Hawaii Five-0 s02e05 Episode Script

Ma'ema'e (Clean)

(whistle blows) Go.
Come on, come on.
(whistle blows) ARENA ANNOUNCER: What a fight! (applause) (arena announcer speaks indistinctly) ARENA ANNOUNCER: Game point, this is it.
Here we go! (buzzer sounds) Yeah, Rainbow! (cheering) ARENA ANNOUNCER! That's it! Your Rainbow Wahine are going to Regionals! (cheering) PLAYER: Thank you.
(camera snaps) (computer beeps) (door hinges creaking) (hinges creaking, soft thuds) Hello? Hello? (players laughing) (clapping) Aw, ho, man.
You got me.
Oh Seriously, though, you girls were great out there tonight.
You made me proud.
Aw, thanks, Coach.
(water running) (soft tap) (creaking, two taps) Okay, girls, enough already.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Oh, yeah.
How's it? Don't look, brah.
That hot babe over there-- checking you out.
You looked.
I said don't look.
It's okay, brah, she's my date.
Can I get a couple spicy plates and, uh, two coconut waters, please.
I hope you didn't find her online.
Lots of crazy ladies online.
Scary kind crazy.
Not fun crazy.
Yeah, but we've known each other for a long time.
Almost got married once.
That's a different kind of crazy.
But I know how it is.
Trust me, brah-- love is sweeter, the second time around.
Well, I keep that in mind.
Mahalo, brother.
I'm really glad you wanted to do this.
Me, too.
You look great.
Thank you.
So do you.
You know, I had a really good time the other night.
Me, too.
I've forgotten what a rush it is to ride down Kalakaua on a motorcycle.
So do you want to talk about what's bothering you? It's been a while, but I can always tell.
It's Kono.
Captain Fryer's turned her into the poster girl for his war on police corruption.
How's she taking it? Not well.
She's hanging out with some bitter ex-cops, making bad choices.
Have you talked to her? That's the thing.
I've tried.
She doesn't want to talk to me.
What about McGarrett? Have you talked to him about it? No, not yet.
Not until I know for sure what's going on with her.
(cell phone ringing) (sighs) Lieutenant Kelly.
I'll be right there.
I'll take a rain check.
Vic's name is Brian Scartelli.
He's the head coach of the women's volleyball team.
Looks like our guy was coming out of the shower when he was attacked; killer slit his throat.
Cell phone and wallet are missing.
Otherwise, nothing else appears to have been disturbed.
So, what, robbery gone bad? No, more than that.
Check out the, uh, bruising here along the ribs.
DANNY: All right, this is a serious beating this guy got.
He must have pissed somebody off.
Either that or somebody wanted information out of this guy.
HPD hasn't turned up any witnesses.
Last people to see him alive were his players.
Bunch of them came down after the game and gave him a Gatorade bath.
Explains the shower.
Everybody says his team loved him.
Same with the fans, athletic department and even the media.
Yeah, alums liked him, too.
He was living in a guesthouse on the property of a rich couple.
Karl and Trisha Joyner.
Live out in Kahala.
Yeah, well, somebody had beef with this guy.
LORI: Game was televised.
Maybe the cameras caught something.
All right, you and Chin go through the footage.
Danny and I-- we're gonna go to Kahala, see what turns up.
DANNY: Let me ask you a question.
What do you think, uh, one of these places costs? That place? Right there, what's that cost? Hell of a lot more than you and I earn, bruh.
Hell of a lot more than a college volleyball coach earns, too, right? Yet, this guy Scartelli is living it up.
Some guys have all the luck, I guess.
Oh, yeah, Danny, lucky.
I mean, he's dead, okay? But he's a lucky guy 'cause look at the house he's living in.
This is my point, okay? What are the perks of being a cop? Well Pay sucks, the hours suck, sometimes, I get-- no, no, not sometimes-- all the time, I get shot at all the time.
What are you talking about? You never-- you hardly ever get shot at.
Is that a joke? You making a joke? Okay, when was the last time you got clipped? You're not a funny person.
