Hawaii Five-0 s03e19 Episode Script

Hoa Pili (Close Friend)

Oh, my God.
Ryan, what are you doing here? It-it's not what it looks like.
Really? How am I misinterpreting this? My best friend isn't screwing my wife on the boat that I paid for and named after her? That's a relief.
Ryan, let's be reasonable.
Reasonable? You came to me broke.
I gave you a job.
I put a roof over your head.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Things just got out of control.
We're adults.
Let's try and make this work.
I really didn't mean for this to happen.
So, it was an accident? You just took a wrong turn one day and landed in bed with my wife? Well, now she's gonna watch you die.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Pull up.
Pull up, pull up.
We're losing altitude.
Relax, brah.
I got this.
You don't got this.
You're a backseat aviator.
You know that? You tell your partner how to drive? He doesn't drive.
Now, pull up or we're gonna crash.
Pull up.
I can't.
Pull up, pull up! Pull up.
Up, up, up, up, up, up.
Passed my written tests with flying colors.
With your help, I'll be licensed in no time.
Yeah, that's provided you don't crash the helicopter during the flight exam tomorrow.
Okay? Crash? Look at me.
I'm Top Gun, baby.
Don't look at me.
The ten-year post-parole plan is working out.
I got my shave ice, I got my shrimp, and when I officially open Kamekona's Island Tours, that'll be my entrepreneurial peak.
Like King Kamehameha landing on Waikiki, I'll rule Oahu.
Aw boys and their toys.
How cute.
This ain't no toy, sistah.
That's right.
This is the most technologically advanced flight simulator on the market.
Well, it looks a whole lot like a video game to me.
Oh up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up! What are you doing? Pull up! Pull up! Pull up, up, up, up, - up, up - Oh! Got two words for you: game over.
If you crash a helicopter full of paying customers, it's not gonna be good for your tour business.
You understand? I was distracted, brah.
Sistah came in dressed like that.
How am I supposed to not look? Aw.
Kammy, if you hadn't crashed in the middle of the ocean, I might have taken you out for a drink.
That's the beauty of a flight simulator.
When you flame out, just hit restart.
Take a seat.
We're going to the Big Island for some mai tais.
Ooh, sweet.
Okay, I'm on my way.
I got to go.
See you later? Hope so.
Don't worry.
I'll bring her back in one piece.
Repeat after me: Altitude is my friend.
Altitude is my friend.
Roger that.
All right.
All right, let's do this.
Ready? Yeah.
Report said arson? Yep.
Third boat burned this month.
All the same company.
Oahu Shark Tours.
They take tourists out to dive with the meat eaters.
There's been a lot of opposition about the Shark Tours lately, right? I mean, locals have been protesting, saying they create all kinds of environmental and safety issues.
Well, I'm opposed to anything that has to do with sharks, uh, due to self-preservation, you see.
I remember your fear of becoming "man sushi.
" Uh, HPD got any leads on the first two arsons? Nothing solid.
The first two arsons happened while the boats were docked.
This time, it was torched at sea.
The fire hit the gas tank, and then boom.
How many victims? None.
None? Well, that boat didn't take itself off-shore.
It was found abandoned.
HPD suspects that whoever was piloting it must have jumped overboard before the explosion.
Coast Guard's out searching now.
Not again.
You got to be kidding me.
Look, who's in charge here? I got to talk to someone.
Here, send him over.
Sir, I'm Steve McGarrett.
This is Officer Kono Kalakaua.
Detective Danny Williams.
We're Five-O.
What can I do for you? You're Craig Brant, one of the owners, right? Yeah.
This is my boat.
This is the third one torched.
Do you have any idea who did this? As a matter of fact, sir, we're focused on trying to locate anybody who might have been onboard.
Do you know who took your boat out last night? No one took my boat out last night.
It was docked here all night.
You guys are just as clueless as HPD.
Well, if it was docked, then how come we found it floating three miles offshore with no one aboard? Jason.
