Hawaii Five-0 s02e16 Episode Script

I Helu Pu (The Reckoning)

Excuse me.
Excuse me, I came in a few minutes ago with a patient, Steve McGarrett.
On the ambulance, I remember.
Can you give me the status on his condition, please? I'm sorry, there's no word yet.
Um, can you make a call or is there a doctor I can speak to? Can I please speak Who's his doctor? Governor What the hell happened out there, Weston? I'm sorry, sir.
This is all it's my fault.
I don't want apologies, I want explanations.
I specifically told you to keep me informed of every step of this investigation.
Instead, my head of security is getting third-hand information from HPD.
Sir, we had just cause; the suspect was fleeing.
Time was of the essence.
We had to make a call.
The call you should've made was to me.
In case you forgot, Weston, I assigned you to this task force to prevent exactly this kind of disaster.
Yes, sir.
When this is all over, you're going to have to make a choice: the state of Hawaii or Five-O.
Code Blue to the ER, Room 4.
Nurse, I need you! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Look, I know this isn't what you had planned for your 48-hour weekend.
Would I rather be drinking beers at Haleiwa Joe's right now? Sure.
Look, I get it.
I get it.
Look, you can't turn down the governor when he invites you as his special guest.
Especially when, uh, the plates are $5,000 a pop, and he bought the whole table.
That being said, you look absolutely beautiful in your dress tonight.
Thank you.
Don't get used to it, 'cause the second this thing's over, these heels are coming off.
I was hoping you were going to say that.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is just a reminder that the silent auction will be closing in five minutes.
So, please, put your final bids in now.
The Clean Coast Fund needs your dollars to preserve Hawaii's precious marine environment.
Mahalo, everyone.
Well, look who is pitching in to, uh, to save the environment.
This is the steal of the century.
Season tickets, 50-yard line, half face value.
I'm in.
Didn't know you were a fan, Danny.
That's 'cause he's not.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Yeah.
A) I'm a huge football fan.
And B) the Warriors uniforms remind me of my beloved Jets.
And C) this is, uh, charity.
Right? You're right.
And it's good to see you got your priorities straight.
So, excuse me for a second.
What are you doing? I'm, um feeling charitable.
Why would you do that? You have a very big problem, you know that? You're too competitive.
He's got you there.
What are you guys talking about? He's got me? There's no such thing as too competitive.
It's like you can't let somebody be happy.
You got to one-up everybody all the time.
You know, they got a name for people like you? - You know what it is? - I do, winners.
They're called winners.
You are a topper, my friend.
What are you doing? I'm sorry, did you just One dollar? You outbid me by one He outbids me by one dollar.
What is this, The Price is Right? Hey, did you bid on something? Hey, no, don't go there.
Oh, your dress is beautiful.
- Where'd you get it? - Thank you! Uh, I got it in this little shop in Bangkok.
Which is one of the perks of being stationed overseas.
- What about you, Chin? - You bid on anything? Actually, yeah.
I'm about to win a ukulele lesson from Jake Shimabukuro.
- How cool is that? - Cool, but you know what would be even cooler, though, is if you bid on that romantic getaway weekend to Kauai.
Why is that coolest? Well, because he's newly married, and Valentine's day is this week.
Unless you already got Malia something? For your information, Malia's old school.
She's perfectly happy with flowers and chocolates.
Oh, okay, right.
Nothing says "I love you" like drugstore candy.
I forgot.
It's better than someone not remembering at all.
What I'm hearing is, you're actually okay with chocolates.
Is that right? Hey, now I'm paranoid.
I got to find something for Gabby.
Commander McGarrett Weston, please.
Excuse me.
Something wrong, sir? You could say that.
Who is she? Don't know.
The hotel maid only found her about 20 minutes ago.
I didn't see any ID on her, no purse.
And all floors have access to the laundry chute? That's right.
She could have been dumped from any one of them.
Okay, if she was a guest at the fund-raiser, then we should recognize her, right? Report her missing.
Well, maybe not.
