Hawaii Five-0 s03e08 Episode Script

Wahine'inoloa (Evil Woman)

Whoo! Oh, my gosh! This is amazing! I've never been this close to the fire line before.
I think maybe we should turn around.
Are you crazy? Like now.
Don't be such a chicken.
Look, I've got my dad's credit card.
If you don't want to go back to my place, maybe we can get a hotel room? You are such a dork.
( Hawaii Five-O theme song plays ) Hi, Catherine.
Remember me? We shot a few rounds of eight-ball down at the sports bar.
Oh, and I was your ticket into the WITSEC database, too.
Agent Channing, if you wanted a rematch, all you had to do was call.
Who do you work for? Naval Intelligence.
Wrong answer.
Your interest in Doris McGarrett's relocation has nothing to do with Navy Intel.
So why don't you tell me who you were working for when you hacked into her file? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You think this is some kind of a joke?! I lost my badge! It was suspended because of you! So don't lie to me! Where's Mangosta?! Now, who the hell is Mangosta? Got to admit, dumping a body in the burning sugar cane fields isn't a bad idea.
Can't be the first one you found out here.
Yeah, but the thing is, this body was still alive when it was set on fire.
That's why we found it so quick.
Couple of kids were out here chasing the fire and hit the guy with their car.
So what killed him, the fire or the car? My preliminary examinations indicate that the immediate cause of death was blunt-force trauma due to impact with the car.
However, if the victim was not set ablaze and hit by the car, he would have died as a result of the gunshot wound he sustained to his chest.
Okay, so he was shot, burned and hit by a car? Wow.
This guy's having a great day.
We got metal detectors out in the field and picked up a nine-millimeter shell casing.
But that's not all.
Please don't tell me he was poisoned or stabbed.
As far as I can tell, he was not.
However, I did detect traces of accelerant on his body-- gasoline.
Okay, so he was shot, doused with gasoline and then left in a sugar cane field that was about to be burned.
Well, tells me our perp is smart.
Knows how to cover his tracks.
Intelligence and foresight-- ingredients to a perfect murder.
There's no such thing.
Tell me who Mangosta is.
Look, I'm sorry you got suspended.
You were right.
I hacked into Doris McGarrett's WITSEC file, but I didn't do it to compromise her safety, and I certainly wasn't working for anyone named Mangosta.
Who were you working for? Nobody.
I did it as a favor for her son Steve.
He's a a friend, and he needed to find her.
Yeah, well, guess what? Mangosta found her first.
Who the hell is he? Mangosta is a Colombian assassin that Doris was assigned to take out 37 years ago.
What, but she didn't kill him? Everyone thought she did.
Then a man believed to be Mangosta resurfaced.
The intelligence community hasn't been able to confirm that it's him yet.
But you think it is? That's right.
And you think he's going after Doris? All those years she was in Japan, she was off the radar.
Going into Witness Protection actually heightened her profile.
Now there's been a lot of chatter that Mangosta's on the Island.
Why else would he be here? I need to tell Steve.
Forget it! Mangosta will smell a full-blown op coming a mile away.
The only way to catch him is by surprise.
Now, you want to protect your boyfriend's mother? You don't tell anyone anything.
Hey, Chin, what do you got? I.
'd our vic.
His name is Aiden O'Connell.
We were able to run facial recognition based on the photos Max sent back.
Turns out he's in the system for a couple of DUIs.
He's a Honolulu local.
What was he doing on Maui? That's the question.
According to his phone records, he made a couple dozen calls to a Dr.
Olivia Victor yesterday.
They finally connected and had an eight-minute conversation at 6:12 p.
Okay, and this Dr.
Victor lives in Maui? Actually, she's a psychotherapist and her practice is in Waikiki, but a cell tower places her on Maui.
She must have been the last person to talk to him on the phone.
Or maybe even saw in person.
See, from what I can gather, it looks like Aiden actually flew to Maui yesterday afternoon and rented a car at the airport.
Maui PD then found that car abandoned at a gas station.
And there was one address programmed into the GPS: Olivia Victor? I'm Dr.
