Hawaii Five-0 s03e20 Episode Script

Olelo Pa'a (The Promise)

Three years of negotiation.
Your government went to a lot of trouble to arrange for this body repatriation.
Who is he to you? (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) How's that water, tadpoles? That toasty enough for you? Hooyah! All right, listen up.
Look to your left.
Look to your right.
That person will not be here tomorrow.
Up here.
Bring it up here! On your belly! On your back! Make sugar cookies out of yourselves.
Recover! Line up.
For any of you who have had enough, we got a truck parked just up the beach.
You can hop on.
They'll give you a hot, steaming cup of coffee, a warm blanky and a lift back to the yard.
All you have to do is ring that bell three times, and your pain will go away.
How about you, Hart? You you ready to DOR? Come on, Hart.
Ring the bell, avoid the rush.
"I will never quit.
"I persevere and thrive on adversity.
"My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies.
" What the hell are you doing, Hart? Reciting the philosophy of the Navy SEALs, Chief! No, you don't have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL, Hart.
Navy SEAL is a man.
A man who will lay down his life.
A man who will persevere in the face of adversity.
You are two steps below plant life, boy! "If knocked down, I will get back up every time.
"I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission.
" Words, Hart, meaningless words, to a pantywaist, dribble-chin orangutan like you.
"I will never fail.
" Move out! Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go! Hey, babalooba, SEAL Team Navy! Hey, babalooba, SEAL Team Navy! I joined up for this, now people think I'm crazy I joined up for this Now people think I'm crazy.
What are you doing? I'm saving you from yourself.
Leave me alone.
Go back to bed.
I said get out of my face.
All right.
I'm trying to stop you from doing something you're gonna regret.
Hey, one thing.
One thing.
Everybody drop! Keep your backs straight.
On your feet.
What the hell is going on? Ensign Hart was just polishing the bell because he's so motivated, Chief.
Excellent effort, son.
Now, if you two fat, pitiable excuses for men are done, I want you to bear-crawl back to your bunks and get the hell out of my sight.
Hooyah, Chief! And take the five-mile shortcut by the coast.
I don't want you to tire yourselves out for the two-mile ocean swim at 0600.
Hooyah, Chief.
Hooyah, Chief.
I was finished, man.
Done! Why'd you stop me? Your dad doesn't say much, does he? Yeah.
Never a wasted word.
Why? He's patriotic, too? Where you going with this? Why don't you answer the question? Answer it! Yeah, okay, he's a flag waver.
Came over from Ireland with nothing.
Now he's living the American dream.
Why? Last Thanksgiving, you and your mom were doing the dishes, you remember? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it was just me and your old man and a bottle of whiskey.
All right, and he opened up to me, started giving me this speech about how a man needs something to believe in, something to fight for.
And according to him, there was no greater cause than the United States of America.
He said all that, huh? Yeah, he did.
Yeah? Okay? You know what else he said? He said the proudest moment of his life is when you joined up for SEALs.
They say every BUD/S class has its surprises.
Freddie was ours.
After that night, he was unstoppable.
He became the best student, the toughest soldier, the guy that everybody could depend on.
He never, ever gave up.
I think some of it must have rubbed off on you.
We're pulling chocks in 15.
Time to load the bird.
Thank you.
Hey, do me a favor.
Give me a second with this guy? Of course.
So, how'd the exchange go? Came off without a hitch.
Washington actually did something right.
That's nice.
How's my boy? Hmm.
Well, as well as can be expected.
Those two were like brothers.
All right, will you tell him I got a big plate of wings from Side Street waiting for him here on me, okay? Roger that.
Uh, we land in San Jose in about 18 hours.
We'll give you a call when we touch down.
Have a safe flight.
All right.
All right, buddy.
Steve, plane's ready.
Steve? We're not going anywhere.
What what are you talking about? Why not? This isn't Freddie.
Okay, if-if this isn't Freddie, then who is it? I don't know.
Steve, listen to me.
This trade was brokered at the highest of levels, okay? It would seem incredibly stupid for North Korea to try to pull a fast one.
Now, it's been a few years, there's some decomp.
Are you sure? I'm positive.
This is not Freddie.
Sir? Commander.
Come on in.
You wanted to see me, sir? Recognize them, Commander? Yes, sir.
The Hesse brothers-- Victor and Anton.
International arms dealers.
We've been tracking them for some time, sir, but they're they're always one step ahead.
That's because they're being given sanctuary by some world-class scum.
Chechnyan rebels, Somali war lords, even hostile governments.
And now we've got a fix on their location.
That's why I'm here.
Dark Sun-- ever hear of it? Yes, sir.
Far East terrorist organization run by a fanatic named Han Ji-woon.
The relationship between Dark Sun and the Hesse brothers is still unstable.
However, we picked up chatter that indicates Victor is sending his brother Anton to finalize a major arms deal with Dark Sun.
