Hawaii Five-0 s03e09 Episode Script

Ha'awe Make Loa (Death Wish)

Next customer.
After you.
Next customer.
Please, be my guest.
Next? Oh.
Window three's open.
Next customer, please.
Aloha, Max.
Aloha, Sabrina.
Another deposit? Must be Friday.
You know, Max, you can always set your account up for direct deposit.
That way, you won't have the hassle of coming in the bank every week.
Your time-saving assessment is quite correct.
I've had this thought myself, but eventually decided against it.
Oh, yeah? Why is that? FBI crime data shows a spike in Internet banking fraud.
Most notably in direct deposit scams, which has turned out to be quite troublesome.
And here I thought the reason you came in every week was to see me.
It is.
Uh! Uh I-I-I I mean, uh, yes, you are the reason why I come in.
I was just looking for, uh, the right moment to ask you for your For your phone.
I'm free on Saturday.
I was thinking maybe we could get some sushi? Yes.
Uh, I believe my social calendar can accommodate such an engagement.
How would 8:00 be? I know of a great sushi place; uh serves raw fish, uh, with rice and cooked things, as well.
Everybody, get down! On the ground! On the floor, face down! Let's go! What, are you deaf? Hit the deck.
Now! Get down now! You empty the drawer, put all the money in the bag now.
Quickly! Don't try anything stupid! Nobody moves, you understand? Nobody move, nobody gets hurt.
Let's go, lady.
Quickly, please.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Hey! What did I say? Get down on the floor! Empty the till and hand me the bag.
Hit the deck.
Lay flat.
Nobody moves for three minutes! Three minutes, man.
You hear that? Nobody! You-- you're coming with me.
No, no.
Not me.
Please, please You try to run No! No! and I'll put a bullet in your head.
You understand? No! No! Where the hell were you?! Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Don't move! Call 911! Someone get an ambulance now! - Hang in there.
- They have help coming.
Need you to stay calm.
Help is on the way.
Yes, I'm a teller at Hawaii National Bank.
We just got robbed and somebody got shot.
You'll be all right.
Please send over an ambulance now.
Max? Sabrina? ( Hawaii Five-O theme song plays ) Hey guys, you looking for someone? Yeah, we are.
We're looking for Arlo.
Arlo? It's cool, Behati.
I got 'em.
Are you sure? They look like a couple of dangerous types.
Maybe I should frisk 'em.
Yeah? No? Nice to meet you guys.
You, too.
You, too.
That flirt's getting into trouble all the time.
Thought she was just kidding about the pat down? Okay, you know what? For your sake, I really hope Gabby comes back soon.
Look, guys, thanks for coming down, okay? I got a situation that's a little bit above my pay grade.
Yeah? What do you got? So I was doing my usual security sweep, and I found this in the models' makeup trailer this morning.
"You won't ignore me anymore.
" Who was it addressed to? That's the thing.
We don't know.
I've got a number of girls in for the show tomorrow; it could be any one of them.
You ever had a stalking incident before? No, nothing.
But I got two of my guys going through all the fan mail just to make sure we didn't miss anything.
Excuse me a second.
It's McGarrett.
Okay, you got it.
We're on our way.
Feel very old, Arlo.
Uh, we caught a case.
Well, uh, why don't I stay here with Arlo, and you can take care of the, uh, other thing? Why are you giving me a look? They called you.
They didn't call me.
I could really use the help with this, bro.
You're gonna get the help.
Steve I got this.
Ooh, ooh, do me a favor.
What? Could you drop this off by Fong, get a handwriting analysis? Absolutely, Detective Williams.
Anything else I can do for you? No, I think that's it.
Arlo, you need anything else? That's it.
That's it.
We good? We're good.
We're good, Steve.
Thank you.
Just behave yourself.
Single gunshot wound to the abdomen.
Her stomach's distended, she's tachycardic.
Call ahead, notify the trauma team.
Let them know there's a patient coming, and needs surgery right away! Max.
I heard you were inside when it happened.
You all right? Yes, I'm fine, thank you.
Man, I know you'll need a statement from me right away, but I just need to get to the hospital.
A bank patron, Jim Rogers, was here, and then he rushed one of the gunmen after they took a woman hostage.
That was smart.
Or gutsy.
Probably saved her life.
All right, so the gun went off - during the struggle? - Yeah, it was a single round.
Discharged into Jim's chest.
Injury was a through-and-through.
