Hawaii Five-0 s03e04 Episode Script

Popilikia (Misfortune)

A fortune teller.
Let's go in.
Seriously? Come on, don't you want to know what the future holds? Not really.
Okay, well, I do.
Come on.
The Fool? That can't be good.
Not bad, not good.
It just is.
You have eternal optimism for romance.
No matter how many times your heart is broken.
Sounds about right.
And yet, you have difficulty maintaining emotional balance in a relationship.
Okay, two for two.
That's just spooky.
This is because you seek out unavailable, immature partners.
Heard that.
Partners with wandering hearts.
What? I'm mature.
Shall I continue? Yeah.
What? What's wrong? The Death card.
That's mature.
What? Okay, so, what? It represents some sort of an ending or, uh, metaphorical death? It represents death.
Esmerelda sense that death is closing in on you.
So I'm gonna die? Look, is this some sort of a joke or something? Because it's really not funny.
Death is closing in.
Soon, you will feel his touch.
Look how beautiful you are.
Such a handsome boy.
How's your girth, huh? One more.
Handsome boy.
Yes, you are.
All right.
I think you're good.
Shh, you're okay.
It's okay.
Aah! I'm Death and I've come to touch you with my icy fingers.
You idiot.
Couldn't resist.
Yeah, well, you almost gave me a heart attack.
It's okay.
Go give him a hard time out there for me, okay? Think you're good with it.
Hyah! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Mmm, what are you doing? Nothing.
Go back to sleep.
There's something downstairs.
No, no, there isn't.
Come back to What do you think you're doing? There's somebody downstairs.
Which is why you're gonna stay up here where it's safe.
Don't be a caveman.
I'm coming with you.
No, you're not.
Then you're coming with me.
Hey, Cath hey, listen to me, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, come here.
Don't move! Mom? Hi, honey.
What are you doing? Uh, making eggs.
No, I mean, what are you doing here? Stop playing with your gun and come have breakfast.
Do you want orange juice? Good morning, Lieutenant Rollins.
I, uh, hope I wasn't interrupting anything.
I told you it was safer upstairs.
I was just I-I should really No, no, no, no, you should join us, absolutely.
It's no trouble at all.
How do you like your eggs? How do you like your eggs? Oh, no, no, you two want to catch up, and I really have to run, so Briefing at the base.
That's too bad.
Another time then? Absolutely.
See ya.
Ooh, I like her.
Okay, Mom? Mom! Come on, sit down.
Come on.
Mom, I don't want breakfast.
You know, your security system sucks.
Okay, you know what, stop.
Okay? What are you doing here? I never left the island, but I think you already knew that.
Yeah, you persuaded WITSEC to turn the plane around.
I can be very persuasive.
I remember, Mom.
Why'd you do it? I wanted to come home.
Tired of running.
Okay, where have you been for the last few weeks? I just needed some time.
I-I wasn't sure how you'd take this.
Well, you should've told me what the plan was.
Sure, sure, you never would have agreed to it.
No, I probably wouldn't have agreed to it.
See? W-what is this? What are these bags? You're staying? Yeah, is that okay with you? Mom What? Wo Fat is still out there.
Okay? I don't think this is the safest place for you to be right now.
You're worrying too much, you know that? You should get that.
Got it.
So what, she breaks into your house and just starts cooking? Yeah, pretty much.
That's very strange.
Although, she is a McGarrett after all.
Why'd she come back? I don't know, Danny, she says she's tired of running.
Now she's tired of running, after all these years? What happened in the house with Wo Fat? We didn't get that far.
How could you not get that far? Steve, this is a man who's been chasing her for 20 years.
She's got a shot to get him and she doesn't take it? That doesn't seem weird to you? All silence.
That's good.
Both of you.
Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
Hey, guys.
So, the victim's name is Billy Keats.
He was the star player of the Diamond Head Polo Club.
I never knew they had polo on this island? Five clubs.
Why, you a polo fan? Absolutely, it is the sport of kings.
It fits me, doesn't it? Diamond Head Club's owned by Spencer Madsen.
The, uh, the billionaire mogul guy? One and the same.
All these stables, practice fields, all part of the Madsen estate.
Yeah, that's why Keats was up here.
Hey, there's something you should know before you That's the something.
