Hawaii Five-0 s04e18 Episode Script

Ho'i Hou (Reunited)

Let's do this.
I'm sorry.
You can't go in without a name tag.
So, this is what the gym looks like.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Come on, Jer, it's been 25 years.
The playing field has been leveled.
Just be yourself, you'll have a great time.
Yeah, that didn't work out so well for me the first time.
Hey, Laura's here; I didn't know she was coming back.
See, you always had a thing for her.
It's not like that.
She does look really good.
I really don't care I'm gonna I'm gonna go share some aloha.
You do that.
Hairy Jerry Ortega.
Long time, man.
Hey, I heard you wrote a book.
Not me.
Oh Oh, that's right.
You invented that shave ice thingy.
Good for you.
Not me either.
So what the hell you been doing for the last 25 years? What, since you shoved me in a gym locker? Dude you're not still pissed about that, are you? No.
Why would I be pissed? You know, you just humiliated me in front of the entire student body.
No biggie.
Hey, there's Big Moku.
Excuse me.
I don't need permission, oh Make my own decisions, oh A cop? Mm-hmm.
Just like your old man.
Good for you.
Good for you.
Hey, you ever get married? It's the way that I wanna live It's my prerogative What? Five-O? Oh, brah, did they give you a badge? Well I'm actually more of a consultant for Five-O.
We don't carry badges.
But it's real frontline stuff.
A couple weeks ago, I stun-gunned a Chinese spy.
For real?! For reals.
We should go on a ride-along sometime.
Actually, we don't do those things.
That's HPD.
Well, that's okay.
'Cause I actually meant ride-along in the car, to a bar.
There's a great new place that just opened on Merchant Street.
Mahalo, folks, we'll be back in five.
I'll call you.
Naughty Nani.
Most likely to be married five times.
She just dumped number six.
An opening.
I got a shot.
What? Nothing.
Okay, everybody.
Sorry to interrupt the fun, but it is time for the grand unveiling of our class time capsule! Yay! Okay.
As you know, every graduating senior had to place a special item in the capsule to be reclaimed at our 25th reunion.
- Go, Nani! - Yeah! So let's get started.
Still hot! Okay.
Oh, my gosh.
This is a blast from the past.
Are you ready? Yeah! Girl, you know it's true Sing it, Nani! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oh-oh! All right! All right, next we have Please! You got to help me! He's trying to kill me! Help! Please! The P.
Help! Help! Stay here.
Chin, over here! Please, someone help me! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Should be just past that tree line.
Looks like somebody knew we were coming.
Your friend in the CIA moves fast.
But he's a little sloppy.
Got the whole place locked down.
No one's going in or out.
Let's hope our killer's still here.
Thanks, Duke.
Hey, you okay, cuz? Yeah.
This way.
All right, so do we have an I.
on our vic? Yeah.
Laura Richmond.
She's the great-granddaughter of Lon Richmond, founder of the Richmond Macadamia Nut Company.
Old money.
Did you know her? We had a couple of classes together.
I heard she went to college on the mainland.
Jerry said she hadn't been back to the island in 25 years.
Hey, Jer, maybe you ought to step outside for this, huh? Never even got to say hello.
What do you think, Max? Well, this is a first.
Death by stiletto.
The sad irony is our victim could have survived the fall if she didn't land on the sharp heel of her own shoe.
It appears to have punctured her aorta.
What's that? Find anything else on her? No.
I'll, uh, bring it to the lab and get it processed.
So, Laura returns home for the first time in 25 years and dies within hours of landing.
Either she's the unluckiest woman on the planet Or someone didn't want her to come back.
You're an amazing travel companion.
Anybody ever tell you that? I mean, the time's just flying by here.
Maybe-maybe I thought we'd see if the copilot wants to play backgammon or something.
I'm sorry, okay? I-I appreciate you coming, Danny, I do.
I'm I-I'm just You're disappointed.
I understand.
