Hawaii Five-0 s02e12 Episode Script

Alaheo Pau'ole (Gone Forever)

Oh, where is it? Are you sure we're in the right place? Yeah, it's right up here.
Cool-- an old bunker.
This is what you wanted to show us? It's inside.
What's inside-- unexploded bombs? Zombie marines? No, but there's a lava tube at the back that leads to a whole network of caves.
Yeah, and after the war, army engineers tried to keep it a secret.
That's right.
Let's hurry before somebody comes.
Somebody comes around here? Hey, didn't some girl fall in one of these and die? A) she was drunk and B) she wasn't an experienced caver.
And you are? You guys coming or not? Okay.
Let's go.
Ready? Yeah, let's do this.
It's hot in here.
It's creepy, though.
I know.
You know, somebody could be in here.
What was that? Brains! Huh? Knock it off, Tulley.
Told you.
Just an old bunker full of junk.
Let's do this.
That thing looks deep.
So, who wants to go first? Ooh! Not me.
- Guess I'll do it.
- Okay.
- Take this end.
- Okay.
Drop this.
- Be careful.
- Let me in nice and easy, all right? Yup, you got it.
Hold tight, guys.
I'm almost there.
Jimmy? You okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm gonna look around a bit.
I'm telling you, son.
I have run the name Shelburne through all of my contacts-- NSA, Interpol, FBI, CIA, DOD, every other acronym you can think of-- and I've come up with exactly zero.
Shelburne is a ghost.
Yeah, well, this ghost has got Wo Fat spooked, okay? If we want to catch that son of a bitch, finding Shelburne is the way to do it.
I didn't know Danny was living at the Hilton.
Oh, he's kind of between places right now.
You got space.
Yeah, we, uh we tried that.
Didn't work out so well.
No, thank you.
Come on, we're gonna be late for the tux fitting.
Let's go! Chin's wedding, this Saturday, remember? Hey, we're busy.
Come back later, please.
So, you're busy? I can't come back later, Daniel.
I'm the best man.
I got to make sure the groomsmen are in their monkey suits.
Let's go! Open the door.
Come on.
Not what it looks like.
You want, we can come back later.
It's fine.
Listen, Lori just came over to use the pool.
- That's all, okay? - Yeah, the, uh The spa services, actually.
Turns out, the room comes with complimentary spa service.
Mm-hmm, you know, like, a hot stone massage.
Yeah, I'm not a spa service kind of guy myself.
You know, I'm not, either, all right? But I didn't want to let it go to waste, so I called Lori so she could use it.
And the, uh the handcuffs? Oh, uh, Danny was showing me the, uh the Jersey Slip.
Jersey Slip.
The hood rat cuff slip.
Yeah, all the kids were doing it back East, so, thought I'd show her.
- Yeah, and, um, we - lost the key somewhere, I think in the couch.
- The couch? - Yeah.
So I don't know.
Maybe you want to set up a search grid, call a K-9 unit.
All right, keep searching.
It's got to be around here somewhere.
It's not here.
Danny, did you check your pockets? Of course I checked my pockets.
I'm not a complete idiot.
Okay, see? Nothing in here.
Okay, all right, well, why don't we check both? Wait.
What's this? Really? Oh, look at that.
Really? In your pocket.
You would think that we were making this story up.
- The whole time? - - Yeah In the pocket? What? Huh? Thank you.
Let me see that.
Hey, hey, hey, that hurts! What are you doing? Huh? I thought you were gonna show us the, uh, the Jersey Slip from back East.
Go ahead.
Do me a favor, please, would you? I can shoot 'em off you, like they do in Afghanistan.
Oh, that's funny, Joe.
I like that.
Can I have the key, please? Look at that view.
Oh, it's nice, right? They give us a nice view here.
They, um They got an even better view in the master bedroom.
- Master bedroom? - Mm-hmm.
- How many rooms you got? - Two.
And the master bathroom's ridiculous.
- Can I have the key, please? - I mean, you told me you were staying at the Hilton, but this is - This is the Ali'i Suite.
