Hawaii Five-0 s04e05 Episode Script

Kupu'eu (Fallen Hero)

Are they still back there? Still there.
How did they find us? They pay off people to spy for them.
Kids, shopkeepers, even the police.
So it could've been anyone.
We're not safe anywhere.
Quick, pull in here.
Kill the lights.
Okay, so what's the plan? I'm gonna draw them off you, off the car.
Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, you know where that is? I can find it.
We'll meet there in an hour.
Adam, wait.
You promise? Yeah.
Yeah, I promise.
I love you, Kono.
I love you, too.
Adam, run.
Adam, what are you doing? Get out of there.
And I've lost visual again.
Well, luckily, audio's alive and well.
I don't know, Billy.
I don't think Sandra Cutler's gonna need this much evidence of her husband's infidelity.
You know, a simple still photo of those two kissing would probably be enough to convince her.
Hey, she paid us to get the truth; that's exactly what we're doing.
What she does with it is her business.
How long have we been sitting here, anyway? Three very long hours.
My butt is totally numb.
Well, what about me? I drank four bottles of coconut water.
Well, I warned you.
Dehydration is your friend on a stakeout.
You know, you can use one of the empties in the back if you really can't hold it.
It's nothing I haven't seen before, so I am a trained SEAL, Rollins.
I think I can hold it.
Besides, it looks like they're finishing up.
Good, 'cause I want to go home and take a shower.
Maybe bleach my brain to rid myself of the image of naked John Cutler and his girlfriend.
Hey, you're not gonna quit on me, are you? What? Where did that come from? It's just, when I offered you this job, I promised you an exciting post-navy life.
World travel, intelligence gathering.
Last week, we protected a foreign national.
Yeah, and this week, you're a Peeping Tom.
I'm gonna think of it as practicing my surveillance skills.
That's a wrap, folks.
We'll just hang out here a few more minutes for him to leave.
And then we'll head out.
Before I drop you off, you want to hit the Wailana for some pancakes? Sounds good.
What is that about? Billy, he's got a gun.
What did you forget? Drop your weapon! Catherine! I'm all right.
Billy! It's okay.
Let me see.
Hang in there.
Stay with me.
You're not gonna die today! You hear me? You hear me? Hey! Billy, stay with me.
I'm not going anywhere.
You wanted more excitement, right? This isn't exactly what I had in mind.
Got a GSW to the stomach.
He's O-neg.
You're injured, too.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Get him into trauma one.
Get two large bore IVs in him and hang saline.
He's lost a lot of blood.
Initiate massive transfusion protocol and let's get him intubated.
Get her into the ER now.
Get her to trauma two.
Late-night tune-up? Hey.
Yeah, I'm just, uh, switching out the plugs.
You know, I hear you can pay somebody to do that for you.
What are you, crazy? You think I'm gonna let some know-nothing grease monkey get his hands on a classic like this? Your dad felt the same way about this car.
And that was before it was a classic, when it was just old.
Don't overtighten.
I got this.
Thanks for coming by.
Sounded like it might be important.
Kind of hoping you could tell me.
Well, how long have you been trying to reach her? A couple weeks.
No luck.
Well, your mother is a difficult person to pin down.
I really need to speak with her.
I was kind of hoping maybe you could get in touch.
What makes you think she'll answer my call? Because you're not asking any difficult questions.
Steve, if Doris knows you're looking for information about her relationship with Wo Fat She's gonna avoid me as long as she can.
But if she's off the grid, it could also be for reasons that have nothing to do with you.
I mean You know something you're not telling me here, Joe? No, I'm just reminding you your mother's a complicated woman.
But I will reach out.
I will see what I can find.
Where are they? Hey.
Where am I? You're in the hospital.
Just-just take it easy, okay? Do you remember what happened, Catherine? You and Billy were on a stakeout.
Yeah, we were.
We, um We got what we needed, and, uh, we started breaking down the equipment.
