Hawaii Five-0 s04e07 Episode Script

Ua Nalohia (In Deep)

I'm still not comfortable with this.
Steve, everyone on this rock knows you and Five-O.
So if you guys show up, the clientele's gonna be out the back door before you even step foot in the front, but they don't know me.
Maybe we do a different location.
No, no, no.
This guys doesn't want anyone to know that he's in the casino, So it's the only place where he's not gonna have security with him.
I've surveilled it; I know how to get in, I know how to get out.
What if you get compromised? I'll improvise.
You're the one who told me to get back up on the horse, okay? And you were right.
So you're just gonna have to let me do this.
What, are you deputizing me? Just in case, all right? Don't worry, it's gonna be fine.
I've got this covered, okay? It's gonna be fine.
Six, pass line wins.
Betting against the table hasn't been working for you, huh? Maybe you can get lucky some other way.
Haven't we met before, miss? What do you want? Riku Sato, where is he? Who the hell are you? Five-O.
Now where the hell is Sato? (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey, bro, any good sets out there? Picking up.
If we're lucky, we'll get swell.
Anything else, lover boy? Nani, you reading over my shoulder? Only the dirty parts.
More coffee? Just the check, please.
Oh, it's already taken care of.
Gentleman at the counter.
Thanks, Nani.
What's that for? Well, Captain Grover, let's just say I've been around long enough to know that when someone pays for your meal they usually want something.
Come on.
Are you really that cynical? Where I'm from, cops do that for each other.
Besides, I figured it was the least I could do after pointing a shotgun in your face.
Yeah, well, that hostage crisis was rough on everyone.
I think it's fair to say that there was fault on both sides.
Lieutenant, I realize the governor gives you guys a free pass, but to be honest, that behavior I saw out there in the field the other day, that's a surefire way to get yourself alienated from your brothers in blue.
I mean, I'd hate to see you in a situation where you call for backup and it doesn't show.
I think you need to be having this conversation with McGarrett.
I don't think so.
I'm not having this conversation with McGarrett.
McGarrett's not a real cop.
He doesn't think like a cop, he doesn't act like a cop.
You, on the other hand I did my homework; you're a good cop.
Got your badge back after going through a rough patch.
I know what that's like.
Have a nice day, Captain.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
I said I'm coming! All right, all right.
Mary, what You should see your face.
What are you doing here? Who's baby is this? Mine.
No, it's not.
She's mine.
I adopted her.
What are you talking about? How could it be yours? It's been in the works for a while, but I kept in on the DL in case a certain someone was gonna be critical about it.
I don't believe it.
Isn't she cute? I named her after Dad.
Oh, you named her John? No, Joan.
Mary, I don't want to be critical, but you have difficulty managing your own life.
How you gonna look after the baby? I think I took care of a 90-year-old man pretty well.
For three weeks, and he died.
He died of natural causes, okay? Okay.
You got to give her back, Mary.
Steve, I can't return her like she's an Xbox.
She's not an Xbox.
She's a little baby person, okay, and this is a responsibility you're gonna have for the rest of your life.
You're really killing my buzz being a new mom.
Yeah? Okay.
I'm on the way.
I got to go.
All right, listen, we'll talk about this when I get back.
Buddy, listen to me, the way I see it, Mary didn't adopt a kid; you did.
All right, 'cause it's only a matter of time before that poor, unfortunate child is looking for some suckling at 3:00 a.
, is gonna be looking to you.
No, there's gonna be no suckling, okay? - No? 'Cause that baby is going back.
Oh, you're gonna send it back, what, to the orphanage? With a bunch of other kids that nobody wants? What? Yeah, no, it's a good idea.
I mean, it's probably a better idea than leaving it with your sister.
Wait a minute, I thought you didn't approve? I don't approve.
Okay, whose side are you on then? I'm on the side where the kid has a chance of being loved.
If you think Mary is capable of doing that, then I'm all for it, okay? Gentlemen, what we have here is a male victim.
is quite evident based on the multiple stab wounds.
He was most likely attacked in the water.
Maybe a couple of guys got territorial over this break, and then it got out of hand.
A reasonable theory, but highly unlikely.
