm heading back.
Hey, did you get reception? Yeah, Army evac's on its way.
I don't think we have time, all right? These clouds are They look bad.
If it starts raining, this place is gonna turn into a big mudslide.
All right.
I'm gonna come down, untangle the rope and bring it to you, all right? Hey, take it easy, all right? Easy, easy, hey.
I'm not gonna catch your ass if you fall.
I'd rather you not catch me if I fall, okay? McGARRETT: Got it.
All right.
Eat another doughnut.
DANNY: Army evac's here.
: Twenty-fifth ID, Dust Off on site.
MAN 2: Commander McGarrett, Hey, Danny.
Thanks, brother.
- Hey, how's Steve? - He shattered his forearm and picked up some nasty gashes from the fall.
- Steve is fine.
- Hell of a place to find a body.
Yeah, that far out.
Whoever dumped it probably never wanted it to be found.
Probably figured wild boars would vanish it.
Okay, we get an ID on our vic? Yeah, his name is Jack Leung, He has a fishing boat licensed in his name that he works with his son, Sean.
Fishing boat.
Okay, that would explain this.
- What is that? - This is fish scales that Steve found around the gunshot wound.
If they were found around the gunshot wound, maybe they were transferred pre-body dump.
- From his boat? - I know this sounds ridiculous, but if we can identify these scales, we can get close to our primary crime scene.
Friend of mine's an ichthyologist, maybe he can identify it.
Okay, this guy's in our system.
What was he arrested for? All right, so according to his record, Jack Leung was a law-abiding citizen until three days ago, when he was charged for assaulting another fish boat captain down at the docks.
Booking sheet lists a slip down in Honolulu Harbor.
Leung's fight club partner, Sal Groves.
Leung assaulted him with a gaffing pole.
And get this, he's a licensed helicopter pilot.
CHIN HO: Could've used the chopper to dispose of the body.
Okay, let's go talk to Sal and see if he knows why Leung ended up in the jungle.
Okay? So, Sal's boat should be right down there.
Kono, I want you to talk to Leung's son, Sean.
We'll go deal with Sal, all right? So we just went through the loop.
Now, this is the tricky part.
We're gonna go around it five times, okay? Just like that.
Officer Kono Kalakaua.
Are you Sean Leung? Yes.
Hey, Brian, I want you to go into the hull and do this 10 more times, okay? Now go below.
Good boy.
I take it you're not here to check for my permits.
I'm afraid not.
I'm sorry to inform you that your father was found dead this morning.
How? He was shot.
His body was recovered in the mountains north of here.
Oh, my God.
Why would someone do this? We don't know.
When was the last time you saw him? Yesterday.
He took the boat out for a short run and got into some nice fish that I took to market.
Did you notice anything that was out of the ordinary? Yeah.
I found my laptop on.
The only reason I noticed is because I check the weather first thing.
My pops was old-school.
No cell phone, no computers.
Only surfing he did was on the longboard.
What can you tell me about the altercation your father had a couple days ago with Sal Groves? He wouldn't tell me.
My father didn't want me to get involved.
Said he was taking care of it.
There's our boy.
Sal Groves, Five-0.
Cut your engines.
- He's running, come on.
- Son of a [BOTH GRUNT.]
- Hey! - Hey, hey.
- Hands up, Ahab.
- Do it, now! - All right.
- Thank you.
CHIN HO: Why don't you save us time, tell us why - you decided to go for a little jog? - Because I love cops so much.
You know, I told him and I was thinking that I know why you were running.
So why don't you just sit here and ponder your love for law enforcement - while he searches your boat? - You can't search it without a warrant.
- Really? Watch.
SAL: What are you? Hey, you can't do that! What are you doing? Just shut up and pay attention to this, okay? - What's that gotta do with anything? - This has got to do with a lot.
We found this guy dead this morning.
When we ran him through the system, your name came up.
You guys had a little beef? - The guy attacked me.
CHIN HO: Uh-oh.
Got something.
Oh! We got a fresh catch.
A fresh catch of crystal meth.
- I think it's a newfangled fishing pole.
- That's not mine.
"It's not mine, it's not mine.
" Whose is it, then? What, it just fell into your net? Listen, don't you know how these drug busts go? You give up the big fish, and you will give up the big fish By the way, your lawyer will Then the dealer comes after you, chops you up into little pieces of poke - and feeds you to the sand sharks.
- Circle of life, babe.
But if you wanna talk with us a little bit, cooperate, maybe we take these guys out before they find you.
All right, Leung, he wouldn't go along.
- Go along with what? - What we had going here.
With the economy in the crapper, you gotta kind of improvise - if you wanna get paid.
- So you just pick up loads that happen to fall off container ships? Something like that.
Okay, keep going.
