Hawaii Five-0 s02e20 Episode Script

Ha'alele (Abandoned)

Can I help you? Oh, no.
I'm fine.
It's just a flat tire.
I've got a tow truck coming.
Are you sure? I can give you a hand fixing that.
Oh, no, I'm fine.
It's okay.
I've got it under control.
Don't worry about it.
Look, the tow truck's coming.
I'm glad you're here.
Please tell me you're with the tow truck company.
Partner, I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person to tell you this, but I need to find Joe White.
I think he lied to me about the identity of Shelburne It was me.
and I need to get the truth.
What, what happened? Who was it? Shelburne is the real reason my father was murdered and maybe even my mother.
And until I get some answers, I can't do this job right.
Danno, I'm going to need you to hold down the fort for a while.
I'll be in touch.
Is this no-knock policy some sort of an island thing? No, and I'm not here as a friend.
I'm here as a taxpayer.
I got an emergency.
Well, then call 911.
A menu, I'm not hungry.
Thank you.
Other side, look.
That's the list of my suspects.
What do you mean suspects? What are you talking about? Somebody stole my shrimp truck.
Okay, um, I'll play along.
Why, uh, would somebody want to steal your shrimp truck, Kamekona? That's your job! I need you to figure it out.
Figure out what? I'm guessing that there's not a major demand for a big yellow truck with your face on it.
Well, I was hoping for some preferential Five-O treatment due to the nature of our relationship, but Preferential Okay, um pretty sure you're aware of this, but we are a major crimes task force, okay? We don't exactly do missing shrimp trucks.
Major crime.
This is super-major crime! All my secret recipes is in there.
Excuse me-- secret? What are you, Orville Redenbacher? It's no secret.
You got garlic, you got butter, and you got shrimp.
That's it.
Yo, it's all about the proportions.
You know how much those recipes are worth? I have no idea.
Priceless, brah.
I will, uh I will do my best to help you out, okay? If you'll excuse me, my phone's ringing.
Excuse me.
Hello? Yeah, uh, I'm on my way.
Hey, where's McGarrett? He left a dear Danny" note on my desk this morning.
He's off looking for Shelburne again.
So, he just picked up and left? Guy's on a mission.
What are you going to do? All right.
Let's hope he gets some answers.
What do we got? Farm workers found her this morning.
Got an ID? No, nothing.
It's a good place to dump a body.
Good morning, Max.
Cause of death? Hey, Max? Cause of death? Time of death? Anything, please? Max, hello? Cause of death is manual asphyxiation due to chest constriction.
That's it? Max, how about an approximate time of death? Yes, um, I'm sorry.
Uh, time of death is somewhere between 10:00 and midnight.
And she wasn't killed here.
You okay, buddy? Yeah.
I just need to get her back to the morgue.
Hey, what's up? Yeah, we're on our way.
That was Kono.
She might have found the victim's car.
All right, so I ran the vehicle's registration.
I got a DMV photo.
Is that your victim? Yes.
Angela O'Hara, in Pearl City.
Car had a flat.
This is a hell of a place to break down.
She didn't have a spare? No, she called for a tow around 8:30 last night.
But when the truck arrived, there was no driver present, so they left.
All right, looks to me like there's a crime opportunity.
Killer drives by, sees this lady.
She's broken down.
Cuz, you got something? This flat was no accident.
Somebody put a razor blade in her tire tread.
Her killer planned this.
O'Hara, I'm I'm so sorry for your loss.
Uh, there's just some questions I have to ask you that can help with our investigation, okay? Is that all right? I knew something was wrong.
I got a call from her work saying that Angela missed her shift.
Where did she work? Mana Kai Catamaran.
They do those, uh, those sightseeing boat tours around the island.
Did she suffer? Did my daughter suffer? Oh, my God.
Um, could you, uh tell me.
Do what remember what time she left for work? She left earlier than usual.
Okay, I know this is, uh, really difficult for you.
Um But if you could tell me, uh, anything, anything that you remember, uh, anything she might have mentioned, it would be really helpful.
