Hawaii Five-0 s02e15 Episode Script

Mai Ka Wa Kaliko (Out of the Past)

Ladies and gentleman, we're starting our initial descent into Honolulu.
Looks to be a beautiful day in paradise: 82 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.
Don't forget to turn in your agricultural declaration forms to a flight attendant.
We'll be on the ground shortly.
Thank you.
I'm going to make a call.
Don't go anywhere.
You're hilarious.
We'll be landing shortly, folks.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
Flight attendants, prepare for landing.
Your seat backs up.
Seat backs up, please.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
You need to return to your seats now, we're landing.
Hello? (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) So you do this for fun? Yeah, it's a great workout.
How far to the top? It's kind of like nature's Stairmaster.
Nature's Stairmaster? Okay, listen, if you don't think you can hack it, you need to tell me now, all right? 'Cause I don't want to get halfway up and have to carry you back down.
Listen I was shot-put champion three years in a row in high school.
Well, congratulations.
You know how to throw little balls around; that's great.
Are we going to do this or what? I don't know.
Your shoe's untied.
Oh, that's your strategy? My shoe's untied? Really? Nice one.
Okay, Weston! Okay, it's on now! Hey.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Let me see.
Okay, it could be fractured.
We should get you to a hospital.
No, no, it's not necessary.
I'm fine.
That wasn't a question.
Hey, it's McGarrett.
Listen, uh, can we get uh, paramedics at the base of Koko Head Stairs, please.
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
Do you think you can put any weight on it? Yeah, I think so.
Okay, let's give it a go.
All right, easy.
Easy, easy, easy Okay All right.
Maybe I'll just wait up here for for a bit.
I'll carry you.
Come on.
No, really.
What? No, really? You're fine? You're good? Yeah.
Okay, your choices are I leave you up here until you die, or I'm going to carry you down.
Okay Come on.
Just here Okay? Yeah.
For the record, I won, you know.
Okay, you won the race.
Oh, God.
This is ridiculous.
I'm fine.
Just taking the necessary precautions.
I'm going to send you the hospital bill.
So, listen, if she get's too annoying, you just sedate her, okay? Bye.
I'm on my way.
Steve, this is Mark Dunkerly.
He's the president of Hawaiian Airlines.
Hey, nice to meet you.
How do you do? Obviously, we're devastated.
Something like this has never happened before.
Dunkerly, we're going to need your airline's full support on this on.
Anything we can do, Commander.
All right, thank you.
Kono's inside.
All right.
After the flight attendant found the body in the bathroom, all the passengers were kept in their seats until HPD arrived.
They're currently sequestered in a hangar, and Chin's with them now.
Who's the victim? A U.
He was escorting a prisoner named Sal Painter, who is not among the passengers in the hangar.
Okay, which makes him our primary suspect, right? Yeah, we also found a murder weapon, two plastic knives held together with a rubber band.
HPD found it in the lavatory trash.
Danny? You know this guy? Yeah.
His name is Dave Collins.
He, uh, worked out of the U.
Marshal field office in New Jersey.
I'm sorry, man.
He was a buddy of mine; we kept in touch.
Has three kids.
We got a smashed cell phone.
Kono, uh Let's see if Fong can get something off of it.
Excuse me.
Chin, what've got? How about another missing passenger.
Who? According to the flight manifest, a man named Rick McGuire.
No one here remembers anything unusual about him.
Where was he sitting? Seat 35G.
Looks like McGuire left something behind.
Why would he leave his stuff behind? Maybe he didn't want to draw any attention to himself.
Kono, go through this, see if you can find anything that'll help us locate our suspects.
Okay, so, Painter had an accomplice, obviously another passenger.
All right, but where are they? 'Cause they didn't get off the plane five miles up in the air.
I know.
He talking to the vic's wife? Yeah.
Hey, listen, we get anything out of that duffle bag we pulled off the plane? Not a thing.
No usable prints.
- Hey - Here she is.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
It's just a minor sprain.
Here, have a seat.
Oh, I'm good.
Thank you.
Lori, sit down.
You should elevate it.
No, no, thanks, Doc, I'm fine, really.