The bullet must have hit the second victim after exiting Jim's body.
Max seemed pretty affected about this whole thing.
You know anything about the second vic? Yeah.
Bank teller, 28.
Her name is Sabrina Lane.
Apparently, Max was coming in to see her once a week for the past several months.
Max has a girlfriend? Yeah, Romeo's been holding out on us.
How bad are her injuries? She was shot in the abdomen, lost a lot of blood.
It's too soon to tell.
Now, the bank manager says that only $5,000 was taken by the robbers, all from the teller drawers.
They never even made a move for the bank vault or the safety deposit boxes.
Anyone get a look at these guys? No, everyone was face down to the ground, eyes to the floor.
Then the gun went off, and it was chaos.
Let's pull footage from all these cameras, see what they tell us.
That was Max.
Jim Rogers is out of surgery.
He's gonna be all right.
All right.
What about Sabrina? No update on her condition.
She's still under the knife.
Hey, you guys need to see this.
So, I reviewed the bank's surveillance footage, and it turns out, both of the cameras had a perfect vantage point, but we got one problem.
Something wrong with the cameras? No, according to the bank, they're functioning perfectly.
Okay, then I just have to ask, where are their heads? That's what I was gonna ask you.
Fong you have any luck getting a usable image? Unfortunately, no.
And I don't think I'm going to be able to.
But there is something you can help me out with.
Put this on.
Seriously? Mm-hmm.
It's for demonstration purposes only, so, please indulge me.
How do I look? Now stand under that surveillance camera.
Oh, whoa! Now take it off.
What's the trick? Infrared radiation.
Invisible to the naked eye, yet disruptive to CCD sensors like the ones in video cameras.
So I take it these aren't rhinestones? Infrared LEDs.
Our suspects must have sown them into the shirts-- very high tech.
Okay, so maybe this bank robbery wasn't amateur hour after all.
But if that's the case, then why only take five grand? Hello.
Behati, right? That's right.
This is Nina.
Hi, Nina.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I'm Danny.
Nice to meet you guys.
- Nice to meet you.
- Let me guess.
You're a cop? Uh, yes, I'm a cop.
What gave it away? Slacks and a button down.
Aha! Well, at least I'm not wearing a tie, right? How old's your daughter? My daughter.
How do you know I got a daughter? You run a background check on me? No.
You have some glitter on your shirt.
Oh Yeah, she's, uh she's obsessed with the stuff.
Do you have any pictures? Of my daughter? Yeah.
Pic Yes.
She's my pride and joy.
I got plenty of pictures.
Show us some.
You want to see? Yes.
Yes, please.
Yeah? Join us on the couch.
What, right here? Yeah.
Let's see.
This is Grace when she was, uh-- hello-- when she was, uh, three.
This is her when she was just a little baby girl.
Oh, my gosh, she's so cute.
She's pretty, right? Her mother must be gorgeous.
Her mother's a very pretty lady, but people say that she, um she looks like me.
I don't see it.
You don't, huh? No.
I'm kidding.
I'm just busting your stones.
That's very nice.
You guys, this is, um This is my most favorite day of all time in the history of my life, but I do have a purpose here.
I have to ask you guys some questions privately, one at a time, so, uh, who wants to go first? Me.
Okay, good.
I've got a lot of ex-boyfriends, a lot of ex-managers.
I bet you do, but, um, at the risk of sounding indelicate, uh, which one of them do you think would like to see your head hanging on a wall? Franco.
Definitely Franco.
Does Franco have a last name? Angeleco.
Franco Angeleco, the race car driver? Wasn't he, uh, killed in a Grand Prix last year? Yeah.
He hated me for breaking up with him.
I-I mean, I was thinking, uh, more along the lines of somebody more current.
That's not what you asked me, Detective.
You asked who didn't like me.
Franco was the only person I could think of.
People think it's easy what we do-- you know, just stand there and look pretty-- but it's a whole mindset.
I'm not just selling a product, I'm selling a fantasy.
So many times people confuse the fantasy with reality.
They think that they know you.
That, you know, the girl in the magazine and on TV is really me.
They don't understand it's just a persona I take on, and that can be really scary sometimes.
Police have confirmed two people were injured during the violent robbery this morning I should have done something.
Done what? They had guns.
When that customer rushed the robber, I could have helped him.
Maybe Sabrina wouldn't have gotten shot.