Seriously, I mean, a headless horseman? Come on.
Yeah, so, about that: according to the victim's girlfriend, Keats rode off to the practice field this morning with his head attached.
About half an hour later, the horse returned to the stables, dragging the body, minus the head.
Just got a text from Max.
He found the head.
Oh, gentlemen.
Allow me to introduce you to Mr.
Yeah, we just met the rest of him.
Okay, we got any idea what did this yet, Max? Some kind of sword? That is unlikely.
If you note the precision of the cut as well as the fact that the instrument in question was wielded high in the air.
High enough, to reach our victim while he was straddling a horse.
Ah, so what did it? Well, I believe I have the answer if you allow me to test my hypothesis.
Test, please.
As you can see, the trail of blood indicates the trajectory the victim's head took after being severed.
Working backwards, we can determine that it was at this location where the final blow was struck.
All right, we got a boot print right here.
Can we get a cast? Okay, so, uh, so, what's your theory, Max? Aah! What the hell is that? This is garroting wire.
The placement of which took into account the victim's height, as well as his daily schedule.
Okay, so this is personal.
Whoever strung this wire and killed Billy Keats, was trying to make a statement.
Message delivered.
Loud and clear.
I'd really thought we'd be together forever.
Were you and Billy engaged? Not exactly.
He wasn't ready and neither was I.
Maybe I was.
He just needed some time, you know? We only knew each other a few months.
Billy came to play for the Diamond Head Club mid-season.
He started on a different team.
The Island Blue Club.
Nicole Carr, this is Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams.
They're both Five-O.
Nicole was Billy's girlfriend.
We're, uh, very sorry for your loss.
I still can't believe he's gone.
Just yesterday we were The psychic.
She predicted this.
You saw a psychic that predicted Billy would be decapitated? She said that I'd be touched by death and I thought that she meant I was gonna die but she meant Billy.
She meant that I would be touched by his death.
Okay, when was this? Yesterday.
In Chinatown.
You think the psychic knew more than she was saying? Yeah, well, if she did, I doubt her intel came from a crystal ball.
Best case scenario: she is psychic and she can just tell us who murdered Billy Keats.
And where the hell I put my keys.
I'm sure it's just a con.
Yeah, but you know what? Cons are observant, so she might've noticed something out of the ordinary.
Uh, like somebody following them or strange behavior.
All right.
Go ahead and check out the psychic.
I'm gonna see what I can dig up on Keats.
Come in, come in.
Madame Esmerelda can feel your bond.
This relationship is very strong, and it will yield many children.
Us? No.
No, we, uh No, I don't think that that's gonna ever happen.
No, um, not that you have any reason to sense this, but we're not here for a reading.
Please, sit down.
Uh, we actually would like to know about a reading that you gave Billy Keats and Nicole Carr.
I see many people every day.
I understand, um, but do you tell all of them that they're gonna be touched by death? Okay, let's let's just drop the act.
We both know enough about interrogation technique to know that all you do is manipulate people into offering information about themselves that you feed back to them.
Esmerelda also knows a thing or two.
First thing is you can't force me to talk to you.
That's not what We don't want to force you to do anything.
Uh, we are here for your help.
Uh, Billy Keats was murdered this morning and we thought maybe you could use your gift to help, uh, bring his killer to justice.
You want Esmerelda to talk, you pay for a reading.
How much? Pay her.
Why do I have to pay her? Because you make more money than I do.
Excuse me.
15, There you go.
The boy got a phone call during the reading.
He didn't answer it, but, uh, it made him nervous.
I could see the caller ID.
It was from someone named Al.
That's actually very impressive.
Okay, what else? After the reading, the boy stayed back.
He told the girl he needed to pay, but I knew he want to ask a question.
I told him I knew he had secrets.
I told him he can ask me anything.
And did he? Yes.
He asked me one question: "Does he know?" Does who know what? The universe hasn't shared the answer with me.
Whatever it was, I sense it contributed to his death.
Morning, Mrs.
Doris, please, call me Doris.
You're Chin Ho Kelly, right? Yes, ma'am.
Well, come on in.
I've actually seen you play football.
Really? Yeah, Steve used to make me drive him to your games, so he could study your footwork.
