Hawaii Five-0 s02e07 Episode Script

Ka Iwi Kapu (Sacred Bones)

Uh, I don't think it's working.
Hold on.
All right.
Quiet, I'm rolling.
Halloween, All Hallows' Eve, the fourth night in our search for the huaka'i po-- the Night Marchers-- ghost warriors who roam the islands.
Something's in there.
I think we should go home.
Just, uh, just a little longer, babe.
I'll protect you.
I feel super safe now.
You hear that? It's probably a bird or something.
This is, uh Kulamanu Heiau, a an ancient temple and-and burial ground, a sacred graveyard.
Locals, uh, consider trespassing onto the grounds taboo.
There, uh there have been many sightings of the Night Marchers up here, so even though we may anger the spirits protecting this heiau, it's worth the risk.
What is this? Hey, uh, maybe you shouldn't Christian! Here you go.
Trick or treat! Uh, sorry? Trick or treat? It's Halloween; she wants a treat.
Oh, uh, I really don't have anything.
I'll bet you do.
Why you just go look, you can find something.
Don't look at me like that, please.
Do you know how amazing you look? You look fantastic.
Okay? It's gonna be great-- we're gonna get so much candy.
Will you trust me for once, please? Thank you.
Here you go.
Happy Halloween.
Uh, whatever.
What is this? - A little something for Dad? - Come here, come here.
Get behind me.
What is this? What is this? You giving alcohol to a kid? I told you, I didn't have anything.
Hold this.
Listen to me.
How about six months, six months for distributing to a minor.
Daddy, let's just go.
- I'm trying to be nice.
- You trying to be nice? I'm gonna show you nice in one second.
Don't move.
Hello? Okay, yes, I I'll be right there.
You are lucky.
Get inside, close that door.
Beat it.
I am very sorry.
I know we're supposed to go trick-or-treating, but Daddy just got called to work.
Okay? So I got to go, and - I got to take you back - I'll get my stuff! I can tell you are just crushed shattered at the change of plans.
Really bummed, I can see.
Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt trick-or-treating.
No, it's fine.
Grace was thrilled.
She hates that hotel.
I have got to find an apartment.
Well, you've found ten apartments, Danny-- none are good enough.
It's called taste and standards, buddy.
Go home! I'd like to.
Thank you.
You're forbidden to be here.
Just like New Jersey.
Sleep it off, buddy, huh? Hey, guys.
So, we think there are two vics buried up the trail-- Christian O'Connor and Kat Forester.
Two amateur documentarians who were trying to film the Night Marchers.
What are the Night Marchers? - Hawaiian ghost warriors.
- Yeah.
Oh, so good, so we have our suspects.
- You know what? - Hey, don't laugh.
My grandfather saw them once.
Saw the? Yeah.
- Hey, Kono.
- Yeah? - Who found the bodies? - Roommate.
Over there.
She, uh, was supposed to meet them but she was running late, and by the time she got up there, they were already dead and buried.
And technically, she didn't find the bodies, so much as a hand sticking out of a shallow grave.
Where's Weston? Oh, she was, uh, she had to change into something more appropriate.
Meaning she was wearing something inappropriate? No, no, no, uh, that's not what I said.
That's kind of what you said.
Oh, she was wearing a costume? Please don't tell her I told you.
You didn't tell me; I guessed.
Okay, let's get started.
Oh, you told them.
They guessed.
Oh, this is fascinating.
I was at a Halloween party with What's so fascinating? The party isn't fascinating-- what's fascinating is that you're not willing to tell us about it.
You're kind of being all secretive-- isn't that kind of weird? Weird? Really? I'm not secretive.
No, it's just my private life.
And I can have a private life.
Like you all have.
Why are you staring at me? I Because I am just imagining, uh, who Lori Weston's alter ego might be.
Uh mm, Wonder Woman? No.
Slutty Wonder Woman? Stop it, Danno.
Chin, what have you got? A search of the surrounding area hasn't turned up anything yet.
