Hawaii Five-0 s02e13 Episode Script

Ka Ho'oponopono (The Fix)

(Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" playing) Very superstitious Writing's on the wall Very superstitious I said the ladder's about to fall 13-month-old baby Broke the looking glass Seven years of bad luck Hey, Luke, over here! Dude, where the hell have you been? Luke, finally.
What took you so long? I was busy, okay? Lighten up, man.
Probably fighting with Emily again.
So where is she anyway? Grounded.
Seriously? Why? There is no why.
Her dad's mental.
Something must've made him go all Guantanamo on her.
Hey, let's go liberate her.
Come on! Courtney, leave it alone.
You'll just get her in more trouble.
Besides, her dad hates me enough already.
Fine, you stay here.
- Jake, no! - You'll wake up her dad.
Yeah, I'm gonna wake him up? I was aiming for her window.
Which one's hers? Up there.
The one that's kind of open.
That one? Oh, my God, seriously? What? Emily? Shh! Okay, "boo" on three.
One two three.
Boo! Boo! Emily, wake up! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey, Joe.
Thought you might need a ride.
It was your second trip to Japan in two months.
What can I say? I'm a sucker for karaoke.
Something on your mind? Hiro Noshimuri.
HPD has evidence that he was murdered, Joe.
Now, I'm not directly involved with the investigation, but I'm told they're starting to look at you.
I did not kill Hiro Noshimuri.
We had a conversation, and when it was over, he walked away.
If he's dead, HPD should be looking at Wo Fat.
Why would Wo Fat want to kill the head of the Yakuza? Shelburne.
Did Noshimuri tell you who Shelburne is? No, but Wo Fat might think otherwise.
The problem is, you were the one who was seen taking Noshimuri at gunpoint.
HPD isn't gonna just let this go.
Apparently, neither is the Yakuza.
We got company.
Hang on! Hey, what have we got? Victim's a 17-year-old girl, Emily Winter.
thinks that she was smothered with a pillow from her own bed.
what does that make her, a junior in high school? Yeah.
Ala Moana Academy.
I hate this job.
Bruising on her wrists.
Like she was restrained.
Probably pinned down.
What's the time of death on this? Emily's dad saw her at 10:30 p.
when she came to her bedroom, and her friends found her here at around 1:00 a.
Her dad was here? Yeah, he was here all night.
He didn't hear a thing.
No sign of forced entry, but we have an open window.
Easy access in and out.
Hopefully, the killer left evidence.
Yeah, but even if he did, it might not still be there; it turns out this window was more popular than the front door.
The kids who found her snuck in through it.
They also told a uni that Emily was supposed to be at a party last night, but she didn't show 'cause she was grounded, but they don't know why.
Those kids still here? They're on the lanai.
I was just about to go talk to them.
What about her dad? I never thought I'd say this I'm glad her mother didn't live to see this day.
She died of cancer when Emily was ten.
I'm sorry.
Is there, uh, anyone I can call or anything I can do? My sister's coming over.
She's on her way.
Emily was everything to me.
She ways looked at the world with a smile no matter what.
Smart, too.
She had a full academic scholarship at Ala Moana.
She sounds like a very special girl.
Excuse me.
Sir, I'm Steve McGarrett, Five-O.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I just need to ask you a couple questions if that's okay.
Sir, can you think of anybody who'd want to do something like this to your daughter? No.
No, everyone loved Emily.
She'd never been in any kind of trouble.
Except Except what? She'd never done anything like this before, ever.
A couple of weeks ago, she-she stole a check from my wallet.
She made it out to cash: $5,000.
Did you did you confront her? She admitted taking it, but she refused to say why.
She wouldn't tell you what the money was for? She said she needed it to help a friend; I'm sure it had something to do with Luke.
And who is Luke? Luke is her boyfriend.
He's arrogant, he's, he's entitled.
I wouldn't put it past him to convince Emily to steal for him.
All right, we should really check out the boyfriend.
Come on.
Really, I mean, what father actually likes his daughter's high school boyfriend? What are you talking about? My dad did.
No, he didn't.
Yeah, he did.
My mom, too.
He's great.
What was he, a eunuch? Hey, listen.
According to the kids who found Emily, her and her boyfriend Luke had been fighting.
About what, they don't know.
