Hawaii Five-0 s02e18 Episode Script

Lekio (Radio)

What's up, Honolulu? Let's light this candle.
Hey, folks, welcome to the Bobby Raines show.
I am the aforementioned Bobby Raines, as most of you know, just a note, if you're gonna send me fan mail, don't put your name on the front in crayon 'cause I'm not opening it.
That's all I need to do is find some rabbit pellets in there, and I got hantavirus.
Thank you.
Five miles offshore today on the Snark Ark 'cause I'm not going onshore.
I refuse to do it.
I cannot go into the city anymore.
I'm sorry.
The kids in that Occupy movement driving me absolutely crazy when I go by.
To me, it appears to break down into two main groups, Uncle Fester.
You got the wide-eyed stoner kid who's hitting the gecko bong more frequently than one of Bob Marley's kids at a Phish concert or else you have the disaffected rich kid who's gonna show my dad that I'm not part of the whole machine.
And you walk in his shoes.
You walk in his shoes.
I've just had enough.
So what are you trying to say, Bobby? it's over.
It's time to Zamboni off the loser ice and get these kids out of there.
One man saving the world as we know it is another man's vagrancy.
And at this point, I only see you as squatters who apparently don't know squat, all right? We've had enough of it, kids.
Time to go home now.
Get back in the basement, okay? And, you know, they always hit me with "Well, you don't have any compassion for the common man.
" Wow, you kidding me? I want to help the helpless.
I don't want to help the clueless.
And you have officially lapsed over into clueless, my friend.
Listen, you're looking back on times that weren't even hip when they were hip.
Woodstock was a mud hole with no cell coverage.
All right, my man? You're a dreamer.
You are a rebel without a clue.
And I'm sorry to blow your mind, little silver surfer.
But guess what? It's a time in history when your mind deserves to be blown.
Come on, monkey! Come on down! All right, you're splashing.
Grace, I'm waiting here! Come on! Don't wave.
Come on! So what'd you do? You made a new friend today? No, that was Dylan from school.
His mom works here.
Dylan, huh? Yeah, he's the funniest boy in school.
I bet he's a regular Chris Rock.
Who? All right, listen to me, all right? I'm gonna tell you something, I want you to pay attention.
I've told you before you gotta be careful around boys, understand? Danno No, no, no, listen.
You can't trust all boys.
You just can't.
They, uh, they have, uh What? They have motives.
They got motives.
Now, listen, I don't want to scare you and make you think that all boys are evil, okay? But this kid He's just a friend.
He's evil, all right? I said it.
He's evil.
All right? Understand me? That boy's not good.
Nod your head if you understand.
I love you.
Come on.
Hey, didn't you go to the pool at the Hilton today? Yeah, I did, yeah.
And Grace loved it.
Maybe a little bit too much.
You want to talk about it? No, I don't want to talk about it.
What's, uh, what's with all the rubberneckers? Our vic, Bobby Raines.
The radio guy? Yeah.
Oh, man.
You know this guy? Yeah, man, Raines-- he was a comedic genius.
He used to have a show back in New York.
I used to listen to it all the time.
I'm sorry, man.
What do we know? All right, so S.
is still processing, but it's looking like some type of an explosion.
Like an equipment malfunction? More like a bomb.
What about his family? They been notified? He's divorced.
He's got a daughter.
Used to talk about her all the time.
Yeah, Chin's tracking her down now.
She definitely doesn't need to see this, so please keep her away from here, okay? Yeah, yeah.
This charge was directional.
They used low explosive.
It was not a mass detonation device.
This charge was meant to kill whoever was sitting in front of it.
A directional hit would be consistent with the injuries.
Our victim sustained massive hemorrhaging and lacerations to the chest cavity and head.
He died instantly.
Who was in this room, Max? His producer.
He was hit by the backblast, wasn't he? That is correct.
But his injuries were minor due to the fact he was not in the broadcast booth.
We should go find him.
You're extremely lucky you weren't in that booth when that bomb went off.
It came close.
I was headed in there on the next commercial.
I can't believe Bobby's dead.
I'm sorry, man.
Listen, besides you, who else had access to that soundboard? No one.
We were a two-man operation.
I produced; Bobby was the voice.
Anybody else you could think of have access to the yacht? Here when we're docked? Me, Bobby, yacht club security.
