Hawaii Five-0 s04e03 Episode Script

Ka'oia i'o Ma Loko (The Truth Within)

You hungry? Mrs.
Van Horn, are you trying to seduce me? Well, whatever gave you that idea, honey? Dinner first.
Then dessert.
Come here.
Have it your way.
You're the boss.
You're in big trouble now.
Oh, yeah? Yeah? You coming in? Kaylea! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Morning.
Good morning.
You nervous about today? I just can't believe after so many years, today's the last day that I'm going to be putting on a uniform.
Look, I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you it's an easy transition, because it's not, okay? But you're gonna be fine.
I mean, you should be excited.
This is, uh It's like a new chapter in your life.
It's-it's the beginning of an adventure.
Are you sure it doesn't bother you? What? Billy being my new boss? Why, because he's your ex? No, it doesn't bother me.
I'm fine.
You're lying.
Totally lying.
Well, of course I'm lying.
Look, I trust you, okay? That's all I need.
Okay? Good.
Come here.
I got to get that.
Yeah, I know.
I'll call you later.
So, around about 2:00 a.
neighborhood security noticed the property's front gate open.
They investigated, found two vics, Kaylea and Dr.
Phillip Van Horn.
They're old Hawaiian money.
Big philanthropists here on the island.
This place looks fortified.
Any idea how the perps got in? No, there's no signs of forced entry, so whoever did this knew how to bypass the security system.
What about those cameras? Disabled.
All right, we got fancy art on the walls.
Look at this.
Very expensive watch still on the table.
Clearly this wasn't a simple robbery.
All right, well, the killer tossed the place looking for something.
We need to work out what that was.
Do you hear that? Detective, you can't go in there.
What's going on? We're not supposed to touch her till Family Services arrives.
Come on, man.
She's scared.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
I know.
It's okay.
I know.
You all right? Shh.
Come here.
She all right? Yeah.
Whatever they were looking for cost this little girl her family.
Come here.
Come on.
Wow, Max.
I didn't know you spoke German.
I'm impressed.
In the words of Optimus Prime, I am more than meets the eye.
Was that who I think it was? Oh, yes.
And I'm happy to report that after very difficult negotiations, I am very close to procuring the requested item.
What is that? What are you talking about? Max is, uh he's helping me, uh he's helping me get together a gift for Catherine for her ceremony tonight.
Oh, that's nice.
You got a personal shopper now.
Why you got to be like What, are you jealous now? The request was more akin to a favor solicited by one BFF to another.
Oh, you guys are BFF.
I didn't know.
What do you mean, BFF.
Like that.
I think that's adorable.
It's cute.
Max, ignore him.
What do you got? Yes, well, based on entry wounds and powder burns, I believe your suspects shot the victims at close range using suppressors.
Suspects? As in more than one? That is correct.
Striations on the bullets suggest that three weapons were fired.
I had ballistics run them through IBIS, but unfortunately no matches were found.
Three shooters all with suppressors.
That's a professional hit.
I'm sorry.
I'm Alani.
They said I'd find my sister down here.
I was just at my sister's house the other day.
It was my niece's first time in the pool.
Everyone was so happy.
Ma'am, we think the people who did this were looking for something inside that house.
Do you have any idea what that could have been? They have so many nice things.
I couldn't even begin to guess.
Um, you know, we were thinking that it might've been something that was hidden.
So did your sister ever talk about, uh, something like that? No.
Family Services said, uh, you're going to take custody of your niece.
How is she? Thank God she's-she's too young to understand what's going on.
But one day she's gonna want to know who did this to her parents.
I want to be able to give her an answer.
What's up? Nothing.
I just got off the phone with Kono.
She okay? She and Adam made it to Hong Kong.
So they're safe.
For now.
Listen, uh, HPD's rounding up all of Michael Noshimuri's known Yakuza associates.
Any of them are thinking about getting cute, couple days in the hole, they'll have second thoughts, right? I should be on a plane to Hong Kong.
Look, if that would get Kono back, we'd all be on a plane.
Best thing we can do right now is get our head in the game.
