Hawaii Five-0 s04e08 Episode Script

Akanahe (Reluctant Partners)

You weren't an easy man to find, Sato.
You should have left this alone.
Where is he? Where is Adam Noshimuri? We know you took him.
You know nothing.
I know that if I pull this trigger, there's a bullet that's gonna travel at 1,200 feet per second, blowing a hole the size of baseball in your brain, killing you in a matter of milliseconds.
Now, taking that into account, I'm gonna ask you again, where is Adam? You'll never see him again.
You killed him? Is he dead?! Is he dead?! If it was up to Kono, she'd put a bullet in you right now, but we're gonna do this the right way.
You're gonna confess to Adam's murder.
What do you want me to say? The truth-- you killed him.
I wanted Adam dead but out of respect for his father, I let him go.
You're lying.
Am I? I helped Adam fake his death so he could disappear.
If he's smart, he'll never show his face again.
If you are smart, you'll let this go.
Yeah, copy that.
All right, Steve and Catherine took Sato to the drop point.
They'll meet us at the plane.
I'm not going with you, Chin.
Adam's alive.
I'm gonna go find him.
Michael Noshimuri's allies think Adam is dead.
You don't have to run anymore.
But if you go trying to look for him, you both become targets again.
You once told me to follow my heart.
That's what I'm gonna go do.
Just be careful, all right? I will.
Thank you.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) How old is he now? Okay.
No, that sounds about right.
Just relax.
Relax! Hey, let him have his fun, okay? I'll talk to you later.
Let me guess: Danny's father bought himself a Porsche for his 60th birthday.
Oh, sweet! Nice.
A little late for a midlife crisis, isn't it? Yo.
What, did you forget to tell me how much you miss me? I, uh, no, I thought it was Detective Williams.
Yes, sir.
Absolutely, Governor, I'll be right there.
You first.
Now you.
Samantha? Oh, no.
What's wrong? Hey, Daddy.
Why aren't you ready for school? Alarm clock didn't go off.
Dad! Hey, um good morning, Mr.
I've got your face now, boy.
You better get your ass to school.
Dad! "Dad!" Don't "Dad" me.
You're lucky I don't have him arrested.
Something like this gets out on the Internet, Samantha, it can follow you for the rest of your life.
Oh, my God, you're overreacting! I like him! Hey, I need that for school! Use a pencil.
It worked for me.
I got a meeting to go to.
And when I come back, we're gonna discuss your punishment.
You still owe me an apology.
Not gonna happen.
Yeah, why am I not surprised? Why would you be surprised? Lieutenant Kelly told me about that stunt you pulled at the coffee shop.
Hey, I was just trying to tell your man that working with you is a quick way to die.
You threaten my team's safety again, you watch what happens.
You understand? Hey, man, don't you ever pull a gun on me again.
You think I'm just gonna forget about that? We went through that! I either took down SWAT or let Catherine Rollins die.
And I said there's always another option.
But I guess that's just your thing: you just do whatever the hell you want.
You don't like me, do ya, huh?! That's right! Hey, man, huh? That's all Gentlemen! Yeah? Yeah? The governor's waiting.
All right, who wants to go first? Uh Sir? Excuse me? Let's cut to the chase, gentlemen.
What I have here is a complaint filed by the head of SWAT against the head of Five-O.
What the hell is going on? You filed a complaint against me? You brought that on yourself, man.
Governor, please, this-this, the complaint was filed in confidence.
Steve, put that down.
Out of control.
" Mm-hmm.
"Irresponsible and reckless behavior that puts the public at risk.
" See what I'm saying? "A danger to himself and others"" You son of a bitch.
Steve, enough! I'm tossing the complaint.
You Starting right now, slate's clean.
This is more than just a complaint! It's a problem! This is about the complete lack of accountability that allows this man's behavior to go unchecked! Don't tell me how to do my job, Captain! Look, I have a full schedule and I don't have time to play principal.
This is a small island.
I expect you to play nicely together in our sandbox.
Understood? Yes, sir.
Steve? Yes, sir.
Sit down.
Very good.
From this moment forward, you will get along.
And to start you off on the right foot, you two are gonna serve a warrant together.
A 21-year-old up in Waimanalo has failed to pay several parking tickets.
I want you to bring this man to the courthouse, make sure he takes care of his fine.
Parking tickets, sir? Governor, please, with all due respect Come on.
