Hawaii Five-0 s03e17 Episode Script

Pa'ani (The Game)

Go, go, go! Knock, knock.
Eyes on the target.
Take him out.
All clear.
Target acquired.
Damn, guys! That hurt.
For real.
Yeah, dude! Yeah! All right, man! Whoo! Dude, awesome.
Yeah! That was unreal! Let's go again.
Very funny, Scott.
Game's over.
Come on.
Time to get up.
Oh, my God.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Aloha, Honolulu.
Looks like a bright and beautiful day as we kick off another Pro Bowl weekend.
The NFL's biggest stars are in town, and if you want to see them live at Hawaiian Airlines Field at Aloha Stadium tomorrow, I'll be giving away tickets to the tenth caller.
What's up, babe? Aloha, fellas.
Can I interest you in today's Pro Bowl lunch special? The only thing special about that is that you jacked the prices up by 300%.
You know how it is, McGarrett.
Supply and demand.
Big cuz here knows how to supersize da profits.
Okay, thanks, Flippa, but we're not here for lunch anyways.
Where are my Pro Bowl tickets, babe? Come on.
One row up from the AFC sideline.
Just like you asked.
My man.
What are we doing? We got three here.
No, we only want two.
Just two, me and Danny.
Third one's for me.
Consider it a convenience charge.
Convenience? Convenience to who? Me.
Yeah, I got that.
You gonna fork up some cash or what? What are you talking about? It was your idea to get the big sideline seats.
Now you want me to pay for 'em? Yeah, what gives? Why did you have to sit so close to the field? Yeah.
It's none of your Tell him why.
Okay, okay, because Peyton Manning is playing, okay, and I'd like a chance to meet him.
I thought the Jets was your team.
The Jets are my team, okay, but this is the one game of the year where I just get to be a fan, a fan of the sport.
No specific teams.
I'm just a fan enjoying the game, and I am not gonna miss my opportunity to meet the greatest quarterback of our generation.
Okay, wait a minute.
Stop what? The greatest quarterback of our generation? That's what I said.
First of all, greatness is measured in championships.
Am I wrong? And if we go by that measure, Tom Brady, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of our generation.
He has three rings to Manning's one.
I knew you would say something stupid like that.
Three to one.
Listen, Tom Brady is fantastic.
He's great.
He's got good hair, he's got a supermodel wife, he's got the chin, the Cary Grant chin, yeah.
But Peyton is without question a better passer.
You're out of your mind.
What? Debating on which one of those guys are better is pointless.
It's like arguing about who's the greatest rock and roll band of all time, the Beatles or the Stones? Oh, it's easy.
The Beatles.
It's the Stones.
Of course the Brady fan says the Beatles.
See this? Look, I think the takeaway is we're living in the new golden age of quarterbacks.
We got Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees.
It's almost an embarrassment of riches.
That's a deeply insightful analysis.
I just hate to see you two guys fight.
Fighting? This isn't fighting.
So let me get this straight.
You're telling me people, they pay good money to get chased around and shot at with a pellet gun? Everything about these guns is real except for the ammunition they fire.
Trust me, those training rounds, they pack more of a punch than you'd think.
I'll take your word for it.
You know what? We should come and do one of these tactical simulations sometime.
It's fantastic for team building.
No, no, no.
Listen, working with you is harrowing enough, okay? I do not need you hunting me for sport.
Oh, you're right.
It wouldn't be much of a challenge.
Vic's name is Scott Davis.
Worked for Ardus Microsystems, a technology firm based out of California.
A bunch of executives flew in for a corporate retreat, and they booked out the entire facility for themselves.
Looks like a nine-mil through and through.
And the powder burns indicate it was fired from close range.
Okay, these guys are running around shooting each other with pellet guns, this guy gets hit with a real bullet.
How does that happen? That's a good question to which I don't have an answer.
And to make things a little more challenging for us, there are no surveillance cameras on the property.
That's great.
But the good news is that all the players were wearing action cameras.
That is good news.
Maybe one of them caught our killer in the act.
I've broken down the rifles used in the simulation.
Barrels measure out at seven millimeters.
