Hawaii Five-0 s02e21 Episode Script

Pa Make Loa (Touch of Death)

Vanessa, let me in! Mommy? I'm scared.
- Shh! - Open the door.
Kaitlyn, I know you are.
You just have to be real quiet now, okay.
- Let me in! Come on! - Please mommy, make his stop.
Hello? Yes, I need you to send someone here right away.
What's the emergency, ma'am? My ex-husband-- he's trying to break into the house.
I think he's been drinking.
Please, my children are here.
Does he have any weapons? He owns several guns.
Can you please hurry? Vanessa let me in! HPD! Raise your hands and get down here! Sir, come out where we can see you! Hands where I can see them! Do it now! Help me.
Danny? Hey.
Thanks for coming.
How'd you get in? I had a-a key from when I was crashing here.
You know you could look at that stuff all night and not be any closer to figuring it out.
Well, I think I may have figured out where he went.
Never seen this.
" That is definitely not in his handwriting.
No, it's his father's.
All right, so what? You're going off to Japan, too? No, I am not going off to Japan, okay? I'm gonna stay here and I'm gonna do my job, all right? Because leaving and not telling anybody where I'm going is not my style.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, this guy-- h-he leaves me a note.
He says he's going up to Shelburne and disappears for a week, and he doesn't call.
He doesn't say, "I am alive.
" He doesn't say, "Everything's okay.
" Well, Steve believes Shelburne is the answer to a lot of questions, including why his father was murdered.
Yeah, but his father's dead, and-and finding Shelburne is not gonna change that.
I promise you that.
Good evening, Governor.
I'm on my way.
Hey, guys.
I thought this was a domestic.
What the hell happened? Aside from waking up a foot shorter, my worst nightmare.
Estranged husband tries to break down the door.
Drops dead right after HPD arrives from hemorrhagic smallpox.
Apparently, that's a rare strain that's almost always fatal.
Wait a minute.
Hasn't that been eradicated? See, you can't believe everything that you read on the Internet.
Okay, so how did he get it? We don't know.
CDC's trying to figure it out.
In the meantime, the governor wants us to run a parallel investigation quietly.
Wow, Max, uh you get that at the mall? It's a nice look for you.
Thank you.
However, it is very itchy.
Were you able to examine the victim? Briefly before the CDC removed and incinerated him.
How are we supposed to do an investigation without a body? Not to worry.
I was able to obtain blood and tissue samples, plus I have pictures.
The victim's name is Bryan Palmer, 36 years old.
He was honorably discharged from the Army ten months ago after serving a couple tours in Afghanistan, and he's be collecting disability ever since.
If he was military, he was probably vaccinated for smallpox recently, so how'd he end up like this? The vaccination could have worn off.
It's typically effective for only three to five years.
Okay stop.
I have a question.
How does this guy catch an extinct disease to begin with? The only known stores of smallpox in the world are housed in two facilities: One is the CDC in the United States, and the other is in a lab called VECTOR in Koltsovo, Russia.
But the CIA thinks there are also hidden stores in Russia, France, North Korea, and Iraq.
Why, so a terrorist can get his hands on it and start an epidemic? Okay, could he have been exposed in Afghanistan? No, too much time has passed.
Rash onset typically occurs within two weeks of exposure.
Palmer has been stateside for nearly a year.
The first thing we need to find out is when and where he caught this thing.
I don't think he was exposed in the traditional way.
What do you mean? Well, smallpox is generally transmitted through face-to-face contact with a sick person.
Transmission through an infected object, such as clothing, is also possible, but less effective.
However, in Mr.
Palmer's case May I? Go for it.
Ah, yes.
This appears to be an injection site.
And that is how I believe the victim contracted the virus.
Whoa, are you saying that smallpox was used as a murder weapon? Yes.
And depending on how long he was walking in public while contagious, within a few weeks The entire island could be infected.
The doctor doesn't think we're infected, but he wants to keep us for observation, just to be safe.
I can't believe Bryan was so sick.
I should've helped him.
No, listen to me.
You 100% did the right thing.
I mean, you probably saved your life and your kids' life by not opening that door.