All right.
What's up with the TSA footage? All right, should be loaded up by now.
Okay, so that's Collins's flight just prior to arrival at the gate.
Look at that.
Okay, so they must've gone through the service cart lift in the galley, - Right.
and accessed the wheel well through the baggage compartment.
All right, so the guy on the left could be the right build for Painter.
All right, well, now we know how they got off of the plane.
What else we got on these two? Uh, well, HPD arrested Painter last year for robbery and assault.
Evidently, he liked hitting high roller poker games all over the Island.
Unfortunately, he skipped town before sentencing.
He was also the chief suspect in similar incidents in Chicago and New York, which is where he was rearrested and extradited back to Hawaii.
Okay, good.
What about the other guy? Rick McGuire.
Resides in Westchester County, New York, no criminal record, But he makes a lot of trips to O'ahu.
Eight times in the past year alone.
This guy's five-nine.
Yeah, so what? - How tall is Painter? - Five-nine.
Kono, uh, come back in the footage here to the piece where the guys are side by side.
Oh, I see-- how can they both be five-nine when this guy's clearly a half a foot - taller than the other one? - Exactly.
Whoever got off the plane with Painter was not Rick McGuire.
We need to find out who the real Rick McGuire is, and who this guy who's impersonating him now is.
Danny and I are gonna stay focused on Painte Now, tell me about him.
Does he have anybody on the Island? Any friends, any family, anybody who could help him hide out while he's here? No family, no known associates.
Okay, what about enemies? You know, maybe he's looking for payback.
The main witness in the trial against him was a woman named Holly Malone.
She ran the high stakes poker games that he hit.
We're going downtown.
Let's go talk to her.
She's the only link we got to Painter.
Everything is on the up-and-up here.
This is a charity event.
We've got seats available, if you'd like to play.
The buy-in is $50,000.
Oh, is that all? You got 50? I don't on me, no.
I, uh, I actually want to send my kid to college one day.
Come over here for a second.
Sal Painter-- we think you know him.
He's back on the Island.
He killed a U.
marshal, and he escaped custody.
I see.
Um, what-what is Five-O planning on doing about that? Well, that depends on how helpful you plan on being with us today, Ms.
We want to know who he ran with.
Somebody on the Island may be harboring him.
I know who his partner was.
Um, one of my dealers-- Bronco.
He leaked the locations of the games to Painter.
Yeah, it's Painter's cousin.
Where do we find Bronco? You can check the Ali Mani Motel.
That-That was their crash pad on the Windward side.
Kono, what'd you find? Rick McGuire-- the real one-- he died two years ago in New York.
Okay, which means Sal Painter's accomplice - stole McGuire's identity.
- Which he used to purchase and register a Crown Vic in Oahu.
All right, good.
We got an address attached to the registration? It's a vacant lot.
Okay, all right, not your average idiot criminal mentality.
Can't wait to meet this guy.
I don't have anyone here by the name of Bronco.
Is that his real name? Uh, what about this guy, ma'am? Have you seen this man around? Yes.
Room 224-A.
- I think he's there now.
- Okay.
Would you like me to call him for you? No, no.
We want to surprise him.
Thank you.
Painter! Painter! Come on.
Huh? Where's your partner? Huh? Where's your partner? I don't have a partner! You don't have a partner.
Huh? Hey, listen to me.
Hey, hey! Listen to me.
I need the name of your accomplice.
Your accomplice, the guy that helped you kill Dave Collins and escape custody.
- I don't know what you talking about.
- You don't know? Oh, Danny, if we drown him, he won't be able to tell us anything.
I'm trying to drown him.
He killed a friend of mine, okay? Huh? Where is he? Where is he? I don't know.
I swear! Before this morning, I never saw the guy in my life! You guys seem to have a listening comprehension problem.
I don't know any Rick McGuire.
Okay, if you don't know this guy, why would he help you escape? Told me he'd been in my shoes.
That was good enough for me.
Okay, well, I'll tell you who it wasn't good for.
Marshal Dave Collins.
Look, I didn't kill the guy, okay? Last I saw the marshal, he was heading to the john to make a call, and he never came back.
