Hawaii Five-0 s03e03 Episode Script

Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift)

What are you doing? You got something? No, no, I don't have anything.
I told you, if we want to catch anything today, Danny, we got to trawl.
No, no, no, trawling is not fishing.
That is you just driving around in the boat, just like you driving my car.
Time out.
I thought the mission today was to get you your first tuna.
Why does everything have to be a mission? Our goal was to help you catch an eye.
There's no goal, there's no mission.
We are just fishing.
What that means is, we relax, we have a couple of laughs.
Maybe we catch a fish, maybe we do not.
All right, well, this right here-- this is called sitting on a boat and not catching anything, just so you know.
Fine, okay, well, that's where the beer comes in.
Few laughs, pretend we're friends.
Right? That's all.
All right, what now? What now? We talk, you know, shoot the breeze.
Okay, shoot.
Uh, any word on your mother? No, she's still on the Island somewhere.
Doing what? I don't know, I got lines out.
One of those lines Catherine? Maybe.
That's good, your girlfriend checking up on your mother.
That, that should turn out very well.
Okay, first of all, she's not my girlfriend, and second of all, she's not checking on my mother.
She using her contacts in Naval Intel to locate my mother.
Okay, nobody's going to know.
Oh, n-no, no, no, y-your mother is a spy and a woman.
She will know, trust me.
That's a good point.
Let me ask you another question.
What is it with Navy SEALs? They're not allowed to have girlfriends? I mean, how would you characterize your relationship? Well, we-- I mean, she's-- w-we have a thing.
A thing, yes, you have a thing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's called a girlfriend, who, by the way, you're asking to spy on your mother.
Not spy-- locate, Danny.
Spy, locate-- they're different.
You have any idea where she's at? No idea at all.
I'm doing everything I can to find her, but, you know, my mother was a highly trained spy for 20 years and she managed to stay hidden that whole time, so she's not gonna make it easy for us.
What about your sister? I mean, I haven't told her.
What am I gonna say? I haven't told her yet.
That should be an interesting conversation.
Oh! Oh! Oh, oh! Oh, oh! Okay, okay, set the hook.
Set the hook, Danny, jam it All right, set.
Okay, set the hook, set it.
I got it.
I'm setting it, I'm setting it.
Set the hook! Release the drag a little bit.
All right, would you stop with the backseat fishing? Okay, just keep the pressure on.
Stop! Can I have something of my own? Get the gaffe.
Keep the pressure on it.
Just get the gaffe.
All right, good job.
I got it! I see color, I see color, Danny.
It's a tuna, buddy.
Hey, tuny.
It's a tuna! It's a tuny fish, you son of a tuny fish! A tuna, Danny.
Huh?! Yeah! All right, go ahead, take another one.
You got to smile.
I'm not going to smile.
That's not very manly.
Come on.
I know a guy who stuffs and mounts these.
You know, I don't think I'm a dead-fish-on-the- wall kind of guy.
This is gonna be dinner; I'm gonna have Kamekona cook us up a feast.
It's gonna be great.
What? Look at that.
What? It's a boat.
A boat in the ocean-- go figure.
It's a guy in a dinghy.
He looks like he's in trouble.
Hey, hey, over here! All right, we're gonna go take a look.
Hey, buddy, you okay? Boy, I'm glad to see you guys.
What happened? I ran out of gas.
Here, we'll give you a ride, all right? That would be awesome.
All right, grab that.
All right.
Hey, looks like you're bleeding.
What happened, buddy, you cut yourself? Yeah, yeah, uh, trying to fix the motor.
Tiny little dinghy like that is not exactly designed for open water like this.
What were you doing out this far? I need to borrow your boat.
Hey, hey, hey, listen to me, you don't want to do this, trust me.
I said I need to borrow your boat.
I am not going to ask twice.
You have two seconds to jump in the water, or one of you is gonna be shark chum.
Now! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Danny, I need you to hold this right here.
Hold it tight.
Let go.
It's all right? That should slow the leak.
How much time is this going to buy us? That's not gonna hold forever.
We're in a boat, a leaky boat.
Sounds like sinking to me, Steve.
Technically it's a dinghy, but we're not sinking, okay? I stand corrected.
We are stranded in a slowly leaking dinghy.
We're not stranded.
Hey, Steve, I don't know if you noticed, but we're in the middle of the ocean, okay? How, how is that not stranded? Are you done? No, I'm not done.
In fact, I haven't got started yet, and as of today, I am done helping people in boats, specifically ones with guns.