Who's Jason? My brother.
He goes out at the end of the day to get the cage we use for the dive.
Well, there's no cage aboard, so that means Jason must not have picked it up.
He could still be out? Look, you got to go find him.
Know what I don't understand? What? Why would a tourist want to be put into a cage and then dunked into shark-infested waters? It makes no sense.
'Cause they're on vacation.
You know, they want some some excitement, some adventure.
They need to do therapy.
Hold on.
This is where Craig said the cage was anchored.
I don't see a body.
I don't see a shark cage floating around here.
Unless someone sank it.
Take a look.
Three o'clock.
Would they be circling around like that if that thing was empty? No.
Hate it when I'm right.
Well, no signs of petechial hemorrhaging, which leads me to believe your victim was thrown into the cage after being murdered.
What do you got for C.
? Well, based on these lacerations, I'm thinking blunt force trauma.
However, I'm not gonna be able to make a confirmed determination on either of these theories until my post is complete.
So, someone gives this guy a beating, throws him into this cage, then torches his boat.
You still think it was the protestors? If it was, they made their point, right? You know you're an enabler, right? Oh, this ought to be good.
Go on.
Well, Kamekona told me about your little flight school.
Okay, I'm helping a friend pursue a dream.
More like delusion.
And if you're really his friend, you should help him open up a bowling alley or something safe.
Not, uh, something that defies the law of gravity.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you the guy who helped him buy the helicopter in the first place? Yes.
Under duress, one; and two, I never thought that any state or any federal agency would-would license that man to fly it.
What did you think he was gonna do with a helicopter, Danny? I don't know.
Park it next to his shrimp truck.
Turn it into a barbecue.
What do I know? What I do know is that I do not do not feel comfortable with that man piloting three tons of steel over the town where my daughter lives.
Okay? Fine, okay.
So you're not gonna participate in the inaugural flight? No, I am not going to participate in the inaugural flight, because there will not be one.
Okay, there is no way that that shrimp copter is ever getting off the ground.
Why do you have to always, always be so negative? I'll make a deal with you.
How about that? Okay, he gets his wings, and I will fly with him, okay? But you and I both know that is never going to happen.
Oh, I see.
'Cause you know what's gonna happen.
That's the I-know-everything face.
It's good.
Hey, guys.
So, CSU finished processing the victim's boat, and they found high-velocity blood spatter on the railing.
Well, it can't have been our vic.
He didn't have a gunshot wound.
Yeah, but check this out.
CSU also found a partially burned bang stick in the rubble.
Ah, that's good news.
What is a bang stick? Oh, it's a specialized firearm that can be used underwater.
Fires buckshot on contact.
Yeah, skin divers use them to scare away or kill aggressive sharks.
Divers packing heat.
That's nice.
What, they just go up to the shark and shoot 'em between the eyes? Doesn't seem very fair.
Wait a minute.
Now you're on the sharks' side? Well, I'm not on anybody's side.
I'm just saying, I could see how they'd get pissed off.
Well, I know a really great environmental group that protects sharks if you're interested.
No, no.
But thank you.
Kono, did CSU find any GSR on site? No, but they did find a discharged shell in the bang stick.
The fire had melted it to the inside.
And since CSU didn't find any buckshot on the boat, I'm thinking our victim Jason Brant used the bang stick to defend himself against his attacker.
And the perp took the full load.
The only problem is, CSU ran the blood, and there are no matches in the system.
And there were no gunshot victims admitted to any area hospitals.
Okay, if we've got a wounded perp, he's gonna have to surface sooner than later.
Our techs found fresh paint transfer on the starboard hull of your victim's boat.
Could belong to our perp's boat.
That's what I'm thinking, so I analyzed a sample of the paint and matched it to Altor Nautical.
It's used exclusively on their Oceanus line of fishing vessels.
Arctic White.
Please tell me that's not a common color.
Only three registered in this color on the island.
But one's been in California for the last month, and the other's in dry dock.