Uh, Max, listen to me, okay? You're in a life-threatening situation, everything's moving so fast, a hundred miles an hour, don't second-guess yourself.
Sabrina's here.
She's alive right now.
If you hadn't have been there to help her, she might not be.
Okay? What are you gonna tell her, Jim? That you were trying to play hero and got shot? Come on, Donna, I just want a few minutes with Megan.
Is that too much to ask? Jim, you walked out on us six years ago.
The fact that we're even here is a big deal.
Excuse us.
Pardon the intrusion.
I'm I'm Steve McGarrett.
This is Officer Kalakaua.
We're with Five-O.
How you feeling, sir? Um I've been better.
Yeah, I bet.
I hope you guys understand the time-sensitive nature of this case, and if you're feeling up to it, we need to ask you a couple of questions, if that's okay.
It's fine.
I was just leaving.
Donna, would you Good-bye, Jim.
But I didn't get to say good-bye to Daddy.
Let's go, Megan.
Come on.
Pretty confident I could spot an ex-wife when I see one.
You got it.
She's still listed as my emergency contact.
Actually, kind of get the feeling she was a little disappointed I made it through.
That bad, huh? Yeah.
Whatever happened to "forgive and forget," right? Look, um, the nurse told me that someone else was shot.
The bullet went in and out of me? Yeah, it was a bank teller.
Is she okay? It's too soon to tell, sir.
We were hoping that you might be able to help us catch the guys who did this.
Yeah, yeah, any-anything I can do.
Okay, um, well, the security footage from inside the bank wasn't much help.
But it appeared that you got a look at the shooter when his mask came off? Yeah, it's all such a blur, I mean It happened so fast, but yeah, yeah, I kind of remember his face.
Okay, excellent.
We'd like to get you together with a sketch artist.
Maybe get a composite out there to the media, hopefully generate a lead, maybe even get an I.
Yeah, absolutely.
Don't you think it's a little strange the gunman grabbed the hostage before the police arrived? Well, not if they thought someone hit the silent alarm and then they wanted insurance making their break.
No, but they had control of the floor.
No one had a chance to hit the alarm.
Well, maybe they just grabbed a hostage thinking if the cops did show up, then they wouldn't have to go back inside and get one.
I don't know.
Chin, what do you got? So, HPD recovered the backpack used in the robbery.
Where about? Bushes along the Pali Highway.
And here's the fun part: All the cash was still inside.
Robbers must've ditched it after the dye pack went off.
Okay, so two innocent people shot, all over nothing.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I sent it to Fong from processing, he came back with a print.
All right, we get an I.
? Yeah.
Makani Jacobs, 23-- long sheet, but all for small time muggings and liquor store jobs.
Never taken on anything big like a bank heist before.
Five-O! Open up! Psychedelics, firearms-- Looks like we missed the party.
Maybe not.
Hey, Makani Jacobs? - Hey, Five-O.
- Hands in the air.
Okay, whoa-- lower them just a little.
Yeah, that's good.
Where you going, buddy? Hey! Hey, where you going? Where you going?! Hey aw, man.
Hey! Got a suspect traveling on foot heading south on Koke Street.
What's he wearing? Nothing.
That's right-- he's bare-ass naked.
Oh, yeah, hey.
Your turn-- fair's fair.
Fair?! It's not fair.
How is this fair? Put your put your hands behind your back.
And keep your legs closed.
You look like you can use a cup of coffee, and a sandwich.
Don't worry.
She's not going anywhere.
I-I'm fine, thank you.
Her folks are flying in, but they're not gonna be here for another several hours.
So I figured I'd be here when she wakes up.
May I help with that? Sure.
I got your message.
What's going on? You got anything on my stalker yet or what? System kicked back a hit on handwriting.
Okay, who is he? It's not a he.
It's a she.
Name's Denise Pope, L.
Background says she was arrested two years ago for attacking a movie star.
Cut her pretty bad before they managed to arrest her.
Why isn't she in jail now? Good lawyer got her committed to a minimum security psych home in Camarillo.
Only it didn't hold.
I reached out to the director-- it turns out she went AWOL two weeks ago.
All right, um, run facial recognition on all the security cameras at the airport, okay? I'm on it.
Hey, Arlo-- Detective Williams.
Let me ask you a question.
You ever heard of a girl named Denise Pope? No? Okay, ask the girls, 'cause I think she might be our stalker.
Got something.
All right, I'll call you back-- bye-bye.
