Hawaii Five-0 s04e16 Episode Script

Hoku Welowelo (Fire in the Sky)

Keep reeling it in, babe, you almost got it.
Whoa, whoa.
A little help would be nice, babe.
No way, you're doing great.
Oh! If this thing pulls me in, you aren't getting any for the rest of our honeymoon.
What the hell was that? I don't know, man, but a piece of it hit the boat.
Looks like some kind of metal.
Oh, my God.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) My job is not leaving anybody behind.
Freddie, you hit? I'm fine.
Keep moving.
Tell my daughter her daddy loved her.
Get the hell out of here, you stubborn son of a bitch! Thanks for coming.
I'm glad you called.
I've been thinking a lot about our last conversation.
How you wanted to know what brought me back to Hawai'i.
Well, a month ago, I would've told you it was to find the man who killed my father.
I realized it was about more than that.
I lost somebody.
Somebody really close to me.
He, um he gave his life to save mine.
What was his name? His name was Freddie Hart.
He was a team guy.
We went through BUDs together.
We always had each other's back.
He was my brother.
More than anything else in this world, Freddie wanted to be a father.
That was it.
He would've been a great father, too.
Anyway, after he died, um the Navy didn't feel the same.
When the governor offered me Five-O I jumped at it.
You ran away.
We think that distance is gonna make things better, and for a while it kind of does.
But sooner or later, it catches up to you that the real problem you're having is all up here.
You sleeping? When was the last time you had a good night's sleep? Well Like I said, I'm glad you called.
You better get going, man.
You got a big day ahead of you.
Try not to have too much fun today.
In here.
I made you lunch.
Really? That's very nice.
Tuna salad.
That's nice, with the pickles and the celery and the carrots and everything.
Yes, and a whole lot of mama love.
It, uh it brings back some memories, uh That one time you, uh you sold my entire baseball card collection at the garage sale.
You made me you made me tuna salad.
And then, uh you said we were gonna go see Gremlins, and then, uh, we made a left and we went to the dentist and you got me braces.
You made me tuna salad, just like this.
I feel like every time you, um you do something that you feel guilty about, you make me a tuna salad, so I have to ask, is, uh, something coming? Or what-what's going on? No, nothing.
No? No, I just I-I am invading your space by being here, and I just wanted to do something nice for you.
For my son.
Okay, that's me.
I got to go.
I'll see you later, all right, sweetheart? Where, uh where are you going? What's going on? I'm going to do that thing.
What, uh what thing? You know that thing that I asked you to do with me but you said that you couldn't do? No, no, no.
No, no.
Clara? Yes, Captain.
Oh, call me Lou.
Lou Grover.
All right, Lou.
All right.
What, uh What are you doing here, Lou? McGarrett didn't tell you? No.
Tell me what? Well, remember when I asked you if I could see what you do and you said that I couldn't? Oh, that's the thing.
Go on a stakeout.
Which I said was a terrible idea.
So I called your friend Steve and he said that he thought it was perfectly fine, so he arranged for me to go on a ride-along with this very nice gentleman.
A ride-along? Yeah.
, we'll see you late Okay.
Let's go.
All this here you're doing, that's between you and McGarrett.
Just stop for one second, okay? All I am saying is that a heads-up would've been nice.
Okay? That's all.
You're so worked up about this.
Oh, oh, okay, listen, um, I know this may seem like a foreign concept to you, but the idea of my mother being in harm's way-- it does not sit well with me.
You got to give her more credit, Danny.
I mean, she survived you.
You're not a good friend.
In fact, you're no longer my friend.
I'm done.
Good run.
It's been fun.
You're just mad because she went behind your back.
It's got nothing to do with me.
I am mad because she has all these secret agendas.
Okay, I mean she's always been very impulsive, but this is just goofy; it's crazy.
Thank goodness you're being levelheaded about it.
You know what? Go ahead, walk ahead of me.
I don't want to talk to you anymore.
Walk ahead of you? Please do.
Hey, heard your mom's going on a ride-along today.
Oh, that's nice.
Everybody knows but me.
Pay no attention to him.
He woke up on the wrong side of life.
What do we got here? We got three vics.
A couple of honeymooners took a fishing charter this morning.