Even if you modify the firing mechanism, there's no way one these could have discharged a nine-mil round.
Okay, so that means somebody had to have a real gun.
Wouldn't be hard to pull off.
Participants don't get searched coming in, and the simulation guns look so authentic, it's hard to tell them apart from the real thing.
Duke, what do you got? Handgun, nine-millimeter.
My guys found it ditched in some scrub less than 50 yards from the murder scene.
Pocket pistol.
Ideal for concealed carry.
So one of Davis's coworkers could have snuck this on, killed him, then dumped the weapon before you guys arrived.
So much for team building.
I take it GSR testing is out.
I mean, all of these guys are gonna have gunpowder on them from the simulation weapons.
But only the murder weapon fired real bullets.
Which is why we're testing for lead.
If it's present on one of these guys, they're our shooter.
Guys, give me a second.
I shouldn't even be here.
This retreat is for executives only, and I'm just an assistant.
But Scott knew it was my dream to visit Hawaii, so he paid for me to come.
The flight, the hotel, all out of his own pocket.
Melinda, I have to ask you a question.
To the best of your knowledge, did any of Scott's associates have a, have a problem with him? Scott Davis was the smartest person I've ever met in my life.
People can be intimidated by that, but everyone at work loved him.
Give me a second, please? Sure.
The results came in.
None of these guys tested positive for lead trace.
So who fired the murder weapon? Okay, so the time codes are all synced up and all back in real time.
Try not to shoot me in the back, dude! We're on the same team! Aw, crap.
Uh, which way does this thing go in? Come on, man, it's not that hard.
Wait a minute.
Pause it.
Where's this guy's camera angle? Uh, doesn't look like we have it.
But all 11 camera feeds are up and running.
Well, punch in on him.
Well, that's why we don't have it.
He's not wearing an action cam.
Check out his mask.
It's a pretty different than the others.
Okay, so we got Yeah, 11 players, one killer.
We have road blocks set up, birds in the air.
No sign of our suspect so far.
It's been over an hour.
Even in this terrain, he's long gone.
What about the murder weapon? Lab's processing it now.
Looks like a dead end.
No prints, serial number's been filed off.
All right, thanks, Duke.
Hey, I showed around a photo of our shooter, but no one remembers seeing him during the training simulation.
Turns out one of their colleagues was supposed to join them this morning.
Never showed up.
His name's Brent Mercer.
Yeah, I ran his credit card.
He just booked a flight out of town.
Leaves Honolulu in an hour.
An hour? Guys skips town that quickly after his colleague's murder, it's the guy I want to talk to.
I don't know who you people are, but you're damn sure gonna explain to me why you pulled me off my flight and strapped me to this chair.
I should be halfway to San Francisco by now.
If you're done, maybe we could focus on where you were this morning, specifically at 9:27 a.
Which is the exact time that your coworker Scott Davis was shot and killed.
What? Scott's dead? Wow.
The award for best performance by a murder suspect goes to Wait, wait, wait.
You guys think I killed him? by a murder suspect Mm-hmm.
goes to That-That's insane.
Well, it's not really insane.
You were conspicuously absent from the field trip this morning, and you still haven't told us where you were.
I was at the hotel.
I was sleeping in.
Oh, yeah? Can anyone corroborate that? No.
All right, let's-let's recap.
You hated the victim, you have no alibi, and you tried to duck out of town just a little while after he was killed.
Whoa, who said who said I hated Scott? You said you hated Scott quite articulately, actually.
Scott, it's Brent.
You know, I always knew you were an arrogant son of a bitch, but you proved yourself tonight, pal.
Those guys can keep kissing your ass.
I'm done with you.
Is that your voice? Is that your voice? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it's my voice.
Okay, so you leave this message on Scott's voice mail late last night.
Then less than 12 hours later, he's dead.
It's not what it sounds like.
Look, guys, a bunch of us, we went out for drinks last night.
and we ran into Scott, okay? I went over to him, and I said hi, and he completely blew me off.
I mean, this is coming from the kid who used to grab me my coffee when I started at Ardus, and now I have to report to him.
So forgive me, but when he treated me that way, it was humiliating.
All right, good.
The only thing missing was motive, and you've kindly provided that now.
