Hawaii Five-0 s03e18 Episode Script

Na Ki'i (Dolls)

- Beth, he's going down Kapiolani.
- Roger that.
- Get him, Leland.
- We're on him.
Beth, go around the block and cut him off.
Where do you think you're going, bruddah? Come on, Steve, you're slacking off.
I'm trying to keep up with you here, Ma.
Keep up with me, boy.
You're gonna need a nap by lunch, Ma.
You talking about yourself? Doing okay? I'm fine, how are you? Dig deep, here we go.
Ho! Ho! Now that's what I call a perfect start to the day.
Maybe next time Catherine could join us.
Catherine? Yeah.
I'll mention it to her at lunch.
You're going to lunch with Catherine? Uh-huh.
Just the two of you? Yeah.
Why, is that a problem? No, I mean, I don't know.
Well, you said you wanted us to get to know each other.
Right? Yeah, I suppose I did say those very words.
I just thought you and Mick were going away this week.
That's next week.
This week he's a little busy following me around.
Look, Mom, about that, I'm sorry.
What kind of son hires a P.
to keep tabs on his mother? Okay, let's be honest, we're not exactly the Waltons.
You're a former spy who faked her own death I got issues, Mom.
I got trust issues.
Okay, get over it.
And get over Catherine and I getting together.
It's just lunch.
Hold on.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Yeah, sorry, Ma.
Duty calls.
I get it.
I gotta go.
Have a great day.
Love you.
Love you, Ma.
Tell Catherine I said hello.
Yeah, don't worry, we're not going to talk about you.
Cute, Ma, cute.
There you go, Sarge.
There's the warrant, there's your guy.
Be good, Russell.
First time you beat us to a crime scene.
What's up, Dog? Hey, Steve McGarrett, how you doing? Wondering when we'd run into Five-O.
Busy day, huh? Yeah, every day's busy.
- Who's your boy? - That's Russell.
Third striker who figured he'd run rather than go to jail.
Ah, well, he figured wrong.
So, we made a report to HPD, McGarrett.
Can we go so we can book our guy? Yeah, get out of here.
All right, stay alive, copper.
Good to see you.
You, too.
What do we got, Max? My first impression upon seeing the victim on the roof of the car was that she was a jumper.
Well, if this is a suicide, Max, what are we doing here? Well, I did say that was my first impression.
Okay, Max, what's your second impression? The victim's tibia shot through her kneecaps upon impact.
That's consistent with someone who's actually trying to fight the fall and land feet first.
Jumpers and unconscious victims tend to give in and fall horizontal.
Are you saying somebody pushed her? It's quite possible.
Additionally, there is a small contusion on the side of her head, not caused by the fall.
Looks fresh.
And there are several healing contusions and hematomas on her arms.
Looks like somebody used this girl as a punching bag.
I'll know more when I conduct a full autopsy, but, as of this moment, homicide cannot be ruled out.
All right, what else do we know about her? We found what looks to be a ticket stub in her front pocket.
But there's too much blood on it to read anything.
I sent it over to Fong to see if he could pull something.
We get an ID? Her name is Dana Moore.
She's a kindergarten teacher at Kaimuki Elementary.
I checked with the super.
Said that she was a good tenant; well-liked, quiet.
Always the "but"" got to be a "but".
But according to him, she recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend-- a guy named John Hanson-- and apparently it wasn't pretty.
Wasn't pretty like he was abusive? No, not quite that bad, but the super said he had to break up an argument between them in the lobby last week.
I also found this.
It's her cell phone in her apartment.
Check this out.
She ignored nine calls from Hanson last night.
I never laid a hand on Dana.
So, how'd she get all banged up? I asked her the same thing all the time.
She just said she was clumsy.
She was-- she was clumsy? That's very hard to believe.
Look, I never believed it either, but that's what she told me.
Try again, John.
Dana kept secrets.
It's one of the reasons we broke up.
Is that why you called her nine times last night? I was at a bar, had a few beers, ended up dialing her number.
Where were you this morning? Surfing.
Hit Dawn Patrol.
There's at least that can back that up.
And what about last night? Do you know where Dana was? I asked her to have dinner with me but she said she was busy.
Wouldn't tell me what she was doing.
She was always hiding something from me.
Hey, Max, why you, uh, turning our victim into a member of the Blue Man Group? Oh, very humorous, as always, Detective Williams.
The dye is called toluidine.
It is quite useful in identifying microtrauma to the skin.