All right, so, uh, Van Horn's insurance company sent over photos of all the valuables in their home.
CSU's cross-checking it against everything at the scene.
All right, so if something was stolen, we'll know soon enough.
Yeah, but get this.
Most of the valuables were insured under the Van Horn Family Trust.
Which means that there's one person who's about to cash in in a major way.
Hewitt Van Horn.
Phillip's only sibling.
What do we know about him? Well, for starters, he's been in and out of trouble his whole life, drug charges, multiple arrests.
Okay, so he's the black sheep of the family.
And according to the family lawyer, he blew through the last of his trust fund six months ago, which means he's now completely broke.
And get this.
According to the security company, anyone entering the Van Horn home was assigned a personal access code.
It was a way of keeping track of who was coming and going.
Guess whose code was used at the time of the murders.
Room service! Yeah, break out the bibs.
It's lobster time.
Whoa, where's the fire, brah? What's up? Ladies, let's go.
Out, out, out, out, out.
Hewey, this is how you celebrate your newfound wealth, huh? Hookers and blow? Yeah, so? What's it to you guys? What's it to us? Yeah.
Listen to me.
Listen to me, you lowlife.
Explain something to me.
How long did you wait till after your brother and his wife were dead to buy your first eight ball? Huh? I gotta tell you, man, I've heard of stupid before, but orchestrating a murder anthen supplying the hired guns with your own personalized security code Come on.
Wh-What is that? You-you must be the Einstein of stupidity.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up.
Are you Are you saying Phillip and Kaylea are dead? Oh Oh, God.
Oh, it's all my fault.
What is all your fault? Some guy approached me at a club.
Said he said he wanted to steal something from Phillip's.
I-I didn't even ask what.
He offered 15 grand for my security code.
I needed that money.
But he promised no one would get hurt.
Oh, they did? Why don't you go tell that to your niece? Is she okay? No, she's not okay, stupid.
She's gonna grow up without parents.
Who'd you sell the code to? I don't know his name.
Who'd you sell the code to?! I swear, I don't.
But I know what he looks like.
Okay, good.
Then you are gonna give a full description to the police department.
And then you are gonna spend a very long time in jail.
So, the killers knew that Hewitt was weak, right? Figured he'd sell out quick.
Plus, they threw in the promise that nobody'd get hurt.
Yeah, one dead brother, and the other one going to prison for a very long time.
Tell you what.
Tell you, the key to figuring this out is working out what was stolen from that house.
If if something was stolen.
We still don't know if these guys got what they were looking for.
What time is, uh, Catherine's ceremony? Aha.
What, "Aha"? What is that? What is that face? You know, uh, when this is all over, you're only gonna have yourself to blame.
Oh, my You're gonna do this again? Again, really? Well, I'm gonna keep doing it until I beat it into that dopey head of yours, until you understand.
You know what? I've known you long enough, Danny, to know that the only way to get you to shut up is to let you speak.
So, you know what? Go ahead, enlighten me, Dr.
Oh I'm op I'm ready.
I'm ready to change.
Law of nature says that if you take a boy rabbit, and you take a girl rabbit, and you put 'em into a cage together over a long period of time, what do you think is going to happen? Are you real are you really doing it? Are you really gonna compare Billy and Catherine to rabbits? We're all animals.
We're not rabbits.
But we are animals, and this is my point.
It is a fact, after these long nights, long, hardworking nights, bad Chinese food, law of nature says, these two people are going to have a moment.
A moment? A moment.
- A moment.
A moment where they look at each other in the eye, and bing, just like that, everything comes back.
All those old feelings.
And you're gonna have nobody else to blame but yourself, because you let her take a job with her ex-boyfriend.
This pause right now-- does this mean you're done, or are you just taking a breath in between stupid assumptions? Stupid assumptions.
You can live in denial all you want, but this is a fact of life, okay? When things are going good, nobody thinks they're gonna go bad.
And that's when you get hit with it-- when you least expect it.
Okay? That's all.
I'm not gonna say anything else.
For now.
This photo was taken six months ago in Phillip Van Horn's home office.