Palmer, we're hoping you can help us build a timeline of where Bryan was the past few weeks.
Uh I really can't.
Bryan moved out a couple months ago.
We were having some problems after he came back from Afghanistan.
Okay, where was he living? Breakers Motel.
He was doing really well.
I mean, up until recently, I thought there was a chance for us to work it out.
What changed your mind? A few weeks ago, he just dropped out.
Um, he skipped family counseling.
He wouldn't return phone calls.
I figured he'd gone back to his dark place again.
What, uh, what does that mean? What's his dark place? He starts drinking, holes himself up and doesn't talk to anybody for days.
It's pretty awful.
Palmer, I need to draw some blood.
Can you put on your mask, ma'am? Your children, too.
Okay, let's, uh let's hope that she's right about the dark place.
Why's that? It means he's locked up in a hotel room.
He's not out infecting the entire island.
All right, I'll call the CDC.
I guess we should check out Palmer's room.
You want to go check out a smallpox-infested room? Yeah.
Yeah, that sounds, uh like a real hoot.
What are you doing about Grace? Well, luckily, she's on the mainland with Rachel and Stan and the baby, visiting the grandparents.
What about Malia? I haven't said anything yet, but I've already checked outbound flights.
If this thing goes south, I'm getting her off the island.
Doesn't exactly look like a dark place of despair.
I don't see any alcohol.
The 12 Steps.
Looks like this guy really was getting his act together.
Max said the smallpox could've been used as a murder weapon? Yeah, why? Well, either this guy killed himself in a really horrible way, or I found a bunch of loaded guns.
So it's not smallpox.
Then what the hell is it? CDC says the vials you found in Palmer's motel room contain cyclotriptine.
It's an experimental antidepressant undergoing clinical trials pending FDA approval.
Okay, so the injection mark on Palmer's arm came from the antidepressant.
That's the weird thing, 'cause Max ran a tox screen, and there was no cyclotriptine in his system.
He never took it.
Meaning Max's smallpox injection theory still stands.
All right, hold on.
This this guy Palmer, he had the drug, right? So he had to be part of the clinical trial.
There's gotta be, hopefully, a connection between the trial and how he was exposed to smallpox.
That's what I was thinking, so I contacted the pharmaceutical company, Bio-Statim.
They are conducting trials here on Oahu.
Unfortunately, the trials are double-blind.
So they don't know who the participants are.
Well, somebody has to have the names.
Well, yeah, the local project manager, Ken Tanner.
He was the one who recruited the participants.
Okay, let's go talk to him.
Well, the thing is we have to find him first.
Because I contacted the local Bio-Statim offices.
He never showed up to work today.
All right, uh let's find a home address on this guy.
Crime lab.
Aloha, Charlie.
How about some good news? I can accommodate that.
I pinged your victim's cell phone.
And found it.
Still active.
I can send you the coordinates.
Good work.
Thank you, Fong.
All right, you, uh, you track down Palmer's cell.
We'll go make a house call to this drug company guy.
Send me that address, please.
Ken Tanner? Ken Tanner, open up! Let me ask you a question.
What does that look like to you? Mosquito bite.
Mosquito bite.
What do you know? You're not a doctor.
No, but you're a hypochondriac.
Oh, what is that? I hear an engine running.
He's in there.
Get it open.
Come on.
He's ice cold.
He's been dead for a while.
All right.
I guess now we know why he didn't show up for work.
Guilty conscience over Palmer's death.
Maybe this wasn't a suicide after all.
Hey, Charlie.
I found the victim's cell phone.
Among some other things.
Going to need you to process them right away.
Okay, so Fong's going through the bag of hazardous goodies now.
Did you find anything at Tanner's place? No.
Whoever killed him also took his computer and everything related to the cyclotriptine trials.
Who was that? Uh, nothing.
I someone I can just talk to later.
That somebody have a name? What? I can't have a private life? Ooh.
Is it a boy? Is he cute? Okay, leave me alone.
I knew something was up.
You got that glow.
Okay, I do not glow.
Give it up.
What's his name? You'll find out when the time is right.
All right, be like that.
But just remember who's going to walk you down the aisle.
Okay, that's going to be a very, very long ways away.
