Hawaii Five-0 s04e04 Episode Script

A ia la aku (From This Day Forward)

What do you want with me? Seriously? You've been hunting us for weeks.
On whose orders? Michael Noshimuri.
So, what, you're, uh, you're just avenging his death, is that it? Yes.
Yeah? I know everyone who worked for my brother.
Nice try.
This isn't about revenge.
The clan you represent has nothing to do with my family.
So why is there a price on my head? What did he say? I said, my friends are gonna have fun with you before they cut you into little pieces.
You shut your mouth.
And we're gonna make your boyfriend watch.
Shut your mouth! Kill me and you'll never find out who wants you dead.
Good point.
I got five more bullets.
Now tell me who sanctioned the hit! The Oyabun.
Who is he?! Adam.
Adam! This is not the way, okay? It's the only way.
Kono, this guy knows the Yakuza will kill him if he talks to us.
He needs to know we'll do the same if he doesn't answer our questions.
Please, help me.
Can you help me get out? Can you help me? No! No, no! Cheers, ladies.
To the future Mrs.
Nathan Cotchin.
To our good friend Nate, who at the age of 25 has decided he's cool with having sex with one woman for the rest of his life.
Thanks for making us look bad to our girlfriends.
Ooh! If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.
This is where we first met.
You were 16, standing right over there in a red and white sundress.
You looked over and smiled and I knew I had to find out who you were.
I remember seeing you What just happened? What do you mean? What, did I miss something? I mean, the music just went all sad.
That's because that's how the filmmakers want you to feel.
See? Well, no, this is supposed to be a romantic comedy.
This is neither romantic nor funny.
I don't understand what's happening.
I got it.
Okay, this is what they call the third act.
They-they got to come up with some goofy obstacle so that when they get back together at the end, so get to feel all, uh, warm and fuzzy.
Yeah, you know, can you guys just save the running commentary for the DVD release? Yes.
All right.
Now, watch this.
Are you ready? Montage fades out and Sam, I thought you were never coming back.
Well, you thought wrong.
I have an 11-year old daughter.
So I'm very hip to this specific genre of cinema.
This is the most unrealistic movie I've ever seen in my life.
Stop talking! I'm sorry, man.
Oh, come on.
Turn off the phone.
Are you serious? Are you serious? McGarrett.
I'd ask you to tell me how the movie ends, but I already know.
No, yeah.
We're on the way.
No problem.
Finally! These guys suck.
The C.
was three close-range GSWs to the chest.
Lacerations and defensive wounds on his hands indicate that the victim Put up a good fight before he was shot dead.
Yes, thank you for completing my exact thought, Commander McGarrett.
The guy's name is John Fitzpatrick.
He's from Saint Petersburg, Florida.
He checked in yesterday.
What's with the penguin suit? There was a big black tie wedding here tonight.
Some wealthy family from New York booked out half the resort.
I'm thinking he was a guest.
Weddings, I tell you, every time.
It's a bad idea.
You got dysfunctional family members.
Bunch of bitter friends.
And they're all fueled by an open bar.
Something terrible is bound to happen.
And you wonder why you're divorced.
Okay, you know I'm right.
This guy and another guy, they get into a beef over, uh, I don't know, let's say a broad at the reception.
They end up back in the room here, uh, get into a little fisticuffs.
Uh, this guy doesn't realize his buddy has a gun-- bang, here he is.
Very detailed theory.
I particularly enjoyed your use of the word "fisticuffs"" Thank you.
But according to the GM, the bride bailed on the wedding mid-ceremony.
Reception never even happened.
Ah, well, at least we're dealing with a smart woman.
All right, Chin.
Uh, call Saint Petersburg PD.
See if they can tell us anything about the victim.
You and I, let's go talk to the wedding party.
See if they know anything about Fitzpatrick.
Excuse me, Mrs.
Cotchin? Steve McGarrett, Five-O.
This is Detective Danny Williams, my partner.
- Hi.
Thank you so much for coming.
Allen? Police.
Allen Kingston, I'm Mrs.
Cotchin's attorney.
I-I spoke with Sergeant Lukela.
He assured us the police would do everything they could to help find Dahlia.
Yes, ma'am, and I'm sure that's the case, but we're not here about the, uh, the missing bride.