This is a complete waste of our time.
any rookie straight out of the academy can handle this.
Really? It's a waste of taxpayer's He's right, sir, he's right.
Look at this, you're already agreeing on something.
See to it.
You coming? Are you coming? I don't ride shotgun.
Neither do I.
You get lost? You know, you blew two red lights on the way over here.
You should file another complaint.
Yeah, I would, except your boy Governor Denning would just tear it up, so what's the point? Let's get this over with.
Hello?! Nobody's home.
Works for me.
Really? Boy, I know you like to cut corners, but what kind of half-ass job was that? Okay, I don't have time to play meter maid.
So you're just gonna leave then? Yeah.
Go protect; I'll serve.
You know, there are a lot of good cops around here who started out doing menial tasks.
They learn to walk a beat, they learn to interact with people.
We don't all just get handed a unit to run.
Yeah, I'm really sorry I missed that part.
We were a little busy fighting the Taliban.
Hey, hey, hey! What are you, Pavlov's dog or something? That Halo.
My son plays it all the time.
Chief commander to bravo team, eyes on the perimeter.
Watch your six.
Any sign of Prometheans, shoot to kill.
Five-O, you, uh, you Ian Wright? Uh, yeah, can I help you? Yeah, you've been served.
Yeah, I know I dropped my weapon.
I got to go.
Son, you failed to pay your parking tickets.
We're gonna place you under arrest; turn around.
This is a joke, right? No.
Since when do they send two guys from Five-O for parking tickets? He's not Five-O.
I'm not Five-O! Okay.
Can't I just pay online? Well, you probably could've three months ago, right, when you got the tickets, but I can see how that would've slipped your mind.
All right, come on, enough chitchat.
Let's go, let's go.
Can't I at least put a T-shirt on? Yeah, please.
I've seen enough shirtless wonders for one day.
You know, your, uh, your tactical approach is whack.
You know that, right? So, is this some kind of new program for unpaid parking tickets? It's just seems a little aggressive.
Take your time picking a shirt there, Ian.
Take your time.
That's disgusting.
Okay, he's riding with you.
Me? You got XM by any chance? You got XM? This day just keeps getting better and better.
So, if I'm riding with you, how am I getting back here? Why don't you have one of bravo team come pick you up? Well none of them live in Hawaii.
Well, you're a smart kid, Ian.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Get down! Ian! Who are these guys? I don't know.
I don't know! I don't know! Move it! I'm out! I got one round left! You're hit! Hey.
We got to cut them off before they pin us down.
I'm going out the back.
You take care of the kid.
All right? All right, stay down.
Go! I'm right behind you.
Get up, get up.
No, no, no.
Help! Help me! Help! Help me! Help! Help me! Damn it! Got it.
All right.
This should help stop the bleeding.
No, no, no, it's nothing, it's nothing.
That nothing you got is leaking pretty good.
I'm fine.
You know what, fine.
Go ahead, pass out, you stubborn son of a bitch; I don't care.
You know what, give it, give it.
Okay? Here, here, okay? Yeah.
Hurt, don't it? Yeah.
Hey, Grover, can you help me tie this tourniquet? Sure, buddy, no problem.
Now, why do you suppose these guys would want to kidnap a knucklehead like Ian? I have no idea.
We got to get in touch with the HPD as soon as possible.
Well, the kid's got no landline, and our cell service is dead up here.
We got to move.
Damn it! What's wrong? Was I talking to you? You have a very angry disposition, you know that? Oh, well, maybe it's 'cause I'm with you.
Would you stop doing that? You look like a flying giraffe.
How the hell can there be no cell reception up here? Welcome to Waimanalo.
You know, McGarrett, I got to ask you, why is it that you are the constant variable in every pile of crap I step in? Oh, that's good; this is my fault.
I'm just calling it like I see it, man.
Wherever you go, trouble follows.
That's funny coming from you.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You don't think I did my homework, huh? HPD hires a new SWAT commander, you don't thin I'm gonna check you out? It's not every day that a 20-year vet on track to becoming superintendent up and moves to a rock in the middle of the Pacific.
Unless he's running from something.
Oh, by night, he's a Navy SEAL, by day, he's a shrink.
Just want to know who I'm working with, man.
Hey, I show up for work, I do my job.
That all you need to know.
What? Gasoline.
We must have hit their fuel tank.