It's a really long way to fly to find an empty coffin.
Which, by the way, there is zero chance the CIA did not know that whoever was occupying that coffin meant something to you.
Yeah, or Doris.
'Cause that's what this is all about.
I'm telling you, I guarantee, my mother is linked to that missing body somehow.
Either that or she's responsible for the body being in the ground in the first place.
Oh, you don't want to go down that road.
Did you have any contact with Laura tonight? Yes, I did.
I had to write Laura's name tag by hand.
She never RSVP'd.
So no one knew in advance that she would be here.
I was totally shocked when she walked in the door.
She's never been to any of our reunions before.
Our alumni newsletter always came back "Return to Sender.
" I don't know anyone she's even kept in touch with since graduation.
When I heard she was here, I was I was really looking forward to catching up with her, you know? It had been so long.
But she seemed so anxious.
How so? Oh, it was weird.
It was She was asking what we had planned for the night.
Was there any event in particular she was curious about? No.
No, she just she grabbed a program and then she said that we'd catch up later.
And then and then Okay.
Hey, it's okay.
We're done.
We're Okay.
I'll give you my number before I leave.
For that drink, you know? Laura and I dated all through senior year, but, uh we broke up before school ended.
We were going to different colleges.
We didn't think that we could handle the long-distance thing.
We didn't stay in touch after that.
Did you talk to her this afternoon? I tried, but she was kind of distracted.
She said that she would find me later.
It sounds like that's what Laura was saying to everyone.
Do you have any idea what had her so preoccupied? When she walked in, I was so glad to see her, you know? It had been so long.
I guess I guess I was just hoping that she missed the old gang and that she was here to catch up.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
You getting the same story I am? Yeah.
Laura was distracted, and anyone who wanted to talk to her, she said she'd find them later.
So then the question is: why would Laura come all the way back for her high school reunion if she had no interest in reuniting? Hey, guys.
So CSU found Laura's purse in the P.
room with a cash withdrawal receipt from Bank of Waikiki for $200,000.
Time stamp is 1:58 p.
, which means that she went to a bank two hours before she got to the reunion.
Okay, so did CSU recover the money? No, nothing on her person or in her rental car.
The money's gone.
Okay, so maybe this is a robbery.
Someone followed her from the bank to the reunion.
No, there's no way she's walking around the school gym with $200,000 stuffed in her purse.
Okay, then where is it? Commander, I was told that you were out of town.
Yeah, I just got back.
Uh, and I need a favor, Max.
I take it this is more of the unofficial kind? It is.
I need you to run DNA on that for me, please.
Uh, hey best you don't ask any questions, Max.
Welcome home.
You find what you were looking for? Uh, working on it.
I'd ask you how the reunion was going, but the body bag kind of gives it away.
Let's take a ride, I'll fill you in.
All right.
I can't believe this.
I-I didn't even know she was in town.
Did she call you? No, I had no idea.
Why did Laura leave Oahu after high school? College.
In New York.
We thought she'd come home afterwards, but She said she liked the cold.
That it suited her.
Laura battled depression a long time.
After our parents died, years would go by when she wouldn't contact us at all, wouldn't come home for holidays.
When was the last time you heard from her? A few weeks ago.
I remember she sounded, uh better.
Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, but she sounded happier, stronger.
Like she was finally finding her way.
You know, after Laura landed, she stopped at the Bank of Waikiki and withdrew $200,000 from your family's trust.
Any idea why she might've done that? No, that would be very unlike her.
Laura rarely took from the trust.
Uh, she didn't want the family money.
It was a a point of pride with her, you know? She could she could take care of herself.
Excuse me.
Hey, Kono.
What's up? So the prints came back from the playing card that we found on Laura's body.
They belong to an Anthony Gibson.
Tony Gibson? He was in my chem class senior year.
Well, he's been a very busy boy since graduation.
There's a warrant out for him in St.
Petersburg, Florida.
