Hawaii Five-0 s04e15 Episode Script

Pale 'la (Buried Secrets)

That them? No, it's not them.
When it's them, I'll tell you.
You keep asking me every two seconds.
You okay? You seem nervous.
You all right? I'm not n I'm excited, okay? I'm very excited.
This is the first time my parents are coming to see me since I moved here, so I am excited, okay? And maybe slightly nervous for having to spend seven days in a small space with these two people, okay? They're both very impulsive, excitable, big personalities.
They can lose their temper at the drop of a hat.
So they're nothing like you.
If you're gonna be sarcastic, you can wait in the car.
No, I'm just saying the apple didn't fall far from the tree is all.
Well, I didn't ask for commentary.
So if you want to be sympathetic, Fine.
a little compassion, I'll take that, but the commentary I don't need.
Hey, six o'clock, big personality.
There's my boy.
Come here.
Look at you.
Hey, Ma.
Hello, handsome.
Mm, it's so good to see you.
It's so good to see you.
Look at you.
You look so good.
How was your flight? Thank you.
It was very long.
What? Whoa, Ma, what's with all the luggage? You know I always overpack.
No, I don't know that because we never went anywhere.
How would I know? You must be Steve.
You must be Mrs.
Welcome to Hawaii.
You can call me Clara.
And mahalo.
I learned that on the plane.
That's very good.
It's perfect pronunciation.
So where's, uh Thank you.
where's Pa, Ma? You, uh, stuff him in one of those big bags? Yeah, about that, he couldn't make it this trip.
But we'll talk about that later.
What do you mean he couldn't make the trip? What happened? Is he okay? What's going on? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He's fine.
Okay, so wh so why didn't he come? We'll talk about it later.
Ma, just talk about it now.
Just tell me why he didn't come.
Um I'm leaving your father.
We're getting a divorce.
I'm gonna I'm gonna go somewhere else.
Hey, you need a hand with those? All right.
What do you what do you mean a divorce, Ma? A sports car? Really? Isn't that a little obvious? I mean, you still have your hair, you know.
Would you please focus here, Ma? This is really not the time or the place.
I disagree.
This is the time.
What do you what do you mean divor You can't get divorced.
You've been married 40 years.
Okay, 38 years and this is America.
I can get divorced whenever I want to.
Ask Kim Kardashian.
Please don't do that.
Do what? Don't try to be funny.
This is serious.
Please, Ma.
I know this is serious.
But I've thought about it a lot, and it's the decision that I've made.
And I need you to respect that, okay? Come on.
What about here? Too low.
Too high.
A little more to the middle.
Mo Wait.
Too much.
Go back.
No, that is too far.
That's it.
I'm hanging it here.
No, wait, just I really think it should go in the bedroom.
Would you relax? It's just drywall.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) So, did he lose his license? Ma, please, just stop.
Excuse me.
I don't get it.
If this is your car, then why is he driving it? We have an arrangement, - you see.
- We have what? An arran No, we don't have an arrangement.
An arrangement would require my cooperation, which we definitely do not have.
What we have is me as a passenger in my car all the time.
He has never been good with sharing.
- Really? - Wait, that's not true.
That's not true at all.
I'm-I'm very good at sharing.
But can we get back on topic, please? Now? About something that's important, this divorce and how it's coming out of nowhere.
Well, not for me it's not.
Don't give me a look.
Hey, look, it's fine, okay? We're family.
We can discuss this now.
We don't got to wait till later.
Yeah, he's also very impatient.
Have you noticed that part? He wants what he wants and he wants it right now.
Well, I wonder where I get that from.
Oh, and now the mumbling starts.
He mumbles under his breath.
Have you noticed that? It used to drive his teachers crazy and his sisters, too.
Mumble, mumble.
Oh, speaking of which, I do not want you calling them about this, do you hear me? I'm gonna tell them in person.
You do that because I'll tell you what's gonna happen: you're gonna tell 'em What? and they're gonna lose their mind.
They're gonna freak out.
Just so you know.
As opposed to what you're doing, right? I'm not freaking out, if that's what you mean, okay? This is a completely legitimate response to some very upsetting news.
You know, you're very dramatic, honey.
Nice house.
Hey, Chin, hey.
We catch we catch a case or what? Great.
No, great.
Send me the address.
I'll be right there.
All right, good.
I got to go.