What's up? She's here, Danny.
She flew in three days ago, under the alias "Janice Meeks.
" Janice Meeks-- we need to find her, now.
Okay? We already got you on indecent exposure and possession, Makani.
We still got a problem-- it's a big problem-- 'cause that's nothing compared to bank robbery.
Okay, so, jail time, no doubt.
But you play it clean from here on in, maybe we can help you.
Aw, man.
I want to help; I really do.
But like I said, I don't know nothing about robbing banks.
You don't know or you can't remember because your cerebral cortex is fried from magic mushrooms? You're a real Debbie Downer, know that? Yeah, you're a circus animal, what are you gonna do? How's this for a buzz kill? We have your fingerprints on a backpack ditched along the Pali Highway.
You know what else we have? We have a gun that we found at your house.
And the gun matches the caliber of the gun that wounded two people in the bank Whoa, wait a second-- two people? Two people.
I thought there was only The second victim was a bank teller, and she's touch and go.
And if things take a turn for the worse, you're going down for murder.
It's pretty psychedelic, huh? Uh, uh all right, listen.
I was I was there, okay? Inside the bank-- I'll give you that.
But murder? Hell, no! I didn't shoot no one.
All right, who did? Somebody did.
It was the other brudha, not me.
Oh, the other brudha.
What's his name? Look, I don't know his name.
You don't know your partner's name, huh? I swear, I don't.
I was leaving my P.
's office when this haole comes up to me.
I never seen the dude before, but he offers me 20 g's to help him pull a bank job.
Okay, let me get this straight.
All right? Just for me.
A stranger offers you a flat fee of 20 large to help him pull a job that netted five? Sure, that happens all the time.
It's the truth, man.
That's the way it went down.
I swear, the next thing I know, this lolo rushes him.
The two are going at it when the gun goes off-- his gun.
Not mine.
Then we ran out of there.
Split in different directions.
- And I haven't seen him since.
- All right.
If what you're telling me is true and you're not trying to protect the shooter, you're not gonna have a problem giving me a description, are you? No problem at all.
So, Makani's sketch is on the left and Jim's is on the right.
Eyewitness descriptions are notorious for being unreliable, but this is ridiculous.
Well, maybe our naked hula dancer is still hallucinating.
Actually it's Jim's description I'm questioning.
On the video, you see that he only gets a split-second look at the shooter before he gets shot, so it makes sense that he wouldn't remember details very well.
Okay, I buy that.
But take a look at those two sketches.
They're almost the exact opposite of each other.
All right, we have to get both these sketches in front of Jim Rogers and ask him what is going on.
Howzit, Charlie? Hey.
Just in time.
I'm comparing the bullet recovered from the bank teller to the test fired round in Makani Jacobs' gun.
Well, that's not a match.
That's right.
Okay, so Makani's gun didn't fire the bullet, Well, supports his story about him not being the shooter, doesn't it? You also need to see this.
Okay, backpack used in the robbery.
Red dye on the leaves.
Could that have leaked out after the bag was thrown down the hillside? My first thought as well.
Then I measured individual droplet size.
They're all less than one millimeter in diameter.
The only reason that would happen is if the dye pack exploded inside the bag, right there in the bushes where it was found.
So you're saying that the bank robbers threw out the backpack and all the money even before the dye packs exploded.
That's the only explanation.
Then why would someone go through all the trouble of robbing a bank just to throw out all the cash? Oh, oh, hey, Steve That's him.
That's our guy.
Go to Jim's room right now.
Go, go, go.
Out, out, out.
Get out of here! Up! Get up! Get up! You all right? Yes, I think I'm okay.
Steve! Steve.
Jim's dead.
What?! How? Strangled.
The suspect must have known he was talking to the cops.
But Jim's sketch is useless.
It was Makani's that put us on the shooter.
Yeah, but the killer doesn't know that.
Call HPD.
Call HPD, have them put a personal security detail on everybody that was in that bank.
Okay? Our gunman is tying up loose ends.
Any luck cleaning up that footage? Yeah, I reached out to an FBI contact who recommended we try vascular mapping.
What is that? It's when you isolate a suspect's vein pattern and run it against a federal database.
It's like a fingerprint.
Got us a hit to a Martin Cordova.
This guy's a gun for hire with ties to the Sinaloa drug cartel, as well as west coast organized crime back on the mainland.
That's definitely the guy from the hospital.
