Hawaii Five-0 s03e05 Episode Script

Mohai (Offering)

All units, reports of a pedestrian obstructing traffic on the H-1 Freeway, eastbound lane at Waipahu.
Suspect appears intoxicated and is not wearing any pants.
On our way now.
Sounds like another wild Halloween.
You boys got your hands full this year.
Full moon, too.
Must be pretty quiet out there in the sticks to be listening in on our band, Officer.
I got to get my thrills somehow.
Dispatch, this is Officer Hale.
Looks like I have a two vehicle accident on Kahekili North.
Possible 212.
Send fire and ambo to my location.
Fire and ambulance are en route.
This is the Honolulu Police Department! Is anybody out there?! Where am I? I was in an accident.
I need a hospital.
Please don't! No! No, no! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) So exciting.
Thank you for the hook up again, man.
How do I look? You look like you're ready to report to SEAL Team Six, pal.
Yeah? For real? For real.
'Cause I was thinking.
I know you said no weapons and all? Yeah? But if you let me borrow some of those smoke grenades, I'm really gonna look legit.
What could possibly go wrong? You know, no, no.
We discussed that earlier.
No, no, uh, heavy ordinances, okay? That was the deal, so But you look great.
You've heard of Blu-ray, right? Yeah, I rented that movie in the ninth grade with Jenny Feldman and, uh, it's been a Halloween tradition ever since.
Okay, so, um, you're-you're good to go, I think.
Scary, wow.
What is this? Let's have some popcorn.
Don't you have a party you got to get to? Pretty soon.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, you got a party to go to? Indeed I do.
Okay, all right.
You two have a wonderful evening.
Trick or treat.
Ugh, I don't know what's sadder.
The fact that you use this lame movie to hook up with girls, or the fact that it actually worked.
Clearly, I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, please, you put on a scary movie, wait for the girl to fall in your arms.
It's all just a little bit obvious.
Okay, you tell me you weren't trying to seduce me the other night when you made me watch The Notebook.
What? That movie won an Oscar.
No, it didn't.
Okay, maybe it was a Teen Choice Award.
But that movie was romantic.
Oh, so it's not my method that you object to, it's-it's the movie I choose.
I mean, honestly, come on.
Was this really even scary when you were a kid? Jenny Feldman thought so.
That slut.
She thought she was so scared.
She was terrified.
Oh, my God.
Oh, wait.
What? Are you sure your mom's not coming home? Oh, listen, Mom is in Maui visiting friends, okay? Go away.
They'll move along eventually, so Someone wants their candy.
They'll move along eventually.
It's gonna be great.
No? They don't get some, you don't get some.
She ditched me.
Please come in.
My own daughter ditched me, huh? It's Halloween.
We're supposed to go trick-or-treating.
She says, "Dad, is it okay if I go with my friends instead"" What am I supposed to do, huh? What am I supposed to do-- say, "No, I command you to spend Halloween with your father"? Doesn't sound so bad.
I should have said it.
Hey, want some candy? No, I don't want candy.
Can I have a beer? You want a beer? Yeah.
What's the matter with you? Okay.
You know, it's my fault.
I know it's my fault, too.
It's all the times that I had to bail on her because of work.
She has learned that it's acceptable to be unreliable.
No, come don't beat yourself up about this.
Grace is at the age where, you know, she's-she's discovering her independence right now.
She's ten-- what independence? And if I can't compete now, what's gonna happen when she gets to high school? Wait till she starts dating.
Dating? Mm-hmm.
What, are you trying to make me feel better? You're not doing a very good job.
Where's the beer? You're on duty.
Chin just called.
Caught a case.
Let's go.
Ten minutes-- I had ten minutes to spend with my daughter when I pick her up from a sleepover.
That's all I had all weekend.
Now I got to call Rachel and ask her to do it? No, no, no.
Send me the address and I'll go pick her up for you.
Really? Yeah, of course.
I'd be happy to.
That be very nice.
I'd appreciate that.
That's very sweet of you.
Thank you very much.
I got it.
Officer on patrol called it in.
Says both cars were empty when he came upon the scene.
Okay, well, nobody's walking away from an accident this brutal.
That's the thing.
This wasn't an accident.
