Hawaii Five-0 s02e22 Episode Script

Ua Hopu (Caught)

We've got Osaka police covering the perimeter, but our best bet is to take the target down on site.
Make no mistake, he will be armed and he will do whatever it takes to avoid capture, even if that means using civilians for cover.
Gentlemen, I've been hunting this man for two years now.
I can tell you with the utmost certainty that he would rather die than be taken alive.
We got one shot at this.
Everybody good to go? Let's move.
On the floor right now! Show me your hands! Keep your hands where I can see them.
Get on the floor.
Get on the floor.
Clear! Cuff him.
Bedroom's clear.
I've been expecting you, McGarrett.
All clear.
But there's something back there you need to see, Commander.
Who was that? Huh? Was that Shelburne? Who'd you kill, you son of a bitch?! - Hey.
- Hi.
Come on in.
Breakfast is here.
Breakfast can wait.
Yeah? Yeah.
You don't have to be at work in a while, right? Oh, I think that's mine.
No, it's me.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
When? I understand.
Look, uh, I'm about to head into a meeting.
I'll talk to you later.
Whoa-whoa-whoa, hey-hey-hey-hey.
You don't have to go yet, right? What's wrong? Well, you're about to head into a meeting.
What was I supposed to say, I'm in bed with a cop? No.
We can't even go out to dinner.
And we have to sneak off to a hotel every time we want to be together.
Look, you got a better idea? I mean, I don't see you, uh, rushing to tell Chin about us.
- Or Five-O.
- I want to.
But you don't.
Because you know they'd look at me and see one thing: Hiro Noshimuri's son.
Heir apparent to the head of the Yakuza.
They won't see that if you're clean.
I'm getting there.
Our hotels on the North Shore are entirely legit now.
But it doesn't happen overnight.
I have to take it one business at a time.
I know.
I just want to be with you.
I want that, too.
Sumi masen.
I want that blood run through every database you can find.
Sasaki, there was a phone.
I saw it on the table when we made entry.
We got it.
Hey, guys, the phone that was on the table? It's a burner.
All right.
Detective Williams.
Detective Williams.
Long time, partner.
What the hell is the matter with you?! Where the hell have you been? Been looking for Joe and Shelburne.
Didn't you get my letter? I explained.
No, no, no, you didn't explain.
You didn't explain anything.
You just left me a letter, and then you took off.
Okay, I didn't take off.
You're making it sound like I was on the run.
Why you angry? I'm not angry.
Oh, you sound angry.
I'm not angry, okay? I was worried, and now I'm concerned.
That's all.
Well, uh, I appreciate your concern.
Thank you, but I'm fine.
Well, you don't sound fine, okay? You sound like you're stressed out.
Tell me something.
Did you find Joe? No.
But I think I might've found Shelburne.
What do you mean "you think"? You either found him or you did not find him.
It's one or the other.
It's complicated.
All right with the secrecy.
Okay? I don't need it right now.
I mean, did you just call me to not tell me what's going on with you? No.
I called you to tell you that I'm in Osaka and I have Wo Fat in custody.
All right? You Way to bury the lead, buddy.
Danny, I know that I owe all of you an explanation, and you're gonna get it, okay? But right now, I need your help.
Are Chin and Kono around? Yeah.
Hold on, Steve.
Steve's in Japan.
He needs our help.
Oh, and as a side note, he arrested Wo Fat.
Go ahead.
What do you need, Steve? We're worried about you.
Are you okay? I'm okay.
I'll be home soon.
And I'm bringing Wo Fat in.
How'd you get him? I was in Osaka tracking Shelburne when I heard chatter about Wo Fat.
So I coordinated with Interpol, got a lock on his location, we executed a raid.
Oh, you make it sound very easy.
It was too easy.
That's what I don't like.
Wo Fat surrendered himself.
That's definitely too easy.
I found a phone.
It was used to call a number in Honolulu 17 times in two days-- I want to know who he was calling.