How 'd you swing this? Well, like a genius, I put my card in the Christmas raffle downstairs at the Tropics Bar, and I got lucky.
Got any more questions, or can I have the key, please? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why would you do that? So, what you guys think-- buttercup, cabernet, paisley lavender sunset for the vest? No, no, no.
Malia was very specific.
There are no vests, no bow ties, and no paisley lavender anything.
What does she think about the cummerbunds? 'Cause you know I got to have a little flair.
Cummerbunds are restrictive.
Restrictive? And unmanly.
You know, according to, uh, GQ, suspenders are trending.
Got a problem with suspenders? Functional, dignified.
- Suspenders, huh? - Yeah, hold on.
Hold on a second.
Isn't this a beach wedding, Chin? Mm-hmm, yeah.
What's wrong with boardies and-and slippers? What's wrong with them is that they do not match the bridesmaids' dresses.
And for the record, Danny, uh, neither do handcuffs.
I was gonna ask about those.
Show 'em the Jersey Slip, Danno.
I offered to shoot 'em off.
No key, no problem, brah.
Bring, bring, bring.
It's an old island trick.
Be there in 20.
Guys, zip it up.
We got a body.
What's the situation, Kono? Couple of kids broke into one of the bunkers to explore a lava tube and they found a body.
What happened to skateboarding and stickball? Yeah, I know.
Officer Kalakaua? Go ahead.
Max is inside.
This whole valley has hundreds of these unexplored lava tubes.
I'm thinking there's a reason they're unexplored.
Actually, this system has been explored, just not mapped by the Underground Paradise Spelunking Club, of which I am a founding member and treasurer.
Oh, well, thank you, Captain Caveman.
That looks deep.
I estimate the floor to be at a depth of 30 meters.
Well, this definitely looks like a job for a Navy SEAL.
Well, I took the liberty of anchoring our rappel line.
You want to come down there with me? - Oh, absolutely.
- All right.
Let's spelunk.
- All right, Max.
- All right.
- Good? - Yeah.
Apparent gunshot wound to the posterior chest cavity.
Heavy contusion, most likely as a result of the fall.
Looks like I found the murder weapon.
It's a.
38 cal.
Recently fired.
Serial number's been filed off.
Okay, the deceased's name is Rafe Tong.
This doesn't look like Rafe Tong.
What are you talking about? Let me see that.
Help me get him over.
One, two, three.
Rafe Tong.
What the hell.
Oh! Hey, guys, we got any word on our vic? Yeah, Kono's at the hospital now.
He's in a medically-induced coma, and doctors won't know more until he stabilizes.
- How long was he down there? - At least 12 hours.
You get ballistics back yet? Yeah, gun found at the scene matches the slug removed from our victim.
All right, we get an ID? Well, we got zip on the facial recognition, and no missing persons reports that match.
- Which leaves us with Rafe Tong, whose ID we did find on our victim.
Yeah, this is one busy guy-- assault and battery, couple of B and Es, animal cruelty, misdemeanor possession, and half a dozen weapons charges.
His P.
says he stays at his girlfriend's house in Ewa Beach.
Yeah, I would love to hear how this guy's wallet ends up on our victim.
Me, too.
- Steve McGarrett? - Present.
My name is Adam Noshimuri.
You may remember my father, Hiro Noshimuri.
He was kidnapped at gunpoint by Joe White, a friend of your late father's, I believe.
What do you want from me? I want you to arrange a sit-down with Mr.
I want to know where my father is.
I'll ask.
I'm just a son looking for his father.
You of all people should understand that.
But I can't promise I'll be patient, and should we find Joe White before you do, we may not be so polite.
What did Joe do with Hiro? He told me he interrogated him and let him go.
Do you believe him? I don't know.
Go, all right? Danny and I will talk to Rafe Tong.
Hey! Five-O! Open up.
Rafe Tong, we need to talk.
Hey, yo.
Hey, your boy's running.