Guys, guys, I was drunk, I admit, and I was pissed.
It was wrong, but the minute I woke up this morning, I regretted leaving that message, okay? I did.
That's the whole reason I bailed on the outing.
I was embarrassed to face Scott.
That's the truth, but I didn't kill him.
Chin? The CEO of Ardus is a guy named Neil Redding.
He's the boss of both the victim and our suspect.
He also likes to wear very fancy suits.
I know that because I happen to be looking at him through the window of my office.
He's here? Yeah, he just walked in, and he insists on talking to you.
I was on my way to Beijing to lock up a contract when I got the call about Scott's death.
I redirect the flight, only to be told when I land that Brent Mercer's being held as a suspect.
So not only is one of my top-tier employees dead, but now another is under arrest.
I need somebody to tell me what the hell is going on.
Okay, with all due respect, Mr.
Redding, we're gonna ask the questions, all right? Of course.
Okay, you are Brent Mercer's boss.
Do you think he's capable of doing something like this? This is a cutthroat business.
My people are very competitive with each other.
In Brent's case, Scott came in as an intern, and he absolutely lapped him, but I hired Brent.
I trained him myself.
Do I think he's capable of killing Scott? No.
Why do you say that? Brent's a great employee, but what he doesn't have is the fire in his belly.
I'm no psychologist, but I can tell you that he doesn't have the balls to kill someone.
Looked into Brent's airline ticket.
It was purchased online at 9:45 this morning.
IP address traces back to the hotel's Wi-Fi.
Okay, so unless somebody else used Brent's computer, that puts him at the hotel less than 20 minutes after the murder.
Yeah, which means that there's no way he could have been back across the island at the time of death.
Okay, well, if this all checks out, we'll be releasing Brent shortly.
Good, 'cause my board is panicked enough as it is.
Now I've got to get to an emergency meeting to assure them that these events won't take down this company.
Wow, that's, uh I was gonna offer my condolences, but please.
I know this sounds cold, Detective.
Scott Davis was a personal friend of mine, but to those people, he was just an asset, and a valuable one at that.
Your field assessment was correct.
was a nine-millimeter gunshot wound through the back of the head.
However, here's what's interesting.
Routine tox screen revealed that the victim had detectable levels of Flutoprazepam in his blood.
Sorry, fluto what now? It's a hypnotic sedative used as a muscle relaxant for insomnia treatment.
It works by depressing the central nervous system.
Okay, wait.
What would Davis take a sedative before going on an intense tactical training exercise? Well, the real question is why would he take it at all.
According to his medical records, it wasn't prescribed to him, and recreational use seems highly unlikely as a dose that large would have just knocked him out.
Can you tell how long it's been in his system? Based on the metabolites, it would appear that he ingested them roughly around 12 hours ago.
Okay, I don't think our victim took a sedative willingly.
I think someone drugged him with it.
Hey, Steve, it's Kono.
Okay, so Mercer puts Davis at the bar around the same time he was drugged, right? Right, maybe somebody dosed him at the bar, slipped something in his drink.
That's what I'm thinking; someone drugs this guy at night.
Next day he gets shot in the head.
I'm guessing these events are related.
All right.
You know this bar we're going to? La Mariana Tiki Bar, yeah.
I'll drive.
You don't say.
What the, uh, what the hell is this? What, I can't surprise Steve at work? No, you can do that.
I'm talking about the, uh, the jersey.
Oh, oh, well, we moved around a lot when I was a kid, so you know, I never stayed in one place long enough to get tied to a team.
Oh, so you willingly root for the Dallas Cowboys, huh? Yeah.
Come on.
Who doesn't like America's team? I-I don't.
We don't.
And, uh, if I recall correctly, my Redskins humiliated your Cowboys the last time they played.
That's very cute.
You got a Cowboys fan dating a Redskins fan.
That's like the Capulets and the Montagues.
That's good.
I'm gonna give you an A plus for that literary reference.
Oh, you got that? Thanks.
But actually, um, I came here with a peace offering for Steve.
See, the NFL hooked up my unit with some tickets for the game tomorrow.
So, you and I are going to the Pro Bowl.