You have the number? All right, the phone's on, getting a signal.
Looks like Kewalo Basin.
Okay, we're all over it, babe.
Just be careful, okay? I don't know what Wo Fat's up to, but he wanted me to find this phone.
I don't want you walking into an ambush.
Hey, listen, we will be fine.
Just do me a favor: Take care of your own six.
Sorry, did you say "six"? Okay, I've been gone way too long.
You're starting to sound like me.
I know, I know, and it just made me want to throw up.
Can you hurry back, please? Yeah.
Roger that.
We've got a body.
Phone's still on her.
Looks like she was the one Wo Fat was calling.
She got a shot off.
Who is she? Anna Douglas.
Look at that.
She worked for the State Department.
So, what is she doing taking calls from Wo Fat? She was dirty.
Either that, or the United States government's been doing business with an international fugitive.
Danny, what do you got? We followed up the phone calls that Wo Fat was making.
We found a dead woman with State Department credentials.
Her name is Anna Douglas, and apparently she worked for Cultural Affairs.
Out of D.
? Yeah.
Uh, the body's on the way to Max right now.
Kono and Chin are gonna follow up.
What was she doing in Hawaii? I don't know; I have no idea.
I put a call in to TSA; They said in the past year, she's travelled to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.
Sounds more like CIA than Cultural Affairs.
Yeah, I was figuring the same thing.
Why would Wo Fat be in contact with a CIA agent? I have no idea, but the CIA has a field office here; I'm gonna head over to the Federal Building in a minute and find out.
All right, keep me posted.
All right, so, uh, what's up; you get a chance to interrogate Wo Fat yet? Sorry, Danny, that's classified.
It's classified? Is that a joke? Are you kidding me? No, I'm not kidding.
Okay, uh, well, when are you bringing him back? I can't tell you that either, Danny; I can't tell you these things over an unsecured line, you understand? It's a security issue.
Okay, you know what I think? I think that you think that saying stuff like that is cool.
It's not cool; It's actually the opposite of cool.
You know what? Danny Forget it.
I don't care when Well, no, I care.
I'm just gonna find out myself, okay? I will track your plane.
No, you won't.
We're coming in dark.
Dark, huh? Yes, dark, as in off the radar, dark.
I-I know what dark means, okay? Is that really necessary, though? It's protocol, Danny; I'm sorry but I can't answer your questions right now.
Okay, I got to go.
Well, I got an easy one.
All right? What are you wearing? You know what, don't answer it.
I'm sure it's top secret, so I will take a guess.
Cargo pants.
Good-bye, Daniel.
I know we were both in Osaka looking for the same thing.
Is that who was in the bathtub? Unfortunately, Shelburne continues to elude us both.
Is that right? What about Anna Douglas? She's dead, isn't she? You know she is.
Question is why would you have a CIA agent killed? What was she to you? Let's just say Agent Douglas is the reason you're here.
Hey, Max, I got your message.
Find anything interesting? My finding are always of interest to me.
Few people comprehend the confessional nature of autopsies.
They allow the body to reveal a treasure trove of secrets even when the cause of death appears to be quite evident.
Is that your way of saying a bullet didn't kill Anna Douglas? What? No, even the untrained eye can see the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the frontal lobe.
Max, why are we here? Because of this.
It's the bullet that I extracted from the victim.
What about it? Notice the gold-colored flakes around the tip.
Do you think it was a custom load? Quite possibly.
I haven't heard of anyone - on the Island using gold.
- Yeah, neither have I.
Unfortunately, this is beyond my area of expertise.
However, I do know someone who is quite familiar with the current ballistic trends among the criminal element.
You do? I appreciate your position, Detective Williams, but I'm afraid I can neither conform nor deny Miss Douglas's affiliation with the agency.
You appreciate my position? Is that, uh, is that a joke? Now, if there's nothing else No, no, no, there is something else, Agent Kendricks, I am not done.
All right, I am investigating a homicide.
I don't know if you heard me, but one of your agents has been murdered.