Commander, we have a window of opportunity to roll this guy up.
The first confirmed face-to-face in years.
And the intel is good.
So we need to act now.
Not so fast.
There's a discrepancy.
This deal is going down at a Dark Sun training compound in North Korea.
Aside from the HVT, do we have updated source intel on how many hostiles inside the camp, what weapons they're using, whether they're using roving patrols? That's where I come in.
My people will get you whatever you need.
Stealth will be the operative word here, Commander.
You want me to insert, snatch up Anton Hesse, exfil the area without getting compromised, sir.
Exactly, but bear this in mind.
This mission does not exist.
If you're killed or captured, you're on your own.
Yes, sir.
That means no rescue attempt.
No negotiations.
Not even an acknowledgment of your service.
I understand.
Steve, we're not going to send you downrange all by your lonesome.
Pick a team member to go with you.
Someone with extensive operational background.
I know just the man, sir.
Hey, who packed this chute for you? It's not going to open.
It's only six miles down.
I'll grab your legs.
What are you so cheerful about, huh? You've been grinning like a clown ever since we got airborne.
I got married over the weekend.
No, you didn't.
Yeah, I did.
Kelly and I decided we just couldn't live without each other, so Oh, really? Yeah, yeah.
Last week, you hated each other.
That was last week.
Then we found out we're having a baby, so It's a girl.
Oh, it's just getting better and better.
So what the hell? You know, I've been in love with her since high school.
I want to do the right thing.
Never been much of a ring guy.
What do you think? I think you're a sentimental son of a bitch.
Thank you.
That's sweet of you, man.
You're a stupid one, too.
Kelly's got two L's.
What? Come on.
Oh, you can't read anyway.
What's the difference? You scared me, man.
Congratulations, bubba.
Thanks, brother.
Don't think you're not going down next, Smooth Dog.
I've seen you with Lieutenant Rollins.
That's the real deal, man.
Try not to mess it up.
Roger that.
Nothing better than this, huh? I can think of one thing.
Changing dirty diapers.
I'll get back to you on that one.
All right, daddy-o.
Right forearm-- no tattoo, okay? That's how I know this is not my boy.
Okay? All right, then where's Freddie? He's got to be where I left him.
All right, Steve, this is when we call the State Department.
We go through the proper diplomatic channels.
Catherine, we've done that.
This is where we are.
Look where it left us.
Okay what about our people? Even if I convinced the Navy to green-light an op-- that's gonna mean ten weeks of mission prep.
Freddie's family's been waiting three years already.
I think that's long enough.
Steve I'm going with you.
Absolutely not.
Well, I'm not asking you for your permission.
It doesn't matter.
You're not going anywhere.
Hey, look, come here.
Let's forego the whole John Wayne "It's too dangerous for the little lady" speech, okay? You're going to need support.
I've done three tours in Kabul, and I am just as qualified as you are when it comes to taking care of myself.
Yes, you are.
Then you also know that I'm not very good at taking no for an answer.
I'm not going to win this one, am I? No, you're not.
Okay, fine.
Now that we got that taken care of, how do you plan on doing this? 'Cause all I've got is a pack of gum, some Dramamine and a ready smile.
I'm working on it.
Hey, I was just thinking about you.
How'd it go? Sideways.
What happened? That's what I'm going to find out.
Listen, I need you to call in a marker for me, buy me some time.
How much? I can make some calls.
Try to delay your bird for a day.
Might want to tell me what's going on.
Yeah, we'll do that when I get back, over a beer.
In the meantime, I got another one for you.
You ready? I'm listening.
We need a contact for grey intel, transpo and party favors.
I was wondering if our old friend is still operating along the DMZ.
Last I heard, he was.
All right, how do I find him? Look for the bar that's open the longest.
Long live the Brooklyn Dodgers.
I hear music.
Where are you? No, that's the radio.
Listen, I was just calling to say that we, uh we're not coming back just yet.
There's something we got to do.
Something you got to do? What's that mean exactly? I can't be any more specific than that right now.
Okay, uh, hate to be the adult here, but remember what happened the last time you were in Korea? No, just trust me.
I got everything under control.
I'll call you soon.
Well, look what the high tide washed up.
What's going on, Frank? Oh! Good to see you, man.
You look, uh you look a hell of a lot better than the last time I saw you.
Hey, I'd like you to say hello to Catherine Rollins.
L'chaim, pretty lady.
What exactly you drinking there? That is snake's blood and rice wine.
God's nectar.
It's also an aphrodisiac.
36 hours of lead in your pencil, and doesn't cost $13 a pill.
You know? That's too much information, Frank.
Okay, okay.
We can talk about something else.
You look like you got something on your mind.
We need your help running an errand.
What kind of errand? One that involves Tangerine.
Oh, about that.
What happened? Honey buzzards.
Beg your pardon? Oriental honey buzzards, a whole flock of them.