And these guys we were dealing with, they didn't like that Leung wasn't into it, so they said it was all or nothing.
I had to get him in or they were gonna take the business someplace else.
You had to get him, so you shot him? No.
Guy was a pain in the ass, but I didn't kill him.
So what'd you do, talk it through over tea and scones? - Ha, ha.
- I went and met with him.
I might have brought a baseball bat, he might have fell on it a couple times, but that is all you're gonna put on me.
So Leung finds out about the drugs and threatens to go to the police? No.
He just didn't want his kid involved.
All right.
We're gonna run this gun.
And we're gonna find out if it matches the one that killed Leung.
And in the meantime, you and I are gonna take a little walk.
All right, I'm still waiting to hear back from Ballistics on the gun we found.
Without a slug, this is gonna be tough.
- You think he did it? - I don't know.
I mean, his GPS, his fuel logs puts him of our victim's death.
He has a chopper though, right? No, he does not.
The bank now has the chopper, he lost it a month ago.
You get anything off our victim Leung's computer? Yeah, the browser history shows an article on the Jordan Rutherford case.
Jordan Rutherford is Okay, well, two months ago, Jordan Rutherford was accused of strangling Vicki Hailama, a 19-year-old college girl on spring break.
Yes, I remember, H.
's still looking for him.
Yeah, Jordan Rutherford disappeared the day he became a suspect.
It's like he vanished into thin air.
No one's seen him since.
: The parents of Vicki Hailama made a plea today for Jordan Rutherford to turn himself in.
The authorities have so far been unable to bring the murder suspect to justice.
- So, what's the connection to Leung? - This was the last thing he watched the night he was killed.
Maybe he couldn't sleep and was surfing.
That's entertaining.
When I can't sleep, I watch old hockey fights on YouTube.
What's up? Those fish scales you brought back that were inside the wound, they came off an etelis carbunculus.
Locals call it ehu.
They're pretty rare around here these days.
In fact, according to a fish dealer, only one load of them was sold today.
Okay, who sold it? - It came off of Leung's boat.
DANNY: Okay, good.
So this guy gets killed on his own boat, our number-one suspect, Sal, is off catching tuna fish at the time of death.
Unless we have any evidence that shows otherwise, and a search - on Leung's boat turned up nothing.
- Maybe not.
I was able to track the fish to that restaurant, Morimoto.
I was thinking maybe our killer left some evidence on it.
DANNY: What, on the fish? Are you kidding me? Hello? Yeah.
Uncle said Auntie Mele's not gonna make it through the night.
- Bro, we gotta go.
McGarrett's on his way back, we'll go see about the fish.
Go on.
- Kono.
- Uncle.
Um She's in the bedroom.
She's heavily sedated, but she'll be glad to see you.
I'm so glad you came, Chin.
It's good to see you, Auntie.
MELE: Kono? - I'm here, Auntie.
Promise me you'll look after Uncle after I'm gone.
I promise.
I need to talk to you.
I'll be right back, okay? It's up to you to make this thing between Chin Ho and your uncle right.
You know, I thought we discussed this.
He won't even talk to me about it.
Everything was fine between them until I got sick.
And then Chin was dismissed from the force.
Do you think those two things are related? I'm afraid to ask.
CHIN HO: I won't let you drag me in.
KEAKO: I made up my mind.
Why would you wanna take it on for yourself? You have to go back.
Yo, ride's here, boss.
Where's the wheelchair and the cute nurse? Funny.
What's all this? Sorry, brother.
Big sale on ice.
- They had a sale on ice? KAMEKONA: Mean sale.
Well, I'm sure glad you stopped for ice.
McGARRETT: Mahalos for picking me up, brother.
KAMEKONA: Anytime, brother.
Ha, ha.
Auntie knows.
Knows what? That this thing between you and Uncle has something to do with you being kicked off the force.
Is that what you two spent your time talking about? - I heard you two arguing about money.
- Yeah, well, you heard wrong.
It was nothing.
I'm thinking it was Uncle who took the money from the asset forfeiture locker, and you're the one who took the fall.
But what I haven't figured out yet is why.
You know what, Kono? Just drop it, okay? Look, don't lie to me, Chin.
Not now.
Am I right or am I not? Okay.
Auntie got sick and needed a kidney.
But you know how hard it is to get on the donor list for a transplant - here on the islands? - Yeah, but she got a kidney.
She did.
But she didn't get it the way that Uncle said.
Auntie would have died waiting on that list.
But Uncle knew people in China who could get her one on the black market.
The thing is, nobody in our family has that kind of money.
- Did you know he was gonna take it? - No.
Uncle did what he had to do.
You could have said something.
Why did you take the fall? You lost your badge.
What was I supposed to do? Tell I.
what really happened and watch Uncle go to jail? You're a cop.
