Hawaii Five-0 s03e21 Episode Script

Imi Loko Ka 'Uhane (Seek Within One's Soul)

Five-O! - Coming up next on The Savannah Walker Show: Savannah takes a thrilling ride-along with Hawaii's elite crime-fighting task force, Five-O.
Wait, wait, wait, what are you doing? This is as far as you go, okay? Zoom in there.
I want to see what they're looking at.
Oh, my God.
Mama told me Not to waste my life She said spread your wings My little butterfly Don't let what they say Keep you up at night Live from Hilton Hawaiian Village in beautiful Waikiki, it's The Savannah Walker Show! Starring your host, Savannah Walker! Aloha! And here she is, the queen of talk, Savannah! Welcome, thank you, guys.
Give it up for my boys.
Yes! Aloha, everyone, aloha! Welcome to the show! Now, as you know, we have got it going on from Hawaii all week long.
It has been incredible.
We've been shooting everywhere in our country's 50th state, and it has been fantastic.
From the beaches of the North Shore to the skyscrapers of Waikiki, we have done it all, and it has been amazing.
Am I right? Yes.
But we have saved the very best for last.
My producers thought it would be exciting to do something different, something truly out of the box.
And so they arranged for me to hang out with Five-O, Hawaii's elite crime-fighting task force.
And with the governor's blessing, I was able to take my camera crew behind the scenes for the ultimate ride-along.
Now, I want to warn you, this is not gonna be one of our typical Savannah shows.
It is going to be scary, it's going to be graphic, and it might be a good idea to put those little ones down for an early nap.
Because I am talking unscripted, unedited and unbelievable.
Are you ready? All right! This is gonna be off the hook! Tommy, roll the tape.
Welcome to the home of Five-O.
This beautiful building opened in 1871, designed by Australian Thomas Rowe in an Italian Renaissance revival.
It doesn't look like your average police station, does it? That's because Five-O aren't your typical cops.
They're a task force that handles high-priority cases.
Cases that often put them in life and death situations.
In this show, we're gonna get to know Five-O's key personnel.
To start, let's meet the big kahuna, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, the boss man and Honolulu native.
Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Steve was a celebrated quarterback for the Fightin' Nuts of Kukui High, a standout at the Naval Academy and a highly decorated Navy SEAL who saw action around the globe.
Hi, Commander McGarrett.
I understand you were handpicked by the late Governor Jameson, uh, to lead Five-O, and tasked with cleaning up crime on the islands.
That's, um, a pretty awesome task.
Uh, I'm sorry, was I supposed to say something back to you? Well, that's how an on-camera interview works.
I, um, ask the questions, and then you answer.
Okay, um, I'm not really comfortable with that, and, uh, I don't I thought you guys were just gonna follow us around.
You know? Okay, this is gonna be a little tougher than I thought.
Um, well, okay.
Working alongside Steve McGarrett is Detective Danny Williams, a New Jersey transplant who seems to have brought his feisty Jersey attitude with him.
Um, Detective Williams, can I No, no-no-no, no-no-no.
Please, okay? I know the governor thinks that this is good PR, but I disagree strongly, so please keep the camera out of my face and we'll be fine.
Please? I said please.
Thank you.
Oh, Lieutenant Kelly.
Can I ask you a few questions? I'm a little bit busy right now.
Well, I understand that Commander McGarrett's father trained you.
What drew you to a life in law enforcement? Uh, family.
I come from a long line of cops.
I guess it's in my DNA.
Well, if you weren't a cop, what would you be? Jazz trumpet.
Really? Like Miles Davis? Well, there's only one Miles Davis, but maybe that's why I became a cop.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
No, it's good, we're on the way.
Hey, Chin, let's go.
Yo, let's go! Oh, oh.
This is it, we caught a case.
Come on, let's go.
Uh, Commander McGarrett, uh, can you tell us where we're going? Did you sign the personal safety waiver? You guys all need to do that, all right, before you come.
Uh Make sure they get one.
A safety waiver? Why? Wait.