We're actually here about the murder of one John Fitzpatrick.
I'm sorry, am I supposed to know who that is? He found him, uh, in a hotel room wearing a tuxedo and he had your wedding program.
Well, that may be, but he was not invited.
I oversaw the guest list myself.
Okay, you're saying he was a wedding crasher? Nathan Cotchin is heir to one of the largest real estate fortunes in New York.
Ever since news of the engagement broke, the tabloids have been hounding him and Dahlia.
They've had paparazzi camped outside their building for weeks.
Okay, well, the victim's room was searched.
Uh, there was no camera equipment.
So it's highly unlikely that he was a paparazzi.
Whoever he was, I am terribly sorry he lost his life.
But my future daughter-in-law is missing.
With all due respect, Mrs.
Cotchin, my guess is that's no coincidence.
Wait a mine.
Are you implying that Dahlia is a suspect? No.
I mean, you know, for all we know, she could be a target.
We're just saying that her running might not be a case of cold feet.
Excuse me.
Chin, what do you got? So I got this footage from the videographer.
And it looks like the wedding's going off without a hitch, right? Until right here.
Check out the expression on Dahlia's face.
Something scared her.
She's looking over that way.
Can you zoom in? Well, it looks like everyone's smiling except this guy.
That's our victim.
Fitzpatrick was at the ceremony.
He's the reason the bride took off.
No, I-I don't get it.
This guy crashed my wedding and now he's dead? Who was he? John Fitzpatrick, from Florida.
Dahlia never mentioned this guy? No.
Why? Because he's the reason she ran.
I knew there had to be an explanation.
All day, she was so happy and confident.
All that changed when she saw this guy.
Now, could he be an ex-boyfriend of hers, somebody from her past? I know all her friends, and she has very little family.
We don't keep secrets.
Well, respectfully, Nathan, your fiancée just ran out of her own wedding ceremony to get away from this person.
So, I mean, whatever her connection is with him, she's been hiding it from you.
If this man is dead, then where is Dahlia? So why did Fitzpatrick crash this wedding? I don't know.
My money's on him being a jealous ex.
Weddings tend to bring them out in droves, you know? You ever talk to anybody about this? About what? About your issues with weddings, they're deep-seated.
I'm just saying that you should maybe workshop them.
No, I'm-I'm literally speaking from experience.
I got two cousins, two of my cousins had their weddings busted up by jealous exes.
Okay, so you think Fitzpatrick came to break up the wedding, and Dahlia, what, lost her mind and then killed him? I don't know.
I mean, she is our only natural suspect, but TOD does not match up.
The valet guy said that she beelined for her car.
Yeah, not to mention she's a hundred pounds soaking wet.
There's no way she could inflict those defensive wounds that we saw on that guy.
Monkey, what's going on? You good? Yeah.
Gabby makes better pancakes than you.
Really? That's-that's what you called, to make that point to me now, ruin my day? Seriously.
It's not even close.
She needs to teach you how to make 'em all gooey in the middle.
Oh, okay.
Well, then why don't you put the master chef on the phone? I'll get her recipe, huh? Okay.
Love you, Danno.
Love you, too.
Okay, I swear I did not put her up to that.
Have I told you how fantastic you are? Um, not in the last 12 hours.
Hey, if you are gonna be late at work tonight, that's totally fine because we have an entire mani-pedi night planned.
You got a mani-ped? Listen, do me a favor.
You are not allowed to top my daddy-daughter spa nights, please.
No, no, this is just gonna be mediocre unlike my pancakes.
Hey, um so I kind of hate to bring this up again, but they're really pressing me for an answer.
So have you given any more thought to what we discussed? Uh, yes, of course I have, and I do want to talk about it, but Steve and I just pulled up to a crime scene, so, um Okay, um, yeah, no problem.
We'll chat about it when when you get home.
We just pulled up to a crime scene? Keep driving.
We'll find one, okay? Okay.
Any news of our runaway bride? No, still MIA.
Airports are on alert and I got units searching the island.
I did hear back from the Saint Petersburg PD about our victim, though.
According to them, John Fitzpatrick doesn't exist.
Driver's license was a fake along with the credit card he used to register at the hotel.
