Hawaii Five-0 s04e14 Episode Script

Na Hala a Ka Makua (Sins of the Father)

Parrish, you sit before this court having been convicted of the crime of murder in the first degree.
Despite the abundance of evidence against you, you gave neither acknowledged your guilt nor showed any remorse.
Someday, you will sit in judgment before a higher power.
But today, it's up to this court to decide your fate.
The criminal justice system has made every attempt to reform you, only to have you prove time and time again that you are beyond redemption.
So while this is hardly the first time you're gone to jail, I'm gonna make sure it's the last.
It is therefore the judgment of this court that for the crime of murder in the first degree, you be imprisoned for the remainder of your natural life.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) What are you in for? You don't know? Mr.
Williams Principal Fisk will see you now.
Thank you.
Hope you beat the rap, buddy, all right? Keep your chin up.
The school code of conduct requires that students both act in a safe and responsible manner and respect the rights of their peers.
Unfortunately, Grace is here today because she violated both those rules.
Okay, uh, look, I, uh, I, uh, I know what kind of kids get called into the principal's office.
I know that because I was one of those kids.
But in this case, the apple falls very far away from the tree, okay? Grace is a very sweet and, uh, respectful young lady, always.
No one doubts that, Mr.
But the fact remains that your daughter physically struck a classmate.
Well, then I'm gonna have to say that, uh, maybe this kid deserved it.
Had it coming, you know? Hold on.
It's never okay to hit another student.
Uh oh I don't know if I agree with you.
I mean, what if this kid was picking on her? And he started it, and she was just defending herself? I mean, how can you assume that just, out of the blue, she acted with malicious intent? I'm sorry, are you a lawyer? No, no, no, no, I'm a cop, you see.
And, uh, as a cop, we always, uh, we always think about motive, right? Like when a girl who's never been in trouble gets straight A's, all of a sudden ends up in the principal's office, you got to think that there were maybe extenuating circumstances.
Very well.
Grace, would you care to explain to us why you punched Lucas Banks so hard that he required four stitches to stop the bleeding? I've got no excuse.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I realize it's not easy to admit when you're wrong.
Now, uh, the only thing left to discuss is your punishment.
Suspended for a week.
You understand that's a big deal, right? You're aware of that? I know, Danno.
I'm sorry.
What do you mean you're sorry? Hold on.
Explain something to me, okay? Because I know that you would never punch some kid in the face for no reason.
So tell me what happened.
Lucas was picking on my friend Katie.
I told him to stop.
And when he didn't, you hit him? You said the only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them.
Okay, that-that's fine.
But why didn't you say something when she asked you what happened? Why didn't you speak up? Because I'm no rat.
You're-you're no rat? Who are you and what have you done with my daughter? Listen to me: we will discuss this further later, but for now, you're grounded, you understand? Detective Williams.
I mean, I don't get it.
Apparently, these days, the kids pledge of allegiance, it's to the Mafia Code of Omerta, right? I mean, I have no idea what's gotten into her.
Really? Yes, really.
She reminds me of somebody else I know.
Oh, yeah? Who's that? Well, let's see.
She's, uh, she's scrappy, stubborn, hotheaded, and loyal to a fault.
She's you, pal.
Ah, that's disturbingly insightful.
Maybe I was a little hard on her, no? I think so.
Come on.
Lou, what do we know? Our fugitive's name is Roy Parrish.
He ditched the van he escaped in.
He's been on the run for 37 minutes.
APB's gone out.
We got birds in the air, we got the roadblocks set up within a 15-block radius.
HPD is performing car-to-car searches as we speak.
Gentlemen, Mr.
Parrish is a three-striker.
So we're putting away the bean bags, and we going to the real thing.
Because if this guy gets cornered, no way he's gonna surrender.
So, according to the prosecutors, Roy Parrish was running a real estate scam on rich marks all across the country.
See? There's another reason why I rent.
Apparently, he was soliciting investments on a Honolulu land development that never existed.
One of the guys he conned got wise and flew in to confront him.
Guessing that didn't work out so well for him.
Parrish was arrested for the murder.
And since he was already being investigated by the FBI for wire fraud, the case went Federal.
Parrish got life.
Breaks out during the sentencing hearing.
What about the cameras? Did they catch anything? The whole thing, thankfully.
You might not believe it otherwise.
Check this out.
So Parrish is being led to a prisoner transport when this happens.
You know, something tells me this isn't the first time Parrish has slipped a pair of cuffs.
He's been in and out of jail his whole life.