Not at this rate.
Okay, Ken Tanner did not kill himself.
How do you know? Max just did the autopsy.
His cause of death was blunt force trauma to the back of his skull.
Crime scene techs pulled a print off the keys we found in the ignition.
We found the car, and the guy's in the system.
His name is Dracul Comescu.
Who the hell is that? He's not a vampire.
I thought the very same thing.
He is a Romanian national who's on the NCIS watch list.
Very specifically, the Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles.
So, what's he doing here? I don't know.
I'm going to find out.
Just give me a minute.
Special Agent Hanna? Yeah.
Who's this? This is Detective Danny Williams with the Governor's Special Task Force in Hawaii.
I believe you know a friend of mine-- a colleague-- Steve McGarrett.
Yeah, I know him.
What, is he too busy surfing to call me himself? No, he's sort of on leave right now.
Listen, I am calling about a suspect of ours that we are tracking.
Uh, I believe he's on your watch list.
His name is Dracul Comescu.
Detective Williams, this is Special Agent Callen.
Are you telling me Comescu is in Hawaii? We found his prints at at a murder scene.
Um, you you got history with this guy? Yeah.
A very personal one.
Dracul's part of a Romanian organized crime family, and let's just say we ended the family business not too long ago.
Okay, well, it looks like, uh, he's got a new hobby.
Uh, he may have gotten his hands on the smallpox virus.
That's why the Hawaii National Guard is plussing up their WMD civil support team.
The Air Force is sending a bird tonight.
So, technically, you guys could hitch a ride? How do you feel about pineapples? We're on our way.
Charlie, find anything useful? Not useful so much as intriguing.
Look at this.
Size medium.
That's Bryan Palmer's size.
I have three of those.
Size double XL.
Four of those.
That's weird.
Those must belong to somebody else.
Plus I have pants that are varying in size.
Altogether, I'd say we have at least four distinct sets of clothing.
We may have other victims out there.
Is there any identification? Not as such.
However I've got a few dozen hair samples to run against the DNA database.
I'll let you know if I get a hit.
Danny Williams.
Welcome to Hawaii.
What's up, buddy? McGarrett trying to skip out on the steak dinner he owes me? That would explain a lot.
Come on.
So, how bad is it? The good news is, no other cases of smallpox have come up.
Bad news is CDC has not had any luck with their contact trace on our victim.
The guy went missing about a week ago.
We have no idea where he was.
Which means we don't know who else he infected.
That's exactly what it means, yeah.
Now, we picked up the latest chatter on Dracul Comescu.
He's spent the past three months in Siberia.
He's buying smallpox.
Well, based on what you've been dealing with here, that would be the theory, but Dracul is not an ideologue.
His main agenda is making money, not terrorism.
Our guess is that he found a buyer looking for a biological weapon.
Hold on.
You're telling me that this guy is ready to risk a worldwide epidemic just to make some cash? Without even blinking.
What about you? I hear you got a personal beef with him.
Comescus tried to kill my entire family.
Say again.
Blood feud.
Well, that, uh that happens.
That's a nice ride.
Thank you.
What's her name? Her name is, uh is Car.
Car? Yeah.
I'm going to find you a name.
Agent Callen, Hanna, NCIS.
Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua, Hawaii Five-O.
Steve speaks very highly of you.
Well, I'm sorry he missed the party.
Yeah, all right, enough with the pleasantries.
- Uh, Kono, what's good? - So, one of our techs was able to identify four distinct DNA samples from the bag we found.
The victim, Bryan Palmer, being one of them.
The rest we were able to pull from the database.
So, we have Paul Scully, Terence Hill, Luis Salazar.
And we can't find any of them.
I got to take this.
HPD search their homes, and what do they find in every medicine cabinet? Experimental antidepressants.
That's right-- they were all on the cyclotriptine clinical trial.
But that's not the only thing they had in common.
They were all either single or divorced, no family on the island, and they were all on disability, so no jobs to go to.
Which makes them ideal victims.
They go missing, no one's looking for them.
So you're saying this whole drug trial thing was a sham or? Well, I contacted the pharmaceutical company.
The trial's legit.
- Okay.
