Hawaii Five-0 s04e19 Episode Script

Ku I Ka Pili Koko (Blood Brothers)

We're in position.
SWAT is all set.
Give us the word, Commander.
Three, two, one.
Go! Go! Go! Well, maybe it's just me, but aren't there supposed to be guns in a gun deal? Maybe a gun dealer or something like that? Doesn't make sense.
This is where the deal was supposed to go down.
Looks like you boys got some bad intel.
Well, maybe they caught wind we were coming and changed the menu.
Or maybe the time got moved up and we're late to the party.
Well, we'll canvass the area and see if anyone saw anything.
All right.
Catherine, do me a favor, call the ATF, all right? See if anything's come up on their radar.
Roger that.
Thanks for the backup, Lou.
You got it.
All right, fellas, let's pack it up.
Maybe they moved up the time? What do you want me to say? Maybe that you were wrong.
That we should have vetted this thing properly before we wasted everybody's time.
Maybe listening to a convicted felon is not the right move.
I-I don't want to put words in your mouth though.
You know what I mean? Let me tell you something.
That son of a bitch-- he's laughing in his cell right now.
Let's go.
Just for the record, this is the same thing as admitting you were wrong.
Yeah, okay.
You hear that? He's alive, but barely.
What's your name? Who did this to you? Bomb.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) I thought you said we were gonna take things slow.
I'm willing to forget that I said that.
Me, too.
What are you doing, sneaking out on me? No, I just thought I'd make us some coffee.
You come and get back in bed.
I'll go make the coffee.
I think I can manage, Jersey.
Yeah? Yeah.
What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with your mom.
Her flight changed; she had to leave early.
Well, you got to call me.
You got to let me know if something changes.
I tried to last night; it kept going to voice mail.
Um, this is my friend Amber.
Uh, Amber, this is, um this is my daughter Grace.
This is my friend Amber.
I've heard so much about you.
Is that my dad's shirt? My daughter's been scarred for life, and you think it's funny.
That's great.
What, you don't think you're overreacting a little bit? No, I don't.
Come on, man.
The amount of time you and Amber have been spending together, those two were bound to meet sooner or later.
Now, you know, well, Gracie will never forget.
That's nice.
Look, uh the last thing I need is for Grace to get attached to another woman.
Okay? I mean, when Gabby took off, it really upset her, and I-I don't want to put her through that again.
"Uh-huh"? What is "uh-huh"? What does that mean? Nothing.
No-no-no, please.
If you have something to say, just say it.
Maybe you should consider, this is less about protecting Gracie, more about protecting yourself.
Protecting myself from what? From getting into another serious relationship.
She's ten years younger than me.
What am I gonna do? Danny, if she was the same age as you, you would come up with a different excuse, whatever you need, because you can't be happy.
It's impossible for you; it-it's not in your DNA.
Well, I don't know what the hell I was doing coming here getting relationship advice from you.
What do you know? I know people.
No, you know how to kill people.
There's a big difference.
We got to go.
JC Dekker.
How's the surfboard business? You tell me.
State of Hawaii became the proud owner of that when you threw me in here.
Well, that's because your problem was trying to diversify.
You should've just stuck with selling surfboards instead of going to the guns.
Warden says you got something for us.
I do.
There's a supplier out of the Philippines bringing in a big shipment.
Top of the line semi-autos.
No serials, completely untraceable.
Type of product that attracts the, uh worst type of buyer.
When's this going down? An hour from now.
But you want to know where, you got to put something on the table for me.
Oh, why, the ATF stopped returning your calls? We heard that you been supplying them intel, as well, for time off your sentence.
Listen, a month here and there ain't making a dent.
Now, as much as I hate helping Five-O, you boys got a cozy relationship with the governor.
I figure you can get me some new digs at Waiawa.
Minimum security, cut my sentence in half.
That's very ambitious.
Now I know why you're so good selling guns yourself.
I'm a changed man.
I'm just trying to get home to my family.
Now, listen, my word's good on this.
Just make sure it doesn't come back to me.
Looks like you two just have to trust me.
Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny? Chin, are you okay? This is Captain Grover.
I got a collapsed building.
Address: 1085 Ahua Street.
Expedite fire and rescue.
I need all available units.
Steve! Danny! Danny! You got to get out of there, Catherine, it's not safe.
