Hawaii Five-0 s02e09 Episode Script

Ike Maka (Identity)

One Bravo 142, in pursuit of a possible Code 10 vehicle heading westbound on Bishop Street.
All units be advised, One Bravo 142 is in pursuit.
Units to respond in two or less.
Unit, per the Watch Commander, do you have a suspect description for responding units? That's negative.
He took off before we could approach.
As of now, we're still chasing the taillights.
Suspect now inside the shipyard.
I need containment around the perimeter.
Responding units be advised I am now on foot.
Responding units, the handling unit is now on foot.
Any responding unit not on the containment, meet the handling unit at the east gate for a grid search assignment.
Spread out.
He has to be here somewhere.
Sarge! Sarge, I got tire tracks! He must have ditched the car in one of these containers.
Let's get 'em open.
This is the car.
No sign of the driver.
Sarge, over here! What you got? Blood.
Open it.
Oh, my God.
Have you ever thought about investing in gold? Are you a financial planner with clients interested in gold? Maybe you'd considered gold, but the commissions were just too high.
I'm convinced the market's gonna crash.
With the U.
dollar falling and inflation rising, I've already converted considerable amounts of my assets into gold.
I remember the '70s when gold went through the roof.
Call the International Gold and Silver Broker's Association and receive the lowest pricing anywhere.
Now is the time to buy gold again.
Gold savings accounts, gold investment accounts, gold IRA accounts.
coins, international coins I was watching that.
Through the blanket? Oh, well, I was listening anyway.
Yeah, I mean, because there's nothing more soothing than the sound of somebody trying to sell you gold coins, right? You know, I need something to block out the sound of the ocean 'cause the waves keep crashing over and over and over again, Steven.
Some would say it's a relaxing sound, Danny.
Yeah? Some people would.
And other people, like myself, would say it's Hawaiian water torture, okay? Two weeks now, I can't take it anymore.
Okay, you know I don't mind you crashing with me till you find your own place, right? I appreciate that.
Okay, but I can't sleep with the TV on.
I can't sleep with the TV off.
And we discussed that before you moved in.
Yeah, we did.
I think I remember that it's McGarrett house rule number 32: No TV after midnight.
I'm sorry the hotel didn't working out for you.
Wait, wait, whoa, whoa.
The hotel didn't "not work out," okay? It became infested with black mold.
There's a difference.
That's a sign from God.
But I have become accustomed to doing things a certain way.
Yeah, I know, and your way, your way is completely insane.
It's nuts.
Who can take a shower in under three minutes? Have you ever heard of a navy shower, Danny? A navy shower? No.
Where do you think I would have heard of something like a navy shower? I'm not in the navy.
Three minutes is a luxury in a navy shower, Danny! McGarrett.
On the way.
Put your pants on.
We're going to work.
Who's the mummy? How's it coming, Max? Well, based on my preliminary examination, it appears that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the chest.
There was no exit wound, so I will be able to recover the bullet and send it to Ballistics.
No wallet was found on the victim, though, so I'm attempting to Oh, hello, gentlemen.
How nice of you to arrive.
Max, you o you okay, something wrong? As I was saying, I'm attempting to get his fingerprints, but it seems that all of his fingerprints have been sanded off, so we will have to find another way to identify him.
Interesting, 'cause even when fingerprints are sanded down, you know, they grow back in a few weeks, so to keep 'em filed down to that level takes a lot of time and effort.
Maybe our killer didn't want this guy identified.
Yeah, I mean, if he's sanding down his fingerprints, just imagine what he did to our vic's face.
Somebody went to a lot of trouble to hide this guy's identity.
The question is: why? Kono and I have been looking into the muscle cars found at the shipyard to see if our vic's connected to them somehow.
Let me guess-- they're not headed to any dealership.
Nope, VIN plates were popped off or filed down, and the containers were tagged to ship to China and Japan.
Yeah, big market over there for American muscle cars.
Victim may have pissed off the car thieves.
Maybe, but why leave the body in the trunk of one of their stolen cars? Maybe they were going to dump the body when the ship was at sea.
HPD has the cars.
We can head over there.
Maybe we can collect some evidence.
We find the car thieves, we might find the killer.
Right now I'd settle for an ID on our vic.
Ah, good to see you, Agent Weston.
Good to see you, Max.
He's ignoring us.
Um, you said on the phone you, you got something for us? Yes, I was able to recover a nine-millimeter bullet from our victim's thoracic cavity and send it over to Ballistics.