- Maybe the trial is how he got to these guys.
What do you mean? Ken Tanner.
He's got a list of people willing to undergo a drug experiment.
Uh, plus he got all their vital information.
So Comescu bribed him to get the names of people that wouldn't be missed.
And he uses them as guinea pigs.
They think they're getting antidepressants, but he's really shooting them up with smallpox.
And I guarantee you that Comescu did not plan on having Bryan Palmer escape.
Right, he escapes, he exposes the entire experiment.
He's got to clear his tracks, so he kills Tanner, first things first.
Right, well, Scully, Hill, and Salazar could still be alive.
Yes, and the only way we're going to help them is if we find out where this experiment is going down, so I can help with that.
I had Ken Tanner's financials run.
This guy was in real trouble.
He was underwater on his mortgage; he was maxed out on all of his credit cards; Then two months ago, he gets a wire transfer in the amount of $500,000 from a company called CF&Q Limited.
That's a Comescu holdings corporation.
All right, so Tanner keeps half of the money, and then, with the other half, he ends up buying medical supplies.
He gets, uh, hospital beds, laboratory equipment and a sophisticated air filtration system.
And all of it was delivered to a warehouse on Sand Island.
You know what they used to call Sand Island? What's that? Quarantine Island.
Sounds like a great place to start an epidemic.
There's cameras all over the place.
They probably already know we're here.
Let's not make them wait, huh? Cover! Cover! That's Dracul! He's in the car.
Let's go! Move! Move! Go, go, go, go! Look, go around and cut him off.
Get in front of him.
Trying to.
Hold it steady.
Hold it steady.
You shoot like Ray Charles.
Come on.
Watch out for the dumpster.
I see the dumpster.
Thank you.
Might want to work on your driving position.
Your wrist's in the wrong place.
My wrists are wrong? What is it with Navy SEALs and backseat driving? Watch out for the car.
I see the car.
Might want to turn around.
You think so, Doctor? I do think so.
I ask him to turn around, he goes in reverse.
Chin, I got jammed up.
Do you see him? No, we don't.
There he is, headed for that bridge.
We can't let him get on the mainland.
Danny, cut him off.
Cut him off.
Chin, we got him.
We're good.
Comescu in there? No, it's just the driver.
Must have jumped out at the warehouse.
What the hell is this? Looks like a quarantine station.
Really? Should we call somebody or? Salazar, Hill, and Scully.
He gave them smallpox, too.
It wasn't smallpox that killed them; Comescu executed them.
So? Well, we did find smallpox virus samples, but not all of them.
Apparently several vials are missing.
Well, there was nothing in Comescu's vehicle.
He must have taken the virus with him.
This is quite a sophisticated setup.
Negative pressurization system, top-of-the-line equipment.
All right, there's no way a Romanian thug did this by himself.
I concur.
Someone with very specialized scientific knowledge is involved.
What about the videocameras? Maybe we got a picture of him.
CDC found footage.
Evidently our suspect used it to document the progression of the disease.
Okay, uh, we'll have Kono go over to CDC.
Maybe, uh, Frankenstein got caught on tape.
Should I be wearing a mask? Technically, yes.
I'm leaving, okay? Okay, uh, Callen and Hanna are looking for potential smallpox buyers.
They're at TSA, checking incoming flights.
Meantime, we're gonna go to this hospital, see if Comescu's driver is feeling chatty.
He's not gonna tell us anything.
No, he's not, but we are gonna use a page out of McGarrett's playbook.
And what do you mean by that? Take the playbook, and you set it on fire.
All right.
Patient beta developed flu-like symptoms 20 hours ago.
Temperature at 38.
5 degrees Celsius.
Eight hours later, a rash emerged on the tongue and in the mouth.
I expect the pustular rash period to begin within the next ten to 12 hours.
It's astonishing.
If I'm understanding this correctly, they have significantly reduced the incubation and prodrome periods.
Meaning what? Well, with hemorrhagic smallpox, the time between exposure and death is typically This version of the virus reduced that to three days.
So, what kind of impact would that have on an outbreak? Monumental.
The disease would spread faster and more efficiently than we could mobilize the vaccine.