What? I'm already going with Danny.
You're We got 50 yard line seats.
Best seats in the house.
We got them this morning.
I'm sorry.
That's that's cool.
Um, you know what, my seats are-are pretty good.
So I'm sure I can find someone else to take it.
It's good.
I'm gonna just let that awkward moment fade out a little bit.
We got a bar to go to.
For a case.
We're going to a bar for a case.
It's a case.
A bar case.
Hey, why don't we do some tailgating before the game together? You and me? Yeah, I would love that.
But I don't want to get in the way of your man date with Danny.
It's not a man date.
Anyway, Kamekona already invited himself, so it's fine; you're not getting in the way.
Mmm, that's a three-way bromance.
It's very, very cute.
I like it.
And repeats, how it yells in my ear Don't you know, you fool Ain't no chance to win Why not use your mentality All right, don't quote me, but I think I like this place.
Yeah, my dad liked it here, too, a lot.
He was a regular.
Each time that I do, just the thought of you Makes stop just before I begin 'Cause I've got you Under my skin And I dig you Under my skin.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the Kane of cool, Hawaii's very own Nicky "The Kid" Demarco.
The Kid? Doesn't look like a kid.
Whatever you do, don't ask him about his name, don't answer any questions, let me do the talking, all right? Hey.
Little Stevie McGarrett, what's cooking? What's cooking? You're cooking.
You sound great up there.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, Nicky, I want you to meet my partner.
This is Detective Danny Williams.
Hey, Danny, how are you? Good, how are you? You're not from around here, are you? No, I'm from New Jersey.
New Jersey? Yeah.
Sit down, my boy.
I got to talk to you.
Sit down right here.
New Jersey.
I used to work with a singer from New Jersey way back in the day.
Oh, yeah? A fella by the name of Francis Albert Sinatra.
Frank Sinatra? You-you worked with Frank Sinatra.
You know he worked with Frank Sinatra? I-I've heard this story once or twice.
Yeah, but-but he didn't.
July 18, 1965, Frank's playing the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago, and his opening act calls in sick.
I'm just a 17-year-old stagehand, but Frank turns to me and he says, "You're in, kid.
" I opened the show, and I killed them, and I've been singing as "The Kid" ever since.
That's a great story.
So listen, Nicky, uh, we actually, we need your help in a case.
Yeah, sure.
You see this guy drinking here last night? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sure, yeah.
He came in solo.
He sat at the bar, but he wasn't drinking alone for long.
Holly got to him.
Who's Holly? Close the door.
Blond bombshell.
She's got legs up to here.
You know, the word on the street is she's got a knack for separating rich guys from their hard-earned dough.
What do you mean, she's a hooker? No.
She's got an angle, but I don't know what the angle is.
Okay, what about her last name? You know her name, Nicky? Sorry, but maybe you should talk to Isaiah there.
Him and Holly were pretty chummy.
Who's Isaiah? Is he the bouncer? That's right.
You know, she used to lay some pretty big tips on him, and I could never figure out why she was so generous.
Well, maybe if she's running scams, tipping him, he's got something to do with it.
He's in, you know? Where do you think you're going? Frank taught me that.
I thought we were friends, Nicky.
Actually, I never cared for you.
Oh, so you rat me out to the cops? All I did was skim cash at the door.
Hey, the cover charge is for the talent.
That's me, you imbecile.
All right, let's settle down here.
Why don't you tell us, Isaiah, about this con you've been running with Holly? Wh It's not like that.
Okay, well, we're here; tell us what it's like.
Look, I don't even know the girl's real name.
She's a grifter.
Got a nice scam going ripping off rich businessmen.
All I do is tip her off when one of them's throwing cash around at the bar.
What she does to the poor saps after that is up to her.
Okay, well, the last poor sap she ran a scam on ended up dead.
His name was Scott Davis.
You know him? Wait, you talking about the dude she hit up last night? Because I had nothing to do with that.
Hey, you lie to my friends one more time, I'll knock your teeth out.
You understand me? Nick, come on, take a seat.
Honestly, this Davis guy was all plastic.
No cash.
I figured him for a lousy mark.
So you're telling us you did not sic Holly onto him? No way.