Uh, got to get to a crime scene.
Lucky you.
Well, it was very nice to meet you.
I'll-I'll see you again, right? I hope so.
Oh, hey, have fun.
Commander McGarrett.
Sean Hutton.
Honolulu Register.
We met at the governor's Christmas party last year.
Oh, sure, I remember.
How you doing? Good, good.
Hey, listen, I can't give you a statement.
I haven't even seen the crime scene.
No, I'm not here to talk about that.
I want to talk about Lou Grover.
What about him? Well, I'm doing a story on our new SWAT captain.
I wanted to see if you'd go on record about him.
Okay, well, listen, we just started working together, so there's, uh, not much I can tell you, okay? - Right.
Did you know he left Chicago under a cloud? What kind of story are you writing? There was an incident, a hostage situation.
And from what I hear, Grover screwed up and the Chicago PD buried it.
Okay, well, I don't know anything about that.
Yeah, I'm sure you don't.
'Cause if you did, you would've told the chief of police and then Grover never would've been hired.
Yeah, maybe.
But if you're gonna go down that road, Mr.
Hutton, you better make damn sure your facts are straight or you could ruin a good man's career.
With all due respect, Commander, I don't need you to tell me how to write a story.
Okay? And I'm gonna write this story whether you cooperate or not.
Then we got nothing more to talk about.
Here we go.
I've got the rest of your body right here.
Based on the facial features and bone structure, it appears to be an adult male.
However, an accurate age estimate is gonna be difficult to make.
Any idea how long he's been in there? The state of mummification leads me to conclude that the range is somewhere between five to seven months.
Five to seven months.
How long have the Sakatas lived here? They just moved in last week.
Oh, I think I found our cause of death.
Take a look.
A single GSW to the head.
- That'll do it every time.
- All right, I've seen enough, Max.
Let's get him out of there.
As you wish.
Who am I? Someone who's about to get shot? Leatherface.
Oh, man.
You guys are no fun at all.
Guy Ingram.
I recognize this guy.
Well, this might be why.
Kahu Realty.
Oh, yeah.
His face was plastered on bus benches all over the Island, right? "When you're ready to buy, call Guy.
I'll be there to welcome you home".
In this case, literally.
Fingerprints confirm our victim is indeed Guy Ingram.
He moved here two years ago from the mainland.
His relatives in Cleveland have been notified.
The bullet that killed him was a .
22 caliber round shot in close proximity.
I already sent it to Ballistics.
All right, so, what else do we know about Mr.
Ingram? Well, I was able to determine that the T.
was six months ago.
More precisely, August 7.
Wow, you have an exact date.
That's very impressive, Max.
Well, I can't take full credit for that assessment.
After thoroughly going through the victim's garments, I was able to discover that he was in possession of an airline ticket, which you can see was issued for a flight on August 7.
Looks like he was headed to Los Angeles.
I'm thinking the murder prevented him from making that flight.
Pop, it's me.
Okay, please, when you get this message or any of the other 19 messages I left you, please call me back.
Look, whatever's going on with Mom, it is fixable.
So call me and, uh, we will work it out, okay? Okay.
Call me.
I saw The sign and it opened up my mind And I am happy now living without you I've left you, oh, oh, oh I saw the sign And it opened up my mind and I Hello, sweetheart.
Hi, Ma.
I love your house.
Oh, thank you.
I think this one, uh, is a keeper.
What are you, uh what are you doing? I'm making you lunch.
Oh, good.
I'm starving.
You doing the, uh, macaroni and ketchup sauce? Yeah.
They serve that in prison, you know.
You loved this when you were a kid.
I know-- I was fond of eating crayons, too, but I gave that up.
Oh, your Ah, ah.
I got it.
I'm gonna cook.
Really? We'll make a nice ten-minute sauce.
Bing, bing, and bing.
There we go.
You have some very impressive knife skills there, honey.
Thank you, thank you.
So, when did you learn to cook? Well, uh, when Rachel left, I had no choice.
I was either gonna watch the Food Network a couple times a week, or Grace and I were gonna eat takeout every day.
So Mm.
Speaking of people leaving other people, Ma Speaking of Grace, what time does she get out of school? I'm dying to see my grandbaby.
Okay, Ma Yeah? Ah, here we go.
Listen Yeah, here we go.
You cannot come here and tell me you're getting divorced, and then not explain what's going on.