You know the man talking-- does he ever appear on camera? Nah, we've gone through everything.
He only narrates, never shows up on screen.
Still, there's something about him.
What's that? Well, I feel like I know that voice.
He sounds familiar to me, but I can't place him.
Maybe it's not the first video he's made.
Hey, buddy, why don't you, uh, grab a cup of coffee, huh? All right, thanks.
This is Marku, Comescu's driver.
You don't look so bad after all that, huh? Doc says you got a couple of fractures, minor concussion, but you're gonna be out of here in no time.
You know what we call that here in Hawaii? Pomaika'i.
Good luck.
Yeah, but you know what they say about luck.
I'm not afraid of you.
Well, you shouldn't be afraid of me.
'Cause I am a very nice guy.
But this This you should be afraid of.
What is that? I don't have any idea what it is.
We found it in that lab of yours.
We want to test it out now.
See, I like that.
Very scientific.
You're American police officers.
You can't do anything to me.
Well, I'm certainly not gonna tell anybody.
Are you gonna tell anyone? Not me.
All right, that's settled.
Where's Comescu? Screw you.
Marku, so hostile.
Hey, what? Wait, wait, wait.
Take it out.
Take it out! I got it stopped.
I'm gonna take it out.
Just tell us where Comescu is.
I-I don't know where he is.
I swear.
All right, we're back in the building.
How much of the virus did he take with him? Stop! Nine vials, okay? Take it out.
Okay, okay, who's he selling it to? A-All I know is the buy is going down today.
International Market Place.
But, uh, s-s-something is wrong.
What? When Dracul got there to pick up the product, everyone was dead.
All the patients, shot in the head.
And you expect us to believe that you didn't kill those men? It wasn't us.
I swear to you! I swear.
Wait! The doctor the doctor was gone.
What doctor? Give us a name.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I swear! Please, take it out! It's coming; I can't.
Wait! Relax, relax, buddy.
It is vitamin B-12.
It is supposed to aid in healing.
You'll be fine.
The buyers are Chechen rebels from the Ingushetia Regiment.
Our office is sending pictures.
They blew up a bus stop in Moscow last year.
You know what would make this perfect? If there was more people here; I mean, if we're gonna have a biological disaster, why don't we go big, you know? Why do you dress like that? You're in Hawaii.
It's my style.
It's not a style.
It's a bad habit.
How's it looking, G? No sign of Dracul yet.
I should have been the one questioning that driver.
Hey, even your partner thought that was a bad idea, Agent Callen.
We just got photos of the Chechens.
We got Deni Islamov, Sergei Aminev.
Kono, what's the bird's-eye view? Not yet.
Hold on.
Here we go.
The Chechens are near Aina Alley, northwest corner of the market.
Danny, you and Sam are closest.
They're coming toward you right about now.
All right, there they are.
Let's go.
Hold on.
There's Comescu.
He's over by the jewelry vendors.
I got him.
He's not carrying anything.
Where are the smallpox vials? The buy already happened.
If it did, the smallpox is in that bag, Well, then we got to take them now; let's go.
Hey, how you doing, man? Come on, Frankie.
Take a walk.
Oh, Frankie, baby, you got to lay off the mai-tais.
Don't move.
All right, Chechens are in custody.
The cash is still with them.
The buy hasn't happened yet; I repeat: The buy is still in play.
That's Dracul's bodyguard.
Vials must be in the case.
They're getting spooked.
We got to move on this.
All right, we're moving in.
Dracul Comescu, hold it right there.
Get down! Down! Down! Chin? Chin, what's going on? Chin? Comescu's running.
Get down now! Kono, you got eyes on them? Stand by.
He's near the food vendors.
I don't see Comescu; I think they split up.
There's Dracul.
Chin, behind you! Freeze! Five-O! I will kill her.
Let her go.
Drop your weapon now or she dies.
Let her go! All right.
I'm dropping my weapon, all right? I'm dropping my weapon.
Nice shot, cuz! No sign of the briefcase.
Comescu must have it.
Move! Freeze! It's over.
You set down the case.
Well, well, Agent Callen.
You come all this way to see me? I'm honored.
Don't flatter yourself.