Wait, what's so funny? Better call your insurance agent from the car.
Tell him you want full coverage.
Wait, you guys-- you're kidding, right? They're kidding, right? Come on, come on! We got to keep up.
I'm trying.
Try harder; we're losing them! You want me to run all the red lights? Fine.
But you're paying the tickets.
It's a deal.
Just don't lose them.
Don't tell anyone.
Okay, we're at the crime scene with Five-O.
Let's take a look.
Duke, what do you got? It's a real mess down there.
Let's increase the radius to include this rooftop here.
It's got a clear line of sight.
There might be a surveillance camera that picked something up.
Wait, wait, wait, what are you doing? This is as far as you go, okay? We won't get in the way.
I'm sorry, it's my crime scene, my rules.
Okay? Okay.
Zoom in there.
I want to see what they're looking at.
Oh, my God.
- Is all of that blood? - Wow.
Billy, boost the levels up.
I want to hear what they're saying.
That's some serious mutilation.
Killer must have used an axe or a cleaver.
Did he say "mutilated"? Let's get Max over here right away.
Okay, come on, come on, come on.
Officer Kalakaua, can you tell us who the victim is? Can you at least tell us if it was a man or a woman? We don't know.
You won't say 'cause it'll compromise the case? No.
I'm telling you, we don't know.
Central to M.
Five-O is at your crime scene, requesting you expedite due to special circumstances.
Steve, you ever seen anything like this? Never.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Welcome back.
Now, when my producers suggested I conduct a ride-along with Hawaii's elite task force, Five-O, I thought we'd be breaking up bar fights or maybe busting shoplifters.
I had no idea we'd be standing over a dead body in an alley.
And to top it all off, they can't tell if the victim is a man or a woman.
I have to tell you, if this is a typical day at the office for these guys, I am so glad I'm not a cop.
Let's take a look.
No blood trail indicates this was most likely a body dump.
Savannah, M.
's office.
Okay, let's go.
That is Dr.
Max Bergman.
He's a medical examiner with the City of Honolulu.
His job is to examine the body for cause of death and search for physical clues left behind by the killer.
Let's talk to him.
I'm Oh, Savannah Walker! I know who you are.
You do? I find your show to be quite inspiring.
Really? Yes, I mean, y-your compelling interviews, your self-improvement segments, your unusual foray into pop culture.
It's-it's quite inspirational.
Wow, you really are a fan.
Yes, I mean, I wake up at 5:00 a.
each morning so I can catch the live feed from the mainland.
I got hooked on to your show during my undergrad years at Arizona State.
Uh, uh, and the Christmas segment where you did the reenactment of, uh, the birth of Jesus and the camel kept on licking the baby-- oh, my God.
It had me in stitches! Not literally, but metaphorically.
Well, uh, A.
, I understand, has an incredible life sciences program.
Oh, it's exceptional.
But, uh, it's-it's the party scene-- that's the reason why I went there.
It's off the hook.
Not many people know this, but, uh, in my frat house, I was referred to as "Beerman" instead of Bergman.
Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm talking to you right now! I'm thrilled to meet you, too.
Um, listen, Dr.
Bergman, I'm wondering, you know, since you're such a a faithful viewer, if I might not ask you for a little favor.
Of course.
On close examination, victim is male, Caucasian.
Face desecrated beyond recognition.
Lower arms exhibit significant trauma, with both hands appearing to be severed above the wrist.
Liver temp indicates our victim was murdered eight to ten hours ago.
Killer must have hacked up the body to prevent I.
It's a pro move.
Max, what is that? What? There's a camera on your shirt, Max.
Oh, this camera.
Nice try.
Is this yours? Yeah.
This was not part of the agreement.
Well, it's called "investigative reporting," Commander.
Oh, that's what it's called when you interview chefs and celebrities, huh? This is not 60 Minutes.
Hold on.
For your information, I have a degree in journalism from Northwestern.
Your professors must be very proud.
Let's erase that.
Savannah, behind you.