The victim's hands are noticeably free of defensive wounds, which suggests that the attack was sudden and unexpected.
Okay, do we get an ID? I was just getting to that.
Just spoke to a lifeguard who patrols this area.
He said our vic's a regular, here every Monday 9:00 a.
, swell or no swell.
Okay, so predictable schedule, he's hit up close and personal, no defensive wounds.
Our victim could've been attacked by somebody who knew him.
Our victim has been identified as Bryan Carpenter.
Pinches for assault, drug charges, grand larceny, guy's been in and out of trouble for years.
Looks like his troubles followed him out to sea.
Got signs of a break-in.
Place has been tossed.
I wonder if they found what they were looking for.
What is that? Something under this drain.
This could be what they were looking for.
There's something else in there.
Oh, my God.
Chin, what is it? Our victim wasn't Bryan Carpenter.
His name is Matt Hutchins.
He was a cadet at the Police Academy when I was teaching a class on executing search warrants a few years ago.
Normally, I don't remember students, but Matt asked a lot of really smart questions.
One day, he cornered me after class and asked me what the job was really like.
The kid wanted to make a difference, but wasn't even sure it was possible.
He grew up in a rough neighborhood, drug dealing, gangs.
When I asked him, "Why be a cop?" he said that "The game" was the only thing he knew, and that he would end up on one side of it or the other.
He wanted to take the right path.
So he became a cop.
Well, Matt never got his badge.
He was busted for heroin possession.
He got kicked out of the Academy.
I was disappointed.
Special Agent Blake Kennedy, ATF.
I just got a call? What happened to my guy? Sorry.
Your guy? Matt, uh, Hutchins was working a long-term undercover op for ATF.
I was his handler.
So he was never kicked out of the Academy.
Kicked out? Hell no.
That was all part of his cover.
What was the op? We had him infiltrate a gang of gunrunners.
A network with ties to Asia and the mainland.
Matt's job was to ID the players and record transactions, and we were just about to drop the net on these guys.
Another few weeks and Matt would've a career bust.
If you guys were that close, we have to assume one thing Matt's cover was compromised.
How? He was attacked this morning.
We believe he was deliberately targeted.
Where? Baby Makapu'u Beach.
We were just there today.
A witness told us that he surfed there every Monday.
My son and I go there every Monday.
Well, he couldn't break cover, but I'm sure that was his way of keeping an eye on you.
Do you know who did this? We believe it had something to do with his undercover assignment.
Those people he was investigating, he hated them.
How often did you two speak? Every few weeks.
A text here, a quick phone call there.
Always from a different number.
But the last time, his tone was different How so? I don't know.
He sounded happy.
So I was under the impression that maybe it was coming all coming to an end and he'd be home soon.
My husband sacrificed everything for that job.
Lieutenant, you need to find the bastards who did this.
This is the guy we're after, J.
He spent his wayward youth on the North Shore making a name for himself in the ice trade.
Now, ten years ago, he moved his operation into town and he upgraded his clientele, focusing primarily on weapons distribution.
Guys right below him have been there since the first dollar.
Everyone else has been recruited along the way.
Looks like Matt worked his way up the chain of command.
Well, like I said: That was Matt's talent.
He was able to talk the talk, and that earned him respect.
And when it came time, he wasn't afraid to use some muscle.
When I first sent him in, we didn't know what to expect.
We thought it was a six-month op at most.
But Matt's intel was so good, we soon realized we were sitting on a major case.
Right, now that Matt's gone, so are the chances of taking these guys out.
That's why I like Dekker for this.
Motive, means, opportunity.
What about these guys? What happened to them? KIA.
As tight as Dekker's operation is, he has his problems.
In the last few months, these dirtbags have been robbed a number of times by a three-man crew we have yet to identify.
How were these robberies going down? It wasn't any street-level, crime-of-opportunity stuff.
I mean, we're talking well-coordinated hit-and-runs.
Cash drops, they were there.
Guns in storage, they were there.
All right, well, maybe Dekker thought Matt was selling 'em out.
Giving information to the guys who were ripping off his boys.
Or maybe Dekker figured out Matt was a cop.