Microtrauma? What are you looking for? An injection site.
I believe it will shed light on the manner of death.
Manner of death? The fall didn't kill her? Well, strictly speaking, it did.
However, her toxicology showed that Dana had a fatal dose of gamma hydroxybutyrate in her blood stream while there was no evidence of GHB in her stomach contents.
So, you figured she was injected? Precisely.
Stand back, please.
You found something? See this pinpoint area here, that's a darker blue? That's the injection site.
She could not have injected herself like this at that angle.
She may have been disoriented by the effects of the poison, which caused her to fall off her balcony.
But her death was definitely not an accident.
When was she injected? Based on the rate it had metabolized, I would say six to eight hours prior to her fall.
We got to come up with a timeline, figure out where Dana was last night.
Yo, Chin, what do you got? Well, the boyfriend's story checks out.
Spent the night at SpeakEasys in Hale'iwa and then surfed Dawn Patrol this morning.
Great, any idea where Dana was? Yeah, I talked to one of her co-teachers who invited Dana to dinner last night but she said she couldn't make it because she already had plans with her boyfriend.
She said she was thinking about getting back together with him.
Well, we know that's a lie.
She blew off her ex-boyfriend.
All right, so she lied to her co-worker.
Her boyfriend must've been telling the truth; she was hiding something.
Looks like I can help with that.
Fong processed the ticket stub that was found on Dana's body.
Turns out it was a parking lot entrance ticket from the Kapiolani Rec Center.
It was time stamped yesterday at 6:45 p.
All right, whatever Dana was doing last night, it started there.
Oh, great.
Hey, look at this.
The boyfriend said she was keeping a lot of secrets.
This looks like a big one.
We know what Dana Moore was doing here last night.
You mean Dicey Hot.
Go! Come on, go hard.
Ah! Come on, go hard, go hard.
Back up, back up.
Come on, recover.
Come on, come through.
- Oh.
- Recover! Recover! Well, that explains the bruises.
Explains a lot more than that.
Dana Moore was living a double life as Dicey Hot.
That's great.
Now we've got two unrelated suspect pools to choose from: the people she taught elementary school with and, uh Derby girls.
I know where I'd start looking.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Almost there.
Watch the elbows.
Come on, Hot Lips.
Watch the inside line.
Hey, I want to see a wall.
Break through it, break through it.
That's it, very nice.
Dirty Damsel, get back in that pack.
Come on, Crimson.
Hey, Coach.
I can't believe she's dead.
Do you know who might've wanted to hurt Dana? Who? Dicey.
I didn't even know her other name was Dana.
What did you say your name was? Silk Slayer.
Crimson Bride is my real name.
Oh, okay.
Parents big Denzel fans? Wow.
No, I just Seriously? If Dicey was murdered, and that's a big if, I'm pretty sure it wasn't by someone involved in Derby.
Dicey was the heart and soul of this team.
I can't believe she's gone.
All right, what can you tell me about Dicey off the track? Uh, only that her real name was Dana.
Listen, I'd like to help you out more but I really got to get back to practice.
We're skating in the finals tomorrow, so The Diamond Dolls are competing tomorrow? Dicey wouldn't have wanted us to forfeit the championship.
We're gonna compete if if I can find another jammer.
You don't have a second-string jammer? Got a couple of backup blockers, but Dicey was our only jammer.
I got to go hold tryouts now.
All right, hey, thank you.
You got it.
Okay, um, I'm not really getting anything from Crimson Bride, Dirty Damsel, Ivana Kiss, or any of the other ladies.
Ivana Kiss? Yeah.
Her parents must be very proud.
They're not exactly what I would call friendly to law enforcement.
These girls, they spend so much time on the track, right? Mm-hmm.
I mean, there's got to be somebody here who knows something about Dana and what was going on with her.
I'd say that we should interrogate them, but something is telling me that, that would backfire badly.
You know what we need? No.
We need somebody on the inside, somebody these girls can open up to.
You've got to be kidding me.
I wouldn't ask if there was another way, and besides, I've already cleared it with your C.
, so you're on.
Okay, Steve, if you're trying to stop me from having lunch with your mother, there are other ways.
Would I do that? Yes, yes, you would.
This is a legitimate undercover assignment.
Would you help me, please? Why you laughing? Come on.
Yeah-- no, listen, we need to get inside, we need to figure out which of Dana's teammates she was close to and we need to know what was going on in her life that got her killed.
Okay, so run her financials, pull her phone records.