What's the world coming to when your first love survives missiles, gunfire, rocket-propelled grenades, and gets taken out by a flock of funky birds? I am sorry for your loss.
Duly noted.
So, what's this all about? The errand that I mentioned involves picking up a friend across the border.
He's been waiting a long time to come home.
Sounds righteous.
Just my kind of errand.
Where are we? Old smuggler's route.
The end of the line.
Best I could do on short notice.
This will work.
It's good.
Follow this trail all the way.
But make sure you stay on the path.
It's cut through a minefield.
If you make it to the end, you're in North Korea.
Only problem after that-- heavily fortified group of terrorists that are not known for hospitality.
If, by chance, you make it out alive, you're stuck in a country of 25 million people who hate Americans.
Good luck.
You all right? Roger that.
We in the right location? Okay.
We got about three klicks up a 60-degree slope.
That's where we'll find Freddie.
Let's move.
You hit? I've got to keep moving! The guy in the uniform by the car.
You see him? Yeah, you know him? We need to grab him.
Keep your hands on the wheel.
Hey! Put your hands on the wheel.
Look at me.
You remember me? About three years ago, you put some bullets into a friend of mine.
He was American military.
Now I remember you.
And your friend.
'Cause you're gonna take us to him.
You heard the man.
You okay? Yeah.
Where is he? Shh.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Let's try that again, shall we? Huh? Dig.
Dig! How bad? It only hurts when I breathe.
It's just a fractured rib.
I'll be okay.
Trust me, your head's a lot worse.
Is it him? Yeah.
Steve? What is it? Did you do this to my friend? Huh? Hey.
Hey! Did you mutilate my friend? Hey! Huh? Who did that? Who gave the order? Did Ji-woon give the order? Was it Ji-woon? Listen to me very carefully, you have three seconds to answer my question, okay? Or everything you did to my friend here, I'm gonna do to you.
One two H-H-Han Han Ji-woon.
He ordered us to do it.
Where is he? Back at the camp.
I wouldn't move if I was you.
Cath! Cover me! That's it.
That's it.
Give 'em your gun.
Do what they say, all right? It's nice to see you again, Commander.
And I see you brought another friend.
I got a lot of friends.
Right now they're moving in on this location.
I don't think so.
I think you're here alone.
On some foolish personal vendetta.
Commander Hart was already dead.
Why'd you have to desecrate his body? Huh? You should've just taken what I gave you and gone home.
Is that why you sent us the wrong body? So no one would find out what you animals did? Answer my question.
Cover me.
Steve! We got to go.
Let's go.
Let's go! Look at that, something's going down.
We got it.
Eyes on the package.
Good luck.
How you doing? Keep quiet or I'll put a bullet in you.
Package is secure.
Americans! Americans! Moving.
Go, move it, move.
Ah! Fred, you hit? I'm good.
I'm fine, keep moving.
Get the package out of here, I got your six.
What are you talking about? Get off your ass.
We're moving.
Let's go.
Let's go! Do the job.
Now do the job! My job is not leaving anybody hind! You won't.
Look at me, hoss.
I'm not going anywhere.
Don't let this be for nothing.
I need you to do something for me.
No, no, no, no, no.
All right, listen to me.
What are you talking about, man? Listen to me.
One day tell my daughter you tell my daughter that Daddy loved her.
Promise me.
Promise me! I promise.
All right, I promise.
Now go.
Hooyah, brother.
I said get the hell out of here, you stupid son of a bitch! If he hadn't of covered me, I never would have made it out of there.
You did everything you could do.
And you completed the mission.
You know, it's funny.
You don't look Hawaiian.
You're gonna tell us everything.
But you were born there, weren't you? Every terrorist cell you and Victor helped arm.
Every supplier you worked with, all your trafficking associates.
Everyone you've ever sold weapons to.
Chasing my brother and I around the world for five years.
Like a little doggy looking for a bone.
You don't think we do our homework on you? You should get that.
You don't speak to your father nearly enough.
Hey, champ.
I knew something was wrong right away.
He sounded scared, you know? Like the day he told me my mother had died.
We stand at attention to honor the ultimate sacrifice of a son, a husband, a father, a dear friend: Freddie Hart.
Freddie wished to serve his country by becoming a Navy SEAL.
Indeed, it was his greatest desire.
His passion for his work was paralleled only by his love of family and the land where we lay him to rest today.
No doubt for those of you that knew Freddie, there will be long nights to come, filled with questions, pain, longing, anger and confusion.
Let us not despair.
Instead, let us celebrate Commander Freddie Hart's life.
Present arms.
On behalf of a grateful nation and a proud navy, I present you this flag in recognition of your husband's years of honorable and faithful service to his country.
Thank you.
We thank you for bringing our boy home.
It's my privilege, sir.
I loved your daddy.
And I know he would have loved you very much.
Now wherever you go, he'll always be with you.

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