His last stint was 12 years for armed robbery.
He may have swapped the shotgun for a business suit, but clearly, he's still very dangerous.
Hey, guys, so I just spoke with the prosecutor.
Apparently, the Feds had a star eyewitness.
It was a local construction guy named Archie Akama who placed Parrish at the murder scene.
Now, during testimony, Parrish threatened to kill this guy in open court.
It took three marshals to restrain him.
Okay, get us Akama's address.
We should go grab him and get him into protective custody right away.
Meantime, you guys reach out to Parrish's people.
Hit friends, family, former associates, anybody who could harbor a fugitive.
He's got a daughter on the island.
Kono and I will start there.
This guy Parrish, he's sharp enough to put together an elaborate real estate scam.
It's hard to imagine that he would risk going back to prison just to take a shot at a witness.
I'm guessing he's laying low, looking for a way off the island right now.
Yeah, maybe.
But he's not gonna last long without help, right? He'll have to surface sooner or later.
Okay, here's how it's gonna go, big guy.
Keep both your hands on that wheel.
Blondie, you go ahead and pass me back those guns.
I got a better idea.
How about I send back some handcuffs, you put 'em on, nobody has to die, okay? You're the funny one, I guess.
Guns! Pass 'em back, grip first.
Come on! Give 'em to me.
Clearly you haven't thought this through.
I mean, this entire place is locked down.
You're not getting out of here.
Oh, we'll just have to see about that, won't we? Trust me, all right? The only way this ends well for you is if you surrender yourself right now.
I'll take that under advisement.
Right now, all you gotta do is shut up and drive.
That's gonna be a problem.
All right, blondie, give me your phone.
That your daughter? I say is that your daughter? Yeah.
What's her name? Her name is Grace.
Hi, Daddy.
No, honey, I'm-I'm not your daddy.
I'm a good friend of your daddy's, and he asked me to call you because there's a sound that he wants you to hear, okay? Hold on.
Now listen to me.
You don't make it through that checkpoint, she's gonna hear you die, you understand? Danno? You nod your head if you understand.
Danno, are you there? Here it comes, honey.
You just listen up.
Danno? Danno, are you there? Grover.
Lou, it's McGarrett.
Listen, our fugitive was just spotted.
Where? A service station in Wai'anae.
We need all available resources up there to start searching the area, okay? Wait a minute! That's halfway across the island! I'm not gonna abandon our perimeter on the hope that this thing is real.
Listen, this is solid, you understand? Solid.
One of Chin Ho's CI's called it in.
And the longer we waste time, the more time Parrish has to slip away.
We need to boots on the ground up there right now! Did you hear me? Right now.
Turn around, let's go! Let's go! Danno? Okay, Grace.
We're gonna have to try this again later.
See what you can get accomplished if you put your mind to it? You didn't choose this car by accident, did you? No, I didn't.
Okay, I assume, uh, you got everything figured out, so you want to tell us what happens next? What happens next is this: You're gonna handcuff your partner's wrist to that steering wheel.
Then give me his phone.
Looks like we're gonna be spending a little bit of time together.
Those things are trackable.
So they got to go.
Do it.
Come on.
You know what, Parrish? Clearly you're a smart guy.
I mean, getting out of the courthouse, and making it this far, that's impressive.
But here's something you might not know.
Every single cop on the island right now is looking for you.
Plus the TSA and the Port Authority have both been alerted, which means you show your face at the airport or any of the docks, they're gonna be all over you.
And it's only a matter of time before our team come looking for us.
So what I'm saying to you is that with or without us, there is no way you're getting off this island.
But I'm not running.
I got other plans.
We need some new wheels.
Parrish isn't here.
And you are? Agents Kohl, Denson, FBI.
Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly from Five-O.
This is Officer Kono Kalakaua.
Yeah, Parrish was our case.
We put in a better part of a year to get that conviction, just to have him skip on us during sentencing, so you know this is an epic disaster.
I got a Federal prosecutor on my ass.
All right, well, our team's doing everything we can to bring Parrish in.
Good, we can use the help.
Goes without saying he's one slippery son of a bitch.
So what'd the daughter have to say? Nothing helpful.
Maybe you guys'll have better luck with her.
Look, it's like I already told the FBI.
My father hasn't been by here today and he hasn't tried to contact me.
When was the last time you spoke with him? It's about a year ago.
He called the night he was arrested, swore he was innocent.
Nothing since then? Here.
Your father sent you these from prison? At least two or three a week.