'96 Chevy pickup was reported stolen earlier today.
The front-end damage indicates that it struck the other vehicle multiple times, causing it to lose control and flip over.
So, road rage.
No, this was premeditated.
Show them, Charlie.
Wire to the air bags was cut.
Driver disabled them so they wouldn't deploy on impact.
All right, so guy didn't want to catch an air bag to the face.
I get it-- smart.
Any prints? Negative.
Whole cabin's been wiped down.
I did find two hairs on the headrest though.
I'll run them and let you know.
All right, so this guy uses a stolen truck to follow a victim to a remote location - then it's smash, grab and bail.
- Bail how? I mean, the guy steals a car, dumps it at the scene.
How does he get out of here? Maybe he had another car stashed nearby, or he had an accomplice trailing him.
Either way, it's a carefully planned kidnap-abduction.
The car was registered to Lisa Heller, a 24-year-old nursing student.
Young, attractive female.
Just about everything a stalker looks for in a victim.
We need to know everywhere Lisa was tonight.
We determine where Lisa was followed from, we might be able to get a lead on our kidnapper.
We just got a hit on Lisa's credit card.
Someone tried using it at a convenience store two miles away.
HPD just picked him up.
Whoa, whoa, I got nothing to do with no missing girl.
I've been in county lockup for the past three days.
Just posted bail an hour ago.
Assuming this checks out, it still doesn't explain how you got a hold of that credit card.
Brah, I got the worst luck.
I got out of the joint, not a cent in my pocket and wouldn't you know it, there's this purse lying right there on the ground.
Had some plastic in it, so I thought I'd give it a shot and buy some booze.
In retrospect, it was a poor decision.
Where did you find the purse? You know, it's a true fact.
Since the beginning of time, nothing good has ever happened in an alley after midnight, ever.
- Guys.
- What? ID's still in the wallet.
All right, we got Lisa's purse.
Kono, you okay? - Yeah.
- What did I tell you? Guys? That's blood.
Hey, what, what are you doing? You going to a hip-hop class later or what? Halloween party.
This year I decided to continue my tradition of Keanu-themed costumes by dressing up as Ted "Theodore" Logan from the 1989 classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Party time.
No, no, no.
That catchphrase is from Wayne's World.
What you are looking for was simply "Excellent" or "Party on, dude," but thank you for the effort.
Okay, I was very close.
Shall we? Please keep in mind that these are just my preliminary findings.
I'll get you a complete report after I complete the autopsy.
Looks like you're pretty far along.
If you're referring to the Y incision on the chest and abdomen, well, that's not my work.
The victim arrived this way.
The killer did this? Correct.
And a CT scan revealed that her heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas have all been removed as well.
These look like hesitation wounds.
I'd imagine that a clean cut would be difficult when the subject is resisting.
Wait a minute.
She was alive when the killer did this? Actually, I think the killer had a practical reason for keeping Lisa alive while he removed her organs.
All right, so according to her medical record, Lisa Heller's blood type is O-negative.
She was a universal blood donor.
That's right.
Also means that her organs were more viable for transplant.
Okay, are you saying that Lisa has been targeted by organ traffickers? It makes sense.
A healthy kidney can fetch up to $200,000 on the black market.
To guys like that, Lisa's a big payday.
This island is not that big.
There cannot be too many people involved in the buying and selling of organs.
Let's call HPD, see what they got.
You know, your dad really wanted to pick you up this morning.
It's okay.
I'm used to it.
You know, when I was a little girl, my father used to work a lot, too.
And he was in the Navy, so sometimes he'd be gone for months at a time.
Did you miss him? A lot, yeah.
But that was the sacrifice that he had to make for his country.
Just like your dad's had to make sacrifices for his job, which is keeping this island safe.
I know it's really hard to be away from your family, Grace, but that's why it's really important to make the most of the time that you guys have together.
Did you think Danno was sad that I didn't go trick-or-treating with him? Mm, I think maybe a little bit.
But I'm sure you can make it up to him.
Hey, so I just got off the phone with Fong.
Results came back on the hair that he found in our perp's truck.
Did he get a hit off any of the databases? No, he didn't because the hair is not human.
Not human? What are you talking about? It belonged to a goat.