We're not the only game in town here tonight.
What do you mean? There are two wedding receptions in the hotel tonight, along with the fundraiser.
Way she's dressed, she could've been at any of them.
Okay, okay.
Listen to me.
We need to shut this entire hotel down.
Nobody comes, nobody goes, unless we see IDs and we get statements, you understand? No.
We're not causing a scene like that tonight.
I'm afraid we don't have a choice, Governor.
This entire hotel is now a crime scene.
Thank you, Commander, I'm well aware of that.
But I don't want the Clean Coast Fund or any of the guests here making national news tonight.
So, until you have all the facts, I want this investigation treated with the utmost care and discretion.
Are we clear? Yeah.
I want regular updates on this, every step of the way, you understand? Of course, Governor.
Once we see IDs we can get statements, you understand? If I can't contain a crime scene, then we've got potential suspects walking out the front door.
I hear you, but those suspects are some of the governor's closest friends and supporters.
I don't care, Lori, I don't care, if you're the Pope or the president, I want who did this.
Code Blue to the ER, Room 4.
Somebody go ahead and start CPR.
I need a ventilator.
Pull a milligram of epinephrine.
Let's go ahead and clear that airway.
He's got a lot of blood in his mouth.
Hey, Max.
All right, here's the sample.
Run it and see if you can get a match.
How'd you get this? I got it from the O.
- You went into an operating room? - Yeah.
Unsterilized? I said ASAP, Max.
All right, so whoever did this, obviously wrapped this lady up in towels and sheets and dumped her through the chute.
So Chin's grabbing gear to process a laundry chute.
Try to figure out which floor she was dumped from.
Nice tux, Max.
What's the occasion? I was at the fund-raiser.
Why did it take you so long to get here? Well, if you must know, I met someone, and we decided to leave the event early so we could indulge in some late-night pancakes at the Wailana Diner.
As you can see, the victim suffered blunt-force trauma to the back of the head.
Judging by the laceration and linear-type bruising, it would appear that the victim was struck by a square-shaped object.
Was that the COD? Difficult to say.
She was hit over the head, but she also has light bruising around the throat and petechial hemorrhaging, which would suggest that the victim was also strangled.
So, why do both? Well, it's quite possible that the blow did not completely incapacitate her.
Uh, based on her broken fingernails, which also seem that she fought back.
With any luck, I might be able to retrieve some trace evidence of blood or foreign DNA from underneath them.
Huh, looks like she was renting the dress for the night.
What are you talking about? What does that mean? That's when there's a fancy party and it's a dress you want and it's out of your league.
You buy it and you return it the next day.
That seems dishonest.
And yet, perfectly legal.
Well, in any case, if her prints are on the system, maybe we can use this dress to get an ID.
In the mean time, we need to look at the hotel security footage.
If we get eyes on our vic, maybe we can take a look at the killer.
Hey, anything? I just scoped the laundry chute from the 20th floor to the 15th.
So far, no signs of blood.
Okay, so the vic had to have been dumped below 14th.
Hey, for your information, Malia really does like flowers.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Everyone knows Valentines Day is for amateurs; Malia gets that.
Okay, I'm just saying, it doesn't hurt to make a little effort and get a girl something nice.
I need to go shopping, don't I? Yeah.
I'm really sorry your weekend with Catherine got derailed.
That's fine, I'll make it up to her.
I'll take her to a U-H football game or something.
Oh, yeah? I'll give you a good price on some tickets, seeing as I got the, uh, last bid in.
W-W-Wait, go back, go back.
- That's our victim.
That's her.
Who's the guy? Date, maybe? Yeah, or somebody she met tonight.
Looks like he's had a couple.
Pause it.
What's he got in his hand? It's a Keycard.
Listen, do you have to, uh, swipe the room key to go up in that elevator? Yeah, that's right.
Can you access information off of that card? Yeah, the hotel keeps a digital log of every swipe.
Let me access the elevator data.
We need a room number and a name.
Room 1121, part of a block of rooms reserved for the Hawika wedding.