Officer, can I ask you a few questions, please? The victim has yet to be identified.
Do you have any suspects? Not at this time.
Now, if you'll excuse me Wait, if I could just get a name.
Hey! Hey, guys! It's Wo Fat! Savannah, get down! Did you get that? Please tell me you got that.
Duke, call it in.
Get a bird in the air now.
Wo Fat is not leaving this island.
Who is Wo Fat? Wo Fat is a ruthless son of a bitch.
W Wait, can I say that on TV? You already did.
Wo Fat is a global terrorist.
He tortured and murdered innocent people.
He supplies arms to our country's enemies.
He's a true sociopath.
He's devoid of any morals or scruples.
Seems like there's more to this guy.
What aren't you telling us? Wo Fat was the man behind the murder of John McGarrett.
Steve's father.
He would've killed Steve's mother, too, if given the opportunity.
So what you're saying is that capturing Wo Fat is personal for Steve? That's the way this job is.
Sometimes it crosses over into the personal.
Has it ever gotten personal for you? Yes.
Sadly, after this interview, I learned that Lieutenant Kelly lost someone very dear to him, his wife, Malia, as a direct result of a Five-O investigation.
Now, out of respect, I won't go into further detail, but what I will tell you is that despite their personal losses, Five-O has forged an incredible bond, one akin to family, or what the locals refer to as "'ohana.
" Now, what if I was to tell you that we-- and by "we" I mean this show-- had a direct hand in helping this investigation? To explain how, let's meet Officer Kono Kalakaua.
Kono grew up on the North Shore of O'ahu and spent the early part of her life as a professional surfer.
Now, when a knee injury sidelined her career, she followed in the footsteps of her cousin, Chin Ho Kelly, and joined the ranks of law enforcement.
A skilled sniper and martial artist, Kono explains here how Five-O uses technology to help solve crimes.
In a lot of cases, we use public surveillance cameras because they allow us to capture evidence of criminal activity.
However, this case was a little different because we had your crew tagging along with us the whole time, so what we did was we took the video you shot and enhanced it in order to get a better look at our suspect, Wo Fat.
When you say "enhanced," what do you mean exactly? Uh, well, Five-O is, um, equipped with the latest in digital forensic hardware, which allows us to improve image quality by manipulating zoom, frame rate, um, angle, uh, at the same time increasing resolution.
Who on the Five-O team is well-versed in all this high-tech wizardry? Uh, that would be me.
How on earth did you get so tech-savvy? Xbox.
Here he is over the body when we arrived on-scene.
What is Wo Fat looking for? And why show up posing as a cop? My guess is he heard about the murder after the fact; shows up wearing the uniform so he can get access to the crime scene.
Which would mean that Wo Fat's not the killer.
Okay, fine.
Why's he so interested in our John Doe? Oh, welcome.
Please, come in, come in.
Walker, so good to see you again.
Billy, Todd, always a pleasure.
Where are your glasses, Max? Oh, I'm wearing contacts.
Uh, they don't respond to indoor precipitation like my spectacles do.
Is that gel in your hair? Thank you for noticing, Detective.
Lost him to Hollywood.
At your service.
Were-were you any closer on an I.
for the victim? Not yet.
AFIS was out of the question because the victim's hands were removed.
I did submit a DNA sample to CODIS, but the results came back negative.
There were no matches in the missing persons database.
However, I was able to confirm that the C.
-- that's cause of death-- was indeed a shotgun wound.
And upon closer examination, I noticed that the victim's skin was removed from the upper right arm in near-surgical precision.
You mind stepping to your right a little bit? Yes, I mind.
Beat it.
Go away.
What'd I tell you? Keep that camera out of my face.
Get the hell out of here.
In here.
I told the investigators that the mutilation of the body was caused by a high-energy and blunt force trauma with an implement like a hammer.
But also a portion of the skin was excised on the right upper limb between the elbow joint and the shoulder.
What do you mean by "excised"? Well, the killer cut the skin off with a razor or a scalpel.