But they're unopened.
Didn't answer any of his collect calls, either.
That man's never been a father to me.
Why should I be a daughter to him now? You're not curious what he has to say? No.
The man's a natural born liar.
You can't trust a word that comes out of his mouth.
You mind if we hold onto these? Yeah, that's fine.
I have no use for them.
Petrie Park, right? I used to go there with my dad when I was a kid.
Sure that was nice.
Clearly there was a time when that man meant something to you.
Otherwise you wouldn't have kept those letters.
So if he tries to contact you, tell him to turn himself in.
'Cause whatever you may think of him now, I know you don't want this to end badly for him.
Aw, man.
Is there a problem, Officer? Yeah, can you step out of the car? Wait, are you even a cop? No, but, uh, they are.
What size pants you wear? Like, 34? All right, this is Kauhi Street.
What are we looking for? You'll know it when you see it.
Make a right.
You figure it out yet? The eyewitness at your trial, Archie Akama.
He was a construction worker.
That it? That's right, smart guy.
How'd you know where he was working? It's a funny thing about being in prison some of the biggest crooks you're ever gonna meet are in there.
The guards.
I paid one them off to get me an address.
So, what, you're just gonna go in there and pull Akama out? Not me.
That's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna walk right up to that foreman, show him that badge of yours, And you say whatever you got to say.
to get Akama to come out and come back to the car with you.
You got it? I got it.
Is that it? Yeah, that's it.
But know one thing: I'm gonna be watching.
You disappear on me for one second, I suspect you're gonna tip them o, your partner here is shot dead.
Your little buddy has quite an attitude problem.
Doesn't he? Yeah, when you point a gun in his face, it kind of brings out the worst in him, you know? Yeah.
Let's just hope he knows how to follow directions.
What happened? What'd he say? According to the foreman, no one named Akama works here.
You expect me to believe that? What, do you think I'm an idiot? You can believe what you want.
That's what he said, okay? Maybe you're not taking into consideration the fact that this guard, the guy that gave you the address, maybe he played you, okay? He played me? Now I'm getting played by guards.
Don't try to get inside my head, okay? Who's he talking to? What'd you say to him? I didn't say anything.
You told him to call the cops, didn't you? I didn't tell him anything.
Get out of here.
Come on, drive.
Wh-Where? Anyplace, just out of here.
You're not thinking straight, Roy, okay? Listen to me.
Getting revenge against the guy who testified against you is not gonna change anything.
What are you talking about? You think I want him dead? Archie Akama's the last guy in the world I want dead.
Then why are you looking for him? He's the only one that can clear my name.
Now drive! Okay, do me a favor.
Explain something to me.
How is it that the same guy that testified against you is now gonna be the same guy that clears your name? Hmm? I want to get him to recant his testimony.
Oh, right.
With a gun to his head, I'm sure he's gonna admit to anything you want him to.
Maybe he'll say he's Santa Claus or something.
Hmm? The only way I'm ever gonna prove I'm innocent is to have him admit that he lied under oath.
Wait a minute.
Why would he perjure himself just to get you convicted? Because the whole thing was a massive frame-up from the get-go.
Back it up.
What happened? Tell us what happened from the beginning.
Listen, after my last little bit, I promised I was never gonna go up again.
I needed a job, I answered an ad in the newspaper for a sales job, and I took it.
I didn't know the whole damn thing was just a scam.
They were just looking for some mope with a record to pin the whole thing on.
Who's "they"? Dale Sullivan.
He's the one that gave me the job.
The one I went to when one of the investors was making big noise about the frame-up.
Why didn't you go to the police? Sullivan said it was all a misunderstanding.
The next thing I know, the Feds are kicking my door down, the investor's shot in the head and they got an eyewitness on the scene.
Archie Akama.
Paid off, no doubt.
If that ain't enough, they planted the murder weapon in my place, okay? Soon as I saw that, I knew it was Sullivan from the get.
They made sure all the contracts had my signature, they ran the cash through an account he opened in my name.
You add that up with the murder weapon and the eyewitness, it was just the final nail.
What'd the Feds say when you told 'em all that? The same thing the two of you are thinking right now, that I'm lying.
So, did they look into Sullivan? They said he didn't exist.
By the time I got arrested, he was already out of the picture.
I'll tell you one thing, that little rat Akama, he's still out there somewhere, and I'm gonna find him.
Okay, um, well, let's-let's say you do find him, let's say you're telling the truth, you put a gun to this guy's head, uh, and you get a confession out of him, it's not gonna help you, okay? I mean, he would've been under duress, and it'll never stick.