That leaves the Carlyle, which is docked in Haleiwa Harbor.
That the same harbor where our victim docked his boat.
Hold on a second.
You think we had something to do with Jason Brant's murder? - Come on, man.
No way.
- No way? All right, well, shark-infested waters-- that's not necessarily good for fishing, right? Basically, your competition.
I'll admit, I wasn't sorry about what was happening to their boats.
Nobody likes the Shark Tours here, but we didn't kill anybody.
All right, well, do me a favor and explain what happened to your boat there, okay? 'Cause the same damage and paint transfer was on Jason's boat, and it matched the paint on your boat.
Look, we were trying to be Good Samaritans.
Good Samaritans? What do you mean? About a week ago, we pulled in a haul of mahi-mahi a few miles out.
Saw an aluminum skiff tied off to the Shark Tour boat.
Some guy was beating on Jason pretty good.
We went over to help, and the dude bolted in the skiff.
What happened after that? We climbed on board to see if Jason was okay.
Water was pretty choppy that day.
Our boats knocked a couple of times.
That's when the damage happened.
You can ask around.
Everyone at the docks heard about the beat-down the Kapu put on him.
Kapu? Wait a minute.
You sure about that? Yeah.
Word is they didn't like the Shark Tours so close to their shores.
All right, there's a lot of Kapu members on the North Shore.
Jason give you a name? No.
But everyone knows those guys don't like anyone messing with their break.
And if you do, they can get pretty nasty.
We need to talk to Kawika.
All I am saying is that it is not beyond the realm of possib In fact, forget that.
It is a very bit possibility that Kawika's surf gang Surf club.
Oh, excuse me, the surf club.
You're in a mood today, aren't you? No, I'm not in a mood.
My mood is fine.
All right, the point is, it is very possible that the Kapu is responsible for Jason Brant's murder.
I don't buy it, okay? Oh.
I don't buy it.
At one time, yes, the club was territorial.
There was a lot of outsiders moving into the North Shore, and-- right or wrong-- they used violence to protect what was theirs.
Okay? But-but now now, they are bastions of philanthropy, right? Giving of themselves to worthy causes.
Huh? Live and let live? Is that it? I know these guys, Danny, is what I'm saying.
I know these guys, and they're not killers.
Okay, they're not killers.
Well, let-let's just take a second and look at the facts.
Okay? Two witnesses say that they saw a member of the Kapu give Jason Brant a beating.
Okay, and lo and behold, Max said the cause of death was blunt force trauma.
What does that mean? It means he was beaten, most likely repeatedly.
So, can we just say that maybe it's a possibility the Kapu has fell back into their old ways? Is that possible? They're headed for Kawika's house.
Got another hot spot! Over here! Give me another hose.
Got another hot spot over here.
What happened? Someone torched the place.
Sure you didn't do something to provoke this? Bro, there's families here, kids.
I understand that, but their fathers are members of the Kapu.
What are you trying to say, haole? Kawika, listen, we got a dead Shark Tour operator, and his boats torched in the marina.
Bunch of witnesses pointing their fingers at you and your boys.
All I'm saying is, this could be payback.
Hey, oh, Chin, I need you to do me a favor, all right? I need you to pick up the victim's brother.
His name is Craig Brant.
Thank you.
Run that in for me? Yeah, just hold him until we get there.
Look, I told you, my boys had nothing to do with the torching of those shark boats.
And they sure as hell didn't kill Jason Brant.
We got witnesses that say members of the Kapu beat him up.
I don't know anything about that.
Kawika, we want to believe you.
All right? We do.
But your boys have been I.
We got to follow through.
If that's the case, then let me help you.
All right.
Hey, who went and gave Jason Brant lickings? I'm going to ask one more time.
Who beat up Jason Brant? It was me, Kawika.
Why? Answer the man.
This board belongs to my nephew Koa.
He was surfing Kammieland when a tiger shark went after him.
Lucky thing, all he got was the board.
