Hawaii Five-0 s04e20 Episode Script

Pe'epe'e Kanaka (Those Among Us)

I got your text.
I'm on my way.
Look, I'm sorry, boss.
The Lees' pool took longer than expected.
They're out of town again.
The filter's all gunked up.
Well, this doesn't sound like anything major.
Just shorten the sensor.
I'll be there in 10.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Come on, Cap.
Don't give up.
You'll get the hang of it.
You're wasting your time on this old dog.
I-I'm a casting rod-off-the-jetty, sandwiches and beer kind of guy.
This harpoon stuff ain't my thing.
I stand corrected.
Huh, I guess McGarrett was right.
Right about what? Oh, nothing.
He just said, you'd never catch on quite as quick as he did.
Oh, so McGarrett said that, did he? Oh, now, come on, don't let that get under your skin.
The guy's a Navy SEAL.
He grew up on the island.
You're a city boy.
He was a natural, though, I got to say.
He took home half a dozen fish on his very first time out.
How many? Half a dozen.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Slow down.
Hold on, now.
Remember, that when you get over your target Oh, ho! "A city boy", my ass.
Take a look at that sucker.
How many did McGarrett get on his first try, you say? Half a dozen.
But I'll tell you what that's three times bigger than anything he caught.
You got your phone? Yeah Take a picture and send it to him.
Oh, come on.
You sure you want to kick up that hornet's nest? Oh, hell yeah, I do! Come on, just take a picture.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Ready? Smile.
Victim's Nico Káne.
He's a pool man.
His boss sent him by to check on a thermostat glitch, but he never heard back from him, so he decided to swing by himself.
Who are the homeowners? Nathan and Olivia Cameron.
An elderly couple, semi-retired.
They split time between here and Seattle.
The house has been empty for over a month.
Max, what do we know? Two gunshot wounds to the thorax.
Based on the body temp and degree of coagulation in the blood pool, I estimate the T.
to be roughly two hours ago.
The trajectory of the rounds and the position of the body suggest that the victim was shot by somebody inside the house.
He died when he fell and there was no effort to move the body.
There's no sign of forced entry.
Door was open and the key in the lock when his boss found him.
There's plenty of valuables for the taking, but nothing seems to be missing.
Where'd Nico get the key? Flower pot.
The owner kept the key there, in case Nico needed to get the control panel for the pool.
He also trusted him with the alarm code.
How many other people had access to this house? One.
A friend of the family checks in on this place a couple times a week, when they're away.
Okay, so maybe the friend, uh, mistakes Nico for an intruder, shoots him, then panics and runs off.
But, this friend isn't really the shooter type.
She's just a kid.
Dawn Hatfield, she's a sophomore at Waikiki Community College.
She's never had a run-in with the law.
HPD's trying to track her down now.
All right, well, if she's the only other person who had access to this house and she didn't pull the trigger who did? I'm thinking whoever did the interior decorating.
This make sense to any of you guys? I've seen similar measures taken at other crime scenes to mask the odor of a decomposing human body.
Yeah, but in this case, the body's out there.
So, what the hell was going on in here? Neighbor said she saw a sanitation truck come by this morning, to empty her bin.
Nothing unusual about that.
No, but when she went to pull it back up, it felt heavy, so, she looked inside and found a big bag of trash someone else dumped in there.
So she flagged me down, thought it might have something to do with our murder investigation.
You don't remember me do you? No.
I'm sorry, I don't.
Pua Kai.
Pro Bowl weekend last year.
I helped you crack a monster case.
Oh, yeah, right! Now I remember! I figured you would.
Uh, you may also remember, we kind of had a moment.
Yeah we did, didn't we? Yeah, and look at you now.
You followed through and you became a cop.
Graduated top third of my class.
Well, I'm not surprised.
You seem like a really sharp guy.
Uh, mind if I ask you something? Yeah.
How do you feel about workplace romances? You mean like, you and me? I-I was just wondering if you'd ever consider dating a colleague.
Uh You like sushi.
I-I love sushi.
Pua I have a boyfriend.
Scale of one to ten, how serious is it? Ten.
Look, you're a really sweet guy.
