Hawaii Five-0 s01e22 Episode Script

Ho'ohuli Na'au (Close to Heart)

MAN: Five seconds.
WOMAN: Five seconds.
All right.
Give me that look.
Come on, baby.
There you go.
There you go.
Look right in the lens.
Right in the lens.
Yeah, that's the way.
Come on, give it to me.
Let me see it.
Let me see it.
Oh, there you go.
Yes, yes, yes.
- You're beautiful, Alana.
- Heh.
Yeah, you know it.
You know it.
Yes! That's what I want.
Right here.
Right here.
- Ha, ha.
RENNY: Love it.
Love it.
There it is.
We got it.
I give you 3-to-1, the cover's in that sequence.
- Amy.
- Uh Ladies, can we try some new looks? AMY: Okay, everybody, back to the changing tents, please? New wardrobe and back in ten.
These setups are taking way too long.
- You're not getting tired, are you? - I'm fine.
You sure about that? I am on a beach in Hawaii with the man I love.
I'm way more than okay.
So, baby, I've been thinking that maybe we stay here a couple more days fly your family in, then we get married.
What do you think? Right here.
- Are you serious? - What are we waiting for? Right? [CHUCKLES.]
You make me so happy.
RENNY: Go get changed.
We'll talk details tonight, okay? I love you.
WOMAN: I don't know about you but that's it.
- You okay? - Just peachy.
Hello? Who's out there? [FIRE ROARS.]
Help me! Help me! Somebody! Help me! [GASPING.]
RENNY: Help me! WOMAN: Renny! Renny! - Help me! - Renny! Help me! WOMAN: Renny! - Renny! MAN: Get back.
Get back.
- No.
Don't you No.
JORDAN: Renny.
Let me go.
Let go.
KAWIKA: Ho, keikis, be careful! BO Y: Yes.
SUZIE: Kono, can I ask you something? KONO: Sure.
Were you bummed when Jenny Shaun beat you in the finals for the junior nationals? Ha-ha-ha.
Oh, little one, you cut to the bone, huh? Yeah, I was pretty bummed.
Then you came back and beat her in the U.
Now, that was fun.
WOMAN: Suzie, come on.
KONO: Ha, ha.
SUZIE: I gotta go.
KONO: Good job.
How long have you known Suzie? Five years.
They diagnosed her with cystic fibrosis when she was 6 months old.
And now she's surfing and being in the salt-water mist where she can breathe better is the best medicine for her.
Thanks for helping out with my charity, Kono.
Thanks for inviting me.
I can't think of a better way to spend my day off.
- You gotta go? - Yeah.
Hey, remind Suzie to practice her pop-up in the hotel room.
- You got it.
- Okay.
Cheers, Kawika.
PARAMEDIC: All right.
Hey, watch your step.
McGARRETT: Hey, Kono.
- Hey.
KONO: All right, so our vic's name is Renny Sinclair.
He's a big-time photographer.
He was in Oahu for three days shooting a swimsuit spread.
According to witnesses, Renny was inside his trailer when it caught fire and then exploded.
I'm thinking incendiary device.
Why do you think it was murder, not an accident? Oh, well, if you follow me here to Exhibit A, we have a 13-mil steel shackle lock.
The firemen had to cut the door handle off to get it open.
Once someone slapped that on, Renny never stood a chance of getting out.
- Whew.
- You guys gotta see this.
This might be where our killer's inspiration came from.
- "Worship me"? - And what is this? Life imitating art? Let me tell you something.
Anybody who burns somebody alive and makes them suffer the way he suffered, this was personal.
McGARRETT: Okay, Kono, stick with the crime techs, finish processing the scene.
Chin, you, me and Danny are gonna go talk to some witnesses.
We'll start with Renny's closest associates first.
Uh, I'm gonna talk to these models.
Just stay with questions that relate to the case.
- What's that supposed to mean? - I know you.
Stick to the case.
- Hey, hey, they're just women.
CHIN HO: Mm-hm.
Who happen to be hot and make millions of dollars.
- I didn't know either of those things.
- Mm-hm.
- You're so busted.
CHIN HO: Ha-ha-ha.
Go! - Get off of me.
ALANA: Leave me.
You shouldn't have been here.
McGARRETT: Hey, hey, hey.
ALANA: Go! McGARRETT: Hey, hey, hey.
She killed him.
He didn't love her anymore, so she killed him.
- You are an insane person.
- All right, all right.
- Stay away from me.
Stay away.
