Hawaii Five-0 s02e08 Episode Script

Lapa'au (Healing)

Yo! What are you waiting for? There's a plane! Look out! Plane behind you! Look out! A plane! Look out! Look out! Take cover! Don't be afraid, my friend.
I can't.
You know, buddy, I got to tell you, I'd be way more impressed with your ninja skills if A) the door was locked, and B) you didn't call and get the room number.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint.
Next time, I'll come through the window, okay? Oh, wait a minute.
There are no windows.
Do me a favor, please.
Okay, this is obviously temporary until I find something different, and more importantly than that, this place isn't haunted.
Not haunted? You run a blue light over this apartment, the last thing you're gonna be worried about is ghosts, my friend.
You what I'm saying? Mmm.
What are we watching? Enemy Mine? Mm-hmm.
That's awesome.
I feel like I'm in a time machine.
Like a tiny, little, really badly-decorated time machine.
I like this movie.
Okay? I think it's a classic.
You have to pause Buh-buh.
If you're gonna be here, I'm gonna have to ask you to sit quietly and give this cinematic masterpiece the attention it deserves, okay? Can you do that? Yup.
Thank you.
That's disgusting.
You okay? Huh? I mean, you want a tissue or something? What's the matter? Nothing's the matter.
You weren't moved by that little moment right there, that scene? Evidently not as much as you.
Oh, well, I'm sorry.
Okay, I'm sorry that I got drawn in to a beautiful film about sacrifice and friendship.
I apologize.
The dude just gave birth.
He's an alien, okay? They got different plumbing on this planet.
Okay, I don't know.
They're all hermaphrodites or whatever.
I just didn't understand why you were crying, okay? It's kind of like I mean I'm not Did I cry? You know what? Forget it.
Forget it.
Forget it.
Forget it.
You don't know what it's like to be a father, you don't understand.
You know what I could do? I'll find a cartoon.
Okay, speaking of cartoons, are you planning on bringing Gracie here? Because if you are, as a law enforcement official, I'm required to call the Department of Child Protective Services.
Oh, you think you're funny.
I'm gonna give it a medium.
It's okay.
A cultureless Shh.
Yeah, we're on the way.
Put your shoes on.
The victim's name is Monica Jennsen, 28.
She was an ICE agent.
Body was brought ashore by the Coast Guard.
This is Special Agent in Charge, Jeff Morrison, her supervisor.
How you doing? Wish we would have met under better circumstances.
Lori's told me a lot about you guys and your team.
Oh, so you guys know each other? We worked together on a federal task force a few years ago.
We're really sorry to hear you lost an agent.
I appreciate that.
What makes you guys think that this was anything more than mechanical problems with the plane? Initially, I did think that, but then I got on scene, and they said the medical examiner has concerns about possible foul play.
Max is with the body at the end of the pier.
And now she was the only one on board? Yeah, just her.
The surfers that pulled her from the plane are pretty positive about that.
None of this makes any sense.
She wasn't even scheduled to fly today.
What kind of case was Jennsen working on lately? Mostly routine stuff.
Comparing shipping numbers and cargo weights to customs manifest.
And if she came across something unusual, she was supposed to loop me in.
You think maybe she got in over her head this time? Maybe.
She was a quick study, eager to impress, but she was definitely green.
What about her red book? Can we see that? Yeah, I can get that out of her office.
Wait, wait, wait.
What's a red book? It's an investigator's day-to-day diary.
They turn it into their supervisor at the end of the week so we know exactly what they've been working on.
All right, we're definitely gonna need that, plus, any active case files.
Whatever you guys need.
All right, great.
We know anything yet? All I can give you right now are my preliminary observations.
However, it's exactly those observations that give me reason for concern.
As you can see, the victim show signs of swelling around the tongue and tenseness around the throat muscles.
There's no bruising from the impact, or water in the lungs, which leads me to believe that she was dead before the impact.
And I'm thinking COD was most likely poisoning.
And what about TOD? Well, based on liver temperature, I'd say at least eight hours ago.
What kind of plane was she in? A Cessna 177 Cardinal.
You sure about that? Positive.
Why? Because the Cessna gives it a maximum flight time of just over four hours.
So she couldn't have been flying the plane.
That's right.
Agent Jennsen was dead long before that plane even took off.