And how long was that before you landed? He was getting all antsy.
Kept looking around, like he was checking somebody out a few rows in front of us.
Okay, who was he checking out-- McGuire? No clue.
All I know is, a couple minutes before we land, this guy comes up and says he can help me.
Then he unlocks my leg shackles, like he's my best friend.
Well, how did he know how to do that? I didn't ask, and I didn't care.
I followed him to the back of the plane, he got us down into the baggage compartment.
Next thing I know, the plane lands, and he's leading us out of the wheel well.
That was the last time I saw him.
All right, did he say where he was going? No.
All he said was he had work to do.
- What kind of work? - We didn't exactly swap life stories.
Okay, but he must have said something.
Why he killed Collins, where he was going.
He must have said something.
The guy hardly said a word.
He was all calm and cool.
Only time he lost it was when he dropped that key.
That really pissed him off.
Wait a minute.
What key? What are you talking about? He couldn't open the hatch to the cargo hold, so he used this key to pry it open.
It worked, but the key slipped, and fell into the hold.
All right, we got to call Kono.
Have her search the hold for that key.
We get a print off it, maybe we can find out who McGuire really is.
All right, if what Painter told us is true, Collins recognizes this McGuire guy on the plane From where, we don't know.
McGuire knows he's been compromised.
He kills the marshal.
That part makes sense.
Until he unshackles Painter.
Why help a guy you don't know? Probably so we'd spin our wheels tracking the escaped fugitive instead of looking for some random missing passenger.
Buys himself some time and throws us off.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Just got off the phone with Kono.
She get the key that Painter was talking about? Yeah.
She's on her way to Fong's to drop it off, but she sent a shot of it.
Serial number on the key traces back to a private mailbox at Mailbox Dispatch near Diamond Head.
Services high-end beach houses in Kahala.
- We have an address? - Uh, let me look it up.
Find out who owns that box, we track down McGuire.
- I'll go check it out.
- Oh, no, no, no, gimpy.
Please, let me.
I got this one, okay? Thanks.
See? Chivalry isn't dead.
I carried you down a mountain.
Hey, Charlie? Found this in the cargo hold of our crime scene.
Maybe you can get a print or DNA or something off of it.
Find out who this Rick McGuire really is.
Thanks, Kono.
I'll get right on it.
Is that Dave Collins's phone? Oh, yeah.
I managed to restore the data from it.
Just reconstructing the call log now.
Looks like right before the phone was smashed, he was trying to make a call, but he never got to hit send.
Well, who was he trying to call? Pulling up the number now.
Wait a minute.
That's Danny's number.
Did he know Collins? Yeah.
Why was Collins trying to call Danny right before he was killed? Paperwork says the box belongs to a Rick McGuire.
- You got a billing address? - Oh, yeah.
It's another private mailbox in New Jersey.
New Jersey, huh? But you know that tampering with the mail is a federal offense.
Yeah, of course I know that.
I'm a cop.
You got a customer over there.
Go deal with her.
Hey, Steve, I got an address on McGuire.
Rick McGuire, Five-O! Open up.
Coming in.
Come in.
There's dust everywhere.
Doesn't look like anyone's stayed here in a while.
One more spot to check.
Got something? I don't know.
Oh, my God.
That's Grace.
And Rachel.
And Danny and Stan.
McGuire had them all under surveillance.
Why? Who the hell is this guy? Good contact, Grace.
Excuse me? Grace Williams? I'm Officer McGuire.
I'm here to pick up Grace.
- Is everything all right, Officer? - Her father had a little accident.
Is he okay? Yeah, sweetie, he's okay.
I just got to take you to the hospital, all right? Where's my mom, or Uncle Steve? They're both with him at the hospital, waiting for you.
I don't want you to worry, all right? He's okay.
I'm not supposed to go with strangers.
I'm not a stranger.
I'm a policeman.
And I'm also an old friend of your dad's.
You are? Uh-huh.
You know that your old house in New Jersey, the one up on, um, Laurel Forest Circle? The one with the bad garage door that used to drive your father crazy? Oh, yeah.
So why don't we go see your daddy, okay? It's okay, Grace.