I'm very flattered.
I really am.
Well, in-in case things go sideways with Mr.
Ten, I-I'm around but the offer's limited.
Once I get my detective shield, I'm, I'm gonna be a pretty hot catch.
I think you already are.
Now why don't you show me what you found.
Hey, boss, over here.
Oh, man, it stinks like paint thinner.
Good nose.
Bi-layered liquid, acetone.
Those air fresheners were there to mask the odor of the chemicals.
Looks like our vic walked in on somebody cooking crystal meth.
Excuse me.
Dawn Hatfield? Yeah? How you doing? I'm Steve McGarrett from Five-O.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
I just want to ask you a couple of questions.
That okay? Yeah.
I think I was there three days ago.
Yeah, Tuesday-- that was the last time I checked the house.
You sure about that? Yeah.
I'm positive.
Stopped by before my classes.
Okay, you're really starting to freak me out.
Was there like a break-in or something? Oh, my God.
That's Nico.
That's the Camerons' pool guy.
What happened? Somebody shot him from inside of the house.
How well did you know Nico? I mean, I didn't.
Really, I mean we bumped into each other a few times at the house.
Can you think of anybody else that might have had access to the key or the alarm code besides you and Nico? No.
I don't think so.
You never took anybody to the house with you? No.
The Camerons specifically told me not to, so, I always went alone.
All right.
The last time you were there was Tuesday? Yeah.
I watered the inside plants, checked the thermostat, made sure everything was okay.
Do you remember seeing anything unusual in the kitchen? No.
It was spotless.
Like it always is.
Why are you asking me these questions? Because last Tuesday the alarm was disarmed and it was never turned back on again.
Oh, my God.
I I didn't reset the alarm.
That's how someone got in the house, isn't it? So Nico's dead.
This is all my fault.
Physical therapy appointment, huh? Yeah.
My mandatory hour of joy with Nurse Ratchet, thanks to you.
Thanks to me? Mm.
What, you gonna blame that building collapsing on us on me? I am.
And how exactly am I responsible? Well, uh about four years ago, you came and knocked on my door and told me that I had no choice but to work with you, so, I figure everything terrible that's happened to me since is your fault.
You're like a cloud, dark cloud, that never goes away.
Do me a favor, when you see Nurse Ratchet, have her, uh, check your head while she works the rest of you over, 'cause you got some damage up there, too.
You done? Amber's waiting in the car.
I got to go.
Amber's waiting in the car? Yeah.
Amber's waiting in the car.
That's what I said.
Things must've gone well in Maui then.
They did.
You look very surprised.
Well, I mean a little surprised, given your propensity to blow up relationships.
My propensity to to blow up-- that's funny coming from the guy whose girlfriend is currently AWOL.
AWOL? Yeah.
I know where she is.
She's on the mainland visiting friends.
To get away from you.
Go to PT.
I will.
I hope it hurts.
A lot.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Just checked in with CSU.
So, the Cameron house was apparently wiped clean of any usable prints.
Fong's still processing the trash we found in the neighbor's bin.
Well, if the inside of that house is any indication of how good our shooter is at covering up his tracks, we're probably not going to find anything.
Our perp might not be as smart as you think.
Pulled some data off the wireless modem in the house.
Someone logged into the WiFi network multiple times over the last three days, including right up until the time of the murder.
I was able to get the user from pulling an IP address.
Kid named Joseph Son.
No priors.
Nothing in the system.
He's a Chem major at Pacific Isle University.
Rents an apartment two blocks from campus.
A Chem major who's obviously way too smart to cook meth in his own kitchen.
Building's surrounded, Joseph.
Nowhere to run.
Steve, he's headed for the roof.
I got him.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't be stupid.
Joseph it's all over.
Get on your knees, put your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers.
No, no, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it! Joseph.
No! No! So, this kid was more afraid of going to prison than he was of dying.
I don't think so.
It wouldn't be the first time we've seen someone try to take the easy way out.
I'm telling you, Chin.
I mean, you didn't see the look in his eyes before he jumped off that roof.
There was no fear there.
It was anger, hatred.
Duke, CSU find anything in Son's apartment? Just a laptop.