DANNY: Okay, hey.
Whoa, whoa, what do you got there? I wanted her to see what she did.
She didn't just take Renny away from me.
She took him away from his child.
All right, just Danny, come here.
Come with me.
Come with me.
Come on.
- You all right? - She's insane.
McGARRETT: What makes you think Jordan killed Renny? She was, uh She was jealous of Renny and me.
Do you still love Renny? What does that have to do with anything? Well, it's relevant.
- I mean, you guys were a couple.
- Six months ago.
Well, he and Alana are about to have a baby.
They were gonna get married.
Obviously, it kills any chance of reconciliation for you guys, right? I was over Renny.
Jordan wasn't over him.
After Renny broke up with her, she totally lost it.
Fell apart.
I mean I don't think she ever really recovered.
After we broke up, I wished him well.
And I never looked back.
If he wanted to be with Alana, I won't stand in the way of that.
She couldn't stand seeing us together.
Seeing us happy.
Why would I have taken this job if I wasn't over him? If I was to turn down every job because of past relationships with photographers, I wouldn't have a career in this industry.
I know this may sound corny, but Renny was everything to me.
I don't know where I go from here.
You go home.
You grieve.
You get stronger.
Everyone knew Jordan still had a thing for Renny, but she was a complete pro during the shoot.
Where was she before the fire started? Uh, she was supposed to be in the changing tent.
I was running around getting ready for the next setup, so I can't tell you for sure.
What about the other models? How'd they get along with Renny? From what I can tell, everyone loved Renny.
How long have you been working with him? Um, tomorrow will be a week.
I was a local hire.
To be honest, I don't even know most of these people's names.
Was there anyone on set who wasn't here working? Any visitors? Anyone hanging around the trailer who wasn't supposed to be? There was this guy.
Um, he drove a silver Porsche.
I only remember because Renny told me to make sure he was allowed to drive on and park next to his trailer.
Did you get a name or a license plate number? I was just told to look out for a friend of his driving a silver Porsche.
I waved him on the set and that was it.
I never even saw what he looked like.
Excuse me.
Uh, Charlie Fong? - I'm Officer - Kono.
- How are you? - I'm good.
That's great.
It It's really good to see you again.
I'm sorry, do l? Wait, do we know each other? I knew you wouldn't remember.
Okay, um Let's get started.
I pulled the data that you sent over from the Renny Sinclair crime scene and put together a little reenactment.
Here we have the two gas cans that you collected as evidence.
One was placed on the exterior underneath your victim's trailer.
And the other was placed on the interior under the bathroom sink.
We never worked a case together? No.
We haven't.
As I was saying, once the exterior frame caught fire, flames set off the second gas can, immediately engulfing the interior of the trailer.
All right, were you able to analyze the gas sample we recovered? I'm running it through GC-MS now.
If it's a viable sample, it'll tell us what station this gas was purchased at.
Very cool.
Yeah, it's amazing.
Chemically speaking.
So, what else do we know? Found something inside your melted gas can.
KONO: What is all that? Can't see what it is from the x-ray.
So I'm having one of the other techs take it to an industrial oven.
The only way to extract it is to carefully melt away the plastic.
Did you graduate from Kukui High? Nope, Punahou.
You're not gonna make this easy, are you? Just the crime-solving stuff.
CHIN HO: Yeah.
Yeah, I got it.
Three o'clock.
I'll be there.
What's going on? That was IA.
They wanna see me this afternoon at 3.
Your uncle talked to them, didn't he? He told them it wasn't me.
And he told them my auntie was dying and needed a new kidney, so he stole the $200,000 out of the asset forfeiture locker to save her life.
Now, of course, IA officially reopens the case.
But, Chin, listen.
This is gonna clear your name.
Yeah, it will.
But at what cost? My uncle was a righteous cop, Steve.
In his 25 years, he put away hundreds of criminals, guys that deserved to be off the street.
And if he's found guilty, they'll enact judicial review.
All of his past convictions could be called into question.
Guilty men will walk straight out of prison.
- Let me call the governor.
- No.
It's my problem.
I'll handle it.
- What's with him? - His uncle's about to be arrested.
What did he do? He told the truth? Yeah.
Chin's been carrying the secret for so long, he'd rather keep living with it than see his uncle go to jail.
Where have you been anyway? DANNY: Well, I have been doing my job.
I thoroughly questioned all the models on Renny's photo shoot this morning.
- I bet you did.
- Get your mind out of the gutter.