Okay, I don't want to state the obvious, but I just think that maybe we'll do better if we look where the hand is.
Yeah, but we have to wait for the priest.
- Why? - 'Cause this is a heiau.
An ancient Hawaiian temple.
We have to wait for the Kahu to bless us and ask for the spirits' permission before we can enter.
Okay, well, I just, let me just get this straight so I understand.
There's a crime scene right there.
All right, and forensic evidence is degrading as we speak, but we are gonna wait for a priest to tell us that the magic ghost says it's okay for us to check it out.
It's their culture, Danny-- you just have to respect it.
Oh, that's a-a beautiful thought, Wonder Woman, but I think the spirits will make an exception so that we can catch a murderer, no? Really? Gloves are going on? You're making a mistake.
Well, I think I'll take my chances.
They're gonna be here soon.
I got it, all right? A woven leather bracelet The roommate identified as the male victim's.
A lot of footprints.
Everybody I have found an ancient Hawaiian artifact.
Look at that.
Huh? Maybe they got a picture of their killer.
Uh, evil spirits, they gonna come and curse me now, or what? Do not.
You should've waited for the priest, buddy.
Shut up.
Well, because it says utilities included, okay? And everybody knows that satellite television is a utility.
No? Well, a good day to you, sir.
You're out of your mind, Danny.
Listen, I-I've lived in squalor for way too long.
Okay? I'm gonna get what I want, I'm gonna get want at a reasonable price, and I'm not gonna pay any moving fees, okay? That does not make me crazy.
No, what makes you crazy is thinking it's okay to trample all over a sacred burial ground.
Oh, here we go.
- Here we go.
- Here we go? I am an insensitive jerk.
I didn't say a jerk, but "insensitive" is accurate, yeah, Danny.
It was a murder scene, Steven.
Yeah, you know what? You cannot treat people's beliefs like a joke.
Danny, a heiau is an incredibly important part of Hawaiian culture.
Okay, and investigating a crime scene is very important to my job.
Right, and if you want HPD to cooperate with us, you can't disrespect their religion, man.
How would you feel if somebody desecrated a church.
I personally would care, I would care, okay? But that's a good question, because guess what? It's not the same thing.
It's exactly the same thing.
But you don't believe in any of that anyway, right? You don't Could we please not have this conversation? Because generally, this conversation doesn't go very well.
- Good.
- 'Kay? In history, it doesn't go well.
Okay, fine.
I mean, no afterlife, no higher power.
- No nothing.
- Okay, okay, okay.
I think that people make stuff up to make themselves feel better.
How's that? Wow.
Don't "wow" me.
I'm no, I mean it's just Wow.
Okay, listen, okay, I believe what I see in front of my face, and sometimes, I don't even believe that, okay, but if it makes you feel any better, next time, I will pretend, okay? Wow.
Don't "wow" me! Chin, anything? Well, the camera was recording when the murders took place, but it looks like our killer was camera shy.
Not a single shot of him.
But we did find something interesting.
Look at this.
it's worth the risk.
What is this? Hey, maybe, uh Hey, maybe you shouldn't, uh That bag wasn't at the scene.
Christian! Yeah, I wonder what the hell was in that bag? There's a lot of ancient skeletal remains up there.
Wait a minute.
You think grave robbers? Could be.
Some unscrupulous collectors would pay a lot for the artifacts up there.
Okay, so, these two kids surprise him, and he kills them 'cause he wants to keep his secret.
There could be something in this section.
Something the camera picked up that we can't see right now.
Kono, have Fong dig through this, see what he can come up with.
Danny and I are gonna go and talk to Max.
The female vic died of blunt force trauma to the head, mostly likely killed by the very shovel that buried her.
The male victim had dirt and debris in his lungs.
Unfortunately, he was buried alive.
You know, uh, Keanu, Halloween was yesterday.
You're aware of that, right? - What? - Hmm? Oh.
Yes, I came directly to work after a costume party.