I mean, either way, Dekker had at least two motives to kill this kid.
We're gonna need everything on this case.
- Yeah.
Linda, can you come over here for a moment? Linda Davies, this is Steve McGarrett, Detective Danny Williams.
- Hi.
They're with Five-O.
Now, Linda transcribed all of Matt's reports.
She'll get you everything you need.
Of course.
Right this way.
This is everything.
Davies, do you mind if we ask you how well did you know Matt? We actually never met.
I've listened to his voice for the past four years.
I transcribed every one of his reports.
So I could tell when he was having a good week and when, when it was bad.
How did he sound in his last few reports? Anything unusual? Did he mention any threats? If you're asking me if his cover was blown, I can tell you this: the longer you leave an undercover out there, they get tired and depressed, sloppy.
They start making mistakes.
It's not my place to say this, but I, I really think we had enough to take these guys down months ago.
What makes you say that? I've been working this job for a while now, and I've seen this department take people down for much less.
If we would have done what we normally do, I-I just can't help but wonder if Matt would still be alive.
All right, are you gonna say it or am I? I'm not saying anything.
I'm not ready to start pointing fingers.
Okay, I'll say it.
If the ATF could have made an arrest months ago, why didn't they? Keeping Matt out there past his sell-by date could have compromised his cover.
Dismantling an operation like this, it is not as easy as it sounds.
Think about Matt, all right? This guy, maybe he, uh, maybe he got tired, maybe he missed his family, maybe somewhere he slipped up.
Maybe he slipped up, and maybe Kennedy kept Matt out there too long because he cared more about making his case than he did about looking after his boy.
Maybe, but like I said, I am not ready for pointing fingers until we have something that is real, okay? I'll tell you what's real: J.
And let me tell you something else.
If he suspected for one second that Matt was a cop, he would take care of business.
I agree.
But to go rattle that cage right now is a terrible idea because we could blow the ATF's entire three-year operation.
So we'll tread lightly.
Got your attention now or what?! Hey, hey, hey, what happened to "tread lightly," huh? I'm giving you three seconds to get your hands off my throat.
Or what? How's your girlfriend look in black? Sit.
Now listen to me very carefully: You're done mouthing off.
I'm gonna ask the questions from now on.
You're just gonna nod yes or no.
Bryan Carpenter, do you know him? That's not technically a yes or a no.
I'm gonna take it as a yes.
I'm also gonna assume that you did this.
What happened? This morning, where were you? Complying with the state's unconstitutional invasion of my physical sovereignty.
Come again? I was peeing in a cup for my P.
You can ask him.
Okay, well, that still doesn't mean you didn't order the hit.
Why would I do that? Bryan was my friend.
Let's assume that you're telling the truth again for two seconds.
Why would somebody want to kill him? I have no idea.
And why do you care about one of mines anyway? Shouldn't you be celebrating at a donut shop or something right now? That sounds excellent.
Get up.
Now here's your itinerary for the next couple of days: nothing.
You don't move from here, you understand? HPD's gonna sit on your place until we straighten this out.
If I hear that you leave, even to take your library books back, Detective Williams and I, we're gonna come back and we're not gonna be as courteous next time.
Well, that was very subtle.
I'm sure he's calling whoever killed Matt right now and telling 'em to lay low.
What are you talking? He didn't order the hit.
Did you see the look on his face? He didn't know anything.
Okay, well, if that's the case, then we have to consider the possibility that Matt was dirty, okay? Dirty.
Yes, dirty, okay? If he was selling information to the crew that ripped off Dekker and he slipped off somewhere, it would've gotten him killed.
Danny, Matt was a cop.
I know he was a cop, okay? I knew plenty of guys back in New Jersey that were undercover for so long, they ended up slipping; they didn't know what the line was.
Just-Just wait.
Just wait.
Yes, Mary? Wait-- what?! And so it begins.
Salmonella? Really? I shouldn't have eaten that egg salad on the plane.
Mary, this is exactly what we were talking about before.
Steve, bad eggs have nothing to do with my parenting skills, okay? I could be a good mother, just not right now.
I really need you to watch Joan for me 'cause I have to stay her overnight.