I was strictly business.
And it turns out all the ladies said the same thing.
Jordan and Alana were both in the changing tent at the time of the fire.
So Jordan didn't do it? What did I say? Unless she can teleport her body, no, she didn't do it.
- We got no suspects on this? - No, relax, okay? I had H.
run Renny's financials and his phone records.
Look at this.
The guy's like a 15 year-old girl.
All text messages.
No phone calls.
Why is a fashion photographer sending coded texts? All right, I'm gonna send this to Catherine.
She can have the boys in intel run it DANNY: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What? - Not coded text.
Okay, no need for your little Rambo-ette.
Okay, this is not your, uh, cloak-and-dagger spook speak.
- This is daddy's world.
- Okay.
- These are bets.
- Bets? - What are you talking about bets? - Guy had action.
"Bos minus eight," that's Boston Celtics minus eight points.
"NYK, 2.
5," that's the Knicks minus two and a half points.
- Check you out.
- The guy was an animal.
Had bets all over the place.
I'll show you.
Look at this.
The guy's got open credit markers all over Vegas.
Mandalay's, Caesars, Bellagio.
Look at the bank records.
Every dollar that comes in goes straight back out again.
- He's a cash-poor guy.
- Yeah.
Strapped for cash, but he's still making bets.
Right? If he can't come up with the dough, it means he's burning his bookie.
Yeah, and maybe the bookie did the same thing to him.
I knew you'd be here.
Why is that? Because of all the fishing spots you know, you never once caught anything here worth keeping.
I figured you're here more to think than to fish.
You shouldn't have come here.
Since IA opened this investigation, you're in violation of a department mandate if you have contact with me.
Uncle, IA called me.
I have to appear before a review board this afternoon.
That's good.
Tell them the truth.
The truth doesn't matter anymore.
What matters now is keeping you out of jail.
You don't have to be silent any longer, Chin.
- You owe me nothing.
- I owe you everything.
I need you to go back to IA and tell them that since Auntie died, - you haven't been thinking clearly.
- Chin? That you didn't know what you were saying.
I need you to go back and tell them that I took the money.
I'm not telling them that.
Telling them that could put you in jail.
I'm not lying anymore.
GC-MS findings are back on the gas our killer used to start the fire.
KONO: He bought 87 octane.
That doesn't help us.
Eighty-seven is the most widely used octane of gas.
But the additives are a match to a local chain, Lex Brodie's Gas.
Okay, how many stations are there on the island? FONG: Twelve.
So all we have to do is match this gas sediment fingerprint to a specific Lex Brodie station, and we know where our killer bought the gas.
What are you so happy about? We now have to collect samples from 12 different stations.
That's cool.
I needed gas anyway.
Cool tech.
You're not the only nerd on the block.
Let's roll.
I think I just found that mystery guest who paid a visit to our vic this morning.
Witness I spoke to said he was driving a silver Porsche, right? Right.
CHIN HO: I pulled this off a traffic cam near the crime scene.
Time code places it on the road right around TOD.
You run the plates? Mm-hm.
Comes right back to a shell corporation.
It's just the kind of move you'd expect from Derek Marcum.
- You know him? - I busted him years back when he was still small time.
Now, he's major league.
Actually, he runs most of the betting action on the island.
- Oh, he's a bookie, huh? CHIN HO: Mm-hm.
I wonder if Marcum was taking bets from our vic.
Oh, we have evidence that says Renny had a gambling problem.
- Now, how do we find this guy? - You don't.
From what I hear, he's by referral only.
Okay, we just have to find somebody who can get us an introduction.
Okay, so all the bets were texted to Marcum's prepaid cell.
- I took the numbers, made a client list.
- Okay, good.
We just get one of Marcum's clients to give him up.
All right, I got the perfect guy.
A real whale.
- Oh, yeah, high-stakes gambler? - No, he's literally a whale.
I'm paying you for your energy and your passion.
Come on.
You gotta feel the shave ice.
You gotta be the shave ice.
Come on, supersize that thing.
Come on.
MAN: It's 120 in here.
I'm gonna pass out.
You, like, pass out before or after I pay you? McGARRETT: Hey.
Hey, my haole brothers from another mother.
How you doing? - What's with the Muppet? - That's an economic stimulator.
DANNY: Uh-huh.
- Brah, this is Hawaii.
Shave ice everywhere.
Saturated market.
It's all about distinguishing your product.
Maximizing your brand awareness.