And then and then I saw Oh, God, Billy.
Is he all right? Steve? He's gone.
He, um he coded on the table, and they couldn't revive him.
I'm so sorry, Catherine.
But I'm so sorry.
Boss said you wanted to see me.
This man's name is William Harrington.
Former Lieutenant Commander SEAL Team 7.
He saw action in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He served his country with courage and distinction.
I'll take good care of him, sir.
I'm sure you will.
I just wanted you to know who he is.
What are you doing? You can't pull that out.
Wait a minute.
Now listen to me.
I checked John Cutler's pulse before I got Billy into the car.
He was already dead.
My phone was in the back of the van, and I was so hell-bent on getting Billy here that I forgot to call HPD about the cabin.
We need to get back there now because it's a crime scene.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You need to stay here and you need to rest, you understand, okay? I'm gonna call Duke.
I'll call HPD and get a CSU team to the cabin.
Okay, good, but I'm going, too.
No, Catherine, you're not going.
You've been shot.
Steve, Billy's killer is out there, okay? And I can't be in here.
And you of all people should understand that.
Duke, what's going on here? Why isn't your team inside processing? Better if you see for yourself.
Steve, there was blood here.
This doesn't make any sense.
Look, you've been through a lot, okay? Is there any chance you got the address wrong? I was unconscious for hours.
Somebody came in here during that time and scrubbed this place.
Look, John Cutler's body was right here.
You smell that? Okay, that's bleach.
It's a kitchen floor, Catherine.
They painted over the blood spatter.
They mopped the floors, everything.
All the evidence that John Cutler was ever here, they took away.
Look, I know I'm right.
Duke, get the CSU team in here, process this house, all right? Then process the surrounding woods.
Two people were murdered; there's got to be evidence of that.
You got it.
We'll find it.
When did Sandra Cutler hire you and Billy to tail her husband? Four days ago.
She thought he was having an affair, and she was right.
That's motive.
And what if she already knew he was cheating, she's gets a hired gun, you and Billy are her alibi? I put an APB out on Cutler's car.
I also pinged his cell phone in case it was still on the body.
No signal.
Whoever cleaned the cabin got rid of the car and destroyed the phone.
Yeah, that fits with what CSU is telling me.
The place is spotless.
No prints, casings or shells inside or out.
There were traces of blood in the living room, but they were too contaminated to test.
So we've got nothing? We do have this.
Set of tire tracks consistent with a commercial van.
Okay, if they're the only tracks at the scene of the crime, then the van belonged to our cleaner.
Yeah, the shooter drove a sedan.
After he left, he must've called in the cleanup.
All right, well, let's see if we can locate the van.
What about the cabin? Do we know who owns the cabin? Maybe there's a connection there to Cutler.
Yeah, a couple from Iowa keep it as a vacation rental, and Cutler rented it out for the night through a Kahiku Management Company.
He had been using it a lot over the past few months, probably to meet up with this woman.
I was able to isolate a screen shot of her.
Who is she? Her name is Abby Maxwell.
She advertises herself online as a "companion.
" She charges a grand an hour.
Cash only.
I went through Cutler's finances with a fine-tooth comb.
The girl, the cabin-- he didn't have that kind of cash available.
So where's he getting his money? Mrs.
Cutler, can you think of any reason why anybody would want to kill your husband? Did he have any problems at work? Anybody there he didn't get along with? John repaired and upgraded the office computers.
Whenever the system crashed, John could always get it back online.
People were happy to see him.
Sandra, when you first hired Billy and me, you said it was because John had been acting strangely.
What was the first thing you noticed that was different? He put an encryption code on his laptop, locking me out.
You assumed it was another woman.
Is there any chance it could have been something else? I honestly have no idea.
We'd like to take the laptop if we can.
Maybe we can crack the code.
And if we can, maybe we'll find some answers in there.
May I help you? I'm here to see Abby Maxwell.
I'm afraid she's with a client.
Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, Five-O.