The place was clean.
No evidence that he was using or selling drugs or engaging in any kind of criminal activity.
And the neighbors said he was a great student.
Not too many friends, pretty much kept to himself.
And nothing in our cameras that connected him with our vic or the Cameron family.
Well, he chose that house for a reason.
We need to find out what that was.
Hey, remember those water bottles we found in the trash? Yeah.
According to Fong, there was residue of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide inside of them.
Hydrogen peroxide's not used in cooking meth.
That's because Son wasn't cooking meth in that kitchen.
He was making a bomb.
Well, ain't that cute? You waiting for an autographed picture of me and that fish I caught this morning? No, I'm not, but not bad for a guy in shallow water with a snorkel and a spear gun.
"Not bad"? Yeah, you see, real fishermen, what they do is they dive out past the jetty, first of all.
We free-dive in at least We don't use a snorkel.
We certainly don't use a fancy spear gun.
We use a, uh, hand spear.
Do you know what a hand spear is? You ever see one of those before? Yeah.
Well, excuse me, Jacques Cousteau.
You know, jealousy is an ugly cloak, my friend.
You do not wear it well.
"Jealousy"? No, no, no.
Look, that fish was probably old, depressed, you know, maybe a little, uh, senile, you know, swimming around looking for a tiger shark to end his days, and then bumped into you.
A senile, depressed fish? That's right.
You are some piece of work, McGarrett, you know that? All right.
To what do I owe the displeasure of this visit? I need your help on something, Lou.
All right, you got it.
What is it? That jumper out by university, a kid named Joseph Son.
He's the suspect in the murder of the pool guy up in Lanikai.
At the crime scene, we found acetone, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric and sulfuric acid.
I'm thinking he was building a bomb.
But for what? I don't know.
That's why I'm here.
We checked his apartment, we checked his car.
They're both clean.
No explosives.
No, no contraband.
So you think there's other players involved.
Yeah, and I think there's an explosive device out there somewhere.
Listen, I got a, I got that sick feeling on this one, Lou.
I can't stop thinking this is a part of something much bigger.
I need everybody you got on this.
Is that Son's laptop? Yeah.
I just got into some encrypted files.
It looks like Son's been chatting over the Internet with a top-tier Al-Qaeda figure in Yemen, for over a year.
Here have a look.
You know him? Yeah.
That's Muhammad Nazaria.
He's a poster boy for the American Jihadi movement.
And he grew up in a suburb in Cleveland, Ohio.
Last I heard he was hiding in some lawless region of Yemen.
Well, he may be in hiding, but he continues to get his message out.
The thing that worries me is that chats between Nazaria and Son stopped a few months ago, after this last exchange.
"Joseph, you must remain strong.
"The very definition of jihad is to fight against "and destroy the infidels.
"Once you've chosen this path of righteousness, you can never abandon it.
" And then Son responds: "You have shown me "I have the heart of a lion.
"I'm prepared to sacrifice my life on this earth "for the good of our noble jihad until our way is is the way of life for all people.
" It's pretty clear from reading the exchanges over the last year that Nazaria has slowly indoctrinated Son into his own radical way of thinking.
Well, American kids like Joseph Son, becoming radicalized terrorists is-is one of the intel community's biggest fears.
So, Customs has Son taking two trips to Yemen over the past 18 months.
He was traveling on a student visa issued through the university.
Now, I had TSA pull the manifests from all of his flights, to see if he was traveling with someone.
Sure enough, he was.
This kid-- Brian Miller, he was with Son on every single one of his flights to and from Yemen.
Same as Son.
No criminal history.
And no known ties to any terrorist organizations that would put him on the radar with DHS or the FBI.
All right, look, TATP is cheap, it's easy to make, there's how-to videos all over the Internet.
It's possible these kids are lone wolves, inspired by Nazaria, and planning some kind of attack of their own.
Get down! I'm good! I got you guys covered.
Lou, you okay? Lou? Perimeter is secure.
We have a least 2 bogies-- one on the ground floor, one on the second floor.
Look at that.
Lucky twice in one day.
Copy two bogies.
