Hawaii Five-0 s03e11 Episode Script

Kahu (Guardian)

Is something on your mind? Okay, remember when you said we'd go someplace special before my leave ends? Yeah.
Well was this the special place that you had in mind? Yeah.
Why? No reason.
No, it's great.
It's great.
It's great.
I just wanted to make sure.
Just Yeah.
Well, obviously you had some other place in mind? Okay, well, if you want me to be honest, I didn't think that we would be eating breakfast out of a box in a parking lot.
Well, I think you're missing the bigger picture here.
Am I? Yeah? Yeah.
I mean, we're alone, right? Yes.
We're alone, right? Mm-hmm.
We're alone in the car.
And eating in the car is part of the whole retro drive-in experience with a Polynesian twist, of course.
Okay, look, I love Rainbow.
All I'm saying is that sometimes a table.
Waiters, too.
Maybe even a, a romantic setting.
So How is this not romantic? We have great food We got romantic music First off '80s hair bands is not romantic.
And second we're being carjacked.
Yo, keys and wallet-- hand 'em over! Okay, just hang on a sec.
Is a picnic romantic? Yes! Hey, haole, you deaf?! There's no waiters at a picnic.
How is this any different to a picnic? Okay, Steve? What? Crazy guy with a gun.
Give me the money or your lady's gonna watch you bleed! You sure you want to do this? All right.
Help! Please help me! This dude's crazy! Looks like somebody made Santa's naughty list.
This genius tried to carjack me.
You sure picked the wrong car, brother.
Crazy man ripped out my nose ring! Make sure you put that in evidence.
Let me take this trash off your hands.
Thanks, brother.
Hey, Duke.
Who's the kid? I'm not sure.
All I heard is he's a hothead.
Needed some time to cool off.
Come on, brother.
You know, a bobby pin works better.
You got one I could borrow? Nah, I'm fresh out.
What's your name? Ethan Awana.
So, uh what are you in for, Ethan? See that broken window? Yes.
You do that? Yeah.
Any reason in particular? Only way I could get someone to pay attention to me.
You got my attention.
You want to tell me what's going on? It's my dad.
What about him? He didn't come home last night and he's not answering his cell.
He wouldn't just leave me.
It's Christmas Eve.
What's your dad's name? Bruce Awana.
I think something bad happened to him.
How bad? Really bad.
3x11 - Kahu (Guardian) Testing, one, two, three, testing Testing what, okay? It's not even in my ear yet, okay? Please? This is so ridiculous.
This whole thing is so stupid.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
Blame it on the Jets, brah.
Fumbling away the game at the last possession.
All right, let me explain something to you, all right? The refs blew the call.
It goes down in the books as a loss and you owe me a favor.
A favor, like helping somebody move a couch.
That's a favor.
Not going to buy a helicopter wearing a wire.
It's gonna be a walk in the park, man.
Check these out.
Sweet, huh? Yeah, they're sweet.
I've reviewed all the maintenance and the flight log, all this needs is a little cosmetic work and my brand-new logo.
Man! This is your brand-new logo? Yep, you like it? No, I don't like it.
'Cause it's the same logo, only this time you're wearing a yarmulke.
For your information, it's a propeller beanie.
Oh And it's all about maintaining your brand identity across multiple business platforms.
But what do you know? You're just a cop.
All I need you to do is bring the price of the chopper down to 170 grand.
Me? Mm-hmm.
Your plan makes zero sense.
Why me? Because the seller's a white guy and you haoles speak all the same language.
You mean English? Yeah.
Salesman at six o'clock.
Aloha! Name's Freddy Schumaker.
My friends call me "Fast Freddy," 'cause I got a need for speed, if you know what I mean.
All right, Fast Freddy, Danny Williams.
My friends just call me "Danny"" Danny? Yeah.
I'm not going to beat around the bush.
You got good taste.
Otherwise, you would not be standing in front of one of the most magnificent flying machines ever built.
And by the look on your face, you got questions.
So fire away.
Ask him about the rodah.
What about the "rodah?" Rodah Oh, the rotor! - Yeah.
- The rotor.
This here is your standard semi-rigid main rotor with, uh, three blades, Danny.
What else can I tell you 'bout? Ask him if there's any transmitting problems with the cyclic pitch input? Any, uh how's it turn? Does it turn good? No, don't ask him that, brah! Excuse me? This guy, man All right, look, I'm gonna level with you.
