Hawaii Five-0 s03e12 Episode Script

Kapu (Forbidden)

Please, where are you taking me? If you want to live, you'll do exactly what I say.
Is your name Jonah Adkins? Yes.
Is your father the executive vice president of the Certified National Bank? Please, if it's money you want, just call my parents.
I'll tell you what I want.
I want to hear you beg for you life.
But I want you to do it in Spanish.
What? Beg for your life, Jonah, en español.
Uh, uh Por favor, señor no making me muerto? That was pathetic.
I should kill you for that.
No, no, please don't.
I don't want to die.
Then sing me a song.
What? Something from the '90s.
If it moves me, I'll consider letting you live.
I was born in the '90s, I don't know any of those songs.
Then you're dead.
Uh Uh, uh You are my fire The one desire Believe when I say I want it that way.
Man, you look like you could use a change of underwear.
Not cool, dudes.
Oh, oh.
Congratulations, you are now officially a pledge of the Beta Phi Tau.
Now, onto the first test in your initiation.
We call it the century.
To complete it, you'll need to consume 100 shots of beer, in under 100 minutes.
What say ye? Bottoms up.
Drink, drink, drink Where you going, lightweight? you got this.
What the hell? Sweet home Waimanalo Where the skies are so blue Sweet home Waimanalo Sang Min's coming home to you.
What, no flowers? Where do I sign for him? Right here.
Come on, girl.
I came all the way from a haole prison on the mainland to snitch for you.
No in-flight movie, no meal service.
Least you can do is, uh, show me some love.
Let's get a couple of things straight.
One, don't call me girl.
You can address me as Officer Kalakaua or don't address me at all.
Two, this is not a vacation.
You're here to testify at a federal trial in exchange for a sentence reduction.
So, please, don't pretend you're doing me any favors.
'Cause, trust me, there are plenty of things I'd rather be doing than babysitting your ass for the next 24 hours.
I get it.
So you want to hit the shrimp truck before we check into the hotel? Get in the car.
Still spicy.
Max got an I.
yet? No, he's still fishing out body parts.
I think he's enjoying it, too.
I can't believe that was a person.
Um, I told you my nephew was maybe gonna come visit from Jersey.
Well, that happened.
Here he is.
What's up, bro? Call me E-Train.
Put your hand down, okay? That's not your bro, your name's Eric.
Please go wait in the car like I asked you to, okay? Can I at least have the keys? You didn't even crack a window.
Then wait outside.
Anywhere but my crime scene.
Okay? Please? Come on.
Don't look at me like that, just go.
Yo, how you doin', sweetheart? Okay, so your nephew visits from Jersey, and you, uh, bring him on a homicide call? That's yep.
Just a hunch, but do you think maybe he would've enjoyed the beach a little more? Yeah, he's lucky he's not locked up.
Okay, couple months ago he gets popped in a stolen car.
Make a couple phone calls, get the charges dropped.
My sister's worried sick, does not know what to do with him.
So she send him to me, maybe I can, I don't know, scare some sense into him.
How's that working out? He just saw his first dead body and he's still acting like a complete idiot so, I guess I have my work cut out for me.
What do we know? Okay, according to Max, guy was dead before he hit the tub.
Well, if the acid bath didn't kill him, what did? Blunt force trauma to the head.
We also got signs of forced entry, and a bunch of stolen lab gear.
We got, uh, bioreactor, particle protector, couple of laser microscopes.
You know, bunch of other stuff I've never heard of.
All right, so the vic was in here when the robbery went down.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Guy gets bonked in the head and then turned into human soup.
That's smart.
Get rid of any evidence on the body they could trace back, right? Guy's stealing fancy microscopes, probably know a thing or two about DNA.
Okay, things just got interesting.
HPD found the stolen lab gear in a Dumpster three blocks from here.
I'm thinking this was a murder staged to look like a robbery.
CSU just finished processing the point of entry and determined the door was broken from the inside.
