Hawaii Five-0 s02e19 Episode Script

Kalele (Faith)

Sorry, brah.
We're all good.
Maybe I just don't get it.
On this island, when you drop in on someone's wave, you cause problems for other surfers.
That's just what happens.
Like everything else on this island, that makes zero sense.
Okay, I saw a wave, I rode it.
If anybody else wants to ride it with me, they're welcome.
No, you're wrong, okay? If somebody's on the wave first, they own the wave.
Ho! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ho! You can't own a wave.
Certainly not because you paddle faster than the next guy.
All right, that's number one.
Number two: I clearly told the guy I was coming down on his left.
I said, "Hey, buddy, I'm on the wave!" It's the Pacific Ocean.
Danny, it's not a bike path.
Okay, well, I-I think that the same rules should apply for any thoroughfare.
Take it from me, someone who was not born on this island, therefore was not raised with all the mumbo jumbo.
You can't own a wave.
While we're on the subject, Spam is not part of any food group that I care to recognize.
And last but not least, an appetizer should never, never, under any circumstances, be referred to as a pupu.
Hey! There you guys are.
I didn't know your sister was in town.
- Neither did I.
- Hi.
I've been looking for you two for over an hour.
You weren't home, so I figured I'd check your favorite little surf spot.
So here I am.
What are you doing here, Mary? What does it look like I'm doing here? It looks like you're, uh, going to a Halloween party dressed as a flight attendant.
Come on.
You're working for the airlines? Yes! It's the coolest job ever.
I started like two weeks ago, and they gave me the Oahu to New York run.
I'm going to be flying back and forth like twice a week.
We can hang out during my layovers.
How sweet is that? Pretty sweet.
Right? Huh? Come here.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Pick up your board, Danny.
Come on.
Pick it up! So so, you guys are, like, surf buddies now, huh? Uh, yeah, kind of.
So cute.
Why didn't you call me? I could've picked you up from the airport.
'Cause I wanted to surprise you.
Look at him.
He's definitely surprised.
In a good way.
In a good way.
So a stewardess.
How exactly did that happen? Uh, well, my friend Angela worked for the airlines, and she knew I needed a job, so here I am.
And, by the way, we like - to be called flight attendants.
- I knew that.
I did, actually.
Can I have a cup of coffee, too? Are you, uh are you staying in town for a while? Actually, no.
I'm working the return flight back to New York, so I got to take a rain check on the coffee.
Well, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You just got here.
I know, but I have to go back to the hotel and freshen up before the flight.
So we'll catch up next time.
I have so much to tell you.
But it's all good stuff, so don't worry.
I'm not worried.
I'm really happy for you.
Thank you.
All right, I'll see you guys in, like, three days.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- See you.
- Bye, sis.
Excuse me.
So we are kind of surf buddies now? You sensitive right now? Yeah, little bit.
Hello, Mary.
You've kept me waiting.
We need to talk.
( Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey.
What's up, Steve? What's up? Hey.
All right, see you later.
What's up? What was that? What was what? Why'd they just, uh why'd they run out of here so quick? What were you guys talking about? What were we talking about? I don't know.
General stuff.
What, uh what, are you being paranoid now? No, this is not paranoia, Daniel.
This has been happening a lot lately.
You guys have been acting weird.
Oh, okay.
Well, I think you should relax, maybe, and stop overanalyzing things.
Relax? That's funny coming from you.
Okay, no, no, no.
Do what you want to do.
Be paranoid.
Okay, go nuts.
Let your mind play tricks on you.
Next thing you know, you are going to be wearing a tinfoil hat, babbling about black helicopters.
Black helicopters are real.
What do you mean, they're real? They're real.
This is McGarrett.
Is this a joke? I'll be right there.
Mary's been arrested.
Commander McGarrett.
- Thanks for your call.
- Not a problem.
Earlier today, we got a tip on one of the unrecorded lines that a stewardess was planning on smuggling some contraband onto a New York bound flight.