Jeff? Jeff? Yeah, I looked, um looked everywhere, and her her, um her red book's not in here.
Maybe she took it home with her.
Listen, I'm sorry.
It's, um It's always tough losing someone you work with.
Monica reminded me a lot of you.
Hardworking, motivated, stubborn.
All in the best possible way, of course.
Of course.
She did not deserve to die like this.
I know.
We're going to find who did this, I promise.
I want to help.
So, I've been scanning through Jennsen's case file.
It's just like Morrison said.
It's all lightweight stuff.
Tracking shipping containers, verifying way bills.
So what got her killed? What about the plane's recovery? The NTSB investigative team isn't due to arrive on site until later today.
All right, well, listen.
Speed that up, okay? We need to find out what's on that flight recorder.
Roger that.
Did you get Jennsen's red book? Not yet.
It wasn't in her office.
I'm gonna try her home.
Danny and I will meet you there.
Hey, hey.
Yeah, you got good taste in humans, huh? What are you doing? He's waiting for Agent Jennsen to come home.
All right, Danny, take the kitchen, we'll take the living room.
Let's find that red book.
I've got signs of forced entry through the back window.
Can you believe this? Somebody tried to drug the dog.
I'd like to kill them.
Doesn't look like the place was tossed.
Well, maybe they knew exactly what they were coming for.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take a look at this.
These are surveillance photos.
Maybe it's a case she was working on.
I mean, definitely a fresh case.
Look at the date stamp.
It's two days ago.
Guys, I found the red book.
That's weird.
Last few pages are torn out.
No way Jennsen did this.
Whoa, whoa.
Why do you say that? These books- they're subject to subpoena.
By law, they have to remain intact.
She wouldn't risk losing a case over missing pages.
Maybe that's what the burglar was after.
Whoa, whoa.
What kind of a moron would break into a house, try to drug a dog, just to get some pages out of a book? I don't know.
I mean, you're better off just taking the whole thing.
All right, listen, we need to get this stuff back and analyzed.
Lori, have Fong run that book for prints.
Come here, buddy.
Oh, I got you.
Come here.
Hey, what are you doing, Danny? What do you mean, what am I doing? The CSU's on their way right now.
This guy's contaminating a crime scene.
We got to take him with us.
He's not riding in the car.
What do you want me to do, tie him to the bumper? Come on.
Can you explain to me again why I'm sitting in the back and the dog is riding shotgun? I already told you, he needs the window.
Oh, yes, right.
How else is he gonna enjoy his tour of Waikiki? You know, for your information, dogs get carsick.
Really? Yeah, it's a fact.
Oh, it's a fact? Yeah.
So, all of a sudden you're a dog expert? No, not all of a sudden; I've had dogs my entire life.
Really? You didn't have a dog when I met you.
Yes, I did, but I lost the dog in the divorce.
Rachel got custody of my dog.
What happened to it? He was old.
He died in the quarantine process.
Which is another reason why I hate this miserable island.
Guess that makes two of you.
Yeah, buddy, I knew I liked this guy for a reason.
Here's what Agent Jennsen had on her camera.
She took about eight photos.
All of the same guy.
Okay, can you punch in closer? I can do better than that.
I'll run his face through DMV database using facial recognition.
You read my mind.
All right, we got a match.
Liam Miller, 40.
NCIC shows no criminal record.
Not even a speeding ticket.
Why would Agent Jennsen follow around a guy like that? McGarrett.
Maybe he's an ex-boyfriend.
All right, thank you very much.
That was the Coast Guard.
They're at the crash site pulling the black box from Jennsen's plane right now We gotta to.
What about Liam Miller? Kono, grab Chin, see if you can find Miller.
And I want to find out why Jennsen was following him.
Ready? Whoa.
Hold up a second.
What are you doing with the dog? I'm gonna take him to an animal shelter.
When? When I have time.
Miller, we just need to ask you some questions about Agent Jennsen.
Oh, yeah, I ah, I saw that on the news.
What a horrible accident.
It wasn't an accident- she was murdered.
Murdered? Oh, my Is that pakalolo? Huh Oh yeah.
Oh, sorry.
Um Yeah, here's my card.
I have a doctor prescription.
I'm a cancer patient.
I use medical marijuana to help with my anxiety and appetite.
The chemo side effects were pretty brutal.
Sorry to hear it.