Tell her I'm here to talk about last night's client.
This is crazy.
If I had stayed at that cabin another ten minutes Did his wife do it? He always said she'd kill him if she found out.
Right now, everyone in John Cutler's life is a person of interest.
Look, I just launched this firm, and I'm not exactly pulling in the big commissions yet.
So I go on a couple dates a month just to pay my rent.
It's not like I'm a criminal or anything.
Actually, Abby, according to the law, that's exactly what you are.
Well, for what it's worth, after this, I'm done.
I'm getting out.
Of course I'll cooperate, but if we could just keep this between us? How often did you and Cutler meet? For a while, maybe once a month.
That's strange.
We went through his phone logs, both home and cell-- your number isn't there.
He said he got a special phone just for me.
See for your yourself.
Hey, monkey, listen, I got to go, but I want you to break a leg, all right? Ooh, wait a minute.
You don't say that in cheerleading, do you? Well, 'cause you could actually break a leg, you know, if one of those weak kids at the bottom drops you when you're doing a cutie-pie double, or whatever it is.
A cupie double.
Yes, I knew that.
Listen, I'm-I'm gonna just say knock 'em dead.
How about that? I love you very much.
Have fun, okay? Call me right after.
Okay, bye.
I'm so sorry.
Come here.
Thanks, Danny.
Hey, you didn't have to rush back here.
Won't Gracie be disappointed that you're not there to cheer her on? Uh, yeah, but, uh, the last year at the nationals, the judges said that I was too loud, I was distracting them, so I'm sure she'll be fine.
Anything you need, just tell me, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
You all right? Yeah, I mean I did a tour with this guy, you know? I want who did this.
I know you do.
So just tell me what to do.
We got John Cutler's laptop, but it's encrypted.
I guess I could run it by Toast, see what he can do.
I got to tell ya, I think even Toast has trouble with this one.
We're gonna bring in the big guns.
Big guns? Like who? What do you mean? Big guns like me.
I'll take it to one of my old D.
contacts, see if he can't crack it.
Appreciate it, Joe.
You want to go for a ride? Sure.
All right, but I'm driving.
Oh, yeah, yeah, that's the story of my life.
Chin, what do you got? So it turns out our victim had a second phone he was using to contact Abby Maxwell.
It's probably a burner that his wife didn't know about.
Okay, well, if he had a second phone, maybe the cleaner missed it.
I'm sending you the number.
Got a hit.
Tracing it now.
It's moving.
Cath, where is he? All right, make a right up here.
He's just up ahead.
How close? About a hundred yards.
He's right in front of us.
There! That's Cutler's car.
Hands on the dash! Right now! Don't move, buddy.
Get out of the car real slow.
Put your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers.
Turn around.
Face the car.
Spread your legs.
I didn't steal it, brah, I swear! The keys were in the ignition! What are you talking about? I was just bouncing around Kalihi.
Saw the windows down, saw the keys, I figured some guy just wanted to dump it.
Put your hands behind your back.
I got him.
Steve, I don't see the phone, and he doesn't have it on him.
I'll check the trunk.
Sit down.
Is he in there? When's the last time you changed your shocks, Joe? About a year ago.
You do the struts, too? 'Cause I got to say, feels like maybe your suspension might be off just a little bit.
No, she's handling good.
You didn't feel that? When we went over that dip, it felt like I was gonna throw up No, no, I did not feel that.
Some people like a looser ride than others.
It's not my place to judge.
You like it, it's your car, it's fine.
That, you didn't feel though? That wasn't? Is this what you and Steve do? You bicker in the car like an old married couple? Bicker? No, no, we don't bicker.
I mean, we argue from time to time, sure, but we don't-- no bickering.
Well, look, how about if I change the subject? That-that would be fine.
Steve asked me to get in touch with Doris.
Okay, well, I-I mean, that makes sense.
You know, he's got questions, and she may have the answers.
Yeah, well, what I didn't tell him was I've been trying to find her for over a month.