They're down here! Danny! Danny! Danny! Steve.
Danny! Steve.
I got you, buddy.
I'm right here.
I got you.
My leg's pinned.
I think I broke a rib.
Where's the other guy? Huh? He's dead.
Okay, listen to me, this thing's too heavy.
I can't lift it.
I got no cell service down here, so I can't call for help.
I'm gonna go get something to give me some leverage, get this off your leg, okay? I'll be right back.
All right.
Don't go just yet.
Danny, relax, it's gonna be okay.
Is it okay? 'Cause I'm in a confined space with a bunch of concrete on top of me, and given my present condition, that's not the best situation for me.
You know what I mean? Right, right, right.
Take a deep breath, okay? No, that's no good.
It makes it worse.
Danny, I got to get this off you.
You understand me? All right, all right, okay.
All right, Carter's behind the plate.
We got Santana Hey, hey, hey.
Hernandez playing first.
Backman's playing second base.
What are you doing? Helps me relax.
I just recite the '86 Mets lineup.
It helps me relax.
Oh, that's great.
That's good.
No, that's good.
I'll be back, all right? Okay.
Santana's playing shortstop.
Sit down.
Knight's on third.
You have any idea where your boys were when this thing came down? No idea.
Last time we saw them was on the bottom floor.
That's roughly and concrete between us and them.
We need to set up water, power and gas.
I think that's already been done.
We need to get in there and get them out of there.
Before I start bringing in heavy equipment and putting my people at risk, I need to determine if this is rescue or recovery.
I understand you have a personal relationship with these guys.
You damn right, Hank.
I know these guys.
They're survivors.
And the longer we stand around here waiting around, the less chance they have of coming out of there alive.
Protocol is: we don't dig until we've located bodies.
The sooner we pinpoint their location, the sooner we come up with a game plan, all right? Do your best.
Any update? No.
We're still trying to locate them.
Catherine and I have been trying their cells, but it goes straight to voice mail.
We were set up.
Bonilla's playing right field.
Bret Saberhag Bret Bret Saberhagen's on the mound.
Where the hell you been? I moved on to the '92 roster.
It's a tough year.
I found a flashlight.
We're gonna need that.
You got to get this thing off of me.
When I lift this, you feel the weight come off your leg, I need you to roll out, slide your leg out, okay? But you got to do it quick.
I don't know how long I can hold this.
That's very encouraging.
I'm not even sure I can move.
You can.
You can.
You can, all right? Uh-huh.
All right, you ready? One, two, three.
Roll, roll, roll! Oh, that's no good.
You stay still.
I got to look at this.
Come on.
Oh, what is that? Okay, it's a piece of rebar.
It's missed your vitals, but I got to take it out.
The trick's gonna be to stop the bleeding.
Maybe don't take it out.
Maybe we just leave it in for a minute.
Leaving it in is not an option.
This gets infected, sepsis sets in, then we got real trouble.
You understand me? We got to As opposed to our current situation? Okay, stay still.
I'm gonna be right back.
All right, this has got peroxide in it.
I can disinfect this wound.
I'm not gonna lie to you; this is gonna hurt a lot.
The really bad pain only lasts a couple of seconds.
You got to stay conscious.
I'm right here.
All right? Ready? Two.
Oh! God! All right, all right.
Stay with me, Danny.
Stay with me.
Hey, who played left? '86 Mets, left field-- who was it? George Foster, and he was replaced by Mookie Wilson after two seasons.
Midseason, rig? That's my boy.
Keep the pressure.
Keep the pressure, Danny.
Stay with me.
How we looking? Is it good? It's good.
Pretty good.
Come on.
Keep your weight off that leg.
Nah, I'm good.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Come on.
No, Danny.
Hold up.
Uh, which way? We're not going anywhere, buddy.
Place is caved in.
We can't get out of here.
Do me a favor, would you, please? Of course.
Whatever you need.
Look at me in the eye-- look at me-- and admit something to me.
We should not have listened to Dekker, hmm? You want to do that now? It was a lead we had to follow, Danny, okay? And by the way, you're welcome for saving your life.
What is that, a souvenir? Yeah, it's a souvenir.
Rescue team would have arrived already.
They'd be listening in.
Find something to bang on, make some noise.
That was rude.
What were you saying? Look, man, I'm telling you.
My information was good.