Ah, you're the one to blame for him breaking all my records.
Well, I was just the chauffeur.
Well, I hope you don't mind, but Steve asked me to bring you by some breakfast.
Oh, how nice.
Except, um, the thing is I've already made breakfast and Steve knows that, so I really hope you're a better cop than you are a liar.
Excuse me? Coco puffs from Liliha Bakery.
Ah, that is really good work.
I mean, appealing to my nostalgic side and everything, well, I'm sure Steve told you that I used to bring these every Sunday morning to him and his sister.
But if there's one thing I learned at the CIA about using a diversionary technique, it's, um, avoid the obvious.
They're just coco puffs.
They're still really delicious.
They're even better with a cup of coffee.
You can tell my son that whether or not he cares to acknowledge it, I've been taking care of myself since before he was born and I'm actually pretty damn good at it.
So, you can stay here and have that cup of coffee, talk Kukui High football, if you want that, I'm game.
But if you're here just to babysit me, you can leave right now.
But the coco puffs stay with me.
I'll take my coffee black.
Good choice.
I am not saying that Madame Esmerelda was, in fact, the real deal.
There are obviously bad apples in the bunch.
Okay, stop, seriously.
You, Danny Williams, believe in psychics? Hey, listen, all I know is that when I was a cop back in New Jersey, there was a lady and she definitely had something.
Uh, a gift.
A gift.
Don't mock me.
You gonna mock me? I know what I know, okay? We were, there was this girl in Hoboken.
She went missing, she's seven years old.
We got no evidence.
We got no leads, we got nothing.
This lady, she comes in.
She lights a candle, she starts touching the girl's clothes, and then out of nowhere, all of a sudden, she takes us right to the kid.
It was amazing.
You sure she wasn't in on it? It what are you, impugning my investigative skills? We-we cleared her obviously.
She had a gift.
Okay, so let me get this straight, you do believe in psychics, but you don't believe in ghosts.
That's correct.
Oh, that makes sense.
What can I say? I'm complicated.
Hey, guys.
So, I pulled Billy Keats' financials.
Turns out, his former team was still paying him.
Okay, wait, his girlfriend said he left that team a few months ago.
And not only was the general manager keeping him on the payroll, he actually upped what he was paying him.
Hold on.
Who quits their job and gets a raise? Very good question.
The general manager's a guy named Al Reingold.
Al! The, uh, the psychic said that Billy ignored a call from a guy named Al and it made him nervous.
Yeah, well, that would make sense if Billy was taking hush money from Al.
Hush money? For what? Horse doping.
I like it, it's a good theory.
Where did it come from? All right, since Billy Keats left Al mid-season and for a rival team, I figured that Al wasn't paying him out of a goodwill gesture.
So, I looked into who else was on Al's payroll and I found the name of a veterinarian from the mainland.
This guy was busted for supplying racehorse owners with a performance-enhancing drug called Demorphin.
So, you think he supplied Al with the same stuff for his polo ponies? Well, I mean, the guy was based in Nevada.
I don't think he's gonna be making house calls to Honolulu.
Okay, so, uh, Al, he gets tired of being extorted, maybe he decides to wipe Billy off the books for good.
Hey, Al Reingold? Yeah? What do you got in the bag? Al, we already have you on the horse doping.
Why don't you just do us all a favor and cop to the rest? There isn't anything else.
Why are you lying? I hate it when suspects lie.
I already gave you an alibi, man.
I was at that horse auction, you gotta look into it.
But you have motive.
Plus, we got your financial records.
Billy Keats was on to you and you were tired of paying him off to keep quiet.
Okay, look, B-Billy found out about the drugs, but he wasn't gonna rat me out.
He was happy taking the money.
I didn't kill him, I swear.
We'll see about that.
Kono, we got something? Yeah, so forensics came back on the boot print you found at the scene.
There was a logo on the sole: some kind of a crest.
Did you track down the manufacturer? Yup.
Okay, good, please, tell me that you can trace it back to Al.
Uh, hate to be a buzzkill, but the boots were custom made for Spencer Madsen's team, not Al's.
The Diamond Head Club.
Right, and sorry again, Danny, but Al Reingold's alibi checks.
He was at the horse auction on Molokai.