Registered under Dennis Mack.
Hold up.
I got blood.
Hey, me, too.
Stairwell door.
Dennis Mack? Oh, just get back! All right, get back! Don't come any closer! Hey, listen, listen to me.
Get back! Dennis? Hey.
Dennis, I just want to talk to you, man, all right? I'm not gonna hurt you.
I am done talking.
She's gone.
She's gone, and she's never coming back.
Dennis, listen to me.
Dennis! Listen.
Listen to me.
Hey, hey, listen to me.
Hey, hey.
No, no, no! Hey, boss.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I chipped a tooth, cracked a couple of ribs.
Yeah, fine.
Tell me you got the sample.
Max has it.
We're running the match now.
All right.
Without it, we got nothing.
You understand that, right? How about Chin? Chin get out? No.
Excuse me.
All right.
Governor's here.
Go, go, go, go, go.
I got this.
Just the man I was looking for.
Sir, I take full responsibility for the actions of my team today.
And by "actions" you mean the international incident you just dropped in my lap? Let me take this from the beginning.
I just want to talk, Dennis, okay? I am done talking.
She's gone.
She's gone, and she's never coming back.
Dennis, listen to me.
Dennis, listen.
Listen to me.
Hey, hey, no, no, no! Hey, Steve! Steve! I leave you alone for two seconds Hey, I asked you a question, Dennis.
Why'd you do it? I didn't do anything, all right?! April did this to me.
I mean, I caught her with a groomsman.
You know a groomsman.
Such a cliché.
Okay, um, so, um, you killed her because she was cheating on you? Wait.
What are you? What do you mean, "killed her?" What are you what are you talking about? Are you saying that April's dead? Hey, sober up and look hard, Dennis.
Hey, look at the photo right here! What? What? Look at this.
Is this woman April? Hey! Is this is this April? No.
No, that's not her.
Oh, uh, wait a minute.
Does that mean April's alive? Listen to me.
Just focus on this picture right now.
Okay, because you're the last person to see this woman here alive.
Who is that? Uh, wait a second.
Um This is the-the chick from the elevator.
But listen, I-I swear, all she did was help me get back to my room.
The room with the blood and the clothes torn up, thrown all over the place.
Those were April's clothes, okay? I Look, man, I lost it.
I punched the mirror because I couldn't stand to look at myself.
That's how you feel after you see your girlfriend banging some other dude.
Anyway, that's why I went up to the roof.
The woman from the elevator-- where'd you meet her? You meet her at the wedding? No.
I met her in the lobby.
Um I was wasted.
You know, trying to get back up in my room, and-and she said she forgot her key.
She say anything else? No, she was on the phone with someone, uh, while she was helping me to the elevator.
Someone she was going to meet.
Meet, uh, where? On your floor? No.
No, I don't think so.
I mean, the only reason she got off was to make sure I made it to my room okay, you know.
She was nice.
Okay, I, uh, I think that either Jane Doe used this guy to get up to a higher floor Yeah, question is, who was she going up to see? Hey.
Uh, did you get an ID on our vic? No.
Her prints weren't in the system, but Chin and Kono found blood in the laundry chute on the twelfth floor.
Okay, have HPD do a room-to-room search, and give me a body count of everyone booked in on that floor.
Five-O! Open up! - Hold up.
I got the master key from security.
Whose room is this? It's reserved by a company called Garlin International.
It's one of six rooms they booked on the floor.
All right.
A lot of companies held rooms for the fund-raiser, but wound up not using them.
Happens all the time when hotels host events like this.
All right, this room looks completely clean.
No signs of a struggle.
You smell that? Yeah, bleach.
No towels.
No sheets, either.
You know what else is missing? Every room I've searched had this square glass vase right on this table.
Max said our victim was hit in the head with something that had a square edge.
Killer must have dumped it.
Signs are obvious.
Someone killed our victim in this room and tried to cover it up.
All right, let's have HPD process this entire room top to bottom, and see if we can get any prints or any trace evidence.