You're supposed to tell the truth.
Sometimes things aren't so simple, Kono.
I promised Uncle that Auntie would be shielded from all of this.
I kept my promise.
When Auntie passes, you're gonna tell the truth.
- That's what Uncle wants, isn't it? - Yeah, but what good's it gonna do? I finally found a home here with Five-0, Kono.
Whatever happened, happened.
: I see trees of the green Red roses too McGARRETT: Where's? Where's the chef? MAN: For me and you And I think to myself [McGARRETT SPEAKING IN JAPANESE.]
What a wonderf Stop the music, please.
Steve McGarrett, this is Detective Danny Williams, Five-0.
I'm just testing my new karaoke machine.
- Had it flown over from Japan.
McGARRETT: Looks nice.
- You like karaoke, yeah? - Yes, I do.
- You have a lovely voice.
- I don't know.
We spoke to your fish dealer this morning.
- Yes? - And he said that you purchased fish.
- Ehu.
- Ehu, yes, I know.
- Can we see the catch? - I'll take you.
Here you are.
This is mine, that's today.
DANNY: Go ahead, buddy, after you.
- All you, babe.
I can't get my cast wet.
That's low.
That's really low.
- What exactly are we looking for? - We'll know when we find it, - so be thorough.
- Oh, I'll be thorough.
Be thorough.
Check every fish, Danny.
- All the fish in the box.
You're gonna pay for this, - Looks like a fish.
- Beautiful.
Wouldn't you know it, another big red fish.
- Huh? - Nice size.
Nice size, yeah.
We got a fish.
We got another fish.
Look at this fish.
This is a special fish, huh? - It's a bullet hole.
- Yeah.
See, either they got an interesting new way to catch fish, or we just found our ballistics evidence.
McGARRETT: Mushroomed and small caliber, I bet it went into the fish - after it went through our victim.
DANNY: I'll get it to the lab.
Hey, boss, howzit? Good to have you back in one piece.
Well, Kono, it's good to be back in one piece.
- Whew.
What's that smell? - Oh, that's the sashimi special.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
Danny went home to change.
Heard you guys lucked out at Morimoto's.
We did.
We recovered a fired round from a.
38, same caliber as Sal Groves' gun.
Ballistics is running it through now.
- What do you got? - Lab just sent this over.
They found traces of jet fuel on our vic's shoes, clothing and skin.
Jet fuel.
Okay, he could have come into contact with that when his body was dumped.
Yeah, but the skin absorption rate suggests that Leung came into contact with it hours before his death.
Okay, wait a minute.
Why is a fish boat captain handling jet fuel, anyway? It's not just any jet fuel, this stuff is the new biofuel.
There's only one airstrip on the island that uses it.
And the lab traced it back to High Blue Jet Charters.
Their website says they fly everywhere.
Even over remote locations where you can dump a body? - Even over those.
- Right.
JEFF: Yeah, I recognize him.
It's Jack Leung.
Worked the graveyard shift, refueling, routine maintenance.
- Wait a minute, he worked here? JEFF: Yeah.
Said he wanted to pick up some extra money.
Hard worker.
Always talking about his son, their fishing boat.
Said times were tough on the docks.
- Okay, did he work last night? - Yeah, sure did.
It's our busy season.
Is something wrong? Yeah, something's wrong.
We found his body in the jungle this morning.
Listen, we know that he came in contact with a special jet fuel several hours before his death.
Like I said, he was our main gas-and-go guy last night.
Okay, did anything out of the ordinary happen last night? Yeah, he wanted to use the computer in the office.
Something about a flight manifest.
Why would he wanna see a flight manifest? Sometimes, the guys, they get curious about the folks using the strip.
Just last week, Warren Buffett comes through, but the ground crew, they're more interested in rock stars, athletes.
- Remember the plane by any chance? - No.
But we didn't have any VIPs come through last night.
- Can we take a look at his locker? - Yeah, it's just inside to the left.
Look what I found.
Flight manifest.
That he wasn't supposed to have.
Okay, the jet is owned by a Lotus Leaf Holding Company.
One-way charter to Hong Kong.
One passenger, and there is no name.
It had to be important.
He went through all the trouble of stealing it.
Leung goes fishing, okay? Then he comes, he works the night shift here, and he sees something.
Comes home and gets killed on his own boat.
Question is, what did he see that got him killed? CHIN HO: Lotus Leaf Holding Company.
Several companies folded into one.
Looks like an import outfit.
Real-estate holdings as well.
Okay, bring up the incorporation paperwork and find me a primary.
CHIN HO: Donald Rutherford.
Wait a minute, think he's related to Jordan Rutherford, the Spring Break Strangler? - He's his father.
Wasn't Leung looking up the Rutherford case right before he was murdered? - Yeah, he was.