Why do you think I picked your car? Word is Five-O are the only cops that will give a guy like me a fair shake.
Yeah, well, you know, our goodwill usually runs out when someone jacks our car and puts a gun to our heads.
It's the only way you were ever gonna believe me.
You heard it from Akama's own mouth that he perjured himself.
You find out that Sullivan put him up to the whole damn thing.
Listen, stick with me and help me track him down.
And if you do, you'll find out I'm telling the truth.
There's only one problem with that.
Akama's address was on those cell phones you smashed.
Steve, it's me again.
Listen, I've got an update for you, so give me a call when you get this.
I tracked down a bunch of Parrish's old associates.
They swear they haven't heard from Parrish in years.
See, that's interesting.
Kono and I went through the letters he wrote to his daughter while he was in prison.
Parrish swears that he'd gone straight.
He claims that a guy named Dale Sullivan set him up for both the embezzlement and the murder.
Okay, didn't his own daughter herself say that he's a skilled liar? If she doesn't believe him, why should we? Right.
Except for the fact that one of the leads he asked her to look into actually turned up something.
Take a look at this.
It's an online job posting that Parrish claims he answered.
It actually expired a little while ago, but I was able to dig up a cached copy.
Now, according to him, this guy Sullivan interviewed him and then hired him for a sales job.
"Lucrative commissions.
No experience necessary.
" Thin on details, right? Mm-hmm.
And the e-mail address for responses is anonymous.
I checked with the Web site and according to their records, And Parrish was one of them.
Then we need to contact every single person who responded to this ad.
Kono's with HPD right now, doing exactly that.
Okay, um Let's suppose for a second that Parrish really was framed.
I mean, if you're looking for a fall guy, he certainly fits the bill, right? Two-time felon.
No one's gonna think twice about throwing the book at him.
It would also explain why none of his old crew have heard from him.
Maybe he really did clean up his act.
You know, if Parrish really was framed, Archie Akama lied under oath.
I'm still waiting to hear whether the guys picked Akama up.
When I tried them earlier, they weren't answering.
I tried Steve three times in the last hour.
It keeps going to voicemail.
Is that them? No, it's Grover.
Lou, what's going on? What is going on is we just canvassed all of Wai'anae.
There's no sign of Parrish if he was even here to begin with.
You need to get yourself another CI.
Wait a minute.
What CI? That CI of yours who said he spotted Parrish.
McGarrett called into me a couple of hours ago.
I haven't been able to get a hold of him ever since.
I never called McGarrett about a CI.
Well, so why would he lie to me? There's only one reason why he'd lie to you.
Steve and Danny are in trouble.
Okay, we are officially driving around in circles.
What's next? I'm thinking.
Well, think faster.
'Cause we're gonna run out of gas.
Roy, it's time to face the facts.
You're out of options, okay? I mean, you can't keep running, and you can't find Akama by yourself.
I could still shoot you both and take the car.
Yeah, that would prove everything you just said is a lie.
Now, if you want to clear your name, if that's what you want to do, there's only one way to do it.
How's that? Yeah, how is that? You let us take you in.
We track down Akama, sort out what's going on.
No Feds, no HPD.
Just you and us and Akama in a room.
What, no catered lunch? This offer is genuine, okay? It's the only offer you're gonna get.
You have my word, I promise.
If Akama is lying, we will get it out of him.
You came to us for a fair shake.
You gonna let us give you one or what? Okay, all right.
I'll do it your way.
Clear! - Clear.
- Help! Help me! Help me! Help! Thank God! Some lunatic stole my car.
What kind of car, exactly? You know, I gotta, uh I gotta ask a question.
You are a three-time felon.
Guys like you do not get out of the joint and, uh, get jobs selling real estate to rich investors.
Not legitimately, anyway.
So you didn't kill anybody, fine.
But, uh, you must've known that what you were doing was not on the up and up.
How old's your daughter? Eleven? Twelve? Where were you when she was born? I bet you were right there.
You probably held her in your arms and heard her first little cry.
Wouldn't be surprised if you cut the cord.
You probably did, didn't you? You know where I was? No.
Max seg, Otter Creek, Wheelwright, Kentucky.
By the time I was released, my little girl was already six years old.
With my record I was lucky if I could see her a couple hours every weekend.
I'd take her to the park and push her on a swing and buy a shaved ice.
You know what that's life.
I was there every Saturday, no matter what, until I till I went up again.