Ah, you don't secretly have this thing where you love dressing up like you're in The Matrix? The two concepts are not mutually exclusive.
All right, Max, what do we, uh what do we got here? Well, I have some good news and weird news.
Take a look at this.
See the marks under her right eye-- fingerprint bruising.
Okay, he grabbed her face.
Exactly, and when he did that, he very kindly left a print.
A nice one on the right lens.
I ran it through the system, and found a match.
Man by the name of Greg Straithan.
- Oh.
- Nice work, Max.
I'm impressed.
And now the weird news.
Our suspect, Greg Straithan is dead.
Greg Straithan-- nice long sheet.
Burglary two, criminal trespass, did three years at Chino in California for assault.
Looks good for our suspect.
Except for the part where he's not actually alive.
How did he die? Shot and killed in his apartment last week.
His girlfriend, Nikki Royce, admitted to it.
She's got a history of mental illness.
They've got her on a psych hold at Okalani hospital.
Okay, this says she shot him in the face.
Yeah, with a shotgun.
Okay, so, no dental records.
Right? No face to identify him.
With the girlfriend's confession, I'm pretty sure they didn't print the body.
- What are you getting at? - It just seems like a really good way to fake your own death.
That is, unless you think a dead person slapped our victim in the face.
Okay, if that's the case, the girlfriend was definitely in on it, right, so let's go talk to her.
Lori, I could use your profiling skills to determine if she's crazy, or just acting crazy.
All right.
You know, there's a big question that we haven't asked yet.
Somebody got shot at Straithan's apartment.
So, if not him, then who? Whoever it is, he's buried in Straithan's grave.
I'll get the paperwork started for an exhumation.
Okay, in the meantime, if Straithan is alive, and he's been walking around all week, maybe our victims had some prior interactions.
So, Kono, see if the roommate recognizes him, okay? I've never seen him.
Do you think he did it? He's, uh, someone we're looking into.
How are you handling all this? Oh, you know.
Not great.
The worst part is, I lost both my roommates, and I'm all alone.
I've never lived by myself before.
So your-your friends-- they, uh they never told you about anyone threatening them or scaring them this past week? Well, there was that one weird guy up at the heiau.
What weird guy? Somebody was bothering them a few nights ago.
Christian tried to make him go away, and I guess he fell and hit his head on a rock.
Kat said he was bleeding really bad.
- Anything? - Not yet.
I was hoping since it hadn't rained the past few days, we'd get lucky.
Did you get the warrant yet to exhume Straithan's grave? No, I'm still working on it.
If you find his blood up here, it'll help convince the judge he's among the living.
Mahalo, Kahu.
No problem, sistah.
The kupuna like you.
You hitting Pops later? - Yeah.
- Waves should be firing.
See you there.
All right.
Kono, check this out.
That's blood.
Roommate was right.
Looks like someone took a nasty fall.
This isn't the first time Nikki Royce has been committed for mental issues.
As a teenager, she was hospitalized with an eating disorder.
All right.
So, the, uh the Halloween party you went to-- who threw it? Oh, just a friend.
Go by yourself? This is it.
Don't let her get too close to you.
She is a scratcher.
Listen, I said I am not going back into the chicken anymore.
You can't make me.
The chicken? Kitchen.
Kitchen! There are There are bugs.
There are bugs.
Listen, I told them I told them, and So, Nikki, we need to talk to you about Greg.
Okay? Look.
The lights.
There's something in the lights.
It stabs you.
- Nikki, talk to us about Greg.
- No.
No, I can't.
No, no.
No, I can't.
- I can't.
- We know he's alive.
You guys faked his death.
You pretend to be crazy.
And take the chance the hospital will discharge you in a couple of years, right? Oh, thank God.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Okay, no one will believe me.
All right, well, where is he? He comes at night and talks to me.
You've got to tell them.
They won't believe me.
- I shot him! - Who did you shoot, Nikki? Who'd you kill? Greg.