All right? So please tell me what is going on, because when I came home for Dad's birthday, everything seemed fine.
Apart from me crying on your shoulder because he used our vacation fund to buy a stupid sports car? Okay, if it's about the money, about the trip, I-I'll treat you guys.
I'll pay for the trip myself.
No, no, it's not about the money, it's not about the vacation fund-- it's the fact that your father always said that when he retired, it would be our time.
It would be our time to travel, it would be our time to take dancing lessons, it would be our time to fall in love all over again.
And he has not kept that promise.
I mean, this is the third act of my life, sweetheart.
You know? I want it to be great.
So if I can't have our time, I'm gonna have my time.
Because I deserve that.
I'm gonna set the table.
According to the airline, Guy Ingram purchased a one-way ticket to Los Angeles a few days before he was murdered.
Okay, uh, one-way, so he wasn't planning on coming back.
Maybe he knew that somebody was after him and he decided to skip town.
He wasn't going alone.
According to his itinerary, he purchased a second ticket, same flight, same day.
Passenger's name was Sally Ann Caldwell.
And the airline said that she didn't make the flight, either.
What do we know about Sally Ann Caldwell? Not much.
I ran her name through the local DMV, came up empty.
Well, there's got to be something.
I mean, he bought her a ticket, right? They've got to be connected somehow.
We need to find her.
CSU was able to pull some prints from the plaster behind the wall.
We checked AFIS, got no hits, but we're still running them through other databases.
Also got an interesting lead on one of Ingram's coworkers.
Cherie Tranton.
Recognize her? Yeah.
She provided us intel on the Hutchins murder.
According to the office manager, she and Guy Ingram were very competitive.
So after he supposedly left town, she aggressively took over all his listings.
We're talking dozens of commissions on high-end real estate transactions.
That's a lot of cash.
That's definitely motive.
And as a real estate agent, she had access to the crime scene.
Let's see if Cherie Tranton's also got any carpentry skills, huh? Copy that.
Danny, what's up? Okay, uh, in ten minutes, you were gonna call me and tell me there's a very urgent situation that needs my immediate attention, and you need me in the office right away, okay? Can you do that, please? I'm sorry.
You want me to lie so you can ditch your mom? Yes, I do, okay? This divorce thing's got my head spinning, and, uh, I just need some time.
I need some time alone, okay? So why don't you just tell her that, Danny? Well, because if I tell her I need some time alone, she'll say, "Me, too.
Let's go together.
" That's the way she is.
Can you just please do this for me, please? Okay, fine, but next Side Street is on you.
Really? 'Cause it's always on me.
Okay, well, you just owe me one then.
What is it with you? Everything is so mercenary.
You can't just do a friend a solid? You can't do that out of the kindness of your heart? Daniel, the fancy lunch you made is getting cold.
I have to go.
Please just say yes? Okay.
Thank you.
Ten minutes.
Captain Grover.
Let me guess.
Sean Hutton.
McGarrett already filled me in.
I got nothing to say to you.
I know all about the Molina case.
And I think it might not have been handled the way it should have been.
Yeah? Well, Chicago PD may beg to differ.
See, I was investigated thoroughly, and I was cleared.
Well, the brass was looking out for you.
Believe me, I know that happens.
Yet, six months later, you quit the department anyway.
See, that's the part that I can't figure out.
You had a great thing going on there.
Why come all the way out here where you've got no one to protect you? I don't need anybody to protect me, 'cause I do my job right.
Then give me your side.
Convince me that I'm wrong about you, Captain, and the whole story changes.
What, are we pals now, or something? You're gonna look out for me? All right.
You're not giving me a choice here.
your side, I run what I have.
And believe me, you're not gonna like it, Captain.
Now, you're not threatening me now, are you, son? I'm just telling you.
The ball's in your court.
Honestly, you can call me any time.
I never sleep.
I'm like a zombie.
My number's right there.
Come back again.
Is this not the dream house? It has everything, and the owners just reduced the price.
They're super motivated to sell.
You two got kids? Who, us? Uh, no, we're not married.
Who needs papers nowadays, right? All that matters is two people who love each other need a good roof over their heads.
And this one, by the way, was just retiled.
Miss Tranton, we're not here about the house.
I just can't believe it.
I-I thought Guy moved to Los Angeles.
I showed that house over 50 times in the last six months.