The years kept piling up, one after another.
By the time I got out, she wasn't a little girl anymore.
Already made up her mind what kind of man I was.
I figured that new job I had was my chance to make a little bit of money.
Maybe put her in college, do something right for once in my life.
You guys go ahead and believe whatever you want to.
When did you tip them off? Right after you gave me your word?! Nobody tipped anybody off, Roy.
I told you our team would come looking for us, didn't I tell you that? Lose them! Now! Do you hear me? Now your turn.
Put 'em on, nice and tight.
Back up.
Put 'em on.
Lean back.
Sit back.
Buddy, just so you know, uh, the brake's the square pedal on the left.
I'm aware of that.
Okay, so what are you doing? Whatever you're doing, don't do it, please.
Listen to me, Danny.
Guilty guys-- they run.
They don't kidnap a couple of cops to prove they were framed.
Okay, good.
So we drop him off at HPD, and then we look into the story ourselves.
Do not without No, we don't.
No, we don't? No, we don't.
No, we don't.
Why don't we? Gave him our word we would track down Akama before we turn him over to the cops.
All right, that's what we're gonna do.
Sit back.
Sit back.
What is that? That is Akama's address, okay? The foreman did not say that he wasn't working.
He said he wasn't working today.
Okay? Oh, don't Look, don't give me a look, okay? I did the hard part.
All you got to do now is outrun the cops.
Buckle up.
How? Hold on.
They did what?! McGarrett just evaded HPD.
Now, officers on the scene say they saw Detective Williams with his gun on the fugitive.
Which begs the question-- what the hell is going on?! I'm not sure.
But I may have an idea of where they're going.
I'm on my way.
Hey, take it easy.
Nice and slow.
I don't trust you in these bracelets, either.
Come on.
Let's go see what Archie Akama has to say.
Turn around.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Door's open.
You stay with him.
I'm going in.
I got him.
Akama was my only chance of not going back to jail.
It's all over.
That's it.
I'll call it in.
No dial tone.
Get down! Get down! Stay down! I'm staying down! Not you.
I got bullets flying over my head! Huh? Nice entrance.
Why is it everywhere you go, people are shooting at you? Today, they weren't gunning for me, okay? Where's Parrish? We got separated during the gunfight.
He ain't here.
He's gone.
Oh, thank God.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine, too.
Glad to see you guys in one piece.
Any word on Parrish? No.
HPD is canvassing the neighborhood right now.
Okay, so, what happened? Split up at the courthouse to go find Parrish.
Turns out, he was in our car.
My car.
And, um, uh, he's innocent, also.
The Feds convicted the wrong guy.
This man Dale Sullivan-- he, uh he framed Parrish for the murder.
He also paid off Akama to lie under oath.
That much we know.
We got Kono running down a lead right now.
Hopefully, she can tell us who this Sullivan guy really is.
Well, whoever he is, I'm thinking that he found out Parrish escaped, came here to kill Akama to make sure he didn't recant his testimony.
Then he sat on the house, hoping that Parrish would come back here.
We need to I.
these shooters ASAP.
All right? On it.
No sign of Parrish.
Lady next door had her car stolen.
Found these in the driveway.
All right, let's get the plate number out.
Make sure HPD keeps close eyes on Parrish's daughter.
He's on his own now.
He may turn to her.
Let's get photos and prints of all these dead bodies.
We need to get CSU started on running I.
Let's take a look.
Kono, what do you got? So far we tracked down 12 people who responded to the job post.
Three of them have criminal records.
Now coincidentally, those same three are the only ones who were called in for a job interview with a man named Dale Sullivan.
They were being screened-- Sullivan was looking for someone with a record to pin the crime on.
That's not all.
So based on the descriptions, I had HPD put together a composite sketch of Sullivan.
Chin, you're never gonna believe this, but we met this guy, today.
The FBI agent from this morning.
Yeah, Agent Kohl.
How'd you know that? I'm standing over his partner's body right now.
Parrish isn't here.
You are? Agent Kohl.
Our fake Fed is Julian Lynch.
Arrested back in 2008 for securities fraud, but investigators couldn't make the charges stick.
Seems like this guy has a knack for staying one step removed from the cons he runs.
Yeah, by setting other people up to take the fall.
Look-- according to TSA, Lynch arrived in Hawaii back in December of 2012.
That's three weeks before Parrish responded to the job posting.
That's when Parrish became Lynch's patsy.
Did you say "patsy"? I did.
I've been wanting to use that word for a while.