All I want to know is why I found your wallet in this guy's pocket.
He was shot in a bunker at Pearl City.
- Look, I don't know anything about that.
- You don't? See, that's a problem 'cause, like I said, I found your wallet on this guy-- my victim.
This is your wallet, right? It says "Badass.
" You look like a badass, right? Whoa, jackpot.
We got one submachine gun-- and you're going to like this.
World War II era grenades, the kind you might find in a bunker.
You see, this is bad for you because rifles alone will violate your parole, and before you start whining about your Second Amendment right, your right to bear arms, please let me remind you that that right applies to law-abiding citizens-- those who are not currently on parole.
They're dummy grenades.
I was just storing them for a friend.
Dummy grenades for-for a friend? That's-that's awful.
Okay, I'll play along.
Grab ahold of that, would you? Hold on really tight.
Now, if this is a dummy grenade, you're gonna be fine, but if it's not, it's gonna explode right in your hand, so keep ahold tight, okay? You let me know, we'll be outside.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
You've been hanging with McGarrett too long.
What are you talking about? All right, let's hear it, badass, huh? Look, dude, it's live.
I know it's live.
I look like an idiot? Come on.
You seen this guy or not? All right, he was at the Magic Reef Bar asking around about some woman.
Saw him give the bartender a hundy just for information.
Said she was a blonde.
He a regular there? Never saw him before.
Guy looked like a stupid tourist.
Did he find the girl he was looking for? Not that I saw.
Okay, so what'd you do, just gave him your wallet out of the kindness of your heart? Actually, I followed him out to his car and, um maybe I mugged him.
Maybe you mugged him.
That is not very Aloha of you, but it still does not explain why he had your wallet.
The gun he pointed in my face does.
Wait a second.
- I thought you mugged him.
- Yeah, that's right, but then he came back acting all Charlie Bronson.
You know, flashes his gun, says there's something real important in his wallet and that he's tired of being pushed around and taken advantage of.
Did you give it back? Nope.
No? He took my wallet, and before I could give back his, the security guard pulled in and I ran.
What did you do with his wallet? I love the smell of garbage in the morning.
Huh? How you doing in there, badass? Got it.
Stay in there.
All right, uh, our guy's name is Dennis Archer, he's from Tucson, Arizona.
Pawn slip dated the day before the shooting.
All right, thanks, buddy.
Who were you expecting, Joe? Can't be too careful.
You know Adam Noshimuri is looking for his father.
Hiro was alive when I left him.
You sure about that? Who knows? Maybe Wo Fat found him.
This is serious, Joe.
Hiro is the head of the Yakuza, okay, and the last time anybody saw him, you had your gun pointed in his face.
I had one chance before Wo Fat got to him and I took it.
Yeah, well, for your sake, I hope he's okay, Joe, okay, because Adam Noshimuri is not going to stop until he finds his father, you get that? I'll keep that in mind.
Something else? Something else? Yeah, what's going on? You're going to have to be more specific, son.
Do you know who Shelburne is, Joe? Ask me another question.
Do you or do you not know who Shelburne is? I'm not going to answer that.
When your father sent you away, I promised to look after you, and that's a promise I intend to keep.
Oh, yeah, by lying to me? No, by containing this Shelburne thing before you get caught up in it.
Just be careful.
Always am.
What are you doing in Japan, Joe? Hai.
Arigatou gozaimasu.
Have you talked to Joe? Yeah, he doesn't know where Hiro is.
You don't believe him? No, I don't believe him.
All right, okay.
We get an ID on the vic? Yeah, his name is Dennis Archer.
38 we found at the scene does belong to him.
He bought it two days ago, illegally, at a pawnshop.
Of course the gun was wiped clean.
What was this guy doing with a gun, anyway? I don't know, we got a witness-- says he saw him at a dive bar asking about a woman, some blonde.
Hey, I just spoke to the victim's wife, Sharon Archer.
She had no idea that her husband was in Hawaii.
Okay, did she say whether he was having an affair? She said their marriage was good.