Well, well, it's okay.
They say I'm one of the lucky ones; my tumor's shrinking.
So how did you meet Agent Jennsen? Well, uh, she came to talk to me a few days ago, asked for my help.
She was investigating a smoke shop where I buy marijuana.
Did Agent Jennsen give you any details as to why she was investigating a place that sold medical marijuana? The smoke shop's not exactly a legitimate caregiver.
I guess Agent Jennsen thought they were selling to anyone.
Not just cardholders like me.
Here's the actually Here's the place.
She said she was gonna get back to me, but she never did, so I just assumed that she handled the problem without me.
Yeah, unfortunately, she never had the chance to.
I've handled cases like this before.
There's a lot of money in selling medicinal marijuana.
Enough to kill an ICE agent over? Hey.
That sounds like a plan.
Uh, let me call you back later.
Me, too.
What? You don't have to keep it a secret.
I know you're back with Malia.
Relax, cuz.
I'm cool with it.
You are? Yeah.
When did you turn the corner on that one? When I was relieved of duty, she came to my house 'cause you were worried about me.
Really? That's when I realized she still loved you.
Are you as hungry as I am? What, you got the munchies? I could eat the whole left side of the Side Street menu right now.
You got a contact high from Miller's place.
I know this shirt I'm wearing reeks of it.
Oh, I guess that's good, right? Means we'll fit right in at the smoke shop.
Let's go.
Here you go, Commander.
All right, good.
You are aware that that's an orange box, right? Yeah, they call it a black box, but they paint 'em orange to help recovery teams like that find them more easily.
You check in with Lori? Yeah, Max narrowed down the COD on Jennsen.
She's gonna go over there with Morrison and get the results.
Hey, Max.
Oh, aloha.
Do I know you? No, I don't think so.
Oh, yes.
I- I think we've met before.
I think I would have remembered a guy like you.
Well, I'm rarely wrong about previous human encounters.
You are Jeff Morrison.
It was my agent who was killed.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
So, Max, you said on the phone you you got something for us? Yes.
I have positively identified the killer of Agent Jennsen.
Who is it? Right this way.
Wow, Max, you you fooled me.
I was certain there was a very tiny, tiny body under there.
Well, technically, it is.
Let me explain.
This is a body of a fully-grown puffer fish.
Highly poisonous, and according to my chemical calculations, the origin of the substance utilized by the murderer to kill the victim.
It looks harmless.
Ah, looks can be very deceiving, Agent Morrison.
A small puffer fish like this has enough toxin to kill 30 human beings.
A fish just like this was milked for its poison, and then that poison was ingested orally by Agent Jennsen.
Most likely with a hot beverage of some sort to disguise the bitterness, like a coffee or tea.
None of this makes any sense, though.
Who would have access to something like this? Well, I really haven't thought about that.
Spearfishermen would avoid them for obvious reasons.
And apart from a few select Japanese chefs who are licensed to serve the nonpoisonous part as a delicacy, I don't know.
Good luck.
Thanks, Max.
So from what I hear, you're the guy to talk to about a little medicinal herb.
Is that right? Who did you hear that from? From a guy named Miller.
I burn fatties with him once a week.
He said even if I don't have my medical card Brody would be able to hook me up.
Look Liam, he's a good customer, but he can't be telling everybody about this place.
We're trying to stay under the radar, know what I mean? I won't tell anyone.
Just keep it a little secret between you and me.
You want to keep secrets with me, don't you? What's your name, girl? It's definitely not girl.
It's Officer Kalakaua.
You're under arrest for sales to a police officer.
Damn! I knew you were a cop.
Yeah, sure you did.
Now, sales to an undercover is a hard case to beat, Brody, but maybe if you help us, we can cut you some slack.
Have you spoken to this woman before? I ain't speaking to you.
You lied to me.
Then talk to me.
Do you know that woman? I don't know her, and I ain't speaking to any cops.
I want my lawyer.
No problem.
But I'm seizing the security footage from your back room.
And if the woman we're asking you about is on it, and you're lying to us, you're gonna be looking at a lot more than a sales case.
Walk! I'm not seeing her.
Maybe Brody was telling the truth.
Okay, guys, I just got off the phone with Fong.
He lifted a foreign print from the red book.
Jason Akita.
He's a two-striker.
Greatest hits include burglary and narcotic sales.
