Hawaii Five-0 s02e03 Episode Script

Kame'e (The Hero)

Hey, that wasn't good.
Come on.
We should get out of here.
I think we came this way.
Look-- a tent.
Hello? Anybody there? No, we can't go in there.
You kidding? We got to get out of this rain.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Outstanding group.
Thank you, sir.
Good to know your father's rifle still shoots tight.
He taught me how to break it down before I was allowed to fire a round.
He told me about this place.
Your father wanted to bring you here.
He promised me a hunting rifle for my 16th birthday.
Then things changed.
You don't you put a couple of rounds through it? Let me see if I can put some lead through that target.
Well, boy, that's 700 yards-- a hell of a long shot for an old man like you.
I got 20 bucks says you don't even hit steel.
How do you like that? Well, let's make it two rounds.
- Double or nothing.
- You got it.
I have the target.
Nice shooting, Joe.
Must be the rifle.
Must be.
I'll tell you what-- you buy me one of those umbrella drinks, we'll call it even.
So, uh when you are you going back to Coronado? I'm not.
I put in for a transfer to Pearl Harbor.
- Overseeing SEAL team training.
- Really? The island seemed like a pretty good place to wind it down.
The thing is, Joe, I mean, you're not the you're not really a fun-in-the-sun, hang-loose, aloha type.
They let you stay.
Yeah, they did.
What's Hawaiian for "bottoms up"? Okole maluna.
Here's to hanging loose.
I'll believe that when I see it.
Hey, you know what? It's going to be good to have you around.
Joe White.
When? I'm on my way.
Everything all right? No.
The deceased's name is Clay Garcia.
That's his wife, Marissa.
Cause of death? Technically speaking, it's not my case.
That's not an answer, Max.
The body was recovered in the jungle.
The cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound with a gun registered to him.
One of the reasons I came back to this island was to be around guys like Garcia.
You trained him, didn't you? One of the best SEALs I'd ever seen.
We were supposed to go spearfishing next week.
Why would he kill himself? Deployments took a toll on his marriage.
He went on leave from active duty hoping to reconcile.
Hell, he was going to fight to save his marriage, not shoot himself up in the jungle.
Joe, I've seen guys kill themselves 'cause they can't make a mortgage payment.
Yeah, but Garcia was not that guy.
He was squared away.
No matter how hard or impossible the assignment, Garcia took it.
Something's not right.
He didn't kill himself.
You want me to look into this? You tell me it's a suicide, I'll believe it.
All right.
Max, did you take a look? Oh, I shouldn't even be doing this.
Well, I familiarized myself with the M.
's case summary and took a cursory look at the crime scene photos.
Okay, I need you to take a closer look, Max, okay? You want me to reopen the case? Yeah.
What's the big deal? Do you have any extenuating evidence that might suggest that this wasn't a suicide? No.
Okay, well, then, I'm going to need a little bit more than that in order to officially reopen the case, considering that my boss, the senior medical examiner, was the one who performed the autopsy.
There is an unwritten rule that you don't mess with the boss's toe tags.
Well, maybe he made a mistake, Max.
Highly unlikely.
He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Medical School.
Besides, the weapon found in the deceased's hand was registered to him.
So, unless there is new evidence or a a compelling theory of a crime being committed Max, Max, listen to me.
My former C.
lost one of his men.
I want you to reopen this case.
Is this a favor or an order? It's both.
So, what, are you hanging with Ray Mapes now? Well, hello to you, too, cuz.
You do know that HPD forced him out of the department, right? Yeah, well, that makes three of us.
The only difference is you got your badge back and I'm never going to.
There's a big difference.
Mapes was a gardener-- planting evidence, collecting ethics violations.
I wonder what they say about me.
You can't let I.
tell the story.
That's exactly what Fryer wants.
What does it matter? They've already won.
I have to move on with my life.
Move on where? You're a cop.
Without a badge.
You remember when you shredded your knee? Doctors said you'd never get up on a board again, and you proved them wrong.
- It's not the same.
- It is.
Except, on this one, you're giving up without a fight.
Look, I appreciate everything you're trying to do, but you're wasting your time.
Lori Weston.
This is Joe White, my old Navy SEAL commander.
Agent Weston has recently joined the task force.
Well, that's a step up from describing my role here as babysitting.
They were actually your words.
Yeah, but you were thinking it.
Okay, now she's a mind reader as well as a profiler.
"A welcome addition to the team" is, I believe, how he put it.
I said, given her bonafides, she would be welcome Uh, you two work out this little act beforehand? It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry to hear about your friend.