Wasn't that good if she didn't know he was in Hawaii.
Yeah, he lied.
He said he was at a teacher's conference in Flagstaff.
Okay, this guy-- listen, he, uh, has no record, completely clean, not even a traffic ticket.
Yeah, but I ran his financials and it turns out he drained his entire savings account-- nearly $50,000.
Well, that's good.
When? Three days after he arrived.
He also rented a car and took a room at the Sand Dollar Hotel.
Thank you.
Hey, hey.
What do you got? Looks like our mystery woman.
Rafe Tong said our vic was looking for a blonde woman, right? - Who's the guy? - I don't know.
Could be our killer.
Okay, so, this guy, uh, lies to his we, right, gets on a plane, comes to Hawaii, meets a girl, and he falls in love.
What do you think? I think you're right.
Then he drains his bank account, promises her "we're going to disappear," then he finds out the whole thing's a scam, loses his mind.
Then he winds up shot and left for dead in an abandoned bunker.
I got a receipt for a luggage shop.
Looks like this guy bought a Halliburton case.
I don't see one here.
Well, maybe he used it to store the 50 grand.
HPD! Show us your hands! McGarrett.
Captain Fryer, what are you doing here? You tell me, man.
Huh, we're working a case.
I'm working a case, too.
You're working a case? Yeah.
See, this whole time, I think that the promotion to Chief of Detectives is a desk jockey job.
No, Chief of Ds should be out in the field catching cases, okay? I'm old-school like that.
Okay, good, well, this is our catch and it's our case.
- You got it? - This is my Jane Doe.
- What are you talking about, huh? - This is mine.
I found her body in the trunk of a car rented by some guy named Dennis Archer.
I traced the card he used to rent the car to this room.
And here we are.
Yeah, I know, here you are doing what exactly? We're working the Dennis Archer case.
The Dennis Archer case? Okay, we found his body-- he was shot and left for dead in a bunker outside of Pearl City.
He's at the hospital in a coma right now.
- He's in a coma? - Yes, coma.
He's in a coma.
Last I checked, homicide takes precedence over attempted homicide.
What are you talking about? Okay, hold on, all right, look, you got a case, we got a case.
He's right.
Let's let bygones be bygones, pool our resources, and work this case together.
Okay, fine.
All right, good, all right, this is nice.
Maybe you guys want to hug it out a little bit, fist-bump, something like that.
Um, no.
Let's just work the case, okay? All right, come on.
All right, so what was the caliber of the gun she was killed with? - .
- That's same gun used in both shootings.
Look, all I got is my Jane Doe in a car rented by your victim, that's it.
- You find anything in the car? - Uh, initial search turned up zip.
You got any indication how your vic met my Jane Doe? No, but we got a couple witnesses, say they saw him looking all over the place for a woman who fits her description.
Yeah, he found her all right, didn't he? Hey, he's a mild-mannered schoolteacher, not some killer.
Okay, first thing we need to do is ID your Jane Doe and find out what her connection was to Dennis Archer.
I know where to start.
She worked at the Paradise Cove Luau.
Really? How do you know that? How do I know? Chief of Detectives, look at the photo of your Jane Doe.
She's wearing their uniform, you see? I know that 'cause I went there a couple of weeks ago for umbrella drinks with Joe.
He likes umbrella drinks.
Good times.
Put your grass skirt on, partner, we got work to do.
Hey, good afternoon.
How you doing? Good.
You the manager here? I am.
We're not open yet.
Captain Fryer with HPD.
Steve McGarrett, Five-O.
How can I help you? Just gonna ask you a couple of questions, okay? The girl in the photo right here, you seen her before? Yeah, that's Bridgett Turner.
Bridgett Turner.
She work here? Part-time as a waitress.
I assumed she quit, 'cause she's missed her last three shifts.
She's dead.
Oh, my God.
The guy.
Look at him.
You know him? Um no, I've never seen him.
Okay, how about this guy, Dennis Archer? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
He crashed a luau the other night, looking for Bridgett.