What we do know is that Luke was supposed to be at a party on the beach last night, but he didn't show up until almost midnight.
Yeah, and he also didn't show up here with the other kids.
He actually tried to talk them out of coming.
Okay, we need to check this guy out.
Yeah, got it.
Okay, so we got a hit off one of the prints off Emily's window: Luke Preston.
Kid's got a record.
Okay, now I do want to talk.
Luke, get out here now! Is he in trouble? We just want to ask him a couple questions.
He'll be right out.
Luke, now! He's a good boy.
Spirited, but a good boy.
Preston, we know he has a record.
Oh, that? That was a family thing.
Luke borrowed the Porsche without permission, so I called the cops, you know, just to teach him a lesson.
He's 18, so it went on his record.
You do realize using law enforcement as a disciplinary tool is a bad idea, right? Luke! Hey, Luke! Luke, open the door! Call 911! This is Officer Kalakaua.
I need an ambulance now.
Come on, Luke! Come on! - Hey.
- Hey.
How's Luke? Well, he's awake now.
Doc says we can go see him.
He said he OD'd on a combination of alcohol and benzodiazepine.
They pumped his stomach.
Is he gonna be okay? Yeah.
He's a lucky kid.
It was stupid.
I was upset and drunk.
And then this morning, I, uh I got a text from Jake.
About Emily.
And I just flipped out, and you know, grabbed some pills from my mom's stash, and that's when you showed up.
Is it true? Is she really dead? That's why we're here.
I can't believe it.
Would you believe it if I told you I found your prints on her windowsill? I used to sneak into her bedroom through that window all the time.
Her dad was completely oblivious.
- That what happened last night? - Hey.
Look, man Hey, "sir," all right? You call me sir.
You got that? Look, it's not what you think.
You fight with Emily last night? - Do I need a lawyer? - Hey! That girl is dead.
You answer my question.
Did you fight with her last night? Yes.
But I didn't hurt her.
I would never hurt her.
You know about the money Emily stole from her father? That's what we were fighting about.
Did she steal the money for you? No! No.
That's what her dad thought, but it wasn't true.
I didn't need $5,000.
Okay? And even if I did, I'd steal it from my own parents.
Trust me, they'd never notice.
All right, so who was the money for? She wouldn't tell me.
She wouldn't tell anybody.
Well, you can't blame Emily's dad for not liking this kid.
Really? I kind of liked him.
What, are you kidding me? He really seemed to care about Emily.
Anyway, I don't like him for the murder.
He doesn't strike me as the type who'd kill with his bare hands.
We need to find out who that money was for.
Emily's locker 279.
It should be up here on the left.
Wow, this this is high school, right? I mean, this has me feeling very nostalgic.
I hated high school.
You? You seem like the smart type, right? Like the president of the student council.
What, you think I was like Tracy Flick? That was a compliment.
Oh, I'm sure you were, like, a jock.
No, no, but I, uh, I did chase all the cheerleaders.
What are we looking for? Okay.
Looks like a close friend.
If anybody's gonna know what's going on with Emily, it's this girl.
We gotta get a name.
Summers is the headmaster.
We'll go talk to him.
At the front, they said he's doing an assembly.
Come on.
The days and weeks ahead are going to be very difficult.
Loss is never easy, and, uh a loss like this, it's it's not something we're ever fully prepared to accept.
So we have counselors, teachers and staff standing by to help you through the grieving process any way that we can.
A tragedy has struck at the heart of our community, but we will get through this together.
So, if you feel like you need to speak to a counselor now, please do.
Otherwise, please proceed to your class.
That's it, guys.
I'm Danny Williams.
Lori Weston.
We're with Five-O.
We're investigating Emily's homicide.
She was a great kid.
Had her whole life ahead of her.
Straight A's, no attitude, no trouble.
Any idea who did this to her, or? No, but we were, um, hoping you could help us with this.
Do you know who this girl is? That's, uh, Karen Sargent.
She and Emily are inseparable-- BFFs, as the kids say today.
All right.
Well, we're going to need to speak to her, if that's okay.
I'll, uh, pull her out of class as soon as I call her father.
Actually, we'd, um, we'd like to speak to her alone, if that's okay.
She's not a suspect, or anything like that; we just need to talk to her.
But she is a minor.
I am required to notify a parent.
Anything you have to say to Karen, you can say to me.
