Hawaii Five-0 s02e04 Episode Script

Mea Makamae (Treasure)

Look out! Hey behind you! Get out of the water! Hey, behind you! Aaron, that wasn't funny.
You're the only one who isn't laughing.
The lifeguards are going to kick you off the beach if they see you.
Yeah, whatever, Liz.
We're in Hawaii.
They have real sharks here, you idiot.
I'm off to claim my next victim.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Okay, fellas, grand opening is next week.
You get to taste test my menu items.
Today we got shrimp jambalaya, shrimp and grits, shrimp pupu, shrimp kabobs, shrimp fried rice.
And for the keiki's, my classic corn-battered shrimp on a stick.
Okay, you know why shrimp trucks are so popular? Is because people know what they're going to get when they go to one-- they're going to get garlic scampi, hot and spicy, lemon and butter.
Three flavors, not 31.
But this island is crawling with competition, man.
A diverse menu can only make my product stand out in an oversaturated market.
Now dig in to the grinds, and tell me what you think, please.
Jambalaya has got some kick.
- Mm-hmm.
- Try it.
You know what? You got a cast-iron stomach, but that should be weaponized.
You got any water in there? Sparkling or flat? Seriously, I can't breathe right now.
Coming right up.
I know you didn't call me here just for lunch.
So, what's on your mind, son? I need to know why my father was meeting with Wo Fat and Governor Jameson.
Okay? I need to know what was being discussed on that video.
I told you I got the DOD working on extracting the sound.
But it's not an easy job, the audio was scrubbed.
It's been four weeks.
Yeah, well, it's the DOD, son.
Nothing happens overnight.
Who's your guy in digital forensics? I'll give him a call.
That won't be necessary.
Just give me some more time on this.
We'll have some answers soon enough.
DANNY What's cooking, Max? One right hand of a John Doe murder vic.
Approximately - Where's the rest of him? - The Coast Guard is dragging the shorelines of Waikiki Beach where the hand was found.
Why are we tagging this guy a homicide? This guy-- it's a hand.
He could be shark food.
Blood had elevated levels of lead, indicating the victim was indeed shot.
The hand was then severed postmortem by something sharp enough to cut through a bone.
Most likely a boat rotor cut through a body dump.
All right, what are you doing? MAX We're dealing with a wet body, so after 24 hours of submersion, the skin separates from the dermis.
Try to roll a print and you only get a black smudge.
But the outer layer of the skin actually maintains its ridging.
All you need is an extra set of hands and you're in business.
You're putting the guy's hand like it's a glove.
Max, that's disgusting.
Yes, but very effective.
We got a hit.
The victim's name is Blake Spencer.
Okay, got a local address? Sir, we're told Blake Spencer lives here? Sure, it's the apartment above the bar.
Why? Blake Spencer was found murdered this morning.
Murdered? I don't get it.
He was such a good kid.
How well did you know Blake? Blake was a lot more than just a renter.
I considered him a friend.
You see that cutlass? That's Royal Navy.
Blake got it off an 18th century British schooner that sank off the Antilles.
He gave it to me as a thanks for not going after him for back rent.
So Blake was a diver? Damn good one.
Best salvage diver who ever walked though my door.
Salvage diving.
That's, uh, that's dangerous work.
Lucrative, too.
Blake found wreck sites all over the world.
Had collectors lining up to buy from him.
So why's he living in an apartment above a bar? He moved back to Hawaii after his mom got sick.
Had to put her in a rest home near Waipahu.
You know, that didn't keep him out of the water though.
From what I could tell he was going after a new wreck.
He tell you what it was? Nah.
But if Blake was interested in it, it had to be something big.
Here you go.
Thank you.
I'll be downstairs if you need me.
Lovely place.
I'll get Lori to track down the mother.
All right, what's missing here? Oh, besides a box spring, a television, anywhere to sit, I have no idea.