Okay, so the killer had access to this place but did not want us to know that.
Mm-hmm, and according to campus security, there are over 300 students and faculty members with keycard access to this lab.
Then every one of them is a suspect.
This is a huge blow to the university.
Professor Cutler wasn't just a brilliant educator and researcher-- he was ohana, a member of the O'ahu State family.
Okay, well someone in his ohana wanted him dead.
We've determined that the robbery was staged.
What? Professor Cutler was killed by somebody who had access to the lab.
Who would've wanted to do something like that? Well, Mr.
Roth, you're chairman of the department.
We were hoping you could tell us.
There you go.
List of every student and faculty member with lab access.
So did Professor Cutler use the lab often? I'd say so.
Once these guys get published, half their time is spent writing and researching.
Then it falls on teaching assistants like me to pick up the slack in the classroom.
Bram, do you know what he was working on in the lab last night? No.
Been spending a lot of late nights there.
Keeping weird hours.
But then there's a lot about the professor's behavior that seemed odd lately.
Really? How so? Well, he started missing lectures.
When he did show up, he seemed distracted.
I asked him if everything was okay, and he told me to mind my own business.
There was one incident a couple of days ago, but I'm quite certain it was nothing.
Why don't you let us make that call? I heard yelling.
When I looked outside, I saw a student storming out of Joel's office.
She was crying and she seemed very upset.
Does this student have a name? I'm sure she does, but I don't know what it is.
All I can tell you is she was about five-two with brown hair and dark colored eyes.
Did the professor say what the argument was about? Joel was a very private person.
I never asked him about his personal life.
Whoa, whoa, a female student comes out of his office with tears in her eyes-- how's that a personal matter? Wait a minute, I never meant to insinuate You just did.
Look, your friend is dead, so why don't you stop trying to protect him.
If you know something, you need to tell us.
Right now.
Joel had a way of connecting with his students; making complex ideas understandable.
Intellect like that can be very alluring to a young woman.
You should've seen the way they looked at him.
He ever cross the line? I have my suspicions.
But if I had found out that he was sleeping with a student, I would have had to fire him.
That's why I just never asked.
Unskinny bop, just blows me away Unskinny bop All night and day Unskinny bop, bop, bop She just loves to play Unskinny bop, got nothin' more to say You got to be kidding.
Aloha, Mrs.
Your husband wanted to surprise you with a late lunch.
Consider me surprised.
What kind of two-star dump you putting me up in here? Bathroom doesn't even have a flat iron.
About time.
I'm starving.
All right, first of all, cross your legs.
Okay, second of all, I don't know how Excuse me, brotha.
you managed this, but I am not signing for this food.
You tell 'em, sister.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Bruddah, you call these jumbo shrimp? They're small, they're rubbery, and they got no flavor.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I can't take the food back now.
Okay, if it's that bad, why are you still eating it? And a better question is, what the hell are you doing here? Sang called me from the joint.
Said he needed some fresh threads for his court date.
Check it out.
Check those lapels, huh? Tony Montana style.
Made to measure, brah.
My tailor is the best on the Island.
I don't buy nothing off the rack no more.
I'm sure you don't.
Oh, you think this is funny? Yesterday, you were sitting in a supermax in Virginia 'cause half the bad guys on this island wanted you dead.
And now, you're back.
And there are some very dangerous people who do not want you testifying tomorrow.
So, I'd quit treating this place like a hospitality suite.
Okay, I'm just curious.
How many people did you invite? I'm not expecting no one else.
Oh, thank God.
Jason Parker from the office of the prosecuting attorney.
I'm here to prep the witness for his testimony tomorrow.
Officer Decker here will relieve you of duty while we prepare.
He's all yours.
This is where you work? Yeah.
Not bad.
Oh, bitchin' computer.
No, hey You got Minesweeper on this thing? Ho, ho, hey.
Please, go wait in my office, okay? What am I supposed to do in there? I don't know.
Why don't you go meditate on the poor life decisions you've made, maybe think about how you can turn it all around.