I'll get on the phone with Garlin International, find out who stayed here.
Look at this.
It's like a month's pay.
Uh, can I have your salary? 'Cause that's like two months pay for me.
May I help you? Yeah, we were wondering if you could help us with an investigation.
Do you recognize this woman? That's one of my dresses.
Can you scan this tag and tell us if she paid with cash or a credit card? Yes, here it is.
It was bought with a credit card.
Woman's name was Victoria Chase.
Okay, great.
Um, could you print that out, give us a record of the transaction? I'll track down the address and call McGarrett.
All right.
I have the guest lists from all the events at the hotel, and yeah, looks like there was a Victoria Chase at the governor's fund-raiser.
The vic lived here? Yeah, well, according to the credit card info, this is where the bills went.
Well, don't you think it's odd that somebody who can afford a $5,000 charity dinner and lives in a place like this? Yeah.
Though I don't think she's local, 'cause there's no record of a Hawaiian driver's license with the DMV.
Oh, can I help you? Ma'am, I'm Steve McGarrett, this is Officer Kalakaua.
We're with Five-O.
Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you, but, um, do you happen to know a Victoria Chase? What happened? What happened to Vicky? I knew that something was wrong when she didn't when she didn't come home last night.
I just I can't.
, I can't I can't believe she's gone.
We're very sorry for your loss.
Amanda, how long had your sister been living with you? She, uh She came down from Chicago about a year ago to help with the baby.
Big sis.
Always looking out for me, you know? She say anything to you about the fund-raiser last night that she went to? Or that she was, um, going to meet anybody? I didn't know she was going.
I thought she was working last night.
Where did she work? She waited tables at O'Donnell's.
Basically lived on tips.
Amanda, the charity dinner was $5,000 a plate.
Do you know where she would have gotten that kind of money? She told me she was saving that money for a car.
A charity dinner.
I I don't know.
It doesn't make sense.
Why would she hide that from you? I don't know.
We were close.
You know, we could tell each other anything.
Our parents died when we were teenagers and Vicky basically raised me herself.
Just us against the world, you know.
Amanda, did Vicky have any, uh, jealous boyfriends or enemies? Anyone who would want to hurt her? Honestly, I-I can't think of a single person.
But whoever did this-- I want them caught, and I want them punished.
Okay, I'm thinking, this could just be a Cinderella story gone bad.
Nice lady, she saves up to buy a ticket to the ball, she gets herself a fancy dress.
Right? And she is looking for Prince Charming.
Okay, are you saying Vicky went looking for a husband? Maybe not a husband, but, uh, take it from me, because I know.
Nobody wants to be alone on Valentine's Day.
I know, but talking to her sister, Vicky just didn't seem like the type.
What about this company that booked the room, Garlin International-- what do we know about them? Well, they are an international exporter of transportation equipment to the Pacific Rim.
Not exactly sexy stuff, but they do $200 million worth of business in Asia through a satellite office on O'ahu.
And also, according to the guest list, Garlin bought a whole table at the fund-raiser.
So, maybe Vicky was going up to meet someone she met that night? An executive from the company? Yeah, see, that would make sense.
Except Garlin claims that no one from the company actually attended the fund-raiser.
They gave the tickets away to clients.
I don't care what they were claiming.
Somebody was staying in those rooms.
We need their names.
Problem is that Garlin's corporate headquarters are in New York City.
They're playing phone tag with us, and blaming it on the time difference.
Look, there has got to be a connection between Vicky Chase and this company, Garlin International.
She went up to that room for a reason.
So, HPD pulled a print off the door handle of our crime scene.
Ex-con named Roger Furman.
He did time for aggravated assault and battery.
He now works as a bouncer at O'Donnell's.
That's where Vicky worked.
Not only that.
I looked at her phone records.
Guess who she called ten minutes before she got on that elevator? Furman.
He's headed for the woods! Hey! That hurts, man.
"That hurts"? You just jumped out of a window, and this hurts? Yeah.
Hey, Danny, that was an impressive tackle.