Nobody got in or out without a keycard.
Miles, can you think of anybody who'd want to do something like this? Look, Bobby completely rewrote the rule book on what you could do in radio.
And he'd speak his mind.
Some people didn't like it.
I thought he came here to retire.
Yeah, he did, but a guy like Raines, he's only happy when he's behind the mike.
He had all the money in the world, but he missed his acolytes.
Acolytes? That's what he called his fans.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
Bobby gets tired of living the good life, he picks up the mike and starts his show back up, right? Yeah.
It was a total pirate operation.
Bobby-- he buys up the signal; we air when we want to.
And our ratings-- they were sky-high.
I mean, we were smoking the competition with static.
With static? Yeah.
He didn't keep a regular schedule, so his die-hard fans-- they'd keep their dials tuned in to Raines' station so they wouldn't miss him.
It's gone! It's gone! Wait.
What are you talking about? Raines' body-- it's gone! What do you mean, it's gone? Somebody stole my van with the body in it! Okay, first of all, please slow down, okay? We don't even know which way they went.
This road is the only way out of the marina.
Easy, please! Easy, Speed Racer, huh? Actually, this vehicle was engineered to be driven in this manner.
Would you stop it? You're not helping! Commander, I am personally responsible for that body, so hammer down if you will.
Kono, this is not a good time.
You're interrupting vehicular manslaughter.
You're chasing the morgue van,right? How'd you know that? A couple of Raines' fans took the body.
They're live-tweeting everything, and I'm tracking them through their phones.
Okay, finally, the Internet is good for something.
Where are these idiots? Get over to Aloha Tower.
You'll be able to cut 'em off there.
There it is! Hey, hands on the wheel! On the wheel! Hey, you, you, get out of the car.
Hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
Hands behind your back.
Interlock your fingers.
Against the hood.
Against the hood here.
The body's still here! He's okay! You mean, aside from the fact that he's dead, right, Max? Okay, so let me get this straight: you guys stole the body 'cause you're big Bobby Raines fans, is that right? Not fans.
Acolytes, dude.
"Dude"? Yeah.
So where exactly were you planning on taking this body? We were gonna fly him to the big island and toss him in the Kilauea volcano.
Wait a minute.
You were gonna fly him commercially? Kind of Weekend at Bernie's style? Okay, well, that is without question the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.
I second that.
Get these guys out of here.
Tell me, Brandi.
Did your father get any threats recently? No.
I mean, there were always the crazy acolytes, people who hated what he said, but we grew up like that.
You get used to it.
Could he have been worried about something at work? He never talked about work when we were together.
How was his relationship with his producer Miles Rogers? They were like brothers.
Moved here from New York together.
All right.
So no change in your father's routine or behavior recently? Tell him about the gun.
A gun? About a month ago my father took me with him to buy a gun.
Did he say what he was worried about? No, I just remember it being odd 'cause my father was anti-gun his whole life.
He got one for Brandi, too.
He said he wanted me to be able to protect myself.
And he never said why? Do you think he knew someone was trying to kill him? That's what we're gonna find out.
All right, good.
See you back at the shop.
All right, so get this.
Turns out that Raines was getting a little jumpy recently, was gearing up for bear, got himself a gun and one for his daughter.
Did Chin say there was a threat? Uh, the daughter didn't know of anything specific.
So, what, he just runs out and joins the NRA? Well, maybe he's just a worried father looking out for his helpless, defenseless, and very innocent little girl.
Listen, don't give me a look.
Okay, I would be very content knowing that Grace had a stun gun in her back pocket at all times.
There are very many unsavory characters roaming around this rock.
Why don't you tell me what happened at the Hilton today? Nothing happened at the Hilton.
'Cause you seem upset to me.
You became a shrink all of a sudden? Yeah, and you can take a seat in the back there, uh, if you'd be more comfortable lying down.
Or you can stay where you're sitting and tell me what happened, because either way, I'm gonna keep asking you, so it's up to you.
Okay, Sigmund, you want to know what's bothering me? It's your hour.
Okay, I'll tell you.
Today by the pool, there was this very, very creepy, creepy child.
I mean, real, real malcontent.
Okay, and-and you should have seen Grace.
