Hawaii Five-0 s02e06 Episode Script

Ka Hakka Maika'i (The Good Fight)

You know it's bad luck to tape your own hands, and you you want to wrap it a little thicker over your knuckles.
Let me help you out with that right hand.
You know how to do this? Yeah, did Muay Thai, little jiujitsu.
Really? Yeah.
Used to spar with my ex-boyfriend.
It was kind of fun until I started beating him.
Maybe you should be going out into that ring instead of me.
It's not too late to call it off.
It's not gonna look so hot if your nose is over here.
I'm sorry.
Are you you paying me a compliment? Maybe.
Okay, make a fist.
Hey, McGarrett? Yup.
You're up.
All right.
One more for luck.
All right.
You did try and talk him out of it, right? Yeah, I did.
Didn't really work.
Oh, not that guy.
Oh, look at this.
This is perfect.
What are you doing? Getting ready to throw in the towel before you die.
Mouth guard.
Mouth guard.
You need a helmet, not a mouth guard.
Get get 'em.
Guys, come here.
Any questions? Let's go.
Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's fight! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Loco Moco from Rainbow? Yes, sir.
Hope you brought enough for everyone.
Special Agent Kensi Blye from NCIS's Los Angeles Office, this is Steve McGarrett.
Nice to meet you, sailor.
- Nice to meet you.
NCIS, huh? - Yup.
You tell Sam that I haven't forgotten about that steak dinner I owe him, but he got to come out here to collect, okay? I'd start saving up.
Man can put away the protein.
- Here, you can take this one.
- Thank you.
Oh, nice.
What are you doing with that? I needed help analyzing the footage.
According to Joe, this meeting between Governor Jameson, Wo Fat and your father was recorded by a surveillance camera in Governor Jameson's office over a year ago.
Only you have no idea what he's saying because the audio sucks.
What she means is, that the audio file is unrecoverable.
I flew Agent Blye in from L.
She's an expert lip reader, and we can trust her.
You sure about that? Is there something I should know? Um, basically, I owe Joe one.
He pulled a few strings and got me out of a sticky little situation in Jakarta, so, uh, yeah, you can trust me.
You weren't supposed to be in Jakarta.
You weren't supposed to know I was in Jakarta.
Point taken.
What is this called again? Loco Moco.
It's a mixture of rice, hamburger, couple fried eggs and gravy.
Separate-- delicious.
Together-- heaven.
It's great.
Yeah, it's good.
Listen, have you got anything yet? Right.
Um, so I managed to decipher some of the conversation.
They exchanged pleasantries.
And small talk, small talk, small talk until here.
Your father says something that gets a reaction.
What did he say? He says, "I want to know about Shelburne.
" Shelburne? And then your man Wo Fat responds by asking, "Who told you about Shelburne?" And that's when your father turns around, and I can't see what his response is, but Wo Fat clearly tensed up at the word "Shelburne.
" Shelburne.
That mean anything to you? No.
Me, neither.
Well, could be a name of someone, or a street? It could be a code for something.
I don't think so.
I ran it through Naval Encryption Database and didn't get anything.
Mokoto led us to this video.
Maybe he knows what Shelburne is.
I'm sorry.
Who's Mokoto? Really, guys? I've got level five security clearance.
I can run his name whether you tell me who he is or not, so are we gonna do this or what? Why were you in Jakarta? Another story, another day.
Anything you tell me about Mokoto stays between us.
Mokoto hired my father to investigate Governor Jameson.
I'll be right there.
I caught a case.
I got to go.
Thanks for the help, okay? Aloha.
Mahalo for the breakfast.
Something tells me he's not going to let this go.
Vic was Jake Griffin.
The restaurant guy? Yeah, one and only.
Five restaurants in Hawaii, Oh, you got to sell a lot of misoyaki butterfish to buy a place like this, huh? Never would have pegged you as a butterfish type of guy.
No, I'm not.
I'm really not.
My wallet is not, either, but I weaned Grace off of fish sticks onto butterfish, and now it is her favorite, so that's good.
It's good.