Okay, I have been there and I have done that.
Okay, I'm sorry about the gun.
I didn't see the gun, but I thought the guy was in trouble.
He was in trouble, Steve, and now he's not 'cause he's got our boat.
You owe me a cell phone.
Why don't you sit there and keep complaining while I figure a way out of this? All right? Fine.
Just please do me one little favor and tell me we have gas, please.
Negative, we do not have gas.
Why did you do that? It was busted.
You could have fixed it.
You could have snapped some technical Navy SEAL know-how on it and fixed it.
Maybe, but we were out of gas, okay, and it was weighing us down.
But we have rope.
Martha Stewart, please do me a favor.
Tell me how macramé is going to help save us right now.
I'm tying a tow rope.
Oh, good, 'cause now all we need is a tow or a phone to call one with.
Just tell me which way is land.
That way.
What are you doing? What am I doing? I'm exercising.
What does it look like I'm doing? I'm paddling.
Save your energy; I'm gonna tow us.
Okay? How are you gonna tow us? We are miles away from land.
Huh? Just relax, Danny, I've done it before.
Oh, you've done it before? Oh, I see, 'cause you like this, huh? This is fun for you.
You enjoy this.
This is a challenge for you, right? A skills test.
Be all you can be and all that crap.
Huh? That's the army.
All right.
Hold on.
Hold on, just stop for one second.
What am I going to do? This is what you do.
I want you to bail.
Okay, take this.
Okay, but hol-hold.
Uh, it's a dinghy, right, so, like, it can't sink.
Just bail.
Think of it as busywork to keep your mind off the situation.
What's the situation? There is no situation.
We're gonna be fine, just trust me.
Trust you, trust you, trust you.
Hey, I was happy sitting at home on my couch in my underwear, watching the Jets, okay, but, no, you wanted me to catch a tuny fish.
You got to admit, it was just a little bit fun reeling in that big fish, though, huh? Huh? Yes, it was.
Wasn't it good? It was fun, it was fun.
Huh? But the, uh, the boatjacking-- not so much fun.
Start bailing.
Hey! What the hell was that? What? Something just bumped into the boat-- sorry, the dinghy.
What do you mean, something? Something.
Steve, there's something in the water.
There's something out there.
Come on, come on! Get in the boat.
What are you doing? Come on.
Steve, it's a shark! Get out of the water! Come on, come on, hurry up! McGarrett.
Leave a message.
Steve, it's Catherine.
I'm at the club.
Where are you? It's right behind you, get in the boat.
Get in the boat.
Come on, come on, get back in the boat.
Come on, come on!! It's a dinghy.
It's a dinghy, huh? Even in the face of death, you are annoying.
Where'd he go? Whoa.
That's a tiger shark, man.
Tiger shark? Yeah.
Oh, no big deal, then, right? Have you seen Shark Week? I don't want to be on Shark Week.
All right, if that thing gets near you, you punch it in the nose.
Trust me.
I'm not gonna punch it in the nose.
That's what you're supposed to do.
Otherwise it eats your hands.
I'm telling you, I know this stuff.
Not gonna disrespect this animal by provoking it.
Please, please don't get all Island on me now, okay? Besides, I'm cramping up bad, man.
I need a rest.
Right now we take a break, we wait.
Wait, wait for what? For the huge tiger shark to go away, Danny.
Then we stick to the plan.
Trust me, it's going to be a long wait.
What, you're a shark expert now? No, I am an expert on McGarrett the danger magnet.
Oh, this is my fault? Who else on the planet Earth could turn a nice, relaxing day of fishing into a boatjacking and a shark encounter? I'm a danger magnet? Let me tell you something.
It's your negative attitude.
Oh, I see.
I see.
So the shark could sense my negative attitude? Sharks can sense fear, just like dogs.
We are in a leaking dinghy in the middle of the ocean.
Of course I'm scared! Hey, it's water, Danny.
It's just water.
With tiger sharks and riptides and all kinds of other stuff to make you dead.
Not everybody's a Navy SEAL, Steve.
Seriously, Danny, what is your problem with the ocean? Huh? I mean, who hates water? body is water! Well, that explains why I hate people, all right? You are at the top of my list.
Yeah, right now, I'm thinking that shark would be better company.
Then go.
Then go swimming with the tiger shark.
But do me a favor.
If he comes near you, punch him.
I do not want to be the one to tell your sister you ended up man sushi.
No one's gonna be man sushi.