She got a she got a phone call right before she left for work.
And she came to tell me that she was leaving And I didn't even I didn't look up to say good-bye! Okay.
Oh, um Does the company that she work for, are they, uh are they up on the North Shore? No, they were in Waikiki.
Okay, uh a long away from where we found her car.
Is there anything you might know why she'd be up there on the North Shore? No, no, I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Hey, guys, I got something.
Looks like our vic was being followed.
I found a GPS tracking device under her car.
I believe this model has a Web site that allows users to monitor the GPS remote.
Well, let's pull up an IP address.
See who was monitoring our victim.
So, we traced the GPS we found on Angela O'Hara's car back to an IP address registered to this guy.
Cal Litoa.
Okay, so this guy's tracking her the whole time.
Mm-hmm, according to the GPS, the last place she stopped before her car broke down was a bar on the North Shore.
Okay, I bet that is where he put the razor blade in her tire.
Matches up with Fong's estimates too.
Okay, tell me about this guy.
What do we know? All right Misdemeanor possession charge Last year it looks like his ex-girlfriend took out a restraining order against him after he broke into her apartment following an argument.
Uh, what is the connection to our victim Angela O'Hara? They both worked the Mana Kai Catamaran.
Listen to me.
List Don't move.
Sit down and don't move.
We need you to tell us why you were tracking Angela O'Hara.
I can explain.
Good, good.
Start with why we found her body in a pineapple field up on the North Shore.
My God.
What? She's dead.
Cal, listen to me.
We know it was your GPS, but somebody-- I'm not saying it was you-- I just want your help-- somebody put razor blades in her tire.
Now, you see where this is going, don't you, Cal? Look, I admit I put the GPS there, but I thought she was cheating on me.
She was your girlfriend? Yeah.
We had to keep it on the down low, 'cause of work and her m-mother.
Her mother didn't like you? I can't imagine why not.
Look, man, you got to believe me.
Okay, relax.
Sit back and relax.
When's the last time you spoke to her? Last night.
She called, she said she was gonna be late to work.
She say why? No.
Okay, so you followed her, found out she was cheating on you, you did some bad things-- I understand.
No! Sit down! Don't stand up again, okay? I was working.
You can ask my manager.
I'm gonna go talk to your manager.
If I find out you're lying to me, I'm gonna come back here, I'm gonna put you in a mayonnaise jar.
Okay? Unbelievable.
Manager says the kid didn't get off the boat till 10:30.
You're good.
Well, that's not enough time to make it to the North Shore, put razor blades in Angela O'Hara's tires and then wait for her to get a flat.
No, he's definitely not our guy.
Yes, Kamekona.
Any updates on my missing truck? Missing truck? Hey, uh, yeah, Kono is all over it.
Turns out that she has a nose for missing shrimp trucks.
Plus, we have the female intuition thing going for us, so I think we're in good shape.
Yes, she's making it a priority.
You know somebody stole Kamekona's shrimp truck? Did you just volunteer Kono? I did.
She know about this? No, she doesn't, and I would really appreciate some assistance here seeing as this is a local crime, and I'm not too hip to local crimes like missing shrimp trucks.
Wait a minute here.
Oh, no, don't worry.
We got leads.
We're in good shape.
Really? Richie the shrimp guy? Yeah.
The Duke brothers? Oh, "a disgruntled customer wearing a Metallica shirt.
" Yeah.
So you like the disgruntled customer for this one or Richie the shrimp guy? Who steals a shrimp truck? I don't know.
I said the same thing.
But that is the mission, should you choose to accept.
All right, I'll make a couple of calls.
That's the least I can do.
Thank you.
And I will loop Kono in.
We got to help the big guy, you know? Plus, I am becoming very partial to garlic shrimp.
Just a matter of time.
Whoa, whoa, stop.
What does that mean? Plate lunches at local grinds.
You're practically (speaks Hawaiian), bro.
Did I say that I was jumping aboard to any local customs, Don Ho? No, I didn't.
I just said that I liked the garlic shrimp.
Which, in fact, is basically scampi.