It's like, uh, house-training a puppy.
I mean, the kid has zero impulse control.
Guys, I got a voice mail you need to hear.
This came through on Professor Cutler's cell phone two days ago.
You can't do this to me.
If you keep ignoring me, there will be consequences.
As far as threats go, that's not subtle.
We identify the caller? Yeah, number came back to a Rebecca Fine.
She's a senior in Cutler's advanced chem class.
Five foot two, brown hair, brown eyes.
Matches the description of the student that was seen leaving Cutler's office in tears.
Mm-hmm, and she had access to the lab.
According to Cutler's teaching assistant, he had been spending a lot of late hours there.
Okay, okay, let me take a stab at this.
So, Cutler is getting cute with, uh, young Rebecca here.
Uh, they're using the lab for, um, late-night hookups.
Relationship goes south, he tries to end it and Rebecca kills him.
I like it.
Let's see what Rebecca's got to say about it.
Now-now, this Now, this is the best thing I've ever seen.
What? Thank you.
What? What is it? Oh, it's our own Danny Williams.
As Mr.
November in the 1998 Newark Police Academy calendar.
Look at you, buddy.
I was young, this was for charity.
Where did you get this? Uh, I believe you just e-mailed it to me.
No, I didn't.
Yeah, you just e-mailed it to me, too.
And, it looks like you e-mailed it to everybody in your address book.
Get up.
Stand up.
Stand up, stand up.
Do you think that is funny? You know Grace is on that e-mail? Oh my bad, man.
I know how scarring it could be for a kid to see that photo.
Your calendar hung in our kitchen for years.
Mom thought it was the biggest deal when you became a cop.
Oh, that's good.
Well, at least somebody in the family is making her proud, right? That's low, dude.
Oh, it's low? Suck it up, okay? While you are-- look at me when I'm talking to you-- while you are here, you are going to be living in what is called the real world.
That means, you act like an idiot, and I am gonna call you out.
Now, you can go back to New Jersey, and you can continue to waste away your life.
Or, you can say here and you can maybe learn something.
It's your choice.
But please know, please know that unlike your mother, I am not a pushover, okay? You pull another stunt like that again, and I am not going to be as courteous as I am being right now, you dig? Yeah.
Ready? Let's go, I got a case to work.
Let's go.
You're gonna like this, I promise.
I need to rethink my decision to skip college.
Easy, there, tiger.
Kelly, your dads are here to pick you up.
Those aren't my dads.
I'm sorry.
You think I look old enough to be her father? That's the that's the part you bumped on? You were right.
This is definitely worth coming for.
Okay, excuse me.
We're looking for Rebecca Fine.
Is she here? Yeah.
Becky's room's upstairs.
Second door on the right.
All right, thank you.
You guys go ahead, I don't want to get in your way.
Behave yourself, please.
How you doing, baby doll? What's going on? Go away! Rebecca, this is Commander McGarrett of Five-O.
Open the door.
One second.
I'm just getting changed.
You buying that? No.
Rebecca, stop! Well, this is definitely a first.
How do you want to play it? Shoot her tires out.
You don't get a vote.
Rebecca, pull over.
Please? No! Okay, that didn't work.
You guys are making a huge mistake.
My dad's a big-time lawyer.
He's gonna own this entire building by the time he's through with you.
How do you how do you figure that? This is textbook police harassment.
You can't just arrest someone and then keep them in a dungeon for no reason.
You can't do this to me.
If you keep ignoring me, there will be consequences.
So, we got a witness who saw you storming out of Joe Cutler's office in tears.
The next day, you leave this message.
Day after that, he's dead.
This is crazy, because I didn't kill him.
Really? Then why'd you run when we came to look for you? I'm not saying anything else without my lawyer.
You mean, uh, your daddy, right? Excuse me, guys.
Rebecca Fine I believe this is yours.
See, after your arrest, HPD showed up to search your room and it was flooded.