That's their car.
You smell that? Tear gas.
Yeah, and that pink stain is from a dye pack.
I think these guys hit a bank.
From the looks of things, not too long ago.
What the hell did this kid get himself into? Well, they're on foot; they couldn't have gotten far.
Over there.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Can you even ride? Can you? Cha! Cha! There they are! Hyah! McGarrett, where the hell are we going? We're gonna cut them off! There they are! Cha! They ain't stopping! I can see that.
Steve? Chin, listen.
Put out and APB on Ian Wright.
Is this the kid with the parking tickets? Yeah, he was kidnapped.
The people who took him were last seen headed north on Kalanianaole Highway.
They're in a gold Nissan Pathfinder.
License plate is echo- three-four-tango-romeo-one.
All right, I'm on it.
All right, and hey, send a CSU up to that Waimanalo house.
All right, have them process the place.
I want to know everything there is to know about Ian Wright.
Just a flesh wound, Commander.
You're all set.
Steve, it's Cath.
Are you okay? Yeah, I am.
Don't worry.
Listen, check your e-mail, Catherine.
I just sent you photographs of fingerprints of the two shooters we just took down.
We need to get their I.
's, we need to figure out what they wanted with Ian.
Okay? Call me when you got something.
All right, I'll call you back.
Listen, I just got off with one of my guys.
He says there's only one bank in the area that uses tear gas in their dye packs.
Let's go.
Gentlemen I assure you there's been no robbery.
See? There's a live feed running around the clock.
It's all there.
But if you insist We insist.
Ran the prints on your two dead shooters.
Turns out, they were part of a four-man stick-up crew focusing primarily on banks.
All were released from FDC Honolulu within the last three months.
These were the other two.
Kurt Simon and Luke Davis.
Those are the two guys that grabbed Ian.
Okay, all right, this doesn't make any sense.
These guys are nickel and dime.
It took an expert hacker to pull off that bank job.
Why do I suddenly get the feeling that Ian's not your average knucklehead? Because he isn't.
This kid's been living on his own since he was 18 years old.
His parents are both deceased.
And up until last semester, he was a computer science major at O'ahu State.
What happen? He drop out? Expelled.
He hacked into the university's computer system, stole final exams, and then got caught selling them to the entire student body.
CSU found a server at his house.
Toast is trying to recover any data, but he's having trouble because it's encrypted using NSA-level firewalls.
All right, so our bank robbers hired Ian to help pull off this heist.
Uh, the kid helped them get past the security systems.
They go in, grab the cash.
Maybe that's why they were going to his place.
To split up the money.
I don't think so.
If it was about everybody getting their share, they would've hightailed it out of there the minute they saw our cars.
I think you're right.
They need Ian for something else.
Lieutenant Kelly.
Yeah, good work.
That was HPD.
They found our suspects stolen vehicle in a parking lot in Maunalua Valley.
They searched the area, didn't find the robbers or no sign of Ian.
Well, did they happen to find a pink laptop.
With the Chicago skyline on it? The car was empty.
Why? Damn it.
They stole your computer? You, uh, you didn't think that was important to mention to us? Well, I'm mentioning it now.
And it's not my computer anyway.
It's my daughter's.
I don't care whose computer it is.
Ian's a hacker.
If he stole it, it's now a weapon.
All right! All right, McGarrett.
You're right.
I should've mentioned it earlier.
It's just that Just that what? Look, man.
Do you know I caught my daughter playing show-and-tell with some little punk online this morning? Wh-What's that look? What-what? You think it's funny? I'm-I'm not laughing.
Oh, you, too, huh? Oh, I see.
Neither one of you have kids.
That's all right.
Laugh it up.
Your day's coming.
Ah, it's hormones and technology.
Tell me about it.
Every father's worst damn nightmare.
You know what? I can track your daughter's laptop.
If it comes online, we can locate it.
Okay, look, last time I checked, computer geeks and bank robbers don't exactly run in the same circles.
I'm thinking somebody had to make an introduction.
I'm thinking you're right.
Check this out.
You'll get the hang of it, newbie.
Okay, so much for my dramatic entrance.
All right, here we have Eli Diamond.
He's a defense attorney.
Former clients include our bank robbers and Ian Wright.
Repped Ian when O'ahu State pressed charges for hacking their system.
So, Eli Diamond played matchmaker.