You know, if Lynch is bold enough to pose as an FBI agent to track this guy down, he's not gonna stop now just because the heat's turned up.
That's why we need to find Parrish before he does.
The HPD unit we put on Parrish's daughter just called in to say she's leaving her house.
Is he still tailing her? He was, and then 15 minutes ago he stopped answering his radio.
Thanks for meeting me here.
Listen, I gotta disappear for a while.
But before I do, there's something I wanted you to know.
Never killed that man.
Guess I never gave you much reason to believe me, but you gotta believe me now.
Please say you do.
You shouldn't have run.
What'd you do? In her defense, she thought I was FBI.
Wait, what's going on? What's going on is, probably for the first time in his life, your father's telling the truth.
Listen, do whatever you got to do, but let my daughter go.
We'll see.
You know, it didn't have to go this way.
You could've just lived the rest of your life in prison.
For a crime I didn't commit? Does that really matter? I mean, come on, no offense, but a guy like you, sooner or later, you were gonna end up back there.
Please don't do this.
Sorry, hon, I can't be constantly looking over my should, wondering if and when Daddy here is gonna pop up and get his revenge.
Officer down.
He's gone.
This one belongs to Lauren Parrish.
He must have tailed her here.
There's a lookout about a half mile down through those woods.
That's got to be where they are.
Let's go.
Come on.
- I'm so sorry, Dad.
- Please stop crying.
You're the only good thing that ever came out of me.
Let's face it I've made enough mistakes for two lifetimes.
It's not your fault.
Listen, this is between you and me.
She doesn't need to see Daddy! Daddy? Daddy You son of a bitch! D Daddy Kill her, and dump 'em both.
Daddy Daddy Okay, why don't you come with us.
Daddy Let's give them some space to work, okay? Come on.
I got to get pressure on this wound.
This is 3901 to Central.
I got a male GSW, critical condition.
I need a 10-10 expedited to my location.
Stay with us, Roy.
His pulse is fading.
Send her over.
Lauren, come here.
Come here.
Keep your hands here.
Give me your hand.
He can hear you, okay? You talk to him.
Talk to him.
I believe you.
I believe you.
I believe you.
I love you.
I always have.
Lauren Parrish, on behalf of the United States District Court of Hawaii, I would like to apologize for the gross miscarriage of justice that resulted in your father's wrongful conviction.
It will never bring him back, but the record will now show that Randall Parrish was posthumously pardoned of all charges.
Thank you for coming.
Figured you might want these back.
I'm still holding out hope that one day you'll read these letters.
Because my biggest fear isn't that I'll spend the rest of my life in prison for a crime I didn't do, it's that I'll die in here without getting the chance to tell you how proud I am of you and how much you mean to me.
The time we spent together were the happiest moments of my life.
And I want you to know that there's nothing that's made me happier than being your daddy.
I don't get it; I thought I was grounded.
Uh I had some time to think about it, and, uh I realized I was maybe a little bit too hard on you, okay? You were? Yes.
I was.
Listen, um I want you to know something.
I am very proud of you, you know, for sticking up for your friend.
I'm sorry I didn't say that yesterday.
All right? You know, I make mistakes, too, sometimes.
I don't always know what the right thing to do is.
But I always I always love you, no matter what, all right? Come here.
You're the best.
Hey! Hey! Hey, look who made it.
Hey, Grace, I got a seat right here for you.
Yeah, sit down, guys.
Help us finish off these pu-pu's.
Yeah, I don't, uh, think that sounds right to me, still, to this day.
Whoa! That is some serious bruising you got there.
You should see the other guy.
Oh! Ooh! Okay, I'm gonna go get another round.
Danny, come for a walk.
Do you need me to pay for it? No, I've got Catherine's Amex.
Oh, nice.
Be right back.
You got to help me out, Grace.
I was just trying to convince the guys we should hit the pool for a little dip.
All right, come on, now, we got food here, people trying to eat-- don't nobody want to see all that.
Yo, yo, yo, yo.
You're just chickening out of the belly flop contest - I challenged you to.
- That sounds fun.
Hey, hey, hey, don't encourage him.
Hey, uh, can I have three more of these, please? And, uh, what are you drinking? I will have a Longboard Wow.
Yeah, a Longboard and a Shirley Temple for my date.
Here it is.
You got money.
That's amazing.
Yeah, I work.
I make money.
Thank you.
Don't touch it.
You're welcome.
Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
She's a great kid, Dan.
Yeah, she's got a mean right cross, too.

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