I haven't talked to her since she put Adam and Kono on that freighter that night.
And the chatter is that once she left the country, old enemies came out of the woodwork.
What, she's on the run? Or worse.
Or worse? Well, what are you gonna tell Steve? I can't tell him anything.
I don't have any confirmation.
What I'm hoping is that you will tell him to stand down on this and let this go.
Because we start turning over rocks, God knows what might crawl out.
Yeah, so I'll just talk to Steve.
What makes you think he's gonna listen to me? Because he trusts you.
He looks at me, he sees ulterior motives.
He looks at you, he just sees a friend.
Ah, okay.
Well, I could tell Steve whatever you want me to tell him and he's gonna say, "Okay, sounds good," and he's gonna go off and do whatever he wants to do.
And you know that.
So my advice to you is, please, get confirmation on these rumors, and get the truth, and share that truth with Steve.
Because you know and I know that he's not gonna stop until he gets it.
Are you sure it was Sato's men? I don't know.
It could've been the Triads.
Here's what you need to do.
You need to get yourself out of Hong Kong.
You got to get to one of Doris's safe houses, okay? No.
Kono Look, not without Adam.
You're still a target.
They're not gonna take you off their hit list just because they already have Adam.
I'm not leaving him, Chin.
Kono, listen to me! What good are you gonna be to Adam if you're dead? Look, just get yourself out of Hong Kong, okay? Let us worry about getting Adam back.
He gave himself up for me.
He sacrificed himself so I could get away.
We will find him.
I promise.
Now, please, will you do what I'm asking? Cousin, I love you, but I have to do this.
Okay, listen.
HPD canvassed the area where our little car thief found the Impala.
Unfortunately, there's no traffic cameras down there, so we're never gonna know who dropped it off.
What about you? You get anything? Yeah.
The cell that led us to Cutler? Yeah.
Found something interesting on it.
What? All right, so according to Abby, Cutler used this phone exclusively to contact her.
But look at this.
The last number Cutler dialed was to a different number.
And check out the time.
That's two minutes after the shooting started, which means that not only did Cutler not die instantly He was alive long enough to place a phone call.
Let me see that.
We're sorry Disconnected? Yeah.
Probably a burner.
Okay, so this guy, he takes two at close range, he's bleeding out.
He doesn't call 911, he calls some mystery number.
We need to find out who was on the other end.
On the way.
Cutler had a ton of classified material on his hard drive, all related to Palek's various military projects.
Cutler didn't have security clearance; how'd he get the intel? From his wife.
He installed a pretty sophisticated piece of malware on Sandra Cutler's laptop, and so he was able to have access to all of her work files, e-mails, everything.
So not only was this guy violating the marriage, but he was violating her privacy and stealing her security clearance.
Now here's where it get really interesting.
It turns out, Cutler was routinely downloading classified data onto flash drives.
Sounds like he was spying for somebody.
That's what we were thinking.
If you're right, that would explain where he's getting all that extra cash.
It would also explain why he got murdered.
The type of people that would pay Cutler to spy for them probably wouldn't think twice about killing him if their relationship went south, right? Okay, so if Cutler is selling classified info, who's the buyer? I reached out to my friends over at FBI Counterintelligence, and they say the most likely suspects are this trio of private companies.
Himmel Aerospace and Defense.
That's Palek's chief rival.
Check out one of the names of their subsidiaries.
Kahiku Management Company? They rent out the cabin where Cutler was killed.
Well, that can't be a coincidence.
Up until now, we thought that that was a place that Cutler used just to bring Abby Maxwell, but what if it was also a dead drop for those flash drives? All right, Chin, uh, who runs Himmel's operations on the island? That would be a Lee Benner.
Let's go say hello.
So you're accusing us of corporate espionage and murder.
That's absurd.
John Cutler was gunned down in a secluded cabin managed by your company.
You gonna tell me that was a coincidence? Yes.