And that is not island food at all; it's Italian.
Look who's calling.
Yes, Max? I've completed the autopsy and found some troubling anomalies.
What is this, a Boy Scout test? I failed the knots.
Uh, no, Detective.
It is a Solomon bar rope cuff.
I took the liberty to mock one up.
It's a knot used to bind wrists, and as you can see, it has a very distinctive pattern, a pattern that matches exactly the one we found on our victim's wrist and ankles.
But no ropes were found at the crime scene.
Well, but I did recover some fiber, which leads me to believe that the killer removed the ropes after he asphyxiated her.
Which brings me to my second anomaly.
The victim's ribs were cracked on both sides of the sternal bone.
Ultrasound revealed that there was damage to the subclavian artery, which suggests that the killer knelt on the victim and blocked her airways.
That, combined with the constricted lung capacity, caused her death.
Okay, so we have a whack job who likes to tie up women and smother them.
Well, this is no whack job, Detective Williams.
This is a killer that left a distinct signature and then attempted to hide or mitigate it.
It's the Trashman.
Very good, Lieutenant Kelly.
I'm sorry.
What's the Trashman? The M.
is the exact same as a serial killer dubbed the Trashman.
He was known for discarding his victims in trash bags along the side of the road.
That is correct.
The problem is, the Trashman's in prison.
Technically, a man named Richard Branch was arrested for one of the murders.
Okay, what do you mean, technically? You don't think he did it? No.
I believe the real Trashman is still out there.
Richard Branch was accused of murdering six women.
The first one was found on the H2 in 1985, and the last one in 2009.
Shortly after that, he was arrested, convicted and sentenced to life.
Each of his victims were bound, asphyxiated and dumped on the side of the road in trash bags.
As you can see, the injuries are an exact match to our current victim, Angela O'Hara.
All right, well, Branch is in prison, so we must be looking for a copycat killer.
No, no, no.
Then why remove the Solomon bar cuff thingy, right? I mean, if he wanted us to think he was the Trashman, he would've left the ropes on, no? As I stated earlier, Richard Branch is not the Trashman, and thus we are not looking for a copycat killer.
They arrested him.
They tried him and convicted him for the crimes, Max.
Yeah, but they were only able to tie him to one of the Trashman murders.
In order to ensure a conviction, the prosecuting attorney's office tried him only for the murder of Diane Gallo, the last victim attributed to the Trashman.
Yeah, Branch was a drifter, and he fit the profile.
Plus, they found his DNA on one of the trash bags containing her body.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
His file says they got an eyewitness, an eyewitness that puts this guy with the victim moments before the crime takes place.
Eyewitness testimonials are notoriously unreliable.
They got his DNA, Max, on one of the victims.
There's an alternate explanation for the presence of Richard Branch's DNA at the crime scene.
Time-out, time-out, time-out.
Why don't we just pay him a visit? I can arrange that.
You're in contact with Richard Branch? Yes.
We share an interest in acrostic puzzles.
Why doesn't that surprise me? Richard, this is Detective Danny Williams and Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly from the Five-O Task Force.
Good for them.
We found another body.
Like I said, good for you.
Max here believes that the real Trashman is still on the outside.
Well, he ain't in here.
That's for sure.
I am.
Doing life.
Next time I see the outside world, it'll be in a pine box.
Detective Williams and Lieutenant Kelly are familiar with your case.
Yeah, so were the cops who pinned all these murders on me without a speck of evidence.
No, not without a speck of evidence.
Your DNA was on one of the victims.
I have been over this a million times.
He killed again.
If we can prove that this is the Trashman, they might reopen your case.
Eh Richard this could help you.
Okay, wh what do you want to know? So, how did your DNA end up on the body of Diane Gallo? I was out looking for returnables when I found the bag.
Thought I'd hit the jackpot till I opened up the bag and reached in.
And you touched the body, huh? I'll never forget the look on that poor woman's face.
What that guy did to her.
Okay, what'd you do after that? This guy drives by and sees me there with this woman's body spilling out of the bag.
I saw that look in his face.