You know, only you can see getting shot as being lucky.
You stay down until I can get you out of here.
That ain't happening.
It's over, Miller! There's no way out! Moving in! Cover me! Throw down your weapon, come out with your hands up! He's done.
Got movement! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Give me your hands.
Oh, so you surf, you kill people and you make bombs, huh? You're a real Renaissance woman.
I don't think you get it, Dawn.
This is the major leagues, right? This is your life, right here in this room.
Right now.
This is it.
Okay, anything, anything else happens as a result of those explosives, anybody else gets hurt, anybody else dies, you're gonna pay for this for the rest of your life.
You understand what I'm saying to you? Do you want to end this? You can end this, right now.
You tell me where those explosive devices are, we end this right here, right now.
You think you scare me? You think I'm afraid? Go ahead and beat me.
Torture me.
Do whatever you like.
Because you'll never get in my head.
Steve we got something.
Get her over to the Palace.
We're not done.
Look what we found.
This is no small-time, lone wolf operation.
They were gearing up for a war.
All right, so we know that Son, Miller and Dawn Hatfield were planning an attack on Hickam Air Force Base.
It's what we don't know that worries me.
Russian-style military weapons, Somebody had to be backing these kids.
FBI's running the three of them, looking for any connections they may have to players here or overseas.
And HPD and DHS are stepping up security all across the islands, especially at military and government installations.
Do-it-yourself bomb-making instructions.
Nice touch.
The lab is running handwriting comparisons to the samples that we recovered from Son, Miller and the girl-- no match.
I think we have to assume the worst and operate as if whoever drew up these instructions are still right here on the ground on Oahu.
Yeah, and that there might be other cells out there waiting to strike.
All right, lookit, the military sends all IEDs used in attacks against coalition forces to an FBI warehouse near Quantico.
They also keep a library of documents recovered from raids on Al-Qaeda and Taliban safe houses.
Okay, I'll get everything we have and send it over to them.
Let's see if we can match the designs of these devices or the handwriting in these documents to anyone they may have in their database-- see if we can find these kids' partner.
The Symbionese Liberation Army the BLA the United Freedom Front-- you know what all these groups have in common, Dawn? They all attacked their own country and they all lost.
Their soldiers were either killed or sent to prison.
You understand what I'm trying to tell you? This little jihad or whatever it was you had going-- it's over, it's finished, okay? It's history.
The only thing left for you right now is to save yourself.
Now, I know you weren't acting alone.
I know that you had help.
I want names.
While you're thinking about that, why don't you do me a favor and help me understand something? Help me understand how somebody like you, a smart, standout high school athlete from Seattle, born in the greatest nation on Earth, turns against her own people? You are not my people.
Who are your people? "Allah has cursed the unbelievers and proposed for them a blazing hell!" You should have it now.
Got it.
Good news is these instructions are fairly detailed.
And the Arabic dialect used in some of the writing is unique to the Hazara region of Afghanistan.
Okay, that should narrow it down a bit.
I can get even more specific.
This is definitely designed to be a roadside bomb.
TATP used to initiate the charge, C-4 used as the explosive, and the combination of nails, ball bearings and gravel projectiles make it very unique.
Okay, so you've seen this before.
IEDs like this have been used in the area around Kandahar over last couple of years.
That's where I'll start looking in the database.
Okay, thanks.
I'll be in touch.
There was enough hardware in that house to make three bombs, Dawn.
Why don't you tell me your plan? Maybe detonate an IED on the road leading into the Air Force base? Wipe out some innocent soldiers, then what, a couple of secondary devices to shred up the first responders? That sound about right? "Innocent" soldiers? They drop bombs thousands of feet in the air, killing innocent women and children like cowards! Cowards? You want to talk about cowards? You should have said so.
Okay, let's talk about cowards.
Why don't we start with your boy Nazaria, your mentor? Let's start with him.
Where is he? He's hiding in a cave in the mountains of Yemen.
You think that traitor cares about you? You think that piece of garbage gives a damn that your friends are dead and that you're gonna spend the rest of your God-forsaken life rotting in some federal prison? Muhammed Nazaria is a warrior; he's a soldier of God, pursuer of the truth and the light, okay? He is the leader! Leaders lead from the front.