If that's what actually happened.
What do you mean, "if it happened"? I was there.
I saw it happen.
Well, I'm sorry, but I haven't heard anything about a murder at one of our properties, so you must be mistaken.
There's been no mistake.
You guys killed Cutler and then you covered it up.
Show me some proof.
Well ask and you shall receive.
What's this? That's a lab report.
See, we just matched up the tire tracks found at the scene to a van registered to your company.
How's that for proof? So why don't you tell me what happened with Cutler.
Did he up his price and it piss you off? Maybe you thought he'd been compromised.
What happened? What happened?! Yes, Cutler was spying for us.
Yes, we scrubbed the crime scene.
But we didn't kill him, come on.
Oh, of cour I'm sorry, right.
So somebody else killed him and you covered it up? That doesn't make any sense.
It's the truth.
Is it? We didn't want anyone connecting Cutler back to us.
So, yes, we covered it up.
Look, Cutler was feeding us good intel.
There was there was no reason to kill him.
In fact, we tried to save him.
What? What are you talking about? He called us for help right after he'd been shot.
And-and I can prove that, too.
We had a burner phone that we kept in touch with him We know about the phone.
What happened next? We sent a medic.
But by the time he got there, Cutler had been dead for a while.
After that, we were just, you know, worried about controlling the situation.
Damage control.
Well, maybe you ought to start worrying about your legal defense, because right now you're looking at obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact.
Yeah, you got me dead to rights.
But maybe we could help each other out.
How do you figure? Well, what if I were to say that, um in the course of cleaning the crime scene, my people may have gathered evidence.
Evidence that could help you catch whoever killed Cutler.
What a mess.
With all the cross- contamination, we'll be lucky to pull a single print off of any of this stuff.
Do what you can, okay? It's all we've got to go on.
When he was five years old, I asked my son Steve what he wanted to be when he grew up.
"I want to be a cop, Dad, like you.
" I told him to be anything but that.
Let's change this out, huh? Oh I'm sorry.
You all right? Mm-hmm.
This could've done with some more stitches.
What are you laughing at? Uh I was just thinking back to the last time I needed stitches.
All right.
Billy and I were on an operation in Kabul Yeah.
and, uh, I got this nasty cut on the back of my head.
It was gonna take, like, to close it up, but all we had were Band-Aids.
What'd you do? Billy just grabbed these huge clumps of hair around the cut and tied them together.
Like a like a shoelace.
That's pretty resourceful.
I know.
All right, you're good.
I just can't believe he's gone.
And for what? For trying to save a guy like John Cutler? Now, listen to me, all right? Billy saw somebody in danger, and he reacted, all right? That's what he did.
And the fact that he knew the kind of man that Cutler was and he still put himself in harm's way? He was a hero, Catherine.
I just got off the phone with the lab.
There's something you're both gonna want to see.
What do you got? Well, there were no prints on any of the shell casings from our shooter's gun.
But the lab did find traces of blood on one of the slugs from Billy's gun.
Wait a minute.
Billy hit the shooter? Apparently.
That's my boy.
It must've been a through-and-through.
I bet the slug was imbedded in the cabin wall and our cleaner dug it out.
You run the blood? Yeah, we got a match, too.
Our killer's a guy by the name of Jason Kroll.
He's believed to be a hit man.
HPD had him as a suspect in two homicide cases last year, but couldn't make anything stick.
We got any idea who hired this guy to kill Cutler? No, but courtesy of his parole officer, we have a current address.
So why don't we go ask him.
Jason Kroll! Five-O! I got blood.
Jason Kroll? Five-O! Open the door! Jason? We know you're hurt.
We can get you help.
But first we need to know that you're not armed.
He's armed.
You think? We need the paramedics right now.
Right now, Catherine, go! Catherine, now! Paramedics, let's go! Okay.
Who hired you to kill John Cutler? Don't you die on me you son of a bitch.
You hear me? Hey! Who hired you?! You got anything? Nothing.