To think that he was in there, in that wall the whole time.
Why would someone do that to him? How many commissions did you cash in on after Mr.
Ingram disappeared? What are you insinuating? That I had something to do with his murder? We understand the two of you were extremely competitive.
We fought over every listing, okay? That is the nature of the real estate business here.
It's a small island.
There's only so many big deals.
But why would I kill Guy? He was moving to Los Angeles.
Well, maybe he changed his mind.
Maybe he decided to hang onto those pricey listings.
You are barking up the wrong tree.
Well, then you wouldn't mind if we took some fingerprints.
Knock yourselves out.
Hey, Charlie, what's up? Okay, got it.
We're on our way.
So, Ballistics got a hit on the slug we pulled out of Ingram.
It matches a weapon used in a jewelry store heist two years ago.
HPD closed the case and the weapon was recovered and vouchered.
If that gun is sitting in an evidence room, how was it used to kill our vic? My mother is definitely serious about this divorce thing.
She's serious today.
Danny, give her a couple days to think about it, you know, let it sink in I'm telling you, okay, she has made up her mind.
My mother is singing in my kitchen.
She's singing "I Saw the Sign.
" You know that song, "I Saw the Sign"? I don't know the song.
Okay, well, let me explain the song to you, okay? It goes like this.
"I saw the sign.
"It opened up my mind.
And now I am happy living without you.
" You know the one? Sing me a couple bars.
Just the first couple You sing me a couple bars.
Do me favor.
You gonna bust my chops right now? I'm trying Look, I don't get it, all right? It's a song.
It's a song.
It's just a song.
It's a song that is about being happy and moving on in life.
The horror.
Look, it's not just the song.
She's saying some very disturbing things.
She's talking about "me time," right? Third act of her life.
It's all very unsettling to hear from your mother, trust me.
Next thing, she'll be dating.
Why would you say that to me? Well, because it's a natural Why would you say? You were getting there.
I was not getting there.
I would never get there.
This is my mother we're talking about.
Who, Danny, if we're being honest, happens to be a beautiful woman.
Whoa! Hey! What, she not gonna date again? Oh! Enough! That's it! No more talking about it, okay? Fine, okay.
I should have my head examined for coming here asking you advice in the first place.
Your mother, she couldn't even get divorced like a normal human being.
She had to pretend she was dead to get away from your father! Hey! Hey! What? Take it easy.
I'm supportive of my mother, okay? When she lets me.
That's, uh, just the slightest bit of revisionist history.
Excuse me? Well, I was there when you brought her home from Japan, and, uh, you wouldn't even look at her in the face and you wouldn't call her "Mom".
Yeah, because Doris and I had some issues, okay, when she got back from Japan after 20 years.
And then what happened? I was supportive.
Your mom needs you, Danny.
Just be there for her.
Sure, I remember that case.
The owner was shot during a robbery.
We caught the guy, he's doing a ten-year bit in Halawa.
Okay, and that weapon was logged into evidence? It went from here to the courthouse and back.
If you got a hit to that gun, it's gotta be a mistake.
That's it.
That's the case you're looking for.
It's gone.
Thanks for coming, man.
Of course.
I take it you met Sean Hutton.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I met Sean Hutton, all right.
He's a he's a man on a mission.
He's gonna put out this story whether he gets all the facts or not.
Okay, well, you gotta talk to him.
I don't even think that's gonna change his mind.
What, you're saying he's right? I'm saying it's complicated.
Back in Chicago, I was on the department fast track.
I'd gone from being a uniform to head of SWAT in 15 years.
One night we get a call.
Hostage situation.
Guy's name is Jorge Molina.
And Jorge was very angry with his ex-wife.
She goes over to his place to pick up their two-year-old son for her visitation, he locks her out of the place.
Then he tells her he's got a gun.
And he's threatening the boy and he's threatening to harm himself, so we come over there.
Set up a perimeter.
And I get on the phone with him.
Why not a hostage negotiator? Because I knew Jorge.
Back when I was a uniform, seemed like every weekend I was over at his parents' house on a domestic call, so I earned his trust, and, uh I thought for sure he'd listen to me.
Who's this?! This is Captain Grover, you remember me, right? Oh, yeah, yeah.
I remember you.
All right, Jorge, listen, I know you, what you doing in there scaring everybody? Man, I know you don't want to hurt nobody.