He's a person of interest in a case down there involving blackmail and extortion.
Yeah, I remember seeing him at the reunion.
Yeah, well, by the time HPD locked it down, he was long gone.
He was never questioned.
Any idea where he is now? Yeah, I ran his phone; it put him at the Pacific Marina Inn.
Danny's already on his way.
He'll meet you guys there.
All right, good work.
Hello? Hey.
You find Tony Gibson? Voilà.
Nothing up my sleeve and nothing in my wallet! Ho! Thank you.
Thank you.
Just a normal wallet, you can see that.
And remember, though, what they say about money-- it can really burn a hole - in your pocket.
- Oh.
Oh! Thank you, sir.
You can count it; it's almost all there.
You guys are great.
Really great crowd.
Okay, for my next trick, I need everybody to come up to the stage, okay? Everybody, come on up to the stage.
That's right, get close.
Move on down.
It doesn't work if you're not here with me.
Let me out of here! Come on! Let you out of here? Houdini, that's on you.
Let's see it.
My leg's cramping.
What the hell do you guys want? We want to talk to you about your latest trick, disappearing from a murder scene, okay? Put your hands on the car.
Murder? What murder? Chin, this is a joke, right? Make it easy on yourself and do what the man says.
Hey, you know, the only thing that I despise more than a clown is a magician.
Well, I'm an illusionist, thank you.
Oh, illusionist.
What does that mean? It's different.
It's different, Danny.
Really? The cut and restored rope trick.
You know I was doing this in the fourth grade? He's good.
Come on, Amazing.
All right, Tony.
Let's talk.
Oh! Let's see your average magician do that.
That's pretty impressive, man.
How about jail cells? You good with those? I don't play small rooms.
But you guys obviously think I belong there for some reason.
Yeah, we do, and her name was Laura Richmond.
Maybe you remember her.
Ah! Of course.
We all went to Kukui together.
All right, well, we would like to know why you went to the reunion and killed her.
What? That was pretty good.
You ever think about giving up being an illusionist and, uh, maybe try acting? Hey, you know what, I hear Halawa Prison has a really good theater troupe.
Yeah? Yeah.
Halawa? Guys, come on.
I-I didn't kill anybody, okay? I didn't even know Laura was dead.
Chin, dude, you know me.
We were lab partners all senior year.
Yeah, as deep as that bond runs, I'm not about to look the other way when you murder one of our classmates.
Guys, I swear, I didn't kill anybody, okay? Why would I kill Laura? I liked Laura.
I don't know, uh, personally, I think it's probably got something to do with blackmail, which is the same thing you're wanted for in Florida, right? So, how did it work, Amazing? You got some dir Laura, and you knew she had some nut money.
You thought it was gonna be an easy payday, right? So she shows up at the reunion with all that cash, but somehow the deal goes sideways.
You kill her, and then you take off before we open the time capsule; that sound about right? First of all, that whole blackmail business in Florida was a giant misunderstanding, okay? And second of all, I only bailed early on the reunion because the hotel called, said their Friday night act canceled and could I fill in.
I need the cash, so I split.
How do you explain this? Seriously? Yeah.
I planted those on a bunch of people, Laura included.
It's my trademark.
What do you mean, your trademark? I was gonna do the spectator's pocket bit before the night was over.
'Cause the chicks dig it.
This guy knows what I'm talking about.
Right? Don't do that.
Okay, look, I'll prove it.
Chin? Check your left jacket pocket.
Ace of spades.
How does he do it? You're still annoying, though.
Well, aloha.
Ever consider a career in show business? 'Cause I could always use a box jumper, especially one as smoking hot as you.
Hey, open your mouth again, Tony, I'm gonna show you the disappearing teeth trick.
What do you got? Okay, so, Pacific Marina confirmed that Tony arrived prior to Laura's T.
Oh, great, so that clears this guy.
Well, I also dumped Laura's phone, which led me to finding out what happened to the missing 200K.