Pool guy found the body duct-taped to a chair, single gunshot wound to the chest.
What we got, Lori? Body was dumped in the pool.
Unfortunately, chlorinated water is quite effective at eliminating trace evidence.
Oh, that's convenient.
Or premeditated.
However, based on the size of the contact muzzle burn and at the entry wound, I would hazard a preliminary guess that the victim was shot with a .
38 caliber handgun at point-blank range.
HPD turn up a murder weapon yet? Not yet.
They're inside processing.
It looks like a robbery gone bad.
How you think this went down, Lori? Well, usually, the most dangerous time in an encounter like this is before the victim's restrained, 'cause usually that's when a struggle can happen, but what bothers me about this is, Jake was already duct-taped to the chair.
All right, so he poses no threat, he can't fight back.
So, why shoot him? Yeah.
Several Reuben Tam paintings taken.
Jewelry, silverware, electronics.
Okay, so, these thieves definitely knew what they were after.
Yeah, HPD says there were other home invasions in Honolulu this week.
- Same M.
? - Yeah.
Minus the dead guy in the pool.
All right, let's call HPD, let's make sure we know everything there is to know about these other home invasion cases.
Our victim-- he have a family? He's divorced.
Wife's on the mainland.
They got one kid.
Josh, 14.
Lives here.
Lives here, huh? It's 3:15.
So? School let out Hey, Danny, where you going? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, buddy.
What's going on? Why are all these police at my house? Son, I'm a detective.
My name's Danny Williams.
Where's my dad? Come here.
Where's Josh? I need to see my nephew.
- You Jake's sister? - Yes.
- I'm Samantha.
- Is Josh okay? He's fine.
He's with one of our detectives.
There's someone here to see you, buddy.
Oh, God.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Kid makes the lacrosse team today.
He can't wait to come home and tell his pop.
Danny, we're gonna find the people who did this.
All right, these other two home invasions-- what do we got? Well, both took place within the last five days in the same upscale neighborhoods, both with the same M.
Four masked gunmen were waiting for the families inside their homes.
No signs of forced entry.
These guys duct-taped the men to chairs and beat them in front of their wives and children until they gave up the location of their valuables-- unreal.
Right, but Jake Griffin was alone, right? Josh had not come home from school yet.
Mm-hmm, maybe that's why the situation escalated.
I mean, they had no leverage.
Maybe that's why Jake fought back.
Yeah, maybe, but why were these people targeted in the first place? What's the link? There has to be a link.
Well, typically home invaders have been inside their victims' homes prior to the attack.
They use that opportunity to assess their victims' assets.
All right, so then we cross-check maids, contractors, deliveries-- anyone with access to their homes.
Yes, start with that.
We'll talk to the victims, see if they remember anything they forgot in the statements.
We already told the other detectives, we don't remember anything.
Okay, sometimes being back in a specific environment that you were at just prior to a trauma can trigger a memory.
The only thing that you and the other victims have in common was that you all ate at high-end Waikiki restaurants in the days leading up to the attacks.
Restaurants that you frequent at least once a week.
Look, we want to help, we do, but I was duct-taped to a chair and had a gun put to my head in front of my wife and kids.
I don't remember much beyond that.
My kids thought they were going to die.
When a violation of this kind takes place, the experience can be extremely traumatic.
It'll take some time, but you will get past it.
Try and think back to when you were arriving or when you were leaving.
Do you remember anybody bumping into you? Ask you for directions, use your phone? No, nothing like that.
Did your purse ever leave your side? No, I always keep it on the table so I can see it.
What about your car? What, what about it? Where'd you park? Uh, down the street.
No, you didn't.
Remember, honey, we were running late and you valeted.
No, I parked Wait, um, you're right.
I gave my car to the valet.
Do you keep your house keys on the same key chain? I do.
Why do you ask? We'll be in touch, but call us if you remember anything.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What's up? Danny, is there a valet stand out the front of that restaurant? Yes, there is.
Very bright orange and yellow sign-- Kokua Valet.
Let me guess-- you, too.
Yeah, I think we just found our link.