The ocean is fine, the ocean is safe as long as you know what you're doing.
You know, I used to love the ocean, okay? I went to Wildwood every single summer of my life.
My parents would rent a summer house there.
This one summer, my best friend, Billy Selway, he comes with us.
Right? And we had this competition thing going.
Everything-- Frisbee, uh, football, baseball, anything, you name it.
So one day, we we decide to swim out to the buoy and back.
Halfway out there, I get stuck in this really bad riptide, and I I start to panic.
So Billy sees me and he starts to head out to me, but then, halfway out to me, something happens.
He gets stuck in this undertow, and, uh, one minute he's there, one minute he's gone.
I'm sorry, man.
Found his body three miles down the coast.
And I've I've not told that story in a very long time.
Took me moving to Hawaii with my daughter to even get back in the ocean again, so that is why I don't like the water, okay? Oh, oh.
What is that? What is that? It's a yacht.
Sure it's not a dinghy? You're a funny guy.
Hey! Hey! Ho! Over here! Hey! McGarrett.
Leave a message.
Hey, any luck? Nobody at the marina's seen them, and they aren't answering their cell phones, either.
Okay, how late are they? I was supposed to pick them up about three hours ago, so, I'm officially worried.
Were you able to triangulate their cell phones? No.
Both their signals are dead, nonfunctioning.
Did they say where they were going? The only thing I could get out of Steve was that it was some secret spot that his father used to take him to.
He wanted to get Danny his first tuna.
So, they took my uncle's boat, which means I should be able to get a location off the GPS.
Got it.
That's odd.
Didn't Steve ask you to pick him up at the South Shore Sailing Club? Yeah.
Why? According to the GPS, the boat's docked on the North Shore.
What are they doing there? That's it over there.
I'll go talk to the dockmaster.
All right.
Steve? Danny? They wouldn't leave these behind.
Looks like they caught something so we know they were out fishing.
Chin? That looks like blood.
Whose shirt is this? Steve's? Danny's? It could be Steve's.
I'm not sure.
Might not belong to either of them.
But that looks fresh.
We need to check all the local hospitals.
I'll call crime scene down here, have them go over every inch of this boat and figure out what happened.
All right.
So the dockmaster said that the boat was already docked when he got back from lunch.
Any way of finding out who got off of it? No.
Lightning strike took out the security cameras last week.
Well, it doesn't make sense that they would bring the boat back to shore and then disappear.
Maybe they didn't.
Hello! Hello! Doesn't look like anybody's on there.
Hello! I think this dinghy belongs to this boat.
Looks like our boatjacker was on board.
What kind of an idiot would leave this nice boat and go out in the open ocean in that miserable dinghy? Danny.
That's why.
That blood's fresh.
I got more blood.
He's dead.
Answers why our jacker was in the dinghy.
He was fleeing a crime scene.
Looks like our victim was shot three times, close range.
I got a nine millimeter.
Same caliber as our boatjacker.
What are you doing, man? It's a crime scene.
Oh, excuse me.
I will be sure to pack latex gloves next time we go on a fishing trip.
Just preserve the crime scene.
Just just Okay, okay, it's preserved.
All right, Skipper? Please go up there and get this thing started.
Let's cruise back to shore, let's let the crime lab take a look.
That is a great idea.
Thank you.
All righty.
I'm thinking that's not good.
No, it's not good.
What about the radio? It's dead.
Maybe it just shorted out.
The rest of the boat's got power.
I got to check the engines.
Lift that up.
All right.
Both of these engines are seized.
Please tell me you can unseize them.
I'm gonna see what I can do.
So we're still stranded? Yeah, but the good news is, we're stranded on a nicer boat.
That is true.
With a dead guy and no radio, but it is a nicer boat.
This is my fault, too? Huh? I'm just saying.
You're saying.
Just got lab results back on the blood recovered from the shirt you found on the boat.
It doesn't belong to either McGarrett or Danny.
Did you run it through CODIS? I did, but no hits.
Any prints on the boat? Pulled a latent print off the boat's boarding ladder that came back to a guy named Gil Scates.
Does he have a record? No.
Then why are his prints in the system? Gil Scates worked with Safe House Security.
He was employed as a security guard there.
So, I contacted the company and found out that he was recently terminated for improper conduct.
Do me a favor.
Hold that.
Let me ask you a question.
What? Can you actually fix this, or is this, uh, more busywork, like bailing? What did I say to you? I'm-I'm doing my best.
I got to figure out why both of the water intake lines have failed, causing the engines to overheat.