I mean, she's giggling like a schoolgirl every time this kid opens his mouth.
Uh, Grace is a schoolgirl.
And this guy's a stalker, okay? He's a stalker.
He fits the profile.
Profile? Called her five times in three days.
How do you know that? Because I dumped her phone.
You dumped your kid's phone? Yes.
And the stalker is ten? Is he? What, ten years old? Ted Bundy was ten once.
Yes, he was, Danny.
Yes, he was.
Fong took apart the soundboard.
The wiring for the IEDs was connected to the sound effects button marked "Boom," and they were hidden here and here in these two speaker boxes.
lifted some prints off the soundboard.
Most of them belonged to Raines and his producer, but there were a couple of foreign ones we ran through the system.
All right, good.
We get any hits? Yeah.
They came back to Tony Archer, ex-NYPD Homicide.
Spent 30 years as the lead investigator, According to the press back in the day, he wrote the book on interrogation techniques.
What's he doing on our island? He retired to Oahu four years ago.
Six months after landing, he pulls a P.
Check this out.
Back when he was on the job, NYPD got hit by a corruption scandal.
Wait a minute.
I remember this.
Raines used to talk about this.
He went hard at the NYPD on the radio every morning.
He was relentless.
Were there ever charges filed against Archer? No.
He was clean, but the guys that were dirty were friends of his.
Well, maybe Archer was harboring a grudge against Raines.
He certainly had the know-how.
Says here he did a stint on the bomb squad.
We have an address on this guy? No, but he has a slip registered in his name at the South Shore Sailing Club.
Don't move! Who are you? Five-O.
Five what? Put your weapon down right now.
You're trespassing.
Put your weapon down! Maritime law says that I can shoot your ass off right now.
There is no such law.
What are you talking about? What if I blow it off anyway? How about you put the gun down right now? Last time I'm gonna tell you.
Listen, tough guy, I want a little I.
first, all right? My name is Commander Steve McGarrett.
The badge on my vest is the only I.
you're gonna get.
I didn't bring my glasses, so you want to step a little closer to me? Oh, yeah? Why don't you come over here? I just finished saying that, McGruff, didn't I? McGarrett.
Two "Rs," two "Ts.
" McGarrett.
I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.
Just listen.
I see no reason for one of us to get shot here.
We don't have to do this.
What we should do is maybe, uh, put our little peashooters down at the same time.
Oh, yeah, how's that done? Well, uh, you count-- one, two, three.
On the count of three, we put our guns down, huh? You got it.
You want me to start? That would be nice.
All right.
All right.
You're doing good.
Keep going.
Learned a big lesson, didn't you, pal? Like you learned a big lesson, too, old man, huh? Look, are these bracelets necessary? I know you guys ran me.
You know I'm a cop.
Oh, you're an ex-cop.
So do me a favor.
Zip it.
We found your prints all over Raines' boat.
Well, of course you did.
You found plenty of 'em, too, didn't you, Muscles? Muscles? That's nice.
Uh, it's Detective Danny Williams.
The reason you found those prints on the boat, Detective, is because Bobby was my best pal.
I mean, I'm his daughter's godfather.
I had a beer with him at least once a week, every week on that boat.
Oh, and speaking of the, um, aforementioned, there's one sitting over there.
Would you mind fetching that for me? You guys talk telepathically? Because I don't hear an answer.
What the hell's your name again? Still Detective Danny Williams.
Well, Danny, you're a big hump, okay? A hump.
All right, listen.
Let's go back.
How did you know Raines? From back in New York? Yeah.
I did some work for him in New York, and I did a little work for him here.
So, what kind of work? Uh, work work.
Like, uh you know, after you retire work.
A little of this, a little of that.
Okay, pretend I'm an idiot.
Uh, security.
I did a little security work.
I mean, Bobby was a a nut job magnet, right? So security.
Okay, I-I just I don't know if it's me.
I find it to be a very big coincidence that you used to work bomb squad and now this guy's dead, and he was killed by a bomb.
Coincidence? Mm-hmm.
You got me there, Hairdo.
You got me there.
So let me tell you the story.
Here's how it goes.
I moved out here pretending I was going to retire, but because I was a good cop, I knew that this guy, too, would move out here someday.
So, one night, I paddle out to his yacht, and, because I know how, I plant this very sophisticated bomb.
