Hawaii Five-0 s01e21 Episode Script

Ho'opa'i (Revenge)

Who is that? That's your father.
For you, baby.
Gotten so big.
I got you something.
- I see you brought some friends.
- Just a precaution.
So have you and your Mommy found any seashells yet? It's a lot different from home, ain't it? Bet you're having fun.
I saw a dolphin.
- You did? - Yeah.
Where? Well, maybe later we could go swim with that dolphin.
- I missed you so much.
- I missed you too.
LISA: You said it was gonna be six months and, um You've been undercover for almost two years.
It's almost over.
Your son didn't even recognize you, Reggie.
Nobody's ever been this close to getting this guy, Lisa.
Which just puts you in even more danger.
I mean, why does it have to be you? What, the FBI couldn't find one New York detective that doesn't have a family? I want my family back.
I just need a little bit more time for us to close this case.
Then I'm home for good.
I'm scared, Reggie.
I love you, and I'm scared.
Come here.
Don't be scared.
Everything's going to be all right.
- How many? - Two.
Which way? Lisa.
No! Lisa.
No, no.
- Baby.
KEVIN: Daddy! Kevin.
Oh, Kevin.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
You okay? Okay.
Ahh! Stay back.
Listen to me.
I want you to go in your room.
You stay there till Daddy gets back, okay? Go! [GRUNTS.]
Good swim, bro? Kamekona, what are you doing here? Came to cook you breakfast.
Okay, let me rephrase that.
What are you doing in my house? Kukui High versus McKinnley, semi-final game.
We bet.
I lost.
That was a joke, bro.
Oh, no joke, bro.
Kamekona no welch.
Had that little punk made his free throws, you would've been taking me to the water park this weekend.
Instead, I gotta serve as your personal chef the whole week.
First up, Spam.
Potato frittatas and Spam-fried rice.
So everything you cook for me this week, is it gonna have Spam in it? Of course.
It's the Hawaiian steak, the nectar of the islands.
Do you know what's in Spam? I'll tell you.
It's processed pork parts, salt, and meat stock.
- That's what give them the glaze.
- Yeah.
- Taste.
- I don't wanna taste.
No? What's the matter? - Did you see who delivered this? - Wasn't there when I came in.
Somebody must've slipped it under the door while I was in the kitchen.
Somebody send you pictures of a car wreck? This is the car bomb that killed my mother.
These are crime scene photos that were stolen from my father's toolbox a few months ago.
And now they're sending it back? - Why? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Do not approach the house.
We're en route.
McGARRETT: Man down.
We got a man down.
Kev - Who's Kevin? - My son.
Okay, all right.
We're gonna find your son.
We're gonna find your son.
Danny, on me.
- Hey, get EMS in here, okay.
COP: Yes, sir.
Hey, this one's got a pulse.
It's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
I'm just gonna take this blanket off your head, okay? I'm a police officer.
My name's Steve.
You must be Kevin.
Right? Yeah? Kevin, I promise you no one's gonna hurt you, okay? I need you to take my hand so we can get out of here.
Keep your eyes shut there, buddy.
I'm gonna put you down.
Now give me your hands and look ahead.
- Where's my mom and dad? - Kevin, listen to me.
I'm gonna get you some answers.
Right now, I need you to go with Officer Liko.
She's gonna take really good care of you and I'm gonna see you soon.
Okay, I'm gonna be back soon.
Okay? Be a good boy for her.
All right? Go on.
Got this off our wounded man inside.
It's FBI.
- FBI? CHIN HO: Special Agent Art Newman.
The dead vic we found in the back's also FBI.
Martin Stallworth.
They're both based out of New York.
Organized Crime Unit.
What about Kevin's father? His name is Reggie Cole.
All he had was a New York driver's license.
- Something's missing.
- Yeah.
Looks like we're about to get some.
You Five-0? Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.
Special Agent Allison Marsh.
I'm told Reggie Cole survived the attack.
Yeah, he did.
Along with his young son.
Unfortunately his wife suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.
Any idea who the shooters might be? Reggie Cole has been working undercover for the FBI in Jimmy Cannon's New York crime family.
We're running our people now.
We have no idea how this happened.
But obviously, Cannon found out Reggie's identity and sent a crew to wipe out him and his family.
I'm sorry.
Who's Jimmy Cannon? I used to be a cop in New Jersey.
Jimmy Cannon, I used to hear his name all the time.