Especially your baby.
She wants to take him away from me.
And I don't want to give him up.
I want to see him.
I understand, I understand that.
But I got you on that, I'm gonna help you with that.
All you got to do is come outside and surrender to me.
A second later I'm gonna be on the phone with CPS.
I'm gonna vouch for you and I'm gonna tell them you're a good guy.
Well okay.
Yeah, yeah, you were always good to me and my family.
I had him, man.
I had him.
To this day, I don't know what set him off.
Jorge, you got to listen to me.
Captain, Jenkins says he has the shot.
I don't know, I don't think so.
Listen to me, listen to me, Jorge.
Look at me.
Look at me, I'm taking off my vest.
Captain Huh? I'm taking off my gun.
The snipers radioed in and said they had a shot through the front window.
But I made 'em hold off.
You want to point that gun at somebody, you point it at me.
We can take him down.
All we need is the green light.
Okay? I trust you.
That's why I'm out here like this.
Just need the green light, Captain.
All you have to do is walk outside Captain.
with your hands in the air.
We just need the go-ahead.
And everything's gonna be fine.
I made the decision to wait.
You can trust me.
No, you're lying.
You're lying just to get me out there.
You're lying! No, I've always been straight with you.
Just give us the green light.
Anything that I've ever told you I'm gonna do, I always do.
We can take him down.
Isn't that right? Isn't that right? Just give us the green light, Captain.
I'm always gonna be straight I can't come out.
All right, come on outside with me.
I'm sorry.
- Come on, come on.
Just come out with your hands up.
It's too late! It's too late.
It's it's too late.
- All right? Do we have a green light? No, no, no.
It's not too late, son.
Let us take the shot.
It's not too late.
It's too late, Captain.
It looks bad, but it's not too late.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry.
No, don't say that, son.
Don't say that! No, Jorge, don't do it! You don't want to do that.
You're not a No! So I go into the house, and they're both dead.
And his little boy, Christian he was lying on the floor with his blanket little stuffed animal.
Blood everywhere.
I hope you never see something like that, man, because you'll remember it for the rest of your life.
You made a call, Lou.
All right? It's not your fault, what happened.
That's what they told me! That's what I told myself.
But I still couldn't get past the idea that if I had just done one thing, just one thing different that that little boy would still be alive.
Chicago PD cleared me.
But I couldn't get past it.
And I'm fightin' with my wife, and I'm yellin' at my kids The best friend I had in the world, I get into a little argument with him and I end up punching the guy.
And I spent so many nights, late at night, pacing the floor in my living room, on my eighth beer, my ninth beer, my tenth beer.
And I'm angry and I'm trying to I'm counting all the people that pissed me off that day.
And I'm asking, "What the hell is wrong with everybody?" Well, eventually I figured out what the problem was.
And it was me.
And unless I wanted to ruin my career and wreck my marriage, I had to get the hell out of Chicago, man.
Because driving down those streets, every little kid I saw was Christian Molina.
So I put in for the job out here.
I figured, why not put an ocean between me and my problems? And then this Sean Hutton comes around.
And he's bringing it all right back to my front door, and I'm gonna have to deal with this all over again.
All the guilt.
All the questions.
You've got my full support.
All right? I really appreciate that, man.
That's why I come down here to talk to you.
I know you got things you're keeping inside and you gotta get these things off your chest, or I swear, they're gonna press the air right out of you.
And then you're gonna end up just like m You know what I'm trying to say, right? Yeah.
Hello, sweetheart.
Ma, I, uh just got home.
Thought maybe we, uh could have a talk.
Where, uh where are you? At the Hilton.
We're just hanging by the pool.
We? Who's "we"? What are you what, are you on a date, Ma? I am, actually.
With my beautiful granddaughter.
That's-that's completely impossible, because your granddaughter's in school right now.
Well, I might have taken her out of school a little bit early.
Early? Yes, but in my defense, we were doing something very educational.
We were learning how to apply foundation.
Apply foundation I don't know what that means.
We got makeovers.
Oh, you had makeovers! Uh-huh.
Like with makeup on everybody's faces.
Well, yes, that's how you usually do it.
Can you do me a favor and send a picture of my daughter to me? Right now, please? On the telephone? Okay.
Coming right up.
Okay, he wants a picture.
Okay, say "YOLO.
You're so pretty.
Thank you.