I knew.
So you ran? It doesn't take a genius to pencil out how this was gonna end.
I had a record.
I knew the police were looking for this guy, and there I'm standing over one of the victims? Well, what about the eyewitness who saw you with the victim before the murder? How the hell should I know?! Middle-aged white guy! Truth is, I never met that woman.
But those cops, now, they had a different version of events, and they kept me in that room all day and all night until I signed that confession.
Branch was under the influence of narcotics.
And don't forget the vodka, Max.
That and this crappy attorney the court appointed me, and well, let's just say they had their guy.
You ready to go back? We're done.
Thanks for the puzzles.
You heard from McGarrett? Called him a dozen times, left him a dozen messages.
Hey! What is this? What do you mean, what's this? Adapting, overcoming, preserving my retail space.
You got a break in my case, or what? Oh, yeah, uh, Keno's, uh, running down some leads.
But in the meantime, could we have some garlic shrimp, please? Reduced menu today.
Barbecue shrimp only.
Okay, we'll take three of those.
Not for me; I'm allergic.
Two of those.
Branch was railroaded.
I really think you guys should reopen the Trashman killings.
Hold, first of all, why is this so important to you, huh? Not only is an innocent man in jail, understanding the original murders will help us catch Angela O'Hara's killer.
But the murders stopped after Branch was arrested; how do you explain that? The real killer used Branch's arrest as an opportunity to take a break and cover his tracks.
So then why start killing again now? Serial killers have poor impulse control.
He couldn't help himself.
Okay, so what you're saying is, this guy comes out of retirement, kills Angela O'Hara, and then he changes his M.
to throw us off? Yes! Five-O once asked me to reopen an investigation.
Now I'm asking you to do the same.
All right.
I know one of the original detectives from the Trashman case.
Al Shepard.
He's retired now, but Okay, we will go see him, and we'll see what he thinks about your theory, okay? Thank you.
I was hoping this day would never come.
What do you mean? You got to understand the pressure we were under to make an arrest.
Mayor's office was all over us, the press had the island in a panic, said we were affecting tourism.
Okay, but you did put Branch away for the Trashman slayings.
We only had enough evidence to convict him of one of the murders.
Everyone believed that he was the Trashman.
My partner believed he was.
But I had my doubts.
Okay, why weren't you able to tie him to the other murders? Branch was a drifter, in and out of drug rehab.
The evidence against him was all circumstantial.
Oh, so you just got him to confess.
After spending 30 hours in the box with us grilling him, he would have copped to the OJ murders.
So, you're saying you got the wrong guy? I'm saying, there's a lot to the case that didn't make sense.
Okay, well, we're here.
We'd like to know what it is that doesn't make sense.
There was another murder that wasn't attributed to the Trashman, but I think it was his work.
Woman named Jennifer Ravich.
She predated the other murders by about five years, but just like your victim, she wasn't found in a bag or bound.
She have cracked ribs, too? Yeah.
And there was evidence that she'd been bound.
But she was older than the other victims, so we ruled it out because it didn't fit the profile.
And you didn't push it? No.
Branch was in a rehab facility when Jennifer Ravich was killed.
Would have blown the whole case wide open.
So the prosecuting attorney's office just swept it under the rug? And I let 'em.
Okay, so, I pulled Jennifer Ravich's case file from the open unsolved.
Murdered in June of 1980.
Her husband was a prime suspect-- there was a history of abuse-- but eventually, he was cleared.
Does it look like our guy? The injuries are consistent with our other victims.
However, there was blunt force trauma postmortem.
Also, there was no ropes, no bags, but there were ligature marks.
All right, that does not match our other victims.
Well, not necessarily.
If we are indeed looking at the Trashman's first victim, it's quite possible he hadn't perfected his method yet.
Okay, maybe he made a mistake, and we can link him to our new victim.
Well, perhaps Jennifer Ravich was close to the killer.
Serial killers often choose someone who they're close to as their first victim.