My friend sent me in here because he wanted to make a deal.
He was afraid you were gonna rip him off.
Seriously? Let's cut the crap.
What's your best price? For a friend of yours? Uh-huh.
Because I'm in a generous mood $200,000.
Wait, wait do you hear that? Hear what? That's sleigh bells.
Old Longbeard's giving me the thumbs up to close this deal right now.
So I'm gonna give you a Christmas special, Danny.
I'm gonna drop it to 180K if he pays cash.
That's not gonna work, either.
Well, that's too bad.
You'll have to tell your friend tough luck.
And that's a shame, too, Oh, man.
because he must be pretty desperate to send a guy in who doesn't know a damn thing about helicopters.
Yeah, yeah, it's true.
I don't know anything about helicopters.
But being a law enforcement officer, see, I do know a thing or two about tax evasion.
So what do you say, uh, make it an even 170 and I will forget that the whole "dropping the price for cash" conversation ever happened.
What do you think? Deal.
All right.
Yes! Hey! Yeah, baby! Yeah! What about your mom, Ethan? She's dead.
Got sick when I was three.
Well, don't get all choked up about it.
We do okay.
So there's no family on the island you can stay with? Maybe an aunt or an uncle? No.
Has your dad got a girlfriend, buddy? Maybe he's dating someone? No.
Where's your dad like to hang out after work? Does he drink, maybe go to a bar? Look, I know what you guys are thinking.
That my dad's a drunk or something or that he ran off with some girl, but, nah, that ain't him.
He takes care of me.
There's no aunts, no uncles, nobody.
It's just him and me.
This is it.
This is my dad's store.
Stay in the truck.
Something's wrong! No.
Nothing's wrong.
You're lying to me! Ethan! Stay in the car! Ethan! Okay, listen, I need you and Chin to get up - to this general store in Ka'a'awa.
- Dad? Ethan, wait! Dad! Dad? Is that my dad's blood? Is it? What happened to him? I don't know.
I'll be in in a second.
What did they say? Did they find my dad? Not yet, but we're not jumping to conclusions.
I know what I saw.
It was blood.
Ethan, any number of things could have happened in there, okay? I want to help you guys find my dad.
Okay, I'll tell you what I'm recruiting you as a member of the Five-O task force-- just until we close this case.
All right.
Where do we start? We start with a full debrief.
I want to know everything you can tell me about your father, okay? First I'm gonna find somebody who can take you home.
You're gonna pack a bag, come stay with us until we find your dad.
And I can take him over there.
I still have two days of leave.
Okay, perfect.
I know what you guys are doing.
What are we doing? You just want me out of the way.
That's not true, pal.
Right now, you're our best source of information.
Now wait here a second.
This makes it official.
Now, all you got to do is hit this, then tap the Five-O tile to get a direct line to me and my team.
So it's like the bat signal.
That is what it is like.
It's like the bat signal and as soon as we know something about your dad, you're our first call.
Let's move.
I like this kid.
Course you do.
He's you at 13.
HPD has not found any witnesses.
Yeah, no kidding.
This part of the island no one talks to cops.
Crime techs recovered a .
12 gauge shotgun from behind that row of canned goods there.
Was the shotgun registered? No, of course not.
Sending it to the lab for processing.
I'm thinking that weapon will be consistent with this spatter.
Okay, the shooter, he takes a shot, dumps the gun, takes off.
The victim, well, he's alive, so maybe he goes and tries to get help? Well, maybe.
Here's the part I don't get.
Check it out.
Drag marks? Yeah.
All right, so either our shooter or somebody, uh, takes our victim out of here.
General store, remote location, makes you think this could be a robbery gone bad, right? Then there's this.
Why take the body and leave the cash? I miss you, too, monkey, very much.
Listen, I got good news.
I am gonna keep all the presents that Santa brings you and you can have them when you come home, okay? All right, I love you, too.
She did this on purpose.
I swear she did it on purpose.
Rachel-- she picks this week to go visit Stan in Vegas, and me like an idiot, I say, "Yeah, you can take Grace with you.
" Why would you do that? I don't know why I did that.
Like I said, I'm an idiot.
Maybe I though that a little goodwill would go a long way in this upcoming custody hearing.
This will be the first Christmas that I have not spent with Grace.
I am not okay with it.