Guns, drugs, labor, construction, hijacking, anything, you name it.
Jimmy Cannon was coming to Oahu to visit his son Richard, a civilian with no connection to his dad's business.
Works for the preservation society here.
So Reggie came in a day ahead of Cannon to set up security detail, but he wanted a breakaway to see his wife and son.
No one was supposed to know.
- Cannon figured it out.
ALLISON: That's what I'm thinking.
All right, if Cannon finds out that Reggie's not dead, he's gonna send men in to finish the job.
Gentlemen, this is an FBI matter now, and the FBI will be taking over this case.
- Thank you for your efforts.
- First of all, you're welcome.
Second, a little boy's gonna grow up without a mother because of a leak in your agency.
Now you listen to me.
You cannot go after Jimmy Cannon.
Watch me.
McGARRETT: Reggie? - Hey.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
- Where's my son? He's okay.
Your wife's parents are flying in.
You didn't answer my question.
Where's my son? He's down the hall.
We have people with him.
- Who? The Feds? McGARRETT: No.
Our people, H.
Listen, I know you don't trust anybody after what happened.
- You're right, I don't.
- Okay, we understand that, but we do have to ask you some questions.
There were two shooters.
It was dark.
I didn't see their faces.
After my wife After I saw my wife on the ground, I fired, then they fired.
I hit one of them, and then they drove off.
Are you sure you hit him? I hit him.
Reggie, how many people knew that you and your family were gonna be in that house? My supervising agent.
Three agents on detail.
Very few people in FBI know I exist.
One of those people leaked the location of your safe house.
Look, my job was to get Jimmy Cannon.
I don't know who shot me, who set me up.
All I know is that Jimmy Cannon ordered the hit.
Now, look, I know you guys are trying to do your jobs, but Jimmy Cannon killed my wife.
He killed a federal agent.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
He's gonna put walls up in front of you wherever you go.
We're gonna go wherever the case takes us.
You want guys like us on this because we'll go right through those walls.
You understand? I wasn't supposed to leave that house.
Jimmy's gonna try again.
I got to protect my son.
I'm all he has.
- Hey, how's Reggie? Reggie's fine.
Tangential gunshot wound to the liver, so he's gonna need a little time.
Tangential? You don't have to bust out the big words to impress me.
That's very cute.
Your turn.
What do you got? - I got evidence of two shooters.
COP: There you go.
Two shoot Yeah, that just confirms what Reggie said, - so I'm not impressed, babe.
- Okay, well, what if I told you I found a witness? - Would that work? - That would blow my mind.
KONO: See that camera? - Yeah.
There are two dozen of these around to stop illegal spear fishing.
This one's facing our crime scene.
- How do you know about these? - Oh, when I was in high school, some friends and I got suspended being filmed up here, allegedly drinking and night surfing.
- Allegedly.
- Hmm.
So these cameras, they use a motion detection system.
So the tape rolls whenever there's any movement in the field or on the road.
I'm gonna call the Parks Department, - get somebody down here now.
- Forget that.
- I got it.
- What are you doing? Spider Woman, what are you doing? I got them on speed dial.
Would you be careful, please? Stop? That's nice.
Destruction of government property.
That's Been hanging out with McGarrett too long.
I was so worried about you.
I love you.
You know that, don't you? Love you so much.
Are you gonna catch the men who hurt Mommy? Yes, I am.
McGARRETT: So, what you get off the camera? KONO: We got a Ford Explorer pulling up to the house just before dawn, lights off.
They go into the house.
And they come out two minutes later.
Okay, Reggie said he hit one of those guys.
Yeah, he did.
Right Right there.
McGARRETT: Bring the tape back, Kono.
Bring it back.
Bring it back.
Okay, freeze it.
Right there.
Get the Crime Lab back to the scene and look for any evidence around where that Explorer was, okay? Then check with hospitals and clinics for any reports of gunshot wounds.
All right.
I already have an APB out on the vehicle.
We need a better look at the faces in this video.
It's pretty grainy, but I can try cleaning them up.
When you get something, run them against all known members of the Cannon's organization who are actually in the database.
What about the boot print we pulled? You get anything there? Sole treads are mass-produced and sold all over the world, so unless we have a suspect's shoes to match them to, it's a dead end.
Just spoke with the ME.
The slugs he pulled out of the vics were made of tungsten steel.
Now, these are the same exact bullets used in a handful of New York murders that the feds believe, but can't prove, Cannon ordered.