It seems that the toiled got clogged when you tried to flush your stash.
So, that's why you ran.
You have no idea the pressure I'm under.
Midterms are this week, and I have been up for days studying.
I just I needed a little boost, so I bought some prescription uppers off of a friend.
It was the only way I could keep up with all the cheaters.
Cheaters? What are you talking about? Kids in my advanced chem class are cheating.
Someone's been selling them the exams.
That's why I went to go see Professor Cutler.
And why I left him that message.
I was just trying to get him to do something about it.
But he ignored you, is that right? He said he'd look into it, but he couldn't do anything unless there was proof.
Then he told me to focus on acing the midterm, totally disregarding that the class is graded on a curve and the cheaters were dragging my grade down.
I mean, this is my future we're talking about.
Do you know how much of an impact even a few tenths of a GPA point can have on your ability to get into med school? I have no idea.
Tell me.
It's the difference between Johns Hopkins and a state school.
Oh, horrible.
Got it.
That was Max.
He just finished autopsying Cutler's body.
Based on the skull fractures, to inflict that kind of damage, he's saying the killer had to have been at least 190 pounds.
Okay, Rebecca is definitely not our killer.
And this cheating business changes everything.
If Cutler was looking into it, maybe one of his students killed him to avoid being expelled.
Wow, I mean, college is a lot more cutthroat than I remember.
I just talked to Fong.
He found spyware on Cutler's work computer.
It was used to pull a bunch of files off the hard drive.
Okay, well, that would explain how the seller got his hands on the exams.
Fong know who hacked the computer? No.
That's a dead end, the spyware was untraceable.
Okay, we need to find a kid that's cheating and roll him to get the name of the guy who sold the exam.
Want to know who's cheating? What'd you do? Did you get some scoop from the sorority girls? No.
I was just gonna say, you could check the transcripts.
See whose grades spiked the most.
Chances are, they're cheating.
Kid's got a point.
I'll wait out here.
This is, uh, college.
It's not a virus, you cannot catch it.
Tyler Brown, come on down.
Let's go.
All right, stop.
I'm in the middle of writing a midterm, what's this about? What's this about? I'll tell you what it's about, it's about your grades.
All right, one day, you're about to drop out of this place, the next day you're gunning for the dean's list.
What's your secret? Just started applying myself, I guess.
Oh, yeah? Well.
whoa, what are you doing? You need a nickel that bad, I'll lend you one, okay? Your boy here chucked this can on the way out.
Look at this.
One of the few things you can take into a test.
See, you mock up a fake label with an answer key on it, no one looks twice.
That's good.
Nice catch, E-Train.
Please, Steve.
Look at that.
Okay, dopey, who'd you buy the exam from? I think my ribs are broken.
Yeah? Uh-huh.
Well, next time a cop calls your name, don't run.
Seriously it hurts when I breathe.
Then breathe less.
Come on, get up.
Turn around.
A little excessive, don't you think, guys? I mean, all I did was sell some exams.
Oh, you forgot about the part where you brained your boss and dumped him into an acid bath.
What? You guys think I killed Professor Cutler? Yes, we do.
Look, I'll admit, Cutler was not my favorite person.
I mean, he was so wrapped up in his research, I was basically teaching the class for him.
I gave his lectures, graded the papers and exams, I figured for all that extra work I was due some compensation.
So, you hacked his computer for the exams.
He finds out you're selling them, then you kill him.
Huh? No, I didn't kill him.
And I certainly didn't hack his computer, because I wrote all those exams myself.
Cutler was so checked out, he never even asked to see them.
All right, thank you.
's story checks out.
Got three other faculty members vouching for the fact that he did write the exams for the class.
Well, that means Cutler's computer was hacked for something else.
Yeah, but for what? I mean, he's skipping class, he's spending late nights in the lab, and we got no evidence of this so-called research project that he's been working on.
Maybe he was hiding it.
What do you mean? I mean, if he knew there was spyware on his computer, he probably started being careful.