Now, if the deal got messy, it's not on me.
It's all on you.
And I want the names of the people who helped you pull this off.
You must have lost some hearing in that explosion.
I was just doing my civic duty and passing along what I heard.
From who? Half the prison just saw you haul my ass off the yard.
Now, if I give up my source, I'm a dead man.
Know what I think? I think there never was a source.
I think this is all payback for Five-O putting you in here.
Why would I do that? I'm trying to get the hell out of here, not add more years.
We're gonna find out how you did this.
Let me tell you something else.
If they die down there, I'm gonna kill you myself.
Someone on the outside had to rig the explosives.
Why don't you pull Dekker's visitor log and phone records.
Let's see who he's been communicating with since he got here.
Chin, Dekker's not going anywhere.
We should be back there trying to find Steve and Danny.
Hey, we got the best people doing everything they can to rescue them.
Our job is to work the case just like any other.
We owe it to them to do that.
I got something! Over here! All right, hold the work! Hold the work! Everybody, quiet! Everybody stop moving! It's them.
They're alive.
Hank? All right, the noise seems to be coming from this area.
My engineers are already working on an extraction plan.
All right, how long? Oh, there's a lot of guesswork here.
GPR isn't giving us an image.
Without knowing their precise location, it could take hours.
Cath, where you going? See if we can get a microphone close enough to hear them.
Maybe we can get a cellular repeater down there.
This is pointless.
They can't hear us.
Oh, oh! What? Can I die in peace, please? You're tired and you're hurting; just take a break, all right? Hey.
Do me a favor.
What? Please, for once in your life, just pretend you're a human being, and take this situation for what it is.
Can you do that for me, please? I'm keenly aware of the situation Really? Because the human response to certain death and, uh, the prospect of never seeing the people you love ever again is curling up into the fetal position and messing your pants.
Okay, what good's that gonna do you, huh? Fear is a state of mind, Danny, okay? You got to fight through it.
Oh, I-I disagree.
I think that fear is actually your friend.
It tells you when you're supposed to avoid a situation.
But you never listen to it.
That is why we are here in the first place.
That would be a compelling argument, my friend, if you weren't afraid of absolutely everything.
This morning, you had a near mental breakdown because your girlfriend met your kid.
It doesn't matter what the situation is for you.
You gravitate to the worst possible outcomes.
Once again, I'm proven right! We never should have gone in this situation blind in the first place! You all right? No, I'm not all right.
Listen, all right? I'm sorry, okay? Just please relax.
The air is getting thin in here.
We got to conserve this oxygen.
Hey! Hey, hey! What? Maybe it's, uh, lack of oxygen, but something ain't sitting right with me.
We were Dekker's target, right? Why this guy? Why the half-dead guy in the closet? The call lured us in here.
For all we know, this guy was bait.
Why him? I mean, you take a guy off the street, beat him half to death.
Why him, specifically? I don't know.
My guess is: he wasn't chosen at random; that's my guess.
He's got no wallet.
Couple pills.
I don't know.
Medication, prescription, something.
Check his cell phone.
It's all busted up.
This guy's wired.
He's wearing a camera.
That's how they knew when to detonate.
That guy had somebody watching.
Is that you? Huh? It's me.
It's Catherine.
It's Catherine.
Steve! Thank God.
Are you guys all right? Yeah, Danny's a little banged up, but we're okay.
Everybody else get out? All accounted for except you two stragglers.
We got the whole cavalry up here working to get you guys out.
We got an ETA on that? I'm literally being held together by duct tape.
Yeah, we're working on it.
We need to know your exact location.
We're in the maintenance room, south side of the garage.
Got it.
Get over here.
Steve, how's the oxygen? It's running low.
Is there anything we can do from this end to speed things up? Just hang tight.
Listen, the entire area is unstable.
You go moving something you're not supposed to, the whole damn thing'll come crashing down.
Ah, that's encouraging.
Steve, what happened? You were right behind us.
Listen, you think you can establish a video call? I want to show you something.
It's not as bad as it looks.
Thanks for trying to make me feel better.
You say you wanted to show us something.
Yeah, take a look at this.
Cath, can you capture that? Got it.
I'll run these photos through the database and see if I can get an I.
Look for any connection to JC Dekker and his crew, all right? I want to know how this guy got down here.
Roger that.