When is she coming back? Not soon enough.
You're coming to my house.
Mom's making Christmas dinner.
Well, she's unpacking it and reheating it.
All right, um, I appreciate it very much, but I do have plans.
You have plans? Yes, I have plans.
What did I just say? You said you have plans.
I do.
Sitting on the couch with a pizza watching Miracle on 34th Street-- that's not plans.
Oh, oh, but Christmas with the McGarretts is something you can't miss.
That's right.
Yeah, I'm just curious.
What do you guys do? You give out subscriptions to Guns & Ammo, huh? Grenades as stocking stuffers? Catherine's gonna be there, too, Danny.
I'm gonna save a place for you at that table; it's a done deal.
Okay, as your friend.
I'll try not to kill myself.
Kono? The lab got a hit off a print pulled from the shotgun.
The print matches a guy named Moku Bradford.
He's got priors.
He did an 18-month bid for aggravated assault.
Sounds like the kind of guy who would have an unregistered shotgun.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
That look like blood to you? Yeah, what do you think? I think we're in the right place.
Hey, hey, hey, hold it right there.
Moku Bradford, drop the shovel right now.
He's got blood on him, Steve.
Okay, look, we got people searching the jungle right now.
Eventually, they are going to find that body.
You cooperate with us now, small chance you won't spend the rest of your life in prison.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Really? You come walking out of the forest covered in blood; you're carrying a shovel.
All right, it's pretty obvious you just buried the guy you shot last night.
Hold up.
You think I shot someone? No, no, we don't think.
We're pretty positive.
We got your prints all over the shotgun we found in Bruce Awana's store.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, guys.
Did something happen to Bruce? Hey, guys, over here.
Here, give me that.
Call Steve.
Tell him I think we found the body.
Why didn't you tell me you had an imu dug out there.
A what? I'm sorry.
What's an imu? It's an underground pit used to slow-roast a pig.
Okay, all right, uh, hold on a second.
You're making kalua pig? That's what you're hiding? That's pig juice and stuff you got on your face? Yeah.
Look, man, I've been sent up for hunting without a license before.
I can't afford no more fines.
All right, what about Bruce? You know anything about his disappearance? I don't know nothing about that.
Bruce is my friend, okay? I work for the dude.
How do you explain your prints all over Remington shotgun that we found in his store? Look, that piece belongs to Bruce.
Okay, but but I'm not saying I never checked it out a few times.
Why would Bruce need a gun? This isn't a high-crime area.
Would he have any reason to fear for his safety? I don't know.
I figured Bruce had his reasons.
But that's his business, not mine.
I'm sorry about the pig juice, brah.
So, what are you guys, like, boyfriend and girlfriend? I guess you could say that.
How come you're not married? You sound like my mother.
Coming in.
Whoa, there, cowboy.
That's a lot of BBs there.
Yeah, well, your boyfriend said I could help.
Yes, but not like this.
Where are your clothes? Over there.
Oh, we're gonna need a suitcase.
There's one in the basement, but I'm good with just a shopping bag.
A shopping bag? I think we can do better than a shopping bag.
Where's the basement? What are you waiting for? Oh, um I mean, I can't go down there.
I hurt my knee playing soccer.
So Yeah, I'll just use a shopping bag.
Yeah, you know what? Um, I don't trust these stairs anyway.
They look a little old to me.
So maybe it's better you just stay up here.
It should be on your left.
Did you find a suitcase yet? Uh, Ethan, would you mind finding me a flashlight? It's pretty dark down here.
Steve, there must be, like, 20, 30,000 here.
I mean, it's just stashed in the suitcase.
Guy with a general store on a remote part of the island-- no way he's coming up with that kind of cash.
Maybe Bruce got himself wrapped up in something dirty.
And maybe that something got him killed.
Cath, looks like Kono's got a lead.
I'll call you back.
All right, so I got this security footage from a local hospital after checking to see if they had any gunshot victims that were admitted recently.
Last night, there was an anonymous drop-off at the emergency room.
That's our gunshot victim.
That's not Bruce Awana.
No, but his DNA sample matches the blood found at the general store.
Okay, who is he? He's a John Doe that died during surgery.
A-ha, so a mystery on top of a mystery.
All right, what about the driver? He never turns around, so there's no way to ID him.
This is fun so far.
- You having fun? - There's more.