I can't help you, Detective.
Okay, listen, uh, I know about the plane that's coming in dark.
A plane coming in dark? You do realize those only exist in spy thrillers, right? Oh, no, I know for a fact that they exist in real life along with black helicopters.
Those exist, too.
Hey, hey, hey, listen to me.
Whether or not you care to acknowledge it, the fact is Anna Douglas was murdered.
And I can't figure out why you don't want to help me find the person who did it.
Are you going to leave on your own, or do I need to call security? You know, I, uh, I can also take this to the governor's office, if you'd like.
Oh, you do that.
The press, I'm sure that they'd like to hear about something like this.
Detective Williams, you need to leave.
That's security? Okay.
Hey, why are we landing? We're still 50 miles out of Honolulu.
Please take your seat, Commander.
No, what the hell is going on? Why are we landing this plane? Commander McGarrett, sit down.
Everything okay, Commander? Yeah, it's fi Hey, you, uh, you the one who sent me that text? - Yes.
- Oh.
Okay, not exactly what I was expecting.
Really? You want 007, you got to see a movie.
You want information, I'm afraid you're stuck with me, kid.
Okay, fair enough.
Uh, who are you and what are you doing here? Let's just say I'm a friend in the CIA.
A friend? Okay, that still doesn't answer my questions.
Well, it's the only answer you're gonna get.
Now, do you want information about Wo Fat and Agent Douglas or not? - Yes, so Anna Douglas was CIA? - Yes.
She was working with Wo Fat.
Working with Wo Fat how? Wo Fat has a long history with the CIA.
He does? Over the past 15 years, Wo Fat has negotiated arms deals between the U.
and certain organizations.
Organizations that we've since disavowed.
That's great.
That's amazing.
The CIA is in bed with a murderous psychopath, whose body count includes the governor of Hawaii.
Hindsight is twenty-twenty.
You got to understand, foreign policy is a game of shifting alliances.
Sometimes, you get into bed with people you shouldn't.
That's good.
So, now what? He has information.
The people he can bring down are powerful.
They'd rather him kept quiet.
Agent Douglas was his handler within the agency.
Handler? What does that mean? It means she can make all the charges against him go away.
So, what, she's his get out of jail free card? Exactly.
Then why would he have her killed? He may not have killed her.
He may have gotten her killed.
Meaning the wrong person found out - that she was helping him out.
- Maybe.
The only thing I'm certain is that it's not just a coincidence that Agent Douglas wound up with a bullet in her head on the same day that Wo Fat was being extradited from Japan.
I agree.
Listen, if this thing is going down, I need to know when and where that plane is landing.
Now, can you track it? Can you help me with that? I can't promise anything.
Plane is coming in dark, but I'll try.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, how do I get in touch with you? You don't.
Where were you last night, cuz? I called you twice.
What are you, my father? Things are getting serious between you and this new guy, aren't they? You ever gonna introduce us? Yeah, one of these days.
Excuse me.
Can you tell us where to find Charlie? Thanks.
Hey, excuse me, Charlie? I'm Charlie.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Our friend Max told us you might be able to answer a couple questions for us.
Max should know better than to send a couple of cops to talk to me.
Yeah, well, we're actually just looking for a little information.
What's this? We were hoping you could tell us.
We pulled that slug out of a woman's head.
See the gold bits? We're wondering if you know where a custom load like that might come from.
Well, it's not a custom load.
It's a custom piece, gold-plated.
The gold flakes are from the barrel-- they shoot out with the load.
Who's using them? Most people don't use them; They're just for show.
Gold-plated handguns have become popular tokens of appreciation within a certain segment of our Asian population.
Can you be more specific? The Yakuza.
Doesn't make any sense.
The Yakuza hasn't been in bed with Wo Fat since before Hiro Noshimuri disappeared.
Things change.
What are you doing? Calling Danny.
I'm gonna let him know we're gonna pay Adam Noshimuri a visit.