Okay, so we got a guy who flies to Hawaii under an alias, crashes a wedding, and then ends up shot dead, is that right? Pretty much.
I ran his prints through IAFIS and didn't get a hit.
But I did hear back on the murder weapon.
Ballistics came back to a Ruger .
9mm recently used in a string of armed robberies.
No arrests yet, but HPD is circling a suspect.
Meet Ty Amano, 22 years old.
Been in and out of juvie for drug possession.
Looks like he graduated to armed robbery.
And now possibly murder.
Side out, bitches! Ty! Time to sub out.
I already told you, I don't own a gun, and I definitely don't know nothing about no dead guy at a wedding.
I was getting tacos up in Waimanalo last night.
Really? I'll bet you got witnesses to corroborate that alibi, too, huh? Your dealer, a buyer maybe? Or wait a minute.
Maybe you're with the guys you've been pulling off the armed robberies with, huh? I ain't no robber.
Well, that's fine.
Then you won't mind if HPD goes and searches your apartment right now, yeah? Just to make sure there's no stolen goods, right? All right, all right, man.
Okay, so here's the deal: I might have some stuff back at my place, but I'm just holding it for a friend.
Oh, okay.
I swear I got nothing on this dead guy! I got rid of that gun two days ago.
What, you dumped it? Hell no.
The piece is worth Old dawn patrol buddy asked me to hook his boy up with some heat, so I did him a solid.
Nice solid, unloading a hot gun, you idiot.
Who'd you sell it to? Let me go check the sales receipt.
Hey, you want to be a smart-ass, huh? I don't freaking know! Buyer didn't give me a name.
Haole, brown hair, medium height.
He look like this guy? Yeah, that's him.
Oh, man.
He's your dead dude? Yeah, he was killed with the gun you sold him.
What else do you know about him? Nothing.
My buddy just said he was a friend.
Someone he knew growing up in Germany.
This guy was German? Didn't talk German.
Sounded pretty American to me.
Turns out John Fitzpatrick is actually Brad Dixon.
He's a U.
citizen convicted of running confidence scams all throughout the EU.
In fact, he was just released from a Munich prison six weeks ago.
The Cotchins had deep pockets.
Guess this guy was targeting them.
Yeah, and it gets better.
According to the report, Dixon's game was actually running sweetheart scams against rich bachelors using female accomplices as bait.
Okay, who was the accomplice? His sister, Nicole Dixon.
But you know her as Dahlia Swain.
AKA our runaway bride.
So German police arrested Brad and Nicole Dixon back in 2008.
They were convicted on multiple counts of embezzlement and extortion.
Now, Brad served five years in prison, but Nicole got out after six months.
Well, she must have testified against him to get a reduced sentence.
So she rolls on her brother, she moves to New York, changes her name to Dahlia Swain, finds a new mark, the Cotchin kid, and dupes him into marrying her.
Meanwhile, Brad gets out of prison, finds out that his kid sister is about to cash in, crashes the wedding to make sure he gets his cut.
It's got to be about more than just money.
I mean, check it out.
How would you feel if your sister rolled on you the way she did him? I'd want to kill her.
Fair point.
So he gets a gun for revenge.
Dahlia realizes that she can't buy his silence.
So that explains why she ran.
Well, it's a good thing she ran, for the Cotchins, anyway, because if this guy doesn't co , they are out a lot of money.
Yeah, somehow, I don't think the groom is gonna see that silver lining when we break the news to him.
Well, this goes to show you why people should never, under any circumstances, get married.
Why? In case you marry a con artist who's after all your money? No, Steve.
Because people are never who they say they are.
And even if they are, they end up changing.
Relationships, they don't work.
They don't last forever.
Bottom line.
That's it.
What has gotten into you today? Uh, Gabby, she was offered a six-month curatorship in Denver, Colorado.
Oh! Oh, well, why didn't you say so? That is terrible.
Well, it is terrible considering the last time she left for a job, she almost didn't come back.
- Ah.
- Ah.
Can't really tell her not to take the job, either.
She actually said that she wasn't gonna take it if I wasn't comfortable.
Oh, good! You're clearly not comfortable, so What am I supposed to do? It's a no-win.
I cannot win.
I make her stay, and then she resents me, I let her go, and I'm miserable.