That's good, because the FBI has him as a suspect in over They were closing in on him two years ago, but they lost the scent-- now he's MIA.
Okay, wait a sec.
So we have a Mob enforcer who goes into hiding in Hawaii, and now he's back as an inept bank robber? Doesn't make sense, does it? Okay, hold on a sec.
Maybe we're looking at this all wrong.
What if this heist was actually a hit disguised as a bank job? I like it, but the problem with your theory is Cordova's M.
His wet work is straight-up, cold-blooded kills, nothing ever this fancy.
And not to mention, if it's a hit, who's the target? The woman Cordova took hostage.
Okay, well, that would explain why they grabbed her before the cops arrived.
Okay, and a murder for hire plan would also give credence to Makani's story, about being paid for his role in the robbery.
Yeah, he was unknowingly recruited for a hit, not a heist.
You know, that would also explain why they ditched the backpack before the dye pack went off.
I mean, why keep it if the bills could be traced back to you.
We need to go back through this footage.
See if there's anything in there that can support this hired gun theory.
It's Max.
Yes, Max? I think I have something.
During my postmortem examination, I noticed something significant in Jim Rogers' CT scan.
What was that? In medical terms, it's called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.
More commonly known as brain cancer.
Inoperable, due to its infiltration of the nervous tissue within the brain stem.
Jim Rogers was on the verge of dying.
He only had weeks to live.
I contacted Jim's primary physician and confirmed all my findings.
However, it's within my toxicological assay where things got truly interesting.
The results showed that there were diminishing levels of chemotherapy drugs within Jim's blood.
Diminishing? Okay, wait a second.
So Jim not only knew he was dying He was giving up the fight to live.
Thanks, Max.
Hang in there, buddy.
Guys, take a look at this.
What do you got? Before Makani and Cordova make entry, check out Jim.
He's pacing, he's checking his phone He even exits the bank and then almost immediately goes back in.
It's like he's stalling.
He's waiting for the robbery to get started.
And here's the kicker.
While you were talking to Max, I looked into Jim's financials and found an undisclosed withdrawal in the amount of $20,000 from his personal account, just two days prior to the bank robbery.
So maybe our naked hula dancer's not so crazy after all.
All right.
Jim ordered this hit on himself.
He hired Martin Cordova to kill him during the bank robbery.
Fong, what's up? I got Denise Pope, Danny.
Where is she? Where the models are staying.
The Modern Honolulu.
And get this: she told the front desk she was part of the shoot, and demanded a room right next door to Behati Prinsloo.
Hey, Arlo, it's Danny.
Where's Behati right now? She went back to the hotel.
Why? Oh, my God.
Who are you? Didn't you get my letters, Behati? Please don't hurt me.
You should have thought of that before you ignored me.
I'm sorry, I never got your letters, I promise.
Please, just go.
We could have been such good friends.
You okay? Okay.
So the guy's terminal with the big C, he's gonna die anyway, I get that, okay? But to hire a contract killer and stage a bank robbery-- Okay, why? Help me out with this one.
I don't know.
Maybe-maybe he was ashamed.
Maybe maybe he didn't want anybody to know it was suicide.
Okay, so he puts innocent lives at risk? One them who's still in the hospital recovering, I might add? No.
If it was suicide, he would have just swallowed a bullet.
"Whatever happened to forgive and forget?" What? Remember that? Something Jim said to us when we interviewed him, right after his ex-wife and daughter left the room.
It's stayed with me ever since.
"Whatever happened to forgive and forget?" Well, his ex couldn't get out of the room fast enough.
Whatever Jim did to her, she couldn't forget.
Wait a minute.
Kono What? Jim staged this entire thing so that he could redeem himself in the eyes of his family.
That is seriously insane.
I know it is, but people do crazy things when it comes to their kids.
Chin, what do you got? Hey, I think I found a connection between Jim Rogers and Martin Cordova.
Lab results came back on Cordova's blood-- this is from the sample we got when he escaped through the window at the hospital? It turns out it also contained chemotherapy drugs.
Okay so Jim wasn't the only one battling cancer.
Cordova was as well? Okay, where was Jim being treated? It could be where the two of them met.
Guys Five-O.
Have you seen this man? His name is Martin Cordova.
He probably checks in under an alias.
Yes, I know him.
He calls himself Jonathan Medina.
Okay, can you tell us where to find him? Do you have his address? He's in Treatment Room 16.
He's here right now? Yeah.