Then he came back.
He's haunting me.
Can you help me, please? I just want him to go away so I can get some sleep.
Please? Yeah.
Okay, so, your professional assessment-- is she just a great liar? In the course of five minutes, we witnessed aphasia, dermatillomania, paranoia, vivid hallucinations.
My professional assessment-- that girl's off her rocker.
Yeah, a little bit, but is she telling the truth? Did she shoot Straithan? Well, she thinks she did, but there's no way to tell if she shot him or somebody else.
All right, listen, get Danny on the phone, have him meet you at Straithan's apartment.
And maybe forensics can tell us who she actually killed.
The apartment was available and now it's rented? Doesn't make any sense.
What, you trying to shake me down? Well, I'm a cop.
How about that? Hello? Hello?! If you're looking for an apartment, I think there's one available in this building.
Oh, uh, yeah, that's-that's nice, but I think it's a little rich for my blood.
Thank you.
You'll have to take the stairs.
Something is wrong with the elevator.
Of course something's wrong wi the elevator.
I'm cursed.
- Oh.
- Hey.
So, what do we got? Well, plenty of blood to test, as you can see.
Luckily, the crime scene cleaners are backed up.
We'll compare the DNA from the blood splatter to the DNA from his hair.
If they match each other, Greg Straithan's dead.
If not, he's most likely our killer.
His landlord was just telling me about Straithan's habits.
- How are you? - Good.
This a two-bedroom? Yeah.
Uh, Straithan-- did he, uh he seem like the kind of guy that would fake his own death? Well, he certainly was secretive.
I was never sure what he did for a living.
Always paid for everything with cash.
This is nice, this carpet.
This rug here-- what is this? - This Berber? - Yeah.
Thought so.
Um, did he ever seem like he was afraid? Maybe he was hiding from somebody? Oh, I don't think so.
He was a pretty intimidating person.
This is very nice.
Italian marble.
You know, uh, by law, you know, you're gonna have to disclose that there was a murder here.
You'll probably have to cut the rent in half.
You think? Yeah, at least.
I mean, most people-- they won't even rent a place where there's been a violent crime.
Bad mojo, stuff like that.
Me, personally-- I don't mind a little bit of blood.
Okay, Chin just got the warrant to dig up Straithan's grave.
All I can tell you is, the last time I saw that casket, he was in there.
All right, but are you certain it was Greg Straithan's body? I only know what I was told.
I'm not gonna get in trouble for this, am I? You're manipulating a landlord into renting you a dead guy's apartment at a cut rate.
- Is that right? - Absolutely.
That's interesting.
It's the move, babe.
I mean, all the homicide detectives back home have the nicest pads.
- I'm telling you.
- Huh.
Let me just go on record by saying I think it's wrong to disturb someone's final resting place.
Noted on record.
Now crack it open.
Wait a minute.
This gravesite was undisturbed? Is there any sign anybody could have messed with this? No, not a thing.
Then I am completely at a loss as to how to explain this.
Well, I have either good news or bad news, depending on where you stand.
Your dead suspect is, in fact, dead.
Well, what'd you find? Well, the two DNA samples from Greg Straithan's apartment-- the blood from the murder scene and his hair from his brush-- they matched.
Okay, so unless Straithan reanimated as a zombie, he is definitely and simply dead.
Well, considering his head wasn't intact, reanimating as a zombie would be completely impossible.
Now, for the curveball.
The blood that Kono found at the heiau-- well, it belonged to an unknown subject.
Didn't match Straithan, the victims or anybody in the system.
Okay, well, chances are that blood belongs to our killer.
It's Kono.
Fong found something on the camcorder.
She's on her way to see him now.
I started by isolating the footage from the point the camera goes airborne.
Took some doing, but after demultiplexing and deinterfacing the segment, I was able to enhance and highlight the individual frames.
That's the duffel bag.
Camera went right over it.
Good news is the bag was open.