You want my advice? Absolutely not.
When Catherine was gonna turn down the job that Billy offered her because of me, you know what I told her? I told her to take the job.
That's because you're stupid and you don't listen to anybody.
'Cause I didn't want her to pass by a great career opportunity because of me.
You told your girlfriend that it was okay to take a job with her good-looking ex.
All right, that is not noble, it's stupid.
Let me ask you a question then.
If Gabby asked you to put your career on hold and move to Denver, would you do that? No, I wouldn't do that.
But I got a daughter who lives here.
It's not the same thing.
Plus you'd miss me too much.
Plus I'd miss you too much.
There you go.
Lieutenant Kelly.
Chin, it's me.
Kono, how are you? Where are you? Kowloon.
We got a lead on the shooters that came after us.
We managed to get the drop on one of their associates.
He give you anything? Riku Sato.
Have you heard of him? Yeah.
He's the Oyabun for one of the largest Yakuza families in Japan.
But why is he coming after Adam? I thought they were allies.
They were.
But something's changed.
This isn't about revenge for Michael's death anymore.
How can you be so sure? Because they don't just want Adam dead, they want me, too.
Kono Chin, I can handle this.
Well, at least let me call the Hong Kong police department so they can get you to a safe place.
No, Sato has strong ties to the Chinese triads, and they own the police.
We can't trust anyone right now.
All right, well, then you guys need to keep moving.
Get out of Hong Kong.
Get out of Asia.
That's the plan.
Get me off speakerphone.
Yeah? You promised me you would take care of Kono.
Now do it.
There's got to be some mistake.
I am inclined to agree with my son.
I'm sorry, are we missing something here? My-my firm did a full background check on Dahlia.
I-I don't understand how the investigators could have missed something like this.
You ran a background check on my fiancée? And you wonder why I never wanted anything to do with the business.
I'll-I'll go talk to him.
Give me a minute.
What kills me is that my mother's right.
I feel so stupid.
You're not the first guy to fall for it, Nathan.
Dahlia and her brother have been running this con for years.
I hope you find her so I can look her in the eye and ask her how she could do this to me.
Yo, Chin, where are you? I'm headed toward Tantalus Drive.
It's the last place that Dahlia's cell phone registered a signal.
And that was at 7:30 last night, and after that, nothing.
Tantalus has notoriously bad cell phone reception.
Look, she was trying to lay low.
She was on the run.
Maybe she chucked her phone.
Or maybe she never left the area.
Oh, look.
Look, look.
It's, uh Catherine's boss- slash-ex-boyfriend.
Uh, Billy? Is that his name? Yes.
You know his name's Billy.
What's he doing here? They're supposed to be working.
Oh, maybe he's come to ask you for her hand in marriage.
You're actually enjoying this, aren't you? Oh, we all gotta be reminded of our mistakes, babe.
What's up? Cath just headed up to see you.
What are you doing, keeping the car warm? We gotta make it a short visit.
We're on a job.
Hey, you remember Detective Danny Williams? Hey, it's my pleasure.
Of course.
Good to see you.
Actually, I'm glad I ran into you.
I never got a chance to thank you.
For what? Oh, for being cool with all this.
Catherine told me how you encouraged her to take the job.
Don't mention it.
Truth is, I'm lucky to have her.
We make a great team.
That's good.
It's good to see you.
You, too.
Little Wing, this is Big Kahuna, be advised: Commander McGarrett is headed to your position.
You guys got code names for each other? Yeah.
That's cute.
Whew Looking sharp, Rollins.
With the earpiece, the whole thing, huh? Yeah.
Billy and I are running a personal security detail on a visiting Saudi diplomat, so Nice.
Women, I know they dress modestly there, but I mean, the way this guy looks at me, you'd think I was wearing a string bikini.
What's his name? I'll beat him up.
Okay, see, that's sort of exactly what we're being paid to prevent.
Oh! Right.
So that would be bad.
Got it.
Which leads me to the reason why I'm here.
What, you're not here I thought you'd come to show me your new pantsuit.
No, smart-ass.
I need a favor.
What do you need? So, uh our client has a packed schedule tomorrow, and Billy asked me to run some threat assessments on all the people he's meeting with.
Only You don't have access to Navy Intel anymore.