Coast Guard found their bodies along with the boat's captain about an hour ago.
's multiple gunshot wounds.
No witnesses so far.
Oh, we're not exactly sure what that is yet.
Coast Guard was responding to reports of a fiery object falling into the ocean when they found the boat.
It was a falling star? Yeah, we're thinking that the damage was caused by whatever fell.
Go back.
Fiery object? Wait a minute.
If it wasn't a falling star, what was it? Still trying to figure that out.
We reached out to the Navy, but nothing came across their radar this morning, and Coast Guard didn't find any other debris.
Looks like carbon graphite.
That's what a comet's made of, right? No, Danny, that's not what a comet's made of.
So, uh, something falls from the sky, our three victims end up with bullets.
I'm assuming this is not a coincidence, hmm? Hey, Max.
After a preliminary examination, I was able to determine that the time of death is approximately two hours ago.
All victims have multiple gunshot wounds.
Many of them through and through.
CSU was able to recover several of these.
It's a 7.
62 slug.
CSU determined them to be type M43s.
Chinese and Russian military use that type of ammo.
We could be looking at a foreign shooter.
All right, Kono, notify the Coast Guard.
See if they can run GPS on this fishing vessel.
Find out where it was two hours ago.
I want divers searching a one-mile radius from wherever that spot is.
If we can find the rest of this thing, maybe we can figure out what it is.
Yeah, you got it.
Don't make any sudden moves, Commander.
Just be cool and turn slowly to your left.
Jerry, what are you doing here? I heard about your shooting and the falling object on my police scanner.
Let me guess, it's carbon graphite? Stealth technology? I'll take it by the dead air that that's a yes.
Hey, let him through.
- He's all right.
- What's going on? Looks like Jerry knows something.
This should be good.
My boys.
I missed you guys.
Reunion hug.
Bring it in.
All right, Jerry.
Jerry, focus.
What do you know about this? Gentlemen, the Black Unicorn has landed in our backyard.
Black Uni another ancient treasure? Not a sequel, Scully.
It's way better.
What's a Black Unicorn? A Chinese spy satellite.
Last year, the boys in Beijing launched two weather satellites on the same day, but witnesses on the ground reported seeing a third object being sent into space around the same time The Black Unicorn.
Appreciate the save.
Anyhow, the Black Unicorn is a stealthy next-gen electro-optical and audio reconnaissance orbiter.
It makes our KH-12s look like they're on training wheels.
Will you speak English for me, please? With this thing, we got no secrets.
NSA can't do anything about it, 'cause they aren't even sure it exists.
And China, they denied ever building it.
But six months ago, the Unicorn's schematics were leaked.
Obviously, I got my paws on 'em.
A few days ago, I picked up some chatter that, due to a malfunction, it was coming down somewhere in the Pacific.
Okay, so that means that if our vic saw this thing go down, that could be the reason they're dead.
I don't want to piss off your victims must have seen the Black Unicorn, and somebody wanted to make sure they didn't live to tell about it.
Okay, I got a question.
Um, whatever he's talking about sounds like an international incident, no? So if he knows about it, don't you think somebody else knows about it? It's a fair question.
But Jerry is one for one.
If he's right, it's a secret worth killing for.
Sorry, Commander, I think it's more than a reach to say this came from a Chinese spy satellite.
I understand, sir-- I'm just asking for you to look into it.
Well, I can assure you that won't be necessary.
Not only does our government track every satellite launched across the globe, but we know months in advance if one's coming down.
I'm certain all you're looking at here is nothing but space junk.
Space junk? You think we're gonna buy that? That's the Black Unicorn, and you know it.
Hey! Who the hell do you think you're talking to, son? All due respect, sir, I got three dead bodies, and you and I both know they weren't killed over space junk.
I wish I could help with your investigation, Commander.
Now, if you don't mind, I I have another appointment.
It'll wait.
Excuse me? You didn't look up from that photograph when you told us it was space junk, sir.
I think you're lying.
I think you know exactly what it is.
Now, you listen to me.
I'm not gonna sit here and be called a liar.
I suggest you get out of here.
Focus on your murder investigation.
Yes, sir.
If I find out my victims were killed over this you can be damn sure I'm gonna be focusing on a lot more than their murders.
You have a very nice office.