Already tried that-- dead ends.
Well, then send Kono.
You know what? I totally would, except I've already been there, they've seen my face, they know I'm Five-O.
Okay, look, I would love to help you guys out, I would, really, but I can't do this.
Why can't you do this? I don't roller-skate.
Yes, but you ice-skate.
You competed professionally.
Your father showed me pictures of you in your little tutus and your outfits, the unitards and stuff that you used to wear.
That is not the same thing at all, and besides, guys, I was like 15 years old.
How different can it be, Catherine? You are out of your mind.
I don't, I don't even What, what is a jammer? A jammer-- it's very simple.
Uh, there's only two positions in Roller Derby.
You got jammers and you got blockers.
The jammer scores by lapping around the track.
Gets one point for every blocker on the opposing side that she passes.
Very simple.
I'm sorry, I had no idea you were a fan of Roller Derby.
No, I-I-I'm not a fan; my mother was.
She thought that a catfight on wheels was good home family entertainment.
Skinny Minnie Miller was actually her favorite player.
She had Who? Seriously, there, there was a player named Skinny Minnie Miller? Yeah, yeah.
I remember when she got taken out by Sweet Stephanie at Queens of the Roller Derby.
It was a big thing.
Okay, can we focus here for a minute? Yeah, let's focus.
So, uh, I understand completely, if I'm a jammer, then basically all the blockers on the other team are trying to kill me.
Yeah, that's it pretty much.
Hopefully the Diamond Dolls have a good blocking defense.
Yeah, that would be good.
Okay, so, uh, Diamond Dolls-- they got tryouts this afternoon, so all you got to do is go and make the team.
Oh, is that all? Mm-hmm.
Alice Trooper, you're up! Get up Ready? All right, you four line it up.
I want to thank you guys for coming out today, for your interest in skating with the Diamond Dolls.
Unfortunately we can only take one of you.
It was close, but I made my decision.
I came in second.
You what? I came in second.
Second place doesn't put you on the team, Catherine, I needed you to win.
First place.
Oh, come on.
I mean, don't I even get an "A" for effort? I mean, I was really good today, especially considering that I laced up for the first time today, you know, and you were totally right about the ice-skating.
I don't know if it's like muscle memory or whatever, but I'm like a natural when it comes to Derby skating.
I am really good.
What was the name of the girl who beat you out? W-- why? What are you gonna do? Steve.
Oh, God.
This is the championship.
You got to work harder than that.
I need 110%, let's go.
That's it, that's it, well done.
Oh, hey, Alice.
Oh, I'm so glad you were still available.
Yeah, me, too.
Hey, question: um, what changed your mind about bringing me on the team? Well, look, you were basically neck and neck with the girl that came in first at the tryouts.
Thing is, she got arrested for four unpaid parking tickets.
Can you believe the cops in this town? That's awful.
Yeah, what are you going to do? Anyway, the locker room's through there.
Why don't you gear up and come back out on the track? All right, cool.
Welcome to the Dolls.
Thank you.
All right, girls, come on.
Hey, what, are you looking for someone? No.
I'm Alice Trooper.
I'm your new jammer.
Yeah, we'll see.
I'm sorry about Dicey.
I never saw her skate, but I heard she was amazing.
Were you two close? She had my back.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Work it, Alice, work it.
Come on, Alice.
Work it, Alice, get through there, get through there, get through there, get through there.
Very nice.
Work it, Alice.
Get through there, get through there, get through there.
That's it, go, go, go, go, very nice.
Thank you.
What, are you deaf? Track's closed, you need to leave.
Let's go outside, then.
Not gonna happen.
You're a jerk.
He your boyfriend? Yeah, in his dreams.
He's just a guy who doesn't like to be told no.
Yeah? Do you think he's dangerous? Just steer clear of that guy, okay? He's bad news.
Thanks for blocking me out there.
You got it.
For the last time I'm telling you, the track is closed, you cannot be here.
You need to leave.
Guy's name is Ted Landry.
He's a low-rent bookie who works the Derby circuit, among others.
Who knew there was money in Roller Derby? Apparently the wagers for the final bout were coming in heavy for the Diamond Dolls to win, thanks to Dicey Hot.
Maybe Landry had too much action and wouldn't have been able to pay the bets if the Diamond Dolls won.
Getting rid of Dicey Hot to avoid losing his shirt sounds like motive to me.
Ted Landry, can we talk to you for a minute.
Don't move.
Hey, keep your hands where I can see them.