Goat hair.
What? I think it's pretty obvious what happened here.
Goat did it.
Case closed.
We're good.
You know, the more we learn about this case the less it makes sense.
Max, what do you got? I've completed my internal examination of the victim's body.
Basically, it's a real mess in there.
Massive blood loss, extensive tissue damage, and the coronary and renal arteries were irregularly transected.
All of which tells me that no effort was made to preserve the organs.
Okay, so what you're saying is Lisa's murder had nothing to do with organ trafficking? No.
But the autopsy did uncover something else.
What's that? Actually, Commander, I really think you need to see this in person.
Sorry to drag you back in here, but I noticed something disturbing while performing the autopsy.
My hypothesis is that the killer used a knife with a unique engraving on the handle.
When he rested it on the victim's skin, it left a latent blood impression.
Looks like some sort of symbol.
A partial symbol.
If you'll allow me, I think I know what it is.
Five-pointed star.
Also known as a pentagram.
A common symbol for the occult.
A guy uses a knife with this thing on it to cut out a woman's organs-- what does that mean? This was a ritualistic murder.
I got something.
Lisa's parents said that Lisa went to the library last night.
So I had campus security send over security footage.
She was never at the library.
Well, maybe our perp abducted her before she ever got there.
Actually, I think she lied about where she was going.
I pulled her e-mails and it looked like she was planning to attend this party.
"All Hallows Eve Costume Ball.
"A night of deviance and depravity in honor of The Beast.
" The invitation was from an anonymous account.
But the address for the party is an old house in Maunalani Heights.
According to the city records, it was condemned 20 years ago.
And it's been sitting vacant ever since.
If nobody lives there, who threw the party? Hey, you know what? I actually remember this place.
We used to ride up here on our bikes when we were kids.
Rumor had it this place is haunted.
Do me a favor, please.
What do you mean? What do you mean, what do I mean? You're trying to spook me.
Your goofy ghost story is not going to work, okay? After you.
Okay, looks like the Manson family threw a party here.
Hey, hey.
You were just kidding about this place being haunted, right? Right? Hey.
I'm gonna take the second floor.
Why are you whispering? Hey.
Hey, hey.
Hey, Steve, where you going? Shh-shh.
Should I go up there with you? Hey.
Okay, I'll be quiet.
You want I should wait in the car? Hey.
I'll go this way.
Steve! Hey.
Oh! It's makeup.
Who are you? What are you doing here? I should ask you.
You guys are in my house.
Oh, you really, you really sold that one, Jesse Hills from 3869 Banting Road.
Okay, so I'm squatting here for a few days.
What happened? The neighbors complain about the noise? I'll tell you what happened.
A girl that came to your party last night, Lisa Heller, she's dead.
Lisa's dead? How'd she die? She was murdered, rather brutally, actually.
And judging from your choice of decoration here, you look like the kind of guy who's capable of doing something like that.
Wait, you think No, guys.
Look, I'm not even really into all this creepy stuff.
I was just trying to throw a bitchin' Halloween party.
And I couldn't do it at my house because Because what? Because I live with my parents.
You happy? Okay, none of that proves that you did not murder Lisa.
Come on.
There had to have been at least a hundred people at the party last night.
Any of them could have just as easily killed her.
Did you notice anything strange, out of place? Anybody watching her, following her? Um There might be something on the video.
What video? I had a flip camera that I was passing around last night.
I was gonna post the footage to my Facebook.
We need to see that right now.
Let's go! Get up, get up! Come on! Nice tattoo.
But you'll have to be more specific.
The five-pointed star.
What's the significance? The pentagram means different things to different people.
To me, it's a sign of my Wiccan faith.
The pentagram we're interested in was engraved on a murder weapon.
A knife to be exact.
Sell anything like that recently? You're referring to an Athame.
It's a ceremonial dagger commonly used in neo-pagan witchcraft traditions.
This didn't come from my shop.
How can you tell? Because this is a specialty item.
And it's definitely not Wiccan.
It's a little hard to make out, but this here is the Hebrew letter "tav.
" It appears in a pentagram known as the Mendes Pentacle or Satanic goat's head.
I'm sorry.
Did you just say "goat"? Yes.