We're gonna need the data off this as soon as possible.
Who's this guy? I've seen him before.
Time stamp shows he was at the smoke shop three days ago.
That and the fact that his print was found on her red book makes him a pretty damn good suspect.
Exactly, and you said he's a two-striker? That means one more felony pop and he goes away for life without the possibility of parole.
You don't get a better motive for murder than that.
What part of "Don't move" did he not understand, huh? Stay on him.
Lori, bag! Got it! Drop something? I got pills and powder.
Hey, look at that.
Let's go for a walk.
I don't know nothing about no murder, man.
I'm-I'm just a courier.
I take packages from point A to point B.
Oh, yeah? You're just an innocent drug mule, is that what you're saying? Oh, I I don't look at what they give me, brah.
I learned that from being a pizza delivery guy on the North Shore.
If you don't know what's inside the box, they can't blame you for screwing up the order.
Shut your mouth.
Now listen to what I tell you, all right? You kill a cop on this island, we take it really personally.
So you should start talking to me now.
We know you were at her house.
We got your prints to prove it.
Here's the deal.
I'm gonna give it to you straight, brahs.
I broke in to that house because I was working as an informant to Ms.
Well, that makes zero sense.
It's the truth.
As soon as I found out that she was killed in that plane crash in the news, I remembered that she had written my name down in that book of hers.
You were trying to get it back? Exactly.
Fellas, I can't walk these streets if people find out I'm a snitch.
So I broke in, and I took the pages with the information that I had given her.
Why didn't you just take the whole book? 'Cause she was a nice lady, for a cop.
I didn't want to ruin the rest of the good work she was doing.
You said you gave her information- what was that? She was tracing the stuff that was coming from the customs house, so I gave her this area to watch.
It's where they would send me to pick up packages that have bypassed customs.
You gave her did she follow up on that? I don't know.
Where are the pages you tore out of the book? Found it.
It's pretty toasted.
Why don't you run it over to Fong, see if he can recover anything.
All right.
He has not stopped barking since Danny left.
Hey, hey, hey.
We get anything off the flight recorder? We're almost done compiling the data, but it's sort of hard to focus with the dog barking.
He seems fine now, so By the way, if you were thinking about going in your office, I just, a little warning.
- It's not a small dog, and, uh, I'd watch my step.
- You went in my office? Yeah, land mines, all over the place.
Danny I'm gonna take him for a walk.
Come on, buddy.
What do we got? Okay, this graph shows that three miles into the flight the autopilot was engaged.
The fuel level was low at that time, which I'm sure was intentional.
Two miles after that, the pilot-side door was opened, causing an on-dash alert.
Okay, so it's exactly as I figured, right? The murderer flew the plane, he parachuted out, knowing the plane would run out of gas and crash.
The question is, where exactly did he exit the aircraft? Well, I cross-referenced the variables, such as fuel, opening of the door, flight timeline, and using that I came up with a five-mile radius where he might have landed right in here.
The jungle's a bad place for a drop zone.
His parachute would've got all tangled up if his exit was in this area.
So, Lori, I want you to head down there with Chin, see if you can pinpoint the exact drop zone.
Okay, you got it.
Wow, it's pretty dense down there.
Steve's right- whoever this guy is, if he bailed out over it, he's got to be a pretty experienced jumper.
I think I see something in the trees over there.
You see a parachute? Yep.
Got it.
Looks like one of us is going for a climb.
Sure you don't need any help recovering that evidence, Sheena? I'm good.
Hey, Lori.
Take a look at this.
You find something? Yeah, motorcycle tracks.
This impression right here is from the center stand.
Looks like our jumper stashed the bike before the murder to make his getaway.
Doesn't look like any tire tracks I've seen before.
Yeah, that's because it's a specialty tire designed to fit an older bike.
An Avon Speedmaster, ribbed, to be exact.
And the center stand impression's definitely from an older Triumph.
You sure about that? Yeah, 100%.
I own one.
'68 Bonneville.
I've been putting that baby together for the past two years.
So, uh, how does that help us? Well, it helps us because finding spare parts on this island for a bike like that is a pain, trust me.
There aren't many late-model Triumphs in Hawaii.
All right, I'll run a full DMV check and put together a list of possible suspects.
I'll run these pages you found through the video spectral comparator.