Where is he? House arrest.
Awaiting trial for tax evasion.
And, uh, GPS ankle bracelet puts him there right now.
Eli Diamond, Five-O! I got blood! Clear.
McGarrett! Well.
Looks like Eli Diamond made parole.
Chin, put out an APB on Eli Diamond.
And track his car.
Looks like he's making a run for it.
All right, I got Diamond's car at Ala Wai Marina.
And get this.
He's got a boat.
Five-O! Freeze! Now! Freeze! Show me your hands.
Hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers right now.
Interlock your fingers.
Interlock your fingers.
Stay down! Stay down, stay down! Ian? Ian! Ian's not here.
Where the hell is he? Is he alive? Answer the question! Okay, listen.
Diamond told us you were supposed to bring Ian to disable the ankle bracelet.
You showed up without him.
Why? You know, it's a funny thing about words.
See, 99% of the species, they get along without using them.
Me personally? Oh, I'm a big fan of non-verbal communication.
You feel me? Threaten me all you want.
If I talk I'm a dead man.
Who are you afraid of? You can't be afraid of Diamond.
We have him.
Come with me.
There was only one other person involved in this.
All right, we got this all wrong.
The bank robbers didn't hire Ian.
Ian hired them.
Diamond makes the introductions.
Ian promises to boost him from his ankle bracelet.
Everybody wins.
Until we showed up.
Ian knew it wouldn't take long to figure out Diamond was the connection between him and the crew.
So he splits.
Leaves Diamond no choice but to hack off his own foot.
This kid played us.
Yeah? Yeah, we're on the way.
Toast broke the encryption on Ian's server.
Looks like he's been planning this bank robbery for about six months, judging from the series of wire transfers.
You know, this kid has millions of dollars in an offshore account.
Money that we traced back to terrorist organizations.
The dates correspond with cyber attacks on a factory in Pune and a power plant in Beijing.
So Ian was selling his skills to the highest bidder.
Well, that explains why our suspect is so afraid of him.
Kid's lined himself up with some pretty nasty fanatics.
Well, it gets worse.
The company that designed the bank's security system? They just won a government contract to update all U.
embassies with the same technology.
This was never about the bank robbery for Ian.
He was testing the system.
Catherine, contact the state department, tell them their security's compromised.
Copy that.
Yeah? Your daughter's laptop just came online.
Where is it? Got him! Ian Wright.
Crocket and Tubbs.
I knew you'd get my message.
Get up.
Get up.
Hands behind your head, interlock your fingers, turn around.
Turn around.
Cross your legs.
You don't want to do that.
Oh, believe me.
I really want to do this.
McGarrett? What? You think I brought you here without a plan.
That is Flight 408 out of Los Angeles.
eight crew, two pilots.
Scheduled to land here in Honolulu in just over two hours.
See, we've advanced so far technologically, we're no longer satisfied with a simple, "Uh, your flight's on time.
" No, see we want to know every detail.
And we want to know it now.
You know what makes all that possible? GPS.
Most people don't realize it was created by the department of defense during the Cold War as a weapon.
It allowed our subs to get an accurate fix on their target before firing off a missile.
But when the government opened it up to civilian use, they cheaped out.
See, they didn't want to spend the cash to encrypt civilian GPS like they did military.
Which means that everything gets its data from civilian GPS is vulnerable to be hacked.
Shipping lanes, trains, car navigation, and of course commercial airlines.
What the hell have you done, Ian? It's not what I've done, Commander.
It's what I will do.
I have control of Flight 408.
If you don't do exactly what I say, I will drop it in the ocean.
There's a flight leaving for Pago Pago in 30 minutes.
Once I've landed and I know I'm not being followed, I'll send instructions on how to get back control of Flight 408.
I'm not putting you on a plane with passengers, Ian.
Son, we already have your money from the robbery.
We know about the embassies.
There's no play here.
You just need to stop this.
And we'll try to make a deal.
A deal? I've committed acts of treason.
There won't be any deals.
It's 300 people You got to stop this.
No chance.
Turn it off.
You think I'm stupid? The computer running the hack is somewhere else.
This one just lets me keep - an eye on it.
- There's got to be another way to shut this thing off.
Yeah, of course there is.
But it requires you putting me on that plane.
Where's the other computer, Ian? Where's the other computer? You just don't get it, do you? This is speed chess, gentlemen.