Like what they do it at U-H.
Those tickets are mine, Steve.
Get up.
You'd better be right about this, Commander.
How you doing? Good, yeah, good.
The governor just, uh, shut down Five-O, but I'm all right.
What did you tell him? Everything.
Okay, you see, that was your first mistake, you understand? All right, on top of being too competitive, you're also too honest.
Look, we screwed up this time, Danny, okay? It's my fault; we went too far.
Okay, this is your your pity party.
Is it a personal invite only or can anybody else attend? Can I come, too? It's nobody's fault.
We did what we had to do, that's it.
I know.
I just hope Max gets that blood work done and pulls a match.
If he doesn't, we're never gonna see Chin again.
So, what, uh, what was it, huh? You were jealous? Man, jealous of what? Of Vicky trading up.
Finding someone better than you.
What'd she do? She call you up and tell you to beat it? I knew I should've never gotten involved.
Lesson learned.
Good Samaritan always gets screwed, doesn't he? "Good Samaritan," is that you? You the Good Samaritan? What are you talking about? Vicky was a sweetheart, dude.
Hey, whenever I was working the door, she was constantly bringing me drinks, taking care of my friends.
She was down like that.
So she comes to me, like, maybe three months ago, and she's mad.
Mad like I never seen.
And she straight-up asks me if I'd lay the beat-down on somebody for her.
I told her, "Sure.
" Lay a beat-down on who? I don't know who.
She just told me when it was time, she'd called me.
Okay, and that call came last night? She asked me if I would meet her down at the hotel.
Dude was staying in room 1215.
Okay, but she went upstairs without you.
How come? Man, when that call came in, I was way on the North Shore.
I was in Haleiwa.
But I told Vicky, I said, "just wait for me "in the hotel lobby.
Might take me awhile, hey, but I'll be there.
" But by the time I got there, she was gone.
So then you just went upstairs to look for her.
Yeah, man.
I knew something was up.
So I jammed up to the room.
I even checked the door.
Hey, but the door was locked.
I left.
And that's it.
That's not it.
You ran from us; why'd you run from us? I'm a two-striker, man.
I got a house full of hunting rifles.
I knew damn well sure I was gonna be going down for something.
All right.
Vicky, did she say who the guy was, what he did to piss her off, why she wanted you to beat his ass? Did she say what his name was? No, you know, she did mention something.
She mentioned that this guy had messed with her sister.
Amanda? Yeah, Amanda.
We believe your sister went up to a room to confront someone.
Someone who may have hurt you.
Do you have any idea who that might be? No.
I don't.
Amanda, the room was booked by a company called Garlin International.
You know anyone who works there? Oh, my God.
This-this is my fault.
Oh, my I think I'm going to be sick.
Amanda, slow down, it's okay.
Why don't you just tell us what happened.
Who works at Garlin? I did but I quit over a year ago.
Why did you quit? I was just a researcher.
But there was There was this executive.
He used to fly in from New York.
He was sophisticated and charming.
He-he spoke Italian and French and Russian.
I was, uh impressed.
So I went out with him a few times.
But, um This one this one night, in his hotel room, I-I found a-a ring by the bathroom sink.
And you didn't know he was married.
Not only was he married, his wife was the CEO's daughter.
When I I found the ring, I tried to leave.
He wouldn't let me.
He forced himself on me.
So, the baby When Vicky found out, she was She wanted me to go to the police.
She was so angry.
But the humiliation and the agony-- I just Couldn't go through with it.
Vicky she just She couldn't let it go.
She couldn't let it go.
I'm really sorry to put you through all this.
But you said to me that, um That you wanted me to punish the man who did this? You remember that? And I want to do that.
You got to give me a name.
His name is Dmitri Vonakov.
Dmitri Vonakov is M.
I checked all the hotels, Garlin's local offices, nothing.
According to TSA, he flew in on Garlin's private plane two days ago.
The plane's still here.
Yeah, and there's no record of him leaving by boat or commercial airline.