And I don't see him, do you? Where is he? Don't you get it, Dawn? They found you, okay? Because they look for people like you.
They look for people who are vulnerable, people who are emotionally fragile, who have a big wound on the inside, who are trying to get back at somebody for something.
And they make you feel like you're an important part of something, a cause a cause bigger than you.
So big, in fact, that it's worth giving your life for.
I am a soldier of Allah, and we must fight you as you fight us.
Those of us that believe must fight in the cause of God! What are you talking about? These words that are coming out of your mouth, they're not even your words! They're phrases that have been cherry-picked from a holy book and tailored to fit the lies they've told you.
Listen to me, all right? I get that it was rough growing up, your mom was alcoholic, your old man, he was never around, I get it.
How old were you when he died? You were, like, eight or nine, right? I lost my old man, too.
I know what it's like to lose a parent.
I didn't lose him.
He died, okay? He died fighting your imperialistic war against the peaceful children of Allah! You're wrong.
Your dad was a hero, okay? He was a patriot, a soldier fighting for his country, Dawn.
You gotta remember him.
What would he make of all this? You gotta know, somewhere inside you, that this is wrong.
Some shred of regret.
My only regret is that you stopped me.
Yo your friend at Quantico's got something you should see.
All right.
So the FBI matched the evidence we sent to two devices used in two separate bombing incidents.
One of those devices targeted a U.
military convoy traveling down a highway outside of Kandahar, in June 2012.
We lost four Marines that day.
There was one survivor, Marine Sergeant Kirk Emerson.
He survived, but he lost parts of both legs and an arm in the attack.
He's recovering in a VA Hospital in San Diego.
Now, the IED that was used was processed by the FBI as soon as it hit the warehouse, because it was used in a fatal attack on our soldiers.
The components were too fried, so couldn't get any DNA or fingerprints.
In November of 2012, an Army EORT recovered an identical device buried on the side of the same highway leading into Kandahar.
That bomb failed to detonate; it was recovered intact and then sent to Quantico for processing.
And? Well, because it wasn't involved in a fatal attack, it was set in backlog, waiting processing until right now.
But the FBI thinks they may have found some usable prints.
Okay, we got several good lifts off the device.
We also got a hit in the immigration database.
Their faces should be showing up on your screen in a second.
According to TSA, these two arrived on your island from Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Hold on.
These animals just walk into our country? They come through the front door? Immigration granted them refugee status last year.
Well, how does that happen? Because until you pointed us in the direction of that IED in backlog, we had no evidence linking these men to any militant activities or terrorist groups.
They live a couple miles from the base.
Well, we got the students.
Let's go get the teachers.
Come on, Mika! Go get 'em! Move your feet, Mika! Shoot it! Shoot it! Yes! Good play! Excellent play! Police! Out of the way! Uday Jahani! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground now! Put your hands behind your head.
Turn around.
On your knees.
Turn around.
You're under arrest.
Stand up.
Rahim Ahad! Get down on your knees! On your knees! I said get down! Hands behind your back.
You're under arrest for the murder of four American servicemen in Afghanistan and for conspiracy to commit acts of terror against the United States of America.
Get up.
Take a good look.
This is what your last seconds of freedom look like.
They wanted to stay loyal to the cause, but they're nowhere near as loyal as their star pupil.
You see, these men, they got families, they got kids they want to see again.
So, uh they gave everything up.
The plan to bomb the Air Force base, the network leading back to Yemen, the money trail-- they even gave up Nazaria's safe house.
It's all over.
The only thing I need out of you, Dawn is why.
I understand why these guys hate us.
From the day they were born, they've been bred to believe that we are the enemy.
But you with the opportunities and the freedoms that you were born with, with the life You think you know me.
But you know nothing about me.
I know that your dad was probably your last chance, and when he died, you lost your way.
You're pretty proud of yourself, aren't you? Brian and Joseph are dead.
You've got me in a cage, wrapped up neatly in a bow.
Do you think we're the only ones? We're not.
There are many more like me.
We're your neighbors.