Okay, I don't get it.
How was Jason Brant responsible for this? Before he and his brother started these tours, sharks never came close to Kammieland.
So, you-you blame them for the attack? Brah, my family's been surfing this break for over 60 years.
There's never been this many sharks so close to the shore.
Those tours-- they teach sharks not to be afraid of humans.
And those tours are run by conservationists, okay, who have every right to be in the ocean, as much as you, me, anybody else.
We're not against sharing the ocean, but sharks that aren't afraid of humans make it dangerous for every surfer and swimmer in the water.
Right, like your nephew.
So, what, he gets attacked, you want revenge, and you go after Jason.
Is that right? I just wanted to send a message.
Tell them the truth, Levi.
- I am telling the truth.
- Okay, good.
I'm gonna ask you one time.
Did you kill Jason, burn his boat and get rid of the evidence? What?! No, no way.
All I did was scare the guy.
I wasn't even on Oahu last night.
I was judging a surf contest in Maui.
All right.
We'll look into it.
We're gonna hold you on assault.
If your alibi checks out, you'll walk.
Fair enough.
Hey, what the hell's going on, huh? No one will tell me why I'm here.
Brant, where were you two hours ago? What difference does it make? How does that help me find my brother's killer? Doesn't.
Excuse me? A fire was set to a house on the North Shore two hours ago.
You know anything about it? Look, all I know is, my brother's dead, and you're doing nothing about it.
Well, it's an ongoing investigation.
Maybe you'd like to explain to me how your fingerprints ended up on this discarded gas can right by the crime scene.
Eye for an eye.
It's in the Bible.
So is, "Thou shalt not kill.
" You skip that chapter or what? Hey, my brother was murdered.
What, do you expect me to go back to work? No.
We expect you to mourn, and then plan a funeral for your brother.
Not go out and try burying more people.
Come on, man.
There were kids near that house.
Something happens to them, you're gonna spend the rest of your life in prison.
Listen, you lost family today.
We get that.
But torching a house full of innocent people-- that's no way to get even.
There was a luau, all right? They were all outside.
I made sure no one was in the house.
That make it okay? No.
I just I had I had to do something.
Yeah, well, I got something for you.
The Kapu didn't do it, okay? They got alibis.
They all check out.
They may not like you.
They may not have liked your brother.
But they didn't kill anybody.
Then who did? Sorry, Lieutenant.
She said she knew you.
Is this a bad time? No, no.
Come in.
Thanks, James.
Um, this is a nice surprise.
Uh, can I get you some coffee, a stale malasada? I thought cops didn't really eat donuts.
Well, actually, that cliché is true.
No, I just, um I-I stopped by to say hi.
You never called.
You never gave me your number.
Well, you're a cop, and it's 2013, and I can't really be that hard to find.
You're right.
Uh, the truth is, after what we went through, I thought you'd never want to see my face again.
You saved my life.
We survived a prison riot together.
I was kind of looking forward to seeing what you had in store for a second date.
Leilani, there's nothing I'd like more than to take you out.
But you're married.
I was.
When you're ready.
This is Chin.
On my way.
You said on the phone you got something? Yeah, a little show-and-tell.
Kono and I looked into the reports of the previous two shark boat arsons, - and check this out.
- In both cases, a time delay device was used to trigger the fires.
What is that? It's a pet food dispenser.
Very much like this one.
So, you set the timer like this and at the designated hour, the dispenser drops Garfield his dinner.
That's very exciting.
But if you're an inventive criminal like our arsonist, it does more than just feed the kitty.
- Now you got my attention.
- So, our perp put brake fluid in the dish and crushed up pool chlorine tablets in the dispenser, and then he set the timer.
I take it this is the show-and-tell part.
If you don't mind.
When the chlorine tablets hit the brake fluid, boom.
You get a chemical explosion.
Obviously much larger than this.
And the timer allows the perp to flee the scene before it goes off.
I bet that voids the manufacturer's warranty.