When I ran the plates, guess whose name is on the pink slip.
Bruce Awana.
Okay, so looks like Bruce is not "Father of the Year" after all.
More like our primary suspect.
Gentlemen, even with your rudimentary understanding of pathology, you can probably tell by the condition of the body that the COD was a shotgun blast.
Okay, let's just put aside your lack of social skills for one second.
How are we gonna ID this guy? His prints and DNA are not in the system.
Okay, I'll bite.
What are those crystals? Indeed.
Oxalate crystals to be exact.
They were taken from the right kidney.
Okay, is that it? Should we expect a further long-winded explanation? Antifreeze poisoning.
What? I was foregoing your "long-winded explanation.
" Okay, so crystals formulate in the kidneys when antifreeze is ingested.
So, what, this guy was shot and poisoned? That is my bottom line.
Additionally Ah-ah-ah.
See? "Additionally"" I knew it.
The term "short and sweet" is a meaningless phrase to you, obviously, but continue.
As I was saying, I was able to retrieve some residue from beneath the victim's fingernails, and was later able to identify them as ti leaves.
Chamomile or Earl Grey? Neither, because they're from the ti plant.
They are indigenous to Hawaii and are traditionally utilized to make ceremonial leis, capes, and sometimes even cooking utensils.
I think I have an idea of what's going on here.
Really? Yeah.
I think this guy was sampling his own product.
What was that, radiator fluid? No.
Okay, I see an albino kid playing the banjo, we're out of here, okay? Hey! Hey, Uncle.
What you thinking, bringing da kine cop to this place? Uncle, I'm a cop.
Yeah, but you're family.
How many, uh, uncles you got, buddy? Uncle Choi.
Danny Williams.
Eh, don't, don't it's fine.
I been making okolehao since Chin was in diapers.
That's Hawaiian for white lightning.
Old family recipe.
Very popular around the holidays.
The key is in root of ti leaf.
That-that's good.
Sounds delicious.
Actually, it is, but it's not for the weak of heart.
Uncle, we're here because we're working a homicide of a suspected bootlegger.
We found antifreeze in his system, and I heard that sometimes these guys use radiators as stills.
Is that true? Mm.
Amateur move.
Bathtub cook.
Those guys only care about making a dollar.
On the house.
Merry Christmas.
No, thank you-- um, I like eggnog this time of year, and, uh, voluntarily burning a hole in my stomach is not on my bucket list, this year, anyway.
Okay, we're on duty, so maybe next time.
But there is one more thing.
Do you happen to know this guy? Mm Sorry.
I don't mix with the lowlifes that sell bad hooch.
I know where you can get it, though, if you're that desperate.
Yeah, where-where is that? Word is there's a general store out in Ka'a'awa.
All right.
Thank you, Uncle.
Go easy.
All right, Bruce is selling moonshine out of his store.
Maybe he was in business with our John Doe, they got into a beef and the deal goes south.
Right, and Bruce shoots Mr.
Doe, does an ER body dump, takes off.
It's a good theory.
Now we just got to prove it.
How's he holding up? Uh, well, he hasn't thrown anything through a window yet, so All right, just say it.
We, uh we still need an ID on the vic, and as it stands, Ethan's our best chance of getting one.
And what makes you think he knows who our victim is? His dad had a side business hustling moonshine out the back door.
Okay, maybe Ethan can recognize one of his dad's business partners, and if he can, maybe we can get a lead on Bruce's whereabouts.
Just think about this for a second, Steve.
You want Ethan to possibly implicate his own father in a crime.
Or you could look at it as Ethan helping us ID a murder vic.
And next you'll want him to testify.
That's a possibility, yeah.
But he'd have to live with that for the rest of his life.
What's the alternative, Cath? I don't like this any more than you do, but if this kid's dad is involved, he's gonna find out sooner or later, okay? And what are we supposed to do, keep lying to the kid? Okay, I'll-I'll do it.
Just let me talk to him.
You sure? Yeah, yeah.
Um, just give us some space, okay? Yeah.
Ethan? You guys were talking about me, weren't you? You want a juice or something? Uh, we got a machine in the hallway-- my treat.
You don't have to bribe me.
Just say what you're gonna say.
We need your help.
Okay? I need you to tell me if you recognize this man from your dad's store.
That man's dead, isn't he? Yeah.
He was the one killed at the store.