Kokua Valet-- they serviced all the restaurants where the vics ate, including Jake Griffin's place.
Yeah, the company has got on the payroll, but get this-- four specific employees all worked together the nights the victims were at the restaurants.
Let me guess, all four of 'em were off the days that the invasions took place.
You got it.
Any of these four got a record? Yeah, one.
Oh, Dave Lockhart, proud owner of a string of petty theft and robbery charges.
This guy working tonight? Nope, and neither are the others.
Dave Lockhart.
Open up.
Clear right.
Clear left.
Room clear.
Last room clear.
Nobody's home.
They could be on the prowl.
Find something? Yeah, looks like these guys are taking impressions of the keys on the job, then they come back here, they make copies.
I got molds, I got some kind of polymer gel.
All right, I give you ten to one, we check the victim's locks, we find trace evidence of this stuff.
What do you got, Chin? Surveillance pictures.
Looks like our suspects cased all the houses before they hit 'em.
All right, I know that one.
That's the Laskos', there's Doroughty's.
I do not recognize this one.
You? No.
Could be there right now.
I'll get a picture.
Sun's to the east.
Looks like Aina Haina.
Yeah, Kono, listen, Chin sending you through a photo.
Find that house for us right away.
We think they could be hitting it.
Just let my family go, I'll give you whatever you want.
Shut up.
Don't hurt him, please.
Shut up.
No, stop.
I'll give you whatever you want.
I said shut up.
Where's the safe? Huh? Don't make me ask you again.
How many guys are we looking at here? Looks like we got three home invaders, no sign of the fourth.
Hostage count is four.
Two adults, two children.
- Looks like they're already restrained.
- Laser mic is online.
Tell me where it is or you're all going to die.
In the office behind the plasma.
We got to breach and we got to breach right now.
Okay, Chin, Lori, you guys take the rear.
You two, you're on me.
All right, come on.
Go, go.
Turn around.
Clear left.
I said turn around.
Room clear.
Let's see your hands.
Room clear.
Hands, hands, hands.
Turn around and back up to me.
It's gonna be all right.
Is there anybody else in the house? Hey! Chin, Lori, number four's coming to you right now.
Five-O! Don't move! Freeze, freeze! Nice work.
How many times I got to tell you, I didn't kill Jake? What are you doing? Why are you, uh-- are you covering for your crew, huh? I mean, you know there is no honor amongst thieves.
Eventually they will rat on you, so why don't you just beat 'em to the punch? Hey.
You didn't miss anything-- this guy's vocabulary does not stray too far from the word "lawyer.
" Oh.
So what happened? Jake connect the dots, figure out you were making copies of his customers' keys and then hitting their homes? Lawyer.
See what I mean? 'Cause, you see, this wasn't a random score.
Jake was on to you, wasn't he? Lawyer.
You go to his hale, ask him not to talk to the cops, and then everything goes out the door.
You crazy? I never even met the man.
What do you mean you never met the guy? You were a valet driver at one of his restaurants.
What, do I look like an idiot? That doesn't make any sense.
No, man, the guy's just a name on a T-shirt.
His sister's the one that ran the whole operation, at least until he kicked her to the curb.
He fired her, why? How the hell would I know? I told you, I never met the man.
Look, you think we hit his house? Go through our stash.
You won't find a damn thing from Jake Griffin's place.
By the way, lawyer.
I called because my findings were highly unusual and I thought they may be pertinent to your investigation.
Great, because we have a suspect in custody who swears he didn't murder Jake Griffin.
Oh, how is your sense of smell, Agent Weston? Excuse me? I detect a hint of strawberry and lavender, perhaps even some fresh coconut.
Body wash or shampoo? Max, you're creeping me out.
Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be forward, Agent Weston.
I was merely trying to prove a point.
Sometimes our olfactory senses are our best forensic tools.
Okay, olfactory senses.
What are you trying to say? You didn't happen to notice a faint odor of Australian tea tree oil on your suspect, did you? I try not to smell the suspects, Max.
Why? Well, it is just one of several atypical findings in this case.