So you thought you'd come to Five-O and run the background checks.
Look at you.
You are handsome and smart.
Uh ah I don't know how I feel about allocating Five-O resources to a private security job.
Um Remind me again how many satellites I have repositioned for you over the years.
Hmm? You owe me.
Steve Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, I'll log you in.
Dahlia! Dahlia! Can you hear me? Air One to Incident Command.
Be advised that we have the wreck in sight, and the victim seems to still be within the vehicle.
Air One, 10-4.
Dahlia! We've stabilized your neck.
We're gonna slide you out onto a stretcher.
Just stay calm.
There's a helicopter here that's gonna take you to a hospital, okay? Okay.
Okay, Dahlia.
Give me a minute, Mom.
I'm so sorry, Nathan.
I love you.
I always have.
Everything you ever told me was a lie.
Even your name.
How do you expect me to believe anything you say now? Just, please, let me explain, okay? I don't want to hear about it.
You know, when I heard what happened to you, some tiny part of me still cared whether you lived or died.
Now I don't know why it mattered.
Sweetheart, wait, wait.
Nathan! You know what, give him some space.
You can't help him right now.
Are you really sure that Dahlia did those things? Yeah, we're, uh we're certain.
I mean, she left behind a trail of victims, so, yeah.
Excuse us.
I'm not going to pretend I'm sad he's dead.
My brother was a monster.
That's why you ran when you saw him at the wedding, huh? You don't know the things he's capable of.
Oh, we do.
Uh, we read his jacket.
We read yours, too.
I made a lot of mistakes, okay? I won't deny that.
But I wasn't after Nathan's money.
I love him.
Okay, I mean, well, it seems very convenient.
I mean, you leave a life as a con to then fall in love with a guy who's filthy rich.
I know how it looks.
But I didn't find out about Nathan's money until we were engaged.
I swear.
I guess I was crazy, thinking that my past wouldn't catch up with me and I would actually get a fresh start.
I keep thinking if only if I had just stayed and told Nathan the truth, you know maybe he would have forgiven me.
But instead, you ran out on your own wedding.
When I saw Brad there, I panicked.
All I knew was that I had to get away from him.
So I just got in the car and drove.
How'd you end up crashing the car? I was speeding.
There was a truck It was only maybe a few minutes later that I heard someone pull up.
I called for help.
They found me There were footsteps.
No! No! No! No! That's when everything went black.
Crime Lab finished processing the car wreck.
They pulled a shoe print off the rear fender.
Size 11.
Tread pattern matches the shoes Dixon was found dead in.
So Dixon, he, uh follows his sister out of the wedding, and catches up with her at the scene of the accident.
He's packing a gun, looking for revenge, but then he figures he can save a bullet and send Dahlia to her death in a fiery wreck.
Okay, well, that's one mystery solved.
But it still doesn't explain how Dixon ends up dead in a hotel room.
Yeah, I don't get that, either.
I mean, if it's me, I'm out of there, I'm on the first plane.
Right, but he's gotta clear the hotel room first.
But before he can get out of there, somebody confronts him and then shoots him with his own gun.
Wait a minute.
Dixon checked in using one of his former aliases, John Fitzpatrick, right? Yeah.
So how does our killer know what name to ask for to find the right room? Well, maybe he knew him under that name.
Hey, maybe it's a old accomplice or somebody he burned.
Or somebody who found out about his criminal history.
Which would have come back in Dahlia's background check.
Uh, come in.
How-how's Nathan holding up? I want to see the report.
I'm sorry? The background report I had you run on Dahlia.
I paid for it.
Now I'd like to see it.
Okay, I-I know you're upset.
We've all been caught off guard by what happened.
But I can assure you there is nothing in that report that indicates any issues.
I will be the judge of that.
All right, look my investigators dropped the ball.
I'm sorry.
The report in 24 hours or you're fired.
You can have it now.
Just give me a second to pull it up on my computer.
Fire me? I don't think so.
Sit! I don't get it, Allen.
Why would you keep that information from us? What's in it for you? It doesn't matter.
Here's what's gonna happen now.
You're gonna wire $5 million into a numbered account in the Caymans, and I'm gonna disappear.
Call it my severance.
You get nothing.
Excuse me? Nothing.