Okay, were they, uh, able to find a match? Yeah, did they get a match, Max? Unfortunately, the search for a match proved unsuccessful.
However, I did find something very interesting after I was able to remove the victim's bandages.
- Hmm.
- Please follow me.
Note the sutures under the eyes and the chin.
Those would be consistent with recent implantations.
What kind of implantations? You mean plastic surgery or? Recently, since the sutures haven't been removed.
Judging by the onset of rigor, the work was probably done around time of death.
Also note the numerous surgical scars.
This man had work done on his cheeks, his nose, and his brows.
His appearance was severely altered.
Well, maybe it wasn't the killer who didn't want this guy identified.
Maybe it was the vic himself.
Great, so we have no way to identify him? That's not entirely true.
Any implant that goes in a human body is marked with a serial number.
I can trace that serial number back to the clinic that purchased them and then use that information to obtain an ID.
Of course, I'm still in the middle of a full investigation, so once I know more, I will let you know.
Thanks, Max.
Thanks, Max.
You're welcome, Agent Weston.
Anything to help a friend.
What did you do to him? I'm sorry, what, what did I do? Why me? Well, he's obviously upset about something.
- Boys - Evidently you automatically assume it's me.
- That's ridiculous.
- Well, I-I know it wasn't me.
You offend more people than I offend.
I don't think that's true at all.
- Guys.
- Yes.
I'm gonna have to give you a time-out.
Let's get out of here.
We got a murderer to catch.
'69 Camaro Z28.
Ah, the thieves had good taste.
Hey, didn't Uncle Keako have one of these? Mm-hmm.
Man, I loved that ride.
That rusted out old thing? Mm-hmm.
I couldn't believe it when he let me take it to the prom.
Okay, I do not want to hear about your prom night.
Actually wasn't as glamorous as you might think.
I, uh, I ran out of gas and had to walk five miles for a refill.
Smooth, cuz.
Find anything? Nothing-- no prints, no tool marks.
These guys were pros.
You? Uh, yeah, come take a look.
Now, all the cars match descriptions of recently stolen vehicles, except for the one we found the victim in.
So you're thinking it wasn't stolen? I don't know, maybe the car belonged to the vic.
That makes sense.
He could have gotten jacked, fought back.
Only why leave the body? Huh.
All right, what do we have in terms of leads? All right, well, one thing these cars all have in common is new parts.
Okay, so either they've all been recently restored Huge coincidence.
or the car thieves had the work done to make it harder for us to track them.
But it could be a way to track our killers.
Let's go find out who pimped these rides.
- All right.
- Eh? Howzit? For you, pretty lady.
That'll be a hundred bucks.
$100 for an air freshener? No, no.
For your information.
What I pay, you pay.
And the air freshener? Threw that in for free.
Uh thanks, I guess.
All right, what you got? Aren't you going to hang that up? Oh.
Uh, thanks, Kamekona.
I always wanted an air freshener that smells like Spam Musubi? Yeah.
They call that fragrance line Aromas of Hawaii.
I got Loco Moco for myself.
- Uh, brah - Oh, yeah.
The manager does not know of any '69 Camaros getting boosted, but he know one bruddah where you can get one.
This bruddah have a name? Ken Nakoa.
Word is, all you got to do is get a shopping list of the wheels you need, few days later He delivers your groceries.
Not mine.
I wouldn't partake in such a morally questionable arrangement.
Others don't have my strength of character.
Of course.
Make sure that Ken Nakoa gets this ASAP.
"1966 Ford Mustang.
" What's this? It's our shopping list.
Thanks for the Spam.
It's Max.
Just be nice.
Hi, Max.
I was successfully able to remove the implants from the victim and trace the serial numbers back to a manufacturer.
All right.
That's really great.
Do they know who the buyer was? The manufacturer confirmed they sent the implants to Pukana la Clinic, run by Dr.
Thomas James.
He's known to do excellent work.
Uh, great.
That's great.
Excellent work.
Thank you very much.
Great work.
Say, Max, uh, is it possible that you're upset with us-- perhaps Danny-- for some reason? Did he just hang up on us? I think he did.
Max? Yeah.
Definitely something you did.
You know this guy, Doc? Yeah, his name was Ryan Jackson.
I did the work on him myself about two days ago.
What happened? That's what we're trying to find out.
Right, so anything you can tell us would be a be a great help.
- Of course.
Jackson wasn't our normal patient.
I can tell you that.
Okay, well, in the world of elective surgery, what defines normal, Doc? The amount of work, for starters.