He was placing bids all weekend and only got back in to Honolulu about an hour before you guys tracked him down.
You know, I really, really wanted Al to spend the rest of his life in prison.
Son of a bitch almost got me trampled to death while a bunch of one percenters sipped champagne and cheered.
Kono, we gotta track down everybody with a pair of those boots.
I worked closely with the designer on these.
The crest on the sole was my idea.
My wife has always been a polo fan.
It's why Spencer bought the Diamond Head Club.
I still can't believe it, Billy was such a strong rider.
It's just awful.
How can we help? We're gonna need a list of everybody with a pair of these boots.
That's a long list.
All the players have them, of course, but we also give them as gifts.
So, there have to be what, Amanda? A few hundred pair floating around the island? At least.
What about video surveillance? You must have security.
There's nothing up on the practice field, but there are cameras at every gate.
Whoever hung up that garroting wire had to have done it after the team practice last night and before Billy rode in this morning, so something maybe on film? Yeah, I'd like Officer Kalakaua to go over that footage.
Of course, I'll call our head of security and make arrangements.
Great, thank you.
Dad, what's going on? I heard Billy was killed in an accident.
Is it true? It's true, Jake.
But these folks were just telling us that it it's not an accident.
Jake, these are investigators from Five-O.
They're looking into Billy's murder.
Murder? What happened? Billy was up on the practice field and he he rode into a garroting wire.
What? Jake, Billy's been decapitated.
Oh, my God.
The wire was strung between the goalposts.
Someone targeted him.
It's not him.
Jake, what are you talking about? It was supposed to be me out there this morning.
Billy and I traded practice times.
Chin, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be on Doris detail.
Your mom saw me coming a mile away.
Why are we whispering? Coco puffs? Really, Steve? I thought you were smarter than that and don't blame Chin.
I forced him to bring me down here.
She's very persuasive.
I know.
What do I have to do to get you to listen to reason? If by reason, you mean you're going to stop treating me like a child, then, nothing.
I'm all ears.
No, Steve, seriously.
What's your long-term plan? You gonna drag me to work with you every day? She has a point there.
My office, now.
You got a better plan? Yeah, my plan is to go home, alone, unpack and settle in, okay? I just want to live my life, all right? I just want to, I want to find a place of my own and get on with things.
You think Wo Fat's just gonna let that happen? You don't even know if he's still on the island, Steve.
And I told you, I am done running.
I am done.
Okay? He comes after me again, I'll handle it.
Really, Mom? Yeah.
I can handle it, Steve.
I've already given him too much of my life.
All right.
I'll have Chin give you a ride home.
Chin's working.
I'll grab a cab.
Later, Chin.
She tell you why she let Wo Fat go? No, not yet.
What do you got? Some info on Jake Madsen that might help us figure out who'd want him dead.
Turns out Jake was kidnapped ten years ago.
It was actually a big case at the time.
HPD worked it along with the FBI.
He was abducted outside of his school, and the kidnappers held him for almost two weeks.
They cut off his finger and mailed it back to his parents as proof of life along with a ransom demand of $20 million.
Did the Madsens make the trade? Didn't have the chance.
Jake actually escaped before the ransom was paid.
Brave kid.
And after the kidnappers were arrested, it was Jake's testimony that convicted them.
Well, life must've been hard for him after that-- always looking over his shoulder to see if somebody else was coming for him.
Not to mention he was marked for life.
That's a lot for a kid to grow up with.
Sad case.
What about the kidnappers, Chin? Let's find out.
All right, looks like one of 'em died in prison, and the other one, Randy Thorpe, was released from Halawa a couple of months ago.
And get this, he went AWOL from his halfway house two days ago.
What's up, boss? Kono, where are you? Leaving the Madsen estate.
The field trip was a bust.
Didn't get anything from the surveillance footage.
Okay, Kono, listen, I need you to turn around and go back to that house immediately.
Boss, what's going on? I need you to put Jake Madsen in protective custody right away.
One of his former kidnappers is on the loose, and it looks like he's out for revenge.
Amanda was right there by the blast.
She's in critical condition.
What about Jake? He was conscious when the paramedics took him.
He should be released pretty quick.
And what kind of protection does he have? Oh, I sent three unis with him.