McGARRETT: Well, if you wanted more cash, maybe you shouldn't have taken Northwestern last week.
Oh, me? No, I don't gamble for money, brah.
I'm afraid that's not true.
We know you have an account with Marcum.
- Oh, no, no, no, never.
DANNY: No? - Never do that.
- No, I believe you.
This is what I'm gonna do.
I got this number off a Marcum's phone records.
I'm gonna call it right now and, uh I don't know.
We'll see whose phone rings.
What do you think? [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Gonna get that? - Grandma? - Hi, dear.
Okay, look, I don't do this a lot.
- And I'm only down a little.
- No, no, you're not down a little.
Okay, you have not won a bet in six months.
Okay? You are the worst gambler of all time.
I try.
That's all I can do.
Kamekona, we need to find Marcum, okay? That's a tough bugger to find.
Okay, well, that bugger is a suspect in a murder investigation.
And I never seen him.
Okay, but you owe him money, right? So does everybody else who gambles.
Okay, fine.
That's why you're gonna call his people.
Tell them you're not gonna pay any of the money back, not a cent.
If they got a problem with that, they know where you work.
No, I can't do that.
I gotta pay him.
You don't understand.
These are big scary guys.
Big scary guys, huh? This is Kame.
Uh, yeah, I forgot, 3244.
If you want the money that I owe you, you're going to have to come here and take it from me.
Because I am not paying.
That's it.
Lesson learned.
If I live through this, I'm never gambling again.
- Yeah, right.
- How much you like bet? Hmm? Oh.
FONG: All right, last one.
Let's roll.
Hey, boss.
: Finish collecting those gas samples? Yeah, we got the last one.
We're heading back to see if we can land a match.
Okay, fine.
Listen to me.
We may have a suspect that we wanna move on.
We need some evidence.
Let me know when you get some.
Copy that.
No pressure.
Let's put on some tunes.
That always dials down the pressure.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
- Looking for your Boyz II Men? - Ha-ha-ha.
I haven't listened to them since I was 10 years old? Mm-hm.
"On Bended Knee" was your favorite.
Camp Waianae.
That's where I know you from.
- Keep trying.
- Ugh.
GIRL: Yeah, I don't know.
I could, yeah So, Kamekona, what's this about you not wanting to pay Marcum? - Ah.
- You play dumb? Answer me? - You like getting lickings? - I'm sorry.
I just overheard.
Did you say "lickings"? It's difficult to sound like a tough guy when you use "lickings," try "beatings"? "I'm gonna give you a beating.
" It works.
Trust me, on a lot of different levels.
Five-0, guys.
Let's take a seat.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Let's have a little chat about what's going on? McGARRETT: Whoa.
Danny? DANNY: I got him.
Aah! DANNY: Let me ask you a question.
What part of "sit down and chat" did you not understand, huh? Aah! [LOCK BUZZES.]
Open the door.
Stay there.
Stay there.
All right, come on.
All right, through.
Let's go.
Everybody, up.
Right now.
Into the office.
Let's go.
Huddle, huddle, huddle.
All right, nice huddle up the back there.
Keep each other warm with your bodies.
Take a seat on the floor.
Very good.
Now, take your seat.
Derek Marcum, keep your hands where I can see them.
That way, everybody gets to go home at the end of the day, all right? Gentlemen, I take it you're part of Honolulu's law-enforcement community.
What, uh, gave us away? You're wearing a tie in Hawaii.
Do us a favor, take a seat.
We wanna ask you a couple of questions.
MARCUM: So, what's this about? This is about Renny Sinclair.
We have you on camera leaving a photo shoot right after Renny was killed.
Renny's dead? What happened? Well, what I think happened is that he owes you a gambling debt and you couldn't come up with the dough so you killed him.
I didn't kill him.
Renny was a friend.
I don't use that word lightly.
Okay, but just so I understand, he did owe you money, right? And you obviously wanted it.
Hypothetically speaking, if I were involved in illegal bookmaking, I wouldn't kill a client.
Dead clients tend to have trouble clearing debts.
He's got a point.
That being said, in this hypothetical situation, no, Renny did not owe me a gambling debt.
Okay, so, what were you doing at the photo shoot? I'm in the cash business, gentlemen.
Sometimes that leaves me with a reserve.
From time to time, I lend that reserve out for a profit.
Renny came to me.
He asked to borrow some money.
I gave it.
How much? Two-hundred and ninety-one thousand, five-hundred seventy dollars.
That's a very specific amount.