Steve is looking into it.
On the Q.
, of course.
Speaking of which Hey, uh creepy.
Why you dressed like Inspector Gadget? Reopening a closed case without authorization is considered risky.
So I took precautions.
Uh, all right.
What do you got? After carefully studying the blood spatter patterns, I noticed there were subtle deviations that I couldn't account for.
So I ran GSR tests on the victim's clothing, as well as the tent wall samples, factoring in velocity relative to the hand position, which is, of course, after I recalculated the bullet trajectory based on skull fracture analysis Wait.
Max, just give us the CliffsNotes version.
Okay? Okay.
You were right.
This is a homicide.
The GSR gaps in the victim's hand, combined with the inconsistent blood spatter, leads me to believe that the killer placed the gun in the victim's hand and then pulled the trigger.
This was a highly trained Navy SEAL.
No one's just going to walk up and put a gun in his hand and pull the trigger without a fight.
Maybe he was incapacitated first.
Max, run a full tox screen, okay? After I officially reopen the case.
Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make this look like a suicide.
Right up through there.
How'd you know where this was? He trained Garcia.
SEALs are taught to minimize risk in the field, and this is one of the few defensible campsites with a view of the trail.
Would have been hardwired into him.
What was Garcia doing up here, Joe? When I got divorced, I packed up the pickup truck and headed for the mountains.
Which divorce? Number three.
I was a mess.
I spent a week backpacking in the Beartooths.
Okay, so Garcia comes up here to wrap his head around the end of his marriage? Sometimes you got to get off the grid, you know, regroup, put things in perspective.
His killer went to a lot of trouble.
Think about it-- Garcia-- he's up here isolated, probably not in the best mental shape.
Got something! He must have built a fire away from the tent site.
Look at that.
What do you got? Some kind of sediment in there.
Okay, have Fong run it and, uh, check the bottle for prints.
What is it? Chin, let me see those crime scene photos.
Garcia's pants and boots were caked with red dirt.
Doesn't match the stuff here at his campsite.
Probably took a hike.
Yeah, well, he wouldn't hit red dirt until he got to the other side of that ridge over there.
My uncle used to take me up there looking for wild guava.
Lead the way.
So how long were you and Clay separated? We weren't officially separated.
But you asked him to leave? I I thought some time apart would help.
Did you two have a fight? Yes.
Okay, can you tell us what it was about? It's not easy being married to a SEAL.
He was always away on some deployment, and I never knew when he was going to come back or or if, and I couldn't just sit around here and wait.
So you took a job to keep busy? Yes, waiting tables.
Okay, um, but he did take a leave from the navy to come back here and work on the marriage, right? I never asked him to do that.
Being a SEAL was the one thing he loved.
More than you? I'm sorry, I-I didn't I didn't even offer you coffee.
I'm fine, thank you.
Marissa, can I ask you, was there someone else? Clay was convinced that I was having an affair with my boss at the grill.
Were you? No.
But he wanted to believe there was a reason why our marriage wasn't working.
And the truth was I had fallen out of love with him.
Did, did you tell him that? He took it pretty hard.
We're going to need your boss's name.
It's, uh, Nick Drayton.
Thank you.
So what do you think? I think she's telling the truth.
About the affair or why her marriage imploded? She was being evasive about something.
I'd like to talk to this boss of hers, check his alibi.
So how long were you married? That clearly has nothing to do with this case.
Oh, no, your-your body language says it does.
My, my body language? My body language is "I'm driving.
" - See? - Yeah, no, you were, you were rubbing your ring finger.
Every guy does it.
Just means you're thinking about your own marriage.
Oh, okay.
I just point out the obvious.
Most men can't handle the truth when it comes to love.
We can't handle the truth when it come? What are we doing, A Few Good Men? What truth can't what can't we handle? That marriages fail.
Well, what about you? You ever been married? No, no, I came close once.
You came close once? Close is no good unless you're playing horseshoes or hand grenades.
Okay, what do you mean, clo? You either were married or you were not married.
No, close, like day-before-the-wedding- bought-the-dress close.
Wow, Runaway Bride.
What, what happened? You first.
No, it's very complicated.
Yeah? Ditto.
Listen, I still think we should go see this guy Garcia's wife wasn't having an affair with.
It's up here.
Chin, Chin, Chin, freeze! What? Trip wire.
Don't move.
Listen to me.
Just keep the pressure even, okay? Don't shift your weight.
- You hear me? - Yeah.
Just don't move.
What is that? It's a shotgun shell.
All right, Joe.
You got it? Yeah, cut it.