Danny, track down that kidnapper, Randy Thorpe.
He struck out twice.
Last thing we need is another attempt.
All right.
What do you got, Fong? Won't know for sure until I get back to the lab, but we found three cell phones on scene.
The first two belong to Amanda and Jake.
And you're thinking the third was a trigger? That's the theory.
All right, what about the explosive device? I've got fragments, but it might take some time to get these analyzed.
Do you mind? I think I might know somebody who can help.
How you doing? Good.
How's everything going with your mom? You know, Doris is being Doris-- stubborn.
Yeah, reminds me of somebody I know.
Low blow.
I don't know, but something tells me that you didn't ask me here to talk about your mom.
What is that supposed to mean? It means, well, let's see, it's, uh, too early for dinner and it's too late for lunch, so you must have a favor to ask me.
Go ahead, deny it to my face.
Deny it.
I knew it.
Seriously, this is important.
Um, I need to know what kind of explosive device this is, and I don't have time to wait for the lab to turn it around.
Yeah, I can probably have someone take a look at it, but, um it's gonna cost you.
Okay, I knew that was coming.
Mm-hmm? Okay, so, see that truck right there? Yeah.
You can order anything you want from that truck.
Really? Yeah, like, sky's the limit.
Thank you, sugar daddy.
You got it.
Can you hold that thought for a second? Danny.
Got a hit on our suspect Randy Thorpe's credit card.
He just used it to check in to the Paradise Motel, which, by the way, looks nothing at all like paradise.
Why? You got eyes on the place? Yeah.
As we speak.
All right, good.
I'm on my way.
Oh, oh.
You're welcome.
Hey! Five-O! Don't move! No, no! I don't think that that is a good idea.
Why do I bother? Steve, where you going? He's over here.
Can I get a hand here? Not one of mine, you can't.
He's riding back in your car, okay? You know that water's polluted, don't you? Hey.
If I'd jumped in, you'd be giving two tetanus shots, okay? Why do we both have to suffer? Oh, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? Can you please just put it in your arm like a normal human? You know what? You're such a girl, you know that? Just turn around or something.
Cover your eyes.
You can insult me all you like, but I am not the one who took a header in the Ala Wai Canal.
That was you.
Hey, how you going downstairs with Randy? The "good cop" routine is not working.
Really? "Bad cop" it is.
I don't got to talk to you.
Shut up.
The game is you get to guess what I think about people who cut fingers off little kids, you He thinks that really bad things just happen to them, and I agree, so if something bad should happen in here, I'm gonna be forced to say that you got crazy and had to be subdued.
You can't do that.
Look I planted a bomb for 50 grand.
What do you mean? What do you mean "planted"? Somebody hired you? Who? I don't know.
I swear.
Whole thing was arranged online-- e-mails.
I got 50 grand wired into my account.
Fact is I'd have done it for free just to get back at that little creep.
Little creep? Th-The child the child that you abducted and mutilated? He's sick.
All these years, only thing I wished I did different was kill him, instead of just cutting off his finger.
Book him, Danno.
Attempted murder.
Wow, I'm impressed by the turnaround.
What can I say, I aim to please.
I owe you.
Yes, you do.
So, the device was made of Composition C-4 plastic explosive.
It's not terribly sophisticated.
Sophisticated enough to kill.
Our kidnapper Randy's story checks out.
I got e-mails and a wire transfer.
Still don't know who hired him to plant the bomb, though.
Uh, Catherine has something she wants us to see.
This is a forensic recreation of the point of detonation and the blast trajectory.
Wait a minute, according to that, the device was planted in the passenger-side door.
So, what, Randy screwed up? No, in the e-mails he was specifically instructed to put it there.
That doesn't make any sense.
Well, it does if Amanda Madsen was the target instead of her son.
Why would she be the target? Who would want her dead? Thanks to Fong, we may have the answer to that question.
Turns out the third cell phone he found at the scene wasn't a trigger device after all.
It was a burner phone, and it belonged to Amanda Madsen.
There was only one phone number programmed into it, and, uh, the texting back and forth was, shall we say, intimate.
Amanda Madsen was having an affair with who? That's the kicker.
She was having an affair with the headless horseman? Looks like it.
Okay, well, this changes pretty much everything.