Does he look familiar? Do you think my dad did it? We don't know.
I'm really sorry, Ethan.
My dad wouldn't do that.
He wouldn't.
I believe you.
I believe you.
Can I still have a juice? Absolutely.
I like orange.
Orange? All right.
Orange it is.
I'll be right back, okay? Ethan? Damn it! Ethan! Ethan! Stop! Stop right here.
This is it.
Keep it.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey, what are you doing, huh? Pull-the-fire-alarm- and-escape trick? You think I don't know that? You said you were gonna help me.
I am helping you.
We are.
Help me put my dad in jail? - How'd you find me anyway? - We traced the phone that Steve gave you.
Listen to me, Ethan.
It's your dad that we're talking about here-- I totally get that-- but what we're trying to do, we're trying to get to the truth.
I know it can be painful But he wouldn't hurt anyone.
Not unless they tried to hurt him.
Or me.
Now, that's the truth.
So help us prove that.
Do you know this guy or not? I've seen him before, but I don't know his name.
He hangs out with the guy who lives here, Darrin Hodge.
Who's Darrin Hodge? Really bad guy.
My dad warned me to stay away from him.
Why? Darrin and a few of his friends came into my dad's store to talk to him.
They started arguing.
So my dad pulled a shotgun on them, and told them to get the hell out.
Do you remember what the argument was about? All right, Ethan, thank you.
You've been a big help.
Danny and I-- we're gonna check this place out.
I'm coming with you.
You're not coming with us.
Why not? You know why not.
The safest place for you to be right now is anywhere but here.
Then I want to go home.
Got him.
Okay, fine.
If we find your dad in here, we'll take him to you.
Deal? Beat it.
Steve, over here! Hey, hey, hey.
Put the gun down.
Moku, put your gun down.
Relax, Moku.
Put the gun down.
You don't want to do this, buddy.
Put the gun down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Where's Bruce? You killed one of Darrin Hodge's crew, and you were covering your tracks.
No, man, I didn't kill nobody! But you did just break in to Darrin Hodge's place, right? Just so I know so I'm not losing my mind.
No! No? No? No.
I-I mean yes, okay? But it's not what you think.
Let me tell you what I think-- we should forget the whole "jury of your peers" thing, and dump your funky ass in an active volcano someplace.
Look, man I know Darrin Hodge.
Okay? He's my moonshine supplier.
He's your moonshine supplier? That's right.
So you, you were the one selling moonshine out of the general store, not Bruce Awana.
I never should've opened my mouth to Darrin about those deliveries.
What deliveries? It was Bruce's thing, man.
He'd make these monthly deliveries to some guy who paid him a ton of cash up front.
What guy? Some weird, secretive dude, man! H-He was a recluse, like, uh, what's his name? Howard Hughes.
When Darrin found out about this guy and the cash he was paying Bruce, I guess he just figured there was more where that came from.
Okay so you and Darrin put a crew together to roll this guy; you guys were in on it together No.
No, okay, I didn't want no part of that.
Like I said, man, Bruce is good peoples.
He threw me a lifeline when nobody else would.
So when you heard that Darrin might've killed Bruce, you went to the ranch looking for him-- with a shotgun.
That's how we do things on this part of the island, man.
We take care of our own.
That's very nice.
Who's this reclusive guy? What's his name? What's his address? Where is he? I'd tell you if I knew, man, but Bruce kept these things to himself.
So, Darrin and his crew needed Bruce to lead them to Mr.
Secret Moneybags.
They get to the general store, try to take him by force, right? Bruce resists.
There's a struggle.
One of Darrin's crew gets shot, okay? I'm thinking, we find this recluse, good chance we find out what happened to Bruce.
Hey, maybe this'll help.
Remember all the money that Catherine found in the basement of Bruce's house? Yeah.
Well, HPD ran the serial numbers, and they traced the bills back to a five-year-old Chicago bank job.
So there's the robber: his name is Stuart Rizzi.
He locked all the employees in the vault, and walked out with two mill in cash.
So Rizzi's the recluse.
He's been using Bruce to send him supplies while he lays low.
He was paying him with the money from the bank heist.
Yeah, it's like his own personal Amazon.
All right, Kono, see if you can pull up a list of all Ka'a'awa real estate transactions made in the last five years.
I need the ones paid in cash.
All right.
Three purchases.