Most likely, the missing part had an identifying mark, like a tattoo or a scar.
So now what? How do you identify the victim? Well, shotgun pellets recovered from the victim may help.
I sent them over to Fong.
Fong? What's a Fong? I'm here with Charlie Fong, criminalist for the Honolulu Police Department.
Now, Charlie, tell me, what does a criminalist do? Well, that can vary a lot from day to day.
One day, I might get called to court, the next day, I could be running QC samples all day.
Then there are other days when I'm If you could sum it up in one sentence, what would it be? I analyze evidence to solve crimes.
One sentence exactly; that was impressive.
That's what my job is all about.
Kind of like a quarterback throwing a perfect, chest-high spiral.
If you're off even a little, well, it could cost you the ball game.
Now, do you ever get out in the field? On occasion.
But solving crimes isn't all about getting shot at.
Actually, most of the heavy lifting is done here behind a microscope.
This is where the real action is.
Wow, so you're like the brains behind Five-O.
Well there's no "I" in team, but someone has to show them the way.
Well, I understand that Dr.
Max Bergman sent over some shotgun pellets to analyze.
What have you come up with? Nothing yet.
Hey, guys.
So, Danny was right about our M.
This was the work of a pro.
It's a Russian mob out of Kansas City.
So I contacted the KCPD Organized Crime Bureau, and apparently hacking up enemies is a local specialty.
All right, look, we need to get a list of possible associates, uh, anybody traveling from over there with an alias.
It's already done.
Dimitri Markov.
Flew in two days ago.
Checked into the Grand Kuali'i in Waikiki.
Come on.
Let's check it out.
Ladies and gentlemen, lunch is served.
Uh, looks amazing, but listen, big guy.
We got to rain-check this, all right? Don't worry.
Flippa can doggy-bag that for you.
All of Kamekona shrimp truck meals travel exceptionally well, and at only $9.
99 per plate, easy on the wallet, too.
Super tasty grinz anyone? Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing? Product placement, brah.
And for today only, anyone mentioning The Savannah Walker Show gets 50% off.
That's half price.
You know, this, uh doesn't actually go on the TV today.
It airs another day.
You gonna honor this thing, uh you know, on that day as well? Looks like a yes.
Thank you.
Whatever our vic was involved in, it was important enough to get the attention of a couple of heavyweights like the Russian mob and Wo Fat, all right? If the KC mob sent Markov down here to whack our guy, he would've left, he wouldn't have stuck around.
I agree, but the motel says he hasn't checked out yet.
Doesn't make sense.
Guy comes down here, kills somebody and sticks around for a tan? No sense.
Doesn't sound very "pro" to me.
Okay, let me get this straight-- this is Detective Williams' car, but Commander McGarrett does all the driving? It's 'cause I'm the better driver.
He's a control freak.
That's why he drives.
And he's got issues with, uh, the truth.
Why don't you tell her about the remote control thing you got? What remote control thing? The thing where you come to my house and you grab the clicker and you got to be in charge and you got to pick which TV station we watch.
Okay, the way I was brought up Uh-huh.
it's polite to let the guest choose Oh.
what you're gonna watch on TV, all right? Okay.
Fair enough.
What about having to be first through every single door? Or having the last word every conversation? Or picking where I eat lunch every single day? You.
Why? What-what does Emily Post have to say about that? Hmm? - I'm not gonna-- I mean, you're indecisive.
I can't help it if you're indecisive.
I'm not indecisive.
You're a control freak.
These two fight, but really they love each other.
Where do you want to go for lunch today? I'll go wherever you want to go.
Oh, my God.
See? We're here at the Grand Kuali'i, where we believe our suspect, the Russian mobster Dimitri Markov, is staying.
You stay here, you understand? You don't go any further than this.
Five-O! Go, go, go.
Clear left.
Clear here.
Where the hell is this guy? To your right, to your right.
Those look like surveillance photos.
Hey! what'd I just tell you? I told you to wait back there, didn't I? Over there.
He's the one they're looking for.
Commander, he's over here.