Blake traveled the world diving shipwrecks, looking for hidden treasure.
Don't you think he would have kept something? He's got a sick mother to support.
Maybe he had to sell everything.
Or he was sinking everything into his next treasure hunt.
Guy maxed out his credit card on boat and equipment rentals.
You know, this is generally not the kind of reading material you find under a mattress.
Looks like codes and stuff.
I bet they're navigational coordinates.
Blake probably encoded them to protect his dive sites.
A lot of trouble to go through.
Must be something pretty valuable.
You hear that? Huh? Listen.
You know, the treasure Blake was looking for-- looks like he already found it.
Yeah, and it might have got him killed.
Excuse me, Mrs.
Spencer, I'm Officer Lori Weston.
Is it okay if I come in and talk to you? Please, come in.
Can I get you something to drink? - Or eat? - No, thank you.
I have a sandwich here.
My son likes one when he comes home.
Your son? - You mean Blake? - Yes.
He should be home any minute.
He's always so hungry after school.
Blake's still in school? Sixth grade now.
His teachers say he's one of the smartest in his class.
Do you have children? No, ma'am.
I don't.
Well, you have plenty of time for that.
Did you say you wanted to talk to me about something? Is something wrong, dear? It's amazing.
I mean, one day you are the king of the ocean, right? The next thing you know, you' hanging from the ceiling in a museum and children are looking at your private parts.
Yep, kind of puts things in perspective.
Excuse me.
Five-O, right? You called about the coins? Yeah, I'm Steve McGarrett, this is Detective Williams.
Danny, please.
Gabrielle Asano.
I'm the museum's curator of historic and cultural affairs.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you.
- Huh? - The coins? Oh, sorry.
Um Have you ever seen anything like this? What's the matter? As a matter of fact I have.
The Princesa Del Mar was a Spanish trade galleon lost at sea in 1682, after it came under cannon fire from English pirates.
These coins are from that wreck.
Spanish galleon? Is it possible that something like that could have sunk in local waters? Absolutely.
The galleon's believed to have diverted here for repairs after the pirate attack.
Salvage divers have been looking for the wreck for years.
Right, so what you're saying is, whoever recovered these coins may actually have found the Princesa? Pirate ships and cannonballs and treasure.
I thought this stuff only happened in movies.
I can assure you the treasure is very real.
And very valuable.
Valuable? How, uh, how much are we talking about? On the collectible market, the coins would fetch maybe a couple thousand each.
And the Princesa was believed to be carrying several tons of them.
That's a lot of money.
That's a lot of motive.
Gentlemen, would you mind if I held on to these for a while? On behalf of the museum, I'd like to authenticate them.
I'm sorry, but these coins are actually evidence in a murder investigation.
Yeah, but I'm thinking it won't hurt to just give her one little coin.
Go ahead.
It's fine.
It's just one coin.
- Why are you losing your mind? - I'm not losing my mind.
If you want to ask her out, ask her out.
- I'm just saying.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who said anything about asking her out? Come on.
You left Dr.
Asano a coin so you have a reason to go back and see her.
- It's fine.
- Uh, that's not true.
I left her a coin because she might be able to help with our investigation.
Really? You know what you should do? You should ask her out for coffee.
I don't want I'm not I'm not looking for a relationship.
Coffee's not a relationship.
It's a beverage.
That's not true.
Every single relationship starts with a cup of coffee.
Then it's dinner and a movie.
Okay? Next thing you know, you're divorced, you're moving to Hawaii so you can see your daughter every other weekend.
You need to talk to somebody professionally.
- Okay? - I do.
And now the session's over.
No, the session's not over, Danny.
You need to get back on the horse, and a cup of coffee's a good place to start.
What are we doing? Need to make a stop.
Just wait here.
Hi, Cat.
- Thank you for meeting me.
- Yeah.
Got that for you.
Oh, look at that.
Thank you.