It's filled with Hawaiian artifacts.
After CSU finished processing the scene, every item in this picture was accounted for, except one.
What is that? It looks like a piece of whale bone.
It's a scrimshaw.
And according to his insurance company, that particular piece is almost 150 years old.
And what makes it even more interesting is, that is the least valuable item on the list that they sent over.
Not according to the people who executed the Van Horns.
Besides, if it's out in the open like that, why'd they tear up the house? Well, maybe the Van Horns moved it, or maybe they hid it.
This family seems to have a past shrouded in mystery.
See this? That's the crest of the Royal League.
It's an old Hawaiian secret society that no longer exists.
Now, our victim Phillip Van Horn's great-great-grandfather, Jonas Van Horn, was believed to be a member.
What do we know about them? Other than the fact that it was disbanded There is somebody who could tell us more about them, but, uh But what? Chin, who is it? Okay, don't say I didn't warn you.
All right, a couple of ground rules.
Don't mention that we're law enforcement.
In fact, we should hide our badges.
What about my gun? Uh, that should be fine as long as it stays holstered.
Handshakes are also fine.
Just let him initiate contact.
And unless you guys have written some dissertations I don't know about, do not mention JFK, Area 51, and definitely, no matter what, do not mention the Apollo moon landing.
Uh, can we feed him after midnight? Chin Ho Kelly.
Look at you, all grown up.
Get your bony behind in here and give me a big hug.
Mmm! Nice to see you, Auntie.
Oh, nice to see you.
Uh, my friends and I are here to see Jerry.
Uh, we need his help.
You need Jerry's help? You sure? JFK, Apollo 12, Area 51.
The Denver International Airport.
Our government wants us to believe there's nothing going on.
Like police turning you away from a crime scene.
"Move along, Mr.
John Q Public.
There's nothing to see here.
" But there is much to witness.
And I've ducked under the yellow tape.
I've read beneath the redacted lines.
The proof is out there.
Hey, who's out there? Jerry, it's, uh, Chin Ho Kelly.
Chin Ho! Hey, buddy.
How are you? See you ran into Moneypenny.
The living-with-your-mom cover has its pros and cons.
Pro? She makes a hell of a peach cobbler.
Jerry, these are my friends Steve and Danny.
Hey, man.
So, uh, how do you guys know each other? High school.
Oh, let me guess.
Uh, starting quarterback, starting center.
More like starting trumpet player, starting French horn.
Manoa Valley Band Camp, 1985.
Diddly-doo! Band camp? Yeah.
Remember how tiny those tents were? Dude, how could I forget.
It's like we were stuck on a deserted island all summer.
Good times.
Tiny tents.
You got any pictures? Oh, you know it.
No, no, no, he was just joking about the pictures.
No, I'd actually like to see 'em.
Look, Jerry, we were hoping you could give us some information on the Royal League.
Royal League.
Those guys were the Hawaiian Illuminati.
Did you ever see this before? Yeah, that's the crest of the Royal League.
Where'd you get this? It was stolen from a man named Phillip Van Horn.
Somebody murdered him and his wife for it.
Van Horn? Holy Fox Mulder.
Do you guys realize what this could be? No.
This could be the key! You mean, like a metaphorical key? No.
A very literal key that opens up a 700-year-old priceless treasure.
You ever hear of the Medici's? Uh Italy's most powerful and influential family of all time.
They produced, like, four popes.
No? All right, well, whatever.
These were the Medici rings.
Crafted in the 1400s, stolen in the late-1800s.
Now,round the time of the theft, a few members of the Royal League were in Italy.
Jonas Van Horn among them.
He's the family patriarch.
There were rumors about their involvement, but no one has ever been able to connect them to the rings.
But legend has it, the League smuggled them out somehow.
Is there any chance they could have been smuggled onto Oahu? That's what I always believed.
But, to this day, the rings have never been found.
But I bet this is the key to finding them.
So this is all about getting their hands on these rings, and the Van Horns were just in the way.
Okay, uh, let's say I'm buying all of this, which I am not.