Maybe he didn't keep his work at the office.
Nah, HPD already checked the house, and they came up with nothing.
I don't mean to besmirch the good people of the Honolulu Police Department, but it is possible they missed something.
"Besmirch"? Yeah.
I'm just saying, hypothetically speaking, if I was hiding something in my mother's house which I am not I'd make sure the cops had to tear the place apart to find it.
And I'm no chemistry genius.
Kid's been on a roll, lately.
Might be worth a second look.
Fine, but you're still waiting in the car.
What else is new? You hear that? Yeah, Danny, I hear it.
I have ears.
It's a reasonable question.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's coming from behind this bookcase.
Lock's busted.
Hydroponic grow room.
Lights are on timers.
They must have been off when HPD did their sweep.
That's why they didn't hear it.
Okay, um, been my experience here, but I think the grow room usually means one thing, no? Yeah, but this isn't marijuana.
I can see that.
What is it? I don't know.
Whatever it is, is was worth killing for.
And of course, this is Charlie.
He's a crime scene technician.
He uses science to provide our investigations with new and helpful leads.
Just like he's about to do now.
Right, Charlie? That's the idea.
Oh, sweet thermal cycler, dude.
How do you know what that is? Duh.
Discovery Channel.
You can learn a lot from TV.
That's weird.
DNA analysis matched the sample to a species called Kawaihae hibiscadelphus.
What's so weird about it? Well, what's weird is, it's been thought to be extinct for about 200 years.
Which means your victim either found a very rare specimen, or he brought it back to life.
It's pretty cool, right? I don't understand it.
How did our vic get his hands on an extinct plant? We don't know yet, but the real question is, why did it get him killed? Anyway, how are things going on your end? I'm back at the room now.
I just have to get Sang Min to court in the morning.
Then I ship his greasy mullet back to the mainland.
All right, hang in there, cuz.
What happened? Sneaky bastard blindsided us.
He's gone.
I think I found out how our victim got a hold of that plant.
I combed through Cutler's financials, and over the past six months, he's been booking regular hunting trips.
Now, the thing about that is, he doesn't own a hunting license or even own a gun.
Guy must have sucked at hunting, huh? I don't think it was about the hunting.
I think it was about where he was going.
Where was that? Niihau.
I obviously know what you're talking about, but for the kid's sake, why don't you explain what that place is? Right.
Niihau is the northernmost island of Hawaii.
It's also the largest private island in the world.
Some dude owns his own private island in Hawaii? That's pretty pimp.
Yeah, well, it's been owned by the same family since 1864.
And they allow a small population of about a hundred native Hawaiians to live there.
Yup, no longer as interesting.
They live entirely off the land.
They have no telephones, no running water.
And the only way outsiders can visit is through one of these exclusive hunting trips.
It's also home to thousands of plant species that exist nowhere else in the world.
So what are we thinking? Cutler-- he goes over there looking for this extinct plant, uh, he finds it, and somehow, it gets him killed? Locals call it the Forbidden Island for a reason.
If anybody saw Cutler taking plants from there illegally, I'm sure they wouldn't take too kindly to it.
All right, we need to retrace Cutler's steps, see who might have caught on to his secret.
First place we need to start is Niihau.
Okay, owners have a foreman who oversees operations.
I'll call ahead and get us cleared for helicopter transport.
I get to ride in a helicopter? No.
Finally, something cool happens.
No, no, no, you're not You're not riding in a helicopter.
I apologize.
We will stay here.
Uh, I'll do some work on Cutler's computer.
We find out who hacked it, maybe we'll get our killer.
Wait a minute.
Crime lab said that's a dead end.
I know.
I got a guy.
Why don't you just admit, you don't like flying with me? Okay, I don't like flying with you.
Have a safe flight.
We get two or three hunting parties coming through here every day.
Once they touch down, - the hunters are on their own.
- Well, the guy we're looking for has been here nine times in the past three months.