The Sabbatic Goat is a popular image in Satanism and black magic.
Here, let me show you.
Oh! It's my party! You throwing a party or remaking Caligula? Yeah, it's pretty epic, right? All right, do you remember what Lisa was wearing? Vividly.
Sexy nurse's outfit.
That's her.
That's Lisa.
Looks like Dracula's getting pretty handsy.
I knew I shouldn't have invited Lucas.
Who's Lucas? He's like the Chuck Norris of biddy-slayers.
He just straight-up kills it with the ladies.
Just Sorry, that's a poor choice of words.
Um, Lucas is a solid guy.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
He might, however, try to have sex with it.
Looks like he's doing pretty good, about to close the deal.
Wait a minute.
Wait, you see that? Right there.
Him I did not invite.
That's it.
Explains the goat hair from the car, that's our guy.
That's the guy.
He followed them out.
Okay, if Lucas left with Lisa, we may have a second victim.
Please, please, please don't hurt me.
Please! Don't hurt me.
Come on! Hey, you you hear me? Hey, I'm talking to you! I don't even know you.
What are you doing? Please, man! Don't kill me, man.
Please, don't hurt me.
Come on, man, I'll do anything you want Please, don't Don't kill me.
I didn't do anything.
Please don't hurt me! Oh, God.
According to Lucas's roommates, he never made it home last night.
Have Chin and Kono call in a missing persons report.
Tell them to get a description to every hospital on the island.
All right.
Look, we should call the county morgue, too.
This nut job butchered Lisa just for fun.
There's a good chance he'll do the same to his second victim.
This litter box is where stains and odors live.
Now you can to deodorize and clean.
Even those spills and stains we just don't like to talk about.
Don't scream; just Scream Clean! Hmm? Oh.
Is it 5:00 already? Uh yeah.
I've hardly seen you all day.
I have had a lot of work to do.
Mm Just Scream Clean it! Now you can stand up to pet and people stains You're out of heparin.
Which-which one is that? houseful of stains and odors for just ten dollars.
The yellow one.
For your heart.
You know, I'll go get it right now.
Oh, I don't want to take you away from your work, honey.
As long as you're going out why don't you pick up some ice cream? Mint chip? You can take the car.
And if you can find my purse, there's some money in it.
Any news? Still no word on our missing victim, Lucas Hayes.
Yeah, and the video from the party wasn't much help, either.
All we've determined is that the killer's roughly five foot ten and Caucasian.
But we do know he appears to have a deep fascination with the imagery of the Sabbatic Goat.
That's a pagan god that's associated with Satanism and black magic.
That thing's got boobs.
That's your takeaway? Huh? Actually, Danny's right.
Everything we've read about the Sabbatic Goat says that it symbolizes the duality of natures.
So heaven and hell, night and day, - man and woman.
- It's why our killer targeted Lisa and Lucas.
He needs both a male and a female victim.
All right, assuming you're right, why didn't he kill Lucas and dump the body with Lisa? I think there's a reason why Lucas hasn't turned up yet.
I mean, you said yourself it's no accident this happened on Halloween.
Well, the roots of Halloween trace back to a pagan festival called Samhain, where the worshippers celebrated by building bonfires, making offerings to their gods.
The first sacrifice was on October 31.
And the second one was just before midnight the following day, November 1.
That's today.
So until midnight hits, there's a chance Lucas is alive.
That doesn't give us much time.
All right.
If this is a Halloween ritual, our killer might have done this before.
Yeah, but we looked into all the homicides that took place during the week of Halloween over the past ten years.
None of them match our killer's M.
I'm assuming this guy didn't wake up all of a sudden and just decide to sacrifice two people to his goat god.
Right? Serial killers, they start small.
Like with animals.
We need to look for animal cruelty cases within the same time frame.
Okay, we got something.
October of last year, a farmer found two of his boars tortured and eviscerated.
HPD charged a guy named Seth Tilton, except the case was dropped due to lack of evidence.
No priors, but he's got a sealed juvenile record.
It also says here his parents tried to have him committed to an adolescent psych ward when he was a kid.
The grandmother, Helen Tilton, she, uh, petitioned for custody and won.
Okay, we got a current address for this kid? Actually, he still lives with the grandmother.