That was awesome.
We totally stuck it to him.
You didn't give him my last name, did you? 'Cause that would put me on the list, and I don't want to be on that list.
Hey, Jerry, you still got those Black Unicorn schematics? Sure.
Safe and sound in my dungeon of truth.
Okay, I need you to go get them.
If we can match that piece that we found to those schematics, we'll know for sure it's the Black Unicorn.
That'll give us our motive.
You got it, partner.
Too soon? Little bit.
Postmortem microbial deterioration activates the buildup of metabolic gases that, combined with the decomposition of dermal tissue slippage, causes the body to rise up to the surface, which is one of the main reasons disposing a weighted body into the ocean isn't a recommended means for one trying to get away with murder.
Yes, well, Dr.
Bergman, that certainly was an education.
Williams, it was truly a pleasure to meet you.
It is quite unfortunate that Detective Williams did not inherit your sparkling disposition.
Well, thank you I think, thank you.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Do you have any idea what he just said? Not a damn clue.
Shall we? Yes.
So, Captain, I really appreciate you showing me around.
Well But I'm a little old for a babysitter.
I mean, I loved going to the police museum, and the M.
was riveting.
But I was kind of hoping for something, you know, a little more adventurous.
Well, I hate to disappoint, but, uh, me taking you into the middle of a dangerous situation That's not gonna happen? You know that's not gonna happen.
Not even, like, a sketchy donut shop or something? I see where that boy of yours gets his bite.
What about you, you got any kids? Yeah, I got two teenagers.
Mm, yeah, I raised four of them.
I think the teenage years are the hardest.
Everybody was always slamming their doors, telling me how I ruined their lives Well, see, I don't have that problem anymore.
No? I told my daughter next time she slams her door, it's coming off.
Big mistake.
She can't pay the mortgage.
My house, my rules.
We only had one rule in our house, and that was: Love each other.
And how did that work out? One is a fugitive.
Oh He's a very nice fugitive.
The other one is divorced and living on an island as far away from his parents as he can possibly get.
And my two girls, well, they are they're a whole nother story.
But they got love.
Yeah, they do.
I mean, in hindsight, maybe a few rules wouldn't have been so bad.
My husband and I, we agreed on a softer touch than we had when we were growing up.
I get it.
So, you and Danny's father, you think there's any chance that the two of you will be able to work things out? I don't know.
I've been here for two weeks, and he hasn't called.
After 38 years of marriage, if he can't pick up the phone, then what's the point? Well, come on, now.
You know men, we're stubborn S.
We'd rather eat glass than admit we're wrong about something.
That's very true.
Clara, you know, I think you're right.
It's been a little boring.
But I got just the thing for you.
I know exactly where to take you.
Oh, you do? Mm-hmm.
Hey, how'd it go with the Navy? They're stonewalling.
I got more of the same with NSA and Homeland.
What about the Coast Guard? They find anything? Nothing on the ocean floor or the surrounding waters.
But we caught a break.
CSU found a cell phone on the charter belonging to the newlyweds.
It was damaged by a bullet, but Fong was able to recover video.
Looks like our vic got an image of the shooter.
Ran it through facial recognition.
Didn't get any hits, but take a look at what's behind him.
Salvage equipment and divers.
No wonder the Coast Guard didn't find anything.
Okay, so China knew this satellite was coming down.
They came in to retrieve it and cover it up.
Our vics were wrong place, wrong time.
You know, there aren't many places on the island that rent boats with salvage equipment.
Kono and I will track it down.
So, I just got off with the consulate general of the People's Republic of China.
They denied any knowledge of the satellite.
Oh, no surprise there.
Look, if our shooter is a Chinese spy, maybe Naval Intelligence has him on their radar.
Catherine, reach out to your sources.
See if they can help us I.
him, okay, off the record.
Got it.
Looks like Jerry was two for two.
Mom? Turn around.
I don't know anything.
The satellite schematics.
Schematics? What schematics? Oh! The-the Black Unicorn schematics! Of course I have those.
Should've been more specific.
I didn't realize that's what you were referring to.
They're right over here.
Yeah, here they are.
McGarrett, it's Jerry.
You better come quick.
I think I bagged a live one.
What the hell's going on, Jerry? Two words: take down.