- He was, right? Ballistics just got a hit on that.
38 you pulled out of the fish.
It wasn't from Sal Groves' gun, but they did get a hit.
The slug came from a gun sold at Ace Gun and Rifle.
The owner's an ex-cop who registers a ballistics profile of every gun that he sells.
Guess who the buyer was.
- Donald Rutherford.
KONO: Yeah.
- Why would he wanna kill Leung? McGARRETT: I think I know.
The flight manifest that we pulled out of Leung's locker - said one passenger? CHIN HO: But that couldn't have been Donald Rutherford.
That flight took off hours before Leung was killed.
It wasn't Donald Rutherford on that plane, it was Jordan.
- Ah.
- Right.
Leung witnessed Donald Rutherford helping his son escape from the island.
Daddy wants to keep the secret so he follows Leung back to the boat, kills him.
Secret's safe.
- Not anymore.
- Not anymore.
: Can I help you? Mr.
Rutherford, Steve McGarrett from Five-0, we'd like a word.
- I'll be right down.
- You think he's running? - Yeah, I do.
McGARRETT: Donald Rutherford? Donald Rutherford? [WHISPERS.]
- This door's locked.
The windows are all shut.
He's still in here.
- All right, I'm gonna call K9 unit.
- No, no, no, wait.
I got a better idea.
Just wait a minute.
Come on, come on.
Where are you? Hey, hey, hey.
He's in the floor.
Son of a bitch is in the floor.
Donald Rutherford, put the gun down now.
I'm not gonna do that.
McGARRETT: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You know why we're here? - I'm not a stupid man.
Okay, you were trying to protect your son.
- Okay, I get that.
- You don't get anything.
You have no idea what it's like to see your boy's name dragged through the papers, hunted.
How long you think you were gonna hide him down here, huh? You were just doing what any good father would do, all right? Okay.
You see this? I'm gonna put my weapon away.
Don't shoot me now.
You shoot me, he's gonna shoot you, and it'll be a big mess.
The guy you shot, his name was Jack Leung.
Hey, Leung, he took that other job so that he could take care of his son.
What happened? Did Jack catch you trying to smuggle your son out of the country? He knew.
After weeks of hiding my son and trying to get him out, I wouldn't have let that man mess things up.
Jordan's all I have, he's not some monster.
Well, he killed that girl.
Her name was Vicki Hailama.
He made a mistake, a stupid mistake.
He should pay with his whole life? Stupid mistake? No, he strangled that girl.
He strangled her because she wouldn't go up to his room, and then he dumped her body in the ocean.
It's not a stupid mistake, that's what your son did.
Well, he's safe now.
If you think I'm gonna tell you where he is, you're wrong.
Dead wrong.
This your son? Wait.
Don't you touch that.
I don't understand what my father was doing working at that airstrip.
He was doing it to help you pay for the boat.
He never said anything.
I knew he wanted me to take over the boat, but I would have made it on my own.
Not with what was going on here.
That's why he took the job at the airstrip, to help you and your family.
Your father saw Jordan Rutherford and knew he was wanted for murder.
So Donald Rutherford followed him here? Because of what your father did, Jordan Rutherford's been picked up by Hong Kong police.
He's being extradited to stand trial for murder.
SEAN: We're going to his favorite spot to spread the ashes.
Thank you.
Thank you for what you've done.
Thank you.
My boy, he wants you to have something.
It's called a slim beauty knot.
My father taught it to me.
Now my son knows it.
Your grandfather was a hero.
Always remember that.
WOMAN: Friday night is always special here at Hilton Hawaiian Village.
Tonight's music guest is Hapa.
Do you mind if I sign that cast of yours? - No, I do not mind.
- He minds and I mind too - if you sign his cast, so no.
McGARRETT: I don't mind.
DANNY: Yes, he does.
- Oh.
Where are you going? Improvising.
You're gonna let her sign your cast and not me, after everything I've done for you? Did he tell you what I did? - No.
- Well, I saved his life, basically.
McGARRETT: That's not true.
DANNY: It's not true? Next time, I'll leave you in the middle of nowhere with a busted arm.
McGARRETT: What's your name? - I'm Sandrine.
- I'm Steve, how are you? - Hey, wahine? These haoles too loud.
How about "marticulating" up the beach with me? [SANDRINE LAUGHS.]
I'm a wounded bird too.
I need some TLC.
Shave Ice, do yourself a favor.
Do me a favor actually.
Nobody wants to "marticulate" with you.
- Whoa.
DANNY: Please just sit down - and I'll buy a round.
- Take the tablecloth off.
- She wants her tablecloth back, man.
- You guys have a good night.
- Okay, to "marticulation," huh? - To "marticulation.
CHIN HO: Yeah? Okay.
Auntie passed.

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