- How is this guy not in jail? - Well, lack of evidence, for starters.
- Where are you going? - I'm gonna get some evidence.
McGARRETT: McGarrett, Williams.
We're here to see, Jimmy Cannon.
Cannon isn't seeing any visitors today.
Why don't you guys go get some lunch? I'm not hungry.
Come back tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much? You heard him.
Cannon's not seeing any visitors today.
- Please don't do that.
- What? Don't put your hands on the wheel every time something terrible happens, - and I have to pray.
Please? - Hang on a second.
Jimmy Cannon? Who the hell are you? If you have to ask, your reputation is exaggerated, or you're slipping.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
This is Detective Danny Williams.
Hey, big guy, I got one of those too.
You wanna play? We can play, if you want or you can walk away.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Listen, we would have knocked, but they're having trouble with the gate.
Gentlemen, I get to see my son about once a year.
So, whatever this is about, make it quick.
Richie, go inside.
Richie, you should stay there if you wanna find out who your father is.
Don't try and tell me who my father is.
He's my father.
That's deep.
Jimmy, hey, did you really think you were gonna get away with killing a federal agent and the wife of a New York City detective? What are you talking about? McGARRETT: I'll tell you what he's talking about.
Reggie Cole was undercover in your operation for two years.
Somebody leaked that information to you.
You gave the order for him and his family to be killed.
A woman and a nine-year-old boy.
I have nothing to do with this terrible crime.
And if Reggie Cole is dead, I'm sorry to hear that.
You see, this is bad news for Jimmy department.
Reggie Cole survived.
I don't keep tabs on my employees when they're not working.
Now If Reggie pretended to be someone he's not, made people love him, and then betrayed those people, I can understand why someone would wanna hurt the family he loves.
On the streets where I grew up on, some folk would consider that justice.
You know, I can't wait to wipe that stupid smile off your face.
I think I'll exercise my right to remain silent.
- That's what guilty people do.
- That's what smart people do.
If you were that smart, we never would have made it in here.
And if you had any evidence, we wouldn't be talking.
This is a photograph of a tungsten-tip steel bullet.
Your signature.
Found that at the Cole crime scene.
Now you getting sloppy, Jimmy? You know, every investigation ever launched against me has come up empty.
You know why? - No.
Why? - Because there's nothing to find.
Now, growing up in poverty and making something of yourself used to be considered a virtue in this country.
Was that Capone? Did he just quote Capone? - I think it was Gotti.
- Right, Gotti? John Gotti? Are you two done? Because I'd like to get back to lunch with my son.
That's fair enough.
You only see him once a year.
You know what? Before we go, I'm gonna need your shoes.
Let me guess.
Cannon's shoes? Yeah, and all his bodyguards'.
I'll run them against the prints at the scene.
- That's one of our shooters? KONO: Yeah.
So, I contacted FBI's Organized Crime Task Force and had them send me mug shots of every known Cannon associate.
I ran them against our enhanced image, but no matches.
Maybe Reggie can ID him.
McGARRETT: Hey, Reggie, we need He's gone.
DANNY: No one's seen Reggie.
- What about Kevin? Grandparents picked him up with a protection detail - right when we got here.
- Lock down the hospital, have HPD block off every access street.
Nobody leaves.
What do you got? Doctors' lounge broken into, some clothes are missing.
Also got a report of a Jeep Cherokee stolen from the parking lot.
He's on E & E.
Okay, issue an APB on Reggie Cole and the stolen vehicle.
- Let's go.
- Okay, hold on.
Hold on.
He's hurt, doesn't know the island.
How far can he get? He survived undercover in one of the most violent crime families in the country.
They killed his wife, okay? Right now he's focused on protecting his son and revenge.
The question is, where does he start? Hold on, he's a cop.
My guess he starts at the crime scene.
McGARRETT: Where is he? - He just left.
Took our car.
And he took something from the wall back there.
DANNY: Steve? - What? DANNY: Looks like he ditched the doc's clothes.
Check this out.
I think this could be a crash kit.
McGARRETT: What's that? Crash kit.
It's like a stash box, right? Heavy undercovers usually stow things away, in case their cover is blown.
They got to break out quick.
Untraceable IDs, their bosses don't even know about.
Cash, credit cards, and - A clean gun.
DANNY: Yeah.
Things just keep getting better, huh? Copy.
HPD just tried to activate the vehicle locator on the stolen squad car.
It's not working.