Really? Hey, hey, hey! Drop the weapon.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down right now.
Okay, okay! Hands behind your head and turn around.
Get on your knees.
Cross your feet.
Did you get what you need? Yeah, I'd say we got everything we need.
Thank you.
So you've had a, uh, busy 24 hours in the Aloha State.
We got, uh attempted extortion, murder.
What else? Exercising your right to silence? That's the first smart thing you've done.
We matched the gun that you pulled on Barbara Cotchin to the one that was used to kill Brad Dixon.
Probably figured that a lawyer would know better than to hold onto the murder weapon.
for that family without ever once receiving the recognition that you felt you deserved.
Until Dahlia's background check comes back.
All you got to do is wait for the wedding to go off without a hitch.
And then you can hold that potential scandal over Barbara Cotchin's head and get whatever you want.
The plan doesn't go the way you want it to.
Dahlia's brother shows up.
You track him back to his room and you popped him with his own gun.
That about cover it or what? You really think I'm dumb enough to blackmail Barbara Cotchin? You go up against power like that and you lose.
Dahlia Dhalia was a weak target.
I knew she'd cut me in on whatever con she was running.
Oh, so you so we actually have given you more credit than you deserve.
This was just about putting a little extra money in your pocket, that's it? Did you, did you ever consider that perhaps Dahlia was not marrying Nathan for his money? What else is there? The German prosecutors sent over their files this morning.
Turns out they only became aware of the case when Dahlia turned herself in.
Why would she do that? When Dahlia was both her parents died and Brad became her custodian.
He threatened to abandon her if she didn't go along with the scams.
I don't know what to think anymore.
I understand.
I was thinking maybe this would help you figure that out.
HPD found it in the car wreck.
I thought you should have it.
Good luck, Nathan.
"For so much of my life, "I believed I was unworthy of anyone's love.
"But then I met you and everything changed.
"I realized "that if you could see the good in me, "then maybe I could see the good in myself.
"The truth is that in more ways than you'll ever know, "you saved me.
"And for that reason "and so many more, "I promise to be eternally faithful "and to honor you so long as we both shall live.
" Nathan? When I asked you to marry me, I said I would love you no matter what.
And I meant what I said.
You are everything to me.
And I can't imagine my life without you.
Nathan? It's not the beachside wedding with the band and the orchids you love.
But I don't want to go another day without you as my wife.
We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.
Do you, Dahlia, take Nathan to be your lawfully wedded husband, promising to love, honor and cherish him as long as you both shall live? For thousands of years, one of the world's great archeological enigmas Hey.
Grace just fell asleep.
So? So I just want us to be happy.
And if that means that I say no to this job, then that's what I'll do.
I, um, I really like that idea.
But I cannot, um, be the guy that makes you put your career on hold.
I can't do that.
Then it's just six months.
And we will make it work.
Yeah, you know, I thought about that, too.
And it six months, but then, I mean, there's gonna be another offer, right? And I listen, I-I don't have a problem with you coming and going.
I-I really don't at all.
I mean, I'd rather have you here part-time than not at all.
You know, but Grace I know how she feels about you.
And I I cannot keep taking that away from her.
You know, I mean, the whole reason I moved here in the first place was to give her some stability.
I So Well, our timing really stinks, doesn't it? I don't know, I Look, uh, before I met you, I, um, I was kind of looking around trying to figure out another reason to hate this place.
Because I really, really hated it.
Um, and, uh when I met you, you gave me You made me realize what I was missing.
You know, I mean, you have no idea what that means to me.
I get it, okay? This is home for you now.
And maybe one day it will be for me, too.
Well, I have to admit.
Part of me had doubts that we could make this work.
But after seeing you in action today, I know I made the right choice.
Although it kind of sounds like you're congratulating yourself.
It kind of did, didn't it? Mm.
I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8:00.
All right, coffee and malasadas, on you.
Couldn't sleep.
I wanted to make sure you got home okay is all.
How was your first day? Uh, it was a big change.
Yeah, I bet.
But in a good way.
Billy already got us another gig, so I think I think we're gonna be busy.
Good, I'm glad.
Come here.
I'm gonna go wash up.
Will you, um, open us a bottle of wine? Yeah.
Red or white? Um surprise me.

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