Got it? Oh, God Oh, relax.
No, Ma, you relax.
Nice retort, sweetheart.
Okay, look.
Um Operation, uh, Corrupt My Daughter is now officially over.
I'd like you two to come home now, please, if that's okay.
Thanks for coming.
Change your mind about going on record? No.
I'm afraid not, Sean.
Listen, I know what happened in Chicago, all right? And your facts may be right.
But you're-you're way off base about Captain Grover.
He's a good man, and he's a great cop.
Who made the wrong call and got a little boy killed.
I'm-I'm surprised by your support for him, Commander.
One of the first things that Grover did when he rode into town was file a grievance against you.
Which was withdraw.
So, what? You-you owe him a favor, now? No, that's not how it works.
Why are you defending him? I don't get you.
You don't get me.
No, you don't get me.
You non-operators, you sit on the sidelines and you judge us in the field.
You have no idea what it's like.
The hard decisions we have to make every day going downrange, and the consequences that we have to live with forever.
Are you speaking for Captain Grover, or are you speaking for yourself? I'm speaking for anyone who's ever had to do this job.
I'm also asking you leave this one alone, huh? Hi.
Go ahead.
Go wash your face right now.
Are you mad, Danno? No, I'm not mad.
Do I look mad? Go.
Come on in.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to go have a little fun with my granddaughter.
Got it.
It's fine.
Ma that's fine.
Here's what I don't get.
I don't get how it is that you are having fun.
It doesn't make sense to me.
I mean, you're dancing in the kitchen, you're singing songs, you're doing makeovers, going to the pool, having a blast.
I mean, I I'm confused.
Aren't-aren't you upset? Aren't you sad? Of course I'm sad.
You think because I have a song stuck in my head that I'm not sad? I don't know.
I want to cry all the time, honey.
I'm sorry I took Grace out of school.
It's just, when you left for work, I found myself extremely lonely here, and wandering around with nothing to do.
I already said that's fine.
Ma, can we talk now? Please? Ever since your father retired, he has a million different hobbies and-and interests.
And not one of them involves being with me.
You're here with Gracie, Matt's on the run somewhere, the girls are busy with their own families, and I went from being the busiest woman in the world, raising you guys, cooking, cleaning, couponing, PTA-ing, to having absolutely nothing but time on my hands.
All right, so maybe you need a hobby, too, you know.
No, I don't need a hobby, sweetheart, I need a life.
Like a real life.
A life with love and romance and companionship.
Please don't think that I did not try to make this marriage work.
I never worked harder at anything in my life.
And I know this is hurting you, but No, Mom, it's-it's Yeah.
No, I know it is.
And I know that it doesn't really matter how old you are or how much your dad and I love you, it's still a tough thing for you to handle, the thought of us being apart.
And I am so sorry for that.
Okay, well, I appreciate that, Mom.
I do.
I apologize myself.
I obviously have not been very supportive, okay? But just so you know, uh, the hardest day of my life was not when Rachel told me that she was leaving me, okay? It was when we had to sit down and tell Grace.
That was, that was tough, you know? And she, you know, she-she-she tried not to cry.
And she was, you know, trying to be big about it, but I know that, uh, that we were her anchor, just like you and Pop are to me.
That's-that's tough thinking about losing that, so I know.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
So, I was doing a little digging on the chain of custody of our missing weapon.
Where is it? Well, I'll tell you where it's not.
Melted into scrap metal, which is what was supposed to happen seven months ago when the prosecuting attorney's office put through the order.
Duke had no idea because the P.
's office misfiled the paperwork.
Okay, so somewhere between the evidence room and the metalworks, that .
22 just disappeared.
And whoever got their hands on it killed Guy Ingram.
We cross-check the serial numbers to the police report number, then they're put into a bin and wheeled down to our smelter where they're melted down at 3,100 degrees.
Done and done.
Well, maybe you can explain how a weapon that was supposed to be destroyed by you ended up being used in a homicide six months ago? No idea.
But here's the paperwork.
Whose signature is on these receipt vouchers? George Moku.
He's the yard boss.
How long has he worked for you? Ever since I married his sister.
You trust your brother-in-law, Mr.
Chan? He's family.
I don't have a choice.
I'll take that as an undecided.
Here's what I'm thinking: your brother-in-law George has a nice little side business going on.
He tags the guns as destroyed, and then resells them on the street as untraceable.