I-I I don't understand.
Expensive boat.
Yeah, it's got all the bells and whistles, but sometimes these new propulsion engines-- they can be tricky, you know? Did you, uh, take another look at the body? Yeah.
I pulled the guy's wallet.
His name is Al Burgess.
Boat registration is in his name, too.
All right.
I don't think we're dealing with a master criminal here.
The shooting was very sloppy.
I got two slugs lodged in the wall.
You think it was self-defense then? Maybe.
I'm thinking, uh, he gets cold feet, he starts to shoot impulsively.
Then he realizes he actually has to finish the job.
Does, comes out here, tries to get the boat running, panics when it won't start, jumps in the dinghy.
Doesn't realize how far out he is.
Yeah, he runs out of gas.
Before he knows it, he's in trouble.
Then he sees us.
Says, "Bing, perfect, I'm saved.
All I got to do is take these guys' boat.
" Gil Scates! Five-O! Clear.
Check this out.
Looks like Gil was in the market for a boat.
He's got everything here but Boating For Dummies.
Not just any boat.
A 38-foot yacht.
Pretty pricey boat for an unemployed security guard.
Unpaid utility bills.
Maybe he was planning on stealing one, and this is his homework.
So, what was he doing with your uncle's boat? You know, seems like a step down.
I mean, everything here is about this one kind of boat.
McGarrett and Danny's fishing trip must have interrupted his plans.
So, Steve, what do you think-- we getting home before Hanukkah? Hey! Over here! Oh, yes! Steve, get up here! It's the Coast Guard.
About time.
Hey! Huh? What did I tell you? Trust me.
Prepare to be boarded Stand down.
Interlace your fingers, put your hands behind your head.
Oh, no.
We're, uh, Five-O.
We're cops.
Show me your badges.
We don't have our badges with us.
Get your hands behind your head.
Now! Okay.
All right.
We've got a dead body below deck, sir.
Uh, I can explain that.
You're under arrest.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
We know.
We know our rights.
This is awesome.
What else wrong do you think could happen? Maybe, if we're lucky, they'll have a trial at sea and they'll make us walk the plank.
Just relax.
Hey, there ain't going to be too many more relaxes, okay? Look at it like this: You're going to have a great story to tell Grace one day.
And the moral of that story is this: Never go deep-sea fishing with a Navy SEAL.
No, no, scratch that.
Never go fishing with you.
Should've used you for bait.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, Commander McGarrett, Detective Williams.
Member of your team verified your credentials.
Well, next time I get forced into the ocean at gunpoint, I'll be sure to have my credentials.
Captain, the yacht-- was it reported stolen? Missing.
The owner's wife called, worried when her husband hadn't returned.
Maybe it had something to do with him being shot.
Again, I apologize.
There's been a rash of boatjackings lately.
We suspect Tongan pirates, so as soon as we got the call about the boat, we just figured they were behind it.
This guy was working alone.
Soon as we return to port, we're going to hand this investigation over to your team, okay? I appreciate it.
Steve, I was so worried.
Thank God you're all right.
Hey, I'm fine.
We were fine.
We were lucky to find that boat, but we were fine.
We were not fine, okay? Tell her about the sharks.
Tell him about the sharks.
Sharks? A shark-- there was one shark.
It wasn't a big deal.
Of course, it was a big deal.
What are you talking about? It was a big deal.
Trust me.
We're back on dry land.
We're safe and sound.
You know, you two need to spend some time apart.
I agree.
I mean, it's Commander McGarrett, Detective Williams, good to have you two back.
It's good to be back on dry land.
Unguent? Excuse me? It's cream for your sunburn.
It contains aloe.
As you know, aloe is naturally soothing to the irritated skin and sunburn.
If you need assistance applying it to your affected areas, then I'm more than happy No, no, I Thank you.
I'm good.
I'm very gentle.
I bet.
Apply liberally.
All right.
Uh, the victim is below deck, aft cabin.
Okay, we preserved the crime scene.
His name is Al Burgess.
Matches the photo his wife sent over.
You said you got something on the suspect.
Guy's name is Gil Scates.
We managed to pull his print off the boat.
That's him.
That's our boatjacker.
He's an unemployed security guard.
When we searched his apartment, we found operator's manuals for a yacht.
We think he might have been planning to steal this boat.
Yeah, well, he botched that, too.
Okay, we find any connection between Al Burgess and Gil Scates? I got Kono asking Al's wife that very question.