And anyone standing within 50 yards of the blast.
Now check this out.
The same setup that was used in the first two shark boats was also used in a construction site arson two years ago.
Did HPD have a suspect in the case? Jimmy Amana.
Was he charged? No.
The detectives had motive but no way to link the evidence to him.
What was the motive? Amana's old-school Hawaiian, so he believes the land underneath the construction site was sacred.
A guy like that would object to the Shark Tours for similar reasons.
You know how us locals worship our sharks.
They're sacred animals.
This information isn't new.
Why didn't HPD question Amana about the shark boat fires? Why don't we ask him? Out of my way! Yidong! Yidong! Where the hell are you? You're supposed to have my back! You hear me? I need h I need help now! All right, come on.
Get up now.
Get up.
Up, up, up.
Now, that was impressive.
Uh, I'd give him a nine for degree of difficulty.
Minus one for intelligence.
Let's go.
All right.
Let him go! Let him go now! Hey! Drop your weapons! Put the guns down and let him go.
Stand down.
Stand down.
Drop your weapons.
Put your guns down.
Let him go.
We're Five-O.
Drop your weapons.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Drop your weapons.
This man is our CI.
He's working a major RICO case for us.
Okay, well, good for you, but he's coming with us.
Amana's a suspect in our investigation.
With all due respect, our case is bigger than a couple of fires.
We gave this guy a pass on the arsons.
A pass? Well, while you guys were giving out "get out of jail free" cards, there was another boat burned last night, and this time we have a dead body.
I didn't burn any more boats.
I didn't kill no one.
Did you have eyes on him last night? Not all night.
Look, if he committed a murder because you guys gave him too long a leash, - you will be held accountable.
- Maybe you didn't hear us.
We're FBI, two years into a RICO case.
You really think you can just pull the rug out? Have a nice day.
I ask a question.
You act dumb.
We can play this game all day long.
What do you want me to say? I killed your guy? 'Cause I didn't.
Did I burn some boats? Yeah.
I did that.
But the Feds looked the other way.
So, Amana's alibi checks out.
The Feds weren't on him last night, but I got a dozen degenerates that say he was shooting craps at T.
But the M.
's exactly the same.
Not exactly.
After Fong's discovery, CSU went back and did a second sweep of the crime scene, but they found no evidence to prove that a pet dispenser was used as an incendiary device.
Well, either this is a really bad frame job or we're looking at a new M.
Hey, Max.
What's this about another victim? Behold.
Ta-da! Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Isurus oxyrinchus, the mako shark, or simply mano, if you prefer.
I prefer you tell me what it's doing in your office.
Well, a commercial fisherman caught this specimen today, and while they were gutting it for off-island sale, they found this inside it.
That's nice.
Any idea who that belongs to? Well, I'm running the prints through AFIS right now.
But I did find something quite compelling: There are traces of buckshot in the arm.
That's the same ammo they use in bang sticks.
Okay, so that could be the attacker Jason Brant shot on his boat.
Brilliant deduction, Detective Williams.
I ran DNA, and it matched the blood spatter found at the crime scene.
Additional vascular analysis indicated that the victim was very much alive when he was bitten.
Well, if he survived, then we're looking for a one-armed perp.
I asked HPD to reach out to the area hospitals.
No reports of walk-ins with that kind of trauma.
And given the amount of blood loss, I doubt he survived.
So this guy, he approaches Jason at sea, Jason shoots him with the fun stick and goes overboard.
That's correct.
Okay, but it does not explain how he also was able to get Jason into the shark tank and set his boat on fire.
Unless there was more than one attacker.
So, the prints from the arm came back to this guy, Hal Lewis.
Prior to being shark lunch, he was a check bouncer.
He's also licensed as a commercial fisherman and co-owns a vessel you're the Carlyle.
I believe you interviewed his partners this morning.
Yes, we did.
Jay Lappert and Bruce Kaneshiro.
Yeah, so the story they told you about helping Jason after he was beaten up by the Kapu, that's a fish tale.