And you were checkmated Now, put me on that plane or 300 people are going to die.
What did the tower say? They confirmed that flight 408's been hacked.
Ian's tricked the plane's GPS into thinking that they're on course when they're not.
It's called spoofing.
Now, if that plane stays on its current path, they're going to be so far out over the ocean by the time they realize something's wrong, they're not going to have enough fuel to land.
You got to call the pilot and get them back on course.
We can't.
The tower's lost communication with the plane.
You get back to that tower, okay? Keep trying to get in touch with that plane.
I want constant updates.
Steve, so I just reached out to Naval Intelligence.
They've been developing protocols to defend against these type of cyber attacks.
Okay, good.
What's their course of action? Jamming the attack with software.
Now, they're sending me a zip file, but it's only a prototype, and it's only been tested on simulated attacks.
We need to upload it to Ian's computer and hopefully it'll interrupt the signal.
We can't do that, okay? The computer running the attack is not here.
We don't know where that is.
He's monitoring it from this laptop.
All right.
That's okay because that means the two computers are connected.
So we already have a tap on Grover's laptop, so all we need to do is trace the connection back to the computer that's running the attack.
Cath, you got something? He scrambled the signal, Steve.
I'm staring at about a hundred different IP addresses on O'ahu right now.
I mean, one of them is the location, but this is going to take days to narrow down.
We don't have days.
Catherine, we have minutes.
Put every resource we have on this.
We're screwed, aren't we? I don't think we have a choice but to put Ian on this plane.
I think that's the right decision.
Thank you.
All right, now, so we got 20 minutes before we got to put this kid on a flight.
Maybe there's some way we can find where he's hidden that other computer.
HPD has his server.
I mean, where else is he going to go to pull this off? Someplace familiar, someplace he would trust.
Problem is, we have no intel on this guy except that he plays Xbox and he gets parking tickets.
He gets parking tick Hey, you still got that arrest warrant? Yeah.
Let me see that.
All right, he got six parking tickets in three months, all in west O'ahu.
You recognize any of these addresses? These are all near O'ahu State.
Someplace familiar.
Hey, Cath.
Check out the IP addresses we got.
See if any of them is a location near O'ahu State.
Somewhere around the 300 North Carver block.
Steve, okay, one of the addresses is 330 North Carver Road.
It's the computer science building.
All right, good.
That's got to be it.
I'm on my way.
All right, the plane to Pago Pago leaves in 15 minutes, all right? Until we hear back from Catherine, we stick with the plan.
All right.
Let's go.
Get up.
I hope you booked me a window seat.
What are you doing? Excuse me? Are you using this computer? I'm, uh, saving it for a friend.
That him? Yeah.
Gave me 500 bucks to hold this seat Get up.
Get up now.
You'll get an e-mail with instructions once I land.
I'll see you soon.
Oh, tell your daughter I said thanks for the loaner.
Or maybe I'll just tell her in person one day.
Get your ass on that plane before you get a bullet in your face.
Come on, Catherine.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
It's uploaded.
The signal's been jammed.
Pilots have regained control of Flight 408.
All right.
Let's get him.
Where the hell did he go? We got the whole airport on lockdown, but so far, no sign of Ian.
Passengers on the plane said he got up to use the restroom, he never came back to his seat.
I don't know how this kid did what he did.
Couldn't have gotten far, though.
Paxana Airlines We'll find him.
Flight 408 from Los Angeles has arrived at Gate 34A.
You made the right call.
Steve Governor, before you say anything, I, uh I want to take full responsibility for today's events, okay? Captain Grover, he-he was simply following my orders, sir.
That's funny-- Captain Grover said the exact same thing.
A lot of lives were saved today because of you two.
Well done, gentlemen.
That was good work today, Commander.
You, too, Captain.
You need a rid I don't ride shotgun.
See, now I believe you're doing your homework.
This mean I get my computer back? All right.
Let's get something straight, young lady.
As long as you're living in my house, under my roof, there will be no more you-know-what with you-know-who.
Are we clear? Yes, Daddy.
All right.
Listen, um I realize it was difficult for you to pack up all your things, move out here with me and leave all your little friends behind, so, uh I know it was hard for you, too.
Don't be sad, Daddy.
We're going to be happy here.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, kiddo.
I love you, little girl.
I love you, too.
Yeah, I know.
You better.
I'm going to find you.

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