Could you tell you what it was for? You know, banks ask those kind of questions of their clients.
I don't.
McGARRETT: What's that? That's how he was gonna repay me.
He signed over the first 400 large of his book's profits to me.
Renny mints cash with these things.
If this contract is legit, then that helps your cause.
If it's not, it proves to us that you did not want Renny alive to dispute your claims.
In the meantime, let me see your hands because we're changing venue.
For what? Gambling? Lending money? You do realize I'm gonna post bail and be out in a few hours.
Yeah, that's true.
It'll give us time to decide if we'll extend your stay for murder.
All right.
Hey, don't tell anyone, but I think I might have become a town girl.
You know those South swells at Bowls? You ever paddle out there? You don't know me from surfing.
Nice try, though.
The gas your killer used to torch your vic was purchased on Miahi Avenue - near Kukapu.
KONO: Nice.
So hopefully our killer used a credit card so we can pull those receipts and cross-reference with any suspects.
Hey, hey.
We need to run this through handwriting analysis, so we can verify that Renny actually signed it.
Oh, we also have to make sure that he didn't sign it under duress.
And then there's the $291,570, a very specific amount of dough obviously for something very specific.
I'll have H.
forensic accountants dig deeper into his financials and see if they can find that exact amount anywhere.
- All right? - Mm.
Look, I'm gonna tell IA that I took the money.
If you'll talk me out of it, don't bother.
Hey, hey, hey, I'm calling to say good luck.
Okay? Uh-huh.
AKAHOSHI: Against my better judgment, this board will entertain your statement with regards to the missing money from the asset forfeiture locker.
Well, Chairman Akahoshi my uncle was devastated by the death of my aunt.
And in a misguided attempt to help me salvage my career with H.
, he tried to implicate himself.
But the truth is I took the money.
Let me understand this.
You were accused of stealing this money, an accusation which you denied and fought to the point of resigning from H.
That's correct.
And yet now after your uncle comes forward, you're telling us you took the money? Yes, sir, that's correct.
He was lying to protect me.
How do we know you're not lying to protect him? And how would you explain the fact that after years of monitoring your finances, we've turned up absolutely nothing? No large transactions, no new accounts, no sign of that money anywhere.
That's because I never spent it.
You met with IA, didn't you? I told them I took the money.
Did they believe you? Not right away.
They said they've been tracking my spending habits for years.
So I told them I didn't spend any of it.
They then ordered me to produce all the money by the end of the day tomorrow.
Chin, you don't have that kind of money.
- I know.
- And no one in our family does.
And you can't go to the bank because they'll know.
So who you gonna get it from? [SIGHS.]
You need to go back there and tell them you lied.
Just end this.
It's done.
I'm not going back.
Now, you should answer that.
McGARRETT: Oh, thank you.
Okay, that was the handwriting analyst who just confirmed that Renny did sign the contract turning the proceeds of the book over to Marcum.
No markers indicate that it was signed under duress.
Okay, well, that's definitely gonna come as a shock to Marcum.
Uh, I got off the phone with Renny's attorney in New York.
And his will supersedes any other arrangements he might have made.
- Okay, who's, uh, heir to his estate? - That's where it gets interesting.
Most of Renny's assets are to be put into a trust all going to a woman named Pauline Lucero.
Who's Pauline Lucero? No idea.
We're running background right now.
She stood to make a lot of money from Renny's death.
She got motive.
KONO: We'll talk about it later.
Hey, you know that unknown item we found melted in the gas can? - Yeah.
- The lab managed to get it out.
McGARRETT: A lighter.
KONO: Not just any lighter.
It's an Eros.
These things go for thousands of dollars.
And our killer used it to light the fire that killed Renny.
The butane inside it heated up and blew it to pieces.
What you got? I thought that looked familiar.
That's Renny's fiancée, Alana.
And that's not just a lighter she's holding.
It's our murder weapon.
Mind if I take a seat? [McGARRETT SIGHS.]
How you feeling? Heh.
As good as I can, I guess.
What can you tell me about this picture? We shot that in L.
Renny insisted the cake be purple.
Must have brought five cakes that weren't purple enough.
Where'd you find this? We have reason to believe that the lighter you're holding in this picture was the lighter that was used to start the fire that killed Renny.
Well, that was Renny's lighter.
The client gave it to him as a gift at the end of the shoot.
And when was the last time you saw it? Yesterday, in Renny's trailer.
Okay, could he have, uh, loaned it to anybody? The lighter was worth a lot of money and Renny cherished it.