Are you trying to be funny? You're not.
Okay, here's my point.
All right, living practically rent-free in some rich guy's guesthouse seems to me like a nice perk, okay, for keeping the world a safer place.
You homeless now? Why don't you try decorating, Danny.
Like, get some doilies for the tables, some flowers for the front room.
You scoff, okay, but that homeless scenario is not very far off for me.
You know I'm getting kicked out of my apartment? What are you talking about? Knocking down my building, turning it into luxury condos, 'cause that's what this island needs, more condos.
JOYNER: I don't understand.
Everybody loves Brian.
Who would do this? That's what we're trying to figure out right now, sir.
Um, it would be very helpful to us if we could see where he was staying.
Sure, yeah.
This way.
Anything, uh, out of the ordinary with the coach recently? I don't think so.
Everything was good.
Team was on track to go all the way this season.
As long as his girls are happy, Brian's happy.
His girls? You talking about the players? That's what Brian calls them.
Called them.
He was like a second father to his players.
This place is completely ridiculous, okay? They got a steam-- you see the steam shower in there? Their bathroom is bigger than my entire apartment, okay? Yeah.
And they have a lap pool specifically for the guesthouse.
The guesthouse has their own pool.
Lap pool? Yeah.
Their own pool.
I have some photographs.
So Scartelli took photos of his girlfriend.
He isn't the first guy to do that.
She's, uh, she's young.
Yeah, she's young.
She's also one of Scartelli's players.
All right, upload these to our Sky Drive.
See if Chin and Lori can lock on who this girl is.
I do not think that these were taken by a second father.
Yeah, well, maybe her real father or her boyfriend found out what was going on off the court between these two.
Yeah, that's a good point.
'Cause if I found out somebody taking pictures of Grace like this, I'd go to their house and I'd kill them.
Yeah, me, too.
DANNY: You get a name? LORI: Got more than that.
We ran the photos that you put up on Sky Drive.
Girl in the pics is Melanie Ayers.
We're looking at her I.
right now.
She's the team's star player, and according to the video footage that Chin and I went through, she's the only team member that wasn't at the game last night.
Okay, why? Is she injured? No, she was supposed to play.
According to the coach's phone records, he was talking to Melanie six or seven times a day for the last couple of weeks.
He have that kind of contact with any of his other players? No, just her.
And in an interview she gave to the college paper, Melanie referenced a serious relationship with someone, but denied it was with another UH student.
I'm betting she didn't say anything about the coach being like a second father, either.
LORI: Last but not least, we pulled Scartelli's financials.
He was renting a motel room out in Aiea.
He prepaid for an entire week.
Doesn't make sense.
Guy's got a luxury pad here in Kahala.
Crappy motel room all the way up in Aiea would make sense if Scartelli had something to hide.
All right, you know what, I think it's time to see what Melanie Ayers has to say about this.
Danny and I are gonna go and talk to her.
Chin, you and Lori head out to Aiea, check out that motel, all right? Okay, good.
MELANIE: Wait wait a minute.
You think I was having an affair with Coach Scartelli? No.
You think he took these pictures? He didn't take those pictures? No.
God, no.
Who did? V-Cross.
V-Cross-- that's a sneaker company.
They sponsor the team.
I was going to do an ad campaign for them.
So we did a photo shoot, and some of the pictures came out a little you know.
Wait a minute.
An ad campaign-- isn't that against regulations for college players? Yeah.
But they offered me 150 grand.
I mean, that's a lot of money.
When Coach found out about it, he benched me.
(sighs) Okay, so that's why you weren't at the game the other night? Yeah.
Yeah, I mean, he was going to ask for a ruling before I could play again.
Look, I made a stupid mistake.
All right? Coach was helping me fix it.
That's all.
All right.
It's not a good time for me, Malia.
That's what I hear.
What's that supposed to mean? Can I come in? Kono, I know things have been weird between us since Chin and I broke up, and I'm I'm sorry about that, but this is important.
Chin is worried about you.