You guys got it all wrong.
There's no way I killed Dicey.
Okay, well, enlighten us.
I got an alibi.
I was at the Blaisdell last night for the MMA fight.
You got a ticket stub? Better-- they showed me on the Jumbotron.
Come on, they got to have a record of that.
And my credit card-- I used it to pick up my ticket at will call last night.
You can check it.
Okay, well, even if your alibi checks out, that still does not mean you weren't involved in the murder.
Without Dicey Hot the South Shore Sirens were a lock to win that final bout.
Her death put money in your pocket.
See, that's what we call a motive, Ted.
Okay, look, I swear I didn't kill her but I might have approached her with a little business proposition.
What are you talking about? I offered her five grand to throw the bout.
Five grand-- that's a lot to a kindergarten teacher.
Yeah, well she turned me down, said winning her championship meant more to her than that.
All right, ladies, take five.
That was a hard hit.
You okay? Yeah, the play out here is a little more aggressive than I'm used to.
That about what I could expect during the finals? Yeah, pretty much.
The South Shore Sirens are a tough team, especially Sugar Stix.
What's she, their jammer? Nothing sweet about her, though.
She, uh, cracked one of Dicey's ribs, broke two of her fingers, and shattered her wrist.
Yeah, that sounds a little extreme.
I guess, uh, Sugar Stix and Dicey kind of did have it out for each other.
What do you mean? They were always in each other's faces.
You know? Last summer, Sugar Stix took a cheap shot at Dicey and slammed her pretty hard.
She even had to put a steel pin in her wrist.
Dicey almost even pressed charges.
But she never did.
Yeah, it sounds like their rivalry was about more than just Roller Derby.
If there was, it wasn't something Dicey talked about.
Thanks to Catherine's intel, I planted a uni outside the Siren's practice, then ran Sugar's license plate when she left.
We get an ID? Yeah, it turns out Sugar Stix is one Dr.
Sharon Morgan.
She's a pediatrician with a practice in Kahala.
So, what's Sugar's beef with Dicey? Yeah, yeah.
I said it out loud, and I meant it.
Go ahead.
All right.
uh, actually, I wish I knew.
It turns out that they actually might have known each other outside of Roller Derby.
Morgan recently enrolled her son at the school where Dana taught.
Okay, well, maybe whatever was going on between them moved off of the track, into the real world.
Uh, Dr.
Morgan, I'm sorry to barge in here like this, but your receptionist said we could find you here.
Okay, well, I'm with a patient, so, you're gonna have to wait.
Uh, we're with Five-O, so unfortunately, we can't wait.
We got to talk to Dr.
Sugar Stix.
I am so sorry about this.
Okay, I'll be back in a minute.
I think you've made a mistake.
Oh, okay.
Well, if you're not Sugar Stix, where'd you get the Derby injuries? Okay, so what if I'm Sugar Stix? There's no crime in that.
Well, you're the one who's hiding it.
Look, I am proud to be a South Shore Siren, all right? I am.
But I'm also a physician, and there are a lot of parents in this practice that would think twice about bringing their children to see me if they knew how many people I was putting in the hospital.
That's a good point.
So, Dicey Hot threatened to out you at school? That's why you killed her? What?! Is that why you killed her? No! Come on, please.
Look, I did not kill her.
You didn't kill her.
You roughed her up pretty bad on the track.
Everyone gets roughed up on the track.
She fractured my foot and gave me a concussion.
People seem to think that you two had it out for each other.
On the track sure, but it wasn't personal.
Look, you want to know who really had it out for Dicey? Talk to her own teammates.
What do you mean-- her own teammates? Coach Blair-- he put Dicey on a pedestal, and that didn't sit so well with some of the other Dolls.
The Dolls were jealous? Hell, yeah.
Look, whatever was going on over there, it was bad enough that Dicey wanted to jump ship at the end of the season.
Hey, can you talk? Uh yeah, yeah, I'm good.
What do you know about Dicey Hot wanting to leave the Diamond Dolls? No.
Everything I've heard is that she loved this team.
Not according to Sugar Stix.
She said the other girls on the team were jealous.
Um, they are really competitive.
I suppose they could be covering for each other.
Listen, Catherine, I need you to get me a roster with the girls' real names on it so I can start checking alibis.
Okay, I'm on it.
All right, thank you.
Hey, that was fast.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What? Dr.
Who? Mom.
You all right? I'm fine.
I just hit my head.
It's nothing.