Crude but effective.
Hawaii's not exactly the place for IEDs.
It is if you want to keep your investment safe.
Hidden dope grow.
Gentlemen, who wants to retire? Looks like a couple million dollars worth.
Okay, so Garcia goes hiking, he stumbles upon the growers.
How'd he miss stepping on one of those shells? He was trained to spot stuff like that.
Yeah, but he could have tripped one of these.
That's a motion sensor camera.
It's a pretty high-tech operation.
Growers monitor the site from some nearby location.
You think they're watching? Let's hope so.
Hey, man, you better take a look at this.
What the hell? Come on.
There he is.
Don't do it, don't do it.
Car trouble? So the DEA is paying a visit to your little organic farm right about now.
Roots and all, by the time they get done weighing all those plants, you're looking at a good, long stretch.
This the part where I cooperate? 'Cause it ain't gonna happen.
I got a lawyer for playing nice with you police.
No, this is the part where you tell us about him, and maybe we take a little of that weight off the table.
That's Clay Garcia.
He was found shot dead up near your dope grow.
Look at the photo.
You saw him, didn't you? He tripped one of the cameras.
You pay him a little visit? Maybe.
Don't mean I shot him.
No, sure, I mean, you look more like a pit bulls and butterfly knife type of guy to me.
What do you mean? Somebody shot him in the head, made it look like a suicide.
Oh, yeah, that ain't my style, but you already know that, don't you? Yeah, we already know that.
What we don't know is what happened after you ran into him.
Why don't you tell us about that? Dude was ice, man.
Had my boy put a knife to him, and next thing I know, he's on the ground with busted fingers.
What did you do? Told him to stay away from our grow and we got no problem.
We left it cool.
Anybody else up there with him? Not with him.
We had another trip on the cameras.
Went looking, but we couldn't find him.
What did this guy look like? Don't know, some haole.
They all look alike.
All right, how many of those trip cameras you got up there? Six.
Ain't nobody get near the grow without us putting eyes on 'em.
We need to see that footage.
So Caetano said that somebody else was up there with Garcia, right? Did you get a description? Yeah, haole-- we all look alike.
Lori, I need you to pull footage off Caetano's cameras.
I'm betting our killer made a cameo.
Okay, get right on it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, listen, she follows orders, she likes sports.
I mean, if she was into blowing stuff up and romantic getaways at the DMZ, I'd say we are looking at a love connection.
That's funny.
Garcia's wife give you anything? Yeah, he thought she was having an affair, uh, but she wasn't.
Okay, you just took her word for it? Yeah, I did, she seemed pretty upset about her husband's murder.
You get a name? Yeah, Nick Drayton.
He manages the Hula Room Bar and Grill, and I'm guessing he is not the kind of guy to kill a SEAL and make it look like suicide.
Evidence in a hit-and-run over in Kailua.
You heard from Kono lately? Because she's not returning my calls.
investigation's got her all turned around.
You said on the phone you had something? Yeah.
Lab results came back on that bottle you found at the crime scene.
So the bottle was spiked with ketamine.
It's a sedative used to tranquilize horses.
What about prints? The victim's and another set of prints that we ran through the system got a hit off a DUI pop.
- Meet Nick Drayton.
- Wait a minute.
Didn't Garcia think his wife was having an affair with a guy called Nick Drayton? Yes.
So you drug a Navy SEAL, and you make it look like a suicide? - What are you talking about? - All right, oh, oh, listen.
We just want to know, was his wife involved, yes or no? - No.
Look - You, look, all right? What happened to your arm, huh? Garcia do that? Huh? Huh? You're lucky he didn't do more for sleeping with his wife.
Hey, hold on! I didn't sleep with his wife.
Let's get that straight.
I went to see him because Marissa's a friend, and she was going through some tough times.
I wanted to talk some sense into him.
Oh, that was nice of you.
How about you explain to me how your fingerprints got on a bottle of whiskey that I found at the crime scene? Explain that to me.
How about the ketamine, you slipped into his drink? Ketamine.
What is that? It's the drug you used to knock him out before you shot him in the head.
Listen, I told you guys.
I went to see him at his hotel room to talk some sense into him.
All right? He'd been drinking.
And I-I tried to take the bottle away from him.
Bad idea.
I got a dislocated shoulder for being a good Samaritan.
I didn't kill him.
I swear.
Tell me something.
You buy this guy's story? Yeah.
That's it? Just like that? Mm-hmm, yeah, pretty much.
Okay, well, it still doesn't explain how and why somebody would sneak onto Garcia's camp site, drug him, shoot him and make it look like a suicide.