Actually, four: totally awesome take down.
She was packing this.
It's a Type 92 pistol, standard issue, Chinese military.
But no wallet or I.
How do you know that? I frisked her.
How many times you do that? I got her prints, too.
Had one of my contacts run it.
came back as a Karen Chou, grad student here on a visa.
Yeah, right.
My name is Steve McGarrett.
I'm with Five-O, but you, uh you probably already know that.
I'll tell you what we know: We know that your government sent you to recover their satellite.
Okay? So spare me any denials.
I got three innocent people who are dead.
You're gonna tell me the names of all the people on that boat with you, starting with this guy.
I had nothing to do with those murders.
The man's picture you have, his name is Quan Lung.
He's a traitor to my country.
My name is Zi Chen.
Chinese CIA.
I'll just be right here if you need me.
I was sent with a team to stop Quan and cover up the satellite's existence, but he beat us to it.
By the time we got where it hit the water, the people were already dead.
Quan was gone.
He's after the intel on that satellite.
The onboard hard drive holds key U.
military positions at sea: submarine deployments, training exercises.
Information he plans to sell to one of your enemies.
If he succeeds, the United States will be vulnerable to an attack.
Danny, you stay with her.
I'm gonna have DHS come pick her up.
You're not going to be able to stop him on your own.
I have a lead on Quan's base of operations here on the island.
An address.
I can help you catch him.
But only if we work together.
Just hang in there.
It's almost over.
You, too.
How's Adam doing? Not good.
His deposition's today.
He and his attorneys are meeting with the P.
He has to give a statement about Michael's death.
Well, it's just red tape, cuz.
Everybody knows it was self-defense.
Yeah, that doesn't mean it makes it any easier on him.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Wonder if you can help us out here.
This guy.
Do you recognize him? Yeah Yeah.
He came by, uh, earlier today.
Rented a boat with a credit card.
Said he was going treasure hunting.
It's our guy.
When did he return the boat? - A few hours ago.
- Did he find any treasure? He had something with him, but I don't know what it was.
Jerry, Catherine's on her way over.
Bring her up to speed.
Okay? Get in.
Ask her to have her source at Navy Intel run Zi Chen.
See if they can verify what she told us.
Catherine? Nice.
I got to go freshen up.
Hmm? What's with the face? You don't see how incredibly insane this is? She gave us an address.
We're gonna go check it out.
She gave us an address.
That's my point.
I mean, how do you know she's not setting us up? How can I know that until we check it out? See, that-that You just want to flip a coin and see? It's insane.
Use your brain, okay? She's a-a Chinese spy.
Okay? She tried to kill Jerry.
She's potentially responsible for the death of our three victims, and you just believe her because she said she's innocent? "I'm innocent.
" I You bel I don't get it.
You're still mad at me about your mom, aren't you? There's no helping you.
At all.
Be careful now.
There's a crowd.
All right, watch.
Whoa! Hey, whoa.
What you doing? You almost took that old lady's head o Well, I'm sorry.
I thought she had a Glock 9 behind her bag.
A Glock 9? Yeah.
You didn't think I was paying attention at the museum, did you? Oops.
What do you mean, "Oops"? Oh! I got him.
Oh! Good, good, good.
Very good.
All right kid, the moment of truth, How'd we do? Lou, you scored in the 98th percentile.
How did I do? Bottom third.
But if there was a metric for looking good in tac gear, you'd lead all comers.
I tell you what, if you ever want to come back by, give it another try, - give me a call.
- Okay.
Thank you, Kevin.
I think I just got hit on.
I believe you did.
This is the address.
Let me see your hands.
Should we, uh, call for backup? Backup? You're my backup.
Last time you said that, I got shot in the shoulder.
Could've been worse.
Clandestine meeting with a top secret government agent? Bucket, meet list.
Should we pretend to be a couple? Uh you know what? I don't think that's gonna be necessary, Jerry.
What about aliases? Do you use one? Should I? I well here she is.
Thank you so much for meeting me.
This is Jerry.
Nice to meet you, Jerry.
You, too.
Oh! So, we're just gonna do this out here in the open.
Don't mind him.
Intel on Zi Chen and Quan Lung.
Really, really appreciate this.
Thank you.