Get up! Get up! They're coming for you, aren't they? That's not gonna happen.
Let's go.
My client is a legitimate businessman.
I'm sure Mr.
Noshimuri has an alibi for the time of the murder.
I'm sure he does.
But everyone in this room knows his business is anything but legitimate.
You are fishing, Lieutenant.
Your client is the acting head of the Yakuza on this island.
We have evidence that Agent Douglas was murdered with a Yakuza weapon.
That makes you a person of interest.
You seem to have me confused with my father, Lieutenant Kelly.
Even if what you believe is true, why would Mr.
Noshimuri want to kill a CIA agent? To score points with Wo Fat.
Wo Fat is the last person Hiro's son would take orders from.
Look, it's no secret that Wo Fat wanted your father dead.
It's what drove him to fake his own death and go into hiding in the first place.
Wo Fat came to you with a proposition: You order a Yakuza hit on a CIA agent, and, in exchange, your father gets to come out of hiding.
That's quite a theory.
But despite what you believe, the truth is, my father's dead.
You're a good liar, I'll give you that.
Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Okay, that's enough.
You've had your fun.
Let's go.
It's time to harass somebody else.
What, you hurt yourself, Mr.
Lansing? Let me help you with that.
Good-bye, Lieutenant.
Did you see that? The way Lansing moved when we were leaving? Not really, no.
He winced when he reached out to open the door.
Okay, so he winced.
Big deal.
Come on, you can do better than that.
He's injured.
Remember the shell casing at the scene? Agent Douglas fired her weapon.
She clipped him.
Lansing isn't a triggerman, Chin, he's a lawyer.
No, he's a Yakuza enforcer with a fancy suit and a law degree.
Everything that I've heard is that Adam Noshimuri is working to clean up the family's holdings.
You don't really believe that, do you, Kono? Don't be fooled by the Ivy League front.
Just because Hiro Noshimuri is capable of murdering a CIA agent, it doesn't mean that Adam is.
Why are you defending him? I'm not.
I just don't think we should be jumping to conclusions.
Steve, it's me, again.
Please call me back as soon as you get this.
Huh? All right, bye.
Get in! What's up with the plane? You don't talk much, do you? You're pretty chatty when it comes to Shelburne.
Shelburne murdered my father.
Ah, well, you sanctioned my father's execution, so I know exactly how you feel.
Then why don't you kill me? Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Let's go.
Go! Okay.
What am I doing here? You're being advised that the investigation into Agent Douglas's death is closed.
"Agent Douglas.
" Okay, so you admit that she is CIA.
That's a moot point.
Her body's gone.
It's gone? What do you mean, it's gone? Disappeared.
Like the shell casing you found at the scene, the autopsy report-- everything.
This case is closed because it was never opened to begin with.
Do you think I'm just gonna go along with that, genius? You don't have a choice.
Yes, yes, I do have a choice.
Okay, more importantly than that, how do you group of morons think that you're gonna keep this quiet when Wo Fat gets here, huh? What makes you think anyone's bringing him in? Because I know for a fact that he's on a plane right now.
Yeah, well, that plane doesn't exist.
Listen to me.
Uh, if anything happens to that plane, I promise you, I'm find you and I'm gonna kill you, okay? Don't be ridiculous.
We're the good guys.
Yeah, you're the good guys.
What did, what did you do, good guys? Huh? Nothing.
All we have to do is wait and let nature take its course.
Adam? Adam? Adam, are you in here? Hey, Kono.
Why did you ask me to come here? I didn't want anyone to see us.
We need to talk.
Yeah, I'm sorry about today.
I didn't know what to do.
I know.
Look, I need you to believe that I didn't have anything to do with that murder.
I want to believe you.
I didn't order it, and none of my people would've acted without my consent.
Are you sure? What about Lansing? Ted? No.
No, he No, he was loyal to my father and he's loyal to me.
He would never do something like that.
It's just if Wo Fat offered you a trade-- the CIA agent for your father-- I need to know.