I was shocked when she showed up out of the blue and locked onto that poor mope.
Couple drinks later, he's wasted, and she's helping him out of the bar.
Those umbrella drinks are pretty potent.
Especially if you add a couple sedatives to them.
You let that broad drug our customers? What, are you nuts? Whoa, whoa.
I've never known Holly to drug anybody.
Girl that fine? She's got no problems getting dudes to leave with her willingly.
But she was clearly working off a different script last night.
All right, you might not know her name, but you must have a way of getting in contact with her.
Text message.
Her number's programmed into my phone.
Yeah, okay.
All right.
Surprise, surprise.
Holly's been using a prepaid cell.
Chin and Kono are running a trace now.
All right.
So what do we think? It seems pretty obvious to me Holly's after one thing, right? It's the cash.
Now, all of a sudden, she switches up her MO, and goes after Scott Davis.
It doesn't make sense.
I think somebody used her to get close to him.
Okay, I'm thinking that same someone is behind Davis's murder.
So if we find Holly, we find our killer.
I'm here.
Looks like a lot of people are checking in for the game tomorrow.
So where am I going? Head toward the front desk.
There should be a corridor to the right.
I'm heading for it now.
GPS on Holly's phone puts her up ahead on the left.
There's no Holly, but there's a door marked "security.
" Maybe she got pinched pulling one of her scams.
Okay, let me call you back.
Took you long enough to get here.
HPD told me they were sending a unit an hour ago.
Look, that's not me.
I'm with Five-O.
I'm running down a suspect.
Looks like you have her phone.
Let me guess tall, blond, a looker? Yeah, that's her.
Girl forgot her phone by the pool.
She was in a real hurry to get out of here after the incident.
What incident? Yeah, that's Holly.
Who's the guy she's with? You mean the unsub? I wasn't able to ID him.
Watched a few cop shows, have you? Actually, I put an application into HPD.
We might get a chance to work together soon.
Look forward to it.
It's getting pretty heated.
Looks like she wants to get out of there.
Wait, it gets better.
Recognize the good Samaritan? That's Arian Foster.
What, the running back for the Texans? Yeah.
He's even hotter without the pads and the helmet.
You see Peyton? Okay.
We're supposed to be working.
Would you stop stalking Peyton Manning? Just if you see him, let me know, please.
Please? There's Arian Foster.
I said I'm not really comfortable with that, man.
But we all want to see you do it.
Do it! Do it! Do it! Namaste.
Thanks! I really appreciate the love, man, but a touchdown ritual, and what I do in the end zone is kind of, like, sacred.
So I like to keep it on the field, you understand? - Sure.
You're welcome.
- Arian.
Steve McGarrett, Five-O.
We'd like you to answer some questions.
All right.
Originally, I was just trying to help the girl out.
But he took a swing at me, so, you know, I had to defend myself.
But, you know, after that, - they both left.
- Okay.
Um, by any chance did you catch either of their names? Or maybe hear what they were arguing about? No, not really.
The guy was kind of trying to avoid a scene.
And, um, she was pretty hot about something.
But I do remember her saying something, like, along the lines of, "What are you trying to get me caught up in?" Or, you know, something like that.
Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't be any more of No, no, no.
It's cool, man.
Y-You've been very helpful.
Appreciate it.
Actually, um, I-I have one question, if that's okay.
Yeah, man.
Okay, uh, week 11, you guys are playing the Jaguars, you took a handoff and ran out the outside about three yards, three, four yards, and then you kind of got hit but you kind of didn't get hit and y-you let the ball go.
You fumbled the ball.
And I was just curious if you remember how that happened or why that happened or You serious? Are you serious? I Oh, I I'm serious, yeah.
Well, officer, um, I carried the ball over 350 times this year, um and you're asking me about one of the two fumbles I lost all year? No.
I-It's just that that, um that possession, it really burned in my memory, you see, because I had you in my fantasy football league, and if y-you didn't drop that ball, I would've won the championship, so it was very With all due respect, officer, you should let that one go.
He should.
You're probably right.
Thank you again, man.
Appreciate it.
That's-that's a nice ring.
Tell me about that.