So Go ahead.
Uh So, Karen, we know about the money that Emily stole from her father.
- What money? - It was $5,000.
Emily wouldn't tell her father what it was for, but we're hoping Karen will.
I don't know what they're talking about.
Karen, Emily was your best friend, and she was murdered.
Okay? We think it might have something to do with who the money was for.
She just said she doesn't know anything about it.
Okay, sir, please.
Just give her a second.
I know that you and Emily were close.
And I know that you want to do the right thing.
So, please, just tell us everything you know.
Okay, that's it.
She's been through enough.
Let's go.
- The Yakuza knows - HPD is circling Joe.
They were sending a message.
Steve, Joe's in real trouble.
I'll reach out to Adam Noshimuri.
He's in charge now.
Maybe you should reach out to Joe.
Joe told me he didn't kill Hiro.
I know you trust him Of course I trust him.
I mean, he's like a father to me.
When my father wasn't around, he was.
For years.
But that was a long time ago, Steve.
People change.
How much do you really know about his life over the last ten years? He saved my life, Chin.
More than once.
I get that.
I do.
But I'm telling you, he's hiding something.
Why does he keep going to Japan? What does he really know about Shelburne? And do you really believe he didn't kill Hiro Noshimuri? I'm just saying you might not know the whole story.
Hey, guys.
You need to see this.
I got something off Emily's computer.
So I know who the $5,000 was for.
Karen Sargent.
She sent a frantic e-mail to Emily a couple weeks ago, saying she was being blackmailed.
Blackmailed for what? For this.
It's a screen grab from a sex tape.
The blackmailer said that he would post the video online if she didn't pony up $5,000.
Karen was terrified her parents would find out.
All right, guys.
Emily gave the money to a friend of hers, Karen Sargent.
Karen's the one Emily was protecting? Yeah, she was being blackmailed over a sex tape.
We just tried to talk to Karen; she was a brick wall.
Well, now you know why.
We've got eyes on her now.
All right, listen, we have an ID on the blackmailer yet? Not yet.
It might be the guy she was having sex with.
Maybe he made the sex tape without her consent, and then used it to try and squeeze some cash out of her.
Wait a minute.
Why would Karen be protecting this guy? Especially if he killed her best friend? Well, if she's in love with the guy, she might be in denial.
Yeah, because he's such a lovable guy.
You have obviously never been a 17-year-old girl.
- All right, listen.
- Here's the problem.
If we go back to Karen, her father's gonna get a lawyer.
Okay, she might not be talking to us or her dad, but she's gotta be talking to somebody.
And I'm thinking it's the blackmailer.
She's going for her phone right now.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
What are you doing? Getting the cell interceptor.
It'll pick up the number she's dialing.
Where did you get that? In the trunk.
How'd you know that thing was in there? How did you not know it was in there? Okay.
Number is: 808- Okay, I'm running it now.
Um Okay, so it's assigned to a prepaid cell.
No name.
But I'm activating GPS.
All right, we got a location on the phone.
Looks like whoever Karen is talking to is in a vehicle.
The guy's on the move, okay? So let's go.
Let's go, let's go! Hey.
Out of the car with your hands up.
Out of the car.
What's going on? - I want a lawyer.
- You do want a lawyer? I want to bound your head off this cement wall.
How 'bout I get what I want and you don't? - What do you think? - He can't do this.
No? Looks to me like he can, actually.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Okay, uh this is where we disagree.
Okay, I think that sleeping with little girls is definitely wrong.
It's not what you think.
No? Karen is 17 years old.
Age of consent in Hawaii is 16.
She's legal.
Can I hit him once? Please? Shut your mouth, all right? What happened? Emily find out about your little affair? Is that what happened? Is that why you killed her? No! - Is that why you killed her?! - I didn't kill her! Okay, Emily knew about my relationship with Karen, but she wasn't going to tell anyone.
How do you know that? Because she came to see me.
She told me I had to break it off with Karen, but because somebody else knew.
Wait a minute.
Emily confronted you like that? Yes.
She said she had to protect Karen, that it was something she felt like she had to do, and It was a couple days later, after that, I got an e-mail demanding money.
Okay, so you're saying you were being blackmailed as well.
There was a tape.
At first I thought Karen made it, but she was just as mortified by it as I was.