Okay, all right, this is crazy.
Mary's not a smuggler.
Are you sure you have the right person? Commander McGarrett, your sister had about $20 million worth of diamonds duct-taped to her torso, so, yeah, I think we got the right person.
Did she say why she had the diamonds? She refused to talk to us.
That's why we called you.
She won't talk to anyone else.
Okay, you said you stopped her based on a tip.
- Who gave it to you? - It was an anonymous tip.
A male caller.
We tried to trace it, but he hung up too fast.
It was probably a prepaid cell anyway.
And is that unusual-- to get a call out of the blue like that? No.
We get anonymous tips about drug mules all the time.
It's usually a rival group trying to put the competition out of business.
All right, listen, as a professional courtesy, I'd like to speak to my sister in private.
What the hell happened? I went straight to my hotel when I left you guys, and there was a man in my room with a gun.
Have you ever seen this guy before? No.
Don't think so.
- You don't think so? - No, I-I know so.
I've never seen him before.
You believe me, right? Of course, I believe you.
Mary, just slow down.
And tell me how you got away from this guy and how you ended up with these diamonds.
I didn't get away.
He taped the diamonds to me, and he told me that Angela's dead if I don't do exactly what he says.
Okay, who's Angela? I told you about her, didn't I? I don't maybe.
Just tell me again.
We work together as flight attendants.
We came from New York together.
Okay, so she was your friend before this? Yes.
We met at yoga class, like, three months ago.
I mean, she's really, like, the only real friend that I have.
She helped me get this job.
Steve, I really screwed up.
If I'm not on that plane when it lands, she's going to be killed.
Listen, Mary, just take a deep breath, okay, and calm down, all right? Now, tell me everything you know about this guy who took your friend.
That's the thing, is I don't know anything about him, but he knew everything about me.
He was in my room waiting.
Okay, well, can you describe this guy to me? Yeah.
He was tall.
He had dark skin.
He had a deep voice.
He had an accent.
Wasn't European, but similar.
You're positive you've never seen him before? Yes, I'm positive.
I've never seen him, okay? Why do you keep asking me that? Because it's not adding up, Mary.
You understand? Like, I'm trying to put this thing together, but it doesn't it doesn't make sense to me.
Like, why would they take you? Okay, and why would you not call me the minute you got away from him? 'Cause I was terrified.
I still am, Steve.
He took a picture of me on his cell phone, and he told me that he's going to text his partner, and that when I land, this guy's going to text me instructions.
He did that to keep you scared and cooperating, you understand? Well, it's working.
I can't believe I'm in this mess now.
Steve, if I'm not on that plane in nine hours with the diamonds, Angela's going to be killed.
That's not going to happen, Mary.
Because that plane took off half an hour ago.
You understand? Which means we got nine hours to save your friend.
We'll find her, Mary, all right? Hey.
We'll find her.
Okay? We need to find this Angela.
- Yes.
If there really is an Angela.
- Danny, she's my sister.
I think I'd know if she was lying.
All right, what are you getting at? Listen to me.
I thought I knew my brother-- right?-- and he lied to me, and now he's on the FBI Most Wanted list.
No offense, but I think I'm a little closer to my sister than you were to your brother.
Okay, so then you know she was arrested two months ago for drunk driving? Wait a minute.
You ran background on my sister? No, I didn't run background on your sister; TSA did, and I am relaying information.
Okay, well, holding back the fact that she got arrested two months ago does not mean that she's lying to us today.
I'm not saying she's lying, maybe just not telling us the full story.
Okay, look, we're going to check that hotel room, then we're going to know more.
Until then, I'm going on the assumption that she's telling me the truth.
So the room hasn't been serviced, so it should be in the same condition as when your sister checked out.
Well, so far, we have no signs of a forced entry, struggle, or a girl named Angela.
Okay, well, it doesn't mean it didn't happen and she doesn't exist, right? The guy could have used the pass key.