Normally, people come in here for small jobs-- liposuction, Botox, maybe a face-lift.
But not, uh not Jackson? No.
Jackson came in specifically asking for complete facial reconstruction.
I recommended rhinoplasty, a brow lift, insertion of cheek implants, the works.
You didn't think it was a little suspicious? I mean, what if this guy was a murderer, child molester, I don't know? That's not my job.
That's not your job? No, you just, uh, cash the check.
Um, we're gonna need to see his file, uh, payment information, if that's all right.
- No, of course.
- Great.
I mean, I can get you the file, but there's not gonna be any payment information.
Jackson paid in cash.
I'm sorry.
Cash? It's not uncommon.
These procedures are elective surgeries, which aren't covered by insurance.
Here's the file.
All right, thank you.
Look, anything else you can remember about Ryan Jackson? Um, only that he left in a hurry.
I wanted him to stay overnight after the procedure, but when I went to recovery to check on him, he was gone.
Look at this.
There's something about this address.
Numbers don't look right.
What do you mean? Yeah, it's just as I thought.
The numbers are too high.
This address right here-- it'd put us in the middle of the ocean.
Well, that's not good.
Also, what, no photos? Pre-op, post-op photos? Normally, we take them, but Jackson asked that none be taken.
Claimed it was a privacy issue.
Excuse me.
What are you doing? Your Spidey-senses tingling? What's going on? Did Jackson fill out his paperwork right here? Yeah, of course.
All of our clients fill out their intake information here in the lobby.
Cosmetic dentistry? So, there's something wrong with my teeth? Flip it over.
Ryan Jackson, DDS.
" Coincidence.
His name is also Ryan Jackson.
Our victim didn't even use his real name.
- Pretty slick.
So who the hell is this guy? You guys owe me big-time for this.
For what, a makeover? You look hot.
Now go mingle.
And try not to trip.
In six-inch heels? Not making any promises.
One foot in front of the other, kid.
I still think Kono would have looked way hotter in this outfit.
Sorry, sistah.
I did my time undercover, now it's on you.
Keep an eye out for Nakoa.
Yeah, this place is a known hangout for local muscle car owners, and it's right in the middle of the neighborhood where Nakoa works, so, he should be by pretty soon.
Got it.
Hey, got him.
Headed my way.
Love to get a look under the hood.
How often do you use that line? Nice.
Wouldn't have thought you were into whips by looking at you.
Oh, there's a lot of stuff I'm into that might surprise you.
Oh, really? Like? Like 350 horses.
That a 351 Windsor? Uh-huh.
Get you to 60 in under six seconds.
Phew! Moves fast.
I like to move fast.
Let's take her for a test ride, see what she can do.
Yeah, okay.
Get in.
She rides smooth.
Wait till you open her up.
Unlock the door! Don't make me ask you again.
Come on! Come on! You-- out, now! Not you.
I said, drive! She bought it.
That's right.
Whoa, what's going on? Everything locked up.
Hit the gas, man.
I'm trying.
I don't know what's going on.
What are we gonna do? I can't get the door open! The whole thing is stuck! The engine's dead.
Oh, man, it's the cops.
We got to get out of here, man! It's a trap.
License and registration, please.
The way we figure it, you and your friends tried your car grab scheme on this guy, and it went bad.
All right, then you stashed the body in the trunk of one of the cars you stole.
Look, I've never seen King Tut before in my life.
You really expect us to believe that? I don't care what you believe.
It's the truth.
Doesn't care what we believe.
How about this, Nakoa, all right? We saw the shopping list, yeah? You steal cars.
You stole that car, there was a dead guy in the trunk, so, you talk to us, or you're going to be talking to a cellmate for the rest of your life.
You see how this works? I knew it was too good to be true.
What are you talking about? We saw that baby on the side of Ala Moana, keys still in the ignition, pristine condition, just begging to get taken.
The whole thing felt weird.
You're lying.
I swear on my kids.
We took it to the docks and put it with the others.
Why didn't you check the trunk? It was a rush job.
Didn't even get a chance to paint it.
Cleared out the inside and stashed it.
It's a classic.
Figured someone would be asking for one eventually.
Find anything inside the car? Only thing I found was a duffel bag on the passenger seat.
Where is the bag now? Nakoa's story checks out.
TOD has our vic dead before the car was stolen.
Well, at least we still got Nakoa on grand theft auto.
- Right? - Right.