What? What? The suspect.
That's the suspect.
Hey, Dimitri Markov, let me see your hands.
Now! Show me your hands.
Hey! Freeze! I said hold it right there! Did he really just do that? Welcome to my world.
Steve? What's he saying? Not much.
He's, uh he's claiming he's never heard of Wo Fat.
He did admit to stalking the victim, but he won't I.
him, and he certainly won't cop to the murder.
That doesn't surprise me, 'cause he's not our guy.
Now, you guys know what an alibi is, right? I know you know.
It's when you tell your wife you've been working all weekend, but you're really out playing golf with your boys.
Right? We've all done it.
But in this case, the Russian hit man had a great alibi, because two security cameras put him all the way on the North Shore at the time the murder took place.
But Five-O still thought he was a piece of the puzzle because of these.
You remember these? The photos they found at Markov's motel room? Well, it turns out that these photos were of the victim.
So, I ran facial recognition on those surveillance photos and got a hit to a Roger Carson.
There's not a lot on him in the system, but he rents an apartment here, so I sent a unit by.
They said they saw signs of forced entry, so they sat on the place until we got here.
Five-O! Clear! Clear! It's an Easter egg hunt.
Well, somebody was looking for something.
Could have been Markov before we grabbed him.
Could have been Wo Fat.
Or our butcher.
Kono, what do you got? Ran our vic's credit cards.
Roger Carson checked into the Waikiki Sun Motel by the airport 36 hours ago.
That's only a couple miles from here.
Why would he need a second place so close to home? Manager said he checked in with a woman.
Roger? Is that you? Ma'am, it's Five-O.
Ma'am, if you'd open the door, please.
How you doing? I'm, uh, Commander Steve McGarrett.
This is Detective Danny Williams.
What's your name? Kammie Leeds.
Miss Leeds, how do you know Roger Carson? He's my boyfriend.
Oh, my God, something bad's happened, hasn't it? May we come in, please? You guys stay here.
Miss Leeds Okay, get out of here.
I mean it, get out of here.
Hey! Hey! Commander, can you share with us what the victim's girlfriend had to say? Couple days ago, they came home, and they found their apartment tossed.
Carson said it was a robbery.
He moved her in here, and then he disappeared.
Does it get to you? Excuse me? Having to inform a loved one about a death.
It's difficult.
You're delivering the worst information anybody's ever gonna tell them, and you're about to change their life forever with that information.
How do you cope with that? You don't cope with it.
You use it to keep going.
I wasn't comfortable pressing Commander McGarrett for more information at such a clearly sensitive time.
But later, I was told that the victim's girlfriend, when shown an autopsy photo, pointed out that the skin removed from Roger's arm was right where he had a tattoo.
For some reason, the killer wanted it.
Yeah, I remember that guy.
Came in for a custom job.
What kind of custom job? Some sort of mythical thing.
Like a goddess.
Look at all these photos on the wall.
You take a picture of the goddess? Yeah, I wanted to; piece came out real tight.
But dude was all cagey about it.
Wouldn't let me.
What about the stencil paper you use as a template in the beginning? You, uh you got that? No, I already gave that to the other cop.
What other cop? He came in this morning asking about the same customer.
Is this the cop? Yeah, brah, that's him.
All right, you got cameras in here, or what? Yeah, right there.
Does it work? Yeah.
How far back's it go? Uh, we clear the disks every week.
Want to take a look? Yeah, we do.
All right.
That's the artwork for the tattoo.
Kono, uh, can you isolate that image? Uh, Chin, what do you think? Well, the way she's emerging from the stream-- almost like she's made of water-- makes me think of Kalawahine.
Ka That's crazy.
I was gonna say the same exact thing.
Yeah, she's an ancient goddess.
Protector of all the water sources in the Ko'olau Valley, formed by a mountain range on the leeward coast.
Hold on.
Steve, look at this.
Looks like there's a pattern or something in the bottom of the skirt.
You see that? And it looks the same as one of these trails.
He's right.
Check it out.