Then I leave my prints all over the boat just to confuse you guys.
I'm telling you, this was a perfect crime.
My luck I had to run into you two Sherlocks.
I mean, that is some amazing, amazing police work.
That was that was great.
That was very entertaining.
He's wasting our time.
Lock him up.
What is that? What is what? There it is again.
What's the sound? Well, I-I don't I don't hear nothing.
There's a sound! Well, I mean, it's a very old boat.
It's creaky, probably.
Watch him.
Yeah, yeah.
Danny, get him over here.
Sit down.
You want to explain this? Bait.
No, try again.
Guy's my suspect.
Suspect? No, you don't get a suspect.
- What do you mean? - He's crazy! Keep him away from me! Hey, you've been in a chum box, pal.
Nobody's going to go near you-- believe me.
Stop talking.
Who are you? Len Marks.
I did I just say stop talking? I asked him.
Who are you? Leonard Marks.
I'm a security guard at the yacht club.
Yeah, now, tell my boys here why you didn't show up for work last night, and why you left your post and allowed someone to kill my best friend.
Tell them.
Huh? I met a girl.
You were supposed to be on the job, you bum, you rent-a-cop piece of garbage, you.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
You took off work 'cause you met a girl.
I met her at the Slippah's Bar the night before.
Okay, so what'd you do? You called in sick? No.
He didn't even do that.
The guy just didn't show up.
- That's what he did.
- All right.
All right, all right.
When you did show up, did you notice anybody hanging around Raines's yacht? Anybody scouting it out, acting weird? Anything? Yeah.
His acolytes were always trying to get a piece of him-- photos, autographs, anything.
That's it.
Now we're talking, buddy.
What? What are you doing? What the hell are you doing, man? Get out of here.
The guy's a suspect.
He's supposed to be in jail.
Get get off Would you stop? The guy belongs in jail, all right? Okay.
All right.
So we'll save him a place right next to you-- the bunk right on top, okay? Can I ask you a question? Yeah, go ahead.
You got shoes? I'm in Hawaii.
What the hell do I need shoes for? You're going to jail.
You got to have shoes to go to jail.
Oh, so now you're concerned about my health and hygiene? That's very nice.
That's very sweet.
You want to fetch them? They're right over there.
You ready? Yeah.
Let's go.
This is frigging stupid! Hey, Max.
So you said you have something.
During my examination, I used a sticky disc and an X-ray fluorescence detector to scan the body for trace.
I found potassium nitrate, carbon, sulfur, barium, and copper both in the wounds and on the torso.
So is that good or bad? It's perplexing.
How so? Well, the first three components make gunpowder, common in bomb victims.
However, the latter two are utilized to create the colors green and blue, respectively.
You've lost me, Max.
I found thin paper inside Raines' wounds.
I sent it over to the lab for analysis, and they determined it was nosing paper.
Oh, like the kind you use to make firecrackers? Well, not exactly.
The bomb used to kill your victim was manufactured using repurposed commercial-grade fireworks, the kind you would typically find in a July Fourth or Chinese New Year's celebration.
I imagine it was a rather crude weapon.
But very effective.
Chin and Kono have got a list of importers and permit holders for professional- grade fireworks.
Okay, I got them chasing them down now.
- Okay.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
J-Just let me get this straight here, Magoo.
You now have your crack task force team running around, asking guys if they illegally sold fireworks to some wacko that wants to blow up Raines? That's good because I literally can see them lining up to confess down there.
And I bow to your prowess as a detective.
Please, shut up.
All right? What we do after we drop your sorry ass off in jail is our business, you understand? Listen, just, please, Dick Tracy, stop.
Because you and I both know this is a complete waste of time.
You know it.
Got a better idea? Yes.
Yes, I have.
I always have a better idea.
Give me the phone.
Why? I want to schedule a pedicure.
I know a guy.
Give me the phone.
Oh, well, he knows a guy.
That's very promising.
Give me the phone.
There you go.
Hey, yo! Hold on a minute.
This is your guy? That's my guy.
That's our guy.
Easy, gentlemen.
Plenty of me to go around.
What's up, T? What's up with the jewelry? They run you down for the cash you owe me on the card game last week? Cash? Cards? What are you talking about, man? You know there's no gambling on this island.