So, what, are are you and Chin back together? Well, um, uh I don't know.
How'd you manage that? Do you remember when you were in high school and Chin and I used to drive you all around the Island to those surf competitions? The NSSA's.
Chin was so proud of you.
I mean, that's how I knew he was serious about me-- because he wanted to share how proud he was of you.
I don't expect you to understand, Kono, but Chin and me-- we have something special.
Where was that something special when he lost his badge? (cell phone ringing) Kono.
Right now? Okay.
Look, as much as I would love to continue this conversation, I can't.
I got to run.
And the next time you're looking to score points with Chin, leave me out of it.
WOMAN: I've seen the man, but that's not the woman he was with.
You're sure? Positive.
Nice lady.
You get a name? No, but you could ask her yourself.
She hasn't checked out.
She's in room 104.
Thank you.
Looks like our mystery lady's coming back.
Hold on.
I got a print.
Let's see if Fong gets a hit.
There's a message here, too.
SCARTELLI: Trisha, it's Brian.
I want you to stay put.
He knows you left, and he's flipping out.
Give me a little time to talk him down.
I'll check with you as soon as I can.
That's the coach.
(cell phone chimes) Okay, Fong got a hit.
Print belongs to a former schoolteacher, Trisha Joyner.
He sent her DMV photo.
Trisha Joyner-- that's Karl Joyner's wife.
Scartelli was staying at their guesthouse.
(cell phone ringing) STEVE: Chin.
CHIN: Hey.
Scartelli rented a motel room for Trisha Joyner.
Sounds like she's leaving her husband.
Oh, that's got to hurt.
Open your guesthouse up to a guy, he eats your food, drinks your beer and helps himself to your wife.
Well, according to the message we heard, Karl Joyner wasn't taking it too well.
All right, you guys, you wait at the hotel for Trish to come back.
Danny and I are going to go find Karl Joyner.
Look at this.
He's moving.
He's got a gun.
Karl Joyner, let me see your hands right now.
Right now! Don't shoot me.
You don't understand.
I need to find my wife.
They're after her! (gun fires) Danny! Hey.
(siren wailing) All right.
I got boot prints and burn marks over here.
I'm thinking single sniper, bipod.
Rifle had to have been a semiautomatic to deliver two shots the way it did.
Plus he had to get through some pretty heavy tree cover.
He had to be about 600 feet from where Joyner was standing.
At least.
Plus there's wind.
Okay? Whoever killed Joyner was a pro.
Okay, this is starting to look a lot less like a love triangle gone bad.
Wait a minute.
Right before he went down, Joyner said that somebody was after his wife.
Who'd be after his wife? I don't know, but where the hell is his wife? We need to find out what Joyner was into.
Okay, so this guy was definitely dirty.
On paper, Karl Joyner owned a bunch of dry cleaning stores throughout Honolulu.
Perfectly respectable way to maintain his champagne and caviar lifestyle.
Let me guess-- they're all fronts.
Uh, all the payroll employees were bogus names and social security numbers, except for Joyner himself.
All right, so the stores-- they brought in a decent amount of dough, but nothing compared to the actual revenue that was on the books.
This guy was definitely in the cleaning business, but he wasn't cleaning clothes; he was laundering money.
So what happened? What went wrong? Uh, the bank account zeroed out a few days ago.
Maybe he got greedy.
We got any leads on who he was working for? Not yet, but whoever it is, I think that they want their money back.
Yeah, they do.
They just killed Karl Joyner.
Now they think his wife has it.
We got to find her.
Trisha's got to be back soon, right? Well, she left all her clothes.
She didn't check out.
She'll be back.
Want this? No, thanks.
What, you don't want to know what men really think about foreplay or how to wax like a pro? Not so much.
Fair enough.
(sighs) (clears throat, sighs) (sighs) Sorry.
Uh, patience isn't my strong suit.
You're a lot like Steve, you know that? Am I? Mm-hmm.
What's his deal anyway? What do you mean, what's his deal? Oh, I don't know.