Slugged one of my bouncers, scared away half the customers.
I stepped in between and got this.
Really? Let me see that.
Oh, he got you good.
- So, what was it about, the fight? - I have no idea.
I warned her about getting too close to the customers.
d d So, how long did you know Bridgett? - Couple of months.
- Okay, did she mention any kind of trouble she was in recently? Yeah, she was having money troubles.
Really? Like she didn't have any? No.
Like her boyfriend-- Shane-- he's a massive loser sponge.
Is this, uh is that him? No, that's not him.
And this photo, that's just a tourist shot.
See? For five bucks, you can get a lei and a photo to show the folks back on the mainland.
That's nice.
Think I could get one? Yeah, for five dollars.
- For five dollars, right.
What about Shane? Tell me about him.
He was jealous, and he had a temper.
He didn't like her flirting with the tourists, and like I said, he was always taking her money.
Well, he sounds like a nice guy.
- You know where I could find him? - Beach shack over in Kaelaeloa.
Bridgett lost her apartment and had to move in with him.
Would you have an address on the beach shack? Shane! Five-O! Open up! - Anybody else here? - No.
- You sure? - Yeah, dude.
All right, listen, I'm gonna cut you free, all right? Don't move.
Who tied you up like this? Some guy.
He took Bridgett.
Look at this.
Hey! This the guy? That's him.
That's the guy who took Bridgett.
He had a gun, and when I tried to stop him, he fired and killed my favorite beer mirror, man.
Huh? Hey.
You listen up, you piece of garbage! Somebody shot Bridgett and stuffed her body in the trunk of a car and you're worried about a beer mirror? It wasn't me, man.
I was tied up! You know what I think it is? I think you were trying to run a little scam on this guy and it backfired, right? - Scam? - Yeah.
He shot my beer mirror, dude! - Your girlfriend's dead, all right?! - Ow! Hey! Now, one more word out of you about your misfortunes, and I guarantee you're gonna be picking your teeth up off this floor, okay? What? Why don't you let us have a little chat with him, okay? I got it.
Um, what happened after he, uh killed your beer mirror? I went to grab the phone, and he hit me and grabbed Bridgett.
I tried to get up and he clocked me again, and I was, like, out.
Let me get this straight-- some guy breaks in here last night, kidnaps your girlfriend, you don't know anything about it, nothing? He knew Bridgett.
What do you mean? Why do you say that? He kept saying that she was lying to him.
- She was lying to him about what? - I don't know, but she was getting texts, and she was saying that - she was at work when she wasn't.
- What do you got? Got her cell phone.
It's broke.
All right, get it back to the lab, pull the information off and maybe we'll find out who Bridgett was texting, huh? What'd you get on Bridgett Turner? Well, turns out she's clean-- she dropped out of the drama program at UH, worked odd jobs here and there.
You find anything in the hotel security footage? I did.
Looks like Archer had one visitor; this was two days ago.
All right.
And there's our Halliburton case, full of his life savings, no doubt.
And later on Bridgett shows up.
Some kind of exchange.
All right, not for nothing, but they don't look like a couple to me.
They're not.
I mean, the way he greets her, lack of intimacy-- this definitely was a business deal.
Question is: What was he buying? Right.
Blackmail payment.
- For what? - Well, he was there for over six hours, so whatever it was never came.
So he buys a gun and goes looking? Yeah? All right.
All right, we're on the way.
Hey, Dennis Archer's wife has just landed at the hospital.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Ma'am, have you spoken with the doctors? He's still in a coma, but they said he's lucky to be alive.
Okay, um, your husband was here, um, looking for this woman.
Her name is Bridgett Turner.
It was taken at a Luau recently.
Oh, my God.
What? What? Do you know her? That that's my son.
What? That's your son? Sean.
Okay, we're gonna need to talk to him ma'am.
That's impossible.
Excuse me? Why is that impossible? My son was murdered over two years ago.
They found Sean's car abandoned on the freeway.
There were signs of foul play and we searched and searched, and we never found his body.