Okay, all right, um, let me get this straight.
You, uh you-you got home, you interrupted a burglar, he knocked you down, and he took off? Yeah, that's, uh that's pretty much it.
And he bypasses the entire security system? Guess so.
Oh, he's a pretty sophisticated thief, Mom.
I mean, it took five guys three days to install that system.
Oh, please.
You're exaggerating.
And then he got a jump on you? You get a look at this guy? Uh, no, no.
He was He was wearing a ski mask.
Um, it all it all happened so fast.
I want to help, okay? I want to help, and I can't Steve, please, I don't want to talk about it, okay? I'm fine.
I just want to get out of here and move on.
All right, but you're not going back to your place.
Once you get released from here, you're coming home till we find you a safe building to move into.
I-I got to get back to work.
I'll see you at home.
Don't worry.
All right.
Catherine, what are you doing here? Danny told me about your mom.
You're supposed to be undercover.
It's okay.
We're done for the day.
All the girls left.
It would have looked weird if I stayed.
All right.
Did you get the roster? No.
Not yet.
I got to access Coach Blair's computer, and he stays there late the night before a big bout, so Don't worry about it.
I'm on it, okay? I need to be here right now.
What happened? Well, according to Doris, she, uh she interrupted a burglary.
This doesn't look like a normal burglary.
No, that's because it wasn't a normal burglary.
This was a surgical strike.
Whoever did this knew exactly what they were looking for, and they knew Doris well enough to know where she would hide something.
She's lying to me again.
I don't know what to do, Catherine.
Steve? Yeah.
I need to tell you something.
What? Have you ever heard of, um, someone named Mangosta? Mangosta? No.
Why? He's an operative from Doris' past in Covert Ops.
Did you get this information from Navy intel? No.
No, it's not.
Then how do you know this? There was a There was an incident that happened a while ago, and Mangosta came after Doris here on the island.
She managed to turn the tables on him, but I think this this could be connected.
Why did you not tell me that? I wanted to, and I should have.
Yeah, you should have! I made a promise.
And Doris-- she didn't want you to worry, so I didn't You should go, okay? Steve? Catherine.
Hey, Alice.
What are you doing here? I was looking for a knee brace.
Is Coach Blair here? No, I haven't seen him.
I think he might be on the track already.
Okay, well, the the knee braces are in the locker room.
I'll see you out there.
Sirens are looking strong out there.
Hey, you got a second? See that girl right there? Yeah, that one.
Who's ready to taste the pain? Welcome everyone to the Pacific Roller Derby Championship between the 14-1 Diamond Dolls and the 13-2 South Shore Sirens.
And bad-to-the-bone Sugar Stix, full of sugar and spice and nothing nice.
These ladies have battled through a long, brutal season to get here, and you better believe they're gonna leave it all on the track in this bout.
Trash talk is over, it's Derby time.
Ladies, let's rock and roll! Right out of the blocks, Siren's jammer Sunstroke breaks through the pack as lead jammer while Sugar Stix lays in hard to Crimson Bride.
This sure isn't the first time Sugar and Crimson have battled it out on the track.
We can expect a hard-hitting bout tonight.
Big whip through the pack puts Dolls jammer Alice Trooper into scoring position.
But Siren's jammer Sunstroke is on the move and oh! Scores a big point, taking out Crimson Bride to end the jam.
You okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't block you.
Don't worry about blocking me.
Look, you're a jammer.
Your job is to score points.
Okay? So start scoring 'em.
Once again, ladies and gentlemen, here we go.
Oh, yeah, Crimson getting some payback on Sugar Stix.
Sunstroke making a big push to get into scoring position and oh! Big foul.
Crimson Bride is down and looking hurt.
That's the second major foul for Sunstroke.
She's really got it out for Crimson Bride.
She landed hard on that shoulder and is slow to get up.
Crimson, over here! Big boos from the crowd as Crimson Bride goes to the bench.
Hot Lips.
- You're in.
- I'm good to skate.
I can skate.
Extend it.
The crowd is really unhappy about this move.
You're sitting out this jam.
You're sitting out this jam.
That might be all she wrote for Crimson Bride.
Catherine get you the team roster? She did more than that.
She sent over Coach Blair's entire hard drive.
Anything interesting? Yeah, and it wasn't the roster.
Check this out.
These girls look drugged.
That would explain the GHB in Dana Moore's system.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Those were on Blair's computer.
Who is this scumbag? That's a good question.