I mean, he's I mean, he's kind of hard to get a read on, you know, uh, except for the you know, the daddy issues.
Those are right out there front and center.
And not not like I'm trying to, like, shrink him or anything, 'cause I'm not-- I'm totally not-- but, uh (clears throat) I don't know.
Just sort of like to, you know, get to know my new boss a little better is all.
(clears throat) Okay.
Is this awkward? Okay, it's awkward.
(clears throat) Let's just rewind.
(chuckles) Delete.
I never said anything.
It's not a big deal.
You got it.
Okay, great.
(footsteps) Someone's here.
Gun! (gun fires) (groans) Go! (gun firing) Hold your fire! Why? The driver-- it's my cousin.
Want to tell me what's going on? I didn't know it was this bad.
Why don't we start with what you did know? I knew what we all knew.
Kono lost her badge.
She's been in a bad place.
Steve, she hacked into the HPD database using my password.
When I asked her about it, she said she wanted to see her case file.
What's her connection to Joyner and his money laundering business? I don't know.
I've never seen her with the thug she was with today.
She's hanging with guys like Ray Mapes now.
Who is Ray Mapes, Chin? Ray Mapes is an ex-cop.
He lost his badge when he got caught shaking down drug dealers.
I figured that she was feeling like that's all she was good enough for.
I know that feeling.
How did it get this far, huh? Why didn't she come to us? I don't know.
I don't know what she's into.
I don't know how deep she's in.
And I don't know if we can protect her anymore.
Do you understand that? I know.
I should have told you.
I should've.
I'm sorry.
Did Kono see you today? I don't think so.
Get a lock on Kono's cell.
We're bringing her in.
(coughing) Hold on.
You're going to be okay.
(coughing) Hold on, Dwight.
Dwight? Dwight? (phone rings) Hello? DELANO: Where's Dwight? - Frank? He can't talk right now.
You get her? What the hell is going on here? Did you get her? - Get who? - Trisha Joyner.
The bitch who's got my money.
I have no idea about that.
All I know is that Dwight called and told me I was gonna take him to a motel in Aiea, but then when we got there, HPD was on the scene and they opened fire.
Dwight's been hit.
Is he alive? I don't think so.
Don't think.
Make sure.
(sighs) He's dead.
Go dump him off of the Pau Lane Bridge then get right back into town.
What? You wanted in.
You're in.
(sirens wail) (tires screech) Get out of the car, Kono! Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
I want to help you, Kono, okay? I really want to help you, you gotta help me.
You gotta tell me what's going on.
I can't.
You can't! Listen to me! That's not good enough! "I can't" is not good enough because today, you're driving in a getaway car with a dead person in the front seat, okay, Kono? This isn't a game! We're talking about two murders! I mean, what are you thinking, Kono, huh?! Steve.
Steve! What?! Not like this.
Let me talk to her.
Whatever you're into, I'm here.
We're family, right? Hmm? Nothing's ever gonna change that.
Listen to me, you're not alone.
Not today, not tomorrow, not any of the days ahead.
You're not alone 'cause I'm right here.
But you need to come clean, Kono.
You need to talk to me, hmm? All you have to do is talk to me.
Please? I can't.
Hey, Captain Fryer, what the hell are you doing here? You're done here, McGarrett.
Kono, get up.
Hey, hey! She's in custody.
Oh, no, she's mine.
What are you talking about, she's yours? This has nothing to do with IA.
Wrong again.
She's working for me.
Fryer, you think you can just come in here and mess with my team like this? Don't flatter yourself McGarrett.
This has nothing to do with you.
You're interfering in a murder investigation! My investigation includes your murder investigation, okay? What are you talking about? I can't believe you didn't bring this to me.
It went too far! Fryer said he'd go after the rest of Five-0 with IA investigations if I didn't cooperate.
And you thought you had to protect us? Yeah! Well, protecting us wasn't your call.
- It's my badge! - We should've had a voice in it.
Just like you gave Uncle a voice in it when you decided to take the fall for the money he stole from the forfeiture locker.