I don't think he would have given it to anyone.
There were a lot of people on that beach yesterday, so anyone could have stolen it from his trailer.
All right.
Listen, uh, have you ever heard of a woman named Pauline Lucero? No.
Why? According to Renny's lawyers, he had just set up a trust for her.
A trust? Why would he do that? I don't know.
I mean, I know a Shannon Lucero.
She was one of the first real supermodels.
I used to have a picture of her up in my room when I was a little girl.
Did Renny know her? Yeah.
They, uh, dated in the early '90s.
I asked him about it once.
He said it ended badly because she wanted to get married and have kids.
And he just started his career and he wasn't ready.
Couple of years ago, he heard she had moved to Milan.
But they never really spoke after the breakup.
- Excuse me a second.
- Yeah.
- Chin? CHIN HO: H.
forensic accountants took a look at the amount of money Renny borrowed from Marcum.
And get this, their research turned up that $291,570 is the exact amount that the U.
Department of Agriculture reports that it costs to raise a child to the age of 18.
All right, listen, I think Renny and another model named Shannon Lucero had a daughter named Pauline, okay? Run Shannon Lucero through Interpol and the Italian Embassy.
Have Kono cross-reference the name Lucero against any receipts from the gas station we know the killer went to.
You got it.
CHIN HO: How long you been working with him? Um, tomorrow will be a week.
I was a local hire.
Hey, I just got a hit on those gas-station receipts.
Our mystery woman, Pauline Lucero, she purchased the gas the day Renny was murdered.
She's not a mystery woman anymore.
Say hello to Amy, the production assistant, a.
Pauline Lucero.
She's Renny's daughter.
And our killer.
Amy, we'd like a word with you.
It's over.
Come on.
You know what? Wait a minute.
Pauline, I gotta ask you something.
- How could you kill your father? - He wasn't my father.
- Yes, he was your father.
- No.
He left when my mom was pregnant.
He never even knew me.
And when my mother got sick, he turned his back on her.
I tried to contact him, but he wouldn't even take my calls.
Okay, I'm sorry, so you killed him? I had just buried my mother.
And he didn't wanna have anything to do with me.
All right, so you get a job on his photo shoot so you can get close enough to him to burn him alive.
He wanted to be worshiped.
Well, now he can be.
Well, um, just so you know, uh, we did some investigating.
It seems that your father, he had a change of heart when he found out that Alana was pregnant.
He wanted you in his life, Pauline.
You're lying.
McGARRETT: He set up a trust in your name.
Started it with the exact amount of money he should have spent raising you.
What? He has a private detective in Italy right now that he hired looking for you.
McGARRETT: Would you mind your head when you're getting in the car? [LAUGHING.]
GIRL 1: This is so fun! GIRL 2: I know! [CHILDREN CHATTERING.]
Hey, Kelly.
Oh, my gosh.
It's so good to see you.
- Glad you made it.
- I wouldn't miss it, darling.
And I even dragged my cousin down to help.
- Fong? - Hey, Kono.
I heard you two lovebirds finally worked a case together.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, lovebirds? - Kelly, come on.
Wait, you don't remember? - No, I've been trying but - Kelly? My 10th birthday, my parents let me throw a coed party.
Ah, while they were upstairs, we played spin the bottle.
Oh, my god.
That's what it is.
Oh, wait.
Did we? - You're the first girl I kissed.
- Oh, now I totally remember.
I'm sorry.
My braces cut your lip.
I'm a big dork.
Well, I don't remember my lip getting cut.
But I remember you're a pretty good kisser.
Ha, ha.
- Still am.
- Whoa.
- Interesting.
- Ha-ha-ha.
KONO: Aw, uh Kawika, hey.
Are you a surfer? Uh, no, no.
I'm a cop.
That looks like a surfer's haircut.
This does? No, I can assure you, this is not a surfer's haircut.
- Danno don't even swim.
- Ha, ha.
- You're gonna start with me now? - What? I'm still taking surfing lessons, just so you know.
And the word on the street is that I shred.
- I hear Jersey's pretty good.
- I'm sure he's something.
Can we go back out, Kawika? Shoots.
Hey, where's Chin? I don't know.
He said he had to do something before he came.
MARCUM: Five-0, look.
I answered all your partner's questions.
I paid my bail.
I'm done talking about Renny.
I'm not here about that.
I'm listening.
What use would I have with the deed to your home? I need $200,000 and I need it now.

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