I'm Commander Steve McGarrett.
This is Officer Kono Kalakaua.
We're with Five-O.
Is everything okay? Do you know Aiden O'Connell? He's my patient.
Okay, we're sorry to inform you of this, ma'am, but he's dead.
What? What happened? He was murdered.
His body was found up in the cane fields.
Here? I don't understand.
What was he doing in Maui? We were hoping you could tell us.
I have no idea.
Because according to phone records, you, uh, you spoke to him for eight minutes, last night, around 6:00.
Aiden may have spoken to someone on my cell phone last night, but it actually wasn't me because I lost it yesterday morning on my run.
So, somebody stole your phone, spoke to your patient for eight minutes? How do you explain that? I can't.
Wish I could.
I wish I could tell you what happened.
Victor, where were you last night? Last night, I was here.
Was anybody here with you? What are you ex-military? You didn't answer the question, ma'am.
Neither did you.
You in the Army or the Navy? Air Force? Navy.
How many times you been deployed? Last night, you were home alone? That's right.
You in Iraq? Afghanistan? You seem like you've seen a lot of combat.
You see a lot of violence over there? Dr.
Victor, I'm gonna have to ask you to step away from the car.
Kono, call CSU, get them down here right now to process this vehicle.
There's evidence on it.
Um, what do you think you're doing? Olivia Victor, you're under arrest for the murder of Aiden O'Connell.
Are you sure about this, boss? Look at her, she's not exactly shaking in her boots.
That's a front.
She knows we're watching.
She's already lied to us twice, Kono, once about the cell phone, and about where she was last night.
She did this while destroying evidence right in front of us.
All without breaking a sweat.
Commander McGarrett, we're gonna have to release her.
No, not yet.
We can't just hold her on a hunch.
The car came back clean except for one sugar cane stalk.
And as you know, that stuff's all over the Island.
What about her cell phone? No signal.
And there's nothing to contradict her alibi.
And there's nothing to prove it either, right? Yeah, but that's not probable cause.
Sorry, Commander.
I wish I could say it was a pleasure to meet you, Commander.
You killed him, didn't you? Boy, you have some issues, don't you? Maybe, but murder's not one of them.
I was trying to help him.
I didn't kill him.
Yeah, you did.
Okay, well, I guess you'll just have to prove it then.
All right, this woman is smart.
We need to be smarter.
But if she thinks she committed the perfect murder, she's wrong.
Somewhere along the way she messed up, that's how we're gonna catch her.
Okay, the whole "I lost my cell phone" thing is kind of weak.
The problem is, it could be true.
And sugar cane is everywhere on Maui.
All right, what's your theory? My theory? Olivia was Aiden's shrink.
That's a pretty intimate relationship.
Okay, so you're thinking that she should know what Aiden might have been into that could have gotten him murdered.
Exactly-- instead, she's lying to us.
she's claiming complete ignorance.
I don't buy it for a second.
All right? Whatever went on between the two of them that made him call her 27 times yesterday, is damning to her.
Yeah, well, she wouldn't be the first shrink to sleep with a patient.
That's right, and if she broke it off and he threatened to turn her in for professional misconduct, that's motive.
No, it's a theory.
That's my gut.
Okay, does your gut have any evidence that we can bring to a prosecutor? Not yet.
But if Aiden was sleeping with the good doctor, maybe his wife knew something about it.
You got to be kidding me.
What, what's the matter with you? That's her.
That's Olivia.
What is she doing here? Did you see that? Yeah, I saw it.
Really sorry for your loss, Mrs.
It's just such a shock.
I think that's the hardest part.
I feel like I've been ambushed.
We, uh, we happened to arrive just as Olivia Victor was leaving.
What was she doing here? She came to offer her condolences.
You know your husband tried to call her the day he died? She said that.
She felt so bad about losing her cell phone.
She said she couldn't help thinking that maybe if she talked to Aiden, things would have been different.
What do you think? Do you think that's true? I don't know.
I'll never know a lot of things.
Um Aiden left me a message yesterday, saying that he wanted to talk about something.