Yeah, well, the hotel staff said that Mary was the only one issued with a room key, and nobody saw her with another woman.
But I did confirm that Mary has a co-worker named Angela Branson who flew in with her.
She's based out of New York and isn't due to fly out again for three days.
And according to the hotel records, there was a room booked in her name, but she never actually checked in.
All right, well, good.
That's a good start.
We got any, uh got any other contact info? The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it's just rolling straight to voicemail whenever we try it.
Well, if she'd been kidnapped, that would make sense, right? Okay, are you trying to convince us or yourself? Maybe a little of both.
We need to get a look at this security feed.
Okay, that's him.
That's the guy Mary described.
He's got Angela.
Push in.
All right, so he brings Angela down the back way so no one can see him.
Danny, call Kono, have her pick Mary up from the TSA's custody, and drop her in my office, but tell her I want it done low-key.
For Angela's safety, we can't let anybody know that Mary and the diamonds didn't make that flight.
Okay, okay! Would you slow down, please? Please! We're not gonna be able to help anybody if we end up wrapped around a telephone pole.
That anonymous call about Mary and the diamonds it doesn't add up.
There are a lot of things about this case that do not add up, and I apologize for not believing Mary's story, but please stop driving this car like it's stolen, and slow down! Driving like I always do.
Listen, whoever made the call to TSA about Mary had to have been a part of the smuggler's operation.
Right? That's the only way that they would have known that Mary had the diamonds on her.
Okay, we don't know who made the call, but maybe Kono got a chance to enhance that video, and we will get an I.
on her kidnapper.
Please slow down.
I'm asking you nicely.
I said please don't do it, please I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
Thank you.
You okay? Yeah.
All right.
Okay, Kono, tell me something good.
All right, well, the rest of the security videos don't show much.
They only have coverage of the stairwell, so there's no actual footage of anyone going in or out of that specific room.
But we got footage of Angela being dragged down the back stairwell.
What about the, uh, facial recognition thingie? I already tried that.
The angles are bad.
There's not enough to get a complete scan.
Okay, uh, Chin, what about the origin of the diamonds? I checked through Interpol.
There's no reports of any diamond shipments this size, either missing or stolen.
The good news is that Angela's safe as long as they believe that Mary and the diamonds are on that plane.
Well, I hate to be the one that states the obvious.
She is not on the plane, so, we're gonna have a big problem in about eight hours, when it lands.
Okay, maybe, maybe.
What do you mean? I got plan-- it might be a goofy plan-- but what if, what if we get Mary and those diamonds on the governor's G-4? In the next half an hour, we can beat that plane to New York.
When the guy there approaches her and takes possession of the diamonds, we snatch him for smuggling.
Very good.
Okay, and if we can flip him, then we can roll back and arrest whoever's holding Angela.
Okay, Kono, get the governor on the phone.
We need that plane ready, fueled to go in a half an hour.
Please call HPD, and tell them we need those diamonds here immediately.
Go for 42-30.
Per the watch commander, start heading towards Iolani Palace.
See Detective Williams for an evidence transfer.
Evidence transfer? What the hell's that about? Hey.
Hey, look, just so there's no confusion, this is HPD's handle, not Five-O's.
Well, most people like to start the day off with some pleasantries, but not the new chief of detectives, huh? You do know that that transport van contained evidence from a case we were working? I've already been briefed on the kidnapping case.
The murder of my two cops trumps it-- come on.
- Okay, listen to me - Detective Kelly? you do know that the only people who knew the diamonds were in that van were cops.
All right, so if you're gonna start looking for the hijacker, you start with HPD.
Hey, look, no way in hell.
I cleaned house.
I'll bet my job none of my guys are involved.
Hey, they just ran the plate on that semi.
It was reported stolen last night.
Okay, if they stole the semi truck last night, they already knew the diamonds were going to be seized today.