That look like a hand to you? Yeah, and I bet it belongs to Greg Straithan.
That would explain how his fingerprint showed up on the victim.
He wasn't at the heiau, but his fingers were.
So Kat gets knocked over, she falls face-first into the bag, fingerprint transfers onto her glasses.
What I can't explain is how his hand ended up five miles from where he was supposed to be buried.
It's because the killer wasn't stealing anything from the heiau.
He was hiding something.
I bet I know where the rest of Straithan is.
Thanks, Fong.
Oh, great.
There's Gabby.
Did you know she was going to be here? 'Cause you should have told me if you did.
Did not, but, uh, that's not going to help you, bud.
You should just be yourself.
Be yourself.
Hey, Gabby.
What are you doing here? Um, the Burial Council sent me to ensure the iwi is protected.
The iwi.
That's the bones.
- I know that.
- Protecting the cultural significance of this site is, uh it's extremely important to Daniel.
Don't you have someone to, uh, go shoot? Nope.
Hey, I heard you guys had a lovely dinner.
- Uh-huh.
- We did.
- We it was it was lovely.
- It was good.
I had a great time.
Hey, um, Grace really wants to go to the museum, and, uh, I thought maybe I could bug you for a private tour.
I would love to meet Grace.
Uh, Dr.
Asano, we're planning on using ground-penetrating radar to locate Straithan's remains.
It utilizes high-frequency EM waves to see beneath the ground.
That way, we won't have to indiscriminately dig everything up.
I'm sure the council will be grateful for your efforts.
Danny! Somebody threw a rock through your window.
Yeah, I know.
It happened the night of the murders, Chin.
Keep up, babe.
No, bruddah.
The other one.
How does this even happen? Well, maybe it's the consequence of dismissing an entire culture's spiritual beliefs.
Oh, right, a ghost.
A ghost busted my windows.
That really what you believe? Well, what we believe, Danny, is that our ancestors are here with us, just as much as they were when they were alive.
You okay.
Let me ask you a question.
HPD, they secured this area, correct? Correct.
They closed the access road down the night of the murder.
So let's just imagine for a moment that a living, breathing human being did this to my car.
I know it's crazy.
Let's just imagine it.
How is it that somebody got here, came in, left, nobody said anything, twice? Go ahead.
He never left.
The homeless guy.
That homeless guy told us not to come in here the night of the murder.
It would explain the roommate's story about the man who accosted the victims a few nights prior.
All right, so what are we saying? Our killer lives here? I know where I would hide.
You know, if I was homeless, living in Hawaii, there's about 96,000 places I'd choose to live before this one.
It's private.
Natural protection from the elements.
Access to the heiau.
You know, it's really easy to get lost in here.
He probably knows exactly where he's going.
You just need to know where to look.
Well, that helps me.
Ancient Hawaiian burials tend to be no more than a meter deep.
So anything above or below this marker is most likely our guy.
Oh, got something here.
What is that, about two meters down? Looks like we found the rest of Greg Straithan.
Hold on.
There's another one on the other side of the field.
Two and a half meters down.
I thought there was only one body.
Supposed to be.
Looks like multiple hits here.
You have three or four down there.
I got something! Okay, I'm going to need a radio.
Steve, we've got more than one body down here.
Say again.
It's looking like dozens all over the heiau.
I've seen something like this before.
It might be the dumping ground of a serial killer.
I got blood.
Lot of it.
I got the white bag from the video.
And it's empty, Danny.
All right! Hands up.
Put your hands up right now.
Drop the weapon.
I warned you not to come here.
Drop the weapon right now.
Get on your knees.
On your knees.
On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
You angered the spirits.
I know.
That's what I keep hearing.
Let's go.
Your name is Samuel Lee.
You're a combat veteran.
How long you been homeless, Samuel? All right.
We're testing this bag right now.
It had a severed hand in it.
You want to tell us how it got in there, help yourself out? No.
It was empty when I found it.
It was contaminating the heiau.