We serve your coffee, wash your cars and we will never stop fighting until every single person who walks this earth accepts Islam and all the wonders of God.
That's never gonna happen.
Not in this country, anyway, because for every one of you, there's a thousand of me.
And just like you, we're willing to die for the cause, too.
And no matter what you do, no matter how hard you come at us, you will never change the way we think and you will never, ever change the way we live.
You wanted to sacrifice your life for the cause, right? Congratulations.
You just did.
Thank you.
Dawn Hatfield is being charged with murder and criminal conspiracy.
She's looking at life-plus.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer lady.
She'll have plenty of time to come to her senses.
Do me a favor.
You hear me complain about my PT ever again, I want you to punch me in the head.
Good job.
Excuse me.
Kirk Emerson? That's right.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
This is Danny Williams.
Hey, man.
We're with the Five-O Task Force in Hawaii.
You are a long way from home, man.
What can I help you with? Help us? No, uh you've, uh you've done enough.
What? This? Nah.
I'm just doing my job, man.
Call it a bad day at the office.
Kirk, we've got some news for you that we, uh, we felt you deserved to hear in person.
Yesterday, we broke apart a terror plot on the island of Oahu.
It was targeting American soldiers stationed at Hickam Air Force Base.
I heard about that.
It's been all over the news.
Well, we did withhold some information 'cause we wanted to tell you something personally.
The two Afghan nationals that we put away they're the same two men who attacked your convoy in Afghanistan, wounded you and killed your buddies.
You have no idea what that means.
For you to come all this way and tell me that in person.
Look, we know it's not gonna bring your friends back.
We know that.
But we were hoping maybe it'd help you sleep at night a little better, knowing that the men responsible are they're going to finally pay for what they did.
How do you say "thank you" in Hawaiian? Mahalo.
No thanks necessary.
We're just doing our job.
You can call this one a good day at the office, I think, right? Oorah.
Semper Fi.
Okay, look, this is my fracture two weeks ago and this is it today.
See the difference? Ooh.
Nice rack, bruddah.
What do you mean? Ribs.
Everything's about food with you Not a lot of meat on that bone though, huh? So you, too, with the food.
That's that's odd.
If there ever is a planetary famine, please remind me not to be near these two.
Hey thanks a lot for inviting me.
Hey! Yeah, um Pua, you know this is not a date, right? We're just friends.
That's cool.
Uh, I mean I was wondering if you had a cousin you know, someone who kind of looks like you? Exactly like you? No.
I don't, Pua.
Or-or anyone will do.
Mmm! Have mercy.
Will you look at my fish? Mm-hmm! She sure does clean up nice, don't she? She sure does.
Well, uh, listen, ladies and gentlemen, before we dig in, I'd just like to take the time to say a few words about my, uh worthy opponent.
Here we go.
To become so strong and mighty, you spent many years in the depths of the ocean, avoiding the nets of the trawlers, dodging the fisherman's spear Did you write this? No, this is all him.
That's good, I like it.
Keep going.
You were not one to be fooled by the baited hook or by shiny lure, oh, no.
You knew no fear, for you were king of the sea that is, until that fateful moment yesterday, when you swam around that reef and found yourself looking deeply into the eyes of a mighty warrior.
Stop there.
We're done, we're bored, we're hungry.
Pass the damn fish around the table.
I'm not bored.
Fine, fine.
Let's eat.
Let me get a little of this first I got it.
Ooh! Mmm! It's like liquid.
It's just just-just melts in your mouth.
I just Mmm! There-- move that around in your mouth.
How you like that? How's that taste? You know what? It tastes like a suicidal fish who gave his life to pump up your ego.
Yeah, you're just gonna keep right on flogging that dead horse.
I'm just keeping it real, man.
Real? Let me tell you what's real, partner.
You, me, fish-off.
This weekend.
Biggest catch wins.
Thank you.
Anyone want to take the action here? Who? Who? I'm holding the book.
I got McGarrett opening at two to one What? based on experience and local knowledge.
All right.
I'll take, uh, I'll take Grover for $20.
- Just because.
- Good.
No? All right, I'll take Grover for $40.
Ow! So what's it gonna be? You're on.

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