Thanks, man.
Not a Super Bowl ring, right? Okay.
It's all day.
I'm sorry.
Uh, well, officer, this is a class ring.
I got it when I was, um when I was playing college.
By any chance, were you wearing that when you got into it with these suspects? Yeah, why? Hey, Charlie, McGarrett.
Listen, we got a piece of evidence we need you to run for DNA.
We're bringing it down now.
You know, I can't believe you embarrassed yourself like that back there.
Uh, Foster's the one who should be embarrassed, okay? I'm not the one who fumbled that ball.
He holds onto that ball, and I am a fantasy champion.
Instead you're a real-life imbecile.
Are you kidding me? Okay, it's easy to criticize these guys from the comfort of your couch.
It's a little harder when you're on the field and there's a linebacker coming at you like a freight train.
Okay, you don't understand.
You don't play fantasy football.
No, you're right.
I was too busy playing real football.
Okay, what I do takes skill.
Okay? You got to know who to draft, you got to know who to trade, you got to work the waiver wire.
There's a lot of things that go into it, see.
Okay, - Huh.
Does it involve throwing, catching or making a tackle? No.
Well, that's because it's Dungeons & Dragons for sports geeks, okay? So, in the words of Arian Foster, you need to let this go.
KONO Our friend Holly, she's been pretty active lately.
Her picture turned up in a bunch of open HPD investigations.
We get a name? Yeah.
Ten of 'em.
All aliases.
But the good news is we got an I.
on the guy she was meeting with this morning.
The DNA from the ring came back to a Timothy Cross.
He's in the system for B and E and extortion.
Back in '08, Cross got popped trying to blackmail a federal judge in California, and, uh, he was released from San Quentin six months ago.
That makes sense.
A guy with a background like this shows up in Hawaii, hooks up with a local grifter-type chick.
Yeah, and speaking of Cross' background, uh, before he turned to a life of crime, he was an officer in the Army.
He had quite a career before he was dishonorably discharged.
Okay, well, this guy's definitely got the skill set to pull off the shooting.
And that's not all.
According to Cross' file, he's six feet, That's the same height and build as our shooter.
All right, so Cross goes after Holly to run this con on Davis.
Obviously she doesn't know that it's gonna end up in a murder beef.
Makes sense why she flipped out on him - by the pool today.
- Looks like Cross just graduated from extortion to murder.
Why would I want to run around playing soldier with a bunch of wannabe action heroes? 'Cause it was a perfect opportunity to take out the target.
Yeah, you just walk right up to him with a mask on, shoot him point-blank in the head.
By the time anybody realizes he's dead, you're long gone.
So you're saying that's me? 'Cause all I see is a grainy picture of someone in a mask.
Nice try.
No, really.
I didn't kill anybody.
I don't even know who this Davis guy is.
Who said his name was Davis? Let me guess.
You're gonna say that's not you either.
Listen, we know you were running a con on Scott Davis, okay? And that you used Holly to drug him.
Given your history, I'm thinking it was a blackmail attempt.
- Is that right? - So what happened? Davis threatened to go to the cops and you had to kill him? - It's not like that.
- Well, why don't you tell us what it's like.
Look, I'll admit to targeting the guy, but it wasn't over blackmail.
I've been out of that game for years.
So what's your game now? Intelligence gathering.
I got a knack for obtaining information that isn't available through legal means.
In this case, a client hired me to steal Ardus's intellectual property.
All right, so you figured Scott Davis was the guy to go to for that, and you used Holly to get close to him.
Girl's got a nice scam going-- getting guys back to their rooms so she can rob them.
All she had to do this time was copy the data from Davis's laptop onto a flash drive.
I gave her a sedative to slip him at the bar and 20 grand for her trouble.
So that's why you were meeting yesterday-- she was supposed to hand you over the flash drive.
But we all know how that went, huh? Holly had seen on TV that Davis was dead.
She got spooked, thought I was involved.
And before I could talk her down and get the drive from her, some hero stepped in and clocked me.
Now I'm out $20K, I have no flash drive.
My clients aren't gonna be too happy about that.
Why don't you give us their names? We'll call and apologize for you.
I wish I could.