You recognize him? Honestly, when they're all geared up in camo and guns, it's hard to tell them apart.
Oh, this guy wasn't here to hunt.
We think he was splitting off on his own to explore the island.
Well, if that's the case, it's hard to imagine he'd have gone unnoticed.
You should try asking the locals.
But I got to warn you.
They're a little wary of outsiders.
We'll give it a shot.
He would go into the jungle on his own.
We've also seen smoke coming from the same area, about three miles north.
When was the last time you saw him? Not for a few days.
But the smoke was there this morning.
Thank you for your help.
She recognized Cutler.
A number of the locals saw him heading out into the jungle just on his own.
They also saw smoke coming from a spot about three miles due north of here.
Must be where Cutler's laying up, right? Mm-hmm.
Exactly, and apparently, they saw smoke there this morning, which means somebody else is out there.
And that somebody else could be our killer.
I need you to call back all the hunting parties that are currently on the island.
We're going after a suspect.
We don't want anybody getting in the way.
Hold on a second.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, wait in the car.
I get it.
No, no.
I, uh I, uh I was thinking about what I said to you this morning, and, um, I want to tell you that I-I think it was wrong.
I want to apologize.
You mean when you were ragging on my nickname? 'Cause I've gotten over that.
Can you just shut up for two seconds, please? I am trying to be serious, okay? Okay, uh now, this, um This may be hard to believe, um, but, um, there was a time in my life-- albeit a very brief one-- when I was not so different from you.
Okay? I thought I was a tough guy.
I got myself into some trouble.
Uh, difference is, I had a-a father around to, uh, kick my ass, set me straight when I got out of line.
Now, your mother, she is an amazing person, and she loves you very much, but she's completely and utterly incapable of getting tough with you and telling you the things that you need to hear.
Which at this point in your life is, you've, um accomplished nothing of note.
And have zero value to society.
Is this normally how you apologize? 'Cause you may want to rethink the approach.
Your mother, uh, she expects more of you.
Eric, I expect more of you.
But more important than all of that, you should expect more from yourself.
Hmm? You're right.
You want to repeat that, please? No.
You, uh you did good today.
Why don't you come, uh, get my back? How about that? Really? Yeah.
All right! Hello, hombres.
Who are you? I'm the guy who lives here in the house, whose door you just knocked on.
- Who are you? - Hey.
We ask the questions.
Hey, chill, bro.
My name's Bullwinkle.
Oh, okay, right.
You're, um, Toast's roommate.
Uh, is he home? Yeah.
Okay, good.
Can I speak to him, please? No, I meant, like, home home, in Baltimore.
He went back for his sister's Bat Mitzvah.
I don't believe this.
I know.
It's crazy, right? and already a woman, according to the laws of Moses.
Little young, no? Anyway, mazel tov.
Where are my manners? Would you like the first hit? Uh, I, uh I would, except I'm on duty, you see, so I can't do that.
What, are you gonna, like, arrest me now? That all depends on how good are you with computers.
Based on all these broken branches, somebody came through here recently.
I'd say we're in the right place.
Hey! Hey! Hands in the air! Five-O! Put it down right now.
Drop it.
Put it down.
Who are you? What are you doing here? My name's Dr.
Brian Stephens.
I'm a botanist.
I'm-I'm just doing a little research here.
Can you at least lower your weapons? We'll lower the weapons when you tell us how you know Joel Cutler.
Oh, look, I-I Guys, I know I'm not supposed to be here, but can you leave Joel out of it? He's just trying to help me out.
Joel Cutler is dead.
Joel and I were roommates at Stanford.
Uh I went on to work as a botanist for an agricultural engineering firm, and Well, then, three years ago, everything changed, when my son, Avery-- he was diagnosed with a degenerative disease.
I'd never heard of it, either.
It's very rare.
It It affects about one in every 100,000.
And ever since my son's diagnosis, well, I've dedicated my life to beating the disease.
Okay, so that's that's why you're out here-- searching for a cure? It's taken me some time, but I I think I found it.