Wow, seriously? What? Just keeping things thematic.
I'm thinking that these three got into a confrontation with Jason last night.
Hal gets shot, the other two finish the job.
This was territorial.
If Jason was dumping his shark tank into fishing waters, it was definitely messing with their haul.
Messing with their livelihood.
It's financial incentive to shut the Shark Tours down.
Hello, motive.
What happened to keeping it thematic? Clear.
Guys, back bedroom.
Over here.
He's dead.
That's Bruce Kaneshiro.
What about Jay Lappert? No sign of him.
The rest of the house is clear.
Okay, so we got three partners.
One's dead here, the other's puzzle pieces at the bottom of the ocean, and one's missing.
Perps could have taken Jay.
Yeah, unless he's dead.
Then where's the body? All right, thanks.
I got a missing persons alert out on Jay Lappert.
His boat is gone, too.
The Coast Guard is on it.
All right, well, HPD ran his financials.
Last week, Jay and his buddies spent $30,000 on diving equipment.
Okay, fishermen just scraping by don't spend 30 grand on diving equipment.
No, Sub-Mariner doesn't spend $30,000 on diving equipment.
What are they doing with it? Hey, guys, there's something you need to see.
Follow me.
Oh, by the way, the, uh the Sub-Mariner-- he doesn't need diving equipment, 'cause he can breathe underwater.
, uh - Ah.
You mean Prince Namor? That's the Sub-Mariner's real name.
I love it when you guys geek out.
All right, check this out.
This topographic dive map has an area circled that's three miles off from Haleiwa Harbor.
That's the exact spot that we found Jason's body.
Looks like our three fishermen were out there searching for something.
Jason Brant stumbles upon them, gets in the way, they kill him.
Look what I found.
Label's still damp, and it's got signs of saltwater erosion.
Looks like our guys might have recently pulled it from the water.
Oyster sauce.
Mm-hmm, but the drum's empty.
And that does not smell like any oyster sauce I've ever had.
Luckily, I don't know what oyster sauce smells like.
But I know what this smell is.
What, bad licorice? Close.
It's MDMA.
Pharmaceutical-grade Ecstasy.
Labs our Narco squad used to hit smelled exactly like this.
So that explains the map and what our fishermen were after: sunken treasure.
- You rang? - Hey, Charlie.
We're sending you over some evidence.
We think it's MDMA.
But it's been exposed to salt water, so it's pretty eroded.
There is a logo stamped on it, uh, so what I'm going to need you to do is enhance it, and then run it through the logo database, see if we can come up with a match to any known producer.
Copy that.
If that thing was filled, that's a small fortune in X.
And the reason why someone's knocking off our fishermen.
The logo on the pill suggests that it was produced by a Taiwanese drug cartel the DEA believes has been smuggling Ecstasy into Hawaii for the last 18 months.
A couple days ago, two suspected couriers were arrested when they tried to fly onto Oahu under the radar.
Okay, let me guess.
There were no drugs on the plane when they searched it.
They must have picked up DEA surveillance and ditched their load before they were grounded.
DEA recorded the plane's flight path.
Check it out.
They flew right over the area where Jason Brant anchored his shark cases.
Our fishermen were there, too.
So, I'm thinking maybe they see the cargo get dropped in the water, figure it's contraband, decide to take it.
Until Jason Brant crashes their party.
He thinks they're activists vandalizing his shark cages.
By the time he figures out what they're actually doing, they killed him.
All right, now these idiots are sitting on a ton of dope worth a lot money.
Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait.
That's why we can't find Jay.
He's not dead.
He's got the X.
What are you thinking, he took out his partners? than splitting it three ways.
If you can unload it, yeah.
Hold on.
Yeah? Yeah, we're on our way.
Okay, that was Kono.
Coast Guard found Jay's boat, the Carlyle.
It's docked at a terminal facility on Sand Island.
Thanks, Charlie.
Kono, secure the perimeter.
