Hawaii Five-0 s04e17 Episode Script

Ma Lalo o ka 'ili (Beneath the Surface)

(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey, Ma.
Where you sneaking off to? I'm not sneaking off anywhere.
I was just trying to be considerate and not wake you up.
Oh, that's nice.
Thank you for being considerate while sneaking off.
Where you going? I'm just Um, I'll get that.
Oh, good morning.
Morning, ma'am.
I got it, Mom.
Hey, buddy.
What is all this? Don't worry about it.
What'd I just say? Don't worry about it.
Sign the thing for the guy.
No, not until you tell me what's in the boxes.
Okay, I'll sign it.
All right? Thanks, buddy.
Good luck.
All right.
So, you're really not gonna tell me what's in the boxes? You're not gonna tell me where you're going? I have an appointment.
It's really none of your business.
Well, have fun at your, uh, none-of-my-business appointment.
Have fun with your mystery boxes.
What's all this? A farewell breakfast.
OJ or papaya this morning? Jerry, I appreciate this farewell breakfast and the farewell dinner last night, and I think we both agreed it's time for you to move on, right? Was it the snoring? No.
Because, you know, I can get one of those breathing mask things.
Listen to me.
It wasn't the snoring, okay? It wasn't it's not you at all.
You didn't It's me.
You're a great roomie.
I'm just I like to live alone, okay? You can understand that, right? You sure it's safe for me to go home? Yeah! Yes! The-the Chinese government are they got they got bigger fish to fry right now.
We can still be friends? What are you talking about? We are friends.
That's not gonna change.
Good-bye hug? Come on.
That's it, buddy.
You want me to get that? Might be better if I get it, Jerry.
Okay, I'm on my way.
I gotta go, all right? You okay with this? Okay.
Divorce attorney? Mm-hmm.
You sure? I'm positive.
She told you that? No, it's not what she told me.
You followed her? I might have followed her.
You followed her.
I did.
But she was being very suspicious this morning, okay? She's sneaking all around the house.
And you're not allowed to judge me, okay, because I know for a fact that you surveilled your own mother, and that makes us even, so You know what? Maybe seeing a divorce attorney isn't the worst thing.
I mean, then your mother can weigh her options, right? No-no-no.
Attorneys are never a good thing, okay? They get a hold of you, and forget about it.
It's no good.
All right, well, you'll want to hope that this top secret op you got planned for tonight works.
It will.
I hope.
How are you gonna get her out of the house? Day of beauty at the SpaMakani.
Shiatsu massage, mani-pedi by the pool.
The whole thing, it was not cheap.
But if it works, it'll be worth it, you know? Hey, Chin, what do you got? Mailman noticed that the door was forced.
Thought it looked suspicious and dialed 911.
Operating theory is that we're looking at a burglary gone bad.
How bad? Take a look.
The victim is the homeowner, Russell Donovan.
And based on preliminary examination, Mr.
Donovan's C.
is a close-contact gunshot wound to the ventral thorax.
That, along with the rather notable hematomas and ecchymoses along the victim's arms, suggest that the victim made quite a struggle prior to being shot.
Liver temperature puts the time of death at approximately Looks like whoever busted in here brought their own key.
Very subtle.
So, this guy gets woken up to the sounds of a burglary, come outs, this guy surprises him with a gun, and here we go.
What else do we know about Mr.
Donovan? He's a 45-year-old schoolteacher.
Single father.
Lives here with his 16 year-old daughter, Kelly.
Where is she? At this point, we're not sure.
Bed's still made.
We're still trying to determine whether she's staying with some other family or maybe a friend.
Hey, I don't think she is.
A neighbor a few houses down saw a car racing down the block around 3:00 a.
with Kelly in the passenger seat.
They brought it up to an officer during the canvass.
We get a description of the car or the driver? Nothing solid on the driver-- male, 20s-- but we have a plate.
Vanity tags, H2OSPRT.
Yeah? You may want to look at that.
It's the daughter's cell phone.
CSU found it on the floor of one of the bedrooms.
Looks like she was trying to call for help.
Killer took her.
Duke, get a MAILE AMBER Alert out right now.