It's illegal, right, officers? So how can I be of service to my community? Well, I'll tell you.
Okay, you remember that big mortar firework you got me for New Year's Eve a couple years ago? Of course I do.
HPD wasn't too happy when you launched it off of Magic Island.
Oh, true that.
Well, um, we need to know where you bought it.
At the fireworks store, where else? It's the only place they sell that heavy-duty stuff.
Oh, good.
You can take us there, right? Can, can.
But I ain't walking in there.
That'll damage my future firework-acquiring skills.
All right.
It's two blocks down.
Let's roll.
All right, come on.
Hold it.
Listen, since we're trying to work together, maybe you could consider taking these things off.
Maybe you can consider putting your shoes on.
Don't need shoes.
Don't enable him.
I want to help you, gentlemen, but I'm just the humble owner of a tiny produce market.
Just, uh, produce, huh? Look at that.
Whoa! Okay, oh, what do we got? What do we got here? - Wow.
- Yeah.
These kind of look like fireworks to me.
Let me tell you something about this, okay? I don't care about this.
I want the aerial mortars.
The large aerial mortars, you understand me? Sell any of those? Look, I sell mortars for New Year's.
This guy comes in, he wants big ones.
I had to call China for that.
Okay, what's this guy's name? I didn't ask.
What'd he look like? Haole.
Dark hair.
About your height.
That's all I remember.
Okay, book him, Muscles.
I like this guy.
Come on.
Turn around.
No, no, wait, wait.
I remember a truck.
I brought the fireworks to a farm truck, and he drove away.
Wait, farm truck? Y-You sure about the farm truck? Yeah.
I only remember because it had a big picture of a lettuce on it.
What? Um, we, uh, we got to go back to the boat.
Come on.
We got to go back.
Back to the boat? Okay, so what are we doing here? Bobby had this pet charity, uh, Hale Ku'oko'a-- House of Freedom-- for runaway kids.
Hold on a second.
I heard about the charity.
They put the kids up and give them legal help to emancipate themselves, right? That's right.
Raines was involved in that? Oh, yeah, big-time.
Why? What's so special about this charity? I guess when Bobby was a kid, his dad was a piece of work.
Used to knock him around with whatever the hell he had in his hand.
And, uh, well, anyway, it was bad.
So, one day, he ran away, never looked back.
Made something of himself.
And, uh, I guess he wants to get back to the kids.
It's here Here you go.
Here you go.
Here you go.
There's your head of lettuce right there.
Let me see that.
Why'd you take this picture anyway? Uh, I guess somebody's parents, they thought that Raines was, you know, getting in the middle of some of their family business.
They didn't like it.
So they got together and they wanted to protest.
Me, I wanted to take pictures, just in case, you know, they crossed that line again.
What are you talking about? Well, some of these runaway charities-- they've been vandalized.
Just, you know, property damage kind of crap.
Well, right, until now.
Is that why Raines bought the gun? No.
That would be me.
I told him he should be strapped, in case something happened.
Guess it did him a lot of good, right? Come on, you didn't know that these whack jobs were gonna go out and make bombs out of fireworks.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Look, all right.
Let's put a name to this face and find our killer.
Doug Leland.
Tax records show that he works at Taka's Farm on the North Shore, but when we reached out to them, they said he hadn't been there in days.
Is something wrong? Uh, this is a computer.
Wow, that's pretty good, Detective.
I'm Kono, by the way.
Uh, Anthony.
Pleasure to meet you.
I hope to enhance that feeling as time goes on.
All right, do we know where Leland lives? Uh, yeah.
We got a home address, but it's bogus.
It's not even a residential building.
See, uh I don't know.
What don't you know? What are you thinking? I'm thinking that this guy didn't do it.
Is that right? Yeah, that's right.
Care to elaborate? Yeah, um Leland's a coward.
See, when HPD rolled up, the protestors he was with, they all linked arms and sat down.
But not this guy; he just ran.
Yeah, he ran because he had something to hide.
Makes sense.
Well, you see a suspect, I see a coward.
This afternoon, you couldn't see anything without your glasses.
Hey, check this out.
According to this, Leland worked demolitions for five years at a mine in Colorado.
That means he knew explosives.
Do you still think that he didn't do it? I'm-I'm just saying, there's something about it don't feel right.