Okay, so wait a minute.
You didn't make the tape.
Karen didn't make Who made the tape? I don't know.
But I think Emily figured out who it was.
And I think she confronted him just like she confronted me and then he killed her.
What? I'll be right there.
What do you mean, you need more evidence? I'm telling you I saw Joe White take my father at gunpoint.
Last time I checked, that's kidnapping.
Thanks for the call.
Where's he at? He at the back? Hey.
Why are you protecting him? I'm here to see a friend.
Okay? Well, your friend killed my father.
You got proof of that? Look, we both know what happened.
You just don't want to believe it.
Give me a minute? Yeah, sure.
You gotta come clean with these guys.
? I mean, you know that, right? You gotta tell them everything.
What is it you want me to tell them? Why you went to see Noshimuri why you were the last person seen with him before he disappeared.
You're interfering with something that you don't understand.
Then why don't you explain it to me, Joe?! Tell me what the hell's going on! You gotta wake up.
The walls are closing in on you.
HPD wants answers, the Yakuza wants blood.
Shelburne-- is he worth this? Huh? Is he worth going to jail for? Is he worth dying for, Joe? People already died, son.
I'm trying to make it stop! I'm getting out of here.
Cops got nothing on me.
You gonna give me a ride, or do I have to call a cab? I figured out how that sex tape was made, and how your anonymous blackmailer accessed it.
Summers' computer was infected with spyware that remotely activated its webcam.
As simple as that? Pretty much.
The spyware was a Trojan Horse attached to a file containing the Ala Moana Academy's "Lookbook.
" It's kind of like a digital yearbook.
Okay, so Summers downloaded the Lookbook, and then And then he and Karen must've had sex in view of the laptop's camera.
And neither one of them knew they were being watched, or recorded.
That's really creepy.
Moral of the story: resist the urge to have sex in front of an open laptop.
Sometimes you scare me.
The other thing is I got an IP address for the blackmail e-mails.
They both trace back to the computer lab at Ala Moana Academy.
Not sure if that helps.
You know what, it might.
When I was in high school, we had to sign in to use the school computers.
Thanks, Fong.
We got your name from the sign-in sheet, and we were wondering if you can remember who was using that computer right before you.
Yeah, someone signed in using a bogus name, so we just need to talk to him.
Oh, man, that's totally lame.
I have a pretty good memory, 'cause I'm a journalist-- editor of the school paper and all that-- but that was finals week.
It's all kind of a blur.
I remember I was just glad to snag a computer at all.
Place was packed.
Oh, yeah.
I've, uh seen this thing around.
What is this? It's just this thing called the Lookbook.
It's nothing it's just this thing that has pictures of all the students on it.
Where'd you get it? Made it.
Uh, Jared, we're gonna have to ask you to come down to HQ Oh, come on.
Really? Is he serious? I knew I shouldn't have upped my asking price to ten grand.
Who ratted me out? Exactly how many people are you blackmailing? Right now, about seven or eight.
Things pick up around exams.
You'd be surprised how many cheating, sex-crazed drug addicts are at my school.
There was a laptop on the desk in Emily Winter's bedroom.
Yeah, do you know if she download the Lookbook? Yeah, I had a live feed on her computer, but I stopped monitoring it.
That chick was a total snoozefest.
All she ever did in her bedroom was her homework.
And sleep.
Emily was murdered in her bedroom.
She was? Man, if I'd known that Wait, can you pull up the footage from the night she was killed? Yeah.
- I'll tell you when to stop.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down.
Oh, my God.
This killer's organized, cold, efficient not the work of a kid.
More like a professional hit.
Okay, stop.
I ran him through every facial recognition database I could find, and I got a hit with Interpol.
Killer's name is Michael Angelico.
I've heard of this cat.
He's like a hit man for the mob.
Angelico was never affiliated with any particular crime family.
He's just a hired gun.
He was on a DOD watch list, suspected in five or six hits over the last two decades.
Never been arrested.
We came across his work in Chechnya.
He's good at what he does.
The best.
According to sources at the time, his fee started at $250,000 and went up from there.
Okay, none of this makes sense.
Who hires a hit man to kill a teenage girl? Well, it doesn't look like Angelico's gonna be able to answer that question for us.
According to TSA, he's in the wind.
Left two hours after Emily's murder on a flight to Manila.