Um, if that scrimshaw is a key, what does it open? Answer that, gentlemen, and you'll solve one of the world's great mysteries.
I'd settle for solving our murder.
Here's a list of all known Royal League members.
Okay, well, if what you're saying is true, the people on this list would have known about the rings and where they were hidden.
- Right? - Good.
All dead.
I'll just head over to the cemetery and start asking them questions.
I'll look up the descendents, cross-check them for any criminal activity.
Thank you, Chin.
It's a good start.
You got a better idea? No, I don't, but just because some whack job says that Jimmy Hoffa's buried under Giants Stadium does not mean you go digging up the turf.
No offense, Jerry.
None taken.
Hoffa's not buried under Giants Stadium.
He's under the runway at LaGuardia.
There you go.
Well, explain to me this, then.
Uh, just six months ago, there was a photograph of the scrimshaw published in a magazine.
Why'd the killers wait till now to go after it? Why didn't Van Horn go after the treasure himself? You're totally my Scully.
Your what? It's possible Phillip didn't know what he had or what the key opened.
Hold on.
It's Duke.
Duke? Oh.
Duke? Yeah, I'm here.
All right, Hewitt Van Horn's sit-down with the HPD sketch artist got us a hit.
The guy who paid for the security code-- his name is Griffin Moore.
He's got priors.
Counterfeiting, art fraud and felony assault.
Okay, thank you, Duke.
Got it.
He could have been the guy to set up a crew to hit the Van Horn's.
Let's go check it out.
Yeah, you guys do your thing, and I'll stay here, keep digging into the legend of the missing rings.
Say hello to the Hobbits for me.
Five-O! Clear.
Got modeling clay and plaster here.
Looks like Moore was building something.
Yeah, it looks, uh, looks like he was doing a lot more than that.
What do you got? Got a GSW to the back of the skull.
Okay, I'm thinking maybe Moore got a little greedy and turned on one of his crew.
Maybe his crew turned on him.
Surprise! Billy.
What, you think I was gonna miss this? And I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little worried you might have second thoughts.
Are you kidding me? I cannot wait to start.
That's what I wanted to hear.
All right, let's eat some cake.
Yeah, okay, thanks.
Had Lukela put an alert out on Griffin Moore.
Homeland Security has been notified.
Oy vay.
Nice outfit, Jerry.
No Jerry here, just a simple tourist.
I don't leave the house much.
Surveillance issues.
Looks like a good cover, Jerry.
What are you doing here? You're not gonna believe what I found.
A few weeks ago an auction house in Florence was robbed.
The thieves made off with a bunch of letters from Jonas Van Horn to an American living in Florence in 1880 named Daniel Frost.
I contacted one of my associates, who prefers to remain nameless, and he sent me scans of the letters.
What do they say? Nothing.
Nothing about the scrimshaw key or the rings.
Just some boring stuff about living in Florence.
Oh, good, so this is all just an incredibly gigantic waste of time.
You know, you're the reason I don't go outside much.
Is that the only reason? That boring stuff in the letters-- I think it's probably coded in some kind of cipher.
Pretty awesome, right? That's, that's awesome.
And here's the kicker.
Daniel Frost was an apprentice to Thomas Gould, and guess what statue Thomas Gould is famous for.
King Kamehameha.
Built in 1880 around the same time the rings went missing.
I think Daniel Frost helped Jonas Van Horn smuggle the rings out of Italy inside the statue, which means that what the scrimshaw key opens.
Boo-yah? What? What, uh, what are you thinking? All that modeling clay, plaster, and paint that we found at Moore's place I think he was building a fake King Kamehameha statue.
Why would he do that? I mean, if he had the key, why wouldn't he just come here and open it? Yeah, but check it out.
I-I-I've looked at this statue I've never seen a keyhole.
Have you? No.
If the treasure is inside the statue, There's no way Moore could get to it without being seen.
Swapping this statue with a fake is the only way that he could get to whatever is inside the statue.
Nice theory.
Only one problem.
Moore's not going after this King Kamehameha statue.
What, what, what do you mean? There's two of these? The ship with the original King Kamehameha statue sunk on its way to Oahu, so they built a second one-- this one here.