When I swabbed the duct tape that bound your victim, I was able to recover some traces of Australian tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil that was preserved on the adhesive side of the duct tape.
As you can see, Mr.
Griffin suffered no trauma or subdermal bruising of the wrists.
So our vic didn't put up a fight when he was restrained.
And I believe I know why.
I found high-velocity blood spatter under the duct tape, which would suggest that Jake Griffin was dead before he was taped to the chair.
Doesn't make any sense-- I mean, why shoot him and then tape him to a chair? So it turns out that our vic's sister, Samantha Martel, was dropped from the Griffin Enterprises payroll a few months ago.
What, was she fired? Nothing in the record that states that.
When I reached out to the company, the party line was that Samantha left on her own to work at Jake's charitable foundation.
And what, is that legit or is the foundation just code for tax shelter? No, n-no, Griffin did a lot of good work for the community.
I mean, the guy opened gyms all over the island to keep kids off the street.
Noble but not as profitable.
So I just spoke to Griffin's attorney.
Um, it turns out his entire estate and all his restaurants fall to his son Josh but only after he turns 25.
And until then, I bet I can guess who's in control.
The sister Samantha.
Yeah, looks like she maybe shot her way back into the restaurant business.
Excuse me.
It's set.
We're meeting Mokoto tomorrow afternoon, his place, Okay, I'll be there.
Hey, uh, is Kensi still with you? No, I dropped her off at the airport an hour ago.
Why? Oh, I was just wondering.
I mean, you guys seemed to have, uh, you seemed to have quite a past.
Steve, she's young enough to be my daughter.
You know something, Joe? She kind of reminds me of wife number two.
Tall, dark, lethal.
Seems to be your type.
Sorry, you're breaking up.
Is that any way to welcome a houseguest, Commander White? You must admit that with the lack of suitable hiding places in this apartment, you set the odds firmly in my favor.
What do you want? I want to know why you are asking questions about men that are no longer with us.
I'll stop asking those questions when you tell me about Shelburne.
What does it mean? You've done more work than I could have imagined, old man.
Would you do me one favor? What's that? Tell John McGarrett that his son will be along soon enough.
How's Josh? He's going to need some time to heal, but he's a strong boy.
A lot like his father.
Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Has there been any progress in the case? As a matter of fact, there has, yeah.
That's why we're here.
Martel, uh, where were you at the time of your brother's murder? I was working at Jake's charitable foundation all day, until the police called.
Why? You used to, uh, used to run a couple of restaurants for Jake, right? Well, yeah, but what does that have to do with anything? Well, I was just wondering if there were any hard feelings when your brother fired you.
What? No, he didn't fire me, I quit.
Really? Why would you do that? I mean, just change careers out of the blue.
Okay, look, you don't understand.
I have always loved that foundation, working with those kids.
When a position opened up, Jake offered me a job full-time.
I don't have anything to do with the restaurants anymore.
Yeah, that was true yesterday, but now that Jake's passed, you're in control.
What-- no, that's-- Jake's will? That's about taking care of Josh.
Look, I don't care what you think.
I did not kill my brother.
Gonna have to ask you, uh, Mrs.
Martel, do you own a gun? Well, I mean, it's not really mine.
Uh, Jake had a gun.
Well, you see, there was nothing registered in either of your names, ma'am.
Well, no, it wouldn't have been registered.
Jake found out that one of the guys that he was helping with his charity got ahold of a gun, and he took it away.
Where's the gun now? Hands up.
Hands up.
Jake wanted to build a place where underprivileged kids could come and be safe.
All of these kids can come and train for free.
Hey, Mrs.
Just need you to sign a couple things.
What, you in the market for some cleaning products? Fighters use these to wipe down after they train.
Uh, kills ringworm, staph, MRSA.
Hey, look what they're made from.
Australian tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil.
Those are the same oils that Max found on the duct tape he pulled off our vic.
We're good.
All right, good job.
Jake's gun's right in there.
Honey, is everything all right? They need the gun.
For what? They think that I killed Jake.
What? Mr.