So, after she landed, Laura made a call to Honolulu General.
And I spoke with an administrator there who met with her shortly before the reunion.
It turns out that Laura paid for a patient's entire hospital bill in cash, and she wanted to be anonymous.
It was $198,756.
Patient's name is Nina Johnson.
And what's her connection to Laura? I don't know; I couldn't find one.
"Couldn't find one"? What, is it just a random act of kindness? No, if she came back here after all this time, I don't think anything she did was random.
I agree, I agree.
Listen, see if you can track down Nina Johnson, see what she knows.
If we can figure out why Laura came back, maybe we can work out why she was killed.
Jerry, you should go home.
I know.
She was always so nice to me.
I mean, you might not believe this, but I wasn't very popular back in the day.
But Laura even though she was one of the cool kids, she always went out of her way to talk to me.
I really appreciated it.
I'm just sorry I never got to tell her.
Jerry, we're gonna find out who did this.
I'd like to help.
I know.
And when we need you, I promise you we will call.
I found some rather curious chemicals on the victim's right hand.
According to the lab, it is a combination of metol, phenidone and hydroquinone-- chemicals commonly found together in developer.
Developer? Like in a dark room? Precisely.
Okay, Laura was only on the island for about six hours, so it seems kind of odd that she'd be developing photos.
And I didn't find any traces of the chemical on both hands, so I suspect it was a transfer.
Which means it could have come from her killer.
How was your trip? What? Your little mission in Cambodia.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know me, all right? And you need to believe me when I tell you I'm not gonna quit, I'm not gonna stop, I'm gonna do everything I have to do until I find out who was in that grave.
I guarantee that will be the biggest mistake of your life.
You know what? Stop.
No more threats.
No more threats.
What are you doing? Take it.
You want to stop me, that's the only way you're gonna stop me.
Take it.
My office.
Twenty hundred.
Are you serious? This woman paid my hospital bill? So you don't know her? No.
I've never seen her before.
I-I wish I could help you, but none of this makes any sense.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Pipeline Junior Nationals.
That's impressive.
Oh, that was my son Corey's trophy.
Wait a minute, Corey Johnson? I remember his name when I was coming up as a surfer.
Well, if you think that's impressive, you should see his room.
They said my boy could have been a world champion.
Could have? He disappeared almost 25 years ago.
What happened? Full moon.
He went out one night to surf, and he never came home.
The police said he must have drowned, but in my heart, I never believed it.
They never even found his body.
Kelly Slater came in second.
You must have been very proud.
Johnson, do you know who this is with your son? They seem very close.
Teenage boys don't tell their moms a lot.
Why do you ask? Well, because the girl in the photo is Laura Richmond, the woman who paid your hospital bill.
You know, judging from those photos, it looks like Corey and Laura were seeing each other.
Which is interesting, because when I interviewed Alan Lim at the reunion, he said he and Laura were dating all senior year.
Yeah, they were.
Everyone knew it.
You know, Corey went to a different school, so Laura could have been seeing him on the side, and maybe Lim found out.
You're thinking Alan killed Corey out of jealously.
You know, not only that, I'm thinking she might have had knowledge of it, and that's why she paid Nina's medical bill.
Out of guilt.
Still doesn't explain why Laura was killed yesterday.
Well, maybe paying those bills wasn't enough to ease her conscience.
Maybe she was finally gonna say something about what happened to Corey.
You know, if she was and Alan knew it, that's a pretty strong motive for him to kill her.
Hey, what happened? Neighbor called it in.
Said she heard a disturbance.
Looks like a possible home invasion.
That man's our suspect in a homicide.
Is he gonna make it? Don't know.
We are bringing in a male, approximately 40 years old.
Severe trauma.
I repeat First on scene thinks it was a home invasion.
You believe that? Well, Laura Richmond and Alan Lim were both at the reunion.
Laura's in the morgue and now Alan's in the E.