Quite a nasty gash you got on your forehead.
Want to tell me how it happened? Keep in mind I already know the answer.
They were trespassers.
Too many people.
Too many people treading on the iwi of the tupuna.
You attacked these two kids.
And they fought back, and you fell down, hit your head on a rock.
Is that what you mean? They were desecrating the aina.
So you beat them to death with a shovel? No! I warned them to stay away.
Like I warned you.
But they they wouldn't listen.
Do you always protect the heiau? It wants me to protect it.
It needs me to keep its secrets.
Just like it keeps your secrets, right, Samuel? I mean, it's the perfect place to dump a body.
No one would ever dare look there.
No, the land is sacred.
They're they're being punished.
By the evil spirits and blah, blah, blah.
Uh What about the rock that hit my window? Was that an evil spirit, too? No, I think that was you.
You needed to learn respect! What happens to people that don't respect the heiau? They open the door.
The dead will be looking for you now.
I don't know.
He's clearly disturbed, but I don't like him for this.
What's not to like? I mean, he, uh, had the bag from the crime scene, he admits to jumping those kids, and he is obsessed with keeping people out of the heiau.
All right, which begs the question-- would he ever dig it up to bury bodies? I don't think so.
Plus, if we're looking for a serial killer, we're looking for someone organized, meticulous.
Samuel does not fit the profile at all.
I'm not convinced it is a serial killer.
I mean, where does Greg Straithan fit in? We know who killed him, right? Nikki Royce.
Why would a serial killer bury an already dead body in his dumping ground? I think we can explain.
All told, there were 32 different victims dismembered and buried at the heiau.
They all died within the past two years.
We've already identified three of them through the DNA database-- James Yamamoto, Chuck Anderson and Emma Kirkland.
But here's the interesting part.
Emma died in a car accident, Chuck had a brain aneurysm, and James died of a heart attack.
Anyone care to venture a guess as to what they all have in common? Well, none of them were murdered.
Meaning we don't have a serial killer on the Island.
Now, every single body had a specific part missing.
Very precise surgical work.
Whoever did this definitely had medical experience.
Okay, well, that I mean, that rules out Samuel Lee completely.
Plus, the blood you guys found on his machete and at his campsite-- wild boar.
He'd just killed dinner.
Okay, so what parts were missing exactly? The ligaments and tendons from major joints-- the elbows, knees, wrists-- were all removed postmortem.
On a hunch, I had Fong test the duffel bag for evidence of liquid nitrogen.
All over the inside of the bag.
I don't know what that means.
Well, liquid nitrogen is utilized by biotech firms to freeze donor tissues.
Most of the organs have to be harvested from living bodies.
However, there are some tissues that can be harvested from cadavers up to 48 hours after death.
Okay, so our guy steals dead bodies, cuts off the parts that he needs, and then dumps the bodies back in the heiau where no one will look.
We're not looking for a serial killer.
We're looking for a businessman who's selling cadaver parts on the black market.
HPD has no active investigation into the body parts trade.
However, nationwide it's a booming business.
Cadaver tissue can be used in anything from ACL surgery to filling in wrinkles.
They make a profit by giving the tissue away but charging huge shipping fees.
I mean, an ACL alone can cost five grand.
We also found another commonality between the three identified bodies.
They all had their funerals and burials at the same place: Makaha Memorial Park and Mortuary.
Might sound familiar to you-- that's where we dug up Straithan's casket.
Okay, well, that's how he's getting his hands on the bodies.
He intercepts them before they go in the ground.
And according to the families, our friendly neighborhood mortuary attendant is the one who helped them through their grief.
His name's Tyler Mitchell.
No wonder he was so unhappy about us exhuming Straithan's grave.
He knew it was empty all along.
He's got a record-- extortion and fraud.
If he killed Kat and Christian, we can add murder to that list.
Tyler Mitchell, Five-O.
Mitchell's car is still out front.
He's working late.
He's got a lot of bodies to hack up.