Something that he needed to make amends to me for.
Do you know what that could be about? Aiden's been a recovering alcoholic for the last six months.
They go through these phases.
I think he was stuck in the guilt thing.
You know taking responsibility for past transgressions.
Victor's really been helping him with that.
O'Connell, I don't I don't mean any disrespect, but is it possible there could have been more to your husband's relationship with Dr.
Victor? I'm not gonna sugarcoat things and say that our relationship was perfect.
It wasn't.
There was a time that I did suspect Aiden of cheating on me, but Dr.
Victor, she was part of the solution.
Not part of the problem.
Okay, look I am just saying that maybe, perhaps, you have misjudged Olivia Victor.
I don't think so.
Well, I'm just suggesting it, because there really seems to be no evidence that she was sleeping with Aiden O'Connell, okay? And we have run her background.
It was clean-- no criminal history, no professional complaints filed against her ever.
Doesn't prove she didn't do it.
You saw her at the house, the way she looked at me when she drove away-- what was that? You accused her of murder.
How's she supposed to look at you? I'd say that was remarkably courteous.
Okay, listen, you don't get it, Danny.
She needed to get to Lindsay O'Connell first.
She needs to control the narrative.
The narrative? Okay, well, there's actually another explanation.
Uh, it is possible that Olivia Victor is what is known as-- get this-- a caring therapist.
Something you should consider seeking out personally, because I cannot figure out what it is about this woman that's got you so nuts.
You didn't see her on Maui.
This whole thing is a game to her.
She gets off on it.
And besides pissing me off, it makes her dangerous.
You got a problem with shrinks.
I got a problem with shrinks that kill their patients - and then lie about it.
- Ah.
What do you got? We ran Aiden O'Connell's financials and we found something interesting.
In the past three months, he'd been writing checks to a private investigator named Barry Martin.
To the tune of $30,000.
Whoa, private investigator? Maybe we got it backwards, right? Maybe Aiden was the one who thought his wife stepping out on him, not the other way around.
Maybe he found out he was right.
That would explain the desperate attempts to talk to his shrink.
And if that's why he hired a P.
, then Aiden's wife and her lover are more viable suspects than Olivia Victor.
All right, all right.
We got an address for this P.
? I already reached out.
His office puts him on a stakeout in Ala Moana.
All right, you guys go talk to him, see what he knows.
Danny and I are gonna go see what we can learn from Aiden's patient file.
There's no way Mangosta's alive.
I planted the explosive charge in his room myself.
Did you actually see his body? No, Agent Channing, I didn't stick around for the aftermath of the explosion.
But there's no way he survived that.
You did.
You used the same tactic to fake your own death.
Who's to say Mangosta didn't pull it off, too? This is the man we believe to be Mangosta.
He's traveling under the name Fernando Gorza, which is not in any known database-- it's definitely an alias.
Which certainly doesn't prove it's Mangosta.
I can't tell anything from that.
Doris, use your imagination.
Okay, he's 30 years older than when you last saw him.
Is there anything about him that looks familiar? I don't know.
It can't be him, okay? But if it is? You think it's just a coincidence that he resurfaced just as you showed up on the Island? There's a whole protocol for requesting patient records-- I just can't give you a file.
Sure, you can-- I asked you nice, come on.
Listen, we're investigating a murder, okay? Somebody's died.
I get that you're cops, but I still think you're gonna need a court order.
What? Come on.
Commander McGarrett, you seem to have an unhealthy attachment to me.
No, just investigating Aiden O'Connell's murder.
Don't you want to help us find his killer? Of course I do.
Okay, great.
Then you won't mind letting us see his patient file.
Right, except that you and I both know that every jurisdiction recognizes doctor/patient privilege, so the files are confidential.
That privilege lies with Aiden and does not survive death.
Fair enough.
Uh, Jane, can you give him Aiden O'Connell's file? Although, I don't know if you'll be able to interpret my case notes.
Why, your handwriting that bad? No, I was referring to your reading comprehension skills.
It appears that maybe they topped out at fifth grade level? Oh, you know what? I got a dictionary standing by, so don't worry about that, okay? Give the man whatever he wants, Jane.