I want that girl found before this turns into a double homicide.
How's it going? Aloha.
We're looking for Jay Cooper.
That's Jay over there.
How do we get him down? Let me call him in for you.
Jay, bring it in.
Five-O wants to talk to you.
Can I help you gentlemen? Ditch the hardware.
We're gonna be here a while.
I want you to take another look.
I think you might be mistaken.
I don't need to take another look.
I don't know them.
I've never seen this girl before in my life.
Okay, fine.
Then why don't you explain to me how she was in your car this morning leaving the scene of a murder/kidnapping? What? Wait.
Hold on.
What car? "H2O Sports" vanity plate registered to you.
I wasn't driving that car last night.
Oh, somebody drove that car.
Well, it wasn't me.
It died on me about a week ago.
It was towed to 'Aikapu's Auto Repair over on 17th.
As far as I know, it's still there.
I don't understand.
That car was for sure here when I closed up and was pau hana last night.
Anything else missing? Uh, just one of my mechanics.
Kid named Tommy Fa'alo He never show up for work.
I been calling his ass all morning trying to get a hold of him.
Is he the type that might borrow a car? Tommy? Nah.
He had pilikia with the law a while back, but he's a good kid.
Been nothing but honest and reliable since the day I hired him.
Do you recognize these people? Yeah, that's Russ Donovan and his daughter Kelly.
Been a customer of mine for a couple years.
Schoolteacher, I think.
I never even know he had a daughter until she brought her car in here a few months ago with a transmission problem.
Did something happen to them? They okay or what? No, they're not okay.
Donovan was murdered early this morning, and we suspect his daughter Kelly was kidnapped by the person who was driving that blue Impala.
What, you think Tommy had something to do with it? Well, we don't know.
I mean, it's looking like maybe, yeah.
You got a recent address for him? Yeah.
Right upstairs.
I rent him one room.
Any family you know about? None that I know of.
This no make sense.
I know Tommy's done some stupid things in the past, but the boy's not a killer.
Well, nobody's a killer until they kill somebody, right? Tommy Fa'aloa was first arrested when he was been locked up for assault, burglary and a couple of strong-armed robberies.
Right, but never anything approaching the level of murder or kidnapping.
Well, something set this kid off.
Just got off the phone with CSU.
Search of Tommy's room came up empty.
So I searched into his juvie record to see if I could get some info on his family.
Check this out.
It's not a pretty picture.
Parents were charged with meth trafficking in 2000 when Tommy was just seven years old.
They were also charged with child abuse when CPS found evidence that Tommy was severely malnourished and physically abused.
He was put into foster care.
And when he wasn't in jail, he bounced around from family to family until he was 18.
All right, Catherine, listen, call Crime Stoppers.
Have them get Tommy's photo to all the local TV stations, and let's get a dedicated TIPS line set up, too.
Got it.
Kono's also running down past arrest associates and digging into some phone records.
Uh, we also flagged his credit cards and bank accounts.
So, if they're on this island, we'll find them.
Jerry, what are you doing here, and why do you have my father's toolbox? I found it in your garage.
You found it.
Okay, yes.
You found it.
Because it-it wasn't lost.
That's where I keep it.
In the garage.
What were you doing in my garage? Laundry.
I thought I'd get a load in before moving out.
We should go.
All right, Jerry, I thought I thought this morning we we both agreed that you were leaving.
You were leaving this morning, right? Well, I was.
But then I found this little anomaly.
It's a giant mystery that's been sitting under your nose the whole time.
Okay, Jerry, what's the mystery? What color is this? Well, it's red, Jerry.
That's a good guess, but it's actually American Rose.
You don't get it, do you? No.
These toolboxes only came in one color, Alizarin Crimson, not American Rose.
So the question is, who would repaint a toolbox? I don't know.
Who would repaint a toolbox, Jerry? No one.
Not unless they were trying to hide something.
Take a look at this.
You'd be surprised what you'd find with an active imagination and a little scraping.
This means something to you.
Shelburne was a code name my mother used as a CIA operative.
The other two lines, they don't mean anything to me.
Hold on.
Back up.