All right, who would have known something about that? The guy who called in the anonymous tip on Mary.
But if they were always gonna steal the diamonds, why wouldn't they just snatch Mary when she arrived at the airport? Because they were more afraid of the diamond smugglers than they were of us.
Let's make 'em worry about us.
Mary, we need to determine who may have targeted you to smuggle those diamonds.
So, was there anyone new that either you or Angela had met? Maybe an overfriendly passenger? No.
How long have you known Angela? We met a few months back at this yoga club in New York.
And she's the one that helped me get this job.
Oh, my God.
This could be from the people that have Angela.
What do you mean? Well, the kidnappers said I was gonna get a text message from his guy in New York.
What does it say? "When you land, walk directly to baggage carousel three.
"I'll be watching, so don't try and involve the cops, or your friend's dead.
" Good news is, they still have no idea Mary didn't make that plane.
Yeah, looks like we got about five hours till they find out.
All right, when you get those diamonds, we can use them as a bargaining chip for Angela's life.
Hey, I've been thinking about these diamonds.
If these guys just came in possession of 20 million in ice, they need to move it through a broker.
If they are still on the island.
Yeah, but these guys killed two cops to get these stones, so they know we're watching everyone leaving the island.
The smartest thing these guys can do is to try and move those diamonds while they're still here.
Right, and as far as brokers go, there's only so many guys on the island that can handle this kind of weight.
Now this is a criminal file on a fence released from prison six months ago.
If there's a deal he'll have heard about it.
So, this guy's been off the radar since he finished serving his sentence six months ago.
You got new leverage on him? Nothing.
No parole.
Did his full 30-year term, dropped his tail.
Doesn't mean he's not dirty.
In my experience, once a crook, you are always a crook.
I agree.
August March.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Nobody here by that name.
Have you tried next door? You lie to me again, you're going straight back to jail.
You know, last time I checked, you needed a man's invitation to walk into his house.
That rule applies to citizens.
You stopped being one maybe you should talk to my attorney about what my rights are You finish making that call Yeah? You are going to jail.
Either way, you're gonna answer my questions, because You-you can't - I don't have time for your games.
- No, no.
You understand me? You understand me? Yeah, well, I certainly won't answer your questions Excuse me.
Come on, Vince.
Why don't you pull it back a little bit? All right? This guy's done his time.
Why don't you just take it easy? All right, I'm not holding nothing back, McGarrett.
I got two dead cops.
And I'm betting that this old man knows who's responsible, okay? Now don't be fooled by the way he looks.
August March ran one of the largest smuggling networks in the world.
He was the fence for stolen art and gems.
Nothing moved on or off Honolulu without August March taking a piece of the action.
His operation and pipeline continued long after he was in prison for ordering the murder of two of his business associates.
They made the mistake of trusting him, and they got a bullet for it.
The man is a cold-blooded killer.
It's a very colorful, but less-than-accurate description of what I was convicted of.
Whatever crimes I committed in the past are just that.
The past! Now, please leave me alone, or I'm gonna file a complaint! Listen, there's a woman whose life is in danger.
All we need is a little bit of your time and some help with the smuggler that we're looking for, okay? I'm sorry, but I don't do that anymore.
I've been on ice for 30 years.
I'm not in that business anymore.
Okay, but you do know people that are in that business, correct? Yeah, I do, and unlike you guys, they take me at my word when I say I'm out.
All we're trying to do is prevent an innocent woman from being killed over the theft of a few lousy diamonds here.
This is about diamonds? Yes.
Do you know anything about it? I might.
But if I help you, you've got to give me your word that you'll never bother me again.
And nobody must know about my involvement.
You have my word.
Well I'm not just talking about you.
Look, you give me the guys that killed my men Yeah? you will never, never lay eyes on me again.
Fine, fine, fine.
I got a call yesterday from a stranger.
I don't know who he is, nor who referred him to me.
But he said he wanted to fence s-some diamonds.