I've got the surveillance footage here.
That's him.
Stop right there.
Stop, stop.
Push in on the boarding pass.
Name on the ticket is David Savage.
All right, so homeboy's got an alias.
Okay, let's use this to track hotel reservations, car rentals anything else we can think of that will help us retrace his steps while he was on the island, okay? He may be gone, but this might help us figure out who hired him.
We've got to get back to Emily's dad.
Want any help? No.
Uh Why don't you just head back to your place, keep a low profile.
I'll call you later.
Okay? I've never seen him before in my life.
You're telling me that this is the man who killed my daughter? A hit man? Yes, sir.
I don't understand.
Winter, do you, uh do you have any enemies that could do something like this? Enemies? Guys, I'm a physical therapist.
Okay, anything, uh, strange at work lately? - Anything at all? - No, nothing.
I haven't even been at work.
I've been on jury duty.
What, uh what was the case that you were on? A small civil case.
It was a construction worker who broke his leg on the job.
He's suing for medical expenses, lost wages.
And he won the case? I don't know.
It wasn't over yet.
They were just starting closing arguments when Emily died.
The judge, he just let you off, or.
? Yeah, he was very very understanding.
Excuse me.
Okay, look, I know what you're thinking, but really? A trial over a broken leg? I mean, it doesn't seem like the smoking gun here.
No, you generally don't hire a hit man for that, but what if this entire case was about forcing a mistrial? That was so sad, about Juror Number Seven's daughter what was his name? - Greg Winter.
- Right.
Okay, I was under the impression that something like this would probably cause a mistrial.
No? No, we just seated an alternate juror in his place.
It was pretty straightforward.
Wait a minute, is that the defense team? I know, can you believe it? That's a lot of lawyers.
Hedsten Construction-- that's the defendant-- they pulled out all the stops on this one.
Flew all the lawyers in from New York.
Morgan, Frick & Dunne.
Bunch of Ivy League hotshots.
Even sprang for Owen Sutherland, the island's most expensive jury consultant.
Hold on.
I thought this case was no big deal.
It isn't.
It's a $150,000 claim, tops.
But they wouldn't even talk settlement with my client.
Doug was part of a crew on a 16-unit apartment building.
He broke his leg when the balcony gave way, and They're claiming he was negligent, but come on the balcony fell off the building.
Do you have new Juror Number Seven's name? Yeah.
Ray Donovan.
Thank you.
Well, if Angelico rented this car, he cleaned it out.
It's spotless.
Rental agent says they clean all the cars within 24 hours of return.
They also wipe the GPS for customer privacy.
Oh, how considerate.
- Wait a minute.
- I'm sure our killer appreciates it.
Valet stub.
It's date stamped.
There's an address.
Steve, we got something you need to see.
That's 4225 Kane Street.
Now, according to the valet stub, we found on his car, Michael Angelico visited someone in that building when he was on the island.
The only problem is, we don't know who.
Five companies lease office space in that building.
We've got two shrinks, an accounting company, a day spa and a consulting firm.
Security sent over a photo of everyone who works in the building.
Wait a second.
This guy.
Blow him up.
Okay, that's Owen Sutherland.
We saw him in court today.
Yeah, he's the president and CEO of Sutherland Consulting.
That's right.
According to the plaintiff's attorney, he's the island's most expensive jury consultant, and he's working for the defense.
That's gotta be who our killer went to see.
Okay, yeah.
But how do we prove it? We prove it with Juror Number Seven, the one that filled in for Emily's father.
You mean Ray Donovan? We got something on him? Yeah.
At first glance, guy seems like a normal, working class guy.
No record, nothing strange about his financials.
But his wife, on the other hand, she's a different story.
She's a part-time dental hygienist, all right? All of a sudden, she receives a $50,000 wire to her personal checking account.
Let me guess: the timing of it had something to do with Donovan being seated on the jury.
It came in that same day.
And it all leads back to Owen Sutherland.
Let's go.
Go where? Where we going? Back to court.
Hey, Sutherland.
Let's have a chat.
It's been a long day, gentlemen.
Why don't you call my office, and, uh, we'll see when we can fit you in.
Well, we're fitting ourselves in right now.
How's that? Oh, forgive me, I had no idea it was this urgent.
Yeah, it's urgent.