But I don't even know who they are.
It's all arranged through double-blind contacts.
These Wall Street-types, they're good at avoiding jail time.
They might be.
You're not.
Look, I've, uh I suppose I have violated one or two conditions of my parole, but there is no way I'm eating a murder charge.
Koali Day Spa.
That's where I was yesterday morning when Davis was shot.
The masseuse mostly focused on my glutes, but I'm guessing she'll remember my face.
Okay, so, Cross' alibi checks out-- spa confirmed he was there yesterday from 8:00 to 10:00.
Yeah, I was listening in on the interrogation.
So, Cross hired Holly - to get the data off of Davis's computer.
But when HPD searched the hotel room, there was no laptop in there.
Wait a minute.
We know that Holly dumped the data onto a flash drive.
The only reason she would do that is if she was leaving the laptop behind.
- Right.
- Which means someone else must've stolen it from Davis's room after the murder.
I think I might know what they were looking for.
I dug into Ardus's financials.
Turns out they were heavily invested in a next-gen mobile chipset that was developed by Davis.
Rumor is this could be a billion-dollar product.
Well, that would explain why Cross' client was willing to engage in corporate espionage to get the data off Scott Davis's computer.
And why someone else might be willing to kill for it.
All right, so I just got off the phone with the clerk's office.
One of Holly's aliases traces back to an address on Waipahu.
Deed goes back seven years, well before her grifting days.
Check this out.
Check this out.
Check this out.
Make it happen, please.
Thank you.
That's her.
Holly's real name is Lana Sullivan.
Cath, what's up? Hey, you tell me.
Kickoff's in an hour.
You gonna make it? Yes, we are going to make it.
We're Listen, I know I said we were gonna hang out, but we're kinda tied up with this case.
Well, you're missing quite a scene.
For the record, I can eat grilled Spam any day of the week here, okay? I am not missing my opportunity to meet a living legend, okay? All right.
Well, if you guys make it here, I'll try to find you during halftime, okay? Sounds good.
See you soon.
All right, we found Holly.
Hey! Hey, Five-O.
Hey, hey, don't move! Hey! Hey.
Back up.
Who the hell are you? Beth Sullivan.
You look a lot like your sister Lana.
I presume that's how you're related? Okay, where's Lana? What are you looking at? She seems a lot more interested in something on this desk than talking to us.
Please, I'm just trying to protect my sister.
Protect your sister from what? Hey.
This is a copy of Scott Davis's hard drive.
Why were you about to send this to the Honolulu Times? I told her not to do it, that it was dangerous, but Do what? What was she gonna do? She said she found a buyer, somebody willing to pay for what was on that guy's hard drive.
She's on her way to meet him now.
Okay, so this e-mail is her insurance policy.
If I don't hear from her by 2:00, I'm supposed to send the file to the press.
Okay, where's the meeting supposed to be? You'll just arrest her.
That's better than what the buyer might do to her.
Okay, somebody's already been killed over the data on that computer.
You want to put your sister in that kind of danger? So tell us, where is she? So, I dug through the copy of Davis's hard drive you sent over, and found an e-mail thread between him and his boss, Neil Redding.
Turns out that for months he has been warning Redding that the chipset that Ardus was developing wasn't viable.
Wait a minute, this guy stakes his entire company on this new technology, millions of dollars in R&D and the thing doesn't even work? Exactly.
And when Wall Street gets wind of this, that'll be the end of Ardus.
Okay, but there's nothing Redding can do to stop that.
I mean, even if he silences Davis, he's only gonna buy some time, right? So why kill him? Here's why.
I finally heard back from Ardus's insurance carrier.
They held a $30 million "Key Person" life policy on Davis.
These policies cover high-level employees who are considered essential to a company's success.
Okay, so Davis is worth more to Redding dead than alive.
Hey, guys.
Okay, so, Redding's office said that he was en route to California, so I dispatched SFPD to pick him up at the airport, but when his plane arrived, he wasn't on it.
That's great.
So where the hell is he? Here.
The pilot copped to forging the flight manifest to and from Honolulu.
Redding's actually been on the island for the past 48 hours.
That means he was here when Davis was killed.