After Istanbul, I owe you.
It's good to see you, Cath.
You, too.
May I? Knock yourself out.
It's my team.
They must have moved on the house.
Quan killed them.
It's a good thing you were at Jerry's, right? These were not just people I worked with.
They were my friends.
That's it.
Hard drive's gone.
C4, looks like he was making a bomb.
A bomb? That's good.
What's he making it for? Wait, wait! Don't touch! Nobody move.
Danny? We got to get out of here.
Let's clear all the houses next door.
Get the bomb guys suited up and get them in there.
Hi, Ma.
Are you okay? Yes, I'm okay.
I'm fine.
This doesn't happen all the time, does it? No, this never happens.
Yeah, you're a really bad liar.
Ma, you can't, uh you can't be here.
Buddy, hey, do me a favor.
Oh, come on.
Uh, show her your police car, all right? Ma, it's not safe.
Please? You got to go.
I've seen a police car.
I understand.
See another one.
What the hell's the matter with you? I asked her to stay in the car.
What do you want me to do? Clear! Okay, we're all clear in there.
So, I figure we ought to get you guys a Five-O Grover signal.
That way, you can just throw it up in the sky when you need me.
Oh, trust me, nobody wants to see your name in lights.
Yeah, and nobody on the planet wants to see you in tights.
Oh, I'll settle for just a cape.
A cape? Okay, Batman.
Please take care of my mom.
Please? Like she was my own.
Thank you.
Now do you believe me? Quan knew I'd come here.
He rigged their bodies to make sure I wouldn't stop him.
All right, well, now that he thinks you're dead, we got the advantage, don't we? Yeah, Catherine, what do you got? No, no.
Got something you want to tell us? Do you have something you want to tell us?! You see, her and Quan, they didn't just work together.
Isn't that right? Isn't that right? Tell him.
Quan and I were engaged.
Really? Now, if I told you about our relationship, I knew you would never trust me.
That's correct.
I didn't trust you before.
That bomb was meant for me.
See, that usually happens after the marriage, no? Yeah, I know how it looks.
But I'm telling you the truth.
Quan betrayed me.
Now, he was always talking about the hypocrisy in China.
A socialist state making billions off the West while our people got hungry.
But I knew he was really talking about himself.
Two months ago, he learned the satellite was coming down.
Told me we could retrieve it.
Sell the information.
With that money, we could leave China.
Now, he said he was doing it for us.
But I told him I would never betray our country.
Okay, so why didn't you turn him in? I never thought he would really do it.
Then he disappeared a week ago, and I knew.
MSS holds me responsible.
It was my duty to stop this from happening, and I didn't.
If I don't stop him, they'll charge me with treason.
And they won't just go after me; they'll go after my family.
Tell us how to find him.
I need access to a computer.
Why? we intercepted a communication between Quan and an unknown IP address in Chechnya.
MSS thinks a terrorist organization is trying to buy the satellite data to launch an attack against the U.
And you thought you'd just, uh, hang on to that information, that little bit of intel as a bargaining chip? Chin.
Steve, we tried the credit card that Quan used to rent the boat.
He had dinner at a hotel in Kahala last night.
And he wasn't alone.
Who was he with? A hotel guest by the name of Umar Basayev.
A waiter I.
'd both of them.
We checked him out.
He's a Chechen businessman.
He flew into Oahu 48 hours ago.
Okay, good.
He's our buyer.
Where is he now? Front desk said he left just before we showed up.
But here's the thing.
He hasn't checked out.
Stay on the hotel.
We'll keep working on the location of the buy.
Copy that.
Your intel on the Chechen connection's good.
You believe me? Yeah, for now.
Come on.
Let's go.
I thought that I wanted to know what Daniel does for a living, and now I kind of wish that I didn't.
You sound like my wife.
She shares the exact same sentiment.
Here we go, crime fighters.
You got heaven all in garlic sauce.
You won't find grinz like that on the Jersey Shore.
It looks fantastic, smells great.
Tell me something, auntie.
That boy of yours-- how come he didn't inherit your beautiful smile? Wow.
Food and flattery.
I have just be a regular.
Mission accomplished.
Well, that's the second time you've been hit on today.
Oh, he was just being sweet.
I don't know.
Don't sell yourself short.