Years later the original was recovered and returned to Hawaii.
That's the one with the rings inside it.
That's the statue that Moore's after.
Oh, good, okay, where's that one? There she is, boys, the beautiful Island of Hawaii.
Oh, oh, oh, eyes forward, please.
Thank you.
You okay, bruddah? You fly a lot? All the time.
You ever see any black helicopters? Catherine.
Hey, thanks for calling me back.
Listen, I need a favor, okay? I'm gonna send you some letters.
Uh, there may be a message embedded in them.
I need cryptology to look them over.
Steve, I was just about to hand in my paperwork.
Okay, this will only take a couple of minutes.
All my stuff is packed.
They even got me a cake.
Catherine, two good people have been murdered, and what's in these letters could help us catch their killers.
All right, you got it.
It's plaster.
Original is cast in brass.
Wow, you were right.
It is a fake.
Moore already switched the statues.
Then, where's the real one? Okay, well, here's what I know.
City maintenance truck was reported stolen two nights ago-- the same night that this footage was taken.
Which means that Moore switched the statue before the Van Horns were murdered.
Okay, so these three guys-- they could be our shooters, right? We know one of them is Griffin Moore.
Who are the other two? Wait a minute, Chin.
Moore's not even here.
That's because he's dead.
The skull you found in the kiln-- the dental records matched Griffin Moore.
It appears he die from a gunshot wound to the head.
Ballistics did confirm that it matches the same caliber that was used to kill the Van Horns.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Max Bergman.
Jerry just Jerry.
He's not big on last names.
All right, Chin, let's run facial recognition on these guys.
Commander, shall we, uh, step into your office? Oh, that's it? Yes, uh, let me know the second you get a hit.
You found it, huh? My eBay auction handle isn't TheRealJediMaxter for nothing.
Buddy, what do I owe you? $1,326.
$1,300? I thought you were a Jedi.
Commander, I-I don't think you truly understand the value of what you have in your possession.
This is a hot stamper, a limited pressing.
Catherine is going to be extremely grateful when you give it to her.
I'm sure she will, Max, but $1,300 is a lot of money, okay, for me.
Well, do you want it or not? I Yes yes.
All right.
That's everything I have today, all right? I'll pay you the rest as soon as I get it.
Layaway? Layaway? No, it's-- you're doing me a favor.
Thank you, by the way.
Fine, when you have all the money, then it will be yours.
You're aware I carry a gun, right, Max? Got 'em.
One on the left is Ellis Gregory.
He's ex-British military.
Interpol's got a lot of paper on him-- theft, fraud, assault.
He and his two partners are wanted for murder in connection with a high-end museum heist in Prague.
They were last seen in Italy three weeks ago.
Around the same time that the letters were stolen from the auction house in Florence.
So these are our guys.
Moore was just a pawn.
He built the fake statue and got the Van Horns' security code.
Yeah, and as soon as services were rendered, they shot him and they dumped him in the oven.
These guys had to have come in on fake passports.
I'll cross-check their faces with TSA security cameras.
All right.
You don't say.
No, we're on the way.
You were right, Jerry.
There was a hidden code inside those letters.
Let's go.
Stevie Wonder, what are you doing? If you see something you shouldn't, they won't ever let you leave.
I think you should get a girlfriend, buddy.
Hey, Cat.
Jerry, you can open your eyes.
This is Jerry-- he is our special consultant.
Yeah, Roswell division.
It's nice to meet you, Jerry, I'm Catherine.
Uh, why don't you guys come this way? She'll do.
Oh, no, no, no, listen, her, uh, boyfriend is a complete animal.
You want to stay away from that one, trust me.
Okay, so the correspondences between Frost and Van Horn were intentionally innocuous.
I called that.
When we analyzed the text using a frequency count, certain words kept appearing in a sequence.
Did you apply a transposition cipher? Yes, we did.
I'm impressed; you know your stuff.
So, using that cipher, we isolated every second letter of the remaining words.
I don't get it.
Looks like one of those word search puzzles.