Rizzi's not gonna use his real name, that's obvious, so I'll cross-check the buyers with their DMV photos.
That's our man.
- That's Rizzi.
- Okay, so, he bought the property under an alias.
And not just any property but a five-acre compound in the middle of the valley.
Let's go.
I thought I knew every inch of this island.
Can't even see this place from the air.
Hey, it's Bruce Awana's car.
Someone ran a bypass on the electronic gate.
Compound's been breached.
He could still be in there.
Chin, cover the house.
This isn't Bruce.
Or Rizzi.
Darrin Hodge.
The other guy must be one of his crew.
Safe to say they didn't make it out with the money they came for, huh? Let's move.
Maybe Rizzi got the jump on Darrin and his boy and fled with Bruce.
Sounds about right.
But fled where? I will raise you two candy canes and a mint.
I will see your two candy canes and your mint.
What do you got? It's your call.
Pair of nines.
Three kings.
Nice! Dad! Ethan.
Ethan, stay back! Let go of my dad! Everything's gonna be okay, Ethan.
Merry Christmas.
My kid's got nothing to do with this.
Leave him out of it.
Why would I do that, Bruce? We're all family here, aren't we? I mean, I trusted you.
That is, until you shot your big mouth off about me to your pals.
I didn't say anything.
You wanted privacy; I gave it to you.
I didn't even know who you really were until today.
I'd like to believe you, Bruce.
I really would.
But I don't.
You probably told them that I was worth a small fortune and I was easy pickings.
No, hey, I didn't.
I swear.
Look, I'm gonna make this real plain and simple for you.
You're gonna give me all the money I gave you, whatever's left of it.
Dad! It's all right, Ethan.
Nothing's gonna happen.
I'm gonna give this man his money and we'll never have to see him again.
I like the sound of that.
Now where the hell's the cash? Okay, it's over here.
In the basement.
In the basement.
Let's go to the basement.
All right.
Catherine's not answering.
She's at the house with the kid.
I don't like it, Danny.
What if Rizzi showed up? Hold on.
Let's just think for a second, okay? If Rizzi is going on the run, he knows he needs some cash.
We're all over his house, so he's got to go someplace else.
He's gonna go to Bruce for whatever scraps he has left.
Yeah, but that money is sitting on a shelf in an HPD evidence room.
Rizzi doesn't know that.
The kid goes down.
I'm keeping an eye on you.
No, let-let me go.
It'll only take a second.
Get down the damn steps, kid! Dad.
I got this.
It's okay.
Give me that.
What the hell is this?! I-It's supposed to be in there.
Dad! I'm all right, Ethan.
It's okay.
Who the hell else is here? What? I-I No one! You move and I'll kill both of you.
You okay? I'm good, but how's my dad? He's all right.
How'd you like that timing? A little slow.
I got it under control.
She's right.
I'm really sorry.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too.
Hey, um I'll be right back.
I just want to talk to them for a second.
What's up, buddy? I just wanted to say thanks.
You guys are pretty good.
You're not too bad yourself, buddy.
Hey, Ethan.
I'll tell you what.
In about ten years when you're tired of breaking hearts, give me a call-- we'll save a spot for you on Five-O.
I'll think about it.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, so the kid's a smart-ass.
Well, takes one to know one, so Ho ho ho! Mele Kalikimaka.
Ah, yes, the customary ritual of gift-giving originating from the Roman celebration of Saturnalia Why can't you just say mahalo like everybody else? - Mahalo.
- All right! Where's the big kahuna? I want to give him his present.
Oh, he said he was gonna be a few minutes late.
One free helicopter tour.
One free tour plus a guest.
- Thanks, Kamekona.
- Very nice of you.
I'm gonna have to respectfully decline.
I'll give mine to Chin because I'm pretty sure with you driving that thing, it's gonna end up in somebody's front lawn.
I think I'll ask Sabrina to accompany me on the inaugural flight.
Yeah? Mile High Club, buddy? the maximum altitude for a commercial helicopter.
What? You can all redeem your tickets as soon as I get my pilot's license.
Wait, wait, wait.
You bought a helicopter and you don't have your license yet? Technicality, sista.
Oh, there he is.
Ooh, yeah.
That's a rental, for sure.
He's gonna need a bib.
Looks smooth though.
Wh-What are you doing? What is Whoo! I'm taking you to dinner.
All right.

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