Martel, I'm going to ask you to just step back, all right? Come on, brah, that's my wife you're talking about.
You don't actually think she killed her own brother, do you? No gun.
What-What do you mean? It's got to be there.
Well, it's not.
When was the last time you saw it? I don't know, maybe a couple weeks ago.
Hey, it's all right.
You didn't do anything wrong.
All right? Okay, um, who else knew about this gun, besides you two? Just Jake and I.
Well, and Boriero.
Who's Boriero? One of the fighters who trains here.
That's the kid I mentioned.
Jake took the gun off of him, said that if he wanted to train here, he had to stay out of trouble.
That was one of Jake's only rules about this place.
Okay, fine.
Where's he at? Is Boriero here? No, he hasn't trained here for a few weeks.
Why is that? He left after an argument with my brother about going pro, said that he wanted a sponsorship.
But Jake said that the foundation wasn't about that.
All right.
You know where Boriero lives? Vitor Boriero.
He went away in 2009 for taking part in an armed robbery.
He strong-armed the owner of a Kapiolani beer joint and then cleaned out the safe.
This guy sounds like a complete gentleman.
Guy drives an '82 Jeep CJ-7, black.
It should give you heads up if he's home.
Am I driving? Of course I'm driving.
All right, thanks.
Oh, and one more thing.
Word to the wise: Boriero's trained.
I would not engage him hand-to-hand.
That's not going to happen.
I like my gun.
There's the Jeep.
Looks like he's home.
Doesn't look like Boriero's worried about theft.
That's one of the benefits of being built like King Kong.
Not gonna believe this.
What do you got? He's obviously not very bright.
Plain sight.
We have a beautiful .
38 caliber.
Same caliber as the murder weapon.
Hey! Hey.
What you guys doing? Boriero, Five-O.
Show me your hands right now.
Get on the ground.
On the ground.
Hey! No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no! Come on! Door, door! My shoulder, my shoulder! My shoulder! Huh? I was supposed to fight tomorrow, man.
Yeah, plenty of chances to fight where you're going, Boriero.
You're going away, you understand? Going away for what? We found Jake's murder weapon in your Jeep.
You know that gun ain't mine.
You planted it.
You good? Yeah.
Yeah? "Do not engage in hand-to-hand.
" Do you remember that? I must've forgot.
Must've forgot it.
Hey, tell me something.
What? When did Max say the time of death was? Uh, between 'Cause this guy didn't do it.
According to this, you were in the hospital yesterday morning.
I was sparring the night before, took a head punch.
Figured I should get that checked out.
All right, well, I hope that the head punch didn't mess with your memory too much, because we got some questions we want to ask you.
You really think I killed Jake? How do we know this isn't just a stab at an alibi? I might be able to fake a wristband, but you can't fake a CT scan.
Call the hospital.
Oh, we got somebody doing that.
In the meantime, why don't you tell us how the gun that killed Jake Griffin ended up in your jeep? Jeep's wide open.
Anyone could have planted that.
Why would someone do that? Why would I shoot Jake? Without that gym, I'd still be on the streets.
I don't know.
Old habits die hard.
Jake called me a loser to my face.
Not many men have the stones to say that to me, but he was right, and I respected him for it.
I believe that.
You did respect him, up until the point where he wouldn't give you a sponsorship.
You got it all wrong.
Lot of money in MMA these days.
I mean, you turn pro, you get a couple of pay-per-view fights.
We're talking about a lot of money.
It's a lot of money, but Jake was not interested in that.
Right? He didn't want his charity to turn into a business.
You guys fought over it, and when it did not go your way, you shot him.
That's crazy! Look, did I want to go pro? Sure.
Who wouldn't? But I turned down Marshall's offer, but he wouldn't let it go.
Oh, Marshall? Jake's brother-in-law-- what does he have to do with this? He said he'd train me, manage me, the whole shot.
Even asked me if I could recruit a couple of the other guys, too.
How much commission was he asking for? last time you saw him? He came by yesterday to break the news about Jake.
Said he didn't want me to hear it on TV.
Was your jeep parked in front when he came by? Yeah.