What do you need this time? What do you make of this? Our victim was a wreck diver, and we think that he may have been killed at one of his dive sites.
Okay, well, if you're right about these being coordinates, then the cipher should be easy to crack.
I'll run cryptography and let you know what I find.
See, this is usually the part where, you know, you ask me out to dinner as a thank you.
Oh, no absolutely.
Anywhere you want, okay? But before you decide, I, uh I need to ask you one more favor.
Sasabune, omakase menu.
Now, what's the favor? Fine.
Um you remember Joe White? Your old commander? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, I heard he's overseeing SEAL Team training at Pearl now.
Yeah, he is.
Uh look, he submitted a piece of intel for analysis, okay? It's a video I'm trying to pull sound from.
DOD has been sitting on it for weeks now.
I just I was hoping you could check the status for me.
Look, if the request came from Joe, I'm sure it's being handled.
Could you just check for me, please? Do you think someone at DOD is giving you the runaround? I don't know.
I don't know what's going on.
Good timing.
The Coast Guard just recovered the rest of Blake Spencer's body at sea.
Max found traces of helium in the lung tissue.
So we know Blake was killed right after a mixed gas dive, which means deep water.
And check this out.
He still had his dive bag on him.
What is that? There's something in there.
I had everything sent to the crime lab for analysis.
I'm heading over there now.
Hopefully, whatever's inside that bag could lead us to our killer.
Did you get anything from the mother? Not exactly.
How'd she take it? I didn't tell her.
What? What are you talking about? - Why not? - The woman's suffering from Alzheimer's.
She thinks Blake's There's no way she'd be able to process it.
Uh, how'd the museum work out? How'd it go, Danny? How was the museum? Enough, okay? Turns out that our victim uncovered a major shipwreck.
So we're thinking that somebody got hip to what he was doing, followed him out to the site and killed him.
We need to find out who else knew about that treasure.
An old wallet? It's the only thing I found in the dive bag.
And last I checked, didn't carry leather wallets made in New York City.
So it belonged to Blake? I don't think so.
But based on the oxidation, I'd say this thing was submerged for at least 50 years.
I may be able to date it more accurately once I'm done processing these.
Wow, there was money inside it.
The wallet prevented the bills from deteriorating completely, but the ink is mostly gone.
Either way, he didn't get this off the Princesa.
All right, so he could have been diving another wreck when he was killed.
I'll let you know when I'm done processing.
Yeah, thanks, Charlie.
Um, I need a favor.
This is my activity log for the HPD database.
The login that's circled here was made from an IP address that I don't recognize.
Now, I managed to back-trace it through a couple of proxies, but I can't get past a VPN.
Can you help? Chin, if someone hacked into your account, you need to notify the department.
I will-- if the threat's legit.
I'll see what I can do.
Thanks for the beer.
Thanks for nothing.
Can I buy you a drink? Seen you making the rounds.
You a cop? Mm-hmm.
Lori Weston, Five-O.
Jimmy Koller.
Nice to meet you, Jimmy Koller.
Well, that's an interesting ring.
What is that, white gold or something? Oxidized silver.
Got it off the HMS Pegasus.
Thought you might be a diver.
You by any chance, you know a Blake Spencer? As well as the next guy.
Blake mostly kept to himself, but I heard he was a real pro.
You hear anything about him diving the Princesa Del Mar? No.
But I know a guy who's been hunting the Princesa for years.
Sunk a lot of money into finding her, too.
And who might that be? I'm Jesse Billings, president of Voyager Marine, the world leader in deep water shipwreck exploration.
Today, I'm going to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in what just may be the greatest treasure hunt of all time.
For the past two years, Billings has been pitching investors on the hunt for the Princesa.
He's already sold millions in shares.
Which means he had a lot to lose if someone found the wreck before he did.
At Voyager Marine, This is Detective Williams.
our world-class team of researchers, technicians and divers search the oceans for treasures once thought lost forever.