I told your cousin, and I'll tell you-- my father is dead.
I know he's in hiding.
I know he faked his death.
You don't know.
Adam, don't lie to me.
I'm not here as a cop.
I'm here because I care about you.
It's not a lie! Look in the box.
Just-just look in the box.
Oh, my God.
There were five more boxes just like that.
Different pieces.
Wo Fat sent them to me.
And you're sure it's Oh, Adam.
My father-- he stopped taking orders from Wo Fat and paid with his life.
Now you understand the Yakuza is not in league with Wo Fat.
Adam, why are you here? What are you gonna do? It's nothing you need to know about.
Okay? You're bringing Wo Fat here, aren't you? I need you to go now, Kono.
I'm not going anywhere.
This is something I have to do.
Adam you're scaring me.
Listen to me.
You are not your father.
You don't have to do this.
I'm not letting you.
I'm not letting you.
Don't-don't What are you doing? I'm sorry.
Let's go say hello.
Stop or I'll kill him! What was that?! Those men are Yakuza, and they're not here to save me, they're here to kill me.
You could've told me the part about them wanting you dead a little earlier.
You wouldn't have believed me.
Yeah, well, I do now.
What'd you do to piss off the Yakuza, anyway? I killed Hiro Noshimuri.
Well, that would do it.
We're outnumbered, seven to two.
This makes it seven to one.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up! Up! Get in.
Get in.
Put your hands behind the seat.
Kono! Kono, stand back! I'm coming in! Hold on, hold on.
All right, hold tight.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Listen to me.
Steve's in danger.
Adam knows he has Wo Fat-- he's gonna intercept the transport, bring Wo Fat back here.
He's gonna torture him and then kill him.
We need to find Danny.
Was he able to track down Steve's plane? No.
I don't know where he is; He's not answering his cell phone.
Listen, do you know where Noshimuri went? No.
I can track his number.
I have his private cell number.
I was gonna tell you.
Let's talk about it later; We got to go.
Friends like you, you know? Shut up.
There's still time for you to help your friend McGarrett.
What the hell are you talking about? He's coming into Dillingham Airfield with Wo Fat.
Not in a plane, in a copter.
How do you know Just listen.
You're gonna take this gun, you're gonna crack me over the head with it, and you're gonna go out that door.
There'll be a guard halfway down the hall.
He'll have his back to you.
You're gonna go straight down that hall, you're gonna hang a left into the bathroom.
The third stall window will be open.
You'll go down, you head east.
There'll be a Chevy Impala parked on the street, keys in it.
Use it.
You got 13 minutes.
Why are you doing this? Anna Douglas was a good friend of mine.
Come on, kid.
Make it look good.
Hit me.
- Adam, what are you doing here? - Next time you steal one of my helicopters, you should disable the GPS.
Listen, I know what he did, okay, but this is not the way.
This isn't your fight, McGarrett-- I don't want to hurt you.
I'm taking him to jail, Adam-- he's going to prison, and he's gonna rot there.
It's not enough! Take them both out now and be done with it.
Do it now.
There's no time.
Hey, hey, Five-O.
Hands up.
Put down your weapons.
Put down your weapons.
You little coward.
I cleared the way.
I made it easy for you.
You're still too weak to finish the job.
What are you talking about? Anna Douglas? Why? She could've helped him disappear.
I did what I had to do.
Adam please put the gun down.
Look at me.
Aw, you son of a bitch.
Police! Stay where you are, drop the weapons! Freeze! Tell your men to drop their weapons! Drop your weapons! Police! Drop your weapons! See? I knew it.
Cargo pants.
Book 'em, Danno.
You could've just said hello.
Huh? Come here.
You don't write, you don't call.
We missed you.
It's good to be home.
It's good to have you back.
You all right? I'm good, I'm good.
Did you miss me? Nice timing.
Yeah, it was a nice entrance.
You're a mess.
Yeah, yeah.
You should take a good look.
This is where you're gonna die.
Perhaps not.
Cage him.

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