You find anything at McGuire's place? Danny, Danny, where are Rachel and Grace? Uh, Grace should be at a tennis lesson right now.
Why? Pacific Club.
Okay, Danny, listen to me, all right? McGuire's been stalking your family.
Hold on-- what? What'd you just say? Okay.
We found photos in his computer.
We found photos of Rachel, of Grace, of all you guys.
Whoa, whoa, slow down.
What are you talking about? - Thank you.
- Steve? Steve? Tennis instructor says a uniform picked up Grace 30 minutes ago.
Hold on, hold on, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What uniform? What the hell are you talking about, Steve? Danny This is Rachel calling me right now.
Do not move; I'll call you right back.
Rachel, where are you and where's Grace? Uh, well, I was going to ask you the same thing.
You sent someone to pick her up? Are you hurt? No, I'm fine.
Listen to me.
I want you to go to HPD right now, you hear me? - Danny, what's happened? - Rachel, listen to me.
Go to HPD, do exactly what I tell you to do, okay? Danny, where is Grace? She's calling me right now, on the other line.
Go straight to HPD.
You hear what I said? Grace? Baby, can you hear me? Where are you? Are you okay? Grace? You know, I'm surprised.
I thought Manhattan was the only island you'd ever set foot on.
Listen to me, listen to me, you son of a bitch.
Whoever this is, if you touch my daughter, you lay a finger on her, I swear to God I'll kill you, you hear me? Hey, is that any way to talk to your training officer? Why don't you just take it down a notch, D.
Rick Peterson Hey, sweetie, I want you to say hello to Daddy, okay? Okay.
Danno? The policeman said you were in the hospital, and we're coming to see you.
Hey, monkey.
You okay? Can you look around and tell me where you are right now? Hey.
Your phone is cloned.
So any calls you make or any calls you receive, I'm gonna know about.
Uh, Rick, just please just tell me what you want, Rick.
I'll do anything you tell me to do.
Just tell me what you want.
Don't answer that.
Rick, you got a beef with me, you can come, you can put a bullet right in my head.
Just, please, I'm begging you, let my daughter go.
Listen, when I hang up the phone, you're gonna take your cell and your gun, and you're gonna throw them out the window.
And then I want you to go to Halekauwila and South.
There's a bus bench Okay.
with a disposable phone taped underneath.
You're gonna go there, you're gonna get it, and you're gonna wait for my phone call.
Uh I'll do what you say.
Just please please don't hurt my daughter, Rick.
I'll do anything.
Just please, please don't hurt her.
Oh, D.
Whatever happens to Grace, that's It's all it's all on you, buddy.
You act like a smart guy, you don't do what I tell you to do and then sweet, beautiful little Gracie dies.
Now, do we understand each other? Yes.
I understand perfectly.
Because we're only gonna play this one way, D.
I've had a long, long time to think about how I was going to make you suffer like you did to me.
So you better drive fast, kid, because you got 11 minutes.
All right.
Ready to go? Hey.
Okay, Rachel's safe.
She's at HPD headquarters with the baby.
HPD squad car is watching her house.
Also put out a MAILE AMBER Alert with a description of Grace.
Anybody heard from Danny yet? He's not answering his cell.
Nothing yet.
All right, all right, all right, all right, all right.
Kono, what do you got? Chin said that Fong pulled a print off the laptop you got at McGuire's place.
We got a hit-- Rick Peterson.
He's an ex-cop from New Jersey.
Cop from New Jersey? Does Danny know this guy? Yeah, Danny put him in prison.
I'm here.
Please don't do anything stupid.
Okay? Please don't hurt her.
Okay? Please.
You sound a little winded, partner.
Is island life making you soft? Listen to me.
Please, Rick.
I know I can imagine what life in prison must have been like for a cop.
You know? What do you know, D? Listen to me, Rick.
I did what I thought was right.
You understand me? I did the only thing that I could do.
Yeah, what you did what you did was destroy every beautiful thing I had in my life.
Every beautiful thing in my life, and I swear to God I'm going to do the same to you.
In 2001, Sergeant Rick Peterson was arrested for stealing money and half a key of coke from a crime scene.