Here's what I don't get-- with all the resources that Jesse had, how was Blake able to beat him to the Princesa? That's how.
That's our dead diver.
Blake worked for Jesse Billings.
So he didn't discover the Princesa; he stole the coins from his boss.
Yeah, and you know what? I bet Jesse was pretty upset - when he found out about it.
- Thank you.
Um, only one problem with that theory.
Just got off the phone with Dr.
Asano from the Bishop Museum.
The coins we found in Blake's apartment are fake.
- You think I killed Blake Spencer.
- He's a mind reader.
Yes, that's what we think.
Why would I kill my best diver? I'll tell you why-- because Blake found out that the treasure hunt you hired him for was a scam.
Why don't you take a look at this photo? Where did you get these? We found those in Blake's apartment.
Those coins are about as real as your tan.
You know what? I bet you haven't even dipped a toe in the water in years.
But I have to commend you on a somewhat elaborate scam.
It's pretty good-- you dump a bunch of fake coins in the ocean to convince your investors that you have found the Princesa Del Mar.
But you didn't find the Princesa, did you? And Blake realized the coins were fakes, and that's why he took them.
And you knew he was going to open his mouth about it, so you had to kill him.
I've, uh I've salted a few shipwrecks-- I admit that-- but I had no idea Blake knew it.
I swear.
- Got some news on those bills.
- Great.
What is it? I traced that IP address you gave me.
That login was made from a home computer.
- Okay.
Do we know the owner? - Yeah.
It was Kono.
Kono was dismissed from the force.
What's she doing using your password to access HPD files? You know what? That was me.
I was at Kono's house that day.
I used her computer to check up on some case work.
- Thanks.
- Right.
So what do we know about those bills? Took some work, but I was able to piece together one of them.
- What is that, a five? - Good eye.
It's pretty faded, but there's still some ink there.
And wait till you see this.
The Hawaiian overprint note, issued in 1942.
After Pearl Harbor, the decision was made to pull all the paper money on the Islands and destroy it, replacing it with this.
Why? Because, had the Japanese invaded Hawaii, they would have been able to seize huge sums of U.
But this way, the Federal Reserve just declares the Hawaii-stamped bills worthless.
Problem solved.
Of course, the invasion never happened.
When the war ended, the overprint notes were recalled.
How did Blake get this? Not from the Princesa.
He must have been diving another wreck.
If that wallet was underwater for 50 years, he may have been salvaging a ship that sunk during World War II.
Okay, hang on a second.
Catherine decrypted the coordinates from Blake's notebook.
Look where they fall.
It's a straight line from Oahu to Maui.
His wreck must have sunk along a ferry or shipping route.
That's a lot of ground to cover.
And Blake could have been killed at any one of these sites.
I may know how to find which one.
According to Blake's credit card company, he rented one of your salvage boats.
Most of my business is wreck divers.
Blake wasn't due back until tomorrow.
Did he say where he planned on diving? I didn't ask, and he wouldn't have told me if I had.
Blake didn't talk to anybody about his work.
Okay, Mr.
Julian, that boat is now a crime scene, so you think you can help us find where it is? All my rentals are equipped with tracking systems.
Just a second.
I'll pull it up.
Okay, perfect.
Is there a problem? The transponder on his boat isn't working.
Must be busted.
Or Blake disabled it because he didn't want anyone following him to his dive site.
Okay, listen to me.
Give me the tags and a description of the boat.
Okay, if Blake's killers haven't sunk the boat, it's got to still be out there somewhere, right? 6588, Sector Honolulu.
Request op and position.
Sector Honolulu, 6588, operations normal, position 157 degrees, 25.
4 minutes west, one plus one zero minutes to bingo.
Continuing parallel search for the overdue vessel.
So let me ask you a question.
If a woman leaves the relationship status on her profile page empty, does that generally mean that she is single or that she is taken? Is this about the hot doctor from the museum? I mean, you should ask her out.