Excuse me.
Katie Burgess? Yes.
Officer Kono Kalakaua.
Uh, may we please speak in private? I'm Jenny.
I'm Al's sister.
I asked Jenny to come when I heard.
I hope that's okay.
Of course.
I got so worried when he wouldn't answer my calls.
When did you notify the Coast Guard? Last night.
This is all my fault.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
I wanted him to sell the yacht.
We never used it.
It wasn't even his idea to buy it in the first place.
My brother didn't even know how to swim.
I never told him that I wanted a yacht, Jenny.
Did he say anyone was interested? Yes, a potential buyer.
Did he mention a name? Not that I can remember.
We have reason to believe that this man was on the boat with your husband.
What? This doesn't make any sense.
Do you know him? Yes.
He worked for the security company in this neighborhood, and we've had some problems with him.
Can you be more specific? A couple of months ago, he made inappropriate advances when my husband was away on business.
He was stalking her.
He followed her car.
One night, I caught him looking in the windows.
What did you do? I told my husband.
And he called the security company and he got him fired.
But this doesn't make any sense.
This guy's not going to kill Al just because you told someone that he was a pervert.
Why would your husband take him out on the boat after getting him fired? I don't know.
Did your husband know what Gil looked like? Not that I know of.
Al was away on business when all this happened.
He only knew his name.
Okay, um Do you think that Gil did this to get back at us? That's what we're going to find out.
So, I just reached out to Safe House Security and found out that the Burgesses filed three complaints over the last two months, all against Gil Scates.
Those charges actually got him dismissed.
His supervisor says he was pretty hot about the termination.
Okay, maybe Scates wasn't trying to steal the boat and the wife was right.
Maybe Gil was trying to get back at Al for having him fired.
Well, according to Kono, Katie Burgess said her husband didn't know what Scates looked like, so yeah, that's possible.
Okay, so Al Burgess places an ad for the boat in the Advertiser.
Right, and Gil comes in, calls and, posing as a potential buyer, takes him out to the ocean and puts a bullet in him.
He probably would've taken the boat, but the boat's not working.
Despite everything, he still manages to get away with it.
No, wait a minute-- so he thinks.
Scates doesn't know that Danny and I are alive and found that crime scene.
If Gil believes he got away with murder, he's going to try and blend back in like nothing ever happened.
And that's how we're going to get him.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
When you're ready I'll come over and help with her things.
Thanks, cuz.
How are things with Adam? I haven't seen him for a week.
Uh, he's on a business trip.
What sort of business? He's trying to legitimize his father's business.
That doesn't happen overnight.
Is that what he's telling you? Adam's a good guy, Chin.
Look, I know how you feel about him, and I know what he did for us, but his father was the head of the Yakuza.
It's the family business.
If things get ugly, you are a liability to him.
What are you talking about? 'Cause Adam saved my life, so he's never going to let whatever you're talking about happen.
It's not Adam I'm worried about.
I'm going to get a coffee.
You want one? Look, look I'm sorry.
Five-O! Freeze! Chin? Chin! Kono! Hold on, cuz.
Hang tight.
Chin! Hurry! Chin! Hey.
What took so long? I'm begging you, please, I need a reason.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't bust you in your jaw right now sitting in that chair.
Look, I didn't know you guys were cops.
Oh, okay.
What would you have done differently, genius? Shot us instead of the boat? I am a fellow law enforcement brother.
I have mad respect for you guys.
Shut up.
You are an out-of-work rent-a-cop.
All right, and you got fired for peeping in windows.
I didn't do that.
We are way past pretending here.
Your fingerprints are all over the boat.
Al Burgess got you fired for snooping on his wife, so you lured him out there and you killed him in cold blood.
We argued over the price of the boat, Okay.
and he attacked me.
It was self-defense.
You are an unemployed security guard.
You are three months behind on the rent.
You could not afford a dinghy, let alone that boat.
We know you didn't go out there to buy that boat, so tell us what the hell's going on.
Hey, I just finished processing Al's boat.
The water intake valves were intentionally damaged.
Okay, why would Scates sabotage the boat if he was trying to steal it? I don't know.
But the damage would have gone unnoticed until they were several miles off shore, at which point the engine would have overheated and seized up.
Someone set him up.
I'm thinking that someone could be Katie Burgess.
Our vic's wife? Well, she was the only other person with access to the boat.
Look into both of them.
There's got to be a connection that we're missing.
All right, you got it.
Gil, there was no self-defense.