No! No, no, no! I can't do that.
Steve, you have to.
Mary, no, Mary I don't have anybody else to call! I have to stay here over Mary, I'm in the middle, I'm in the middle of a homicide investigation.
I'll just call Child Protective Services.
And Joan will have to be placed with a foster care family for a while.
I just hope that the trauma doesn't affect her cognitive development.
Cognitive? You don't even know what that word means.
You're a horrible uncle, you know that? This funny to you? Yeah! So when you're through amusing yourself, I need you to wipe down her changing pad, please.
Not at all.
I'm retired, you see.
And it's gonna be way too entertaining to see Uncle Steve on diaper duty.
So go ahead.
Hey, why is there a baby attached to your chest? Oh, uh, Mary.
Say no more.
Mazel tov.
Anyway, I was able to track down the manufacturer of the key we found at Matt's house.
Oh, good.
It traces back to a set of locks that they sold to Honolulu Zoo.
Oh, let me see that.
Actually, you know what? Here, just for a second.
What? Thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, Danny, let's go.
If she gets hungry, bottle in here.
You got it? Let's go.
Wait-- how am I supposed to know if she's hungry? Oh, you'll know.
Trust me, you'll know.
Sato? I don't know any Sato.
You know for somebody who likes to gamble, you don't have a very good poker face.
Your name is Hideaki Kuroda.
You're Sato's moneyman.
You have a wife.
You have two children.
Rosie and Kin.
Now, Rosie, she's very talented at the piano.
And Kin, well, he aced math, but he needs a science tutor.
Right? Oh, and you just brought, um, a brand-new sports car.
For your mistress.
So far, so good? I also know that you want out of Sato's crew.
But you can't because you've been gambling with your boss' money.
And you've been losing.
Trying to cover it up, moving the money around from place to place.
But that hole? Yeah, that hole just keeps getting deeper.
And deeper.
Now if I know this, Then really it's only a matter of time before Sato figures it out.
And when he realizes that he can't get his money back because you lost it at blackjack and craps, and roulette and horses, he is gonna hurt you in the worst way that he can.
Now, we can help you, Mr.
Kuroda, but you first you got to tell me where I can find Sato.
What business do you have with Sato? I don't give a damn about Sato.
I just want to ask him where I can find Adam Noshimuri.
There it is.
There are the lockers.
You still think Matt's not dirty? Okay.
We got over a $100,000 cash.
Explain to me how is it that an undercover cop has this kind of money? I can't.
Okay? I can't.
But that doesn't make him dirty.
Steve, he had the key to that locker hidden in a shower drain.
He did not want anyone to see this cash-- why? Maybe he was getting paid for inside information by the guys that were ripping off Decker.
That's a big maybe for a guy who put his wife and his son's lives on the backburner for three years to take Dekker down.
Don't mind the smell.
Ooh! Yeah, I know.
Strained peas.
Only partially digested.
Here, could you, uh? Hey, hi.
Did you, uh, get anything besides throw up? Funny.
I ran the credit histories on Matt and his wife.
Nothing unusual-- they live paycheck to paycheck just like most honest hard-working civil servants on the island.
Wow! Oh.
Hmm? Can we focus over here? Yeah, you ran the finances, no surprises.
Good, what else we got? I dumped Matt's phone.
The only thing of note was a series of phone calls to a local real estate agent all in the last week.
Name of Cherie Tranton.
Real estate agent? That seem strange to you? Maybe the lease is up on, uh, on his place.
Ah, yeah, or maybe he was looking to buy some property and launder some of this cash.
I'll check in with Agent Kennedy.
See if he knows anything about the money or the real estate agent.
You know what, Chin? Hold off on that for now.
Let's take a look at Matt's field reports first.
I want to keep ATF out of the loop for now.
Well, Kennedy had all the same intel Matt did.
You know? Oh, I see.
So I'm crazy, my-my theory is nuts thinking that Matt went bad, but your new amazing idea is Matt's handler was the one giving information to the guys that ripped off Dekker.
Well, I'm just saying it's possible, okay? We all heard what Kennedy's transcriber said.
Kennedy could've pulled Matt out and taken the case down weeks ago.