What do you got, Kono? Anything interesting? Yeah, I got three shirts, three pairs of shorts, socks and three pairs of boxers.
All right.
Well, now we know our victim preferred boxers to briefs, but still no ID.
That's not all.
I found this in a side pocket.
It goes to room 235 of the Kalihi Motel.
I already reached out to the manager, and the renter's name is Adam Raines.
Could be our victim's real name.
Or our killer.
Good work.
Nice place.
Wonder if it comes with black mold.
Too soon? Little bit.
Hey, hey.
No, it's okay.
We're Five-O.
We're Five-O.
It's okay.
What's your name? Suzie Greene.
Where's Adam? Adam Raines? Yeah.
How do you know Adam? He's my boyfriend.
Is he in some sort of trouble? He was supposed to be back by now.
Suzie, do you know if Adam has had any plastic surgery recently? Yes.
Why? What? Has something happened to Adam? Yeah.
He loved that car.
Restored it himself; that's how we met.
He started coming into the shop, I worked in the pick up parts.
After we started dating, he said he used to return stuff just as an excuse to see me.
How long were you guys together? A year and a half.
He moved in with me about a year ago, but we-we hadn't seen each other much lately.
Why is that? He worked on a cable ship laying underwater electric cable across the Pacific.
He'd be gone a month, home a week.
We tried to make it work the best we could.
But then, uh What? Did something happen? About a week ago, he called me, left me this strange message.
Do you still have the message? Can we hear it? Thanks.
Suzie, it's me.
I I made a big mistake.
We have to move as soon as possible.
Someone out here I think my past caught up with me.
I can't talk now.
I'll explain everything later.
Call me back.
I love you.
I- I called him back, and, um he said he was getting off the ship in a few days and to meet him here.
When I saw him, he was so scared.
He told me to stay put and that he'd be back soon.
That was the last time I saw him.
Do you have any idea what he meant by his past catching up with him? I'd always assumed that he had some sort of trouble with the law, but he never wanted to talk about it, so I learned not to ask.
You have to understand, Adam was the gentlest man in the world.
So when he told me something happened on the ship and we had to go I said okay.
Suzie, listen, do you, uh do you have a photo of Adam, what he looked like before the the surgery? - Yeah.
Can you think of any reason or do you know why Adam would have had plastic surgery? No.
No, he just said he would look different when he came back.
But he promised to tell me everything as soon as we were safe.
Okay, and you were just gonna go with him, no questions asked? If the person you loved had to move halfway across the world, what would you do? What do you think? I think something must have happened on that cable ship that set this guy off.
Let's go find out what it was.
I'm Cory Sampson.
- Welcome to the Triumph.
Thank you.
Not much I can tell you about Adam Raines.
He only been working here shy a year.
Quiet guy.
Kept to himself.
Hard worker.
Could've made it a career if he'd stuck around.
No complaints? Never missed a shift till he went on the milk run this morning.
I assume, since you're here, he's in some kind of trouble? Adam Raines is dead, sir.
Sorry to hear that.
Though you don't seem very surprised.
Ships like this, hardly in port, always at sea they've been known to attract the occasional drifter.
Yeah, middle of nowhere, good place to hide.
Not the type to file notice.
When one takes off, I just assume they start running again.
All right, uh, any mishaps on the rig recently, perhaps one that would have sent Adam running? Incidents happen all the time out here.
This isn't exactly a cruise ship.
Also, maybe he got into a beef with somebody who followed him off the rig.
Anybody else not come back this morning? Everyone else is accounted for.
All right, listen, you got a crew list or something that would show us the people that left the same time Adam did? Sure thing.
List is in my office.
Adam left on shore leave five days ago.
Huh, it looks like Billy Murphy hopped on that chopper last minute.
- Who's Billy Murphy? - Adam's roommate.
Punk from Boston, got here a few weeks ago.
All right, we need to talk with him.
- What's this? - Well, it turns out Adam Raines isn't our vic's real name, so I'm looking through facial recognition to see if I can get a match.
Any luck searching the house? Place was cleaned out-- no pictures, no personal items, even the fridge was empty.
Our vic didn't want to leave a trail.
Looks like we got a hit.
Marshals? Identity's classified.
Who is this guy? Give me a second.
Hey, Lori, what do you got? Well, I just got off the phone with a friend at the U.
Marshal's Office.
Our vic's name was Jimmy Sheehan.
Who's Jimmy Sheehan? Well, according to the marshals, he's a proud member of the Witness Protection Program.