All right, well, we have the Trashman's first victim, Jennifer Ravich, and the last one, Angela O'Hara, so what jumps out? Okay, so, Angela was abducted from the North Shore, and Jennifer Ravich's body was found in Kailua.
Body found on the road? No, her body was found on the steps of St.
Martin's? That's where my mother left me when I was a baby.
Your mother, Max? My biological mother.
As you know, Bergman is my adopted name.
That's good to know.
What does that have to do with the case? This is Michiyo Takeshita.
It's my biological mother, the Trashman's second victim.
How long have you known that your mother was one of the Trashman's victims? A while.
I've never talked to anyone about it.
It is, as you can imagine, quite difficult for me.
She was an unwed mother who didn't know what to do.
Did you ever get to meet her? No.
I never knew her.
She was already dead when I discovered her name.
That's why you went to go see Richard Branch.
I wanted to meet the man who killed my mother.
But then, I heard his story, and.
And I looked into the case, and I realized that he couldn't have done it.
Okay, so, the real question here is, what does your mother have in common with the other victims? That I don't know.
I studied each case over and over again, but I failed to come up with a viable theory as to how he chooses his victims.
There's got to be something else.
There has got to be a pattern that we are not seeing.
What is it? Okay, so, Jennifer Ravich was killed and left on the steps of St.
Martin's, and you were left there for adoption.
Why St.
Martin's? Do you know why she left you there? St.
Martin's was a well-known safe haven for unwanted children.
Did Jennifer Ravich have children? No.
No next of kin listed.
Yeah, Angela O'Hara didn't have children, either.
Hold-hold on a minute.
May-may I see Jennifer Ravich's autopsy report? Autopsy shows evidence of full-term delivery of a child.
What about Angela O'Hara's autopsy? - She also had pelvic separation.
- No, no, no.
I was at her place.
There was no signs of a kid.
No, there wouldn't be if she gave the child up.
I'll go check it out.
Got something? Yeah.
Okay, so, I just spoke to the victim's mother, and I found out that Angela had a child out of wedlock, and she hid it from her mom.
Okay, uh, any connection to St.
Martin's? Yeah, she was a parishioner there.
All right, okay.
Uh, so, let's just assume she abandons her kid at the church, uh, she's trying to put it behind her.
Help me, please.
Wait a minute.
What about the other victims? Yeah, I spoke to their family members, and I found out that at least three of the victims had children that they abandoned at St.
That's it.
That's got to be it.
That's his trigger.
He's targeting women that abandoned their children at St.
Either this guy works there, or has a connection.
Let's go.
Martin's has always been a sanctuary for the children of unwed mothers.
Okay, uh, how often are babies left here? More often than you think.
May I ask what this is about? Yeah, absolutely.
Angela O'Hara.
We have reason to believe that she left her baby here.
I'm-I'm I'm sorry, but we have a very strict privacy policy.
We don't even keep records.
These women have nowhere else to turn.
The-the women who make the decision to leave a child with us are under enormous stress.
We understand, but this woman was abducted and killed.
She I am sorry.
How-how can I help? Uh, like I said, we need you to tell us if she left a baby here.
As I've-I've told you, I-I don't know.
Okay, well, maybe you can tell us how it works then? Someone rings the bell at the side door, and Frank Pollard, our caretaker, usually answers.
He's on the property full-time.
How long has Pollard worked here? Since before I arrived here.
At least 30 years.
You You don't think that? We need to see him right away.
Yes, of course.
Sam? Uh, my assistant Sam will take you to him.
Could you take these gentlemen to find Frank, please? Of course.
It's-it's about those girls, isn't it? Just take us to him.
I believe that he's in his office.
Of course it's in the basement.
We don't go down here much.
Can't imagine why not.
It's this way.
Really nice.
Hey, Frank? Frank? Frank? What's up? Do you see what I see? Yes.
Church people are creepy.
Those blades.
They're just like the ones I pulled out of Angela O'Hara's tires.
That's odd.
I-I thought he was down here.
Where else would this guy be? Hey, Frank?! Hey, hands up.
Hands up.
Step away from the truck and put your hands behind your back now.
Hands behind your back.