Did you just say your mom worked for the Company? Still does.
Info bomb.
I need a sec to process this.
Shelburne is misspelled.
There should be an "E" on the end of it.
It's probably a mistake.
Probably not.
Look, I know you got a lot on your plate, but this is clearly some kind of code or cipher.
So if it's all right with you, I'd like to dig a little deeper.
I promise I'll stay out of your hair.
All right.
See what you can do.
Do me a favor: Keep it on the DL and, uh, keep me in the loop.
Of course.
We're a team.
Steve? Yeah.
Okay, so Tommy's cell phone is turned off, making it untraceable.
No shock there.
But we also ran Kelly's phone and found this.
Multiple calls between Tommy and Kelly dating back three months.
And they start the day after she took her car into the shop.
And they're not these two-minute "when will my car be ready?" type of phone calls.
Yeah, some of them lasted over an hour.
These two were in a relationship.
That could explain a lot.
Young, innocent girl falls for older bad-boy type; father disapproves, tries to break it up.
And he pays for it with his life.
Hey, hey! Tommy, look out! What the hell are you doing to my car? Stop it! Stop it! You're gonna kill him! Tommy! Get in the car! All units be advised, subject vehicle is a black sedan license plate Mike-Quebec-Sierra-117, last seen in the 3600 block of North Salt Lake Boulevard.
Center lane.
Black sedan.
Plates match.
Call Duke.
Sergeant Lukela.
Hey, Duke, McGarrett.
Listen to me, we got eyes on the subject vehicle, okay? He's headed northbound on Salt Lake approaching Aloha Stadium.
I'm gonna need roadblocks.
Copy that.
All right, we got cops.
What? Don't-don't look.
Don't turn around.
Tommy, what are you doing? What are you doing? Disconnecting the air bags.
Son of a bitch.
He's made us.
All right, put the pursuit out.
This is Lieutenant Kelly.
All units, please be advised we are in pursuit of the vehicle.
Hang on.
What? Look out! You all right? Yeah.
That's a pretty good trick.
Son of a bitch.
Ma? Ma? Ma, you home? Daniel? I thought you were at work.
I was at work.
I called you 30 times.
I was worried about you.
I told you we're doing something at 3:00.
What's going on? Oh.
What are you doing? What, are you crying? No.
I was cutting onions before.
Did you bring the onion in the bathroom? Huh? No.
Do you always have to be a detective? Yeah.
Pretty much.
It's what I do.
You want to have a seat, Mom? Sure.
Look, Ma, I know, uh I know you went and saw a an attorney today.
Oh, yeah? How do you know that? Uh-huh.
Because I'm a detective.
What happened? What did he say? He said that it would be rough, that we don't have a lot of savings and that we would have to sell the house.
Well, that's that can't happen.
I know that.
All those memories and everything.
But Daniel, I deserve someone who appreciates me.
I deserve to be happy, too.
And if it takes getting a divorce and selling the house, then so be it.
That is on your father, not me.
So so what happened? What-what what'd you do? I mean, I have been here for a month, and he hasn't tried to call once.
The silence, it speaks volumes, doesn't it? Yes.
Uh, but, Mom So I went to the lawyer and I filed for divorce today.
I'm sorry.
I know that hurts, and I'm really sorry.
It is not about me.
It is about you, and it's about you being happy.
All right? So if you make a decision that makes you happy, then I will support you no matter what, okay? I promise.
I love you.
I love you, too.
All right? Now, come on.
I told you, I got something nice planned today.
Yeah, I don't really feel like going anywhere.
Which is exactly why you should do this.
Trust me, okay? It's gonna be very nice.
I got you a-a beauty day, a day of beauty at the SpaMakani.
Okay? They're gonna do all kinds of nice things, uh, set you up really good and put a pretty smile on that beautiful face, okay? You did that? I did that, yes.
Uh, all paid for by me, your loving son, who you cannot say no to.
Uh, also it is gonna be too late to get a refund, so if you could.
Come on.
It'll be really nice.
Okay, I'll do that for you.
You know, your father could learn a few things from you.
Uh, we got about ten minutes, though.
Let's go, okay? You guys okay? Oh, a little banged up.