That would explain why Kennedy kept Matt out in the field so long.
So let's just take a closer look at the transcripts.
See if we're missing anything.
All right? Wah! What are we doing? It's your turn.
My turn for what? We're a team.
Danny, everybody's got to put in 110%.
Look at this-- that's 110% right there.
Chin and I, we're gonna go talk to Dekker see if he can shed some light on this cash.
In the meantime, while you're on babysitting duty, run background on this real estate agent.
See if there's any connection between Dekker's crew and Cherie Tranton.
And try not to let her drool on the evidence.
We're gonna need it.
Smart kid.
Uh, I got an idea.
Uh, why don't I step up for the team and, uh, Chin and I will go out.
You stay here, make those calls, and deal with, uh, your soiled niece here? Change her soon.
You understand? Or she gets a rash.
Oh, does she? Diaper bag's in Steve's office.
Bottles are in the fridge.
You're gonna need that.
Why was this in a storage locker belonging to your dead friend? Let me guess.
There's a hundred grand in there.
How did you know that? 'Cause I gave it to him.
Bryan asked me for a loan.
Said he'd get it back to me by the weekend.
Wait a minute-- a guy asks you for a hundred thousand dollars and you just give it to him? Yeah, I trust my friends.
What he want the money for? I don't ask for details, man.
What I don't know won't put me in a box.
Now if you're done harassing me, I'm gonna get some fish tacos with my police escort.
If Matt didn't steal that money Yeah, it throws some cold water on the theory that he was dirty.
Hey, Dekker? I'm done talking until I get my money back.
Oh, you mean this donation to the Widows and Orphans Fund? That's very generous of you.
Now, listen, why don't you tell me about this crew that's been ripping you off-- who are they? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Those guys that have been hitting you are probably the guys that killed your friend.
Well, then I sincerely hope you catch them.
Okay, listen to me.
Hey, hey.
I know you've been taking some big financial hits lately.
Okay? So I want to do you a favor.
I'm going to extend our police presence.
You and everybody in your life is gonna be protected by HPD 24-seven.
Just to make sure you feel safe.
We're gonna have eyes on you day and night.
Yeah, good luck in the import/export biz.
Enjoy your tacos.
I got something that might help.
This is an in-house surveillance video from a local gang getting ripped off by another crew.
What's in the crates? Guns, drugs and other party favors.
I'm more interested in the guys behind the masks.
Is there any way we can ID these guys, Charlie? There's always a way.
I'll call you when I got something.
All right, thanks, buddy.
Hey, Charlie? It's good to have you back.
Once upon a time there was a very handsome prince.
And this, uh, handsome prince had a very beautiful black stallion.
And this black stallion was, uh, was admired by everybody in the kingdom.
He was the fastest and fairest stallion in the land, about 528 horsepower, very nice stallion, anyway.
Uh, one day, uh, this incredibly handsome prince Yeah, he was, he was out of sight, let me tell you.
He was partnered up with a mean ogre.
A disgusting, hairy ogre.
It was not a match made in heaven.
They would slay dragons together from time to time.
And they'd argue all the time and, of course, the brilliant charming prince would-would win those arguments because the ogre was a dope.
Despite their, uh, victories, there was a dark cloud that loomed.
Because the dopey ogre coveted the handsome prince's stallion, okay? And he was a very greedy, selfish ogre with-with major control issues.
And he would never let the handsome prince ride his own stallion.
Hold on, we're gonna pick this up in a second.
Great, it's the real estate agent.
Yes, yes it is.
Uh, that's perfect.
I can, uh, I can meet you there.
What's, uh, what's the address? That was fast.
Making up for lost time.
Check it out.
I got a clean screen capture on one of your guys.
We can estimate height, weight, shoe size.
If we run those traits through the HPD arrest database? We're gonna get dozens of matches and then lots of possible suspects.
But if we measure Pupillary distance, which in this case is and we combine it with all of the other traits, it narrows the field considerably.
Aloha, Joey Tillman.
Okay, what do we got? Robbery, guns, assault, more robbery.
This has to be our guy.
You know, SWAT's on its way.