Right down the hall, first door on the left.
Listen to me very carefully.
I need you three to clear this floor, okay? I need it done quickly, but I need it done calmly.
You understand? Can you do that? Okay, let's go.
Secure the exits.
I got Cordova.
Got it.
You looking for me? We found Cordova.
The plan was to box him in, but I think something went wrong.
Where's McGarrett? That's the thing; I don't know.
He's not answering his phone.
Trace it.
I'll call Danny.
So where are we headed? Shut up and drive.
We know about your cancer.
I know about Jim's, too.
I also know why he hired you.
But the one thing I can't figure out is why you agreed to do it.
I mean, he paid your accomplice He didn't pay you a dime.
We were diagnosed about the same time.
We had the same treatment schedule.
People tend to reveal a lot about themselves when they're gonna die.
What did Jim tell you? Let's just say he made some bad decisions when it came to his wife and his kid.
He wanted to turn it around, but it didn't work out.
She didn't want anything to do with him.
Wouldn't even let him see his own daughter.
How old are your kids? Pull over.
Let's walk.
So this whole thing was for Jim to redeem himself? You stage a bank heist.
Jim saves a woman's life, so he can die a hero in his daughter's eyes.
And you agreed to help him.
Why would you do that? I'm thinking, Cordova, it's because your situation wasn't all that different.
Am I right? Just keep moving.
How many kids you got, man? One? Two? Are they the reason you stopped killing people? A past like yours, it must be tough coming to terms with your own mortality.
Life full of regrets.
Is that why you decided to grant a dying man his final wish, Cordova, because you felt that somehow, some way, it might actually make up for all the pain you've caused, huh? Stop.
Turn around.
What did I tell you? Take it.
Do it.
I'm dying anyway.
There's nobody here.
Nobody will ever know what went down.
Call it self-defense.
There is no way I'm gonna make it that easy for you.
It's either like this, or I go out the slow way.
I'm tired of that option.
So you pull the trigger or I will.
Get up.
Get up.
You okay, Steve? Yeah.
You're gonna get your wish, Cordova.
You're gonna die, but you're gonna die in prison.
Book him, Danno.
Max, where are we going? It's a surprise.
You're really not gonna tell me? Just close your eyes.
Now you can open them.
Max, it's beautiful.
And now, for your dining pleasure, the bill of fare.
Um, I think I'll have the C6 this evening.
The turkey and Swiss on whole wheat.
Excellent choice, madam.
I know it's not quite the evening out that we planned, but Max.
It's perfect.
This is so cool.
If it's so cool, why do you got your face glued to your phone? Come on, what are you doing? I'm tweeting a picture so my friends can see where I am.
What'd she just say? She's tw you know what, forget about it.
Come here, Gracie, I'm gonna take a photo with you in it to really stick it to them, okay? Thanks, Uncle Steve.
You got it.
Hit it.
Yeah, that's it.
We got it.
Glad you could make it, boys.
And I can't thank you enough for what you did.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you thanking him for? He didn't do anything.
I did everything.
Look at this.
Gracie, come here.
Aloha, gentlemen.
All right.
How you doing? Looking sharp, guys.
Thank you, brother.
Uh, how'd-how'd you get in tonight? Uh, I used to date one of the models.
You did? Yep.
She give you Steve McGarrett's pass? Uh Ah, yeah.
Well, if you're Steve McGarrett, you, uh, you must be Danny Williams.
Is that right? My little cousin Flippa.
Howzit, howzit.
All these hotties out here, I feel like I died and went to heaven.
Yeah, yeah.
I can see that.
You know impersonating a police officer is a felony, right? I'll give you one week of free lunch.
Oh, bribery, that's good.
I can add that to the charges now, too.
Aw, man.
Two weeks.
Two weeks free lunch, you get to stay.
How about that? Shoots, deal.
Get out of here.
- Mahalo.
- Hey, look, it's Danny.
You made it.
Wow, you look amazing.
Thank you.
This must be Grace.
You're even cuter in person.
Sweetheart, you want to put on some makeup? Sure.
All right, come on.
Hey, just makeup, though.
Please, no, um secrets or nothing.
So, I have to go do the show.
But, Danny, I really want to thank you for everything.
Oh, thank you.
And enjoy this time with your daughter.
Little girls really need their daddies.
They grow up very fast.
What are the odds I get her phone number? Zero.
Oh, no, no, no Don't even
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