Kono, can you, uh can you overlay this-this trail pattern, uh, and the image of the tattoo? Well, that is not just a tattoo.
Then what is it? It's a map.
Now, most guys get a tattoo of a dragon or barbed wire or their girlfriend's name.
But not Roger Carson.
His tattoo was of a very specific area of O'ahu called the Ko'olau Valley.
And the question Five-O was asking: what did it mean? The only reason I can think of why anybody would tattoo a map onto their body is to hide something valuable and not forget where it is, right? Well, whatever our vic stashed, it was valuable enough for a Russian mobster and Wo Fat to come out of the woodwork looking for it.
And don't forget about our killer.
He was the first one to get to Carson.
He knew about the map, he hacked up our vic, then cut the tattoo off his arm.
Well, if our killer has the map, then maybe this is where he's headed next.
Okay, there's only one problem, 'cause there's 45 trails stretched out over 50 miles of terrain.
So where do we start? To help Five-O figure it out, they enlisted the help of Lieutenant Catherine Rollins of Naval Intelligence.
Um, uh, sometimes well, actually, make that a lot of the times, Commander McGarrett will ask for my help.
And he usually repays me in breakfast or dinner.
It's kind of like a little game that we play.
Using military resources to help a friend-- uh, isn't that risky? Uh, well, Steve and my C.
go way back, so he cuts him some slack.
What about you and Steve? Tell us about your history.
Uh, we served in the military together.
You're also his girlfriend, right? Uh, how is that relevant? Just, America wants to know.
Well, that's none of America's business, so Okay, um, well, what about this case? How did you help Steve? Well, he had asked me for some advanced satellite imagery of the Ko'olau Valley's trail system to help determine where his victim, Roger Carson, uh, might have hidden something.
Should I take this off now? No? Sorry.
Hey, Steve? Yeah.
There's a Secret Service agent on the phone.
He says he needs to talk to you right now.
Commander McGarrett? Yes.
I'm Special Agent Kershaw.
We need to talk.
Okay, well, Agent Kershaw, I'm in the middle of an active murder investigation.
Your homicide is why I'm calling.
This is a matter of national security, Commander.
Can I be assured of the confidentiality of this conversation? Agent Kershaw, hold that thought for a second.
I need you guys to shut this down right now, okay, and wait in my office.
Right now, let's go.
Later, Commander McGarrett was able to share with me what that call was about.
It turns out, our victim's name wasn't Roger Carson, but Gary Ray Percy.
And before Hawaii, he resided in Washington D.
, where he worked at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
That's right, where money is printed.
And he was a well-trusted employee right up until he started taking his work home with him.
Who's ever seen one of these? Couple of people? It's called a 3-D printer.
Now, who's got a phone I can borrow? You guys are very generous.
Thank you.
I promise to return it.
Now, I'm gonna show you just how easy this is.
You put the phone here turn the machine on, and the computer scans your item.
And then you have an exact 3-D replica of your phone.
Right? Now, imagine if you could use this machine to replicate the master plates for the U.
$100 bill.
That's what Mr.
Percy did.
He smuggled the 3-D printer into his office and made an exact replica of the U.
$100 currency plates.
Whoever tossed Percy's apartment must have thought that's where he was hiding the plates.
Well, Agent Kershaw said there was a leak in his department, so I'm thinking that's how Wo Fat and the Russian mob got on to it.
Either one of them could have been looking for those plates.
Well, it definitely wasn't our killer.
He knew the plates weren't there.
He had inside information.
He found out about the tattoo, killed Percy and cut it off his arm.
Okay, well, there's only one person who knew Percy well enough to know about the tattoo and whether or not he could've been hiding something.
I told you, I don't know.
Roger never said anything about Washington D.
or any currency plates.
You mean Percy.
Gary Ray Percy.
Percy, Carson, Roger-- whatever you want to call him.
He told me he used to sell big-ticket appliances in Denver.
Washing machines, ranges, stoves.
Oh, you believed that? I had no reason not to.
Okay, well, here's our problem.