The police have any leads or any motive, anything? - No.
They said it was random, just one of those things.
Is that why your husband came to Hawaii, to look for your son? Well, if it was, he didn't tell me.
We we offered a- a reward; we set up a Web site for any information from anybody that knew what happened to Sean.
Web site? Your husband's idea? No.
It was both of ours at first.
And, uh, people would give us tips that they'd seen him in Bali or Atlanta and they just turned out to be lies.
But, um, your husband, he still believed? Yeah, quietly, yes.
He he didn't talk to me about it, because he knew that it upset me.
It was easier just just to believe he was dead.
I know that sounds horrible, it's just it's just the truth.
I understand.
Listen, did your husband get a tip that Sean was in Hawaii, is that what happened? Is that why he came out here? If he did, it would be on the Web site.
Um, we're gonna need that Web address, ma'am, and any passcodes to any chat rooms, okay? Okay.
Is it possible that, um that my son still could be alive? We certainly hope so, and we're gonna do everything we can to find out.
Excuse me, Sharon, could I take a look at that again? Thank you.
Excuse me.
What do you got? We got to get this analyzed by SIS.
- What? - Something's off with the lighting.
Looks like the sun's coming from two places.
Yeah, you're right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Did you find anything on the Web site? Actually, we just finished going through the tip-line and e-mail logs.
A week before Dennis Archer came to Hawaii, he got an e-mail from Bridgett Turner, and she claimed to have met his son Sean and that he was living - under an assumed name.
- Okay.
Let me guess, she sent the photo as proof.
Then there's this.
"Sean is in trouble with the Kapu, a local surf gang.
"He owes them money, and I'm afraid something bad has happened to him.
" - Yes, in subsequent e- mails, Bridgett said that the Kapu had taken Sean and that they were demanding money.
So the old man hops the first plane, drains his account to ransom his son back.
So maybe Sean Archer has something to hide from back on the mainland.
He gets involved with this Bridgett girl, he goes back to his old ways and gets in trouble with the Kapu.
Let's go talk to the Kapu.
But we can't go at these guys head-on.
We got to go through Kawika, their leader.
I got a badge says I can do whatever I want.
I got all night, man.
Bring it.
You threatening me? - I want my call.
- No.
You ain't getting a call.
You ain't getting nothin'.
Unless you talk to me.
Where is Sean Archer? Hey.
What the hell you doing? I'm in the middle of interrogating here.
Yeah, well, we did it your way.
- Now it's my turn.
- Wow.
Really? Is that so? He's not gonna give you anything.
Right, Kawika? True that.
You're kidding.
Okay, look, you got five minutes, Kono.
Not six.
I'm sorry about Captain Fryer, Kawika.
You're free to go.
What's the catch? Have you seen these folks before? Look, I'll tell you like I told that cop.
I was at a Mauli Ola event all week.
Okay, but so no? That's that girl that got killed.
She worked at the Paradise Cove Luau, right? - Yeah.
You know her? No.
But I know there's some shady stuff going on down there.
Scamming tourists, stuff like that.
Hey, this whole thing's a scam.
What do you mean? The photo Bridgett sent of Sean? She used a photo from the Web site to make it.
It's a fake.
Let's see what you got.
Questioned Documents confirmed it's the same photo.
So somebody manipulated it and grafted it onto a tourist shop from the luau-- Chin's working on who sent it.
- Okay, but we still don't know if Sean is alive or dead.
And I'm guessing Bridgett and whoever she was working for doesn't, either.
And the Web site provided all the info they needed.
They preyed on their hope.
I managed to reconstruct Bridgett's cell phone and traced the photo she sent to the Web site.
Looks like it was e-mailed to her phone.
Bridgett's accomplice then doctored the photo and had her make contact with the family.
Did we trace the I.
address? E- mail was sent from a laptop belonging to Mitch Kolat.
Bridgett's manager at the luau.
Turns out Kolat's got a record, too.
He did five years for wire fraud and cyber crimes on the mainland.