All right, increase the number of HPD officers sitting on Cannon's house - in case Reggie decides to pay a visit.
CHIN HO: Got it.
KONO: Hey, Kevin.
Look, I know this is hard.
But did you see any of these men at your house, last night? My dad said I'm not supposed to help the police.
Well, you know how your dad's sort of a special police officer? Yes.
I'm special police too.
What kind of police are you? Kevin, sometimes moms get hurt, and I'm the kind of police they send in to find the men that hurt moms.
And you can help me.
I think your daddy would really want you to do that.
What do you think? Do you remember any of these men? No.
It's okay, Kevin.
Kevin? I saw him.
You're sure? Nobody else? Thank you, Kevin.
You did really good.
Reggie Cole is a highly decorated police officer, okay.
And he knows the only reason Jimmy Cannon has survived this whole time is because he doesn't leave anybody alive who wants to hurt him.
And right now, Reggie and his son are two people who can hurt Jimmy Cannon.
We know who Jimmy Cannon is.
What we do not know is who Reggie Cole is going to be if he finds out who the leak is, or if tracks down one of the shooters.
You were married, you have a daughter.
What would you do? I would like to just kill everybody, but I would never do that, okay? I would not risk going to prison.
I could not do that to Grace.
You, forget it.
I don't even wanna know what you would do.
I would be by the book.
- The book? - I would be by the book.
Which book would that be, may I ask? The Patriot Act for Dummies? How to Nuke Your Enemies? War and Peace? [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
- Minus the peace part? - That's funny.
- Hey, Kevin give us anything? - He saw it all go down.
He recognized our shooter from the video, but he couldn't ID any of the FBI's known Cannon associates.
Then who did Cannon use to pull the trigger? I don't know.
Maybe the shooters are new hires? No, no, Cannon would never do that.
He wouldn't expose himself.
He's too smart.
That's why nobody's been able to put him away.
Any luck connecting the shoes that we brought in with the prints off the crime scene? No.
No matches.
I think I just figured out how Cannon knew where Reggie was.
McGARRETT: Okay, how? - All right, so the FBI assigned a three-man detail to Cole, right? They were Agents Stallworth, Newman and Marsh.
But there were only two of them, Agents Newman and Stallworth, that were present at the time of the attack.
Allison Marsh, the one who briefed you, was absent last night due to a family emergency.
- Family emergency.
- Anybody else find that convenient? That's exactly what I thought.
According to her supervisor, she's the one who's supposed to log in any changes to his protection detail, which she didn't.
Looks like we found our leak.
Look, I told you, I had a family emergency.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
- My daughter was sick.
- You're lying.
I'm not lying.
How much was Cannon paying you? You think I'm the leak? You lost your house to foreclosure, which means you need the money.
You had an emergency, a few hours before the shooting of a family you were supposed to be protecting, and now you're lying to me.
Yeah, I think you're the leak.
I lost my house because my ex-husband stopped paying alimony two years ago.
Okay, so you need money desperately.
I wanna talk to your boss.
Lady, I answer to God and to the governor, neither of whom are going to help you out right now, so take a seat.
I lied to you.
My daughter wasn't sick yesterday.
I know that.
Why were you not at the safe house? I'm in a bad custody battle, okay, and I was worried that my ex was going to try to take my daughter out of the country, so I pulled a few strings and I had him detained by the local police.
I'm sorry.
You framed your ex-husband? - A misdemeanor.
- A misdemeanor.
It was the only way I could guarantee that he'd stay in the country.
If I hadn't done that, he'd be gone today, and I'd have lost my daughter forever.
Why did you not have somebody cover you at the house? I just needed a couple hours.
Agent Newman said, he and Stallworth could handle things while I was gone.
Agent Newman got shot, Agent Stallworth is dead.
I can get pictures of Reggie Cole's wife.
If I had known we were compromised, I never would have left.
People I care about have been hurt and killed.
I should've been there.
And I'm going to carry that with me for the rest of my life.
- Hi.
- Hi.
found the car Reggie took.
It was abandoned in a parking lot in Pearl City.
- Hey! McGARRETT: What? I think I might have figured out why we couldn't track this guy.
This is the vehicle locator.
You see what it looks like now? - Yeah.
- Disabled.
Okay, this is what I don't understand.
Why would he steal a police car? The car he took from the hospital, way less conspicuous.
Why? Because he needed something.
He needed - You think? - Yes, I think.
I definitely think.