Those pills you found on your victim are warfarin-- It is an anticoagulant commonly used to treat patients with heart conditions.
Well, how common is it, Max? Catherine couldn't I.
this guy; that's our only lead.
Well, it's the most widely prescribed blood thinner out there.
Can you open his shirt? Max, what are you looking for? Well, his current state of death aside, your victim is young and appears to be in good physical condition, which leads me to suspect that the victim was prescribed this drug post-op-- not to treat a chronic heart condition.
Yeah, Max, good call.
He's got a surgical scar right here.
Gall bladder.
Maybe kidneys.
From the look of the scar, it appears that he went under the knife in the last three months.
All right, Max, listen, contact all area hospitals.
Get a list of patients who have had similar surgeries.
Cross-reference them against our vic's description, okay? Right away, Commander.
I can't let you through.
Sir, please, I I just need to find out if Detective Williams is okay.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
He's a friend of mine.
My name is Amber Vitale.
If-if there's anything Uh, she's good.
She's with me.
Amber? Yeah.
I'm Kono.
I work with Danny.
I just saw it on the news, and I got over here as fast as I could, but nobody's telling me anything.
He's alive.
We're doing everything we can to get him to safety.
Come on, I'll find you a seat.
Danny's gonna want to see you when he gets out.
We any closer to getting those guys out? Thanks to Catherine, we know where they are, but, uh, still trying to find a way down.
How you holding up? I'm, uh I'm just trying to stay positive.
This is a lot worse than I imagined.
You got something, Max? Surgical records for every gall bladder and kidney operation performed in the last three months.
John Doe's description.
Okay, good.
I'll run the list through DMV and see if I can put together a photo array.
I don't think that's gonna be necessary.
Take a look at this name.
Marcus Dekker.
So our victim is JC Dekker's brother.
He's 25 years old.
He had his gall bladder removed last month, and warfarin was prescribed to him to treat his post-op clotting issues.
Marcus just graduated from UCLA Law four months ago.
He just moved home and was studying for the bar.
Guess who bankrolled his education.
His big brother? That's right.
So how did their relationship go from that to this? Unless Dekker didn't put him down here.
What are you thinking, Steve? Dekker's been working with ATF for months now, right? What if somebody he helped to put away found that out and used it against him? Right, so Dekker gets a fake tip about a gun deal, he passes it on.
They know he's gonna pass it on.
So, bomb goes off, few cops get killed, and, uh, Dekker takes the fall.
And as added insult, they throw his brother down there to send a message.
It's a cold way to get revenge.
Marcus was a good kid, man.
He did well in school, never got into trouble.
I made sure of that.
I was always looking out for him.
So he wouldn't go down the same path as you.
That's why you put him through law school? When I got busted, Marcus found out where the money came from.
He wanted nothing to do with me.
I was hoping to get out of here one day and make things right.
And that's why you turned informant, so you could get an early release.
Well, someone inside this prison took exception to that.
Two of our guys are trapped, and Marcus is dead.
They tried to pin that all on you.
The tip came from a guy on my block, goes by the name of Spider.
Said he was giving me the info 'cause he couldn't use it.
Didn't that seem suspicious to you? Guy's a lifer.
What good was it to him? Think, JC.
Why would Spider set you up? I don't know.
Up until now, we've been cool.
Never had any beef with him.
Let's pull his file.
I want to know everything about him before we get him in a room.
Spider's never gonna talk to you.
You have nothing to offer a guy serving life.
There's another way to do this.
I'd prefer not to drink toilet water.
It isn't toilet water.
It's not from a fresh mountain spring, okay, but it's not sewage.
It's drinkable, Danny.
Take it.
Don't look at it.
It's over 100 degrees down here.
If you want to live, drink the water.
Ah, it's awesome.
We've looked at every possible extraction point.
None are stable enough to bring in the equipment we need to get down there.
Hey, how are we supposed to get them out? We can't.
At least not from where they are.
We got to get them moving.
Now, there's a mechanical room If they can somehow make their way over there, we may be able to pull them up through the ventilation shaft.
as well be 30 miles.
Well, I didn't say it was gonna be easy.
They're gonna have to navigate some tight spaces, move heavy debris with little to no light.
Well, they'll never make it.
Danny's injured.
Hank, just tell me one thing.
Is this our only option? If we do nothing, they'll run out of oxygen.