Sheehan was an auto mechanic from Boston, and one of three witnesses to a murder committed by Mickey O'Hara.
Also known as "Lucky" Mickey O'Hara of the Boston Irish Mob.
Head of the L Street Crew, O'Hara was convicted of killing a man on Castle Island in South Boston three years ago.
Turns out Sheehan's testimony put O'Hara away, and after the trial, the three witnesses were put into WitSec and then moved to Arizona.
Okay, well, let me guess-- the Witness Protection did not prove to be very protective.
The other two men were dead within a year.
After that, Sheehan left the system until he resurfaced here under the name Adam Raines.
Good work, guys.
So, Sheehan and his roommate, they're both from Boston.
Maybe Murphy was sent out here to find Sheehan.
Could be a retaliation hit.
Apparently, Murphy packed in a hurry.
How many ways off this ship? Only way off is the way you came on.
That's Murphy.
Get up there! Move! Billy Murphy.
Back off, or I cut his throat! Calm down.
I just want to talk, that's all.
I'm not talking to anybody.
Now, back the hell up.
Okay, listen, I'm not moving.
I just want to talk to you.
Okay? Just have a conversation.
- Let the guy go.
- Not gonna happen, brother.
Don't do anything stupid, okay? Right here, huh? Right here.
Hey! How about now, brother, can we talk now? Let's go.
Okay, please.
Please, please, please, trust me, this is gonna be a whole lot easier if you just tell us about Jimmy Sheehan.
Aren't we outside your jurisdiction? He's not the smartest guy, is he? Yeah, you're right, Murphy, these are international waters, okay? Which means we're bound to the laws of the flag that the ship flies, which is what, Daniel, again? Chinese.
Oh, yeah, it's Chinese.
Okay, that's good, because that means that out here we're not actually members of law enforcement.
All right? Which also means we're not bound by silly little rules like, I don't know, due process, so that's fine with me if that's the way you want to go.
No, no, that's not the way please.
- Why not? Nobody's around.
That's not the way.
Please trust me, that's an ugly way.
We can help each other, I believe.
- Help? - Yes, help.
- How? - I'll tell you how.
Uh, we, uh, checked the satellite phone on the ship.
We know that you made some calls to the 617-- that's Boston, right? - Yeah.
Well, I can only imagine you were calling a loved one.
We can help you by letting them know that you are now in custody and that you are fully cooperating with the police.
It's ringing.
- I got it.
- No, no, no, no, wait, wait.
Wait, I'll talk.
I'll talk! I'll talk.
Come on.
Man wants to talk.
All right, then, talk.
Look, I never wanted to start anything.
I owe 30 large to L Street.
Bad bets.
I came out here to hide, make some money, you know, pay 'em off before they found me.
All right.
So then you recognized Sheehan, huh? Not right off.
It took me, like, two weeks to figure it out, but eventually.
I mean, it's not every day someone takes down Mickey O'Hara.
Everybody back home knows Jimmy.
Okay, so you called back home and what, you arrange a visit? I did what I had to do.
They said they were sending out some guys.
I flew off to Oahu to meet them.
I told them where to find Jimmy, and they cleared my debt.
- That's it.
- All right, you said "guys.
" What guys? John and Simon O'Toole.
Brothers, age 35 and 33.
Grew up in Southie.
Both of them joined the L Street Crew before they were 18.
Suspected in over 12 murders that the government knows about, including the witnesses from the O'Hara case.
They're widely considered the top two triggermen for the Irish Mob in Boston.
These are the kind of guys that would have no problem putting a bullet in Jimmy Sheehan's chest.
Got a hit back from TSA.
Looks like the O'Toole brothers arrived on the island the day before Sheehan was killed.
Guys, I just pinged the cell phone number Murphy used to contact them.
They're at the Kalihi Motel.
That's where Suzie's staying.
They're tying up loose ends.
You're making this so hard on yourself.
Just tell us what we need to know, huh? Where's Jimmy? Aah! Danny.
Freeze! Drop your guns.
Don't take another step! Got three seconds, or I put a bullet in her.
Put the gun down.
Put it down.
Face down, put your hands behind your back.
They kept asking about a man named Jimmy Sheehan.
They wanted to know where he was.
I told them I didn't know, but they didn't believe me.
Come on, we need to get you to a safe place.
You hear that? Yeah, I mean, I'm not a rocket scientist, but if the O'Tooles thought that Jimmy Sheehan was alive, it means that they did not kill him.
Yeah, okay, so if they didn't kill him, who did? You do a lot of smiling for a guy who just saw his brother get shot.