If there's any residue of ink left on the pages, it'll bring it up for us to read.
The pages were pretty burnt.
I'd be surprised if Luckily for us, the pages are wax-based and not loose-leaf.
The wax base makes for a slower burn.
See here? Says something about a suspect she's been following.
And now the words: "stash pad.
" Yeah.
Your victim was on a narco investigation, right? Yeah.
Uh, she was tracking a delivery, and this address might be where it landed.
If we could find the drugs, we might find the killer.
Thanks, Fong.
You're a geek god.
I got about a dozen heat signatures, half of them ought to be people.
What are you thinking, guard dogs? No, too small for that, too.
All right, load and make ready.
We'll figure it out when we get in there.
Five-O, Five-O.
Show me your hands.
Keep your hands where we can see 'em.
Okay, uh, for the record, these people looked a lot scarier as heat signatures.
Who's in charge? I am.
Why are you pointing guns at us? I think you know why.
We're making flower leis.
Nothing else.
You don't believe me? Take a look around.
Thank you, we will.
Step back, ma'am, step back, please.
There were more heat signatures back here.
Danny, what do you see? I don't know.
Excuse me, miss, do you have the key to this door? Okay, what the hell is this? Definitely not a drug ring.
Modern-day animal poaching is big business.
A billion-dollar industry with almost little or no attention paid by law enforcement.
Why not, if it's such a big problem? We live in a post-9/11 world; resources are limited.
This, uh, looks pretty tasty.
What's this? This is bear bile.
Bear bile? Yeah, an adult bear was milked half a dozen times, and then killed for this.
Some people drink a bottle a day 'cause they think it's good for their liver.
I wish she would've told me she stumbled upon this.
Probably had no idea the danger she was in.
I'm sure she thought she had this handled.
Guys, looks like we found the source of our puffer fish poison.
Oh, what'd the nice lady have to say about that? Nothing.
She wanted to talk to a lawyer.
She's not gonna say anything- there's too much risk, too much profit involved.
Plus, I guarantee she has no control over what's coming in and out of this place.
At least we know what kind of people we're dealing with, right? You guys know anyone else who might run in these circles? We might.
Watch your tail.
Watch your tail.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Oh! What's up, brothers? What's up with the canine? What's up with the canine? It is a victim's dog that we need to take to an animal shelter.
Yes, we are, but the investigation that we're currently working on keeps interfering.
I told you already, I'm gonna deal with it when I get a chance.
Thank you.
Looks hungry, brah.
If you're gonna keep a pet, you got to feed him.
Ah, see, no, it's not a pet, and we're not keeping him.
We-we are not keeping him? So you don't need to feed it.
I am a grown man- I've been making my own decisions for a very long time.
But thank you.
Go ahead, go eat.
You want me to have one of my guys take him to the shelter? Enough with the dog, please! Enough with the dog, that's all I ask.
I'm using manners.
I said "please.
" Okay? Thank you.
What we need to know from you is: who around here poaches animals? Okay? Specifically, the endangered type.
Why are you asking me? I sell shrimp, not baby seals.
Kamekona, come on, you must know somebody.
Heck, no.
I've seen fin-less sharks wash ashore, found dead turtles on the reef, but I personally don't know anybody poaches anything but eggs.
What are you doing here, Max? Kono told me that you guys would be here, and since I both needed to eat and drop this off to you, I figured it was a bit of fortuitous timing.
Got a new car.
Yes, I did, and thank you for noticing.
Unfortunately, in order to purchase a sweet ride like this, it necessitated me to sell off my entire prehistoric fossil collection and my DS-9 action figures.
However, I feel it was very worth it.
I like it.
Thank you.
I would like a shrimp-flavored tofu special, please.
Only thing special about that order- no one but you orders it.
What do you got, Max? Oh.
The lab reports came in for the pills you found in your suspect Jason Akita's duffel bag.
You'll be as surprised as I was when I found out they were shark cartilage.
Shark cartilage.
Is that even illegal? Immoral, absolutely.
Illegal unfortunately not.
Immoral or not, that stuff really works.
You got to go to Chinatown, see one La'au Kanaka, if that's what you're looking for.
You just said five seconds ago that you don't know anybody.
Well, you asked me if I knew any poachers.
That's like asking me if I know anybody that kills cows.
I don't.