I don't think that's a coincidence.
All right.
Both assaults were up close and personal, with no weapons.
They knew their attacker.
All right, so right now, Alan is the only guy who can give us an I.
I want an officer with him at all times.
The minute he wakes up, I want someone there to take his statement.
Copy that.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's Max.
Hey, Max.
You got something? Commander McGarrett, I'm so sorry to give you this news, uh, but I don't know what happened.
I Max.
What's going on? The sample you gave me.
I sent it over to the lab for processing, but they say it never arrived.
Very predictable.
I'm doing whatever I can to track down its whereabouts, but as soon as the sample left my office, it's as if it simply vanished.
You know what, Max? Don't even worry about it, okay? I mean, it's not your fault.
All right? Thank you for the call; I appreciate it.
Whoa, whoa.
What? Why are you not upset by this news? I would be upset if I gave Max the whole sample.
Oh, you stuffed a little on the side, like, uh, for a rainy day or something, huh? You want to beat these guys, you got to play by their rules.
I like it, I like it.
There's the guy I know and love.
You like that? Yeah, it's good.
Code blue to the E.
Okay, listen.
There's definitely a connection between Laura's murder and the attack on Alan Lim.
We just need to figure out why the killer was targeting both of them.
We think this goes back to Corey Johnson's disappearance So Laura and Alan were somehow involved with whatever happened to him.
Okay, well, what did happen? Well, that's the thing.
Nobody knows for sure, but at the time, everyone assumed that he drowned.
Okay, well, let's say he didn't drown.
Let's say he disappeared some other way and someone out there a and this is about revenge.
Okay, or it could be that Alan and Laura were simply witnesses to what happened, and our killer tried to silence them.
Okay, but either way, why wait 25 years? I got that case file you asked for.
Oh, thanks.
I was a rookie back then, but I remember the case.
Corey Johnson was a strong swimmer.
The night he disappeared, the surf was calm-- ankle slappers at the most.
Was foul play ever suspected? There was no evidence to support it at the time.
Corey didn't have any enemies.
But I'll tell you this: I was never convinced the kid drowned.
All right, so it looks like witnesses spotted a vehicle matching Alan Lim's near the beach the night Corey Johnson disappeared.
But Alan claimed that he was at Laura's house all evening, and she backs him up.
She said they were watching a movie.
So Laura was Alan's alibi.
Maybe she was lying just to protect her boyfriend.
You think they know about Corey? I'm thinking three people know: Alan, Laura and the person who tried to shut them up.
I got Catherine.
Catherine, go ahead.
So, listen, I've been following up on the photochemical transfer found on Laura's hand.
The GPS from her rental car indicated that she parked at the Kaimana Mall.
Turns out that one of the 30 shops is an old-school photo store that still develops Okay, we talk to the owner? Yeah.
He said that she stopped by asking if he could develop film that was 25 years old.
They must've shaken hands.
That's how she got the chemical on her.
All right, so where's the film? She told the owner that she didn't have it on her, and that she would come back later.
He kept the shop open, but she never showed up.
Whatever's on that film got Laura killed.
Okay, but we didn't find any film on her.
Killer could have taken it.
Or maybe Laura was killed before she could get her hands on it.
That's why she went to the reunion.
Everyone we interviewed said Laura was preoccupied at the reunion.
She was asking about all the events, but I think there was only one she really cared about: the opening of the time capsule.
Corey had these same rockets in his room.
Thanks for doing this, Jer.
Happy I could help.
Luckily for you guys, I don't trust digital.
No way.
What is it? That's Laura's brother, Bradley.
That photo was taken on the night Corey disappeared.
Laura lied to the police.
The three of them were with Corey that night.
You really think they could be responsible for Corey going missing? I don't know.
Laura's dead, Alan's in the hospital, so there's only one other person who could answer that.
Bradley Richmond.
What's going on? Where's Bradley? I saw him walking towards the maze a little while ago.