Egos a little bruised, but we'll live.
They found the car ditched a couple of miles away.
Probably jacked another set of wheels by now, huh? I'd say so.
How's Tommy's latest victim? GSW to the thigh, just missed the femoral artery, but he's in stable condition.
You said on the phone you had some other news? Yeah.
The phone company got back to me with the incoming and outgoing call records on Donovan's home phone.
There was a phone call placed to Tommy's cell phone Donovan was killed.
Wait a minute.
So, this whole thing could have been planned? Maybe, but then why would Tommy need to force his way in with a crowbar if Kelly was there to let him in? Hey.
Uh, I-I know what you're thinking.
A Beautiful Mind.
I get it, but don't worry.
The marker's erasable, and I can have all this cleaned up in five minutes.
You won't even know I was here.
What is all this stuff? Well, I was thinking about what you said about "Shelburn" being misspelled.
You see, a lot of codes use ciphers that don't repeat letters.
"Shelburne" has two E's, but on the toolbox, there's only one.
And one of the ciphers that eliminates repeat letters is called "Polybius Square.
" I think that's what the "PS" stands for.
Polybius Square.
You see that? You and me finishing each other's sentences.
Well, you just you just told me what Oh.
All right, I got it.
Can we? I don't have all day, Jerry, is all.
Copy that, partner.
I constructed this Polybius Square, and I used the code name Shelburn to decipher the two other letter sequences on the tool box, and it gave me these numbers.
It's pretty cool, right? Sure.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, it'd be cooler if I knew what the numbers meant, though? The "Q" in the first sequence is actually the Greek symbol phi.
Which Phi, which is sometimes used to denote latitude.
These are geographic coordinates? Exactly.
And e mystery location is Cambodia.
Your dad have any connection to that part of the world? I mean, he served in Vietnam in '68, but my mom is Shelburne.
She hadn't even met my dad in '68.
So what does any of this have to do with her? I just can't believe this is happening.
I mean, I didn't like Tommy.
I told Kelly that.
But I didn't think he'd ever kill her father.
Why didn't you like Tommy? He was older than her, and just seemed sketchy.
Kelly said he was even in prison.
I told her to dump him.
I mean, she could have any guy she wanted at school.
But Tommy had her convinced he was trying to turn his life around.
I didn't buy it.
Amy, did Kelly ever mention the two of them running away together? Like, where they might go? No, never.
I just don't get why she liked him.
All Tommy ever did was make her life more difficult at home.
What do you mean? Nothing.
I just you know.
It caused a lot of problems.
Amy, I'm just trying to get Kelly home safe, so if you know anything that can help me do that, you need to tell me.
He was hitting her.
Tommy? No.
Her dad.
So, I was able to pull these images from Kelly's computer.
According to her best friend, Amy, Russell Donovan was an overprotective, controlling father who had a bad temper.
Right, and, apparently, he liked to use his fists.
Yeah, and Kelly wasn't just documenting it with pictures.
CSU was able to recover this journal during a search of her room.
She writes about incidents of abuse dating all the way back to when she was 11.
It's, uh, some pretty chilling stuff.
That's what her and Tommy had in common.
They were both victims of abuse.
These photos look like they were taken recently.
Well, maybe Kelly finally got the courage to take a stand against her father and she was gathering evidence to make a case against him.
So, Kelly gets into a beef with her father, she threatens to turn him in, he gets rough with her, she goes, and she calls Tommy.
Tommy shows up, forces his way in and puts a bullet into Donovan's chest.
Maybe not.
Ballistics report just came back, and the slug that Max took out of Russell Donovan's body was an exact match to a nine-millimeter Glock that was registered to him.
Donovan was murdered with his own gun.
So, Tommy didn't go there intending - to murder Kelly's father.
- No.
He went there intending to save her.
All right, that's it.
There's nobody left inside but the clerk.
Remember, honk twice if there's trouble.
Look, are you sure you want to do this? We're gonna need the cash if we want to get off this rock.
Tommy, wait.
I love you.
I'll be right back.
Liquor store? How long ago? Couple of minutes.
Clerk I.