What, he he talked to you about this? What, are we in high school? - No, we're not, but - Hey, guys.
Coast Guard just called.
They found Blake's boat Pilot says it is not moving with the currents.
Ooh! Even I know what that means.
- Means the boat is anchored.
- That's right.
So the site Blake was diving must be right below it.
Yeah, there's only one way to find out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Those are deep waters.
You'd be crazy to dive that by yourself.
Yeah, I would.
That's why I'm taking a partner.
Partner? Steve, glad you called.
Chin, it's not a good time.
I want to know why you were using my password to access HPD records.
I wanted to see my case file.
Why? 'Cause I want to know what they have on me.
See if there's any chance of me ever getting my badge back.
You could have just asked me.
You just got reinstated a month ago.
Last thing I want to do is cause you any trouble.
You shouldn't even be here.
What the hell is he doing here? Lieutenant Kelly.
It's nice to see you got your badge back.
Yeah, some of us, we weren't so lucky.
You got ten seconds to turn around and go back to your car, Ray.
You want me to leave, Kono? No.
Good ol' cousin Chin.
He's back with Five-O, that right? Yeah.
And, uh, you used his password to get me those HPD files? I can't decide whether that was really resourceful or incredibly stupid.
Look, Frank, you came to me for access, I got you access.
Chin won't be a problem.
I'll make sure of it.
You better.
Your cousin starts poking his nose where it doesn't belong, that's gonna be a problem for all of us.
I might not handle it as delicately as you.
We got blood.
Gunshot spatter and a pool here where Blake must have dropped.
Why right here? Could have set up while Blake was diving, and popped him right when he got out of the water.
Got a slug here.
Nine mil.
All right, check out this trajectory.
Shooter had to be on the boat for this to line up.
Which means he either forced his way on or Or Blake trusted him enough to have him on board.
So, uh, you hear anything back from the DOD about that surveillance video yet? Still no word.
What? I just can't shake this feeling there's something you're not telling me, Joe.
Well try harder 'cause when we break 150 feet and the narcosis sets in, you're gonna have enough trouble keeping your head straight without those thoughts bouncing around in it.
Understand? Yeah.
I splash first.
We're gonna follow the anchor line down.
Stay close, stay focused.
- Now let's go see what Blake found.
- Yes.
Max, you need a hand? Oh, thank you, but it is against protocol for anyone but the ME to handle the remains.
No, no, I don't want to help.
There's actually a hand right there if you want, if you need a hand.
Ah, that was very humorous.
Hey, guys, so the car is a late 1930's Packard model ambulance, military issue.
So, this guy could have been a soldier? I don't know.
Max? Well, I can't answer that.
But I can tell you that we have a full skeleton here.
It's male, roughly six feet tall.
As for the COD, well, it wasn't anything nefarious.
Just a few broken bones.
Any chance we can get an ID on him? Teeth are intact, however, if he is as old as the car that we found him in, then most likely we don't have dental records that go that far back.
So ID'ing him would be a long shot.
We could always take him to JPAC.
They got X-rays and records going all the way back to the '30s.
So if this guy served, he's probably in the system.
Let's hope so.
Blake died salvaging this car.
We need to find out why it was worth killing for.
Bag him up, kid.
You're going with.
Yes! Did you know that JPAC is the largest forensic lab in the world, and that it specializes exclusively in postmortem identification? Which, incidentally, is my favorite type of identification.
You need a paper bag or something? Huh? Oh, sorry.
It's just this place is like my Graceland.
But no souvenirs.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Scientific Director.
Joe White.
Max Bergman.
Max, welcome to JPAC.
Um, why don't we find a lab table and see what you got here.
All right, I researched archives for the Advertiser and The Maui News.
Went all the way back to 1938.
No articles mentioning anything about a car lost at sea.
I found something with Naval History and Heritage Command.
These guys, they keep records of every incident report ever filed.