That's not a good sign.
Come on.
So when Inorita first shows us the moves - Where is he? - Who? Who? The freak that's been keeping me in the cage, that's who! I don't know who you are, but take whatever you want and go.
What are you, his grandmother? Where's the phone? I'm calling the police.
I-In the kitchen.
Oh Police, you've got to send the police.
I'm ah! Sir, are you still there? Can you hear me? Are you still there, sir? Sir? Please tell me your location Kono, what's up? A 911 call just came in from Seth Tilton's house.
What for? They don't know.
It was a dropped call.
And there was no answer on the call back.
All right, we're on our way.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, I should I should have been more careful.
I'm Please don't be mad at me.
I'm tired of cleaning up your messes.
Take care of this.
Yes, Nana.
What are you doing? Put the ice cream in the freezer before it melts.
Where's Seth? Where's Seth? Where did he take Lucas? I'm gonna ask you again.
A 911 call was made from this house.
What happened here? You find anything? Yeah.
But they're both gone.
Listen to me, okay? We have to find Seth before he hurts somebody else or hurts himself.
I can't lose my grandson.
It's never gonna be the way it was, okay? It can't ever go back to that.
But your choice right now, Helen, is whether or not you want to help Seth.
You want to help Seth? Oh.
My sister owns a house in Makaha.
I told him to go hide there.
Oh, please.
Don't hurt him.
Take her in.
This is Officer Wahl.
I've got a woman in custody going into cardiac arrest.
I need an ambulance at the intersection of Glen and Nichols.
Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me, ma'am? Ma'am? Ma'am? Can you hear me? Hello? Seth.
It's your grandmother.
Nana, is everything okay? Listen to me.
The police came to the house.
They know about you.
They know about everything.
Where are you calling me from right now? It doesn't matter.
What matters is you can't come home.
Not tonight, not ever again.
Nana, who's gonna take care of you? I'll be fine.
You've got to take care of yourself now.
You hear me? Nana I know.
Okay, thanks.
That was HPD dispatch.
The cop that was bringing in the grandmother just called in for an ambulance.
What happened? What happened, we just got played.
We got an officer down, but we can't move in.
What do you mean? Why not? Suspect's still armed.
Helen? It's Commander McGarrett.
Why don't you go ahead and throw the gun out of the car just put your hands behind your head where I can see them.
Okay? I'm gonna come up and we'll talk.
Helen? He's dead.
Last call was made a couple of minutes ago.
She was never gonna turn in her grandson.
She was just buying time so she could warn him.
Yeah, but she may have just helped us.
I ran the last number Helen dialed.
It was Seth's cell.
Can you triangulate his location? I can't tell you where he is right now, but the last call came in off a cell tower on Pupukea Ridge.
Oh, what the hell's he doing up there? He's completing the sacrifice.
There's a luakini heiau just north of Pupukea Ridge.
It's a site where ancient Hawaiians used to make blood offerings.
The altar they used is still up there.
All right, if Seth is still trying to complete his sacrifice by midnight, that's the ideal spot to do it.
Domine Satan Ave, Ave, Ave Domine Satan Ave, Satan Av You're all right, buddy, you're all right, okay? Oh, my God.
Andy! Hurry up! He's right behind you! Little bastard! I'm-I'm sorry, am I distracting you? Don't look back! Just hurry! What? Come on.
Come on.
What? You've never seen the ending of this film, have you? What?! I mean, come on Are you serious? I don't want to miss what happens next.
Trick or treat! Trick or treat? What is this? I missed trick-or-treating with Danno the other night.
Oh, this is like a do-over? Okay.
Um what are you? I am a superhero.
Which one? The one with the red cape.
You gonna ask a bunch of questions or are you gonna give us some candy? I don't have any candy; we ate it all, okay? I got some, um goji berry energy bars.
No, no.
We were just about to watch another movie.
You guys ever heard of The Notebook? I love The Notebook! Yeah? Come on over.
There we go.
I'm gonna keep my cape on for the, uh this film in case I got to fly out of here.
What's, uh, The Notebook? You're gonna hate it.
Well, it can't be that bad.
Well, it can't be that bad, right? Want some popcorn? Mm? Okay.

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