Thank you.
Oh, and by the way, why'd you go straight to Lindsay O'Connell when you got back to Honolulu? Are you serious? I am serious.
Aiden O'Connell was my patient.
What's the matter with you, Commander? Is it your mommy? Is it your daddy? Is it abandonment? Or betrayal? Maybe both.
I bet your mommy's the reason why you're not married.
You been checking up on me? Don't flatter yourself.
- You're not wearing a wedding ring.
- Okay.
That's enough.
Why don't we all cool it? Relax, and Um There's something wrong with the file.
Um Aiden's records are gone.
Well, it's probably a virus.
It probably is a virus-- how convenient.
Can you just check the backup file? I did.
Same thing.
You know what? Nice ploy, all right? Pretend to be cooperative.
You know nothing's in there.
That's enough.
I'd like you to leave my office.
Leave your office? With pleasure.
Let's go.
Okay? I look forward to seeing you soon.
That's the P.
's van.
Looks like Barry bailed on the stakeout.
Barry Martin.
Okay, thanks, Chin.
What's up? They found a laptop in the P.
's van.
Anything on it that would explain why Aiden would've hired him? Bunch of encrypted files.
Chin just dropped it off to Fong.
So we're back to square one.
Back to square one-- Olivia Victor's behind both murders.
How do you figure? Hey, hey! We got nothing, zero, connecting Olivia Victor to our dead P.
No, correction, we have nothing to connect her yet.
We will-- we just need to figure out what it is.
Okay, okay.
Excuse me, uh, if I may, um, I saw the way that she interacted with you, okay? She deliberately provokes you, and I am starting to think that is maybe not so much about her specifically, but this is about you, my friend.
What is that supposed to mean? I'll tell you what it's supposed to mean: she challenges you, you allow her to get under your skin.
Is that right? That is right.
She's defiant, she stands up to you.
All right? And she likes it, not for nothing, but she enjoys .
Okay, you hate being challenged like that, it is offensive to your entire world view, okay? And she senses that.
Do you charge by the hour, or what I'm just making a point.
Did you get anything off the laptop? Uh, Fong's still working on it, but there's someone here who says he has information on a case.
He says he'll only talk to you.
Send him in.
Hey, come in! Steve McGarrett? Yeah.
How you doing? Good.
Consider yourself served.
Excuse me.
restraining order.
Congratulations, buddy.
Olivia Victor got a restraining order against you.
You are to stay at least at all times.
Are you happy now? You are smiling-- why are you smiling? I'm ecstatic.
Don't you get it? Mm-mm.
She knows we're onto her.
Her next move is to try to get off the Island.
I gotta put her on the no-fly list.
Whoa, whoa, is that a good idea? No, no.
It is the exact definition of a terrible idea.
Okay, Steve? You have to read this thing.
You cannot-- I repeat, not-- put Olivia Victor on the no-fly list.
You're absolutely right, I cannot.
But I know somebody who can.
If "Fernando Gorza" is the alias that Mangosta's using, he just rented a car at the airport and is staying at the Ho'okipa Hotel.
We should check that out.
Put it away.
Cath, come on! Yeah! Hey.
I wasn't expecting to see you today.
Um Cath, uh, I need A favor? Of course.
What, a courtesy, an indulgence, a dispensation You're so beautiful when you're sarcastic.
Would you just ask me, already? All right.
I need you to put a Dr.
Olivia Victor on the no-fly list.
You could uh, you could do that.
No, I can't.
She, um she has a restraining order against me.
A restraining order? Yeah.
What did you do? I did my job.
How close can you get? Oh, God.
You've never been good at first impressions.
I know, but seriously, Cath, uh, if I put her on the no-fly list, it's gonna look like harassment.
Steve it would be harassment.
I get that.
Hey I'm sorry.
You okay? What's going on? I am, I'm good.
I'm fine.
I just I need this done.
You sure you're okay? This woman has murdered two people.
All right? Now she's playing me.
I hate being played.
I just I really need you, Cath.
I need your help.