'd the stickup man as Tommy.
Anybody hurt? No, not this time.
They fled south on Kaukohua Road in a Cadillac that was reported stolen in the area a little while ago.
Call HPD, have them get a helo in the air.
I want roadblocks in a 15-mile radius, The whole place needs to be locked down.
No one gets away this time.
There's over 900 bucks here.
Should be enough to lay low till we can make the move to the mainland.
We got to ditch this car, get off the road.
Gonna be lots of cops out there looking for us, you know? Were you scared? Yeah.
Yeah, I was.
I'm just glad the clerk didn't get stupid.
And what if he did? Would you have shot him, too? Only if I had to.
3 Bravo 233 to Central.
Be advised, we are in pursuit of a Code-10 vehicle with two occupants.
The subject vehicle now headed southbound on the 1500 block of Kapiolani Boulevard Slow down! Slow What's wrong with you? What's the matter? What's the matter with you? Slow down! What are you talking about? It's like your first time on a roller coaster.
Roller coasters aren't this scary, okay? This is petrifying.
Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny! What? We've done this 118 times.
And I have been petrified Okay? I'm just verbalizing.
Verbalizing? Look, yes, it means to-to be verbal.
I know what it means.
be advised suspect vehicle is now on Ilalo Street approaching Kakaako.
Okay, we're about five minutes out, assuming we make it there at all.
Kono, what do you got? A pretty good theory, I think.
You know those photos on Kelly's computer of abuse? They're not real.
The digital time stamp data on the photos didn't match with the details in the journal, so we took a closer look at everything.
Max examined the photos of Kelly's injuries, and he's convinced they were self-inflicted.
Wait a minute.
She faked the abuse.
Why would she do that? To convince Tommy she was being abused, and then manipulate him into killing her father.
We got any evidence to back this up? Four months ago, Kelly paid for access to a commercial database, and she used it to run a criminal history check on Tommy Fa'aloa.
Hold on.
That's-that's a month before she met him at the shop.
That's right.
She used him, Steve.
She needed someone to get rid of her father, and Tommy fit the bill perfectly.
Parolee with a temper and a violent criminal past, no girlfriend on the island, no family.
He was the perfect candidate.
If she wasn't being abused, why would she want to murder her own father? Money.
Life insurance.
Her father had a platinum policy, and Kelly was the sole beneficiary.
Hold on.
What are we gonna do? Tommy! Throw out your weapon and place your hands on the dashboard in front of you.
This is your last warning.
Throw your weapon from the car and place your hands on the dashboard.
Duke? Duke? Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Nobody fires until I give the order.
Damn! I'm sorry.
I just wanted to stop him from hurting you.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Actually, it was.
Help! Help! He has a gun! No! Kelly, wait! Gun! Gun! Hold your fire! Put the gun down! Get away from me! Put the gun down! Hold your fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire.
Cease fire! Tommy.
Hang in there, kid.
All right? You hang in there.
Paramedic here right now! Get me a paramedic! Hello? Hey if you can hear me, I need to talk to somebody.
Look, I'm not supposed to be here.
There's been some kind of mistake.
Oh, thank God.
Look, there's been some kind of mix-up.
I shouldn't be here.
You're right where you belong, Kelly.
You better get used to it, 'cause you're gonna be in a place like this for a very long time.
Who are you? What-what are you talking about? I'm a victim.
You know, a lot of people have sat in that chair-- murderers, thieves terrorists.
You know what makes most of them so dangerous? It's the same thing that makes you so dangerous.
The complete lack of a conscience.
The inability to feel remorse.
I was kidnapped.
My father was murdered.
You're not a victim.
And Tommy Fa'aloa he wasn't your boyfriend.
He was your mark.
And now he's dead.
You knew everything about him, didn't you? You knew where he was from.
You knew what he did.
You handpicked that kid.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You found someone who was capable of killing, someone who had nothing to lose and no one to love, and then you convinced him that your father was abusing you.
You see, Tommy Tommy thought he was protecting you from a monster.
But as it turns out the monster's you.
Kelly, you know what a sociopath is? You think I'm stupid? No.
On the contrary, I think you're brilliantly evil.