I don't believe this.
Well, you better believe it 'cause it's happening.
Now where do we find him? He's called in sick today.
Let me guess.
That happens every time a shipment of weapons comes in to be destroyed.
They're all clean.
So what do you say? You see something you like? Hey, what the hell's going on?! Bruddah, are you setting us up? Hey, I swear, there's nothing going on.
Look for yourself.
Don't move.
Stay where you are.
Have I mentioned it's good to have you back? Don't worry.
The wound, you'll survive.
But a life sentence in Halawa, that's a different story.
Life? I just repurposed those weapons to the good folks of Oahu looking to protect themselves.
You sold this .
22 six months ago.
I want a name.
Come on, lady, I'm shot here.
What the hell are you doing?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't worry, George, we're not gonna let you bleed to death.
We're just gonna let it get to the point where the damage to your arm is so bad, they're gonna have to amputate.
You can't do this! You can't shoot at cops either, but you did.
If I give you a name, will you take me to the hospital? Start talking, George.
Gerard Burns the defense attorney? Guy's made a lot of money representing some questionable people.
Doesn't make sense.
Why would he buy a gun to kill Guy Ingram? What's the connection? Burns' wife.
Meet Sally Ann Burns.
But we know her better as Sally Ann Caldwell.
The name on the other plane ticket.
The reason we couldn't find her is because she hasn't used her maiden name in over 20 years.
So Guy Ingram and Burns' wife were gonna run away together.
Burns must've found out and made sure that didn't happen.
All right, how do we get to Sally Ann? We don't.
Burns reported her missing six months ago.
Well, it's about time.
Do you know how long I've been sitting in this box? We're sorry to pull you off the golf course, Mr.
Although, it did look like you were down a few strokes.
The first rule when you're playing with clients, Lieutenant, let 'em beat you.
It's a good way to win friends and influence people.
We know you bought a gun from George Moku seven months ago.
And we know you used that gun to murder Guy Ingram.
the hell are you talking about? We know that your wife, Sally, was having an affair with Guy.
And now he's dead and she's missing.
You see, we got Moku in custody, and he's signing his statement right now.
So what if I buy a gun from Mr.
Moku? That gun was stolen from my home before my wife disappeared.
You know, our HPD crime scene guys don't get enough credit.
They really do amazing work.
In fact, they do such amazing work, that they recovered dozens of fingerprints, yes, from behind plaster wall where you hid Ingram's body.
So, okay, counselor, you know how this works.
We take your fingerprints and we compare 'em to the ones we found at the crime scene.
And my guess guess is that's not gonna work out for you so well.
You know she said there was nothing between the two of them.
I knew she was lying.
Where's your wife, Gerard? She's exactly where she should be.
What are you saying? She wanted to spend eternity with her lover, so I gave her that.
Book him.
Hey, you okay? I just wanted to come by and say thank you.
What are you talking about? Oh, come on.
Stop playing.
I just talked to the guy.
He says he's gonna pull the story.
Well, there you go.
So what'd it cost you? I just appealed to his better angels.
And when that didn't work, then what did you do? I told him I'd owe him one.
Quid pro quo.
You know, that's gonna come around and bite you in the ass, right? Ah, maybe.
That's a problem for another day, though, right? Listen, man, I, uh, I really appreciate you telling me about Chicago.
Well, perhaps someday you'll tell me why you came back home.
Yeah, someday.
Ma? Mm Ma? Yeah? You should get up and go to bed.
I'm watching Housewives.
Ah, I see.
Okay, you stay here.
Thank you.
Sleep good.
I love you, Daniel.
Love you, too, Mom.
Just to the end of this chapter, please? No-no-no-no-no.
Much as I like to see you read, it is way past your bedtime, all right? Give me the flashlight.
Anybody else in here? I hope not.
Yeah, me, too.
Good? Yeah? Hey, um you remember when, uh, when me and your mom, we sat you down and told you we weren't gonna be married anymore? I'm really sorry I had to put you through that.
I know it was tough.
I know it was hard for you, Daddy.
Hard for me? No, what do you mean? How do you know anything? You were just a little kid.
I remember after you told me, you went to your room, and I could hear you crying.
You know, if you, uh, if you got the time, I don't know, maybe one of those special hugs.
I could use it right now.
Yeah, thanks.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you for that, too.

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