Always in the same spot.
All right, so I looked into Marshall Martel like you asked, and I found something very interesting.
According to his credit card statement, yesterday morning, he spent $84 at a hardware store five blocks from the crime scene.
Check out what he bought.
Duct tape and cleaning supplies.
Check out the time stamp.
That's right around TOD.
One, two.
One, two, three.
One, two.
Hey! Marshall! Hang on.
Just finishing up.
No, you're all finished.
Come on, you're done.
Do five.
What are you talking about? Talking about the fact that you killed Jake Griffin.
- Excuse me? - Yeah.
Then you went to the hardware store to cover up the crime, which is a good indication to me that you weren't planning on killing him.
Right, but when you did, you wanted the cops to be looking the other way, so, you covered it up and made it look like one of those home invasion crimes you saw on the news.
What's going on? Hands behind your back.
Come on.
Marshall, why are they arresting you? Marshall, say something.
Samantha, I'm sorry about this.
Marshall, say something! Marshall?! It was an accident.
I was just trying to scare him.
What? He was my brother.
He had all the money in the world.
And all I wanted was a little something for us.
Something so that we wouldn't have to come to him with hat in hand anymore, but he just wouldn't listen.
So, what, you killed him? We were arguing, he went for the gun, it went off, and I I panicked.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oh! Excuse me.
Oh, yeah.
Pardon me, wahine.
Excuse me, brother.
Pardon me.
Sure, make sure everybody gets some, brah.
Oh, good seats, huh? Oh, yeah.
That is, um, a lot of popcorn, even for you, Kamekona.
Oh, give me some kakimochi.
Healthy kind, sistah.
You guys hungry? Don't mind if I do.
Oh, easy, brah! No more refills over here.
I know this is for charity, but this is crazy.
Right? Even for McGarrett.
So, his opponent It says in his statistics here that he's 21 and eight, with 13 TKO's.
What's a TKO? It means that 13 of his opponents were unable to continue fighting him.
Oh, so that's a good thing then? Not for McGarrett.
Okay, listen.
Listen, the mantra is, "This is all for charity.
" Okay, so you have to say it.
I'll be fine.
Yo, McGarrett? Thanks for taking my spot on the card.
Jake wouldn't want the fans cheated out of a fight.
It's all for the kids, brah.
I'll try to put on a good show for you.
Besides, I'm the one who dislocated your shoulder.
Yeah, I didn't forget.
Hit 'em hard, bro.
Excuse me, Miss.
Yeah, thanks.
All right.
And now, for our main event, MMA legend Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell takes on hometown hero Steve McGarrett in an exhibition charity match.
Okay, that's your cue and your last chance to back out.
Would you? It's your funeral.
Okay, stay down! Let's go home.
Can we go home? Stay down.
It's charity.
Don't get up.
Stay down.
Go! Yes! Come on! Come on.
Oh, you the man.
I didn't know an arm could bend that far back, brah.
Actually, the rotator cuff has an amazing range of mobility.
You want me to get you a steak for that eye? Right? Who knew charity hurt so much? Boss, when you got back up, and went after that guy, it was pure Pure imua, brah! That means pure stupidity, and we're all in agreement.
What you got going on with that hand there, Danno? I figured while you're at it, bring it.
Allright, get the chairs outta the way, let's go.
My money's on the SEAL.
I'll take that action, Danny's one scrappah.
What happened to you? Where's Mokoto? He's dead.
Dead? What happened? I got here.
Door was open, his body's in the study.
Looks like he was tortured.
What?! Who would torture an old man in a wheelchair? Wo Fat.
I don't understand.
Why-Why would he come here? How did he know about Mokoto? Wo Fat paid me a visit last night.
What are you talking about? Got the jump on me, and then he disappeared.
Did you tell him about Mokoto? No but he must have known.
Wo Fat's either cleaning house, or he's looking for answers, right? We did this.
What? Our questions got Mokoto killed.
No, Joe.
Wo Fat started this.
But I plan to finish it.
You continue to go down this road, son, you got to ask yourself, how many more lives is that gonna cost?
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