We got our guy.
Five-O! Hold it right there! Damn, Kono.
Nice work.
So, we got you for the murder of Bridgett Turner and the attempted murder of Dennis Archer.
Your plan was to shoot Bridgett and pin it on Dennis, right? I didn't plan on murdering anybody.
Oh, really? 'Cause we got e-mails detailing the entire scam, and that makes it premeditated.
That along with your previous record, and you're gonna be inside for the rest of your natural born life.
That's true, isn't it? Hey, you do it for the money? - Huh? - Seemed like an easy score.
It was easy, but Archer figured it out, didn't he? He figured out his son wasn't actually alive.
He wouldn't let it go.
He came at me with a gun demanding to know the truth.
I took it from him, and I shot him.
Why not? But what about the girl? All she had to do was keep her mouth shut.
All right? He got to her, she gave me up.
She said she felt bad about what she had done.
You mean lie to that family and tell them that their son was alive? You talking about that? It's what they wanted to hear.
Yeah? So, how'd you pick them? Hmm? I shared a cell with this guy in Arizona who was always bragging about all the stuff that he had gotten away with.
One of them was this guy he killed.
Sean Archer? Yeah.
He said nobody had ever solved the crime.
He even told me where he buried the body.
Why'd he kill him? For kicks.
I don't know.
The guy's a total psychopath.
That still doesn't explain why you'd contact the family.
When I got out, I looked up the murder, and that's when I saw the reward they were offering.
Did it ever occur to you that you might actually be able to help this family? - I thought about it.
- Oh, you thought about it.
Yeah, I figured if they were willing to pay that much just to find some bones buried in the desert, imagine what they'd pay if they thought their son was still alive.
So you get Bridgett to tell the family the son disappeared to Hawaii, right? Yeah.
She needed the money.
I needed a pretty face to sell the story.
Needy people.
I need things, too.
You know what I need? I need you to tell me the name of that guy, you know, in Arizona.
And I need you to tell me right now.
Yeah, see, I know I'm going back in, so Oh, yeah.
I don't know why I'd tell you that name.
I'm no snitch.
Oh, he's no snitch.
He's an honorable guy.
I understand.
But you know, the question you got to ask yourself is, um, how are you gonna spend this life sentence? Okay? Because if you don't cooperate with me right now, right here, I will call the warden, and I will have him enroll your ass in the psycho of the week program.
Every week, you get to-to sample the prison's finest psychopaths, gangbangers, sociopaths.
And you get to do it for the rest of your life until you leave there in a box.
Richard Lack.
Hmm? Richard Lack.
Good luck getting him to confess.
- He's doing double life.
- Really? Leave that up to me, okay? And I got some friends in the FBI.
They're pretty good at their job.
They'll make it a priority.
Richard Lack-- doing double life for killing a family in Arizona.
Did your FBI friend get Lack to confirm Kolat's story? Guy practically bragged about it.
He'll be tried for the murder of Sean Archer.
We get the location of Sean Archer's body? Oh, we got it all.
The body and the knife he used.
They were also able to pull Lack's DNA from it, so Did he say why he did it? Yeah.
Just that Sean picked him up hitchhiking, and, uh he felt like it.
Dennis Archer came out of his coma.
He's gonna be asking questions.
Sharon and Dennis Archer deserve to know the truth about what happened to their son.
d d d d Aloha ke Akua, me ke aloha pumehana By the authority vested in me as a minister of the gospel of Iesu Kristo, according to the laws of ke Akua and the beautiful State of Hawaii.
One in name, one in aim in a bright, happy future and destiny.
I now pronounce that Chin Ho and Malia-- you are husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
Yeah! Yeah! I promised I wouldn't cry.
Me, too.
What about that, huh? They seem happy.
Yeah, they do.
Long time coming.
I know you took my passport.
What were you doing in Japan? You know what, Joe? You may as well tell me, 'cause I'm not gonna give up.
I'm not gonna stop asking.
I was hoping you wouldn't say that.

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