Yeah, uh It's, it's the last number on there.
Maybe you can trace the number.
Did I hear right, that your name's McGarrett? Yeah.
There was a young officer named McGarrett who transported me to jail 30 years ago.
Any relation? Yeah, that was my father.
No kidding.
Small world.
How's he doing? He's dead.
Sorry to hear that.
He was a good man.
I tried to offer him $100,000 bribe that day.
A fortune at that time.
My father wasn't that kind of cop.
But there were plenty of cops around him who would've taken that money, right, Chief? It's a pre-paid.
Can't trace it.
Thank you.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I tried.
I wish I could help you more.
Hey, look, you're not done.
You're not.
Call that guy back.
Set up a meet and let me grab him.
- Give him to me.
Just give him to me.
- No! Come on.
That's a young man's game.
I'm too old for that kind of thing.
Come on.
This is probably the only chance we have to get this girl back safe.
This guy better show.
Plane lands in New York in less than four hours.
I got him.
I got a visual, 10:00.
Right now.
He's strapped.
Butt of a gun sticking out of his shirt.
If March gets compromised, that guy pulls out that gun, every single one of these civilians is at risk here.
This guy's an old pro.
He'll do fine.
Let's hope your right.
August March? Take a seat.
You're making the waiter nervous.
By yourself, right? Because if not, anything happens, you're the first to get shot.
Relax, kid.
I'm here for one piece of business.
The only thing that's gonna happen here today, is you and me are gonna get rich.
Just remember, we wait for him to inspect the diamonds.
That's the arrest signal.
- That is when we move in.
- You sure you can move this kind of weight? Eh, don't worry.
I got the connections.
Whoever sent you to me knows that.
So what's the brokerage fee on 20 million worth? Well, as I told you on the phone, I can't say without seeing the quality of the product.
Y-You did bring all of the diamonds like I told you.
You didn't really think I'd be dumb enough to bring all of them, did you? Nobody said you were dumb.
But without seeing all of them I can't estimate the overall quality of the product.
For all I know, you could've handpicked the best one.
I didn't.
Now! Move out! I've got 200 more of that same quality.
Now how much? You say you're not dumb, but with what you've been handling lately, the moves you've been making, I'm starting to think you are.
- Why's that? - Killing cops? In my day, we would've never done a thing like that.
Brings too much heat.
How'd you know about the cops? Nice shot, Fryer.
Trouble is now our only lead is dead.
You okay.
I should've kept my mouth shut.
I told your partner I was too old for this.
March was telling me he thinks he can identify where the diamonds are from.
Okay, that's good.
How? Every diamond has a distinct marking.
If I could look at this stone this guy brought under a microscope, I might be able to tell you something about it.
Okay, all right, good.
Take Mr.
March over to Fong's, we have a microscope for you to look at, okay? Fine, fine, fine.
I mean Now, look, I just did what I had to do, all right? And besides, this guy matches the description of the evidence van hijacker, okay? - Okay.
- Do we have a positive I.
? Yeah.
And it tells a whole lot.
Okay, what? His name's Darryl Kaleo.
Brother of an ex-cop you put away last year for the murder of your ex-partner.
I know who he is.
Are you implying that he's involved with this? Hey, look, he's capable of killing cops.
- He's also in prison.
- That's right.
He's in a life term.
Doesn't mean he's not behind this.
You think that he just orchestrated this whole thing? From jail? Why? What does he get out of it? Just helping his brother? Doesn't make sense.
Why don't we pay him a visit and find out.
He's easy to find.
Life is pretty good here in the Protective Custody Wing, right? One of the perks of being a cop.
You should be walking the main line with the rest of these lowlifes, and you know it.
My prior law enforcement work makes me a target.
Is there a reason you two are tossing my place or did you just miss me? You two have no legal authority to be shaking me down.
- This is harassment.
- You're in prison.
Subject to search whenever and wherever.