This is video from Peterson's criminal trial.
Officer Williams, is this the first time you witnessed Sergeant Peterson unlawfully removing evidence from a crime scene? You're under oath, Officer Williams.
No, it was not the first time.
What sort of things did Sergeant Peterson take? Drugs, guns, money.
Danny was the key prosecution witness.
Peterson served ten years, and he was released seven months ago.
This whole thing's about revenge.
Dave Collins recognized Rick Peterson on that plane.
He was calling to warn Danny, and that's what got him killed.
And then Peterson threw Sal Painter into the wind to send us on a wild goose chase.
It bought him enough time to put his plan in motion.
HPD just found Danny's phone and gun along the Ala Wai Canal.
Which means Peterson has already made contact with Danny and he's controlling him now.
All right, Lori, listen to me.
I need you to hook into the Camaro's police GPS and get me a location.
Okay? Okay.
Kono, get a description of Peterson over to HPD and have them add it to the MAILE AMBER Alert.
Then go down to the crime lab, and if there's anything to find on that laptop, you find it, okay? Find it, find it, find it.
Where are you? I just crossed Punahou Street.
All right.
I want you to drive to the entrance of Diamond Head Crater.
You got 18 minutes.
And, D, you turn left instead of right, you stop anywhere, you try to call your Five-O buddies, then your daughter dies.
You got that? Yes.
All right, looks like Danny's four miles ahead of us.
Make a left at the next light.
All right.
Kono, what do you got? So Peterson tapped into Danny and Rachel's voice mails and downloaded them onto his computer.
It looks like he was focused on one message from a few months ago.
Listen to this.
Rachel, uh, it's Danny.
Uh, listen to me.
Uh, I don't I don't care if the baby is mine or if it's Stan's.
I love you, okay? And I-I just feel in my heart that there-there's still a shot, okay? We have a chance.
And this is ridiculous.
I'm doing this on a voice mail.
Will you please call me back? That's all I can find.
Listen to me.
Kono, you go find Rachel.
I don't care if they're wearing an HPD uniform or not-- nobody gets in to see her.
Okay? Yeah, you got it.
Hello, partner.
You look good.
I'll take that gun.
Where's Grace? Grace is safe.
I dumped the gun like you told me to.
I'm talking about the gun that you took out of your ankle holster.
All right? Now, don't be a wiseass.
Give me the gun.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Huh? Now, I know you don't care what happens to you, but trust me-- if you die, Gracie's going to die.
Now, give me the gun and stop playing around! Listen to me, Rick.
I'm going to kill you.
I swear to God that I am going to kill you.
You understand me? Good.
You stay angry, 'cause if memory serves me correctly, you get real stupid when you get angry.
Now, give me the gun.
Right hand to the steering wheel.
You don't mind, do you? Go ahead.
Now sit tight.
I'll be right back.
What's wrong? We just lost the signal.
Call Lori.
Chin? Lori, we lost the signal; can you resend? I lost it too; I think it's been disabled at the source.
I'll keep trying.
He's off the grid.
Now it's just you and me.
You disabled the GPS.
Now what, Rick? You know, ten years in stir, you learn to value your privacy, you know what I'm saying? Rick you are free.
Okay? You served your time.
Why are you doing this? You're gonna screw everything up.
Just give me my daughter, and you can walk.
You can walk; you can have a life.
Just give me Grace.
You want me to walk away? Just like you walked away, right? And allowed me to rot in that prison for a decade.
You stole money, and you stole drugs, and you got caught.
You got caught, Rick.
I'll tell you what How is any of that my fault? I'll tell you what, why don't we go visit that judge and that jury, and we'll ask them.
The ones you got to convict my ass, remember? What did you want me to do? I was under subpoena.
I didn't have a choice, Rick! You had a choice.
I was a good cop, D.
You weren't a good cop, Rick; you were a dirty cop.
You betrayed me.
You were my partner, and you sold me out.
I mean, you were supposed to have my back, bro.
You have my daughter.
Yeah, I got your daughter.
You have my daughter.
What more do you want, huh? I want my life back, Danny.
I want Kim back.