No, no, no, it's not a puzzle.
It's a scytale.
Uh, imagine a 19th century Rubik's Cube, only instead of a square, it's a horizontal cylinder, and instead of matching colors, you're creating words.
Exactly, and once you rotate the letters around the cylinder it reveals a hidden message.
Without a computer, something like this would take months to decode.
Look at that.
"Beneath the King's "heavy right foot "a leaf reveals "with a turn the truth within.
" I was right.
I think I need to sit down.
Wait a minute, the rings are under the king's foot.
That's why they had to switch the statue out, right? They had to get beneath it.
Chin, what do you got? Our suspects did enter the country using aliases, and when they arrived in Honolulu, they rented a van.
I pinged it, and I'm sending you the location now.
Hey! Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
What? I'm bleeding.
Yeah, I can see that.
Watch my shoes.
Danny, we got the big boy here.
You haven't opened the statue yet, have you? Huh? Hey, you haven't opened the statue yet, right? Hey, hey.
Where are your partners? You don't want to talk.
You're a lot smarter than you look, mate.
Here's the thing, uh, you like orphaning little kids, I like shooting bad guys.
Everybody goes home happy, right? You okay with this? Huh? - You two are crazy.
- Yeah.
You can't do that.
Why haven't you opened the statue yet? Why haven't you opened the statue yet? 'Cause we didn't want to risk damaging the rings.
We need the key.
The key wasn't at the house, was it? Huh? You tore the place up but you couldn't find it, right? You killed two innocent people for no reason, you understand that? Two innocent people for no reason.
If you don't have it, where is it? Where are your partners, huh? They out looking for it? Hey.
Look at me.
I'm gonna shoot you, I swear to God.
Now, tell me where your partners are right now-- it's the last time I'm gonna ask you.
It's all right, love.
Everybody, out, out.
Out of the building.
Go, go, go.
Get out of the building.
Get these kids out of here right now.
Hey! Five-O! Get down! I got him! You have been in a terrible motorcycle accident.
It's unadvisable that you stand up.
Put your hands behind your back, both of them.
Both hands behind your back.
Keep your face down.
On your knees.
On your knees.
On your knees and cross your legs.
Cross your legs.
Uh Oh, let me guess, uh, "Book 'em, Danno"? Would you mind? No, no, no.
My pleasure.
Up, up, up, up, up.
The honor's all yours.
Now I know how Geraldo felt before he opened - Capone's secret vault.
- Well, if it's empty, at least ten million people aren't watching, right? After 150 years the three rings of the Medici have finally been found.
I never doubted you for a minute, Jerry.
Neither did I.
How do you feel? Ooh, it's weird.
I've never proven anything before.
Well, that's not bad for a first.
These need to be sent to Italy, and put on display at the Uffizi so everyone can see.
You have my word.
Thank you.
No, Jerry, thank you, buddy.
If it wasn't for you, we would never have found this.
I love you, guys.
Okay, Jerry.
All right, man.
Hey, we make a great team.
We should do this again.
You guys ever read the Warren Commission? We'll call you, Jerry.
Handwritten letters are better.
I don't do phones.
Hey, how you doing? Hi.
This, this is a little monkey that belonged to my daughter.
She, uh, outgrew it, so I thought maybe she would like it.
What do you think? Huh? Yeah, of course you do.
It's a match.
Got a monkey for a monkey.
All right, guys.
Um, I'm glad I caught you.
Just, uh real quick.
Wow, it's wrapped and everything.
I'm impressed.
Go ahead, open it.
Aw, you didn't have to do this.
I know.
I remember you told me a story about when you were little girl and your, uh, your mom would play this for you when you were scared.
Chicago always made everything better.
Catherine you got nothing to be scared of.
Okay? I'm right here.
You're not gonna do this alone.
Thank you.
The Navy takes great pleasure in awarding Lieutenant Rollins on her professional achievement and superior performance while serving as an intelligence officer.
Lieutenant Rollins demonstrated superb leadership, initiative and exceptional resourcefulness.
Her professionalism and devotion to duty reflected great credit upon herself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

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