And if you ask me for a restaurant that serves beef, I can point you in the right direction.
Okay, Kamekona, do you know La'au Kanaka? What's the statute of limitations? What are you talking about? You got immunity, okay? Now, talk! All right.
Biggest one on the Island- name's Dr.
I used to go to him plenty when I used to train.
You gonna want black market supplements, you're gonna need to go see him.
Did you say you were training? Funny, huh, haole.
Nah, he's kidding.
He doesn't mean it.
You got an address? Yeah, boss.
What's wrong with your mutt? Don't worry, he probably got a shrimp tail stuck in his throat.
You gave him a shrimp tail? What the hell's the matter with you, feeding him shrimp tails? You wanted me to give him real shrimp at six bucks a pound? You're a Neanderthal.
That's it, cough it up.
You're okay, buddy.
Early to be closed, no? I think so.
Did he just break in? He did.
That's something he does regularly.
Hello? Five-O.
Yang, you here? Just want to talk.
Yang? Well, it looks like there was a hell of a fight in here.
That's a blood trail.
Looks like the loser was dragged out the back door.
Got a wallet.
We're too late.
Somebody grabbed the doctor.
For what? Maybe our killer was tying up loose ends.
This does not make any sense.
All right, our killer, he goes to all this trouble to make Jennsen's death look like an accident.
If the guy who grabbed our doctor is our killer, why is he getting so sloppy all of a sudden? Chin, you're on speaker.
What do you got? So we ran the list of older Triumph motorcycles through the local DMV database.
It turns out that one of the registered owners is a guy that we spoke to earlier today, Liam Miller.
That's the guy who sent you to the smoke shop.
And get this- he's a pilot and he's jump-qualified.
Yeah, well, get this- it says here in Dr.
Yang's log, Liam Miller's being treated for pancreatic cancer.
Let's go say hello to Mr.
House is empty.
We're clear.
Where the hell is this guy? Mr.
Miller, this is Angie, Dr.
Mangold's nurse.
Please call us as soon as you get this message.
It's about your lab results.
That sounds good.
Get against the counter right now.
Right now.
Where's Dr.
Yang? Where is he? Dr.
Yang is in the process of learning what it feels like to be helpless.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Where is he? He told me I was being cured, that the cancer was behind me as long as I bought his damn medicine.
And when Agent Jennsen stumbled onto Dr.
Yang, you killed her to keep him in business? And to keep yourself alive.
That doesn't matter now.
My oncologist told me the cancer has spread.
Yang lied to me; I'm a dead man, just like her.
It's just a matter of time.
Son of a bitch! Jeff.
You killed her for nothing! Nothing! I thought I was gonna die.
I never wanted it to come to that.
I tried to steer Agent Jennsen to the marijuana clinic, but she didn't care- she just wanted to stop the animal poaching.
She wouldn't leave it alone.
All right, if you actually feel remorse for murdering Agent Jennsen you'd do the right thing and tell us where is Dr.
Yang, where's he at? He's in there.
Where's the key? I threw it away.
You threw it away? I wasn't planning on opening it back up.
Hey! He's alive.
Danny, get a medivac helo in here right now.
This is Detective Danny Williams.
I need a medivac.
I'll text you my coordinates now.
I was hoping that the chemo IV had already killed him.
All right, they're two out.
All right.
Why don't you shoot me, Agent Morrison? I can see it in your eyes that you want to.
Yeah? Okay.
I'm a dead man anyway.
Go ahead.
Draw your weapon.
Shoot me.
Come on, pull your weapon and shoot me.
You'd be doing me a favor.
You're not getting off that easy.
Wait, wait, wait.
No dog? What, you finally took it to a shelter? No, I, uh, I gave the little pooch to Grace, and Rachel, of course, resisted at first, but then the dog won her over.
So score one for the single fathers of the world.
That's nice.
You do realize that technically it's not your dog to give away? Ah, the dog needed a home; I found it a home.
Problem solved.
Hey, hey.
Uh I didn't get a chance to thank you and your team for the fine work that you did, and, um I wanted you to see this.
Agent Jennsen was awarded the Medal of Valor posthumously.
She, uh she made the ultimate sacrifice.
And I want you and your team to have it.
Uh, no, we can't accept this.
Yes you can, and you will.
Monica Monica would have wanted it that way.
Mahalo nui loa.

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