Simon knew the risks.
And I'm smiling 'cause you got nothing.
- We got nothing.
- Nothing except, uh, kidnapping, first-degree assault - Murder one.
- Murder one.
I have the best lawyer in the world on speed dial.
He'll get it down to a class B felony-- ten years max, I'll be out in five.
You think so? Know so.
Well, that is, of course, if the girl makes it to trial.
I'm sorry, is that a threat? Okay, all right, wait a minute.
What about the murder of Jimmy Sheehan, huh? I mean, ballistics are going to come back on the nine-millimeter.
It's going to match your gun.
No, it won't, 'cause I didn't kill him.
If you didn't kill him, what are you doing in Hawaii? Don't say vacation.
We know about the phone call.
Murphy couldn't keep his mouth shut, huh? All right, so it's possible me and Simon heard our old pal Jimmy was here, and maybe we came out to have a chat.
Murphy gave you his address? And we figured we'd tail him to a nice quiet spot to have our conversation, but we lost him that afternoon.
We thought the trail was dead till we realized he rented a room in a motel.
And that's when we stumbled onto the girl.
At what point did you lose Jimmy? Parking structure on Ala Moana Boulevard.
We watched him pull in, waited for hours.
He never came back out.
If Jimmy got popped, it was in that building.
Thanks for the information.
Oh, keep smiling.
I almost forgot.
Uh, ballistics already came back on your gun.
I told you I didn't kill him.
No, you didn't kill him, but the bullets matched a bunch of other open murders, you know, very specifically, the two other witnesses in the Mickey O'Hara case, so you should call your lawyer-- that really brilliant lawyer you were talking about-- maybe get your sentence knocked down to 50, 60 years, something like that.
Enjoy federal prison.
It's really nice this time of year.
See you.
So I got the security footage from the parking structure where O'Toole lost Sheehan.
There's no video, but they do have a stop-motion camera that captures license plates.
Sheehan arrives here, right? But he never leaves.
Oh, he left.
I mean, the car had to come out.
Right, so I checked out the structure.
Turns out that there's another exit on the far end of the lot.
It's only for monthly users.
Well, they got security footage there? No, but what it does require is an ID card.
And that'll be the list of people who have one.
Let's take a look.
One person swipes his card three times.
That doesn't make any sense.
Three times-- that's an odd number.
I mean, you come in, you come out, bang.
Unless you exit twice.
That's right, once in somebody else's car and then you double back for your own.
So maybe our guy drives out Sheehan's car and then comes back for his.
Pull his ID.
I think we just found our killer.
And our plastic surgeon.
Can I help you? Wait, you can't go back there.
James is about to begin a procedure.
So he didn't die from the gunshot? No, no, he died on the table-- a complication with the surgery.
Nobody said anything? The doctor was, um, was doing the surgery, uh, alone.
Yeah, Jimmy insisted that he do it that way because he was worried that his real identity would get out.
When he died, the doctor panicked.
Thought he was going to lose his practice, so he tried to cover it up.
Right, he put the body in the trunk of Jimmy's car and he left it on the street.
Why shoot him? Because he figured if anybody found the body, they'd just assume that Jimmy's past had caught up to him.
You know? I just don't understand.
Why didn't he just tell me everything? Well, I think, because he didn't want anything to happen to you.
He was trying to protect you and keep you safe.
I'm really sorry.
You like that? Yes, I do.
Now you can watch all the TV you want.
This is, uh I'm touched, thank you.
Uh, but I do believe that I found a place.
Really? Yeah, nice little house for rent right down the street from you.
Forget about it.
Oh, right, rule number 56: No coworkers living on the same block.
Something like that, yeah, just no, put it out of your mind.
Okay? These are still very nice.
Wow, they work good.
Can't hear you at all-- perfect.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, excuse me, hey, hey, hey! What the hell are you wearing? I wholeheartedly approve.
I'm just curious, that's all.
It's theme movie night at Max's.
- We're all invited.
- I-I wasn't invited.
I- I wasn't invited either.
Oh, yes, you were.
See? Max is Doc@SpaceTrekkie? Yeah, it's his personal e-mail.
It's a little too personal.
- I thought it was spam.
- Me, too, I just, I I knew this was your fault.
See? What are you talking about? This is why he's been acting so crazy.
It's your fault.
How is it my fault? 'Cause I'm not good with the e-mails.
Max, we're sorry we didn't respond to your invitation.
Tell me about it, stud.

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