People don't just disappear; I mean, he's got to be here somewhere, right? So, I just talked to the valets at the hotel.
A town car with diplomatic plates came to pick up a guest meeting Vonakov's description at 10:15 last night.
That's right around the time our vic was discovered.
Okay, hang on, diplomatic plates? Headed where? The valets don't know, but the first three letters of the plate were D-Y-R.
So, D is for diplomat, and Y-R is the State Department's code for Russia.
Russia, right? Okay, hold on.
So, Vonakov was born in Moscow; he's a Russian citizen.
He's hiding at the Russian Consulate.
You must be mistaken.
I've known Dmitri Vonakov for over 20 years, since we attended university.
He is no murderer.
Technically, Consul Shepkin, he's a murderer and a rapist.
And you have proof of all this? Aside from the sworn statement of the woman he raped? Dmitri is a wealthy man.
Women target him all the time.
Listen, no offense, but I'm done wasting time.
So, why don't you bring Vonakov out here.
We'll take a blood sample, and then we'll go.
I don't understand.
You don't? Okay, uh, you see, our victim, she has blood under her fingernails.
Now, if your buddy is innocent like you say he is, have him come out here, we'll take a sample, and then we will clear his name once and for all, and then we move on.
So, you think that Dmitri is here? Oh, one of your cars picked him up from the hotel last night, so, yeah, we know he's here.
Well, it's true that he does stay at the consulate when he's in town on business from time to time, but that was last night.
He's gone now.
Gone where? I'm his friend, not his babysitter.
You're a bad liar.
He's here.
We're gonna search every inch of this place until we find him.
In Hawaii this is Russian soil.
How can you defend a guy like that? He just raped a woman, and he killed her sister.
We're done, gentlemen.
Since when do you speak Russian? Oh, I, uh, I worked a Russian mob case in Brighton Beach.
All I learned how to say was, "Back off, we're cops," and "this vodka tastes like urine.
" Huh.
He's in there.
Now, listen to me, even if we can prove that, we will never get a blood sample.
As long as Vonakov's in there, we can't touch him.
Okay, so we drag his ass out.
Governor Denning.
Good to see you again.
I'm sorry it's not under better circumstances.
Consul Shepkin, you have my apologies for the actions of my Five-O task force today.
I saw some of the damage on the way in.
The damage is done.
All I ask is that justice be served.
It will be.
I'll assure you of that.
I'd like to see Lieutenant Kelly now, please.
Of course, this way.
Sir I don't know what he told you, but let me explain.
I've had enough of that today.
You see, over the last two hours, I've had to explain your actions to two senators, the attorney general, the American ambassador to Russia.
They were harboring a murderer and rapist.
Dmitri Vonakov is innocent until proven guilty.
The consul is right.
And if I were you, Lieutenant, I'd be more concerned with the charges you happen to be facing, like trespassing, destruction of property, assault and battery, espionage, oh, and let's not forget bringing a radiological weapon onto Russian soil.
This is nothing short of an act of terrorism.
And my government insists that the lieutenant be appropriately punished.
Weston, this better be good.
Hey, cuz, you in position? Yeah.
All right, we're good to go when you are.
Hey, FYI, I just got a text.
You won those ukulele lessons at the auction.
Give them to Malia for me.
Stop! Hands in the air! What is this? What happened? They got Chin.
He didn't make it to the exit.
Sir! Evacuate the grounds now.
Now! Security was tighter than we thought.
They were right on top of him.
Wait, wait.
- Look, it worked.
- They're evacuating.
It's Vonakov.
All right.
Guys, we've got him! They're in a town car headed out the gate.
We have diplomatic plates.
It is Delta, Yankee, Romeo, zero, zero, niner.
Hey! Hands up, driver.
Hands where I could see 'em.
I'm on a diplomatic mission from the Russian government.
You cannot stop this car.
We know Vonakov's in the car.
So you either hand him over to us, or we come in there, and we take him, all right? It's your choice.
You cannot search this car.
Get out of the car, Vonakov! Come on! Turn around.