What's this about? Hands behind your back! You're under arrest for the murder of Angela O'Hara.
They got him.
Max? Did they find anything to tie him to the murders? Yeah, the razor blades in his office match the ones we pulled out of Angela O'Hara's tires.
Fong's processing the truck, too.
Max, are you okay? Yeah.
I'm I'm fine.
Let's do this again.
Jennifer Ravich, Sarah Cho, Michiyo Takeshita, Marcia Long, Rachel Wilkinson, Diane Gallo and Angela O'Hara.
All victims of the Trashman.
That your thing, isn't it, Frank? Killing women who leave their children at the church.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We got the ropes, we got the razorblades, Frank.
Why would I kill those women? I don't know.
Maybe 'cause you were the one found the children.
I want you to look at this.
This is Angela O'Hara.
Okay? You abducted and killed this woman last night, and you dumped her body in a pineapple field.
That's impossible! I already told you.
I was visiting my mother in the hospital.
That's the wrong answer, Frank.
We already found her blood in your truck.
That's not my truck.
It's the church's.
His alibi checks out.
What the hell is going on? He was at the hospital while his mother was having dialysis when Angela O'Hara was abducted.
Who else has access to that truck? Sam.
He keeps the keys in his office.
He's Deacon MacKenna's assistant.
Guys, get over to that church right away.
They already arrested Frank Pollard.
I am aware of that.
Was it true that he's the Trashman? I'm not at liberty to say.
Is there, is there some kind of problem, though? No.
Uh, not at all.
I, I just need to see something for myself.
Here it is.
Did Pollard have arthritis? Yes, he did.
His hands had it pretty bad.
Is something wrong? I don't think he did this.
The intricate knots would be impossible with arthritis.
Sherman? Mr.
Sherman? Why did you come back? It's you.
You're the Trashman.
Why did you kill all those women? You of all people should know, Max.
They threw us away, left us on some doorstep like a piece of trash.
Jennifer Ravich-- your first victim she was your mother, wasn't she? She wasn't my mother.
I grew up without one.
Was passed along from one horrible and abusive foster home to another, like they were doing me a big favor.
You know how that feels, Max, don't you? You don't know anything about me.
I know more than you think.
I was here the day that you were dropped off by your mother, your real mother.
Such a pretty girl.
She was scared, she had no other choice.
They all say that.
They want to get on with their lives, they want to pretend it never happened, throw us away so they can get on with their lives.
You didn't know her! Did you know she came back? You're lying.
Oh, no, Max, she came back years after she abandoned you.
Wanted to know what happened to you, where you were.
Said she had her life together.
She wanted to find you, Max! She did? And that's how I found her.
She shouldn't have come back just like you shouldn't have come back.
That's Max's car.
What's he doing here? She didn't want you, Max.
Don't you understand that? You're just like me.
No, I'm not.
I'm normal.
You are mentally ill.
You find Max? No.
No sign of the deacon or Sam either.
Normal? You cut up dead bodies for a living.
You're just like me! Who knows you're here? Nobody.
Max, are you okay? Max? Max? Max.
They're coming.
You okay, Max? You didn't talk to him, did you? No, he's, he's not taking my calls.
You worried? A bit, like a cheerleader's father on prom night.
Well, wherever McGarrett's going, obviously he's got to do it himself.
Otherwise he would have asked us for help.
Right? He's probably just trying to protect us, make sure we don't get hurt, you know.
Hope you guys are hungry.
All right this is on the house, right? I wish, brah, but times are tight.
I got to save up for a new truck.
You sure about that? Yeah.
The truck is back.
You know what? Lunch is on the house.
All right, case of the missing shrimp truck is officially closed, thank God.
No, no, no, I want to press charges.
Ha, good luck with that.
What, who took it? City of Honolulu.
Why would they do that? You forgot to pay your vendor license, big guy.
Okay, now cough it up.
You owe me 200 bucks for towing and impound charges.
I'll put it on your tab, sistah.
What tab? Welcome home.
Hey, where's Max? I thought he was coming down.

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