This was dated July 19, 1942.
A Navy transport vessel was delivering supplies to Maui when a big storm hit, sending some of the cargo overboard.
Including a 1939 Army ambulance.
You found it.
I did find it, but it doesn't explain why Blake was salvaging that car.
I don't get it.
Maybe there's something valuable inside.
No, I mean, according to this report, the ambulance was transporting a body for burial.
The deceased was a Captain Robert S.
You think those were his remains inside? I don't know.
I mean, there were bones in the front seat.
There was no casket in the back.
Wait a minute.
I've seen this guy before.
I was just a little girl when my father died.
We were living in Maui, he was stationed at Pearl.
After the attack, it took a few days until we heard that he'd been killed.
Dad was supposed to have been buried in the family plot, but But he never made it home.
Not knowing where he was, it always haunted my mother.
Haunted the rest of us, too.
Spencer, I'm I'm so very sorry.
No family should ever have to suffer through something like that.
You've served, haven't you? Yes, ma'am, Navy.
I can tell.
You have that look about you.
My son Blake wants to be a sailor when he grows up.
I can't keep that boy out of the water.
Spencer about Blake Mrs.
Spencer, thank you.
We'll, uh, we'll be on our way.
But she still doesn't know about Blake.
Better to tell her when we have answers.
He was looking for his grandfather.
That's why finding that ambulance was so important to him.
He wanted to give his mother some closure by finally bringing home the body.
Yeah, I understand why it was important to Blake, but why would somebody kill him for it? Joe, go ahead.
Steve, we got a match on those remains.
All right, did it come back to a Captain Robert Murphy? No.
Docs ID'd our man as Private Miles Brodic.
He served with the 27th Infantry out of Schofield.
Beyond that, I can't tell you much about him because his file has been classified for nearly 70 years.
Well, let's get it declassified.
A few months into his enlistment, Private Miles Brodic faced a court-martial on multiple charges of petty theft.
He was dishonorably discharged in May of '41.
After his discharge, Brodic took a job at Kealani Cemetery.
He was there when the bombs dropped on Pearl.
He was also there when the government issued the order to recall all the paper money on the islands and replace it with the Hawaiian overprint note.
Sorry, I don't understand.
Lori, Kealani Cemetery is where all the recalled money was sent to be destroyed.
They burned over a hundred million dollars of it at the crematorium there.
Actually, not all the money was destroyed.
According to the military, $2 million was siphoned off by someone with inside access.
By the time the MPs got wind of it, Brodic was long gone.
Anybody want to guess how he snuck the loot off the island? Robert Murphy's casket.
Brodic knew it was going to Maui, so he stashed - his money inside of it.
- Explains why somebody would shoot Blake over it.
That money is still valid currency.
So we find that casket, we find our killer.
Anybody want some shrimp mochi for dessert? That's, uh, shrimp- flavored ice cream? Mm-hmm.
Huh, that's, that's interesting.
I'm full.
Yeah, I'm good, too, but thank you.
I'll just leave the bill.
I'll settle up with the big man.
Thanks, Joe.
You guys are gonna want to see this.
You remember Remo Julian? Yeah.
Isn't that the charter operator that Blake rented his boat from? Mm.
He's also a very accomplished liar.
Crime lab just finished processing the boat.
They found the transponder intact and fully functional.
Okay, so Remo was playing with us when he said it was malfunctioning.
It gets better.
I hacked into his system, pulled the navigational logs for his entire fleet.
Turns out there were two boats at Blake's dive sites the night that he was killed.
Remo tracked Blake out there.
Remo Julian! Five-O! Clear.
I checked the rest of the floor.
Remo's gone.
Steve! Danny? I think I found Captain Murphy, our vic's grandfather.
Remo took the money and tossed the bones aside like trash.
Looks like he left in a hurry, too.
All right, so that's how he dried the cash, right? Guys, I got fresh blood on this bill.