Must run in the family.
IA's been running an undercover operation on a ring of dirty ex-cops.
They shake drug dealers, arms dealers, human traffickers all over the island.
They've dropped dozens of bodies, including Brian Scartelli's, your dead volleyball coach.
And Karl Joyner, huh? That's who he was laundering money for.
Why would you not loop us in on it? I couldn't risk it.
You understand that.
These guys still have contacts inside HPD.
I've been circling Delano's organization for three years.
Now, Kono was just making inroads.
She's as close as we ever gotten.
We had something on this guy Dwight Murphy.
Could've maybe leveraged that to get him to flip on Delano, but thanks to you guys, Dwight Murphy's in the morgue courtesy of a Five-0 bullet.
They're looking for a woman named Trisha Joyner.
Yeah, I know.
We're looking for her, too.
Well, Delano says that she has his money.
If he gets to her first, she's dead.
I have to go back.
No! You're already in too deep and it's too dangerous! It's the only way to get to Trisha.
Look, I don't like what he did.
But I understand why Fryer targeted me.
You don't understand! Do you know who Frank Delano's partner was when he was on the job? Do you know?! It was Fryer! Delano almost took Fryer down with him when he lost his badge.
Don't you get it? Fryer's using you! He's using you to get revenge.
That's true? Delano was your partner? You're going after your ex-partner? My history with Delano has nothing to do with this.
This isn't about going after bad guys, okay? It's about you getting even, right? Huh? You put Kono's life in danger to settle a personal score.
Not just Kono's life, the life of an innocent civilian who's still out there.
And that's exactly why Kono has to go back in.
Without her, we've got nothing on Delano and no way to find Trisha Joyner.
There's gotta be another way.
- It doesn't have to be Kono.
- Yes, it does.
Why does it have to be Kono? It does because the only reason that Delano let Kono near his organization is because she came out of Five-0.
Now everybody on this island knows, McGarrett, you play it fast and loose.
She was an easy sell that she was dirty.
You looking to blame someone for why Kono's in danger just look in the mirror.
What'd you do, Fryer, huh? What'd you do to coerce Kono to come and work for you? Did you tell her you'd come after me? Come after Chin Ho? What'd you do? When did you stop believing the ends justify the means? I use what I have Just like you.
I'm a cop, she's a cop! She's a year and a half out of the Academy, you got her driving around town with a dead killer in the car! We opened fire on her today.
Could've killed her.
I would never do that.
You underestimate yourself and Kono.
(phone buzzes) KONO: It's Delano.
Don't answer it.
Answer it! Listen to me.
You don't have to do this anymore, Kono.
If she doesn't answer it my entire investigation is blown.
Three years.
I have to.
Trisha Joyner's life depends on it.
If she goes in, Five-0 goes in to back her up.
Answer the phone.
Yeah, I took care of it.
I'm on my way back.
Fryer , I want to be able to track her real time, huh? Delano's an ex-cop, he'll spot a tail a mile off.
And no wire.
First thing he'll do is I pat me down when I get back.
He doesn't trust me.
Kono's right.
The only reason he's pulling her onto his crew now is he's down a man.
I'll get you a message as soon as I can.
It's not gonna be that easy, okay? Delano's not gonna leave you alone.
I'll figure it out.
All right, we're gonna be in a van, ready to move on your word.
All right.
I couldn't ask for better back-up.
Where have you been? Seriously? What he means is what took you so long? I've been cleaning up your mess, that's where I've been.
Which one of you two wanted Dwight dead? What the hell? Dwight and me walked into an ambush at that motel.
Somebody tipped off HPD.
I want to know which one of you did it.
Well, seems like you got away without a scratch, huh? How do we know it wasn't you who dropped Dwight.
I just dumped his body off a bridge 'cause somebody screwed up! Now is not the time to mess with me! You ran into some bad luck, that's all.
Too bad about Dwight, but there's nothing we can do about it now.
You need to stay focused on what matters most, right? Finding Trisha Joyner.