What's interesting to me is that all this guy was doing all he was doing was trying to save his marriage.
That's not what got him killed, though.
He did everything he could, every single thing he could, and it just wasn't enough.
Okay, who's marriage are we talking about? I mean, he takes a leave of absence, okay, to give it one last try, but no, no.
But see, me, if I would have done that, I guarantee you Rachel and I would still be together today, okay? I wouldn't be talking on the phone to Gracie, telling her why Daddy only gets to see her every other weekend.
Why are you blaming yourself, Danny? Max, what do you got? I think it would be a good idea for you to come down here to the morgue.
Why? What is it? And you should bring Commander White with you, too.
So who's this guy? A pickup truck went over the bridge on H2 near the North Shore.
I thought it was going to be another routine traffic accident autopsy, but then I saw this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Somebody want to fill in the civilian? Yeah, yeah, Danny, this guy's a member of SEAL Team Nine.
Same as Petty Officer Garcia.
Yes, I remember it from the autopsy, but I found the coincidence just a little too much.
Whoa, this guy died in the car accident.
Only it was made to look like an accident.
When an air bag deploys, it releases hydroxide propellants.
That's the stuff that makes your nose and eyes watery if you're lucky enough to survive the crash.
He wasn't lucky, Max.
I had the lab pull the air bag.
Hydroxide? Yes, even in traffic fatalities such as this one, hydroxide is found in the sinuses and the lungs.
But when I autopsied, the lungs were clear.
Meaning he was dead before the accident.
Also found high levels of ketamine in the blood, as well as suspicious amounts of head trauma that didn't match the amount of damage done to the vehicle.
Somebody is systematically knocking off the members of SEAL Team Nine.
Hells bells, Tolvin, put some stick on 'em in my pool! It's not synchronized swimming.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Swim or die, boy.
Swim or die.
You're getting soft in your old age, Wade.
Why don't you jump in the pool and show 'em how it's done? Wade.
Steve, this is CO Wade Gutches, SD Team One.
- Commander Steve McGarrett.
- Commander.
Heard a lot about you and your task force.
You, too, sir.
You got a minute we can talk? Yeah, sure.
What's up? Hoping you can help us with a case.
It involves the SEALs.
Is MP, provost marshal involved in the investigation? Just Five-O, sir.
Two teams guys have already shown up dead.
One was made to look like a suicide, the other a car accident.
Petty Officer Garcia didn't kill himself, though.
He was murdered.
And the other SEAL? Petty Officer Jamsek.
He was killed last night, sir.
Both men were members of SEAL Team Nine.
Platoon is stationed on the island for covert training.
We have reason to believe, sir, these men are being targeted because of their involvement with SEAL Team Nine.
You know these guys better than anyone.
Is it possible that a team member has gone rogue and is out there killing off SEALs? Nobody else knows who they are, so No, there's no way Navy SEALs are behind this.
Okay, well, that's why we need the names of all the men on that SEAL team.
Oh, you know I'm not at liberty to give you that information.
It's classified.
Sir, I understand if you have to run this up the chain of command, but I need to cross-reference their after-action reports so I can work out who's going after these boys, and why.
Afraid I can't help you.
Wade, we need to end this before another one of these men dies, and we can't do that without your help.
We owe them at least that, sir.
Oh, you know that tiki bar I took you to last time you were here? Sure do.
et me there, 20 hundred.
Don't be late.
All right, ladies, bottom of the pool, let's go.
Where are we going? Come on.
What, are we picking up your boss's shirts? Oh, you're funny.
Two to you, Frank.
Officer Kalakaua.
Or should I say, ex-officer Kalakaua? Kono's fine.
Frank Delano.
I'm sure you know who I am, though.
I've heard a few things.
We're starting to a get reputation, huh, Ray? Gonna have to do something about that.
I heard about you on the force.
That's ancient history.
Moved on to greener pastures, as they say.
Much greener.
You want a drink? No, thanks.
I don't trust cops who don't drink.
Especially ex-cops.
So have a drink.
To Captain Fryer.
Don't worry.
Fryer and his IA rat squad will get theirs.
Not soon enough.
Listen, Kono, I don't want to sit around all day and play footsie.
A person with your skill set and job experience has a certain value in my line of work.
And what kind of work is that? It's kind of like police work.
Except the bad guys we take down, we don't read Miranda.
We just take their money.
So you provide a public service.
Something like that.
So, why am I here? I have a job opening.
What kind of job? Think I'd like to ease you into it first.
Provide us with some information about an upcoming HPD raid, and we'll see how that goes.