Oh, good.
The, uh escape-through-the-vent trick.
That's-that's the big plan? That's what we're gonna do? That's great.
It's our best shot.
Okay, well, what about the part where we're not supposed to touch anything; if we do, the whole thing could cave in on us? That's still true, so please be careful.
Do me a favor.
You know that sushi place you like so much on King Street? Give them call, make a reservation for tonight, you and me, okay? I'm just gonna have to grab a quick shower first.
Will do.
Hey, Danny, there's someone here who wants to talk to you.
It's okay.
Hey, Jersey.
Hey, doll.
You look fantastic.
Been that kind of a day, huh? Sorry about this morning.
I meant to call you, but, uh Save it.
I've heard that whole trapped-under-the-building excuse before.
I'd laugh, only it hurts too much.
How'd you, uh how'd you know to come down here? Well, it was all over the news.
Okay, Amber, listen to me.
Uh Grace gets out of school in a little while, and, uh and Rachel's out of town.
Of course, I'll pick her up.
Um what do you want me to tell her? Uh, tell her that I'm running late.
I'll be home in a little bit.
Um Listen, you can't let her use her phone, uh, can't let her leave the house, can't let her turn on the TV.
So, you want me to tell her she's grounded? Exactly.
Tell her she's grounded.
She's gonna want to talk to you.
Tell her I'll talk to her right when I get home.
Surprise, bitch.
I'm guessing that belonged to Spider? His jaw's being wired shut right about now.
I doubt he'll be needing that.
So that explains how he coordinated the bombing.
Contraband phone.
Guards couldn't monitor his calls.
Except Spider had nothing to do with no bomb.
What are you talking about? He said, a couple weeks back, a stranger hit him up on his cell.
Told him to check his commissary balance.
He does, there's five Gs in there.
So, next time Mystery Man calls, he's got Spider's attention.
Said there's another 20 large in it for him if he gets me to drop a tip about an upcoming gun buy.
So this stranger on the outside used Spider to feed you the information.
And Spider convinced me the ATF was selling me short, and you guys would give me a better deal.
Turns out, he only got paid if I delivered the tip to Five-O.
This was never about a prison beef.
This was someone coming after us.
We work together, we get out of here.
All right? Give me a hand with this thing.
Oh, yeah.
The worst game of Jenga ever.
She's pretty.
What? Amber.
Can tell she really cares about you, too.
Yeah, I'll probably screw it up like I do everything else.
Right? Not in my DNA to be happy.
I didn't mean that.
That's not what I meant.
No, I'm officially agreeing with you.
There is something wrong with the way that I am built.
I-I can't, uh I can't just enjoy happiness like regular people, you know? You don't think you're being a little hard on yourself? No, I don't.
When I was a kid, my parents would go out to eat dinner.
If they were late coming home, I used to imagine that they died in a car wreck, just 'cause they were 15 minutes late.
And I used to talk to God and beg him.
I said, "Please just take my dad, not my mom.
" 'Cause I couldn't live without my mom.
I mean, every time something good happens in my life, I-I just I think of when it's gonna end.
That's all I can think about.
You for real? Yeah.
That's not normal.
I know it's not normal.
Listen to this.
On my wedding day, I'm looking at Rachel, just about to say "I do.
" And all I can see is the day she's gonna serve me with divorce papers.
No joke.
And I I don't know, man.
The only sustained happiness I ever felt in my life so far is Grace.
And, you know, it's just a matter of time before she turns 18, and then she's out the door and she marries some schmuck.
I don't know.
You got to change, man.
You can't live like that.
Well, I'd like very much to change.
It's just not so simple, you know? Take Amber, all right? Start small.
Instead of pushing her away, like you always do, fixate on how she's gonna break your heart, she's gonna destroy your life bring her in, bring her closer.
All right, I'll give it a shot.
What? I said I'll give it a shot.
I make it out of here alive, I'll give it a shot.
Really? Yeah, really.
That's good.
That's good.
Thank you.
Oh, oh! What the hell was that? Damn it.
I can't get ahold of them.
All nonessential personnel, fall back now! Move, move, move! That includes you two.
We're not going anywhere.
What's doing? It's too heavy.
You know, I'm trying, uh, really hard to stay positive here.
What are you looking for? I'm looking for that.
You see that piece of pipe hanging over you, Danny? Break it off and seal off one end for me.