You got it.
You're like a bad penny, Commander.
Listen, if you want to talk to me, I'll be at Cafe Julia in about ten minutes.
Sit down.
I won't bite.
You took out a restraining order against me.
This'll be our secret.
Go ahead.
Ask me whatever you want.
Why'd you kill Aiden O'Connell? Why do you think I killed him? Maybe you were sleeping with your patient, maybe you broke it off, maybe he threatened you I don't know, you tell me.
Generally, people kill for one of three reasons, Commander: money, sex or revenge.
I find it really interesting that your fantasy about my guilt involves sex.
You already have money, right? And revenge means nothing to a sociopath.
That is no way to seduce a woman, Commander.
That is what you want, isn't it? What I want is for you to tell me why you killed him.
And then what I want is to see you in prison.
Even if I did kill Aiden you'll never be able to prove it.
Is that a confession? Tell me what happened.
I know you want to.
Just tell me what happened.
Oh, my God! Thank God you're here! I have a restraining order against this man.
I don't really know what I'm supposed to do anymore about this, he just keeps stalking me.
That's not true, Duke.
That's not true.
She asked me to meet her here.
Okay? Okay, ma'am.
Why don't you go home? I'll take it from here.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
What's going on, Duke? You tell me.
She called me; she said you were following her.
This was her idea.
Maybe so, Steve, but she does have a restraining order.
And the next time, I'm gonna have no choice but to arrest you.
Okay, okay.
Any word from Fong? Yeah, he said there were dozens of audio files on our dead P.
's computer.
Unfortunately, he's still working on decrypting those.
But in the meantime, he managed to recover these photos.
So there are eight different men in the photos.
One is Aiden O'Connell, another one, I I.
'd from the license plate of his car.
That's Judge Ted Reynolds.
So he was working eight different cases, each one targeting one of these guys.
Except when I pulled the financials on Judge Reynolds, he paid our P.
$20,000 the last two months.
Aiden was paying him, too.
So why would they be writing the checks, when they're the ones under surveillance? That's the question.
Check this out.
He wasn't working on eight different cases.
These guys are all part of one big case.
They're at the same location.
And not just any location.
That's the building where Olivia Victor's office is.
Steve was right about her.
I'm in.
There's nothing here.
Catherine, he's back.
Time to go.
Safe's locked.
Stall him.
I'll do what I can, but he's heading back up to the room.
Excuse me.
I'm calling WITSEC for backup.
Evacuate the room.
He's about to get off the elevator at 14.
Safe's empty.
Then get out of there.
Catherine, do you copy? There's gotta be something in here.
Forget it, he's coming down the corridor.
Abort! Found something.
What is it? He's got pictures of Doris.
You've got ten seconds.
Get out of there now.
What the hell are you trying to prove here, Channing? Mangosta on the island, sir.
He was here.
Well, he's not here now.
He must've made me in the elevator.
You shouldn't have been in that elevator.
Go home, Channing, and stay there! Hey! Channing.
What happened? By the time the WITSEC agents got up there, Mangosta was gone, and the room was clean.
No, I know what I saw.
Mangosta was there.
He's stalking Doris, and whatever his plan was, he's accelerating it.
He's definitely going after her.
Okay, I am not here to judge you, but But? But what, huh? You're either here to judge or you're not.
What the hell is the matter with you? Is there something wrong with your brain? She did this, Danny, okay? And she killed two people; I'm not wrong about that.
I'm only gonna say this one time: you might be right about Olivia.
Okay? Wait a minute, you find something? Fong decrypted some audio files off that P.
's laptop.
We got to go see a judge-- come on.
We need a warrant? Not exactly.
Victor is my therapist.
And that is not open for discussion.
Really? Okay, well, let's-let's not discuss it then.
Let's all be quiet and just, uh, and just listen.
Hmm? Obviously, Olivia's office was bugged.
We know that one of those heavy breathers is you, because it matches the date and time you signed in for one of your sessions.
It gets very interesting around the five-minute mark, but I'll spare everybody in the room.
Where did you get that? We got that off Barry Martin's computer.