How do you expect me to get you that kind of information? You're a resourceful woman, Kono.
You figure it out.
Sorry about having to shut you guys down earlier.
Base is crawling with navy intel.
There's no need to apologize.
Had a serious security breach recently.
And SEAL Team Nine's identities got compromised in the security breach, didn't they? Among other things, yeah.
But we think the hacker was targeting this information specifically.
And your investigation confirms that.
All right, when did this happen? A week ago.
Intel brass is trying to run down the source of the breach.
All right, well, it's definitely connected to those murders.
I mean, whoever stole that list is picking off SEALs.
I did run that up the chain of command, and we are in the process of locating and returning to base all the active and reservist members of SEAL Team Nine, and that, gentlemen, is all I can tell you.
Listen, we're up and running on this investigation, you understand? By the time the provost marshal gets savvy, more SEALs could be in danger, if not dead.
But you, more than anybody, should understand that I cannot compromise an ongoing naval investigation.
Now, I said, I'll do what I can.
Thanks for the beer.
That was a waste of time.
Nice of him to leave us a little reading material, though, even though it's a year old.
Last June, Sinoloan Cartel, headed by Rafa Alvaro, was raided by a joint DEA task force.
I, uh, I studied the aerial surveillance photographs of the raid, and this thing has got the SEAL Team Nine signature all over it.
Textbook SEAL team direct action.
Well, Rafa's brother Juan was not captured in the raid and swore to avenge his brother's death.
Whoa-whoa-whoa, I thought the raid took out the whole cartel.
Juan was able to pull the organization back.
Of course, it helps the cartel took in over $700 million last year.
That money buys a lot of breaching of covert SEAL team lists.
And revenge.
Source of mine at NSA says the cartel hired a hacker to break in to the supposedly secure naval database.
So the cartel steals a list of SEALs and sends a hit man to knock 'em off? But does it in a way that won't alert the others.
Cartel sends in a pro.
I've cross-referenced a list of known cartel associates with an image of our mystery man from the dope grower's surveillance tapes.
I enhanced the image, did a point-to-point comparison and got a match.
Hector Ruiz, suspect in over 40 drug-related murders, including the assassination of a Mexico City police captain.
One of his nicknames is El Camaleón-- the chameleon.
So we're looking for a lizard.
This guy is not your average point-and-shoot assassin.
I mean, he's smart.
He's ex-Zeta.
All right, did you run him through the Homeland Security database? Yeah.
But he's got over 50 known aliases, flawless fake passports.
Well, to plan this kind of job, he'd need a base of operation.
Here we go.
Okay, Ruiz rented a beach house in Mokuleia.
Looks like the homeowner ran a credit check on one of Ruiz's aliases.
All clear.
Our boy's been busy.
These are all members of SEAL Team Nine.
Operation Strawberry Field ring a bell? What did you say? Operation Strawberry Field.
It's got a picture of you.
Your name's It's classified.
Oh, my apologies.
El Camaleón just unclassified it.
That was Commander Gutches.
Only one member of SEAL Team Nine is unaccounted for.
Lieutenant Bradley Jacks.
Not answering his cell phone.
No, wait-wait.
According to this, he's scheduled to sky-dive from Dillingham Airstrip right now.
You ready to do this? Oh, you bet.
It's gonna be a scorcher.
Roger that.
Want to make sure you hydrate, bro.
Thanks, man.
Cessna one-six-niner, requesting immediate response.
Come on, one Five-O! Don't move! Hands.
Both hands up.
Gun! He's alive.
Nice work.
So what, you're not gonna tell me about Operation Strawberry Field? No.
No, no, 'cause you'd have to kill me if you told me.
Keep that up.
I'm just curious, though.
Is there an Operation Abbey Road? Are you the walrus? Time to shut up? Roger that.
You ready for the Magical Mystery Tour? I'd like to offer my thanks for your actions in rescuing Lieutenant Jacks.
Just doing our job, sir.
Hell of a job, Commander.
Outstanding work.
Thank you, sir.
Now you get to see the long arm of U.
Welcome to Operation Payback.
Using intel seized during your investigation, we were able to locate the Alvaro Cartel compound.
Navy SEALs made visual contact at 1900 hours, breached perimeter forces with little resistance, and are in place to put the Alvaro Cartel out of business permanently.
Looks like it's a go.
Watch this.
You did this stuff? I neither confirm nor deny.
Glad you're on our team.
Me, too.
X ray-three-zero-eight, X ray-three-zero-eight Target eliminated.
Repeat, target eliminated.
All clear.

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