Uh, the two people with motive in this now are Billy's girlfriend and Amanda's husband.
Figure out who knew about the affair, we find the killer.
According to the hospital, Amanda Madsen's in stable condition and taking visitors.
Call ahead to the hospital, have them put a uni on the door.
Steve, something's wrong.
That's Amanda's room.
That's Amanda's room.
She's dead.
Kono just said she was stable.
She was.
She's got petechial hemorrhaging.
Somebody suffocated her.
That makes no sense.
Thank you though.
Danny, what do you got? Got bad news.
Visitors are not required to check in here at the nurses' station, and the uni obviously didn't make it to the room before the code blue.
Okay, stop right there.
Go back.
You got a camera at the end of the hall? Zoom in-- camera two.
Freeze right there.
Freeze on that.
That's not Spencer; that's Jake.
He didn't stay long.
Long enough to kill his mother.
I know about my wife.
The hospital called.
Did you know that your son smothered her? We need to talk to Jake.
Madsen, where is he? It wasn't Jake.
Yes, it was.
We saw him at the hospital, he was caught on camera.
This is all my fault.
He was so angry.
What are you talking about? Angry about what, the affair? Yeah.
About my reaction to it.
You knew that Billy Keats was having an affair with your wife? I knew.
I loved Amanda, but she hadn't loved me for a very long time if she ever did.
Jake was upset that I didn't do anything about the affair.
He thought I was weak like when he was a boy.
What, what are you talking about? The kidnapping.
We know about the kidnapping.
No, you don't-- you think you do.
Even the FBI didn't know.
They thought the first demand for ransom came after those monsters sent proof of life, but it didn't.
The first demand came the day after Jake was abducted.
They wanted $20 million.
I wanted to pay it, Amanda convinced me not to.
Your wife didn't want to pay to get her son back? She said, if we gave in to their demands, we'd all be sitting ducks for the rest of our lives.
So you didn't pay the ransom, and they cut his finger off.
Did Jake know about this? The kidnappers told him.
He was only ten years old.
We were supposed to protect him, but he knew that I couldn't stand up to his mother, and he knew she was incapable of putting him first.
So he took care of himself.
Right? He got away, he testified against the men who took him.
He was only ten years old.
When he found out about the affair, he asked me to divorce Amanda, and I told him I wouldn't.
You have to understand.
He was so angry.
You have to understand that you cannot protect him anymore, and he killed two people.
It's all my fault.
We need to talk to you.
Come on down.
Yah! Oh.
Jake Madsen, you're under arrest for the murder of Billy Keats and Amanda Madsen.
Get up.
My dad told you I was out here, didn't he? He didn't want to, Jake.
But he did.
He knows everything? Yeah, he knows and he blames himself.
Come on.
Whoa, that's twice in one day.
You're getting to be a regular regular.
What can I say? This stuff is addictive.
Beauty and brains.
Where have you been all of my life? Aw.
Okay, what's wrong? What do you mean, what's wrong? Something's bothering you.
Right? I could always tell.
You could always tell is a long time ago.
I know, but Wouldn't you say, Mom? Yeah, but am I wrong? No, you're not.
No, I need to ask you a question.
Please, anything.
I'm, I'm done keeping secrets.
Okay, well, that's good 'cause I read the ballistics report from the safe house the day Wo Fat escaped.
Okay, what about it? You fired your weapon three times into the floor.
You let Wo Fat escape.
I want to know why.
It just happened.
Okay? Wo Fat surprised me, he lunged at me, we struggled for the gun, and it discharged.
You know, I I wasn't aiming.
The next thing I knew, he heard Catherine coming up the stairs and he was out the window before I could fire again.
What else do you want to know? No, I mean, that was it.
Are you sure? Yeah.
That's it? That's it.
So we okay? Yeah, we're okay, Mom, we're good.
You hungry? I'm starving.
Come on.
Why don't you go ahead? I'll catch up.
Get a couple beers? Hey, guys.
So, what do you recommend? Garlic shrimp-- only way to go.
Everything okay? Yeah, I just, I just asked Doris about letting Wo Fat escape.
And? She explained everything.
Uh, there was a struggle, he overpowered her.
The shots were wild.
Shots were wild.
Uh, do you believe her? No.

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