She's the one who has your money? We have an unfortunate situation here.
It seems Mrs.
Joyner emptied her husband's bank account before she ran out on him.
Minor detail: the money not his, it's ours.
All right, so Trisha Joyner's in the wind.
How do we find her? We don't.
She's gonna come to us.
Turns out she confided in the volleyball coach.
He helped her leave her husband.
She's on the run, but she trusts him.
Minor detail: the volleyball coach is dead.
His cell phone isn't.
Dwight grabbed it the night he took care of the guy.
I sent Mrs.
Joyner a text from this cell phone.
telling her her husband knows where he is.
I booked her a room in the Aston Waikiki.
Joyner's gonna text us when she checks in.
What if she knows he's already dead? She's on the run.
She's not buying newspapers and watching the news.
As long as we move fast, we'll be fine.
(text alert tones) How do you like that.
She's there.
Room 2127.
MAN: the chain of craters A lot of the smoke is not related to the volcano.
WOMAN: Well, thanks.
Well, police tonight still searching for a suspect in the brutal murder of Brian Scartelli.
(gasps) Mrs.
Joyner, nice to finally meet you.
Kono's been out for almost two hours.
I don't like it.
She'll make the call.
Should have tailed her.
What are we doing? Trying to activate the microphone on Kono's cell phone.
If I can get it, it will work like a wire.
Can you do that? We'll see.
If I can remotely download this spyware onto her phone's O.
, I might be able to access it and pick up an audio signal.
This better be worth it, you understand? It will be.
Look, right now, the money's the only thing that ties Delano to the murders.
We catch him with the money, he goes away for life.
CHIN: I'm getting audio.
It's staticky, but I'm getting something.
Let me see if I can clear it up.
DELANO: The thing is (static) you have something that belongs to me.
No, I don't know what you're talking about.
Your husband was holding some money in his bank account for me.
I believe you took it.
Oh God.
I-I didn't know.
You killed Brian.
Where's Karl? (static) Oh God.
I'm getting a clear signal.
They're on the move.
They've got Trisha Joyner TRISHA: Bank of O'ahu account five blocks down.
They're heading to a Bank of O'ahu.
Which branch? FRYER: We can't go in guns blazing.
We don't want to provoke a hostage situation.
He's right.
We wait until Delano and his crew exit the bank with the money.
That's where we take them down.
Got it.
The location's at Hunewai and Lakeside.
Where are the safe deposit boxes? They're downstairs.
We have to take the elevator.
STEVE: Delano's got an eye on the street.
Guy's armed and he's wired for communication with the crew inside.
Maintain situational awareness, stay barricaded, and hold your perimeter.
My friend needs to get into her safe deposit box.
Sure, I just need to see your key.
It's in your purse, remember? Right.
Ma'am, you can have a seat out here.
Oh, but Trisha wanted me to go in with her.
I want my friend to come in.
(garbled radio transmission) It's this one right here.
Thank you.
I got it.
Come on.
No, I can't.
I can't.
Hey, hey, listen to me, listen to me.
I'm an undercover cop.
Do everything I tell you to do and you'll get out of this.
I promise.
Okay, now let's go.
STEVE: The guy on the street's getting curious.
He's taking a walk, guys.
He's taking a walk.
There's so many patrols on the street There's no way to pull them back before he sees them.
We've got 20 yards before he hits the corner.
If he senses heat, we've got a bank full of hostages.
STEVE: Hold your positions.
do not engage.
Do not engage.
Ma'am, you forgot your key.
Give it to me now.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't touch that alarm, damn it! Frank, don't do it.
Get your hands up, hear me? Let's see 'em.
Come on, let's go! In here! Let's go.
Move it.
(whimpering) Hold your fire! He has a hostage! Let her go, Frank.
You gonna shoot me, Vince? Let her go.
I know you don't want to do this.
You think I won't do it? You think I won't? (garbled radio transmission) Hey, Fryer.
Yeah? Listen Nobody messes with my team, all right? Duly noted, Commander.
Let's go home.

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