You know, she left me five years ago.
She found somebody else.
Can't blame her, though, you know? Can't wait forever.
You know what that feels like, don't you? And Cole already graduated high school.
But he doesn't talk to me anymore.
I'm dead to him.
I really wish things were different.
I really do.
So do I.
Uncuff yourself.
All right, drive.
What are you doing? I'm making things different.
Kono, I just got a text from Danny.
I thought you said he didn't have his phone with him.
He doesn't.
Let me call Steve.
Kono, is everything all right? Not really.
Rachel got a text originating from Danny's cell phone.
Peterson must've cloned it.
Well, what'd the text say? It says, "I'm going to make Stan pay for breaking us up.
" Does that make any sense to you? Kono, listen to me.
Have HPD locate Stan Edwards and place him in protective custody right away.
Hi, Stan Edwards please.
This is Danny Williams calling.
Take the phone.
What the hell are you doing? Take the phone.
You're gonna tell him you need to see him right away at Ala Moana Park.
It's right across the street from his office.
Just wait.
Will you stop arguing with me and just get on the phone? Stan, listen, it's Danny.
I need to speak to you right away.
Steve, Stan Edwards's secretary said he just left the office to meet Danny across the street at Ala Moana park.
No answer on Stan's cell phone.
Lori, call Kono, have her meet us there, okay? See that lonely little trash can there? There's a gun taped inside.
You go get it, and you meet Stan halfway up this path.
Rick, please.
Will you just listen to me? Just listen to me for one second, okay? Stop whining, please.
When you get out, you so much as look back at me, you start to run away, you deviate from anything I tell you to do, and I swear to God your little girl dies, and it's gonna be your fault.
Why are you doing this, Rick? Why are you doing this? This is about you, and this is about me.
This is not about Grace, and this is not about Stan.
Why are you doing this? I want you to pull the trigger when you see him; I want three shots center mass.
I want him dead before he hits the ground.
I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna kill an innocent guy.
I'm killing Stan, Rick.
Come on, this is insane.
Come on, don't tell me a little part of you doesn't want to do this.
I heard everything.
You and Rachel actually had a shot one time, didn't you? You had a little baby.
Almost looked like that baby was yours.
What do you What do you think this is going to do, Rick? What do you think this is gonna do? You think I'm gonna go to prison? Huh? You think I'm gonna got to prison for murder under duress? I don't care if you go to prison.
But I know Rachel's not gonna forgive you for this.
So you're gonna lose the only thing that means anything to you.
You're gonna lose your family.
Now, I've had enough talking.
Get out! Please, just tell me Get out of the car, D.
Don't make me ask you again.
Hey, Danny, what's going on? Danny? How's Grace? Is she okay? Stop, stop.
Stan, listen to me What's going on, Danny? Get Peterson! Go, go, go! Danny! There's a man inside my car.
And he's-he's going to kill Grace if I don't kill you.
Danny, what I don't have a choice, do you understand me? I don't have a choice.
This for Grace? Don't talk to him, shoot him.
Danny! I don't have a choice.
I'm sorry.
Danny! I'm sorry.
Danny! Good boy.
Rick Peterson! Get your hands where I can see them! Do it now! Put down your weapon! Drop it! Do it now! All right.
Danny! He's okay.
Listen, I put one in the shoulder, the rest were in the grass.
Okay? Tell Rachel I'm sorry.
I need a paramedic here right now.
Yeah, right now.
You're gonna be all right.
Rachel, he's been shot in the shoulder.
Keep pressure, keep pressure right here.
Okay, listen to me.
Paramedics are on their way, okay? He's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be all right, buddy.
Where is she? Where is she? Oh! Danny! Listen to me, you son of a bitch.
Next one's in your head; now tell me where my daughter is.
Huh? Huh? Grace! Daddy! Okay, baby, stay away from the door, okay? You okay, baby? Huh? Yeah.
You hurt anywhere? Are you sure? Oh, come here.
One more second, sweetheart, we'll have you out of here.
It's okay.
I want to go home.
I know, baby, we're gonna go home right now, okay? Okay.
We're gonna go home, monkey, okay? Come here- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.

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