Okay, so Redding kills Davis, Yeah.
for the insurance payout, and uses the forged flight manifest as his alibi.
Yeah, but there's no way he could've predicted that one of Ardus's rivals would hire Cross to clone Davis's laptop.
Okay, and now with these incriminating e-mails out there in the world, Redding has one last loose end to tie up.
I believe you have something for me.
I do if you brought the cash.
It's close by, but I want to see what I'm buying first.
A little advice: next time you steal something, don't try selling it back to the people you took it from.
Not that there's gonna be a next time.
Start walking.
You think I'm stupid, don't you? The thought crossed my mind.
I took a look at what was on that drive-- I know what you're trying to hide.
Yeah, I figured as much, and that's why you'll be going off the pier, too.
Well, here's what you don't know.
If I don't make a call in the next 15 minutes, everything that's on that flash drive goes public.
Front page news by morning.
Who's stupid now? Five-O! Hey.
Hey! Up.
All right.
You all right? - Huh? - Oh.
Buddy, I, uh I don't think your shoulder's supposed to look like that.
Come on.
These guys have got to take me to King's to set my arm.
Just go already.
You're gonna miss the kickoff.
What are you doing? What I'm doing, I'm making sure these prime, once-in-a-lifetime seats don't go to waste.
Hey, it's a good thing your friends couldn't make it, huh? Mm.
You realize this is not that kind of football, right? I'm being ironic.
Glad you could make it, Chin.
I thought Kono was gonna join us.
She was.
But she got a better offer.
Oh! Oh! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Okay.
On three, right? That's right.
One, two, three.
I got it, I got it, I got it, ai! Fourth and goal.
There's the snap.
Manning drops back in the pocket.
Throws over the middle-- and it's caught by A.
Green for a touchdown! Yay, a touchdown.
That's so great.
So great to be there.
It would've been fun.
Number 18 is one popular man here in Hawaii.
You got to be kidding me.
You got to you got to be kidding me.
I know those two girls.
I-I could have been You believe where we are, Danny? Pretty incredible, right? Huh? What do you think? It's-it's amazing.
It's amazing, right? I mean, I think it'd be a little more impressive, uh, with 50,000 people in the stands, the greatest athletes of all time on the field, but it's it's nice like this; I like this.
This is this is nice.
I'm sorry that you had to miss the game because of me.
I am.
Okay? Okay.
But look at it this way-- next year Peyton Manning's, like, he's virtually a lock for the Pro Bowl team again, right? All right, we've got the field for ten minutes, and then they got to cover it up.
Thanks for making it happen.
No problem.
Uh, listen, Peyton said he was sorry.
He really wanted to meet you, but he had a plane to catch.
Pey-Peyton? Mm-hmm.
You guys are on a first-name basis now? Kind of.
Uh, we had a talk after the game, and I told him that you were a huge fan and that you had to miss the game because of a case, and, uh, he wanted me to give you this.
Okay, that's awesome.
That's awesome.
That's really great.
Thank you.
Um, what's he like? Oh, okay, he's so nice.
And really tall.
Like tall.
Well, he's got to get over the line.
Should I be jealous? Should you be jealous? He's a, um, four-time MVP, Super Bowl champion, future Hall-of-Famer.
Should you be jealous? Okay, besides that, what's he done? What's he done? Yeah, what's he done? He hosted Saturday Night Live, does a lot of charity work, works with kids.
He, uh, gave me this football.
We should throw that.
Let's throw the ball.
That-that right there is an autographed ball.
When's he gonna get a chance to catch a pass on an actual NFL field? Look at this.
Let's go.
It's my ball.
So I make the decision, right? All right.
Uh Okay, okay.
All right, you want me to run a post? Easy out.
I can run a fly.
Square in, square out.
Why don't you run, I'll throw you the ball.
You like the "go route," then.
That's awesome.
All right, you ready? You're gonna do it, do it right.
Call it out and do the whole thing.
I'll call it out.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Blue 22, hut, hut, hut! Oh! Danny's actually got pretty good hands.
You know, if his legs could move as fast as his mouth, he could play for the NFL.
Hey, you okay? I got to go see a doctor.

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