Lou, I just want to thank you so much for today.
I mean, I asked you for an adventure, and you sure gave me one.
It was fun.
I had a good time, too, Clara.
Hello? Oh.
Yeah, coffee? Sure.
I'm free later.
That was Kevin from the shooting place.
He just asked me out.
On a date? I wonder how he got my number.
You mind passing the hot sauce, Clara? Hey.
So, I dug into Umar Basayev, and, uh, on the surface, he appears to be pretty clean, but his business-- importing rugs from all over the Middle East to Russia-- has been the subject of multiple investigations.
In 2011, his organization was linked to an al-Qaeda front, but there was never any evidence to make it stick.
So, you show us the communication he sent to Quan.
MSS e-mail server? Any chance you'd share your password? Sorry about the whole stun gun thing.
In fairness, I thought you were there to kill me.
Here it is.
Look at that.
We got "Proof of data.
" "3:00 p.
At the tailor.
" We should have no problem finding him now.
All right, it's 2:45.
You said MSS intel went over this? What was their takeaway? We ran it through analysis, found nothing embedded.
Research came back with 84 tailor-related businesses on the island.
What if tailor isn't a profession, but a person? There's an arcade downtown.
The owner, Mikel Taylor, is a real scary Russian dude.
Definitely ex-KGB.
Looks like Mikel Taylor's been on the FBI watch list since the '70s.
If this is our guy, he's got to be brokering the deal.
Where downtown is this arcade? Queen Street.
Catherine, notify Grover, have SWAT meet us on site.
And please, uh, tell him to leave my mom at home.
Got it.
Let's go.
All right.
Get in.
Get in.
I want to go in.
Give me your hands.
Quan would rather die than surrender to you.
I'm expecting that.
Lou, what do we know? Well, shop's closed.
I got thermal that confirms at least seven possible bad guys inside.
Where's my mom? She's in a van tacking up.
That's funny.
She's with a friend of mine, Kevin, from HPD.
He'll get her home safe.
Don't worry.
Let's go.
Who's Kevin? Five-O! He's got the hard drive! Danny, I need an ambulance, alleyway off Queen and Alakea.
I spoke to the DOD, and they reached out to the Chinese Ambassador.
We've arranged for you and the bodies of your team to be returned home.
And the hard drive? We tried to retrieve the intel, but it's been destroyed.
You should take it.
That's proof your mission was a success.
You didn't have to help me.
No, I didn't, but I know what it's like to serve my country.
He didn't give you a choice.
In my culture, respect is a virtue.
You have mine, Commander McGarrett.
Xiè xie.
Thank you.
He's at the third bench, Sorry about the runaround earlier.
Nothing personal.
Catherine Rollins recovered the intel.
It's all there.
What about the hard drive? Erased.
I returned it to Agent Chen.
And she believed we were unable to retrieve the data? That's correct.
You've done your country a great service, Commander.
We now know what the enemy knows, and we can adjust accordingly.
Job well done.
Three innocent people lost their lives over this one.
Make it count.
What's going on, Jerry? I can't go back home.
Why not? I stun-gunned a Chinese spy in my mom's basement.
I could be facing some serious retaliation.
Jerry, the threat's been neutralized.
You're completely safe.
You have no idea how this works, do you? I need to lie low for a while.
I sent my mom to her sister's, and I thought I'd stay with you.
You know, just till this dies down.
We're going over some ground rules first, Jerry.
Whatever you say, roomie.
What are you doing up? "What am I doing up?" Is that a joke? You didn't have to wait up for me, you know.
I know, I know, but as strange as it is for me to say the words, "my mother's on a date," when my mother's on a date, I-I wait up.
Well, I appreciate that, sweetheart, but it really wasn't a big deal.
What, was he a jerk? No, not at all.
'Cause if he was, I'll find him and bounce his head off the sidewalk.
Daniel, he was really a perfect gentleman.
What's with the ice cream? At first, I thought it would be really exciting to be on a date with another man.
And don't get me wrong-- it was nice to have somebody look at me that way again, you know? But it was strange and kind of weird.
Yeah, well, I know why.
Because it wasn't it wasn't with Pop, you know? Yeah, I know.
Yeah, come on.
Let's watch a movie.

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