Okay, we need to split up.
Chin, take the second floor.
I'll go around the back.
Lori, get the basement.
I got this floor.
Be careful.
Got it.
Oh, my God.
Steve, I found Tyler Mitchell; he's dead.
Don't bother with the ambulance; it's way too late for that.
I'm pretty sure he's been embalmed alive.
Whoever killed him went through his files too.
Lori? Lori.
Hey, Lori, hey.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Easy, easy, easy, don't move so fast, take it easy.
Ah, damn it, he got the drop on me, sorry.
Don't say sorry; he could have killed you.
You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
- You sure? Steve, don't look so concerned.
I'm fine.
Really, I'm fine.
Hey, Danny's checking it out, but it looks like the son of a bitch got out using a service elevator.
He's gone.
Embalmed alive-- not how I want to go out.
Guess looks like Tyler's not our killer.
No, but he was working with him.
Found these client files.
Now, I think our killer was actually trying to get rid of evidence, but Lori interrupted him.
Didn't get everything, though.
Wait, wait, what evidence? His body supplier, for one.
And the fact that all the bodies came out of Kapana General.
All signed out by the same charge nurse-- Jacob Garrison.
Kono, what do you got? Sending over Garrison's DMV photo now.
All right, I got it.
He's been charge nurse at Kapana General for about four years.
Financials were a mess until recently-- credit card and student loan debt totaling over 100 grand-- and then six months ago, he pays everything off.
That's a lot of tendons.
Send HPD over to Kapana General.
Already done.
Supervisor said Garrison skipped his shift today.
He's not at home either.
However, a year ago, he bought a piece of property out near Barber's Point.
Very nice, nice and remote.
Perfect place to hack up bodies.
You smell that? Some sort of chemical.
That's formaldehyde-- it's highly flammable and it's everywhere.
Drop it! Put your hands where we can see them! Put your hands where we can see them! Garrison.
Hey, hey, hey, don't do it, don't do it.
Get away from me.
Just close the lighter, Garrison, close the lighter.
Just close the lighter, okay, close it.
Hey, no, no, no.
Hey, Garrison, don't do it.
- Okay? - Close the lighter, Garrison, just close the lighter.
Garrison, no! Run, run.
Run, run, everyone out now! - You okay? - Yeah.
Seriously, uh, all you have is paper or plastic? Yeah, well, that's, uh, that's the old me.
The new me is going to buy a steak knife.
Maybe even a pot, maybe a pan.
Hey, this is the last of it.
What are you, some sort of monk? - You hardly have anything.
- You are not done.
Here you go.
What's this for? This is a paintbrush and this is a can of lavender tulip for Grace's bedroom.
Please don't get anything on the baseboards.
Thank you.
This is a very large mattress.
What you planning on doing on this very large mattress? Please, please watch the walls, boys.
- Second bedroom on the left.
- Trust you to find the only mattress place on the island that doesn't deliver.
- Only you could do that.
- No, no, they, they deliver.
It just costs an extra 50 bucks.
You only cost me a beer.
- Hey.
- Welcome.
Just the last of the paperwork to sign.
All right, um, everything looks great, by the way.
Oh, good.
Um, I was going to ask you about a pet deposit, if, uh, I need to put that because my daughter-- she wants a dog.
Oh, I'm sorry, we have a strict no pet policy.
What are you talking about? What about the old lady? - What old lady? - The old lady with the big dopey hat and the little dog, and she was gardening.
She's the one who told me the elevator was busted, which, by the way, you're gonna fix, right? It sounds like you're describing Mrs.
Okay, Mrs.
Well, Mrs.
Kekoa died five years ago.
She fell down the elevator shaft.
Bed's all, uh, set up.
What else? Uh yeah, we're, we're gonna, we're gonna leave.
What? Pack it up, pack it up.
- You mean "pack it up"? - Hey.
Pack it up, pack it up.
Hey, hey.
Danny, wait a minute, where are you going? Danny, wait.

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