Okay, we don't believe you, all right? So you either give us some better answers, or we're gonna release you from protective custody.
Which I think would be a bad thing, 'cause there's a psychopath out there hacking people up.
Don't think you want that.
Your choice.
After our place was ransacked, Roger, my boyfriend, started acting all paranoid.
I said, "Okay, we got burglarized.
Let's just go to the cops.
" But he was all freaked out, and said he didn't want to involve the cops.
So you went to the motel.
What about this guy? You know this man? No.
His name is Wo Fat.
You've never met this guy? No.
Okay, who'd you tell about the break-in? My brother, Tony.
Tony own a shotgun? Think so.
Why? Why? 'Cause it's the last thing your boyfriend saw.
Recently paroled, Kammie's brother, Tony Leeds, had a long rap sheet and an extremely violent history.
All right, I'm thinking Kammie confides in Tony, all right? Tells him about the break-in, about having to go on the run.
And brother, being the criminal genius that he is, puts two and two together.
Realizes Percy was in possession of something valuable.
Tony tracks down Percy, puts both barrels to his head, Percy starts talking, he tells him everything.
Tells him about the currency plates, about the map tattoo, about the Russian stalking him.
All right, and then Tony kills Percy, makes it look like a mob hit.
That was to throw us off.
Well, then he cuts the tattoo off Percy's arm so no one else can find it, and goes on a treasure hunt.
Exactly but what Tony does not know is that Wo Fat is looking for the same plates.
Steve? Yeah.
So, I got those hi-res sat photos from the Ko'olau Valley trail system.
Take a look at this.
All right, see those two trees there in the clearing? Uh-huh.
They look just like our vic's tattoo.
Where was this photo taken? A trail head at Waimona Ridge.
You think that's where the plates are buried? If it is, that's where Tony's headed.
Formed on Oahu's Leeward Coast, largely inaccessible by car, the Ko'olau Valley lies within the jagged remains of an ancient volcano.
Home to a system of treacherous hiking trails that climb some 3,100 feet above sea level, it's easy to see why Gary Ray Percy chose this location to hide his copies of the $100 engraving plates.
Right here.
The GPS says this is the spot.
Here are the two banyan trees, there's the mountain, just like the tattoo.
Hey, you see this? Looks like it was just dug up.
Guys, over here! I've got Tony.
Whoa, whoa, you, stay back.
You, hey, back it up.
Plates are gone.
Wo Fat must have tracked him here.
The body's still warm.
Wo Fat's got to be close.
Get out of my way! Go! Move it! Got fresh tracks.
Steve, it's Wo Fat! Don't let him get away! Come on, move, move, move! Over here.
He's gone.
We need to secure the perimeter.
I got blood.
Well, he can't have got too far.
Chin! Get down! - Chin! - Chin, you all right? Huh? Danny, hey.
Chin! Chin, you all right? Huh? Got my vest.
I'm okay.
Are you okay? Yeah, I think so.
Camera's toast.
What are you doing? Trying to get my phone.
Are you crazy? Put it away.
I got to get this! Come on! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! I got him! Got him? Finish it! Do it! Intubate the patient, give him ten milligrams of morphine and get him to the O.
All right, he gets his own floor.
I want a full security lockdown, guns on every exit.
Nobody gets in or out without my approval.
Commander, is he going to make it? I don't care.
Plan Blue.
All available staff to O.
Plan Blue.
All available staff to O.
There you have it, folks.
Another case solved by our nation's most elite task force, Five-O! Yes! You know, over 24 pulse-pounding hours, my crew and I shadowed their every move.
It was terrifying, and it was dangerous.
And it was something that I will never, ever do again.
Over the course of a day, we risked our lives to bring you this very special episode.
But you know what? It is nothing compared to the risks that the brave members of Five-O take every day to keep these islands safe.
They are truly heroes.
And I salute them.
Until next time, Mahalo Nui Loa.
Oh, yes, thank you.
Thanks for coming out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming out.
You guys are great.
Best audience ever!
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