I'm just glad we were able to stop you when we did, 'cause left alone, who knows how many bodies would've been left in your wake? I want a lawyer.
Right now.
And I want my phone call.
I get a phone call! Kelly! You get nothing.
That's your father's million-dollar life insurance policy.
He was a real planner, your dad.
He wanted to make sure you were taken care of in case anything were to ever happen to him.
But you knew that, didn't you? What you didn't know is that he recently let the policy lapse.
He stopped paying the premium.
You're lying.
No, she's not.
You see, your dad had to make a choice-- start saving for your college education or keep paying this premium.
He couldn't afford both.
Chose your education.
So you see, Kelly, it's like I said.
You get nothing.
Happy reading.
Wow, Ma.
Check you out.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
You look very nice yourself.
Why are you all dressed up? That's a fantastic question.
Come on, I'll show you.
You really look good.
What are you up to, Daniel? Wait for it, Ma.
This way, lady.
Whoa, what is all of this? Uh, the table is right this way.
Silvio's? Yeah.
That's where your father and I Had your first date, yeah.
This is all authentic.
This is the original table that you guys sat at.
Um, had it all shipped in.
So that's what the boxes were? Yeah.
This is this is the last of it.
It's amazing, but how did you do this? You were at work all day, weren't you? I did a little, uh, preplanning.
Uh, I took care of all the finances, and, uh, my beautiful sisters back in Jersey, they took care of the purchasing and the shipping.
And I even, uh, imported a thickheaded consultant from the mainland to make sure I got all the details just right.
Hi, Eddie.
Hello, Clara.
Okay, you guys got some stuff to discuss.
I'm gonna go check on the kitchen.
Thank you.
You really hurt me, you know.
I'm sorry.
I love you and I miss you and I want you to come home.
Well, that's not gonna do it.
You can't just come here and say you're sorry and expect me to go running back home.
Why didn't you call me? I must have had the phone in my hand at least a dozen times, I swear I did, but But what? I was embarrassed and ashamed.
I was confused.
Confused about what? About everything.
You see, for more than half of my life, that firehouse has been my world.
I had someplace to go every day.
I had a purpose.
Then one day, I just age out.
And they throw me a nice dinner and they send me on my way with a shiny plaque.
You have no idea what it's like to have something like that taken away to-to feel like to feel like you just don't matter anymore.
Oh, you think so? I know exactly what it feels like to not matter anymore.
But I missed you, I missed you all the time, and I really thought that when you retired, that it would be our time again.
We wouldn't have the kids, and we can fall in love all over again and be romantic and be a couple and have a good time.
But you made me feel like I didn't matter at all.
Oh, Clara, that's not true.
I realize that you're all that matters.
If I could, I'd go back and I would treat you like the princess that you are.
I, uh I came here to get you back.
And I'm not leaving without you.
'Cause the truth is, I'm nothing without you.
I love you.
May I take your order? What do you recommend, young lady? Um well, we're out of everything but pizza.
Well, then, I guess it's pizza.
One pizza.
Would you like wine with dinner? Oh, sure.
Daddy won't let me open it by myself.
Thank you, baby.
How we looking out there? I think it's working.
Yeah? Have a look.
What are we doing here? Joe White told me you were the man to see, uh, regarding Doris.
And I'll tell you the same thing I told him.
The location of Agency assets is classified.
I can't change the rules just because it's your mother.
I'm not asking you to tell me where she is.
Look, I'm compromising my position with the Agency even acknowledging she's an active asset.
So why don't you tell me exactly what it is that you want? Looks like an empty field.
Yeah, we both know it's more than that.
Walk away, Commander.
Well, you know I'm not going to do that, so why don't you, uh, save me the trouble and tell me what's in this field? And you know that's classified.
If I told you, I'd be violating operational security.
What's one more violation? You gotta be kidding me.
You wore a wire? The recording gets destroyed right after you tell me what's in this field.
It's a grave.
It's a grave.
Whose grave? Who's buried here? I'm done talking.
I've already said enough.
Listen to me.
What you say here stays here.
It stays between us.
I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize your career.
It's not my career that I'm worried about.

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