Maybe I don't need to ask this, but should we wait? That's what I thought.
Cover! Looks like we got three shooters.
These guy move weapons for a living.
They're gonna be armed to the teeth.
We're gonna need more guns.
You should've waited for SWAT.
You really want to do this now? Hold fire! This is HPD SWAT! Drop your weapons and come out.
You are outnumbered.
This is your one warning.
That's Tillman.
Clear! Clear! Hey, yo.
You'll want to come take a look at this.
Same crates we saw in the surveillance videos.
These have got to be the guys that've been ripping off Dekker.
All right, let's get an alert out right away.
I thought you said there were three shooters.
There were.
Third guy must've slipped out the back.
Oh, he slipped out the back.
Well, that's exemplary work, Commander.
Take a look at this.
Entry wound's in the back of the head.
We didn't kill these guys.
The third shooter did.
Oh, you mean the guy that escaped on your watch? On my watch? You were standing right next to me when this went down.
See, it wouldn't have gone down if you just waited a little bit and let SWAT do its job.
But, hey, like I said, exemplary work, Commander.
All right, listen up.
So why does he shoot his own guys? We got a shooter on the run.
Well, maybe he's tying up loose ends.
Which could be the same motive for killing Matt.
Maybe this third shooter knew that Matt was getting close to the crew.
We need to work out what Matt wanted that money for.
All new construction, brand-new carpeting, engineered quartz countertops.
And there's a great school district for your little girl, when she's ready.
Oh, no, that's, uh that's very nice.
She's, uh she's actually a friend of mine's.
I'm just babysitting.
I'm, uh I'm single.
Oh, my.
Well So refreshing to meet somebody who's so giving.
You must be a very warm person.
And you're so fit.
Oh, thank you very much.
I just appreciate a man who can wear a pair of pants.
Well Now, this condo's got a great layout.
Although there's only one bedroom.
Look at that.
She said "wink, wink," and then she winked.
So tell me Huh? what winds of fortune have blown your little ship into my harbor? Oh, um Matt Hutchins, actually recommended you.
Hutchins! Yeah.
Oh, did he rent the apartment for you? Yes, he did.
I have to say, this was a first for me.
I mean, I have people who come and want to window shop, but I've never had someone want to rent a condo for just one day.
Well, uh, yeah, one day.
That's all we need it for.
Today's that day, so here we are.
Tomorrow, silly.
Tomorrow, yes, of course.
Tomorrow's that day, that's what I meant.
You know, for $1,000, you boys must have something scintillating planned, so you better keep Cherie's number in your phone.
Homeowner's association doesn't like little side deals like this, so it's our little secret, okay? All right.
Cherie, you're very naughty.
Honey you have no idea.
You are gonna love this view.
Wow, very nice.
I know.
Hey, Steve.
Something you gotta see.
Come down here.
It seems like Matt was running surveillance on the lockers where we found the money.
You know what, if you're gonna hold the baby in the sun, okay, just ask me and I'll put a sunhat on her.
You know what, though? The question is, why would he be doing surveillance on the lockers? Okay, Matt recorded all the times and dates of Dekker's weapons transactions.
- Right? - Yeah.
The crew that was ripping Dekker off had all that information.
Are you thinking that Matt thought that someone in the ATF leaked it? I think he was building a case.
I mean, he could have borrowed the money off of Dekker, planted it in the lockers to set up whoever was leaking that information.
If that were the case, he would have planted the misinformation in one of his reports.
Now look at this Here's an entry about the money drop at Honolulu Zoo.
Set to be dropped off at 9:00 a.
, picked up at All right, that's a two hour window for the money to be stolen.
Yep, we were right.
Matt was setting someone up at the ATF.
He could have been selling information to Tillman about Dekker's operation.
That's why he kept the case open and Matt undercover for so long.
He was onto a good thing, he didn't want it to end.
Well, he keeps his hands clean, and he gets a cut of the profits.
And then when he found out that Matt was on to him, Kennedy got one of Tillman's guys to kill him.
Where are you going? I'm going to finish what Matt started.
You want to come? Let's do it.
All right, so listen up.
Grab whoever picks up this money the second they open the locker.