Okay, boom, he was on this thing He ran a 1996 white Ford Explorer.
That's the same car the security cam picked up leaving the crime scene.
All right, he's got 71 potential candidates.
And then went to license photos.
Yeah, to see if he could find a match to one of the shooters.
- Chin.
CHIN HO: Lab got a hit on the blood sample of the gunman Reggie shot.
Turns out it's a local resident by the name of Aidin Pukahi.
There's a reason why we couldn't link it to one of Cannon's guys, he did hire locally.
Okay, wait a minute.
That doesn't make any sense.
Why wouldn't Cannon use his own people to make this hit? Listen, run Cole's 71 hits against a Pukahi, Aidin.
- Pukahi? - Yeah, Pukahi.
That's who Reggie was looking for.
DANNY: All right, I got a hit.
Aidin Pukahi.
Address in Waipahu.
Anyone wanna bet that's where he's going? McGARRETT: Hey, there he is in the truck.
Get out of the vehicle right now.
Well, we're gonna have a very difficult time - getting him to tell us who hired him.
- Damn it.
All right, we need to call HPD, and tell them that Reggie Cole is wanted for the murder of one of the men who killed his wife.
We got to get to the second shooter before Reggie does, or else we got zero chance of getting Cannon.
- McGarrett.
- I didn't kill him.
You hear me? I didn't do it.
McGARRETT: I wanna believe you.
Someone got to Pukahi before I could question him.
You're asking me to trust you, you need to trust us.
You need to turn yourself in, and then when we clear you, if we clear you, we'll work together, you understand? I can't do that.
Only have one chance left to find out how this went down.
Reggie, you got to think about your kid right now.
Who do you think I'm doing this for? If I don't put an end to this now, Kevin will never be safe.
Hey, you can't raise your kid - from a prison cell.
- Reggie, listen.
I understand why you're doing this, but you've got to let us do our job, okay? Let us help you.
You got to trust us, Reggie.
Whoever gave Cannon my safe house and got my wife killed, they were someone who I trusted.
Let's just say trust isn't my thing right now.
Stay out of my way, McGarrett.
Hold on.
How does he know we're here? How does he know we're here? I'll tell you how he knows we're here.
He stole the portable radio from the squad car.
Right, so he could monitor our calls, track our moves.
And stay one step ahead of the investigation the whole time.
So, we need to call HPD, radio silence on the case right now.
Hold up a second.
Wait a minute.
We know he's listening in on the radio, right? Well, why go silent? Why don't we give him something to listen to? DISPATCH [OVER RADIO.]
: We have a 10-5 on the second Cole shooter.
Ala Moana Beach Park.
Suspect is armed.
Proceed with caution.
COP: Standing by.
- Nobody moves until I give the order.
COP: Sir.
You got me? DISPATCH: Squad Unit two is standing in position on the mountainside Raise your hands and walk back toward my voice.
Do it now, Reggie.
CHIN HO: Yeah, we got him.
How'd you know I'd be here? This is where I'd come if I thought it was gonna be a trap.
It's got the best vantage point in the park.
Found this on him, .
38 caliber.
ME said he pulled two .
38 slugs out of Pukahi.
DANNY: Steve.
Get him out of here.
I didn't kill him.
I didn't kill him! Pukahi was already dead when I got there.
You know something, Reggie, I believe you.
I believe you, man.
And you know what else, I'm sure that this piece, loaded with tungsten-steel bullets just happened to be in the car when you stole it too.
I got it out of Pukahi's car, and I took it for evidence.
I didn't kill anyone.
And neither did Cannon.
What are you talking about? Jimmy Cannon didn't kill my wife.
How many times you want me to tell you? Jimmy Cannon did not kill my wife! Everything points to him.
Okay? He had the motivation, he had the means, we found his signature bullets at the crime scene.
Explain that to me.
I was with Jimmy Cannon every day for two years.
He is a cold-blooded killer, but he's not gonna trust some low-level local like Pukahi for a hit like this.
He has too much access to major talent.
Somebody set him up.
And whoever set him up killed Pukahi.
And that's who we need to be looking for.
Instead of you in here interrogating me! - My wife's killer's still out there! - Pukahi was killed with a.
I pulled a.
38 off of you, Reggie.
What is that, coincidence? I didn't say I wasn't happy he was dead.
I'm happy he's dead.
But I did not pull the trigger.
Look, I'm not gonna leave my son out here all alone with nobody to take care of him.