Why? Over here! All right, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say - that's Corey Johnson.
- Okay, so Bradley was trying to move the body, get rid of the evidence.
All right, he must've heard us coming.
He couldn't have gotten far.
Come on.
He knows where he's going, we don't.
No, I got something.
I got something.
Guys, we got to split up.
Come on.
And on your right, the beautiful blue waters of Kaiona Beach.
Yo, what's up, bruddah? Hey.
Hey, you in the air? Doing the Newlywed Special as we speak.
How fast can you get to the Richmond Estate? Five minutes.
Why? I got a perp on the move; I could use an eye in the sky.
Copy that.
Hang on, lovebirds.
I guess you guys got some extra time.
Bradley Richmond! Bradley! Use your head, Bradley! It's all over! Bradley, we know you're in here! We know you killed Corey! Now come out! It's over! Hey! He's over here! McGarrett, I got a guy in a yellow shirt moving like a mongoose.
Good, good, good.
Which direction? Straight.
What do you mean, straight? You got an instrument panel in front of you.
Look at the compass.
Which direction? Oh, north.
He heading north.
Bradley? He just changed direction.
Going west.
He just went through a hole in the hedge.
He's heading east.
Keep going.
Make another right.
He's coming back your way! Three two one.
Boo-yah! Takedown, McGarrett style! Guys, over here! I got him! You're under arrest for the murder of Corey Johnson and Laura Richmond.
I didn't kill my sister, Alan Lim did.
What the hell's this? What's going on? We recovered Corey's body, Alan.
He probably looks a little different than when you and Bradley buried him in the maze 25 years ago.
I don't know anyone named Corey.
Sure you do.
Laura knew him, too.
In fact, Laura liked him.
Didn't she? She liked him a lot.
That's why he's dead, isn't it, Alan? You knew that she had a thing for Corey, but you were too much of a coward to confront him by yourself.
You needed Bradley to help you.
You know what? If that's where you found the body, maybe you should go ask Bradley how it got there.
Why don't you ask him yourself.
It's over.
I told them everything.
Why? Why would you do that? You killed Laura.
That's my sister.
She was going to go to the cops.
I have a family.
I have a life! She wanted to ruin everything.
All she wanted to do was tell the truth about what happened that night.
She couldn't live with the guilt anymore.
We all swore that we would never tell anyone what happened.
You swore to me! We were just a bunch of kids.
Alan, we were scared.
We didn't want to go to jail.
It was an accident.
We just wanted to teach him a lesson.
Rough Corey up a little bit so that he would stay away from Laura.
But it got out of control.
I slugged him.
Then Corey, he-he he fell and hit his head on a rock.
There was blood everywhere.
He was dead.
And there was nothing that any of us could do to change that.
All right! Eat up.
There's two more grinz coming.
Oh, what is it, the Last Supper? What? You know how much helicopter fuel costs, brah? You're gonna have to eat here the rest of the month to pay off that kind of assist.
Whatever happened to being a Good Samaritan? Oh, yeah.
Those guys don't have a bottom line.
Whoa, wait.
Is that? It's our yearbook.
Oh, my.
Let me see Chin right now.
Ah, there he is.
What a goofball.
What-what is that? You got the fencing team, you're in the band, and look at this.
Uh, mathletes? Junior mathletes? It's amazing.
I had a wide variety of interests, okay? And don't forget QB1 and captain of the football team.
All right.
What about you, Jerry? Mm, there I am.
Oh, yeah, buddy.
Whoo! "Most likely to be abducted by aliens".
It's not too late.
You all right? "Don't ever stop asking questions.
The world needs more people like you.
" Laura wrote that.
You got somewhere to be? You keep checking your watch.
You need to walk away.
Who is this? Where's Sam? Agent Connors doesn't exist.
The casket in Cambodia doesn't exist.
You think making an agent disappear and cleaning up that mess in that field is gonna stop me?
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