But he has motive; he has means, which means he's a suspect, so we will check him out.
In the meantime, what do we got on his known associates? Well, HPD has Field Interview Cards on the protestors associated with Leland, and most of them live or work off-island; couple of them are in jail, except one: Karen Whitfield.
Let's go talk to her, see what she knows.
What do I do with him? Tony.
Hmm? It's been a pleasure, and you're free to go, all right? Go? Go? W-Where am I going? What, am I gonna go to the beach, have a mai tai? There's some guy running around there that killed a friend of mine.
I don't think so, pal.
I don't think so.
You got no choice.
Look, you don't know me.
I don't know you.
But I knew Bobby.
And I owe him.
I owe more than one.
So I'm asking you, please, please let me help you with this one.
Doug told me he was losing his son due to the emancipation program Raines supported.
Uh, the Hale Ku'oko'a House? That's right.
And I didn't think it was right.
Some radio guy getting in the middle of family problems? Doug was trying to work things out with his son.
Want to sit? Okay.
No, no, thanks.
I'll stand.
I got, uh, two new knees a couple years ago-- warranty expired.
So how do you know Leland? I met him at one of the protests.
Do you have children? When I was 12 years old, I broke my arm.
And that was right after I'd just gotten stitches after falling off my bike.
One of my teachers thought I was being abused by my father and tried to put me in a home.
And when I tried to tell them the truth, they just thought I was scared and lying.
It took two years for everything to get back to normal.
But if I had been taken away, my life and my father's would have been ruined.
So, when I heard Leland's story, I wanted to do something.
And because I'm a paralegal, I was able to help with some forms to fight the emancipation.
But But, um that never happened, did it? No.
So you just stopped helping him.
Just stopped.
Why? Look, Karen, um I lost a very very, very dear friend of mine; he got murdered.
And, uh, I just think Leland might know something.
I was with Doug one day, and I saw I don't know, these-these devices with wires coming out of them.
These diagrams and these pictures of someone's house and boat.
It I'm so stupid.
I should have just It's okay.
Um, did you ask him about it? I got scared.
I just left.
We never talked after that.
And where did you see this? In his R.
Where is that? He had it parked near Manoa Falls.
But that was a couple weeks ago.
Um Karen, um do you think that Doug is capable of murder? Doug blamed Raines for breaking up his family.
He was angry and he talked about sending Raines a message, so yes.
I think he killed him.
Leland! Move it! On the couch! Clear.
Let's go.
You're lying! We found the exact same type of bomb materials in your R.
that was used to kill Raines.
What can I say? It's a coincidence.
Bomb-making a hobby of yours? Yeah, I like to work with my hands.
You think this is a joke? Raines financed your son's emancipation and you wanted him dead for it.
I wanted him dead.
That's right.
But I didn't kill him.
I don't believe you.
Those bombs were just meant to scare him.
I wanted to blow that whole damn runaway home into the sky.
But But what? I don't know All right? I just couldn't do it.
Where were you two days ago? I drove my R.
up to Manoa.
Anybody who can vouch for that? No.
I went up there alone.
You drove your R.
up to Manoa a couple days ago? That's right.
And before then? I'd never been there before.
Leland's friend Karen told me the R.
was parked in Manoa Falls weeks ago.
Now Leland's saying he's never been there before two days ago.
One of them's lying.
Or both.
I'll go tell McGarrett.
Karen Whitfield? Five-O! Karen? Karen.
Her body's still warm.
Hey, hey, hey! Drop the gun! Don't be ridiculous.
When I got here she was dead already, and she was still warm.
So naturally, I searched the perimeter, looking for the killer.
What is he doing here? I am following the evidence.
What evidence? Come here.
See this? Slippah's Bar.
So what does that have to do with the murder? Well, Slippahs Bar's this joint that my suspect-- that, uh, security guard-- he was there that night that the bomb was planted.
Okay, I understand, but I'm sure there were plenty of girls there.
That's very true.
But when I showed him her picture, he I.
'd her as the girl he went home with.
All right.
So she picks him up; she steals his keycard; she gets access to the yacht.
Where she plants one of the bombs she stole off of Leland after she "befriended" him.
Homegirl's quite the operator.
Gold stars all around here.