You deliberately went out on that boat to kill Al Burgess.
It was revenge for losing your job.
See, we know everything.
No, you don't.
Hey, you guys are gonna want to hear this.
All right, so, our suspect and Katie Burgess were in on it together.
What's the link? Good old-fashioned greed.
I ran Al Burgess's phone, and the last call Katie's husband made was to a local law firm.
Let me guess.
He was gonna divorce her.
Yep, and according to the suits, the prenup would've left her with nothing.
Okay, so that's where Gil comes in.
I swear, the prenup, it should be banned.
Okay? It's killed more guys than cancer.
I'd recheck those statistics if I were you.
So Katie stood to inherit millions from her husband's death.
Minus whatever she offered Gil to do the job.
Unless Gil wasn't in it for just the money.
Hey, Gil, it's pretty bad luck getting stuck miles offshore with Burgess's body.
I tried to get the boat going; I don't know what happened.
So, yeah, it was bad luck.
Turns out luck had nothing to do with the boat not working.
Somebody sabotaged that engine and made sure that radio wasn't gonna work.
What? I mean, it was pretty perfect, you being stuck out there with that body.
It's what they call a patsy.
What's a patsy? Well, if you have to ask We think you were set up.
You're wasting your time.
No, somebody talked you into killing Burgess and then made sure you were stranded out there.
You're lying.
No, no, I'll let you see the crime lab report.
The only way you were supposed to get off of that boat after killing Al was in handcuffs.
And there was only one other person who had access to that boat, right? Katie Burgess.
I am curious as to how she sold it to you.
Uh, I mean, what did she say? She says, "You take care of my husband, "and then we will sail off into the sunset together, live happily ever after"? You weren't in love with her, were you? Oh, you were.
Okay, that's understandable.
Love definitely makes you do some crazy things.
Marriage, mortgage, kids.
I personally would draw the line at murder, but I am not a romantic like you, Gilbert.
Katie wouldn't do that.
You're willing to bet the rest of your life in jail on that? Yes? Katie, I need to see you.
The cops just left my house, and they were asking a lot of questions.
I think I bought myself some time, but I don't know how long.
I want to turn myself in.
I want to I'm wanna tell them it was self-defense.
Gil, listen to me.
Of course the police are going to be looking at you.
They're just doing their job.
As long as you didn't leave any evidence behind, you'll be fine.
Now stick to the plan, and don't call me again.
You got it? Jenny.
Who was that? Whoa! Hey! Five-O! Drop the weapon right now.
Right now.
Put it down.
I'm telling you to put it down.
Jenny, listen to him.
She killed my brother.
She's dead.
Okay, the moment you've been waiting for.
Feast's up! Everybody dig in! Danny's first tuna.
Alas, my fishing career is over.
Forever? With you, yes.
But perhaps you'd enjoy bonefishing.
Bonefishing? That, uh, that doesn't sound creepy, Max.
What is that, you and your cut-up-dead- people buddies do what? O'io, as they are called here.
They're the number one saltwater game fish.
You fly fish for them in saltwater flats-- it's quite relaxing.
Does it involve sinking dinghies, boatjacking, or tiger sharks? It's a bit more elegant than deep-sea fishing.
I took Kamekona last week.
- And I barfed the whole time.
- Okay, there you go-- someone who dislikes the water as much as I do.
No, no, no.
I love the ocean.
I just got sick of pulling those hooks out of those poor little fishies.
Yeah, I hear ya.
Hey, that was my job when you were a kid.
Hey, it wasn't 'cause I was scared, cuz.
I let you do it, 'cause you wanted to take care of me.
I still do.
Aw that is so sweet.
To Billy Selway.
Billy Selway.
All right, enough talking; it's poke time.
I was waiting.
I was waiting.
Let's go.
That's excellent.
This is excellent.
This is awesome.
It is really good.
You sure? I'm absolutely positive.
It's really good.
I'll leave this with you, then.
What is this? It's a bill.
I see that it's a bill, but why are you giving it to me? I brought you a fish-- what are you charging me for? My cooking services.
What? Superior life skills.
What is that, like a corkage fee? Exactly.
Oh, cooking what? What'd you cook? It's raw fish.
You didn't cook anything.
All right, you brought me fish, I gave you a meal.
What are you looking at me for? I told you to get it stuffed.
Oh, so you put him up to this? No, I didn't put him up to it.
It's pretty good, though.
Good, then you can pay for half of it.
Cash is good.
I don't take credit.
To Danno's first fish.

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