Why are you really here? I know you're looking for something.
Why bother lying? Okay.
I will play along.
Your brother he robbed a transport van, killed two cops.
You already know that, don't ya? Huh? Listen, Kaleo, we know that you helped set this thing up, and we are here to prove that-- that's what we're gonna do.
Be my guest.
You know, Williams What? You mentioning my brother makes me nostalgic about family.
You got a kid, right? How's she doing, anyway? My daughter is doing fine.
Thank you.
Your brother Darryl, on the other hand, he's not doing so good.
He's dead.
Look what we got here.
Cell phone.
You planted that.
It ain't mine.
I'm sure your prints are gonna be all over it.
So tell me is this how you arranged the transport van's hijacking? It is, isn't it? You got questions, run them by my lawyer.
Okay, no problem.
Listen, um, you know, last time I saw you I broke a couple of bones in your face, right? You ever mention my daughter again I promise you I'm gonna come back here, I'm gonna break every single bone in your body, okay? You understand? Put him back in his cage.
This explains why these diamonds were never reported missing.
Based on quality, I would say that this stone comes from the Republic of Liberia.
Are you sure? Things change.
I mean, you've been locked up for 30 years.
this is an allotrope of carbon formed at high pressure and high temperature conditions.
That never changes.
This stone, my dear, comes from Africa.
Which leads me to believe that is is probably a conflict diamond.
Blood diamonds sold on the black market, and used to finance civil wars and genocide on the Africa coast.
Have you ever done business with people from Liberia? No, no.
But I'm a student of the game.
The game never changes.
Just the players do.
Well, then that would explain the kidnapper's accent.
And that's why, if I were you, I would check out Liberians here on temporary visas.
We really appreciate the help.
This at least gives us an idea of who's holding Angela.
I wish you luck.
And feel free to call on me anytime.
Hmm? I'm gonna need that diamond back.
The diamond?! Here we go.
Can't blame a guy for trying.
All the outbound calls off of Kaleo's cell phone are to his brother Darryl with the exception of this one.
Okay, who's this one to? TSA security line.
Hey, look at the time stamp.
Mary was arrested.
So Kaleo made the call that got Mary arrested and the diamonds seized.
He told him the description of the van, the route, so they could hijack it.
But the part of the puzzle we don't have is how they know about the Liberian smuggling operation in the first place.
I reached out to TSA.
I worked up a list of Liberians that are on the island on temporary visas.
It's not extensive.
That's him.
Bottom left.
That's the guy that kidnapped Angela.
Jordan Nevins.
He landed on the island three days ago.
Okay, well, it looks like he didn't lie on his TSA entry form.
Just confirmed he's staying in the penthouse suite.
Let's go pay him a visit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa! What are you doing? Getting my vest.
No, I'll get your ve Uh, Chin? Help him with the thing.
Hey, hey, Steve, come on over here a second.
What are you talking about? What is that? That was your birthday cake.
I was planning on taking it by the office.
Got sidetracked by this case.
Is that why you guys all stopped talking when I came in the office this morning? Yeah.
Like usual, you figured out a way to ruin everything.
It's butter cream.
Butter cream's my favorite.
Move in! Hey, hey! I got Jordan.
Continue clearing.
All clear.
Bedroom's clear; no girl.
All right, where's Angela? I-I don't know Hey! Where's Angela? I don't know what you're talking about.
All right, we'll see about that.
I'm a Liberian citizen.
If you lay a finger on me, I will have the consulate crawling so far up your That's a good idea.
And afterwards, I can tell your bosses that you lost their diamond shipment.
You seized some diamonds? That look familiar? It would take less than an hour for me to prepare a press release announcing the seizure of You know, it's funny, there's something about your body language right now that tells me that if that press release hits, you're gonna feel safer in here with us than you are out there on the street.
If I tell you everything, you gotta protect me and a promise of no deportation.
I'll be a dead man if you send me back to Liberia.
You got it.