Hey, driver, hands up! I'm not done with this.
Vonakov! Hey, hey, hey, hey! I got him! Steve? Steve?! Open your eyes.
Come on.
Vonakov-- is he dead? - No.
EMTs say he's gonna make it.
- You all right? Yeah.
We gotta get a blood sample from Vonakov now, while he's not protected, you understand? Get it over to Max, prove that he killed Vicky Chase.
All right.
I'm on it.
All right.
I'll call Max and let him know it's on its way, all right? Okay, Danny.
"The utmost discretion.
" The governor's gonna love this one.
Don't worry about that.
I'll take care of the governor.
Sorry, miss, but I need you to step outside.
Code Blue to the ER, Room 4.
Thank you, Weston.
Um, I expect a full debriefing later this afternoon.
Understood? Good.
Well I'm sorry, Consul Shepkin.
I'm afraid this has been a terrible misunderstanding.
A misunderstanding? Yes.
Apparently, the barrels in Lieutenant Kelly's van are empty and completely harmless.
They were seized at a raid earlier this morning at the docks.
Why why didn't you just tell me this before, Lieutenant? I thought it best to keep my mouth shut, let the lawyers work it out, sir.
Well, you could have at least explained to the Russian Consul how the van's brakes went out on the way to HPD impound.
Could have saved us a whole lot of trouble.
You are absolutely right.
I am so sorry, Governor.
Your task force attempted to kidnap a Russian citizen.
This is an international incident.
How far do you want to push this, Consul? Because the evidence is back.
Your friend, Mr.
Vonakov, killed Victoria Chase, which means you are harboring a murderer, and you lied to us about it.
That makes you an accessory.
You want to play the "international incident" card? Fine.
But you might want to get all the facts straight.
You know, before you make that call to mother Russia.
Uncuff him.
You're not getting off that easy.
I'm, uh just getting ready to get out of here.
What's up? Oh, um, I have something for you.
Two things, actually, but consider the first one a Valentine's gift.
U-H season tickets? How'd you get these? When you and Danny were arguing, I snuck in and I outbid you both.
And I'm giving them to you, since, um since I won't be able to use them anymore.
What are you talking about? The second thing in that envelope is my letter of resignation.
The governor.
He gave me a choice.
And he asked me, uh, whose side I was on-- the state of Hawaii's or Five-O's? I said, "Both.
" He said, "Wrong answer.
" Here, you can have this back, okay? Because I don't accept your resignation.
And I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna talk to the governor, and I'm gonna straighten this whole thing out.
No, Steve.
It's okay.
He's right.
He's got a point.
I mean, the governor put me on this team to be his eyes and ears.
He said there'd be repercussions if we crossed the line.
Which we did.
I'm really sorry.
This is my fault, Lori, and No.
If anything, it's my fault.
Honestly, I I let things slide because, uh because of my my feelings for you.
And the rest of the team, of course, but, um Yeah, I I let a lot of things slide.
What are you going to do? You gonna go back to Homeland Security? Yeah.
I'm gonna go back East.
My family's there, and my friends are there.
It's for the best.
This is good-bye Is this good-bye? Is that what we're doing, we're saying good-bye right now? Yeah.
I guess it's good-bye.
I'm gonna miss you.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Aw Whoa, what happened to you? Are you okay? - Oh, this? - Yeah.
Another, uh, another day at the office.
You know how it is.
So what's all this? It's chocolate.
It's Valentine's Day.
You said you were good with chocolates on Valentine's Day.
That's very funny.
Come in.
So, uh what's with the bag and the uniform? I felt bad that our weekend got blown up by a case.
And, uh I figured since I was due for my reserve drill, I'd put in a request to, um, to do it on the Enterprise.
Really? Yeah, with you.
You know, that's, um so much better than chocolate.
I thought you'd like that.
Now, you know that you will also be doing your reserve with about 3,000 other sailors, right? So, we're not gonna get a whole lot of time together.
Yeah but, um it's a really long flight.

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