Sound familiar, that name? You know, it's the P.
that you paid a 20-stack retainer to.
Why did you hire him, by the way? I didn't.
My wife did.
She thought I was having an affair.
Smart lady.
So, wait a minute, Martin was blackmailing you? Yeah.
So, what, that's why you killed him, 'cause he found out you were sleeping with your shrink? Whoa, whoa, back off.
I didn't kill anybody.
I didn't know he was dead.
And Olivia Victor's not my shrink.
Well, what is she? She's my madam.
Your madam?! So Olivia Victor's therapy practice was a front for a prostitution ring.
I mean, it is genius.
It's genius.
I mean, think about it.
Anybody going to therapy has got deep pockets, right? Wives are never gonna question those charges and a cop is never gonna go sweat a shrink.
Barry Martin figured it out, he started blackmailing her Johns.
He's got the whole place bugged already, so he knows that Judge Reynolds is not the only one having, uh, sessions.
And he realizes this is a way to make a ton of loot.
All he's got to do is I.
the patients, find them, and then threaten to expose what was going on.
Definitely sounds like what happened with Aiden.
Right? And then it spiraled from there.
And if this is what Aiden was gonna come clean to his wife about, it would've exposed Olivia's entire operation.
She needed to get rid of them both, now she has.
Doris, we were right.
Mangosta's on the Island.
He's been surveilling you.
You're sure? We're positive.
Where is he now? That we don't know.
Listen, Doris, we're gonna need you to sit tight, okay? We're on our way over to take you to a secure location.
I got it.
You can't go in there.
She's in session! No, no, it's good.
We know all about the "therapy" that goes on.
It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
Hello? Hello? All right, therapy's over.
What the hell?! All right, you, over there.
Here, put your pants on.
Where's Olivia? No idea.
Kono? Boss, I don't know how you managed to get Olivia on the no-fly list, but we got a hit.
TSA pick her up? Not yet.
They're gonna grab her at the gate.
All right, we're on our way.
Welcome to the Honolulu Inter Why's the door open? Doris? Doris? Catherine.
What is it? Got blood here.
We got to find her.
We picked her up on the cameras at Avipac Airlines ticket counter.
Okay, so she paid cash.
One-way ticket to Rio.
That was half an hour ago.
I have agents waiting for her at the departure gate, but she hasn't shown up yet.
Which camera would've picked her up after she walked away from the ticket counter? Here.
I have her going up the escalator to security.
There she is.
She went through security.
That was 18 minutes ago.
Got her.
She's going into a bathroom.
Terminal G, across from Gate 34.
That was six minutes ago.
Can you fast-forward that? She didn't come out.
She's still in there.
All right, thanks.
Steve, I got a body on the second floor.
Olivia's gone.
We lost her.
Chin, it's Catherine.
I need a favor.
Everything okay? Listen, I can't tell you what this is about, but I need you to track the GPS on a rental car right now.
Can you do that for me? It's a Chevy Malibu, license plate number WR8-56B.
Okay, so we got an I.
on our vic.
Her name is Monica Litt.
She's a flight attendant for Unified Airlines.
Where's the plane going? Bangkok.
Flight 523.
Gate 71.
So the ticket to Rio was a decoy.
It worked.
We got to stop that plane before it takes off.
No, no, no, wait.
No, no, wait what? This isn't right.
From the minute we met Olivia, she's been playing us the whole time.
Why would she lead us right to her now? Lock down the airport.
She's not leaving on a plane.
Let's go.
Waikiki Marina.
Fast as you can.
Whoa-hey! Turn off the engine.
All right, come on out of the car.
Come on.
When you're right, you're right, buddy.
Book her, Danno.
I said give me a name! I asked you a question.
Now give me a name.
Look at me.
Look at me, Mangosta! Look at me! Give me a name.
Who else knows I'm alive? Huh? Who else knows?! Doris! Doris, stop! Get out of here.
Get out of here! Doris, stop it! You'll kill him.
Steve can't know about this.
He thought he lost me once.
I I don't want him thinking it could happen again.
Promise me.
I promise.

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