So-So Karen blew up Raines.
Uh, makes sense, but it still does not explain motive.
And it still does not explain who killed her.
So, it turns out that Karen Whitfield's an alias.
Her real name is Susan Dupree.
She has outstanding warrants in Arizona and California for sweetheart scams targeted the wealthy "lonely seeking love" set.
And she also had a male partner.
That's an old school scam right there.
Okay, well, Raines was single.
Maybe he was one of their marks and things did not go so good.
No, no, no, no.
If-If he had a girl, I think I'd have known about it.
There's no way.
We need answers.
We need the partner.
Okay, what do we got on the partner? What do we know? Not much.
White male, early 20s.
No real I.
or composites, but according to the crime report they made off with close to a million dollars before they disappeared.
Yeah, well, close to a million dollars wasn't enough for these two.
They came here to pull another scam.
Tell me, when did she get to Oahu? I got the credit card statements.
She bought a ticket from Phoenix to Oahu last summer, June 12.
Okay, give me phone records from the day she landed, Kono.
All right, got some outgoing 808s Give me names.
Whoa, what is it? It's Todd Dutton.
That's Brandi's husband.
And Karen's partner.
Why? Now tell me why.
You talk to me, you son of a bitch, or I will kill you right here.
I don't care who's watching.
Look, it's not what you think, okay? I-I would never hurt Brandi.
What? What'd you say? You wanted her money.
So you and Karen-- you had Bobby Raines killed because you knew that your wife stood to inherit Bobby's millions.
No, no I didn't have anything to do with that.
That was all Karen's idea.
Why? She was tired of waiting.
Waiting? Waiting, but that's-that's the grift, right? Isn't that the plan? You wait? The plan was for me to marry Brandi and to-to skim off of her trust.
But this time it was it was different.
Different how? How different? I fell in love with Brandi.
And Karen knew she wasn't getting a payday, huh? She killed Mr.
Raines because she thought that if if my wife inherited his money, I'd pay her off.
You just killed her instead? I went over there to reason with her.
Okay? Things I mean, they got out of control.
I just I wanted her out of my life.
Bobby trusted you.
He gave you his daughter, but now He gave you his daughter.
I'm sorry.
Not good enough.
I'm sorry.
It's nice.
I think Tony had it right: the whole shoe thing's overrated.
Look, on that I mean, if this is something you're gonna do regularly you should invest in some nail clippers, Danny.
No, no.
I-I didn't I didn't say that it's gonna be a lifestyle choice.
You know, I just I'm enjoying it; it feels good.
It does feel good.
That it does, my friend.
That it does.
And you know what else? We got everything we need right here.
We don't have everything we need because this guy-- he promised me an authentic slice of New York pizza-- a real, authentic New York slice.
And all he did was bring us to the SS Minnow here.
Yeah, what's with that? Depressing, and it's it's not honest.
Tony! I am starving.
What's going on? Put a sock in it, will you? Here she comes.
The one, the only, original Ray's, flown in direct.
When Tony Archer promises you something, you can bet you get it Here.
Try it.
You're a good man.
You're a good man, Tony.
This is beautiful.
All right.
This is sweet.
What are you doing? You fold you fold it up? This is good.
Fold it up.
Bend it over.
Oh, this is good.
That's a that's a good piece of pizza right there.
No, no, no, no.
See, where we come from, you don't say "piece.
" It's a "slice.
" We call it a slice.
No, hold on.
Don't try to, um, domesticate him.
He's an animal.
Trust me.
I'm not an animal.
You were born an animal.
You're gonna be an animal for the rest of your life.
It's pizza.
What makes me an animal? Hold-hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Huh? Let me ask you something.
You two hens peck at each other like this all the time? All the time? - No.
- Yeah.
No, no.
Well Come on.
I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
'Cause I'm a good guy.
And more importantly, I need some laughs in my life.
I'm gonna be your marriage counselor.
Thank you.
You got a problem with a case, or any time you need help, basically, I'll be here for you.
Okay? Could we have a little group hug here? Oh, yeah.
All right.
Love you.
Now let's eat this pizza.
I got three of them.
You do? Sure do.
Give me a hug.
You're a good man.
What's the difference? Why's it so good in New York? You tell me.
The water's bromide.
The water.
Bromide? It's bromide
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