- How's the trial going? - It's in the jury's hands.
They started deliberations this afternoon.
Must've been a relief to get Donovan on the jury.
Right? Relief? He was the alternate juror.
We're just glad that the judicial process seems to be working the way it's supposed to.
Oh, by the way, we know that you, you met with David Savage.
Oh, sorry you called him Michael? Excuse me, I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't? You know about the $50,000 that landed in Donovan's wife's checking account? You're lucky I'm in a good mood, otherwise I might take offense at that accusation.
There's a money trail, and it's gonna lead back to you.
If you really believe that, you're delusional.
How do you sleep at night, knowing that you murdered a little girl? Huh? How much did Hedsten pay you to deliver that verdict? Was it worth it, that blood money? We're done here.
It's been a pleasure, gentlemen.
See you soon.
We gotta find Donovan.
Donovan's not gonna talk.
That depends how we ask the questions.
Ray Donovan.
Who are you? What do you want? Owen Sutherland sent us.
He wants to make sure he's getting his money's worth out of you.
I don't know anyone named Sutherland.
You got the wrong guy.
Oh, we got the right guy.
You know where you are, Ray? I'll tell you.
You're standing on the edge of an 80-foot drop down to a rocky shore.
Stick your foot out.
Please! Put it out.
You feel anything, huh? No, please don't push me! I'm doing everything Sutherland wanted.
Like what, Ray? What are you doing? I'm making sure no one on the jury's looking at the steel.
No one's even asking any questions about it.
Yeah? What else? I'm keeping 'em focused on Doug's safety violations.
It's working.
I swear it's working.
You'll get your verdict.
That's great, Ray.
Thanks, buddy.
No! No! You're an animal.
Good news is, you're alive.
Bad news is, you're under arrest.
Book him, Danno.
Come on.
Ray Donovan was actually telling the truth: this case is all about the steel.
Hedsten is just a subsidiary of a much larger company called DeHavlen Construction.
And DeHavlen supplied Hedsten with the steel they used in that apartment building.
Nothing wrong with that except the steel was supposed to come from Pittsburgh.
DeHavlen falsified invoices and substituted Chinese steel.
Just pocketed the difference.
You got it.
Chinese steel is not only cheaper than the American stuff, it can also be substandard.
So what you're saying is because of bad steel that the balcony fell off the building.
Could mean the whole building is unsound.
Here's the kicker: Hedsten only used five percent of the steel girders in that load.
Five percent? What'd they do with the rest of it? What do you think, $800 million? Easy.
What do you think's going to happen when it gets out that DeHavlen's using substandard steel to build their city of tomorrow? Somebody's gonna take an $800 million bath is what's gonna happen.
How you doing, man? We're looking for the contractor, Bob Ledford.
Is he around? He's up on the fifth floor talking to a sup.
Come on.
You shouldn't be here.
We need to talk.
About what? You can't keep burying your head in the sand.
Look, I'm trying to get a job done here.
It's over, Bob.
You don't know that.
I am telling you it's over! What are you talking about? They know about Donovan.
About the payoff.
That's on you! I never asked you to pay anyone off.
You wanted a guarantee! I gave it to you! Hey, hey! Five-O! You're both under arrest.
Let me see both your hands.
You stupid son of a bitch! Hey! H-H-Hey! Turn around.
Down on your knees now.
Now! Okay, listen to me.
Give me your other hand.
I can't.
Give me your other hand.
Let me help you.
Come on! Come on! No! No!! Just tell me what you did.
Admit it! I did not kill your father.
Tell your men to put their guns down right now, Adam.
This has nothing to do with you, McGarrett.
Tell your men to put their guns down, or I'm gonna put two in your head right now.
It's your last chance.
Untie Joe.
Do what he says.
Let's go, Joe.
You realize you just started a war with the Yakuza.
No, Joe, you did that when you grabbed Hiro Noshimuri, okay? They think you killed him.
Well, I didn't kill him.
I helped him fake his death.
What? Why?! I can't tell you that.
I was tortured over Shelburne.
I was tortured! Joe, Jenna Kaye paid with her life! I deserve answers.
I want answers.
I want them right now.
You know, son there was a time when I'd have had you up on charges of insubordination for that.
You know, we're not in the service anymore, Joe, and you're not my commanding officer.
You're right.
I'm not.

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