I'm not gonna raise my son through no prison bars.
Come on, McGarrett, do you have kids? No.
Then you'll never understand.
Ballistics report came back on Pukahi.
Thirty-eight slugs don't match Reggie's gun.
Come on, see, I told you.
McGarrett, please, we are wasting time! All right, who killed him? Who killed him? The second shooter? Whoever hired the second shooter was trying to silence him.
Can't you see that? Just get me out of here.
I think I know how to find him.
These are the tungsten bullets that I found on Pukahi.
Now, look at this.
Full load, right? Now look at this one.
- See anything odd? - It's got half the gunpowder in it.
Half the power of a regular bullet.
This is a full magazine.
If you go to this much trouble to kill somebody, why would you use a bullet at half its force? KONO: This one's got a pulse.
- You wouldn't, unless you didn't wanna kill them, you only wanted to wound them, to give them an alibi that no one would ever question.
Now you got it.
Thank you for bringing me in on this.
Reggie, thank God you're okay.
I'm so sorry about Lisa.
- Ahh! - Now, that looks like it hurts, almost as much as a gunshot wound in the collarbone.
We know you made those tungsten bullets, okay? I have no idea what you're talking about.
- Shut up.
McGARRETT: Half load, so they would Hey, look at me! Half load, so they would wound but they wouldn't kill.
After we pulled your prints off them, we dumped your whole life.
You know what we found? Five hundred thousand dollars in a Cayman Islands account.
That's the price of my wife and my kid? McGARRETT: Reggie! We know you gave away the location of the safe house.
Who paid you to do that? McGARRETT: Let me tell you how this is gonna go.
You're gonna tell us exactly what we wanna know, or I'm gonna leave you alone with Reggie.
What do you think? It's your choice.
I never met the person who paid me.
My only contact with him was over the phone.
There were two shooters, all right? We already got Pukahi, who's the other guy? Give me a name.
What's his name? His name is Nelson Lee.
Nelson Lee? - He's all yours.
- Thank you.
We need to take Lee alive, you understand? He has to be able to ID whoever hired him to kill you and your family.
There he is.
Stop! Don't do it! Don't do it! Take the shot! You're gonna die.
Now, you got heaven and you got hell, and you got one chance to tell me the truth, and God can hear you.
Tell me who sent you to kill me! And I know it wasn't Cannon.
Tell me! Tell me who sent you to kill me! It was his son.
Jimmy Cannon, show me your hands, right now.
COP: Put them up.
I let you into my family, you betray me like this Shut up! I didn't kill your wife.
I know you didn't.
- Your son did.
- What are you talking about? Richard Cannon, you're under arrest for the murder of Tell him you had nothing to do with it.
Tell him you had nothing to do with it! Say something, you son of a bitch! - The attempted murders of Reggie Cole and Kevin Cole.
You have the right to remain silent, and, Richard, please do because the premeditated murder of a federal agent and a police officer's wife in front of their minor child is special circumstances.
That's the death penalty under federal law, the injection, Richard.
You hear me? Get him out of here.
Everyone knew the FBI was investigating you.
No one knew about me.
Till Richie found an agent to take a payday.
Your kid was just protecting his inheritance.
Thought you were gonna lose your businesses, so he sent men to kill me and my family.
Planted evidence to convict you before they could close the RICO case on you.
Then he started killing the same men that he hired.
You go to prison for murder, he gets to run your empire.
Your own son betrayed you.
McGARRETT: You thought Richie was the only good and clean thing in your life, didn't you, Jimmy? REGGIE: Your time is up, Jimmy.
I'm gonna hunt you down like a dog.
Every time you go outside, every time you hear a siren, every time you hear the wind blow, know that I'm coming.
Believe I'm coming.
KONO: You going back to New York? REGGIE: No, Washington.
I'm gonna keep my promise to Lisa.
I accepted a desk job at the FBI Headquarters, Organized Crime Division.
Build a new case on Cannon, come home at night, raise my son.
Well, if you decide you wanna raise him out here, let me know.
- I could use a man with your skill set.
- I'm for that.
Yeah, as long as you don't mind getting shot at, and never getting to drive your own car.
Well, I'm gonna bring down Cannon first.
I may come back and take you up on that offer.
Thank you.
All of you.
What are you looking at? That cloud looks like a seashell, huh? REGGIE: Sure does.
Do you think Mommy sees it? I know she does.
Let's go home now.

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