I want this entire place locked down.
I want men on every exit, and I want two men every 30 yards around the perimeter.
Let's go.
I wouldn't have done it this way.
Yeah, you don't say? McGarrett, we should wait.
Let your suspect exit the zoo, then you take him down.
That way, we don't get into a firefight in the middle of all these civilians.
I want to secure the perimeter.
Okay? He's not going to escape this time.
He wouldn't have escaped last time if you'd have just waited for SWAT.
I could've been dead if I waited for SWAT.
But there's a right way and a wrong way to do things.
You don't like me.
All right? I get that.
But I'm in command and control of this operation I'm also the team leader, okay? So you and your team, you can come aboard with us or you can stand down.
Whatever you say, uh Commander.
Did you remember to give Joan her bottle? Of course I did.
You're texting Max right now, aren't you? No, I'm not.
You're a terrible liar.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got something.
Black hoodie, straight ahead.
Moving fast, heading straight for the lockers.
Hold it right there.
Took you long enough.
Don't move a muscle.
Why? Take a look around, Linda.
Look at where you are.
You see this room? You don't get to this room by accident.
It's over.
We know you were feeding Matt's intel to your boyfriend here.
And we know that with that information, he and two of his associates were able to systematically rip off Dekker's crew.
Yesterday, this guy right here, he put two bullets in the back of their heads to make sure they kept quiet.
Now, who's to say he wouldn't have done the same thing to you after you collected that money? Matt trusted us.
No, we were his lifeline.
And y-you betrayed him.
For what? Money? No.
We just didn't want to go to jail.
Shut up, Linda! You make me understand.
Why'd you have to kill him? Matt called a few weeks ago.
He wanted to know who had access to his transcripts.
He suspected that his reports had been compromised.
It was only a matter of time until he traced that back to us.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You done here? Now I am.
Maybe I should've pulled Matt out.
You know, if I-I'd just pushed the button sooner What say we go push it now? What the hell is this? There was nothing incriminating on that tape I gave you.
Where's my money? Where's your money? Good news is, we got your money and your guns.
Bad news is, we got your money and your guns.
Allison, there's something you need to see.
Hey, Matty.
You know, I often dream about the kind of man you'll become your strength and courage, your sense of right and wrong.
There are so many things a father wants to teach his son, and sometimes you gotta teach by example.
In accepting this assignment, I hope I've helped make this world the kind of place you deserve to grow up in.
Son, there's always hard choices in life, sacrifices that need to be made.
I just want you to know Daddy made this one out of the love I have for you and your mother.
You take care of her, kid.
You're the man of the house now.
There we go.
Come on.
Aw, no dings or scratches.
Looks like Uncle Steve did a good job.
I had a job to do, I did it.
That's all.
Oh, admit it.
You had a little bit of fun.
I just saw you.
I-I definitely had a lot of fun.
Yeah, she's a great kid, Mary.
Aw, thank you.
Well, next time I need a sitter I'll call on you two.
Excuse me for a minute here, please.
Yes, we all contributed, but I was primary on this one, I'd like to say.
Okay, tough guy.
Say goodbye to your uncles! Where-where you going? You don't what? You don't need to rush off, do you? Just stick around for a bit.
Yeah, we just, uh, wrapped up this case.
We got nothing on the board, so we could go out and get a bite to eat? Right.
Got plenty of strained peas.
Sorry, but we have Bouncy Baby Story Time at the library in ten minutes.
So say, bye, Uncle Steve! Bye Bye, Uncle Danny! Bye, Uncle Chin! All right.
Thank you.
Bye, guys.
See you.
What? You're such a softy.
You okay? Never better.
Got a location on Sato.
Full surveillance package address, structural blueprints, security system, activity logs for his staff Everything's there.
It's all good.
You, uh do all that by yourself? Uh-huh.
What, you trying to put us out of a job? No, just helping out a friend.
Oh, and, uh Here.
Thanks for the loaner.
You know what? Why don't you keep it? What? Go ahead.
You need a job.
We need some help.
Trust me, this, uh, animal, he needs all the help that he can get.
Don't think about it.
Just say yes.
Welcome to Five-O.

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