Kawaihae hibiscadelphus.
Its alkaloidal compounds might have the key to beating the disease.
But I couldn't have done this alone.
So Cutler was helping you.
That's why he was coming out here and why he had samples of this plant on O'ahu.
Joel was a an amazing chemist.
He could see things in the data that I could never have found.
And now he's dead because of me.
Who else knew what you guys were onto? No one.
We didn't want anyone to know where we discovered it.
Well, somebody found out.
Dude? Why do you have so much ranch dressing? Uh, because it's delicious? Would you please stop? Please let him concentrate.
Come here.
Come over here.
All right.
Pretty sneaky, but you cannot hide from me.
Gotcha? What do you got? If I tell you, can I keep my pineapple bong? What bong? What we got here is a Trojan horse virus.
It was embedded in an e-mail attachment.
Once it was opened, it gave the sender remote access to the computer.
Okay, good.
I need to know who sent the e-mail.
You got it.
Hey, Danny, any luck with the computer? I'd say so.
We just figured out who killed Cutler.
Who? You are not gonna believe this.
Okay, the virus on Cutler's computer was embedded in an e-mail attachment sent from Patrick Roth.
His boss at the university.
He sent it as a memo to the entire chemistry department, so he could keep tabs on everybody.
Roth must have gotten sick and tired of watching his employees publish papers and cash in.
He sees that Cutler is onto something big, he kills him so he can claim it as his own.
All right, I'll pick him up.
All right.
Chin and I are heading back now.
All right.
Got it.
That was Danny.
HPD's still looking for Roth.
Nobody at his office knows where he is.
Commander, I rounded up all of the hunting parties, but one person is still unaccounted for.
We've tried radioing him, but he's not responding.
You got a name? According to the tour operator, his name is Patrick Roth.
Roth must have found out Cutler wasn't working alone.
Yeah, and now he's come out here to take Stephens out, too.
Okay? Yeah.
You even knock on the door? When I found out she changed her name, I figured it was just for safety.
You know, with guys out gunning for me, she don't want that blowing back on her and the boy.
But now that I seen this I realize it's me she's protecting herself from.
You know what I don't get? Is that you agreed to testify just so you could track down your ex-wife, but even if she took you back, I mean, you knew it wasn't gonna be happily ever after.
You had to know that we were gonna catch you eventually.
I didn't even think about that.
I just I just wanted to see her again.
You can take me back to jail now.
I'll make you a deal.
You follow through with the testimony tomorrow, and I'll pull some strings and get you transferred back to Halawa.
That way at least you can be close.
I busted the prosecuting attorney's head pretty good, and I don't see him cutting me no breaks.
That was the deputy prosecuting attorney.
I can sell the transfer by getting you placed in maximum security.
It's harder to escape, and also it'll protect you from all the guys who want you dead.
It won't do any good.
She's never gonna forgive me.
You never know.
People have a way of surprising sometimes.
How can a girl who's so spicy also be so sweet, huh? Don't make me change my mind.
Let's go.
That was an excellent move.
Hey, guys.
Just thought I'd come and see how you two are doing.
Avery, this is Commander McGarrett with Five-O.
It's nice to meet you, sir.
Well, the honor's all mine, Avery.
Your dad's told me what a brave kid you are.
You mind if I steal your dad away for a second? No.
You got a sec? Yeah.
Good to meet you.
It's good to meet you, sir.
What's this? It's a letter, signed by the governor, giving you permission to carry on your research on Niihau for as long as it takes.
Thank you, thank you.
You're welcome.
You okay? Yeah.
I think I know what I want to do in my life.
Want to be a cop? No! The job is way too stressful.
I want to work in a crime lab.
That's a very good career, Eric.
It'd be nice.
You need some sort of degree to do that? I don't think so.
You watch the Discovery Channel, right? Should be okay.
You know? Mm-hmm, that's good.
Come on.
I'll buy you a loco moco.
A what?!
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