Five-O! Hey! Stop! Put it down.
Right now.
- Now.
- Now! Keep your hands where we can see them.
Get your hands behind your head.
- Interlace your fingers.
- You, put your hands in front of you.
Put them in front of you.
Interlock your fingers.
I know, our timing's horrible.
Get down! Watch it! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! It's three weeks to Taipei, gentlemen.
Enjoy the trip.
Please, man, don't put me in there.
You don't have to worry about that, Mr.
Killing cops is bad for business.
But killing a thief who tried to steal from me, well, that's hard to overlook.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry.
I-I didn't know they were your drugs! I swear! But you knew they belonged to someone else.
And yet you still elected to help yourself and try to broker a deal with my competition.
The Buddhists have an old saying: "I am of the nature to die.
There's no way to escape death".
Get up.
Get up.
Well, cuz, when did you learn how to operate a crane? First time.
Just winged it.
Book him, Kono.
Where's the love? She earned this one.
Thanks, boss.
I want to see a lawyer.
Oh, we're working on getting you a public defender, but no one could believe you're actually this stupid.
We could dig Johnnie Cochran up and get him back to work, but he even he couldn't get you out of jail.
So, let's see-- you stole drugs from a cartel, and then you killed Jason Brant because he saw you do it, and then you whack out your own partners.
So, man, I feel like I should just shoot you right now, save the taxpayers money for your trial and life in prison.
The only thing I can't work out is: Why would you and Bruce throw Hal overboard after Jason Brant shot him? Why would you do that? Hal was bleeding pretty bad.
He wasn't going to make it.
So, instead of rushing him to the hospital, you just decided to sacrifice him to the sharks? Wow, you are a real humanitarian, you know that? Okay, what about Bruce? He was freaking out.
Said he couldn't live with himself after what we did.
He was gonna go to the cops, man.
Okay, well, you got to shut him up, right? That's good.
So now you're gonna do time for all three murders, and turns out it was all for nothing.
The drugs you went to all that trouble to steal, they're worthless.
What are you talking about? The lab tested the Ecstasy, and the precursor chemicals that they use to make the Ecstasy were tainted.
Taking those pills would take you to the same place as a breath mint.
Anyway I hope it was all worth it.
This is so stupid.
It's so stupid.
I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
We had a deal.
You said if Kamekona passed his flight exam, you'd fly.
Okay, well, next time I say something stupid like that again, punch me in the mouth.
- Happily.
- Thank you.
Seriously, though, now that you're up here, you're glad you came, right? No, no.
Exactly the opposite.
Every fiber of my being is telling me I should not be in this helicopter right now.
If we go down, I'll look after Grace for you.
Don't worry, brah.
Oh, you will? How you gonna Thank you, Kamekona.
Shoots, don't even mention it.
Well, Kamekona, I am perfectly comfortable with your aviation prowess, so please, continue your tour.
I forgot where I was.
You guys are making me lose concentration.
Okay, okay, that's not what I want to hear from the pilot, okay? On your left, Aloha Tower.
It was opened September 11, And did you know in World War II, Aloha Tower Hey! Come on, man! Relax, brah.
Eyes on the road, big guy.
Okay? How about we buzz the coastline? Up ahead, that's the one and only Magic Island.
Built on Shallow Reef in '64, it was supposed to become a big hotel.
Never finished 'em, though.
Better this way.
The beautiful Hilton Hawaiian Village, a resort fit for a king.
Elvis stayed here in '57.
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey! What are you doing? You getting a seizure? Stop it.
I just felt the Magnum P.
theme was appropriate.
Oh, I used to love that show.
Higgy Baby was the man.
I was very fond of Higgins myself.
And Commander McGarrett shares the same Navy SEAL Lineage as Magnum, and And what? What? I'm not Rick, okay? Well, everyone can agree that you're Commander McGarrett's humorous sidekick.
And if we're playing this game, it's obvious who I am: the dashing chopper pilot, T.

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