Keep looking.
There's got to be something here that's gonna tell us who hired this guy.
Guys? I think I got something.
What? Okay, so it looks like Kroll was hired over the Tor Network.
What is that? It's kind of like a shadow Internet.
Some people call it "the Dark-net.
" It was originally created by the Navy, but nowadays it's utilized mostly by criminals because it allows them to be completely anonymous.
So tracing an I.
? Is not gonna happen, but here comes the good news.
According to these e-mails, Kroll wouldn't take the Cutler job unless the client revealed himself.
And did they? Not at first.
But they came around.
Here-- looks like they sent their last message outside of the network.
And that I.
we can trace.
But I liked John.
Why would I kill him? Well, maybe you liked him more than you let on.
You wanted John to take you away from your secret little escort life, but he had no intentions of ending his marriage.
A woman scorned, Abby.
It's the oldest motive there is.
These e-mails? They were sent to the shooter.
We traced the I.
Comes straight from this office.
O-Only I couldn't have sent these.
See the date and the time? I wasn't here; I was with a client at a hotel on Kalakaua.
I can prove it.
Okay, Abby, who else has got access to your computer? Just my assistant Andrew.
He's taking off.
Hey! You should've let me die.
Andrew, why would you do this? I'm in love with you, Abby.
I've always loved you.
I just wanted you to stop.
Unrequited love.
Second oldest motive there is.
Hello, Sam.
Geez, Joe.
When'd you get back? You know me, I come and go as I please.
Family is safe and sound, fast asleep.
Well, can I assume you didn't break into my home just to say hello? When John McGarrett was investigating his wife's murder, he found a lot of evidence, bits and pieces.
Not all of it made sense to him at the time.
You recognize those numbers? Can't say that I do.
It's an offshore account.
CIA used it to fund black ops.
If I gave those numbers to a reporter friend of mine and he started digging, who knows what he might come up with.
Or how high it goes.
What do you want? Doris McGarrett.
I need a location and a phone number.
Take my advice, Joe, and just walk away.
This one's too hot.
Steve McGarrett wants answers, Sam.
He's not gonna quit till he gets them.
I'll tell you what.
Because we're friends I'll give you the information you want on Doris.
You can decide how much of it you want to share with her persistent son.
It may be the better part of valor to keep him in the dark once you hear what I have to say.
Eternal rest grant unto Billy, oh, Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Tell me when will the wild wind blow Tell me When will the wild wind blow The heart is like a diamond Hi.
I just wanted to say I'm so sorry, Mr.
Thank you.
Call me Tom.
He talked about you a lot, you know.
He said you guys were a lot more than just father and son.
That you were real friends.
He was a good boy.
The best.
Thank you.
When will the wild wind blow People try to tame me But I only grow more wild Steve? Hey.
I know that, uh this is not exactly the time or the place, but I have news about your mom.
You gonna give me the whole story this time? I'm pretty sure you didn't give it to me the other night, Joe.
You're right, but that's only because at the time I didn't want to burden you with what was only a gut feeling, with fortunately turned out to be wrong.
You thought she was dead? I did.
But I have confirmation that is not the case.
So where is she? When's she coming home? I don't know.
And she's not.
At least not anytime soon.
The word is that Doris is active again.
That's all I got.
Everything else is classified.
It's classified.
I want you to please keep looking for her.
You shake the trees and you find her, okay? Steve, your mom stayed hidden for 20 years.
She is not gonna be found.
She'll surface when she's ready.
When do you think that's gonna be? I think that'll be when she's prepared to face you.
How you holding up? I'm, uh I'm a mess.
You know, I just keep telling myself I did everything I could to save him.
No, Catherine.
Don't do this.
What happened is not on you.
I was supposed to have his back.
How is that not on me? The minstrel boy To the war has gone In the ranks Of death you'll find him His father's sword He hath girded on With his wild harp strung Behind him With his wild harp strung behind him.

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