What are you gonna do with it? This slab of concrete-- I'm gonna blow it up.
You're gonna what? How does this not end with both of us dying? You're gonna blow something up? Called a directional charge.
Sends the explosive energy in one direction.
Anything that's behind it, theoretically, is reasonably safe.
It's, what, reasonably Nothing of what you just said sounds reasonable, okay? It's the best I could do.
This gonna work? I don't know.
Back up.
Get up in there.
Hold on.
Before we do this, I just want you to know one thing.
What? Whatever happens, I really, really from the bottom of my heart, hate you so much.
I love you, too, pal.
I guess there's a lot worse people to die under a big pile of concrete with, huh? You want to do the honors? No, no.
It's your stupid idea-- you do it.
Hold the work! Nobody move! What is that? We got to move out.
Move, move, move! Give me a light.
Let's go.
Pull back.
Hank, you see anything down there? Hank! We got movement.
Bring up the line now! Go! Bring up the line! Danny, come on.
Come on.
Here you go, here you go.
I got you.
I got you.
You got to get Steve.
He's still down there.
Let's get that line down there.
Hurry up! Let's get that looked at, huh? It's coming, Steve.
It's coming.
Oh, yeah, come on.
This way, this way, this way.
Thank God.
It's good to see you topside, Commander.
I never worried, never worried.
I don't doubt it.
It's good to see you, boss.
Guys, thank you.
Danno! I'm okay, monkey.
All right.
I'm okay.
I'm all right.
Hey, I want you to meet somebody.
This is Steve McGarrett.
Nice to finally meet you.
You, too.
Guys, give me one sec with Steve, all right? Well, if this is the, uh, power of positive thinking, I, uh I like it.
It's good.
You know, it's the same as you, uh you admitting that I was right, but I don't want to put words in your mouth right now.
When we were in there, you said, uh you know, before you did the thing with the bomb, you said what you said.
I want you to know, I I feel the same way.
How is that exactly? Gonna make me say it? Come here.
I love you.
I love you, buddy.
I-I, uh, got to go get this properly stitched up Yeah, you should.
And I'm not coming in to work tomorrow.
Or for the rest of the week.
All right? I'm taking Amber to Maui.
Heal up over there, relax.
Nice beaches over there.
Nice beaches? I won't see a single one of them.
All right? Call me.
Fong ran Spider's cell.
In the past 48 hours, he got three incoming calls, all from the same number.
- We get a name? - No, it's a burner.
But it's on right now, and we triangulated a position.
What's the location? It's an office building in Chinatown.
There's only one tenant.
It's a consulting firm owned by an Edward Cobb.
Edward Cobb.
Who's Edward Cobb? And why the hell is he coming after us? Edward Cobb is ex-CIA.
He ran black ops in Southeast Asia in the '70s.
This was never about Five-O.
After being trapped under the rubble for several hours, Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams were rescued just a short time ago.
The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.
Honolulu Fire Chief Hank Iona is expected to make a statement very soon.
Looks like you had a bad day, Commander.
Not as bad as you would've liked.
I know you set me up to keep me quiet about Cambodia.
But I'm still here.
Question is: have you gotten the message? No.
That's pretty clever.
They would've pulled three bodies out of that rubble, assumed that Dekker's brother was killed for payback and Five-O got caught in the middle.
No one ever would've suspected that this was all about keeping me from asking questions you didn't want answered.
You should've listened to Sam, left this alone.
An innocent man died today.
For no reason.
And dozens, dozens of innocent lives were put in danger, all to clean up a mess that you made 40 years ago.
Now, what happened in Cambodia? Who was buried in that grave? Consider your next move very carefully.
You consider yours.
I still got DNA from that grave, and I'm gonna run it.
So you might as well tell me who it belongs to.
Lei Kuan Fat.
Wo Fat's mother.
Why would you cover that up? Because it wasn't supposed to be her in that grave.
Our target was Wo Fat's father, but the op went bad.
My agent on the ground disappeared, leaving me to clean up her mess.
That agent was my mother.
But she went on to work for the agency, while you were forced out.
She didn't botch the job.
You ordered an unsanctioned hit that went bad.
Wo Fat's father is still alive, isn't he? Do you have any idea the fallout if that ever came to light? Where is he? Sit down.
I'll tell you.

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