Where's the girl? I have no idea.
After our little charade at the hotel, we parted ways.
What are you talking about-- "charade"? Angela faked her own kidnapping? We didn't have a choice.
Angela was bumped from the flight at the last minute.
Let me guess, you had already told the people in New York the diamonds were on the flight.
I'm a facilitator.
I am paid to deliver the product to a buyer at a specific date and time.
And if that doesn't happen People like you get killed.
They had to, uh, use the other girl to make the drop as scheduled.
The other girl was my sister.
Did you know? It was Angela's idea to scare her into doing it.
So, Angela and you worked together before? Yes.
She made several runs for me in the last few months, but nothing as large as this.
This is the first time for the both of us.
You've been played.
Angela probably set Mary up, so when the diamonds didn't get there, she wouldn't be blamed.
You and my sister Mary did.
No I doubt if Angela would double-cross me.
She's not smart enough to come up with something like this on her own.
Maybe she met somebody who was.
So, what was the plan? You were gonna use your share of the dough to make an appeal? Bribe a judge? What? It was worth a try.
Where's Angela? She's in the wind.
Where she lands, your guess is as good as mine.
Okay, how did she hook up with Darryl? She's his ex-old lady.
She reached out to him with an opportunity to make a big score.
She just didn't want to get killed doing it.
And your brother turned to you for advice? Advice? Guess you could call it that.
I just figured a way for her and my brother to get rich.
All right, well, I'm gonna charge you with the death of those two cops.
What you just said, coupled with the phone records gives us enough-- more than enough-- to prove that you orchestrated the whole thing.
I'm doing life without, and there's no death penalty here in Hawaii.
Sorry to disappoint you, but another case is not going to make a difference to me.
That might be true, but since you've killed two more cops, you have lost your right to be housed in protective custody.
Isn't that true? It is, it's true.
And believe me, uh, when you meet your new cell mate, life is going to get very interesting.
Wait, you can't do that.
Yes I can; I just did.
Stand up.
Turn around, Sunshine.
Cuff him.
Hey dead man walking.
I feel so stupid.
Mary, this happens to all of us.
I mean, people we think we can trust tell us lies.
I know, but I thought she was my friend.
Look, Angela's gonna resurface eventually.
She's gonna try to fence those diamonds.
And when she does, Interpol and the FBI are gonna be waiting for her.
It's only a matter of time, Mary.
She's on every country's watch list.
All right, well, what-what now? What about me? You move on.
You pick yourself up.
You learn from your mistakes.
I honestly don't even know what to do with myself.
I I liked that job.
You know, I finally felt like I was starting a new chapter in my life.
Well, you'll be happy to know that that chapter's still open for you.
What do you mean? I spoke to the airline.
They know you're a victim in all this.
Your job's there if you want it.
It is? Yeah.
Really? Yeah, really.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm sorry.
If you two are done draining each other emotionally, I have something I have to show you, if you got a minute.
Happy birthday to you Cha cha cha Happy birthday to you Cha cha cha Happy birthday Big Kahuna Happy birthday to you.
All right.
That's an awesome cake.
We were gonna jump out and yell surprise, but then we figured what's the use? Well, you should never surprise a man who is armed and who has extensive close-quarter battle training, anyway.
Ah, that's good to keep in mind.
I will also remember that.
Here you go, - birthday boy.
- Happy birthday, buddy.
Thank you.
Guys, listen, I think we should just face the fact, that I'm not that easy to surprise.
You know? Surprise! Better than butter cream, right? No, I'm good, thank you.
So, I'd never heard anything like it before.
They said salt cake, I said, "What's the plan?" I'm delighted you reached out to me, Angela.
I didn't have many options.
But with your help, this actually worked out better than I hoped.
Your diamonds.
It's been a pleasure.
Oh, believe me, the pleasure's all mine.
But there's one more thing you need to learn about this type of business.
As I said before never turn your back on the buyer.

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