His ID dates back only five years in Hawaii, so I ran facial recognition on a DMV photo and got a hit.
Meet Larry Banks.
He's an ex-con from Seattle.
He did time for producing and distributing pornography.
His M.
was drugging girls and taking their pictures.
Looks like he's up to his old tricks.
If he's been drugging them, most of these girls might not even know they've been victimized.
Maybe Dicey figured out what was going on.
Okay, so, if she confronted him after the semi-final match, that could've been when Banks shot her up with the GHB.
And you know what? He could have told her that it was cortisone for her shoulder.
And that would've made the timing work out right.
Max said she was injected six to eight hours before she fell.
GHB is a very slow-acting drug.
She would've gotten progressively more disoriented and unstable.
Until she fell off her balcony.
Come on, girls, come on! Skate hard! Coach, I want to go back in.
No, I already told you, until you let me give you a shot for that arm, you're not going back in.
I don't need it.
Then you're not gonna skate.
Shoot me up.
In my office.
Hey, Lou, take over.
We'll be right back.
Where did Crimson go? She okay? I'm sure she's fine.
She's taken harder hits than that.
Okay, let's get this over with.
Where's the needle? This has been one of the most intense championships in memory as the South Shore Sirens battle the Diamond Dolls for the title.
It's neck and neck and there's no sign that either of these teams is gonna go down without a fight.
The Dolls had the early lead, but jam after jam, the Sirens Where's Catherine? I don't see Catherine anywhere.
I don't see Banks, either.
Let me go.
What are you doing? It's pretty simple, Crimson.
I just want some answers.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What are you doing? I saw you in here earlier.
Don't worry, this won't take as long as it did with Dicey.
I tripled the dose.
What? What? I wasn't in here, it wasn't me.
Stop lying.
Who the hell are you and what the hell did you do with my computer? Oh, my God, it was you, you killed her, you killed Dicey.
Did you find the pictures? What? No.
What pictures? I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Did you did Dicey tell you about what she found? No! She said she was gonna go to the cops.
Is that what you are? Are you a cop? No, I'm not a cop! I'm not a cop! Are you a cop? Back off! Danny.
Catherine! Catherine?! In here! All right, let's go.
- You're safe, okay? - Move.
You okay? Yeah.
I know a lot of people here knew her as Miss Moore.
And I've really enjoyed hearing your stories about what a great teacher she was.
But I want you to know there was a lot more to her than that.
I knew her as Dicey Hot star jammer for the Diamond Dolls.
She was a was a great friend and was one of the strongest people I've ever met.
On and off the track.
She was she was so strong she stood up for me, even when I-I didn't ask for help.
Even when I when I didn't know I needed it.
She was she was always doing the right thing.
That's just who she was.
And I guess that's where the Dana you knew and the Dicey I knew came together.
She was a a leader, and a protector, and she had our backs all the way to the end.
Your tea.
Ah, thank you.
God, that's good.
Hey, Mom, we need to talk.
Sure, honey.
What's up? Who robbed your house? I told you, I didn't see him.
Did it have anything to do with Mangosta? Catherine told you, huh? Is it not enough that you can't open your mouth without lying to me? You got to use Catherine against me, too, Mom? I wasn't using Catherine, I was trying to protect you.
Mom, could you just stop for a minute? Just stop, all right? Catherine and I had a good thing, and now what? Huh? Steve, that girl loves you.
She wasn't trying to hurt you.
I-I wasn't trying to hurt you.
Mom, you don't get it, you still don't get it.
You don't Steve, Steve, I'm sorry.
Who robbed your house, Mom? I don't know.
Who robbed your house? I don't I don't know! Okay.
What was in the safe? It was a microfiche.
It had unredacted action reports from my entire career in Covert Ops.
It ha had names.
Mom, that is incredibly dangerous information, okay? It could get you killed.
It could get me killed.
How long did you have it? Since I left the CIA.
And where'd you keep it all those years? Here under the floorboards in the in the office.
You brought it into this house? With Dad, and Mary and me? You don't understand.
It was to keep you safe.
No, Mom.
My leverage.
It was my insurance policy.
In case anyone ever came after me.
It was what kept us safe.
So long as nobody knew where it was.
It's all I had.
I am so sorry.
I should've told you.
What's your origin? North America, unsecured.
Outgoing classification? Alpha, Charlie, three, seven, niner, five, four.
Going secure and transferring.
Never expected to hear from you again.
I hoped you wouldn't.
Are you safe? Not for long.

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