I came for the weather.
You want to get off this island alive, set down the case and you step away.
You you destroyed my life! Right back at you.
Hands where I can see them! Sa mori tu! You all right? We just recovered every missing vial of smallpox.
So, yeah, I'm good.
I wasn't talking about the smallpox.
I know.
Can I have that hot sauce? Here comes the seafood course.
And after that, the second seafood course.
And save some room for dessert.
Please, you got to stop.
Honestly, I'm going to burst.
Positive thinking, brah.
You can do it.
Thank you for the Shrimp Truck swag, Kamekona.
Think you're gonna have to give yours to Hetty.
That's looking a little small.
Brah, how much you lift? Much as you need me to.
I'd still kick your ass though.
Of that I have no doubt, Kamekona.
All right.
Well, I can see the attraction of living here.
Yeah, it kind of grows on you.
That's the nicest thing Danny ever said about this place.
I didn't mean it.
I got it.
What's Winifred? That's your car's name.
You want to name my car Winifred? It's a good name.
- It's a terrible name.
- I like it.
It's classy.
Sounds like somebody's grandmother.
I want to do something nice.
Something simple like, um Misty.
How about Misty? That's a stripper name.
I'm okay with that.
It's Winifred.
Winnie for short.
You're welcome.
That's horrible.
Hey, Kono, what's up? You on your way here? I just got off the phone with Dr.
Dusek from CDC.
The vials you recovered from Comescu did not contain smallpox.
Hold on.
What are you talking about? They were saline.
The virus is still out there.
Comescu thought that it was smallpox, okay? He was ready to break the thing open in public just to expose Callen.
Somebody had to switch the vials.
I think I know who.
The doctor who was running the experiment.
Don't move, okay? Come on.
We got to go.
His name is Dr.
Jarrod Prodeman.
He's a formerly highly respected epidemiologist.
I was able to match his voice from the experiment video with some old lectures posted online.
Why formerly respected? Well, evidently he was disgraced after he faked some data to obtain a research grant, and he hasn't been able to work since.
So he decides to start making biological weapons.
So Comescu gets the smallpox in Russia, gives it to Prodeman to modify, but Prodeman double-crosses him and keeps it for himself.
But why double-cross the guys he's working for? Maybe he found another buyer.
Hold on.
Hey, guys, don't come to HQ.
TSA has Prodeman booked on a flight departing for Los Angeles in 15 minutes.
Send a picture of Prodeman to TSA, tell them to ground that plane, but do not to move on him until we get there, okay? We've grounded the flight for maintenance.
Uh, the passengers are waiting here at the gate.
Your guy checked in several hours ago, but we haven't been able to locate him.
I don't see him.
We'll make him come to us.
Excuse me Marcy.
Uh, I need you to page one of your passengers and offer him a first-class seat.
Could you do that, please? Uh, sure.
His name is Jarrod Prodeman.
Attention in the gate area, will Passenger Jarrod Prodeman please come to the desk regarding a seat upgrade? That's not Dr.
I'm Jarrod Prodeman.
I got your upgrade over this way, buddy.
Come on.
You're not Prodeman.
Who are you? Uh What, you got to think of your answer? No, I Benjamin Gallagher.
I-I knew this was a bad idea.
No, no, no, Benji, traveling under a false identity is a fantastic idea.
Where's Prodeman? I don't know.
You got his ticket! Is he a buddy of yours? Look, I never met the guy before.
He came up to me at the gate and asked me to switch flights with him.
Right, and I'm sure you did it just out of the kindness of your heart.
Well, that and he-he gave me $500.
He had some sob story about his girlfriend being on an earlier flight.
She was scared to fly without him.
He was traveling with a woman? Yeah.
Uh, the game was on at the bar, and I figured, you know, do the guy a solid, make a little money.
Is that so bad? What flight was he on? Eric, I need Hetty to send a team to LAX right now.
Hanalei Air Flight 792.
Passenger traveling under the name of Benjamin Gallagher.
I'll call you back.
What's up? We got a problem.
What's that? Flight landed in Los Angeles five minutes ago.
Okay, okay.
So our suspect is on the mainland with nine vials of smallpox.

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