This could mean we have another victim.
Take a look at this coffin.
Looks like it could have been in our sunken ambulance.
Doesn't look like Remo Julian will be giving us any answers.
Looks like COD was blunt-force trauma to the head.
Victim also shows signs of defensive wounds on his arms and his neck.
That's peculiar.
What'd you got? Subdermal bruising.
Looks like the fatal blow left an indentation on the victim's skull.
And it looks like our killer wears a very unique ring.
Take a look at this.
That's the crest of the HMS Pegasus.
How did you know that? Because I met Remo's killer.
Jimmy Koller.
That's an interesting ring.
What is that? Move in.
Okay, listen, there's a tiny, tiny chance that you're going to get out before your 90th birthday.
But that window of opportunity is closing rapidly, you understand? Okay, window's closed.
Blake radioed Remo from the wreck site.
Said he needed a winch and a couple guys to help dredge something up.
Right, 'cause not often you find a casket at the bottom of the ocean.
Especially one with $2 million in it.
All right, so how long before you and Remo turned on Blake? Hey, Remo and I were willing to split the money three ways, but Blake gave us some line that the bones belonged to his grandfather.
He was just trying to cut us out.
So you killed him.
Then you killed Remo so you could take the whole $2 million to yourself, right? No honor among thieves.
Blake wasn't lying.
He didn't care about the money.
And that really was his grandfather.
He just wanted to bury the man, put the past behind him.
Family plot's still in Maui.
VA's making arrangements to send the remains there for burial.
All right.
Did you notify the family? Not yet.
I wanted Sylvia to hear it from me.
You going to tell her about Blake, too? She needs to understand her son didn't die for nothing.
Because of what he did, her father can finally be laid to rest.
Small consolation, I know.
It's times like these, all the little things help, don't they? Yeah.
Listen, Lori, I can make the notification if you want.
Hey, thanks.
I need to do this on my own.
It's not the first time I've had to tell a parent they lost a child.
I just hoped I'd never have to do it again.
Who's that? That is an old friend.
Excuse me a second.
Uh, dinner's not until 8:00, and you I think you may be a little overdressed.
Actually, I'm going to need to ask for a rain check.
Orders came in today, and I'm being sent T.
My flight for the Gulf leaves tonight.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
So Yeah.
Anyway, um, before I left, I just wanted to get back to you about that thing that you asked me about.
I checked with the DOD, and they said that they haven't received any intel requests from Commander White.
You sure about that? Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
I should probably go pack.
Yeah, listen, um, Catherine, uh, about this rain check, uh you're-you're probably gonna get some leave in the next few months.
Why don't we meet somewhere halfway? I don't know.
Mumbai or something? I like Indian food.
I know, but if your mom catches you up this late, she's gonna kill us both, okay? Go to bed, all right? And I'm gonna see you really soon, and I can't wait, 'cause I'm gonna kiss you all over your little monkey face, okay? All right.
Yeah, Danno loves you, too, baby.
All right.
Detective Williams.
What are you doing here? Uh, well, it's a nice night, and I was wondering if you'd like to get a cup of coffee with me.
I would like that.
Chin, I'm really not up for a lecture right now.
Good, because I'm not here to give you one.
I'm here to apologize.
Everything you're going through right now I've been through myself.
Getting kicked off the force, dealing with disappointment, the frustration, the anger.
I remember what that felt like.
And I also remember that the only person who stood by me through all of it was you.
You're not alone in this, Kono.
When you want to talk, I'll be here.
You never gave that video to the DOD, did you, Joe? No.
You know what? I know he was your friend, but he was my father.
Whatever it is you're trying to protect me from, I can handle it, you understand me? Did you ever think that maybe you're not the only one I'm trying to protect? What are you talking about? Risk versus reward, Steve.
How much damage are you willing to do to your family, to your family's name? 'Cause whatever's on that video is not going to bring your father back.
I need to know.

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